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A Picture of Many Words

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Sleeping had been Papyrus' trope for as long as Sans had been, quote alive, making it nearly impossible for him to have him do anything around the house no less his job. Though that didn't bother him all the time, Sans was always on the move so when it came to stopping and smelling the echo flowers, Sans found it nerve racking knowing that his brother was in love with someone else, though he didn't know why. Sans knew the girl, sadly, but he couldn't muster up the courage to tell papyrus. He didn't want his own brother .... to misunderstand him when he introduced ... her, but Sans needed to talk to his brother. Papyrus had been asking around Snowdin if anybody knew who the girl was, of course, no one knew, occasionally some would say they remember seeing her once but not since then. It had made Papyrus frantic and worried, he really, and obviously, wanted to see this girl and meet her. But one problem came up again, how would Sans introduce each other. It bugged sans like crazy until an idea came to mind, take the photo in his sleep. Which had brought up to the very moment.

Papyrus was home, laying on the coach before Sans again, probably going to say it was another break. But lecturing him again was not the task at hand, he needs to grab the picture and hide it, or rip it, or burn it, anything but just away from Papyrus. Slowly Sans crept up to Papyrus, making sure that nothing could make a noise around him. He remembered that Papyrus always kept the picture in the pocket of his hoodie and as Sans was reaching out to venture into the pocket, Papyrus shuffled and moaned slightly, turning his body onto his side as Sans frantically moved away to avoid being caught. Sans had stiffened for a sec, even holding his breath in an attempt to make sure Papyrus was still sleeping. Slowly Papyrus' ribcage moved up and down, signaling to Sans that he could relax.

"Oh, stars that scared me" Sans thought to himself.

He shook his head ensuring that he could move forward with his plan, while also calming his nerves. Though before sans moved, he noticed Papy was holding, no, more like clutching something in his hands.

As Sans moved closer, he realized it was a price of paper, more specifically, the photo of the girl.

"There it is!" Sans shouted in his head, slowly inching his way over to his brother.

It was now or never that Sans grabbed that stupid piece of paper and rid papyrus of all his worry. Sans had grabbed the corner of the picture, slowly pulling it upwards and away from Papyrus' face. Making sure that if he did yank the picture out of his hands, he didn't leave and after effect of the momentum hitting his face. With that, Sans had nearly pulled all of the pictures out of his hands by this point, sweat was dripping from his skull, almost making it seem like this were a do or die scenario. Sadly, at the last few tugs, Papyrus' tightened his grip and Sans could pull the rest out.

"Oh for the love of stars!" Sans was losing his patience, he needed to get this over with but didn’t know how. Sans let go of the picture crosses his arms and sighing trying to think of a way to get rid of the photo.

Thinking for a bit, it dawned on Sans to just ask. Ask for the photo instead of trying to steal it. Though the likelihood of Papyrus willingly giving the photo was low, he could still, Sans sneaking abilities weren’t very, so this was his only other choice.

~~~~An hour/ two later~~~~

Papyrus had finally woken up, stuffing the photo back into pockets as he stretched and walked to the kitchen, smelling taco spices and freshly cut vegetables through his nasal cavities. And to no surprise, Sans was cooking his specialty tacos, moving around from chopping and combine the vegetables in mixing the taco meat so it wouldn’t burn. Papyrus walked in pulling out a seat as he sat there watching Sans juggled around, before breaking the clattering sounds of silence.

“you seem to have a lot of energy after today’s patrol, anything new?”

Sans continued to focus on his cooking as he spoke to Papyrus.

“Oh nothing, stars I wouldn’t be making tacos if I had found a human, I’d be making granda special tacos if that were the case,” He says waving the spatula around in excitement, “but that’s not the case, I’m just making tacos a little different than usual”

“Oh really? well I can’t wait to try them”

Moving around some and finally taking the meat of the burner to set, sans turned to Papyrus directly not breaking eye contact.

“Papyrus I have a request of you”

A little caught off guard by the sudden formality, Papyrus gave sans a confused look as he complied.

“Yeah, bro? what’s up?”

“the photo that you carry with you…. may I have it?”

Papyrus sat back in his seat, stuffing his hand into his pocket, somehow…. feeling attacked.

“why” Papyrus breathed out, giving a sense of dread.

“Papyrus… please…. I just…. I need to”

“Tell my why?” papyrus retorted.

Flinching backward Sans became worried and scared realizing that his theorizing had become factual. He had become attached to …. the girl in the picture and he needs to think of a way calm at this point. Thinking on it maybe...

“I-I wanted to return the picture!” Sans spurted out.


“Y-y-yeah! The picture belonged to- stars....” with last thought being a trail of mumbles, the words were slurred together as Sans was making everything up at this point.

“Stars? Her name is Stars?” with a light chuckle Papyrus pulled the photo out and looked at

“Stars is a fitting name”

With such an unexacting response, (mind that no one was expecting a there to be a name for this girl) all Sans could do was try and think of a way out before the food went cold, or before sans turned to dust in fear of what may happen, either option was still a horrible means to an end.

“do you know where they live?” Papyrus asked looking up at Sans finally, with one of the most sincere of looks sans had ever seen on his bros face.

"Uh... uh... yeah..." sans mind wasn't really processing the question more of, trying to figure out how long this lie may go. Sans didn't know the girl, well not to what papyrus thought, but he also couldn't figure out how to fix what he couldn't fix himself.

"Co... could you introduce me them? Or... tell me where she lives" Papyrus was just lighting up.

Sans had seen his brother this happy in a long time and... and didn't want to rain down his parade saying that she didn't exist. Giving Papyrus such an awkward and joyous grin sans complied.

"Of course, brother! I, the magnificent sans am going to introduce you to this - uh- Stars! After all, if I'm going to be the most popular skeleton in all of the underground I must know every person that lives in the underground! Mwehe!" With that sans laughs, having has fists perched on his hips, hoping to mask his nervousness. Though his laugh seemed to have worked as papyrus had begun to chuckle himself "thanks, bro! You really are the coolest"

After they're chuckles, sans dished out the semi-burnt taco meal and finished cleaning up with a pleased Papyrus and a scared sans.

Though after papyrus had left the kitchen room and had confirmed that he had entered his room by hearing the bedroom door close, he placed the last plate in the drying rack and sighed. " how in the stars am I going to have Papy meet a person that doesn't exist? This isn't going to end well" frowning as he left the kitchen room, he flicked the lights off to contemplate his next move.