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wish you dreamt me

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it was a well known fact to exactly nobody but chongyun that xingqiu was a notoriously heavy sleeper. 


the author, with ever an active imagination, seemed to revel in the escape of a deep-slumber. he’d concluded, after a handful of times of experiencing it, that it probably allowed him to expand on those brilliant thoughts of his, the blunette’s subconscious state bringing forth a new depth of perception that could inspire a riveting novel that’d take not only liyue - but the entirety of teyvat - by storm. 


whether it was sitting by the hearth installed in his room, reading until his eyes grew droopy, or beneath the shade of an old redwood while chongyun diligently trained on bettering his form, the exorcist had gaged that he was a dead weight once lights were officially out; not even his heavy footing upon the retreat home could awake the damsel slung unceremoniously over his shoulder from his never - ending rest.


this only made things easier for the bulkier to take advantage of what honestly has been his to take from the start.


a hand reaches out to swipe tenderly across soft, uneven locks, fanning over his features and above silk pillows like a damned halo. soft, supple lips were parted serenely, letting out little tufts of breath in tandem with each greedy breath taken. xingqiu’s so criminally pretty, and when he’s resting daintily like this, chongyun can’t help but to allow himself a couple of morally inept liberties; in a similar fashion to the way the more intellectual had a penchant for his tricks.


in fact, he’s so pretty, chongyun thinks it’d be a real shame not to make a memoir of such a special occasion - a permanent reminder of the things he was about to do. 


his lightbulb moment prompts him into motion - long limbs reaching out from the comfort of the bed, blindly reaching toward the table for his trusted kamera. usually xingqiu was on the other end of the technology, capturing his many failed attempts at exorcising the evil entities that plagued liyue with a harmonious giggle. today though, he’d be the startlett, and it doesn’t take long before it’s angled perfectly towards the tranquil form now half-covered by the duvet, chest rising and falling in slow tandem, relaxed and more importantly, completely oblivious of what perversities were in store for him beyond his slumber. 


and then he’s back in his space again: the familiar, sprightly scent of silk flowers clinging to the other like a second skin. it makes his blood rush south, wide shoulders casting a predatory shadow over the sleeping boy. chongyun had woken up painfully hard, tip tenting against the fabric of his briefs, and not long after moving the blankets aside did he see the culprit of his stinging case of morning wood. 


a pert ass, clad in lacy pyjama bottoms fell flush against his lower abdomen, shifting every so often, providing a delicious friction that with enough vigour could’ve had the young exorcist left with a very sticky situation down south, indeed. 


everything xingqiu wore was always cause for pent up frustrations to grow, though  - elegant and charming, the finest materials sitting on soft, unblemished skin. he was always pristine in his appearance, never a ruffle out of place or a crease where things were pressed to perfection. naturally then, it suited him to a tee, and chongyun was acutely aware that he was not the only man who felt like this. 


sometimes he’d feel a dark stirring inside of him, similar to the sensation he’d felt when an evil spirit drew near, as fishermen and merchants alike marvelled at milky thighs on display, a possessive hand curling around a defined waist while xingqiu swindled them out of a deal with sharp words and the suggestive cock of a hip. when they’re alone, all those flimsy fabrics shed in exchange for nothing but flushed, sweat-slicked skin, chongyun makes sure to suck marks into each place where eyes had lingered far too much for his liking, tonguing over them, making them flourish in the most intimate areas that only xingqiu knew of.


it was only then, with the lave of a tongue or the press of fingertips while admiring his handiwork, that chongyun felt delight bloom in place of those horribly dark thoughts. in those very selfish moments, knowing that none of them would ever get close enough to the commerce guild's son to know that xingqiu tasted as good as he looked.


such clothes didn’t give chongyun easy access, though, not alike the skimpy pyjamas that could so easily be shredded into two. 


(perhaps was he asking for it?)


“ah.. you’re so damn gorgeous, xing. we both know how that silver tongue of yours always ends up getting us into trouble at the best of times. but when you’re like this? you look so.. innocent.” 


spurred on by the knowledge that there was barely anything but a flimsy layer of fabric between his hands and the place where his cock wanted to be buried most, chongyun does exactly what he’d be reprimanded for. rips the attire that’d probably cost xingqiu a mind-bogglingly ludicrous amount of mora straight down the crack of his behind, but with full knowledge that such common matters were insubstantial to the boy who had it in bucket-fulls, the pieces are tossed aside, sucking in his lower lip at the sight he was met with.


the cryo user’s calloused hands immediately splay across plump cheeks, relishing in the way the sleeping body shudders a little in contrast to the warmth accumulating heat under the bed. readjusting himself so his head is angled just right, it’s only then that he flattens his tongue and licks a long, hot stripe up his taint, smirking at the stuttering of soft breath that’s registered above him. xingqiu had an adorable habit of pouting while commenting on how cold to the touch his dear friend’s palms were, not before all but shoving them between thick thighs to administer some true heat, a ghost of a grin growing as he knew chongyun didn’t possess the self-control he needed to pull away from his beloved’s “selfless” offering. 


but if he wanted them positively toasty, there was no place chongyun felt them warm up quicker than when they were greedily kneading at the plush of his ass in enthusiastic show for the kamera, thumb daring even to rub at the rim, dipping a nail beyond the ring ever so slightly. chongyun’s barely able to bite back a groan through grit teeth as he relishes in the raw, natural friction that met the intrusion in return. 


“.. but you’re not innocent at all, are you? i know that above anybody else, right ‘qiu? so, it’s only natural for me to wonder what you’re thinking of right now. would it be selfish to say i hope it’s me?” 


as chongyun pulls back, lips catching on a hairless rim between every other word, blown out pupils are transfixed on that delicious, tight little cunt, arguably the prettiest feature that the feiyun's representative had to offer. when he first got an eye-full of his ass, in all it’s bare glory, the exorcist soon realised why he wore such fussy layers of clothing. if anybody ever found out how pretty he was down here, xingqiu would have a recurring issue of being constantly undressed, because a taint as pink and tight deserved to be violated on a semi-daily basis.


as if mirroring his thoughts with unconscious accord, the hydro-boy clenches around nothing. it elicits a wolfish grin that’d put that mondstadtian rogue to shame. an eager little slut even while sleeping, he knew it. maybe xingqiu was even having a dream of the more perverse kind - the ones that had plagued chongyun ever since he grew old enough to learn about what it felt like to desire somebody carnally. 


(his parents had expected him to take to a girl, one that probably rivalled their own name in terms of reputation, a pleasant girl who’s honour and sense of duty to liyue would make any god-parent to be fill with pride. not a leggy, bluenette boy, who he couldn’t outwardly court, nevermind hope to further their own clan with.)


“i hope it is, xingqiu. it’d be so unbecoming of you to be even more of a slut than you’ve already shown yourself to be. what would your family think? you’re already a cock hungry slut for your best friend, i think your father might just keel over if he knew you craved more than just my cock, too.” 


that’s what he really was, in the end. despite how proud xingqiu was, beyond the bookishness that only naturally suggested a prude nature, he was so darned eager to be used behind it all that chongyun often accepted in moments alone how bad his friend was for his concurrent issue. after all, who could reign in their emotions when the object of their desires was all but begging for it? he’d be coy and deny such allegations when awake, but when asleep, his body could no longer lie. least of all to him. 


at the first touch hips were jolting, like he’d been shocked at the hands of a practised electro wielder. at the next, particularly wet, open mouthed smooch to his hole, resulting a second or two after chongyun dives right back in, xingqiu’s shapely hips buck up pathetically into thin air, as if to beg  - no - plead for more.

and what kind of person would chongyun be if he denied his dear friend that?


he submits to xingqiu’s desires pathetically easily, spitting on the sleeping boy’s slowly loosening hole only to marvel at the way the slick trickled down the tempting entrance, catching it within a panting, open mouth only to repeat the vulgar motion -  this time with the added bonus of two fingers stickily smearing the liquid along side it. 


with each and every lick administered on the hairless taint, the exorcists’ tongue probed deeper still, spread his cheeks wider for better leverage, drunk on the familiar taste of his most intimate area, which was now dripping courtesy of chongyun himself. the sensation of the smaller thing grinding back onto his face makes him chuckle lowly through hefty breaths that make the other’s cunt twitch, as if xingqiu knew how to be good for him and aid himself along with the pleasure, even when he wasn’t fully aware of what was even transpiring.


his eating out of the boy’s ass was less refined and more hungry as time passed, face happily cemented between those two plush cheeks, knowing his ministrations would have the bottom positively twitching. just to affirm his theory he comes up for air, saliva messed all over his chin, blown pupils twinking in their icy mirth as they locked on an all too familiar sight. of course he was right, predictable in a way he’d never tire of, for the poor thing’s member delicately twitched from where it was rhapsodically drooling against the mattress. those tiny mewls of pleasure didn’t go amiss, nor did his thighs spreading in an unconscious desire for more. 


desires heard and heeded, chongyun sucked enthusiastically at his entrance for the nth time, worming a dexterous hand between plush thighs from where they where formerly holding his ass open, only to fist the soft of his cock head in a circular motion. the boy seemed alarmed now: as gaged from from how his sleepy, repetitive grinding motions atop chongyun’s tongue begun to spasm robotically, probably unsure whether to fuck back onto the searing heat that forced him open, or into the palm that could probably topple him to completion with a few more fluid jerks. 


“mm. you’re pretty lucky you’re not the first born, really. since i can talk honestly with you like this now, this slutty view right here could have you passing deals left and right..”


such adorable confusion earned him an eager suckle to the inners of his thighs, littering them in love bites that bloomed incriminatingly vivid against porcelain skin. pretty purple’s and violent blue’s were all chongyun could see, swallowing dryly upon teething in the last of a handful as he accidentally finds his cock catching on the sheets with an idle shift in movement, swivelling his hips in lazy desire to provide him with a friction that has him positively throbbing. 

playing with xingqiu never failed to make him harder than he had been with anybody else  ––  a fact that was honestly quite embarrassing when he melded over it, as the hydro boy knew quite well the power he held over him. all those times when chongyun would fist his cock to the thought of xingqiu and spill over his palm were insubstantial to how frenzied he could get when he had time to ruin the real thing.

so it was never odd that he often instigated these hot and hazy sessions between themselves, to satiate his never-ending hunger for the other. 

a slick trail of saliva is thumbed away from his lower lip, grinning at the gleam of slick and hickeys that were left littered up the inners of his most sensitive spots, knowing his reaction to being marked up by his love was always far too adorable. the soft little whines that hit the surface of his best friend’s pillow were rapidly growing in their intensity and pitch, signalling that he was far too close to approaching the high that would push him over the edge, and with a tut mumbled into the cleft of his ass-cheek chongyun pulled away his palm, smearing xingqiu’s own precum that’d left sticky webs between his digits all down his thigh. 


“luckily your family have a plan b to fall back on if all else fails, hm? though i really hate the idea of other guys passing you around like a rag-doll to further your business, because you’re more than just a pretty whore to me. but there’s really no doubt you were practically made to be used like that. don’t you agree, ‘qiu?”


there’s no true answer that he’s expecting, not from the snoozing other, anyways. but even if he were awake: how could he debate against the reality of the situation? the footage caught on kamera could back him up, from start to finish. the way xingqiu’s body had been positively reacting to all of this was proof that the prestigious heir was the perfect person to toy with - so receptive to the point where he honestly already looked completely fucked out, and he’d done nothing more than tongued at his hole and jerked him off for a handful of minutes.


at the very thought of him being so pitifully sensitive, chongyun’s decides then and there not only that he was prepped adequately enough, but that he’d wound himself up a little too much, too quick, to edge the mouthy tyke any longer. with a practised stealth that only comes with being formally acquainted with the other’s body, deft arms are bundling up his form in order to shifting their positions - handling the sleeping boy gently now, knowing that once he finally mounted him he’d be acquainted with the sort of animalistic brutality he was used to. 


soft thighs are once again inched apart, only now he’s utilising the flexibility that xingqiu often prided himself on, impressed at how easily it was for smoothened limbs to  bend and sit flush against the very apex of his shoulder blades. it’s just enough to make room for a body to slot between, his pink-tipped cock small and weeping against the toned of his tummy, looking so painfully hard and needy that the exorcist nearly, nearly tugs him to his first unconscious orgasm of the morning. 


but in all his pleasuring of the boy, he’d forgotten that he too, needed some form of stimulation.


the notable tent that he’d awoken to had grown exponentially in no time at all, reminding him of the very - first time xingqiu had looked down upon his package half terrified - half intrigued. how on earth he rendered it so snug time and time again inside of a boy that consistently felt as tight as the day he lost his virginity; he would never know. it’s one question he’s content with never knowing the answer to, though, briefs kicked aside until he matches his best-friend in a similar state of bare beneath the waist.

the cold atmosphere in the room hits chongyun where it hurts like a sledgehammer, making the exorcist suck a shaky breath in through tense teeth to compose himself - lest he wanted to awaken xingqiu in the roughest of ways. it’s painful in a way that alerts him just how much he craved the other, for his member was curved up hot and needy against the washboard of his stomach - and it wouldn’t be satisfied until it was buried stomach deep, being milked by the tight, velvety heat his friend’s unassuming body had to offer. 


he allows himself a final moment to loom and tease, taking dainty wrists in a steeled grip as he grinds and grinds a far larger cock beneath the smaller of the heir's, finding that despite the difference in their sizes, his cock was always so much more wet than his own, xinqiu’s ample cum providing a fluidity that’d be perfect addition to the spit he’d use to lube him up. that hydro vision never ceased to do wonders in the bedroom, a fact that made the wielder flush beautifully when brought up. 


catching his tip on the rim, he smears that lewd concoction of spit and cum graciously around the sopping hole before slowly feeding him inch after inch, knowing tongue nor fingers could ever gage how tight the boy was the way chongyun could when he was finally allowed to envelop himself completely in the other. no matter how many times the exorcist fucked him - three fingers, four. cock, toys. xingqiu bouncing atop his lap, giddily observing how his form bulged, drooling deliriously while taunting him harder - harder - he never ever failed to surprise him with how addictively tight he was.

but this.. this was another level of maddening heat. how relaxed xingiqu’s sleeping body was meant that he clenched in an almost permanent state around him, needing not to will himself to relax and accept chongyun’s size when he was completely unaware of being stretched open in the first place. 


the rhythm he sets from the get go is teetering on the edge of uncharacteristically gentle, slowly working him open to the thick intrusion, callused hand gripping at the meaty of his thigh while the other guided him wider, so he could inch inside of him deeper still. once serrated hips are flush against his hickey-littered behind with no more room left to move, chongyun takes a deep breath: damp, blue tips edging into his spotty vision, feeling a flush bleed down his chest at the way the other was so unassumingly peaceful beneath him, all while taking a monster of an intrusion that was now slowly being lulled out of him, and then forced back into with a more poignant snap. 


he was gorgeous, even more so strewn out like this beneath him, and it only intensified that craving for the sleeping babe all the more - thoughts of how his xingqiu was so pretty, so perfect, and all for him making his chest swell pridefully. an enthused moan is coaxed out of his partner as his cock inches into him a little more feverishly, as fuelled by his possessive thoughts, petal-pink lips falling open so invitingly it’d be a crime not to take the silent opportunity. it’s with the clack of teeth that chongun seals lax lips with hungry ones, tongue skimming up against the other’s, gliding along the roof of his mouth with a common urgency when it came to the other. 


he was wholly uncaring that the sensation was not reciprocated when he tasted so damn good. the exorcist was fine with doing all of the work, he registered amid spearing into the smaller’s hole, xingqiu’s body was more than worth the effort. 


there was one very clear advantage to controlling this entire thing, though, which was that however chongyun wanted xingqiu, was how the boy would end up. in a matter of moments then, the hydro boy went from lazing on his back to angled on his front, ass held high, allowing chongyun an inviting angle to stretch him out further, and to bury himself that much deeper. greedily xingqiu swallowed up each sizeable inch, with no visible trouble at all past a few mewls every now and then. chongyun meanwhile developed a steady hold on xingqiu’s neck from above, face subsequently mushed deeper into his pillows. it was a precaution, strictly to keep the pretty boy from teetering off the edge of silken sheets, as with each enthusiastic sheath meant that the other nudged closer toward the perimeters of his bed, sure to leave behind a mean collar of bruises in it’s wake. 


a perfect position it was, not only from the standpoint of the pleasure it provided, but the view it gave. chongyun hoped the kamera picked up on the sight of xingqiu’s puffy rim being assaulted so vividly while he lay and just took it, fit only for a natural born pillow princess. between all the fighting stances he’d seen his friend pick up from his training at the sacred guhua clan, chongyun couldn’t help but to think that this form: ass angled upwards toward the cock he was currently being impaled on, sweat pooling at the innermost delicate dip of of a curved spine, and his own spit seeping out onto the surface of his pillow, was one he had perfected best. 


when a low, guttural sensation starts to build up just beneath his gut between each mindless thrust, chongyun picks up on something that has cogs turning in his mind. amid this carnal fucking, he’d conviniently forgotten that he’d snuck into the residence last night, aided by the darker blue haired up and over his balcony. xingqiu’s family didn’t see the point of maintaining relationships which didn’t further them politically, which meant that often, his presence wasn’t necessarily welcomed inside of their esteemed home. 


his best friend had assured him that his father and brother wouldn't be around for a day or two, too wrapped up in securing better trading conditions between liyue and fontaine, but that didn’t mean that the people who usually kept the manor in tip-top position weren't still around. 


“.. i wasn’t planning on fucking you at first, it’s hardly the moment for it. see, the problem is.. when you tease me consistently, i have to give in eventually. one person can only take so much, even if it means getting into trouble for finally caving. i’m putting in the work here to make you feel good, xingqiu.. don't you think i deserve the same in return for enduring this constantly?” all the while, the voice that was grit out had been somewhat measured. but now chongyun could very well feel himself coming apart similar to the squirming boy trapped beneath him, timbre lowering with each little dig of his cock he gave. 

very slowly, he was disregarding the fact that xingqiu was still dreaming, and at the rate at which he was using him, he’d awaken in no time. perhaps deep down such a scenario would be even more erotic than that of chongyun using his unconcious body: throbs inside of him at the very prospect of the usually composed author wide eyed and startled, trying to piece together everything all at once. the cock in his ass, the eyes settled on him that come in sets of two instead of one, why chongyun wasn’t stopping despite..

but to no avail. 


“i don’t think i’m gonna be able to cum by the time your dutiful little servants come to do their dailies. i feel like it might just be right to share you like this, anyways. after all, you say i need to learn to be a bit more - sociable. your family may even like me as much as you do, then, isn’t that what you said?  hah. so here’s to that.”  


the thick, heady scent of sex hung in the air, and it’d take a lot of cleaning to rid itself of every surface top around. even if the servants didn’t enter, the undeniable sounds of skin on skin and the smell of their fucking could permeate in the whole damn manor if they went at it long enough. chongyun isn't even pulling out all the way anymore, merely burrowing his tip in a constant against that bundle of pleasure that surely had precum pooling beneath their frantically jostling forms. the exorcist can’t bear to be without where his heat strikes him the hottest, and xingqiu can’t go long without that bundle of nerves inside of him being violated, so in that respect, they make a perfect pair. 


the nearing voices behind the heavy oak of xingqiu’s bedroom door spur him into the opposite of what he should’ve been doing, fucking him all the rougher. he’s successfully drowning them out, the sounds of them working so harmoniously together far better than any idle chatter they have to provide. if xingqiu just so managed to awaken right now, chongyun wonders if the smaller would even be able to hear anything else other than the sounds of his own slick depravity ringing degradingly in his ears. 


one voice in particular carries over that of their unscrupulous love-making, though, and it’s then that he resigns himself to the fact that it’s only a matter of time. because unless his cum is buried in the other boy’s ass, he’s not going to be able to exercise self-control he’s long lost control of. by now chongyun was so intimately aware of their routine that he knew some poor maid was about to get an awakening, in the rudest way. 


the moment the grandfather clock in the foyer hit 8 sharp, there was always some dreary presence flittering into xingqiu’s room to fawn over the heir, prepping him for his day ahead. the two boys would usually cuddle all night long, but only upon the assumption that chongyun would return back to his sleeping place on the floor before they could be caught in such a compromising position. such days always left a sour taste in his mouth, but none compared to situations like these, wherein he’d be gone long before xingqiu even reared his head.

this time though? there’d be nothing of the sort.


“breakfast is ready, young mas — oh, dear!


it’s wrong. oh, he knows. 


xingqiu’s hiked up more against the headboard now with how brutally chongyun’s laying into him, arm lifelessly slung off the side of the bed. little moans escape him every now and then, but there’s no doubt by the sluggishness of his body that he’s completely out of it. the exorcist grins elatedly, her horror serving to quicken his pace, the elder woman opening her mouth only to close it like a fish above water; interrupted by chongyun’s thick dick relentlessly sliding in and out of xingqiu’s hole, punctuating each thrust with a sickeningly wet squelch. 


“so fucking tight.. my xingqiu. all for me,” 


the maid stirred then, as if surprised by the fact that chongyun was being vocal about it, after all he’d been so polite and borderline shy each time he had been over ever since he was young. but now things are different. he doesn’t want to be the shy boy, the shitty exorcist who brings nothing to his name but shame. he wants to be xingqiu’s and xingqiu to be his. if everybody can’t know of the feelings that exist between them, then he’ll be content with little victories, such as these.


icy blue’s dare to look her dead in the eye then - which naturally only saw her looking away (probably for fear of seeing the lust mirrored in her own) and annoyingly, down towards the effimate boy who was on the receiving end of all this filth. at least from this position she couldn’t see what he saw: a fat, full appendage, spit slicked and searing, gaping at her young master’s hole so fluidly that it proved through actions alone that this was certainly not a new thing for either of them to be doing.


but if she wanted to observe her master’s depravity, then chongyun grants her a special view he knows she’s done nothing to deserve. the firm hand that’d found a home on xingqiu’s nape to hold him in place moved between each rough swivel of his hips: shifting the bottom’s flushed face to the side from where it was half burrowed into his pillow, digits digging into the swell of his cheek. he was too fucking glorious like this, and by the looks of things, the maid had enough sense to appreciate just how filthy he looked when he was being split into two by his cock. 


the taller’s thumb hooks into the corner of boy’s awaiting mouth then, as if desperate to control any outlet of pleasure that xingqiu possessed, only to be met with the delicious sensation that was the velvety of his inner cheek. with an idle hum chongyun’s collecting up the drool there that trickles out in a steady stream, simpering softly at his debilitating state, before smearing the liquid across his love’s flushed cheek.


she stands there a little too long to simply be awestruck, eyes lingering a little too closely to the sleeping, jolting form to simply be concerned for his well being. does his best friend really tempt even the most loyal of servants, employed under his father’s masterful eye? the thought runs rife through his body, hands tightening to the point of marring the natural slope of his waist, snapping up his hips more bruisingly in spite of this boy and his delectable everything, abdomen burning red-hot in jealous vigour. blue eyes roll to their whites as xingqiu rewards him by tightening deliciously around him, almost goading him into maintaining the more brutal pace he’d set for their new voyeur: proceeding to fuck into him less like he was a fragile thing to be pleasured, and more like a toy to be moulded to suit his cock. 


he doesn’t know when she leaves, truthfully. must be insane if she thinks he’ll monitor her presence instead of the pretty thing strewn out like a damn banquet for him, but the click of the door is registered over the slick sounds of his thickness breaching his best friend’s hole over and over again. he’s unfazed by the thought that he’d technically just violated xingqiu in front of her - she’s incriminated herself, too, in the end. let all that want show between all the words she didn’t say, and all the actions she did not pursue. 

working beneath the young heir, whether doing vapid chores like his laundry and rearranging his vast book collection, was a highly coveted position after all. better than the fishmongers who slaved day in - day out under the relentless sun on the harbour for little to no mora at all. all the more reason to stay mute and keep his dirty secret, as the reality of the young master being a sick pervert who enjoys this sort of treatment is even more damning. 

because he knows if xingqiu was awake right now, he wouldn’t have asked him to stop, either - for this wasn’t the first time the pair had got off on the thought of nosy voyeurs.

there had been hushed protests amid chongyun’s unstoppable conquest to see him bared for him in broad-daylight, eager hands tugging those tempting shorts down his shapely thighs until they pooled around slim ankles. he wilfully ignores the indigent huffs in exchange for muttishly nipping at the soft skin of xingqiu’s neck, not forgetting that he too needed to silence his low groans. 


there was a scared gleam in pupils, sure, humiliation deep-set on a flush that could put the violent reds of silk flowers to shame. but they failed to fizzle in their lustful intensity while looking up at the other, not affecting his state of arousal that dripped down onto his once clean shorts. 

“w-what if they see us?” xingqiu had mumbled far too bashfully for such a brat, fucking himself back onto chongyun, all wobbly-legged from the nerves. his words were far quieter than that of the looming presence that threatened to impose upon their filthy public activities. 

the way the haughty boy tightened incriminatingly around him with each nearing step taken was enough to erase all of those doubts of not wanting it, pushed up on his tippy-toes from the ferocity of their fucking now. it was all a practised front to divert from the fact that he truly didn’t care so long as he was fucked good and proper. xingqiu even comes in record time with a bone-shattering cry, biting down hard enough onto his palm to draw blood. the very damning fact is that he's not pushed over the edge at the way chongyun’s cock felt stretching him impossibly wide, but at his lover’s immediate, and only response.

“what it i want them to?” 

it was proof enough then, and it’s the reason for his actions now. even if the millelith guard had found them rutting up against one another in that dirty alley that day, mouths magnetised, slotting together seamlessly even while at an off-set angle, xingqiu would’ve been upset only at the prospect of the exorcist not staking his claim over him for another to see. 

this time was hardly different. after all, xingqiu’s cock trapped and rubbed raw from the pressure of the heavier boy’s body bearing down from above him, wouldn’t be dripping so perversely if it were. 

 “she’ll never be able to look you in the eye again, you know? all those maids think you’re bad enough, didn’t you only just dispel the rumour of stashing porn under your bed? now they’ll all know that their suspicions about you weren’t that far off. that you’re a filthy whore who’d let your best friend fill your cunt the very second you’ve got a half-empty house. oh, xingqiu.. “

a harsh, breathless laugh sounds as he mocks him, pressing kisses into the prominent notches of his spine, tongue flattened to sample the salty tang that sheens prettily atop clammy skin. now they’re alone again: there’s no use in subtlety, chongyun’s game has been foiled for now. if the other wasn’t fucked out before, then he well and truly was now, little spasms were still echoing through his body, but that kittenish whining had failed to accompany it. he’d fucked him so well that the poor thing would probably awaken from a gratifying slumber, expecting to be well rested, only to feel even more exhausted than he was to begin with.  

“and after all of that, you’re going to cum just from having my cock buried in your tight ass. you’re just gonna squirt all over yourself so messily.. like a girl.” 

chongyun’s not even holding his own weight up at this point, back pressing down hotly against the smaller’s until he’s caged between that of the plush mattress and his lover’s chest, completely dominating his daintier form with the muscular ripple of his own. 

the exorcist’s balls were full and heavy, foretold by the loud slap that resulted as they met with the surface of a now reddened peach, and at the feeling of the smaller beginning to shake in his grasp, he was made acutely aware of how much he needed to chase his own orgasm. ribbed length dragging deliciously along those tight walls, chongyun ruts into his awaiting body with a violent urgency to make them come in tandem, continuing his filthy, needy spiel amongst kisses deposited beneath xingqiu’s ear-lobe. 


“it’s a real shame, you’re louder when you’re awake. i wish you were, if only now, i’d make you scream loud enough so that little maid of yours who interrupted us knew how depraved you sound when you’re made to cream yourself.”


and, as if spurred on by his words and a particularly hard nudge at his sweet spot - xingqiu chooses that moment to tense up with toes bunching in the fabric beneath them, dirtying his sheets without needing to be touched at all. 


chongyun follows shortly after, hips stuttering to bask in the obnoxiously hot hole that only grew tighter around his perimeter, making sure to paint the other’s inners snow-white as he finally empties himself. xingqiu leaked beneath him throughout, whining sleepily due to the sensitivity of his hole still being used long after his own orgasm. usually in times like this, xingqiu would end up sobbing yet taking it so well, endearing to a fault, muffling cries with the shaky of a palm only to reassure chongyun that the pain was worth it - always worth it - if it resulted in his love pumping him full of his seed.


with steady breath and a softening cock, chongyun’s pulls out dazedly, already missing the way xingqiu warmed around him, how he kept his cum plugged inside of him so wonderfully. observing his gaping hole practically overflowing with his best friend’s cum definitely isn't a bad sight, though, in fact it's something he’d replay on loop from the kamera footage once it's intended audience had watched it first. truthfully chongyun would enjoy nothing more than finger-fucking another orgasm out of the boneless babe, but he knows when around the other that he’s constantly treading on thin ice, what with how horny he can make him in no time at all.

it's a curse that rivals his own congenial positivity, and it plagues him just as frequently. 


sweet-smelling breakfast finally pierces through the scent of a more musky sort. chongyun’s barely recovered from the high of such an intense orgasm by the time his friend has finally awakened with a kittenish yawn, all sleepy-eyed and ravenously pliant. to think that he’d slept through all of that, but the lack of warmth ironically coming from the cryo-boy’s body as he went to clean himself up serving as the stimulant to startle him from his dreams, has a disbelieving grin growing on handsome features.

falling whim to his feelings, he climbs back into the bed for a few greedy moments, greeting his love a good-morning as he would every day, if he could. xingqiu’s as clingy as ever, legs wrapped taught around chongyun’s defined waist. with a hand wrapped around his dainty throat, he meets his xingqiu half way into a tantalising kiss, never getting enough of his taste even though he’d made himself all but drunk off of him for the past hour. 


soft pecks grow quickly into something more heated - tongues rolling over one another’s in sloppy desire, lidded eyes observing the way the sleepy little minx suckles wetly on his tongue as he attempts to pull away. his thighs tighten in a secondary plea to stay and give him more. as much as he’d love to laze about and make out, and it would only result in him bending xingqiu in half.


for the second time that morning. 



the scrunch of a nose is the first sign that chongyun knows he knows something odd had transpired while sleeping, practically eating up how his eyes widen as the creamy liquid marring his soft tummy and now dripping filthy mess of himself. damn, if the thought of xingqiu getting all shy on him at the thought of creaming himself like a damn high-schooler just from sharing in the same bed isn’t arousing, then he doesn’t know what is.


though - he’ll be positively enlightened when he comes to find the aching of his ass is not but a phantom sensation, and the cum buried deep inside his tight cunt of a hole serves as a sign that not only he enjoyed himself while he was resting.


“y yun…?”


but before he can worm an explanation for his friend's odd behaviour in true, quick-quipped xingqiu fashion, a soft kiss is administered to the centre of the boy’s forehead, amid pushing back sweat-slicked locks. xingqiu blinks once, twice, stars bursting behind eyelids as the sleep is rubbed out of them by the fistful. he’s fully lucid only when chongyun’s got his shirt and shoes on, another heartbeat later, and he’s reaching for the door which leads to a veranda. 


.. beating xingqiu who opens his mouth a tad too late.

“i’m sorry, but i’ve got to get going, ‘qiu. i’m not going to get better if i don’t get out to train early. your maid said breakfast is ready downstairs, by the way. she looked a little uh.. peakish though.. maybe i’d skip it today and have a lie in, yeah?”

archons knows he needs it, deserves it. he took so much, chongyun’s proud. but he’s never been disappointed in him, not for a second. xingqiu does so much just to make him happy in spite of his shortcomings. even amid all the pranks, and the touches they have to hide, there’s nobody he’d rather spend his time with.

he’s so lucky to have such a perfect best friend, one he can do so many engaging things with.

eyes flicker to the little device then, still steadily recording, actively waiting to gage the smaller’s reaction as he pieces the puzzles of the foreign sensations he’s feeling together.

“oh, and by the way.. i’ve left you something on the kamera. lets go to wanmin when you’re feeling a little better, and you can tell me what you think of my directing skills, okay? i’ll see you later.”