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Jaehyun and Taeyong get home from their trip pretty late at night. Their flight had been delayed because of a storm, and then Yuta was late picking them up from the airport. Johnny said he’d keep the kids one more night so Taeyong could get a good night’s sleep before having the chaos returned.

Jaehyun opts to stay at Taeyong’s house instead of going home with Yuta.

They crack open a bottle of wine and put on a sappy romance movie. They’re cuddling on the couch, Taeyong’s head resting on Jaehyun’s shoulder.

“Why do you have so much wine?”

“Because I’m a single dad. I also am part of a wine club, so I get sent three bottles every month.”

“A wine club?”

“Yep. I try not to drink alone, but sometimes after a long day, a nice glass of wine and a movie really helps me wind down. I usually bring them to the dad dinners.”

They go to bed earlier than they normally would, but they did just get home from vacation. They’re had a couple very long days, and sleep is much needed.

In the morning, Taeyong makes them breakfast. Johnny said he and Ten will drop the kids off at school and then bring Taeyong his van.

“I don’t want to go home and unpack. It’s so far away.” Jaehyun is pouting on the couch. He and Taeyong have been having such a nice morning together. It makes him want this every morning.

“What if you unpack here?” Taeyong has been waiting weeks to ask, and he figures now is as good a time as any.

“Then some of my stuff would be here?”

“Well… what if your stuff was here?” He tries to raise his eyebrow at Jaehyun to get him to understand, but Jae isn’t paying him much attention.

“Then I’d just be going back and forth all the time and that doesn’t really make sense.”

Okay. That’s it. “What if you move in with me and learn to understand when I’m hinting at you??”

That gets Jaehyun’s attention.

“You want me to move in?”


“What about the boys?”

“I asked them if they would want you to live here and I was met with different versions of the words yes, they’d love it.”

“So… I’m really going to move in?”

“If you want to, yeah.”

Jaehyun’s dimples pop out with his smile. “Of course I’ll move in! Oh my god, Taeyongie! We’re going to live together.”

They celebrate in their own intimate way, and when it comes time to pick up the boys from school, Jaehyun tags along so they can tell the boys together.

Upon hearing the news that Mister Jaehyun will be living with them, they boys start yelling and shouting with excitement. They seem happier than Taeyong and Jaehyun.

That weekend, Johnny watches the boys for the afternoon while Taeyong and Jaehyun pack up Jae’s stuff and move it into Taeyong’s house. There was plenty of closet room since Taeyong is a simple man. Being a recent college graduate still living with a roommate, Jaehyun didn’t necessarily have a lot of stuff, so unpacking wasn’t a huge ordeal.

When the boys get home, it’s just before dinner time.

Jaehyun is helping Taeyong cook dinner while the boys sit around the table.

“Mister Jaehyun, can I ask you a question?” Donghyuck looks over expectantly at Jaehyun.

“Of course you can.” He looks up from where he’s cutting vegetables.

“Do you love daddy?” The question makes Taeyong almost spill the pot of water.

“I do love him. Is that okay?”

“Yeah! Daddy loves you too.”

Jaehyun can’t help but nudge Taeyong teasingly. It’s cute that he’s talked to the boys about how he loves Jaehyun.

During dinner, the boys keep asking Jaehyun questions.

“Do you have a job?”

“I just got a new job. I’m going to be a teacher.”

“That’s cool.” Renjun smiles, but quickly resumes eating his dinner.

It’s a casual dinner, and Taeyong is happy that his boys have accepted Jaehyun so easily into their lives. It means the world to him.

1/18/21 - A New Housemate

Hello everyone! I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. The person I’ve been dating for the past few months has moved in with me and the boys. I know some people might be judgemental about bringing a new person into my home, but this really felt like the right thing for us. The boys absolutely love my new partner, and they were even more excited than I was about them moving in.

It will take some getting used to, but I am happy this was able to work out. For those wondering, my family has met my partner, and they are 100% supportive. We have even recently gone on a vacation together.

I was nervous getting into a new relationship, especially with my boys being so young, but I am so glad I took the risk those months ago. I’m happier than I could have imagined.



The months pass peacefully. Jaehyun started his new job and absolutely loves it. The twins turned 5. Taeyong’s blog took off even more since he’s been opening up a bit more. He usually kept it pretty professional, talking about things that made parenting easier, or talking about experiences that others could relate to. Now, he’s been getting more personal, talking of his relationship and how Jae lives with him now.

The dad squad meets up every other weekend, just like usual. Jaehyun is a regular now, and even the other kids all love that Jaehyun is around. He’s become quite the favorite.

Taeyong and Jaehyun’s 1st anniversary was about a month ago. Johnny watched the boys, and the two went to the rose garden from one of their first dates.The whole night was so romantic, and no one had to leave early this time. They were able to fully enjoy the roses.

Taeyong is getting his jacket on and walks around the house trying to find his keys.

“Jaehyun, I’m going to go grocery shopping, and I really don’t feel like parading everyone around…” Jae has gotten used to this pouty face.

“Just go you dork. I can watch the boys. I’ve done it before. I don’t object to you having some alone time, you know that.”

“Thank you. I’ll try to be less than two hours.”

“Take your time babe. I love you.” With a kiss on the cheek, Jaehyun sends Taeyong off.

He has been waiting for Taeyong to leave. He has something to discuss with the boys, and he knows Taeyong would be lurking if he tried to talk to them while Tae was home.

Jaehyun texts Johnny quickly.

Jae- hes getting groceries… im going to ask the boys

John- yes!!! so exciting :))))

Jae- dont do that its creepy

Jaehyun gathers the boys in the living room.

“So, your daddy and I have loved each other for a little over a year now. You know how your auntie is married to your uncle? Would you be okay with me asking your daddy to marry me?” Jaehyun has been wanting to ask for months, but he thought that before proposing, he wanted to check with the boys. They are a huge part of Taeyong’s life, and even though they’re young, their opinion is very meaningful.

Donghyuck is unsurprisingly the first one to speak up. “Yes! Do it! You have to marry daddy.” The other boys nod along with Hyuck’s words.

“Daddy loves you so he will want to marry you.” Renjun is very sure of himself.

“When are you getting married?” Jeno’s head tilts like a puppy.

“I have to ask him to marry me first. Then we will decide when.”

Chenle loudly chimes in. “When are you asking daddy?”

“This weekend. I’m going to take him on a date. We are going to act like we are going to Mister Johnny’s for dinner like normal, but only you boys are going to stay. I am going to take your daddy somewhere special and ask him. You can’t tell him, okay? It’s a super secret surprise.” Jaehyun can’t hold back his smile.

The boys love keeping secrets from their dad. A couple times, Jaehyun had planned small surprises for Taeyong, and he told the boys. He was pretty much testing them to see if he’d be able to ask them about proposing to Taeyong without them spilling the secret.

After the boys go play, he texts Johnny again.

Jae- they said they’re okay with it!! you remember the plan for this weekend?

John- i knew they’d say yes they really love you jae. and yes, we will have a fancy dinner this weekend so he’s non suspicious about you guys dressing up. you drop the boys here and take him to your secret special location where yuta and sicheng will have set up the little picnic. you’ll propose, he’ll say yes, you’ll celebrate, and then go home just the two of you to celebrate in other ways. then you’ll come over for dad dinner the next night so we can all celebrate.

Jae- thank you so much for helping me with this

John- ive known taeyong for years. he’s my best friend, and i can see how happy you make him. he deserves the best. the picture of the rings you sent is perfect. he will love it

Jae- im so excited i can barely contain it. this weekend needs to come fast


The week goes by so slow for Jaehyun. But Friday finally comes, and Taeyong suspects nothing when Johnny calls to say they’re having a fancy dinner, so everyone needs to dress up. He also doesn’t question Johnny mentioning packing a bag with extra clothes for the boys so they don’t ruin their nice clothes by playing outside in them. Taeyong thinks it’s all normal.

Jaehyun asking to drive throws him off the most.

“You had to run around dressing them. At least let me drive so you can relax for a little bit.” The reasoning makes sense, so Taeyong just does as Jae suggests and he relaxes.

When they pull up, Johnny walks to the car and grabs the boy’s bag from the back.

“Have fun.” Johnny winks.

The boys all get out and run inside, and Taeyong is just confused. “Why did you lock me in? Why aren’t we getting out?”

“Johnny’s babysitting. We haven’t had a date night in a while, and it’s not like this is the first dad squad dinner you’ll have missed.”

Taeyong shakes his head, but ultimately goes along with it. He’s a bit too tired to question Jaehyun further.

When Jaehyun parks, Taeyong finally speaks his thoughts. “Why are we at the park? Jaehyun, seriously, you’re acting weird. What is this?”

“Just let go, Taeyongie. Have fun. Be spontaneous. Come on.” Jaehyun smirks and drags Taeyong along with him.

When they come upon the picnic, Taeyong is so shocked he can’t speak.”Happy anniversary Taeyongie.”

“What?” Taeyong reluctantly turns away from the picnic. “Jae, our anniversary was a month ago. We celebrated…”

“Wrong anniversary. One year ago today, you brought me to this very park and told me about your boys. You were nervous because you thought I’d walk away. Honestly, part of me was scared when you told me. I wasn’t sure when I was getting into, but staying was the best decision I have ever made. Taeyong, you and your boys are my whole life. I love you.” Jaehyun pauses. He walks Taeyong a little closer to the table so he can pick up the little box.


“Usually, a man asks the parents for permission to propose to their child, but I asked someone more important. Well, 6 someones. I wanted to check with them to make sure they really do feel okay with all this. They gave me a collectively written letter a few days ago that said ‘Daddy and Jaehyunnie love each other. Junie, Nana, Jenjen, Hyuckie, Lele, and Sungie love daddy and Jaehyunnie. We like our big family and we want Jaehyunnie to be part of it,’ I don’t think I’ve cried that hard in a long time. So, Taeyongie?”

“Jung Jaehyun, please just ask already!” Taeyong is crying and smiling simultaneously.

“I’ve got a little more. Man, can’t a guy propose peacefully?” They laugh together. Jaehyun now gets down on one knee. “Taeyongie. I would love to be part of your family. I love you and I love your boys. I have never felt happier than when I’m with you. Even if we are just laying together watching horrible romance movies with a bottle of wine. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the rest of my life. Lee Taeyong, will you marry me?” He presents the ring.

“Finally. Yes! Jaehyun, yes, of course.” Taeyong pulls Jaehyun up from the grass and all but smashes their lips together. “I love you so much.”

Jaehyun takes out the ring and puts it on Taeyong. “I got a pair of them. It’s totally not fair that the one proposing doesn’t usually wear a ring. I’m engaged too.”

“You’re so silly.” Taeyong looks down at the remaining ring in the box. “Shall I put yours on you?” They can’t stop giggling as the matching ring is placed on Jae’s finger.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. God, I love you so much.”

Taeyong and Jaehyun finally sit down at their picnic and eat the food that was prepared. There are two full baskets of food, a bottle of champagne, and some cute chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

“Did Kun cook all this?”

“What, you don’t think I could?” Jaehyun acts hurt, but he can see Taeyong doesn’t buy it. “Yes, he did. But the champagne and strawberries are from Yuta and Sicheng. They set this up.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

“A few months. Well, I got the rings a few months ago. Yuta was holding onto them. I couldn’t risk you or the boys finding them. And Johnny helped me plan most of it. Kun was brought it later when I realized that getting food from all different places would probably look weird.”

“So… you had them set up the picnic, with the rings here, and then leave them unattended?”

“No. They’re right over there.” Jae points a little ways down the path to where two lumps are laying on the ground. “I didn’t ask them to take pictures, but they probably did.”

Taeyong laughs at that. He’s really scored a keeper.

“I can’t believe all of them knew about it. Kun is horrible at keeping secrets.”

“Yeah, that’s why we asked him so last minute. He’s only known for about a week and a half. I talked to the boys while you were grocery shopping this week. It’s been fun, but I’m glad I don’t have to plan any more.”

They finish eating and head back to the car. “Oh, by the way, the boys are staying at Johnny’s tonight. We will have the house to ourselves all night. Tomorrow night is make-up dad squad dinner.”

“You really went all out.”

“You deserve the best Taeyongie.”