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Neo Culture Technology

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A few weeks later, when everything was back to normal (well as normal as things could get for a mafia), Sicheng stepped out of his lab and looked around the NCT headquarters with a small smile on his face.

         “Whatcha thinking about?” Lucas asked as he also stepped out of the lab to stand next to him.  Sicheng glanced over at him before he huffed.

         “Just thinking about…how if you guys hadn’t shown up that one fateful night…I don’t think we would be here right now” he mused.  Lucas chuckled and crossed his arms.

         “The universe works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?” he mused. Sicheng laughed.

         “Yeah, I guess so” he agreed, just as the other NCT members returned from their mission.

         “Welcome back!  How’d it go?” Lucas called out.  Johnny nodded.

         “It went well.  Shotaro and Sungchan did well for their first mission with us” he replied.  Lucas and Sicheng grinned.

         “That’s great.  Well done” Sicheng praised as Lucas looked over at Doyoung and Yuta.

         “Seems like we got a person to interrogate” he mused.  Yuta nodded.

         “Yup” he replied.

         “I can expect you to keep him in the interrogation room, right?” Sicheng asked, giving him a look.  Yuta laughed.

         “Don’t worry, baby, you have nothing to worry about” he assured before he and Doyoung dragged the man off to the interrogation room.  While they were dealing with the man, Sicheng looked over at the other members.

         “So, did anyone get hurt during this mission?” he asked.  Everyone shook their head in reply, including Ten, who had quit his job as a policeman to come and work with NCT.  He then smiled and clapped his hands.

         “Good!” he replied.  Taeyong chuckled before he looked over at the others.

         “Alright, go relax, you all did well” he instructed.  Everyone nodded and headed off to do their own thing as Jaehyun and Taeyong looked over at Lucas and Sicheng.

         “Pretty uneventful morning?” Taeyong asked.  Sicheng and Lucas nodded, making Jaehyun smile.

         “That’s good, right?” he continued.  Sicheng and Lucas laughed.

         “Yes, an uneventful morning is a good morning” Lucas replied, just as Chenle poked his head out of the computer lab.

         “Sicheng-ge!  You busy?” he called out.  Sicheng, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Lucas looked over at him before Sicheng shook his head.

         “No, why?” he replied.  Chenle motioned for him to come over, so Sicheng bowed to Taeyong and Jaehyun before he walked to him and crossed his arms.

         “What’s up?” he asked.  Chenle smiled as he took Sicheng by the hand and dragged him into the computer lab, dragging him over to stand between him and Jisung.

         “So, we did some digging—” he started.

         “And by digging, he means we asked Kun hyung” Jisung interjected.  Chenle looked over at him and stuck out his tongue before he looked back at Sicheng.

         “Yes, we asked Kun-ge, but we only asked him for the address.  We still had to do some digging to get their phone number” he explained.  Sicheng frowned.

         “What are you guys—” he started when Jisung turned around and pressed the space bar on his keyboard, a video call soon popping up on the screen to reveal a man and woman.

         “Hello?” the woman answered in Chinese.

         “Mom?!” Sicheng replied, looking at the screen in surprise.  The man and woman, Sicheng’s parents, brightened when they heard and saw Sicheng.

         “Sicheng!  How are you baby?” Mrs. Dong asked, smiling brightly.  Sicheng felt tears come to his eyes before he nodded.

         “I’m doing well” he replied. 

         “And the job?  Are you doing okay?  The patients aren’t giving too much trouble?” Mr. Dong asked.  Sicheng glanced at Jisung and Chenle, who snickered, before he looked back at his parents and shook his head.

         “No, they’re not.  They’re really nice and my boss is really nice” he replied.  Mr. and Mrs. Dong smiled.

         “May we meet him?  We’d like to thank him for taking such good care of our son” Mrs. Dong explained.  Sicheng’s eyes widened before he held up a finger.

         “One moment” he replied before he quickly turned and dashed out of the computer lab, heading for Taeyong’s office.  He then knocked once before he opened the door and poked his head in.

         “Taeyong hyung, can you come here for a moment?” he asked.  Taeyong and Jaehyun frowned before Taeyong stood up and walked over to him.

         “What is it?” he asked.

         “My parents are on a video call on and they want to meet my “boss”.  They think that I’m at a hospital; they don’t know what I really do for a living.  Please act as my hospital director” Sicheng begged, giving him puppy eyes.  Taeyong laughed before he nodded.

         “Alright, but you’ll have to translate for me” he replied as he headed towards the computer lab.  Sicheng blinked before he quickly raced after Taeyong, both of them entering the computer lab where Jisung and Chenle were patiently waiting for them.  Taeyong and Sicheng then stood before the large screen, Sicheng motioning to Taeyong.

         “This is the director of the hospital, Lee Taeyong.  He doesn’t speak Chinese, so I’ll translate” he explained.  Mr. and Mrs. Dong nodded as they looked at Taeyong.

         “Thank you for taking care of our son” Mr. Dong thanked.  Sicheng then looked over at Taeyong.

         “He said thank you for taking care of me” he stated.  Taeyong smiled and nodded before he looked back at Mr. and Mrs. Dong.

         “You’re very welcome.  We’re lucky to have someone like your son on our team; he really is an essential part” he stated.  Sicheng felt tears come to his eyes before he looked at his parents and translated what Taeyong said to them.  Mr. and Mrs. Dong grinned before they looked at Sicheng.

         “Well, we should let you get back to work.  I’m sure as an ER doctor, you’re seeing many patients.  Be safe, Sicheng.  我们爱你Ms. Dong bid.  Sicheng smiled and waved goodbye.

         我爱你 he replied before Mrs. Dong hung up the call.  The screen then went dark as Sicheng continued to stare at it, tears in his eyes. 

         “Sicheng-ge?” Chenle called out softly.  Sicheng sniffled before he looked down at him and Jisung, a teary smile on his face before he surged forward and hugged both of them tightly.

         “Thank you.  Thank you so much” he whispered.  Jisung and Chenle smiled, both young men patting his back before he pulled away and turned to look at Taeyong.

         “Thank you” he croaked.  Taeyong smiled and pulled Sicheng in for a hug, giving him a good squeeze.

         “What I told your parents, I meant every word” he whispered.  Sicheng sniffled and buried his face in Taeyong neck, staying there for a moment before he pulled away and wiped his eyes.

         “Thank you again.  Really” he replied.  Taeyong smiled and nodded.

         “Of course” he replied.  Sicheng sniffled and nodded, letting out a soft laugh.

         “It’s been a while since I’ve seen my parents…I really wasn’t expecting this” he murmured.  Jisung shrugged.

         “Well, we thought we could do something nice for you, since you always doing so much for us” he explained.  Sicheng laughed against, tears falling from his eyes, before he sniffled and shook his head.

         “Thank you.  Really.  Thank you” he thanked as he wiped his eyes.  Chenle and Jisung grinned.

         “You’re welcome, hyung” they replied.  Taeyong smiled fondly as he reached out and rubbed Sicheng’s arm in a comforting manner, causing Sicheng to let out a half-laugh, half-sob before he cleared his throat.

         “I should um…I should get back to work” he murmured before he turned and headed out of the computer lab, wiping his eyes as he left.  Taeyong, Chenle, and Jisung watched him leave before Taeyong looked at Jisung and Chenle.

         “Good job, boys” he praised before he turned and walked out of the computer lab as well.  Chenle and Jisung watched him leave before they looked at each other and grinned, giving each other a thumbs up before high-fiving.




Later that evening, when everyone was asleep, Sicheng was leaning against the railing on the second floor, overlooking the first floor that was dimly lit from the night lights that were installed because Taeyong, Chenle and Jisung always worked super late and when they went up to bed, they would end up tripping or hurting themselves in the dark.  So the lights were installed for them, but it was also convenient for anyone else who had to work late or wanted a late night drink or snack.  As he overlooked the first floor, a small smile on his face, the door to his room opened and Yuta stepped out, yawning and rubbing his eye.

         “Winko?  It’s late, what are you doing?” he murmured as he walked over to Sicheng, leaning on the railing as well.

         “Just thinking and reminiscing” Sicheng replied.  Yuta yawned again.

         “About what?” he asked.  Sicheng chuckled softly.

         “About what I told Lucas this morning: that if I hadn’t agreed to be Kun’s spy when he asked, then I wouldn’t be here with NCT.  With you” he replied, looking over at Yuta, who smiled softly.

         “Well, I’m glad you agreed.  I think our lives would be very different if you and Lucas hadn’t come” he mused.  Sicheng grinned before he laughed.

         “Did you know that when Jaehyun was introducing you guys to me in the hospital room, I was actually afraid of you?” he asked, looking at Yuta.  Yuta’s eyes widened before he laughed softly.

         “I kind of got the feeling that you were a little hesitant of me.  I was actually distrustful of you when Johnny told me who you were” he admitted.  Sicheng hummed.

         “I think everyone was, save for Johnny” he replied.  Yuta shrugged.

         “Well, he ran with EXO, so he was used to the Chinese members” he mused.  Sicheng chuffed.

         “I guess” he agreed.  Yuta then looked over at him and smiled softly.

         “How did the call with your parents go?” he asked.  Sicheng looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

         “How did you—” he started when Yuta smiled.

         “The interrogation room’s right next to Taeyong’s office and I heard what you said to him” he explained.  Sicheng nodded slowly before he smiled.

         “It went well.  It’s been a while since I saw them and…I’m really grateful that Chenle and Jisung were able to get them on a video call for me” he murmured.  Yuta smiled fondly at him before he reached out and took him by the wrist.

         “Come on, baby, it’s late.  Let’s go back to bed” he murmured.  Sicheng looked over at him before he smiled and nodded, following Yuta back into their bedroom.  They then headed over to their bed, which they made using their two separate beds pushed together, and flopped onto it, Sicheng snuggling into Yuta’s embrace.

         “I’m really glad you’re here, baby” Yuta murmured, giving Sicheng a gentle kiss on the forehead.  Sicheng smiled and snuggled deeper into the embrace.

         “I’m really happy I’m here too” he replied.  As he and Yuta slowly drifted off to sleep, he thought about everything he had experience and smiled fondly.  All throughout undergrad and med school, he had wondered what his purpose was on Earth and if there would ever be a place where he truly belonged and now, he found it.  Surrounded by friends, loved ones, and those he now called family.  At NCT.