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and they were roommates

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It has been over 2 months since Suga and Asahi last saw Daichi. He moved to Tokyo to go to University while they remained in Sendai. It has probably been the longest time they’ve ever been apart since their first year in High School, and they all miss each other's company.

Today they’re going to celebrate Suga’s birthday, and Daichi is going back to Sendai to spend the weekend. There’s going to be a party later, but they decided to have lunch together, just the 3 of them, to chat for a bit and catch up.

Suga and Asahi are attending the same college in Sendai and Daichi was the one who moved away from family and friends. More than that, because of a sequence of unfortunate events, he ended up sharing an apartment with the only person in the world who is able to make Daichi lose his temper, Kuroo Testsurou. It will be temporary but he’s going to stay there at least until the end of this term, and to be honest, Suga has no idea how Kuroo is still alive or Daichi is still sane, well… at least he’s assuming Kuroo’s still alive and Daichi is still sane…


They met at Karasuno Eatery at 1 pm, and right after the first round of hugs, everything was the same as always, like they’d never been apart.


[Daichi]: “Damn, it’s so good to laugh with you two again! I missed that!”

[Asahi] “We missed you too, Daichi.”

[Daichi] “So, let’s order? I’m starving!”


Suga and Asahi laughed at this comment and looked at each other like “somethings never change”.


[Suga] “Of course you are!”

[Daichi] “I’m thinking of trying their Mackerel, what do you think?”


Daichi was looking at the menu thoughtfully, when he noticed an awkward silence. He raised his head and found his friends staring at him with terrified faces.


[Daichi] “What?”

[Suga] “Are you going to eat… fish?”

[Daichi] “Well, I don’t know yet, that’s what I’m trying to decide.”


They glanced at each other.


[Asahi] “You said you’re starving… you love the ramen here… it’s just… different…”


Daichi smiled and shook his head slightly.


[Daichi] “Oh, I got it… it’s just that I got used to eating fish recently, Tetsurou loves Mackerel, and grilled fish in general… and he’s the one who cooks most of the times, he’s a really good cook, by the way, and I found myself enjoying these meals… and, as he likes to say, it’s way more nutritious than ramen, and it’s delicious if well made, you know?”


They’ve been together for a bit over 3 years now. They know each other like no one else does. But since they moved together at the beginning of the college, Asahi and Suga started to communicate without using words better than ever… They just have to look at each other for a few seconds to have a whole conversation through their eyes.


[Suga] “Tetsurou?”

[Asahi] “I know… Good cook?”

[Suga] “First name, Asahi! First name! Really?”

[Asahi] “I know… He cooks for Daichi most of the time! Did you hear that?”

[Suga] “Yes, I did! Delicious meals?”

[Asahi] “Did you know about that?”

[Suga] “No way! Did you?”

[Asahi] “No! I’m as lost as you are here.”


Suga puts the best fake smile he could find on his face and decided to wait for more details before starting the interrogation.


[Suga] “Oh, that’s great! Let’s try the Mackerel, then you can tell us if this one is better than Tetsurou’s one…”


He tried to stretch the name “Tetsurou” as much he could, but Daichi didn’t seem to notice and just shook his head.


[Daichi] “I doubt it, but let’s try it! That’s the spirit!”


Asahi was facing much more trouble to hide his shock than Suga, but Daichi remained oblivious about it. Suga just raised his eyebrows and nodded.


[Suga] “That’s the spirit…”


They met Nekoma’s team last year and, despite the rivalry, or even because of that, the two teams developed strong ties and even greater friendships between the players.

Kuroo was their captain and a nice guy in general. But for some reason, Daichi never put up with him. It is true that Kuroo chose to provoke Daichi as his favorite sport from the first day they met, but anyways, Daichi never had any problems dealing with anyone, not even Oikawa. But with Kuroo... it was different... Daichi just didn't like the guy. It's not like he was rude or anything. Daichi is very polite even then. But Suga and Asahi knew what their friend felt about the guy. And it was okay, sometimes you just don't like some people... it was nice to know that he is normal, after all.

The thing is, the last time they saw Daichi, he was leaving for Tokyo with 2 bags, a few boxes, and a resigned smile. His exact words were: " Okay, I can live in my room without much contact with him for a few months ". After that, they used to chat or call each other frequently, at least in the first few weeks, but then their schedules become harder, and they always had assignments, then the exams, and they ended up talking less and less with each other. But that was around only two months ago, so you can understand why they’re so confused about what is happening.


Anyways, whatever was happening, Suga decided that he should wait a little bit more before starting to… do something…


They ended up ordering three Grilled Salted Mackerel Pike after Daichi made some questions about how it is cooked and everything.


[Suga] “So… tell us about Tokyo! The big city, the university… how is everything going?”

[Daichi] “Oh, it's insane! Everything in Tokyo is too much! Too much noise, too many cars, too many people, too much everything! And the university has the same rhythm, you know? It's hard to calm down and choose your own pace ... In the first few weeks, I thought I was going to lose my mind! But believe me or not, right now I’m feeling like here is too quiet… I never thought I would get used to that… it’s funny, we were talking about that last week… Tetsurou told me the same, sometimes it seems like I’m the city boy, not him! And that’s crazy! Did I tell you that I got lost twice in my first week there? Man… I was so pissed off about it! I told you he took me on a city tour on my first weekend there, remember? So, it took me some time to admit but that helped me a lot! And even then, I found myself completely lost 2 days later at the train station… then again 3 days after that… it was the first time Tetsurou saved me… I was lucky it was a Friday! Oh… you’re gonna love this! Tetsurou arranges his schedule in order to accumulate the toughest classes at the beginning of the week because Mondays and Tuesdays are hard no matter what, and in theory, since the week is just starting, you’re less tired on these days… then… as the days go by and you get more tired, your classes are getting easier… it’s really clever, right? Anyways, he doesn’t have classes on Friday afternoon, and he came to my rescue… I wasn’t even able to explain to him where I was! Man… anyways, the city is crazy! And the university is even more… but I can say I’m used to it by now… I tried to rearrange my schedule like Tetsurou did and that made a huge difference. I should have told you that before, you definitely should try this tactic… in the end, we only have 2 or 3 days of hard classes, then Thursdays are better and Fridays we’re almost free. It worked really well…”

He kept on talking like that forever. Suga was afraid that his friend wasn’t even breathing anymore. Asahi was staring at him, gaping and wide-eyed. Sometimes they looked at each other.


[Suga] “Stop with that face! Just smile and nod.”

[Asahi] “For god's sake, Suga. He doesn’t stop!”

[Suga] “I know! I’m here too!!”

[Asahi] “What he did with our friend!? I want Daichi back!”

[Suga] “ He doesn’t even notice he’s talking about him all the time!”

[Asahi] “Do something! Fix Daichi!”

[Suga] “Stop! Just smile and nod, I’m trying to think!”


To be honest, Daichi was happy… and relaxed… he kept talking about his life in Tokyo and how Kuroo was involved… in everything. Sometimes he stopped and laughed like he was remembering some joke or scene, but just for a second, and then he remembered a new history to tell them… about Kuroo… of course.


After several minutes of his monologue, he stopped and excused himself to go to the washroom before the meals were served.

As soon as he left, Asahi threw his arms on the table and lowered his head, touching his forehead on the cold surface.


[Asahi] “What... was... that?”


Suga didn’t reply, so his friend twisted his head to face him. Suga was texting on his phone.


[Asahi] “What are you doing?”

[Suga] “I need more information.”

[Asahi] “Oh great, are you googling how to identify if your best friend was abducted by aliens? Oh wait, better than that, search if Kuroo Tetsurou is the name of an old deity who stole the souls of pure guys in exchange for eternal youth!”

[Suga] “I’m texting Yaku! He’s going to explain to me why my best friend is back to Miyagi for less than 2 hours and I already know the song Kuroo uses to listen to in the morning, the color of his apron, the brand of his favorite coffee, and how he lays down on the sofa!”

[Asahi] “Yaku?”

[Suga] “He’s my best shot… Kenma will never tell me about Kuroo… and Yaku… well… let’s just say I know things he doesn’t want to be shared...”

[Asahi] “You scare me!”

[Suga] “You’re a smart guy.”