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Metal Gear Solid: Neon Noir

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Metal Gear Solid: Neon Noir

A Cyberpunk Dystopian Noir

By Solid Snake Plissken


In 2085, the Earth discovered new life, they began pushing for space travel, survival and expansion, in 2099 many nations of Earth were arguing against each other and chose to separate themselves from the Earth into different sections of the universe. The United States expanded their nation throughout the Milky Way, Andromeda, Ragnor, Odin and Loki Galaxies. In 2123, United States scientists invented the first Robots and Androids. To differentiate between humans and Androids they agreed to have files of every Android made, to make them adjust to human life, Androids had different models throughout life until the aging technology was made. In 2163, many activists came out to speak for Alien, human and android rights so the galactic nations signed the Equal Rights act giving humans, robots, androids and alien races the same rights. In 2178, many governments and rebellions began fighting, only to explode when an activist Senator Ray Malner was assassinated, which started the First Universal War, the first war to be fought in Space, the first war to use laser, plasma, EMP, space armadas, space combat, planetary invasions and mechs called Gundums. Once the war was over the nations fell into a long economical depression. In 2194, companies started to make a profit again by selling and creating Android and Robots, some companies started doing it illegally along with selling weapons, sex slaves and drugs, forming the Intergalactic Black Market. The economies started to build up in each of the nations, multiple companies were formed and created. In 2241, the United Kingdom and Soviet Union began fighting initiating the Three Nation’s War lasting 6 years, the United States got involved later on, in 2248, the Nations signed the Involuntary Involvement Act, making it illegal for a nation to intervene in another’s nation’s current conflict unless requested to. In 2268, more nations started to fight each other again, allies got involved and Asia destroyed an British planet, many lives were lost. This started the Second Universal War, many teenagers were drafted into this war, it only lasted 6 years which was the bloodiest war in all of history and started the formation of the United Intergalactic Nations.

The year is now 2279 A.D, recently elected President George Plissken of the United States is in charge, the corporation known as Sigma was one of the most wealthiest in the entire universe, George Plissken’s father the legendary soldier Jack “Big Boss” Plissken was in Chief Commissioner of the United States Galactic Police Force and the galactic nations were in peace, but there’s no peace within the soldier.