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Through Flames and Fury

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Not all that's gone is truly lost.


You'd barely slept and yet you felt so energized. As of last night you were no longer a virgin or a minor. No fucking regrets.
"Fuck what a night" you whispered to yourself. Your mother was still in hospital on the mend according to the doctors, so even though the house was empty you still felt if you spoke anything above a whisper, she would hear you. She had a knack for hearing shit she shouldn't
You look down at your body noticing all the marks you hadn't realised were there and ran to your full length mirror. Bruises in the shape of fingers and hands, bites and little burn marks littered your skin a delicious reminder of your night. The burns didn't hurt as much as you thought they should when you took a closer look and realized there was a slight sheen over all of them and a tube of burn cream laying open on your drawer.

"Red you're such a fucking soft bitch sometimes" you scoffed and yet you couldn't help the smile that tugged at your lips

He left as quickly as he came with plenty of kisses to apologize for the rush and a promise of dinner out the flowing night. His idea not yours, you would've been happy with a romp in the sheets and takeout but that was just the Todoroki upbringing showing.

The hospital smelt as sanitized as always as you walked the familiar path to your mother's room. A smell that never brought fond memories and was more associated with death in your opinion. The figure in the bed was much smaller than you were use to seeing, more frail, and no matter how much you tried to tell yourself it wasn't true you knew time was running out. The hospital visits were just getting too frequent. You hadn't even realized you'd fallen asleep until you felt a gentle hand on the back of your head stroking your hair.

"You never did like hospitals did you my baby?" Your mother stared back at you, her warmth filled eyes healing a part of your saddened heart. Your hair was pushed back and scarf now sitting on the table next to the bed and not by your doing, the marks on your neck now on full display. Pulling your hair back forward you prayed she was blind enough to not have noticed.

"Don't try hiding them now, I zeroed in on them the moment you sat down." Her voice was stern but her features immediately softened.

"I'm not mad baby, I've always told you to go for what you want and you've loved that boy since the moment you decked him one in the nose as children. I'm just glad you waited" your relief was more than noticeable at her acceptance but she was right. You've loved that big lug since playground days and been by his side since then. Even though he was a couple years older than you, you made sure to keep up, even getting into UA and graduating early to join the agency.

These thoughts had been on your mind a lot recently and had you thinking a lot about your future.

"So when's the wedding?"
She said it so casually and yet it didn't stop you from almost giving yourself whiplash with how quickly you turned to face her again.

"Don't give me that look Missy U know you well enough to know what's going on in that brain of yours. So, when is it? Will I live long enough to see you in a dress?"

"Don't joke like that mama and well… he hasn't asked yet." You mumbled out the last part.


"He hasn't as- damn it child sometimes i wonder who raised you! Who said HE had to be the one to ask!? Don't think I don't know you've been talking to that quirksmith friend of yours about making a ring for that boy"

It was true, you’d pitched your idea to Raze months ago and she jumped right on board. It was a band that reacted to heat, glowed black like your own flames and with Enjis quirk being what it is, it would glow most of the time, almost like taking a piece of you wherever he went since no one had figured out a way to actually contain your flames. She finished it just the other week but you hadn’t had the balls to pick it up yet.

“Well what are you thinking so hard about girl, you’ve got a dinner tonight don’t you. Go claim your man and then bring my future son in law with you tomorrow so we can have a chat.”

She shooed you out of her room before your mind could even really catch up with what was happening. "Fuck am I really going to do this?" You couldn't help speaking out loud, you'd tend to do it quite often without even realizing and before you knew it your feet were taking you towards Razes shop.

Guess you'd answered your own question. You walked past the front entrance rounding the building to the workshop entrance and as per usual there she was, hunched over another project oblivious to the world around her. But every time you showed up its like she just knew the particular sound of your boots because her head would always shoot up.

"Well its about fucking time you showed up" she snapped getting up and walking to her office.

The office was just for formality she never really used it, she preferred to be in overalls covered in grease and dirt than stuck behind a desk.

"So you finally grew some balls huh" she chuckled tossing you the ring box.

"Mama just yelled my ear off" you grumbled quietly, she still heard you though as her laughter echoed through the workshop.

"Shit I knew I loved that woman"

"Yeah whatever I get it ok. Between the two of you I'm surprised I wasn't married off sooner" you pouted.

"Baby there's only ever been one man for you and everyone knows it. I'm surprised he didn't do the proper thing and ask you before he slammed his cock in you but hey you're the only one he ever breaks his norm for so…"

You blushed a thousand shades of red. Was it really that obvious?

"Baby I've known you a long time, I can tell something has changed…. That and those fucking hickeys on your neck. Anyway you need to get out of here, your ugly ass needs all the time you can to get presentable"

You walked away flipping her off as you left. "Bitch" you muttered under your breath.

"But I'm a bitch you love!!!" She yelled after you. You just rolled your eyes. You couldn't wait for her to be old and senile. Hopefully she'd lose that damn super hearing she seemed to have.

Standing in front of your mirror again you looked over your outfit. You were dressed up which was not your norm, but tonight was not a normal night.

"I can do this"

you whispered nervously to yourself. For all your confidence you were still human and asking the man you love to spend the rest of his life with you was still fucking scary. You took a deep breath, raking your fingers through your hair to help calm your nerves. Everything will be fine you thought just as a message came through your phone.

RED: I have had to go in to the agency to work an ops tonight. I apologize but we will need to reschedule. Happy Birthday little flame.

Your heart sunk a little but you understood, the safety of the city came first. You took a heros oath after all.
You decided to lay down in your bed still fully clothed and just welcome sleep. You didnt like pity parties but in this case you'd make an exception.

The early night had certainly done its job and you had bounced back ready to tackle the day as you stormed through the office looking for your man. Fuck romance you were just gonna throw the ring at the idiot and get it over with. There would be plenty of time for romance later plus you thought this would make a great story down the track.

"Where's Endeavor?" You asked the others as you came across his empty office.

"Oh he called in sick today"
One of the women in reception answered.

That fucker doesn't get sick.
You don't even remember the last time youd seen that man so much as sniffle.

You were seriously debating whether or not to call him up and tell him to stop being a pussy and get back to work. But on the off chance he was actually sick you thought better. You'd at least go check on him first and access the situation and decide from there whether or not to roast his ass. Unfortunately this meant you had to visit the Todoroki estate and well they had never been your biggest fans. You weren't from the right family and you did not act like a lady should. You admitted you were rough around the edges but you always seemed to be the exception in Enjis eyes. He was an uptight, thoroughbred Todoroki through and through, except with you.

The estate was quiet but you knew your way around well enough. He wasn't in his bedroom. Strange. You wandered to where the family would normally gather and heard voices.

"It's decided then. The wedding will be in 3days, I'm sure that's an adequate amount of time for you to prepare everything."

The voice that spoke wasn't familiar to you, the next voice to speak however, that voice you would know anywhere.

"Yes that is plenty of time. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will make sure your daughter wants for nothing in our marriage."

You'd always had a short temper. You weren't too great at thinking things through when you were angry either, it was something that had gotten you in trouble with the media on more than one occasion. Not a particularly good look for a pro hero but you refused to change. You danced to the beat of your own drum, it was what people both loved and hated about you. But you really didn't care about image, you saved lives. That was all you were doing this for, not money, fame or status. You and Enji had very different views on this subject, you couldn't understand his obsession with becoming the number one pro hero but you accepted it. You wouldn't always have the same views, that was just part of life, it didn't make you love him any less. But this? A marriage? You couldn't work it out. You couldn't control your fury, it was your pro hero name for a reason.

You slid open the door not caring about ripping the whole damn thing away as you spotted Enji and his parents along with a young woman and what looked to be her father.

“How dare you, you were not invited to this meeting, GET OUT!”
You were being man handled by the estates guards but your eyes were only focused on the one man who was refusing to look at you.

“Really Red , you’re going to pussy out like this, I expected a Todoroki to at least be man enough to tell it to me straight.” Your voice was raised but it was steady with an icy edge to it.

The guards let go of you once you were far enough away from the main house and blocked your way back until Enji arrived dismissing them.

“Little Flame I-“

“Don’t fucking Little flame me Enji. Just tell me is it true, you’re getting married?”

“Yes.” He didn’t elaborate but he didn’t need to. The knife was already in your heart so to speak. Instead you just laughed and even to your own ears it sounded hysterical? Maniacal?

“Holy shit. Wow. I applaud you, I really do. You had me right up until the end.
You even got in a good fuck before you tied yourself down, even managed to ruin a virgin before you get to break your little virgin wife. The bruises haven’t even begun to fade from your first conquest, you lucky dog you.” You knew exactly how you sounded but you really didn’t give a shit. You had just fucked the other night and in 3 more days he was about to be married to someone else and fucking her on their wedding night. This was more than deserved.

“Little Flame you have to know it's not like that”

“I SAID DONT FUCKING CALL ME THAT!” You were so angry you jostled the ring box from your pocket and watched the ring fall and roll towards him.

He immediately bent to pick it up and looked as though he was instantly hypnotised by it.

“Is this?...”

“Give it back, that doesn’t belong to you….. not anymore” The last part you said as a whisper more to yourself.

You knew what he could see. The swirling black flames reacting to the warmth of his skin, the fact it most definitely was not the right size to be a woman’s ring. But you didn’t care. You were so angry you didn’t even want him looking at it. You knew what you were about to do would make Raze cringe but you also knew she would understand.

“Enji, give it back to me.” You watched as he picked up the box placing the ring inside and tossing it back to you. But you didn’t lift a finger to catch it, instead you lit it aflame turning your back on it and him. It was ash before it even hit the ground. You felt much calmer when you spoke next.

“I don’t regret it, you know. If I was going to lose my innocence I’m glad it was to you. Despite how it turned out, I know my feelings were real and so were yours. You wouldn’t have put up with me all these years if you didn’t care. I was the one that didn’t realise just how little love meant to you. I won't be one of those girls that blames themselves, this is definitely on you but… maybe if I wasn’t so blinded by my love for you I could have saved myself some added pain.”

You took a deep breath before walking away from the man you thought would be your future. “As much as I want to curse your existence, this is the choice you’ve made. I do hope you’re happy Red.”

In the days that followed 4 things happened:

A wedding
A Funeral
A Fire
A Goodbye

All not necessarily in that order.

Your first instinct after a heartbreak was to go straight to your mother and exactly where you stayed the night crying in her arms before she gave you the one piece of advice you’d never forget.

“Start over my darling girl, be brave and stong enough to fight for the life you want. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to”

The next day you returned home only to receive a phone call that she had passed away, Toshi and Raze were instantly at your side to help organise. The only instruction was that it needed to be over and done within a couple days. “Where is Enji?” They had both questioned multiple times. You knew they had both tried to reach him with no luck and you weren’t surprised. You just told them to leave him be and they would find out in a couple days. -A Funeral

The marriage was announced in the paper the same day, you assumed it was to minimise the whispers as it was assumed by many that you and Enji would get married one day. You had never seen Toshi so angry before but you told him not to hold it against his flaming friend. -A Wedding

You’d already decided you would leave the city but kept it to yourself until the last moment. You weren’t good at the whole farewell thing so you kept it to the 2 closest people left in your life. -A Goodbye

The final thing was not in any way planned. It was more of an emotional outburst which you thought was fitting considering you were known for them. Watching your family home burn left an odd satisfaction within your heart, like you were severing the last string tying you to this city. You also knew because your flame wouldn’t go out for days that someone would have to patrol to keep an eye on it and you knew exactly who it would be. In a way it would be a sign to him too. You were gone. -A Fire


"How does it feel to be back in the city?"

A simple enough question, with a simple enough answer.

"I'd rather take a bat to both kneecaps"

Her laugh was sweet and melodious as she linked her arm through yours.
"And if it were anyone other than you, I'd call them a liar. Now care to explain why you are making me pay for an expensive hotel when you have a perfectly fine, in fact newly rebuilt, house?"

You felt the scowl on your face deepen instinctively.

"Ahh right. The thing we don’t talk about, because it's in the past and you’ve “moved on” and yet you still refuse to sell the old place. Funny that.”

“I swear Lia, I’m one step away from putting you over my knee”

“Oh Y/N promises, promises my love….Speaking of love, are you going to see him?”
Even though her eyes weren’t on you, you still felt as though she was burning a hole into the side of your head.

“Why ask questions you already know the answers to.”

“Y/N is that you?” You both turned at the sound of a new voice, a familiar voice, at least to you.

“Toshi?” He wasn’t in his hero form but that’s not what surprised you. The fact he was here of all places was the surprising thing. You didn’t have time to dwell on the thought too much as you were swiftly swung up into more recognisable arms and spun around effortlessly like a child being picked up by a parent.

“Y/N my little hell butterfly is it really you!?"

"The one and only. You didn't have to go Big Might for me Toshi, a hand shake would have sufficed" you deadpanned.

"Still got that wonderful sense of humor I see, I'm glad to see some things never change. Now what brings you here to the school?"
He queried, setting you down.

"I'm here to see Nezu."

"Well allow me to show you the way." He replied happily as he linked his muscled arm through your free one.

"Ahh Y/N you made it! Now come, sit, let's talk. So about Abrielle."

"She prefers Abby, actually make sure to call her Abby."

"Abby it is then. Either case we are happy to have her start tomorrow despite it being so late, she is an excellent student. You trained her well Fury"

You couldn't help the sigh at your old name "I'm not a hero anymore Nezu, it's just plain old Y/N" he just kept his smile in place almost like he had a secret only he knew. But you knew better than to ask, you'd learnt some questions were best not knowing the answers.

"Your daughter should be heading this way soon, I instructed Nejire to bring her back about this time." He stood concluding your meeting.

You found her down the hallway talking to some students about her age. As you got closer you saw the expression on her face as she talked animatedly to a blonde haired boy who looked equally as enthusiastic about the conversation. You knew that expression all too well.

"Abby" you called.

She spun around at the sound of your voice and waved her new friends goodbye as she bounced over to you. Over the years you'd forgotten just how much she looked like you at that age until just now.

"Wait… WAIT. YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER!?" Toshi practically yelled into your ear. He was looking back and forth between the two of you like he was seeing the ghosts of Christmas past and present.

"Is she… who's her…" he couldn't finish his words but you knew exactly what he was trying to ask as you shook your head.

"Do the math Toshi she's too young to be his"
You saw him relax at that answer only to then see him tense back up when that only brought up more questions.

"Huh that's the second person today to react like that." Your daughter stated. You felt the muscles in your back tense and you were almost too afraid to ask what you did.

"Who was the other?"

"Hmmm? Oh right, believe it or not it was Endeavor the number 2 pro hero! His youngest son goes to UA as well and we ran into him while the others were showing me around, mom you never told me you were cool enough to know the first and second ranked pro heros" she eyed you suspiciously.

"You already know I was a pro hero, we tend to know eachother and I worked for him." Not a lie technically you thought as you moved away from your friends to wrap an arm around her waist.

"Come on kid, let's get going."
Her head moved to lean on your shoulder as you walked towards the exit.

"Mom, can you take me to meet grandma and grandpa" you placed a kiss on her forehead, you guessed it was time.

"Sure thing baby" you decided to walk and waved off the others letting Lia know you'd both meet her back at the hotel later.

You both sat at the end of their graves starting at the pictures on the head stones.

"She raised you alone for so long" she said looking at the dates engraved on each stone. Your father had died when you were young but you still remembered him, every now and then you swear you'd smell his familiar scent lingering around you.

"She was a tough lady your grandma. She may have been quirkless but she wasn't afraid of very much. She stood up for the things she believed in no matter who her opponent was." You'd watched her put grown men twice her size in their place without breaking a sweat and at the same time shown all the love and care to those who needed it. You'd secretly always aspired to be like her but always felt lacking in the latter part. You were all fire and sass like the flames that coursed through your blood.

"I think you're more like her than you realize mama" Abby spoke curling her body into you.

"And you, young miss, are more like ME than YOU care to admit." You chuckled tapping her nose. You had to admit she did have more of a soft refined side than you, but she could also raise hell when she wanted to.

"Little Fla.... Y/N?"

You both looked up at the large figure standing a few feet away, flowers in hand.
Their features were hidden by the sun shining from behind them but you would know that voice anywhere.

“Endeavour” You simply said,standing.
His eyes were looking between you and Abby and you knew what he saw. Looking at her was like looking into the past for most people who knew you back then.

“Abby baby start heading home, I'll be there soon. I just want to catch up with the number 2 here.” You said waving her ahead.

You both watched her leave and when he turned to look back at you you just stayed watching your daughter and when she had disappeared from sight you focussed on something else in the distance. You really weren’t expecting to run into him so soon. Eventually, yes. Today, no.

“You’re back.”

“I am.”

“How have you been?”


“She looks just like you did”

“I know.”

“Are you going to say more than two words to me?”

You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips. You really didn’t want to have this conversation.

“Do you think you deserve it” you said simply, finally turning to look at him.

His hand reached up to touch you and you reacted instinctively. You surrounded his hand in flame and directed it away from you, it happened in the space of a single breath. You released him immediately but you knew how you looked without having to see into a mirror. You could feel the golden glow of your eyes starring straight through him. It hadn’t happened much when you were younger mostly due to still fingering out your quirk but the things you had learnt about yourself and your powers while you were away, they had been for the better. You could control it much better now. Before, that could’ve been someone’s hand disintegrating to dust instantly.

“It’s different seeing it when you’re so calm.”

“I picked up a few new tricks I suppose.” You were tired, uncomfortable, your mind not wanting to focus. You felt like being in his presence was draining your life force and you were sick of having to hold it together. You just wanted to be. Living with Talia all these years surrounded by people who did not know you before was bliss. No one to question you, you could just start fresh.

“Y/N I never meant-“

“So how's your wife doing Red.” You knew it was a low blow, that one short sentence being a well loaded question in more ways than one.

He couldn't answer you though and you couldn't do anything else except walk away from him as he stared after you.


"How was it?" Lia asked when you got back. Abby had obviously told her who you had run into. You just shrugged, walking to the kitchen to start you all some dinner.

"You know you could always just marry me, I'd be fine with that and I doubt you'll be getting any other offers at your age" You knew exactly why she did it. She loved to wind you up especially when you wanted nothing more than to mope and you hated to admit it but it worked every time.

"You damn little brat get out of here before I make you starve" you jokingly threatened, tugging on a loose strand of her hair.

The weeks passed quickly with not much improvement in fact you were sure this is the most Endeavor had visited the school. You didn't officially work there, Nezu and Toshi had just asked you to help out with a few things so you ended up there most of the time and you had noticed a certain someone popping in for one reason or another. You had found flowers left in your unofficial office on more than one occasion and he had even tried to get you alone more than once with some pretty lame excuses.

The times you did actually have to be around him were worse. You weren't sure if you were just imagining all the little touches or if he really was doing them on purpose but those days you couldn't help go straight back to the hotel and lock yourself in your room for some private "alone" time. He was actually driving you insane.

You were done at the school, today had kept you later than usual when you received a phone call as you were packing up your things.

"Hey Babe, I usually wouldn't bother you with this since I know you haven't made your mind up but I received a pretty ridiculous offer on the house today. Almost three times what you're asking."

There weren't many joys about coming back to the city but Raze was most definitely one of them. Reconnecting with her had filled your heart in a way you didn't realize you needed. Her and Toshi had always been your pillars through it all and only after coming back did you realize how your absence had affected them. But they constantly reminded you that it was ok, that they understood a new start was what you needed. Raze absolutely loved Abby and vice versa, she was the aunt Abby had always wanted and as much as she wouldn't admit it Lia had definitely taken a liking to the gruff quirksmith.

"That almost sounds too good to be real. I'm sorry, yeah I still haven't made up my mind. I'll try and get back to you in a few days" you answered.

"Hey no rush, the email said they would wait no expiry on the offer."

"Ok yeah that really sounds dodgy. But either way I do need to make a decision. I'll let you know when I've decided boo." You said hanging up the phone.

Guess it was time to take another trip down memory lane.

You hadn't been back since the fire and when you had decided to rebuild the only thing you said was to build it the same as it was but with modern features and they definitely delivered. You still hadn't decided if you wanted to sell it or not, you'd hoped by coming back and seeing it, it would help you make your choice. There was a part of you that thought there may even be a possibility of living in it. You had wanted to raise Abby here but it just wasn't possible then, would she want to live here now?

The boot steps walking down the hall were the same as from your memory only a fraction slower, heavier and a little less certain.

"This is private property Red and you're currently trespassing." You said not bothering to face him.

The sun was beginning to drop below the horizon and the room was cast into hues of red and orange.

"It's the same and yet different. It suits you." He said simply leaning against the door frame.

You tried to be firm but just like always he made you feel tired. Putting up a front to keep him away was exhausting, in your younger days you could manage but you were old enough that you just didn't want to do it anymore. Is this how it would be if you did stay, always on edge having to fight him at every turn?

"Red. You need to leave. Leave this house and me alone."

He moved so fast it stunned you, freezing you where you stood. He had you against the wall legs spread and his hand against your throat giving it the most gentle squeeze. You could feel his thigh pressing against your sex and you tried so hard to hold back the moan but failed miserably. Like you said you were tired, you didn't want to fight him anymore it was just too exhausting. The sexual tension had been building for weeks but you chose to ignore it, instead pleasuring yourself to a mental image of him after every encounter.

You knew it was beyond sad but he had aged very well and you couldn't deny that. His mouth came down to nibble at your earlobe.

"I've tried Little Flame. Believe me I've tried, but you look just as good now as you did back then, especially this ass." He growled out using his other hand to squeeze your right ass cheek.

Your hands came up to wrap around him feeling the hard muscles in his back. God damn he was so much bigger than you remember. As soon as that crossed your mind you thought about the gem in his pants and how much that has changed. You'd experienced other men since then would he be just as good as your memory keeps telling you he was? You knew you shouldn't but you wanted to know so bad it began to hurt between your legs.

"Little flame I've barely touched you and you're soaking already. Say it, tell me you want me and I'll make the ache go away." As he said that he pushed his thigh closer so it rubbed against your clit making you moan again.

"Enji we can't… we shouldn't do this" you whispered back hearing from your own breathlessness.

"Say it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck this sweet hole of yours." His hand tightened around your throat and you felt more wetness pool between your thighs.

You felt your defenses breaking, crumbling at his feet. "Yes. Please Red, I want you. I want you to fuck me, burn me, break me."

He chuckled a bit at your words. "You always were a wild one my little flame. The only one to enjoy the heat of my flames and even find pleasure in them." You could feel his hands heating up from his quirk as it snaked its way under your shirt. You moaned at the feeling of your skin beginning to burn, the familiar sensation tugging at the edges of your memory. You didn't know if it was because of your own quirk that you found pleasure in his flames or if you were just straight up a freak, but either way they felt amazing to you.

Your restraint was breaking as you began clawing at his clothes wanting to feel his skin against yours. He was obviously the same thought path as he too began tugging at your clothes almost frantically.

When you finally stood before each other bare he wasted no time instantly grabbing at your hips and bringing you straight down onto his hardened cock. You didn't need foreplay, you'd already had weeks of it and now finally got to enjoy him. He was definitely bigger than you remember, his cock stretching your insides more than any other man you'd been with. Your gasps only made him thrust into you harder as your back was continuously slammed against the wall until you both reached your climax. His lips were against your throat, his breathing labored.

You began to unwrap yourself from him but he just held you in place. "Oh no Little flame I'm most certainly not done with you yet. I have so much time to make up for." He growled before spinning you around and laying you down on the bed. He leaned back to admire you from above, his heated gaze making you hot all over again before roughly pushing your legs apart. You watched as his head dipped down between your thighs and you felt his thick tongue slide up between your folds. You wanted to cum again just from this action alone but you held on for dear life.

You lost count after your 8th orgasm. This man was really out to break you even though that had been exactly what you asked of him. Hed pleasured you, you'd pleasured him and you'd both pleasured each other. He loved hearing you gag and choke on his cock just like you more than enjoyed listening to him beg to cum again.

It was a long night of slow delicious torture as once again you woke covered in burns, bites and bruises in the shape of hand prints. You had been thoroughly fucked and you knew that once the sun rose the spell would be broken and reality would set in.

"My little flame" he called but you refused to answer. Let him have his dream for a little longer.

You dressed quickly bending over to lace up your boots.

"Little Flame where are you going? Come back to bed love." He stared at you confused, the sheets pooling around his waist as he sat up in bed.

You needed to remind him of what you were to each other. What you had to be. He was still married after all.

"Oh Enji, honey. I don't know what you thought this was but a reconciliation it most definitely was not, a good hard fuck, maybe."

"But last night, I thought there wasn't anyone else"

"There wasn't, there still isn't. You can't give someone something you gave away a long time ago." You looked over at him seeing a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Don't flatter yourself Red, my daughter had my heart the moment I found out I was pregnant with her and she's been the sole owner ever since."

You stood walking towards the door.

"I heard the news. Good luck today, think of this as a congratulatory fuck for the new #1 hero. I hope it's everything you always dreamed of, the dream you sacrificed everything for. I hope it was all worth it.

You can let yourself out. Please be gone before I get back"

You pulled the hood over your head, shoving your hands in your pockets. You were a grown ass adult, you were not going to cry over a boy at this age. No fucking sir.
But no matter what you told yourself it didn't stop the pain in your chest.

Pain and guilt. They were separated but technically he was still a married man. When it came to Enji, guess he still had the power to make you lose brain cells.

Your guilt must have outweighed your anger because you somehow found yourself standing in the entrance of a psychiatric hospital. What the fuck am I doing?

"I remember you.”

You froze turning to the soft yet familiar voice. You’d never officially met but Enji was well known enough you had learnt her name over the years.

She looked tired and haggard but she was still just an older version of the woman you had briefly seen that day all those years ago. It was less common knowledge what had gone on between her and Enji for her to wind up here, but you had your sources, ones you would take to the grave. Either way you knew what her fate had been. Would seeing you set her off? You hadn’t actually planned on seeing her face to face and yet by some cruel twist of fate here you were.

“You're his eternal flame.” She continued, walking towards you slowly. Her hand lifting towards your face. You were prepared for a blow to the face but it was one that would not come. Instead a warm soft hand cupped your cheek and grey eyes speckled with brown stared back at you.

“That day you came to find him, I knew even then. It would always be you."

"I.." Your heart stopped for a moment shocked as any words you had wanted to say were ripped from your lips.

"I don't blame you, for anything. I could see with my own eyes what I would never have with him and I still chose to stay. I made my choice, no matter how things turned out I never once blamed you. The years have been kind to you, tell me did you have a good life?” You could only manage a nod as her hand stayed where it was on your faceShe was smiling as she examined you.

“I did, I had a daughter. She’s 18 now, in training to become a pro hero and just transferred to UA for her last year.”

“Oh she’s just a couple years older than my Shoto! What about her father?” You noticed her eyes quickly look towards your ring finger only for her to find it bare.

“Not in the picture, but it was mutual and we’ve managed. I like to think I still gave her the best life I could, showered her with love. Either way she turned out pretty great, I was blessed in spades. She most definitely did not get my bad personality traits, well not all of them.” You couldn’t help chuckle remembering some of the fights you had had over the years. Your laughter died off suddenly, your mood turning serious for a moment.

“You know I never blamed you either. I thought I would, I thought I would hate you. But no one could make Enji do something he didn't want to do, it was his choice. When it came to his obsession or his heart, true to his Todoroki name his heart would always come second.”

The smile she flashed you was genuine. “I’m truly glad. We could never be a real family after everything but, I think you should give him a chance. Enji… I think he’s changing, I think this time round, he’d surprise you.”

You shook your head, not really having an answer for her and you didn’t have to try and come up with one as one of the hospital attendants came to escort her back to her room. “If you plan on sticking around I’d love to meet your daughter one day soon.” She said waving you farewell.

You hadn’t realised you’d been holding your breath until you stepped back outside.

“We would be ok with it too you know.” You almost jumped out of your skin when the new voice spoke. You knew they were her children as soon as you lay eyes on them, they looked just like their mother down to the white hair. You had to remind yourself they were Enjis kids too and when you took the time to really look you could see him in both of them. The red flecks in the girls hair to the jaw and stature of the boy. They were his children, the ones he had with someone else. You weren’t angry, it would never be their fault, but it was just another reminder of the choice he made.

“I found a picture of you in our home you know. He kept it, he hid it well but not well enough. I barely even know him, but I know him enough to know he’s never smiled the way he did with you in that photo. I don’t give a shit about what Endeavor does as long as it's not hurting my mother or siblings. So if you wanted to be with him, we wouldn’t be mad. I don’t know you either, but I get the feeling you would give him hell and I’d pay good money to see that.” The boy said slightly stepping forward.

“I really don’t know what to tell you.” You said honestly.

“When we were younger, I thought I knew him the best but even then I was wrong. This man, your father, he’s a stranger to me, I don’t know this version of him. I’m sure you can understand when I say you can love someone with everything you have but it still doesn't mean it’s enough or that you know what’s in their heart.” You were feeling more awkward by the second, luckily you were saved by the ringing of your cell phone. It was Toshinori.

“Excuse me, this might be important.” You apologised. They waved you off with smiles as they headed towards their waiting car.

“Toshi what’s the matter?” Ever since you’d found out about what had happened to him you were in a constant state of worry.

“Enji he- there’s trouble in town. Nomu are attacking and there’s civilians. I can’t do anything to help right now.”

“It’s ok Toshi I’m on my way just message me the exact location. You know the board isn’t going to like this you know. I’m not a hero anymore.”

“When have rules ever stopped you from doing something you know is right.”

“I’m just saying, if I have to be dragged to the principal's office you better be right there with me. Plus having the ex number one hero on my side might just lessen any punishment they have in mind.”

“Did I ever let you get in trouble alone before.” It wasn’t a question. If one of us were in trouble the other would never be far behind. His voice grew serious.

“Go bring our boy home safe.” He said more quietly.
You knew he didn’t need a reply as you hung up the phone and felt the ding of a message. Checking the coordinates you realised you were still a long way off from the location showing. You had power but flying was not part of your quirk. Scanning the area you spotted a motorcycle and silently thanked the lord that your daughter was not around to 1. See you steal a motorcycle and 2. See that you knew how to start one without the key.

When you were close enough it didn’t take you long to pinpoint where the trouble was. People were screaming and running in fear and you just drove towards the area they had come from. You couldn’t see Enji directly but his flames were visible from your spot on the ground. But he wasn’t the immediate issue. You had never seen a Nomu in person but you had heard about them, large grotesque creatures that were out for blood but weren’t particularly intelligent. There were a group of them up ahead trapping a handful of citizens that hadn’t managed to escape with the main crowd. You manoeuvred your body preparing to jump aiming the bike towards a nomu on your left while you angled your body the opposite way and jumped. You set the bike on fire with your own flame and watched it push back the nomu exploding before it could get anywhere near the crowd, while you tackled the other, covering your hand in flames and ramming it through its chest and watch your flames eat away at it from the inside out.

Now that the closest nomu were out of the way you created a wall of flame blocking anymore from getting to the people near you as you ushered them toward the safer areas. You took off following the light from Enjis flames, taking out any more nomu that got in your way. There were other hero’s helping to take out the smaller nomu and you could see a red winged hero helping out Enji. You knew he wasn’t weak, he was number two (now number one) for a reason, but you still felt a little better knowing he did have back up. You watched as he suddenly shot straight up taking his opponent with him, climbing higher and higher.

“Shit” You knew what that meant. He was getting as far away from people as he could, he was about to give everything he had into this next attack. You only hoped he wouldn’t over heat, because that would be extremely bad. You stopped to watch, you couldn’t do much to help from the ground. The whole city felt as if it was holding its breath just watching him and for a moment the sky was alight with a flame so brilliant it was blinding and while everyone else stopped to cover their eyes you kept yours zeroed in on him afraid to look away. In what felt like the longest breath the light was gone and you could see a shape falling back to the earth at rapid speed. You knew it was him and before you realised it you were sprinting toward the area you estimated it would land.

You got there just after the smoke had cleared revealing a very banged up Endeavor. But he was standing tall one fist raised in the air looking every bit the number one hero. Your heart clenched in happiness, he’d done it. This was the moment he earned his place and you knew no one would consider him the default after this.

"Little flame you're here" he gasped through his pain as you closed the gap between you.

"You're such a fucking idiot red." You laughed through your sobs as you tossed his arm over your shoulder taking some of his weight. He was banged up bad, especially the wound on his face that was definitely going to scar and yet you couldn’t help thinking it was going to look hot. You knew a smooch from recovery girl and a decent rest would have the remainder of his injuries right as rain again. Now if only your heart would calm down. He was ok. He was safe now.

"You're crying, why are you crying?" You hadn’t even realised as he tried to reach for your face but he winced, you immediately slapped his hand back down in a don't worry about it motion. But he was persistent, he wanted an answer and you knew he wouldn't stop until you gave him one. So you did and regardless of if it hurt you both, you had decided to give him the truth.

"I lied to you Red. My daughter will always have a piece of my heart that no one can claim but… you've had the rest of it since we were 6years old. You broke my heart Red, there's no doubt about that, but even after the wound closed up and the scar made its mark, I still never got it back, you've had it with you ever since. I just needed you to know before I leave again, I love you. I've always loved you."

He stopped, adjusting to try and stand on his own as he stared down at you.

"You still love me? After all this, after everything. All the things you said this morning?" His hands were now gripping your shoulders.

"Are you getting deaf in your old age Red? I just said I fucking love you didn't I"

His hands squeezed your skin harder.

"But, you want to be with me?" His face grew closer and you were getting dizzy off his scent and close proximity. You had to force yourself to step back out of his reach. The cameras were still on him after all, a retired hero helping an old friend could pass without scrutiny but hinting at anything more would hurt his new position.

"Red we are like the sun and the moon, forever chasing each other but never destined to be together. I love you, but we've already proven that love isn't enough. If it's a choice between pride and love, we already know the outcome, fool me once but not again. We've had our chance Red."

You couldn't look him in the eye anymore. Your heart was breaking all over again and there was nothing you could do to stop it. You felt just as helpless as back then, but at least now you knew, it would heal with enough time. The scar may be bigger but it will heal all the same.

He grabbed your chin forcing you to look back into his eyes.



"Yes, but-" the rest of the words died on your lips as his hand snaked around your neck bringing you both together in a clash of lips and tongue. You protested trying to push him away. Was he too fucking delusional to realize the place was still swarming with media?

"Enji for fucks sake, the cameras!" You tried to scream at him, but it's like he couldn't even hear you.

He picked you up wrapping your legs around his hips, you kept moving your lips out of reach so he went for your throat instead. Fuck maybe he was so banged up he really didn't realize? He knew full well what a scandal would mean for him. His career.

"Red baby ok, listen, I promise I'll give you all the kisses you want later but please please baby you need to stop. This is going to be all over the news. This scandal could mean your career. Look I still might be able to fix this. I could tell them you were so delusional you thought I was your wife. That you were calling her name not realising it was someone else. Me resisting, it could work. I can still fix this, but Enji baby you have to stop. Right now."

You were crying. It broke your heart to say these things but it was his dream and you still wanted him to have it and be happy, even if you weren't part of it.

He stopped suddenly, he didn't let you down but he just pulled back to stare into your eyes and the clarity you saw in them almost frightened you.

"I can hear you my love, but I just don't care anymore. I have loved you since the days of juice boxes and playgrounds and I will love you until the day my hair turns grey and my skin wrinkles with age. I will love you until my final sunset and the day my flame will no longer burn."

With one hand he reached into his shirt and pulled out a chain with a rather familiar ring attached. It was the one you had made for him all those years ago and you couldn't help let out a sob at seeing it around his neck.

"It fell before you could disintegrate it. I put it away out of respect for Rei, but I found it again the day you came back and I took it as a sign. This was my second chance. I won't kid myself any longer, I know I've damaged my family beyond repair. I understand that I need to take responsibility for my actions and I will try and be a better man, a better father, but I know I cannot do that with Rei. She has suffered enough because of me and I think it's time she deserves to be happy."

His thumb grazed your bottom lip giving it a small tug and you couldn't help the shudder that made its way down your spine.

"I'm not going to make the same mistake with you though. I'm not letting you go again. It's you Little Flame, it's always been you and I'm sorry it took so long for me to see that. My love, my eternal flame. Will you be mine for the rest of our days?"