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The Story of the Healing Hero: Akako

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"So Hayami, how has U.A treated you so far? Do you enjoy working with us all?" 


"Of course. I love working at U.A Bobby. I just wish I was able to go here like the rest of you all did. Kinda feel like the odd one out not being an Alumni from Yuuei," I say letting out a shy chuckle.


"It doesn't matter that you didn't graduate from Yuuei. You are still one of us, ok?" Psyche says.


"Yeah, besides who cares about that? No one does. For goodness sakes I work there and I'm not even a hero like the rest of you."


"Alright! Who's turn is it now? Someone go up on stage and pick a song. Let's get this party started!"




The night ended around 11:30 and I'm on my way home. I should've taken a cab back to mine and Shota’s house, but the fresh air is a relief. Damn these heels are killing me. I walk over to a bench and sit down for a few minutes. I take off my heels and set them next to me and take out my phone to text Shota.


'I'm heading home now. Don't worry I’ll be safe. 😊'


'You better be you annoying brat. If you get kidnapped I'm not looking for you until tomorrow.'


'No need to be so mean 🙁 I know you care about me Shota. You'll be sad and lost if I was kidnapped.'


'I'd actually be okay with it. Wouldn't be going prematurely grey with worry for your ass.'


'Whatever! 😤 I'll be home soon meanie.'


I turn off my phone after that, rolling my eyes at what he said. Shota may act like he doesn't care, but in all actuality he does. He's like an older brother to me and I'm grateful that we both have each other. I close my eyes and tilt my head back. I let out a soft sigh before I feel arms wrap around my mouth and take off with me. I try to squirm and get away but the arms wrap around me even tighter than before. The person takes off into the air. I panic because of the sudden change and the person lets out an annoyed huff.


"Damnit Hayami. Stay still."


My eyes widen in surprise as I recognize the voice. Why is Keigo carrying me? I'm confused how he even found me. I mean yeah, I wasn't exactly trying to hide or anything but I didn't make it a point for him to notice me either. I'm completely fine with us both living our separate lives from each other. 


We landed on the rooftop of a building a few miles away from the park I was at. He sets me down and walks a bit away. He runs his hands through his hair. Frustration evident in the way his shoulders tensed as he paced the rooftop. He walks over to me and stops in front of me taking his glasses off.


"So when were you gonna to tell me you were back in Japan? Why didn't you fucking call me to let me know? What the hell kid?!"


"You're really asking me WHY I didn't let you know I was in Japan? Are you fucking serious right now? You LEFT me alone on the rooftop of a building on my last night here in my home! You expect me to give you the courtesy of knowing I'm back? No! You lost that right when you abandoned me in my time of need! You, have no fucking idea what I went through at home after my mother died nor do you know what I went through while in America!"


His wings lower in shame as he looks away from me. He looks like he's disappointed in himself. He sighs and walks back towards me. He kneels in front of me and looks at me. He rubs my cheek, causing me to realize that I am crying. I run my fingers through his hair in a calming manner.


"You’re right. I wasn't acting like a friend before you left. I am truly sorry about that. I should've been a better friend and been there for you in your time of need. I should've been there for you when your mother died. Fuck, I should've been there for you when your father was beating you and while you were moving. I should've been more understanding but I wasn't and I am truly sorry for that."


I sigh and run my hands through his hair. I hold him close to my chest and hum a little song. He starts to calm down and lets out soft chirps. His cheeks turned slightly red from embarrassment. I chuckle and his shoulders relax, in turn relaxing his wings as well, letting out a few more chirps. A breeze hits us both and I shiver slightly trying to not make it noticeable. Keigo, being the most alert person I know, notices and sighs. He stands up holding his hand out towards me.


"C'mon kid. Let's go back to my place and I'll drop you off at U.A in the morning. It's too late to let you go back home now. Make sure you call Eraserhead so he's not freaking out about you not being back by now. I definitely don't want detectives knocking at my door at 8 in the morning. Especially since the damn paps have taken pictures of us. Always lurking around corners like damn vultures."


I nod my head and stand up, checking my phone in the process. My eyes widen in shock as I notice that it's 2 in the morning. I notice that I have 45 missed calls. Most of them are from Hina and Cece. They are probably trying to find out if I made it back home alright. I notice there's 12 texts from Shota wondering where I am. I quickly sent him a text.


'Hey. Heading over to a friend's house. Sorry for the late reply. We got caught up talking and lost track of time. Will see you at work tomorrow.'


'Damn brat! You could've texted me earlier but no! I stayed up worried about your dumbass on my one day off of patrol only to go looking for you in the middle of the night!'


'Sorry Sho. I didn't mean to worry you. 🥺 please forgive me?'


'Whatever brat! Don't do anything reckless.'


I sigh and rub my temples. He is so irritating sometimes but I love him dearly. He's the brother I wish I had, but sadly I didn't. I send a quick text to the U.A staff group chat telling everyone I'm fine and that I'd see them all at work before turning my phone off. I seriously do NOT want to be bombarded with all the questions they are going to ask me. At least not right now. I look at Keigo and he smirks.


"You still trust me?"




We safely make it back to his penthouse after he scares the shit out of me and quickly picks me up, taking off like there's a fire lit beneath his ass. He opens the patio door to his penthouse and leads me inside. One of his feathers goes and turns on the lights for us as we walk through the house. He leads me towards the bathroom before disappearing into a bedroom. He comes out with some toiletries and some clothes. 


"Sorry I don't have any female clothes for you to wear. I don't have many female companions that come over." 


"That's fine these will do for tonight."


He nods his head and walks away. I walk into the bathroom and start my shower.




I walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my hair. Keigo's shirt clings to me as I use the towel to dry my hair. I clear my throat and he turns to look at me, A soft blush covers his face before he coughs into his fist to hide it. 


“You look good, kid. That reminds me that I need to buy a hair dryer,” he states as he types away on his phone. 


The television plays in the background. I hum and head into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I look at the clock on the stove and notice that it is 4 in the morning. I yawn and walk back towards the living room and sit on the couch cuddling up next to Keigo. My eyes flutter closed as I snuggle into his warmth, feeling one of his arms wrap around me. 




I wake up the next morning to the smell of freshly brewed black coffee as well as the sound of the morning news. I yawn, sitting up and stretching out my muscles. Keigo walks back into the living room shirtless. We stare at each other for an awkward moment of silence before he goes and gets his shirt. He walks back in the living room and clears his throat.


“Sorry ‘bout that. I'm not used to having guests around.”


“It’s ok. I hope your girlfriend doesn't mind that I'm here right now. Actually I should probably get ready for work,” I say while looking at my phone. “Shit, Recovery Girl is going to kill me! I cant believe that I slept this late. Keigo you should've woken me up. It's already 11 am,'' I rush to put on my outfit from last night. 


Keigo just stares at me. His head is cocked to one side while he wears a confused look on his face. I turn away, looking for my heels as he sits there. I huff and turn back around, slightly annoyed.