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Seungcheol was bound by the throat that tightened by the minute that he wasn’t talking. His sword was far away from him, which was bad because Seungcheol couldn’t call for his sword, and he was against the archer Jihoon who could control his sword without touching it. 

Seungcheol was royally fucked.

The hunter knew that the two other guys that his boss talked about were nameless. There weren't that many people walking around with japanese swords in an apocalyptic world, it’s just connecting the dots. When he woke up there were only two broken tanks which meant he wasn’t the first one waking up. He grabbed the sword, clothes and a notebook that was laying around close to his tank and went out to a world that he didn’t recognize. 

He walked around aimlessly for a long while until he bumped against a mob boss that took a look at him and declared that Seungcheol would be his first swordsman. And that’s how he started working here.

Luck was on his side at that time. 

Seungcheol knew that the other nameless only took night jobs, as one day at dawn he saw a masked guy carrying a sword walking out of his boss' house, didn’t know which one it was, the sword was covered with a blanket and his face was hidden. Now this guy, the small one choking him right now, was easy to know who he was, yes he did wear glasses and contact lenses (which were really bad), but his sword was exposed. Orange like with arrow figures decorating the sword, which only meant one thing, this guy was sagittarius. 

On the notebook Seungcheol took, it explained basic things about the nameless, things like the eye color matched the sword color, like each one of them had a superpower, like each one had sword abilities. It was thanks to that notebook that he knew who this midget was. 

 But it didn’t help him in this situation.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” 

Okay, that one Seungcheol wanted to laugh at. Cat, Leo, got it?

Okay it wasn’t time for jokes. Because Seungcheol with his powerful senses, as in his hearing, tasting, smelling and vision were better than average human beings, could hear and smell someone coming up stairs to where they were. 

“ know...this is really a bad place...for two of the most hunted men to talk about their other mates…” Seungcheol said between wheezing breaths, trying to warn him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… that someone… is coming” Letting out a string of curses, Jihoon dropped his hand from Seungcheol's throat and pulled his sword out of the wall. Seungcheol coughed for a bit, getting oxygen back on his lungs, and grabbed his fallen sword. Jihoon could hear the shoes hitting the wood of the stairs and turned to Seungcheol with a glare.

“Follow me, we haven't finished talking.” Seugncheol nodded and followed Jihoon down the stairs. They passed a boy, young face with dark brown hair, he was holding what looked like a sword, covered with a cloth, that peaked a little purple light. Seungcheol and the boy made eye contact, the boy smiled and waved, and before Seungcheol could say something Jihoon hissed for him to hurry up. 

“Are we going by foot?” 

“Yes, my apartment is fifteen minute by foot” The younger grabbed his bicycle and started walking, expecting Seungcheol to follow him. 

Seungcheol hummed. So this midget lived in the east residential zone. Seungcheol lived in the north residential zone, which is thankfully to his boss. 

Three years ago, a year after he had woken up and after he had been working for the mob boss for six months, Seungcheol needed a place to stay because he couldn’t stay in the HQ of his boss forever. One day, after a job that took way too much time, his boss offered a place to stay in the north residential zone. The north residential zone was mainly occupied by the richest people in the new Seoul, so most mob bosses, famous mafia leaders lived there. So Seungcheol living there was a light sent by god, and just because his boss took a huge liking to him. 

Him and his ass.

Fifteen minutes of daydreaming, they got to the east residential zone. This zone was a modest and simple zone. The cheapest one of all four zones, which meant it was the most populated because most people in the city weren’t the richest. Most workers being badly paid because their jobs weren’t the most dangerous. If people wanted to have money they needed to be either a hunter or work for a mafia gang in a high position. 

Jihoon’s apartment was in the second building counting from the entrance, a yellow edifice with three floors only. Jihoon parked his bike, locking it in the wheel like the others. The archer went up the small set of stairs, took out the key to open and punched the code, opening the door. 

“C’mon, I hope you like coca cola because that’s all I have” Both boys went up the stairs to an apartment door with the number seven, which Jihoon opened with the same key he had opened the front door. The place was small, good enough space for a person. The kitchen and the living room were connected, and the hallway led to three doors, perhaps Jihoon’s bedroom, bathroom and a small office. 

“Welcome. It’s small but it’s good for me” Jihoon pointed to the only sofa in the room. Seungcheol went to sit ''Want some coca cola?” 

“Nah, I’m okay, just want to hurry this” Jihoon hummed and got a can for himself. Then sat on the small coffee table in front of the couch to be looking directly at the other.

“So… I think we can introduce ourselves” Seungcheol nodded and waited “This is the part where you start” 

“Oh! Okay, sorry, thought you would start there” Jihoon face palmed in his head “I’m Choi Seungcheol. From the notebook I got when I woke up, I’m the oldest. I woke up four years ago but I wasn’t the first to wake up, because there were two tanks broken. I’m the zodiac sign leo, my color is yellow and my powers revolve around light and lightning” 

Jihoon nodded “I’m Lee Jihoon, I’m probably the seventh oldest of us. I woke up three years ago and I was the last to wake up. My zodiac sign is the sagittarius and my color is orange. My powers revolve around archery, as you saw I could control my sword without touching it” 

Both of them being cliché as fuck, shook hands and bowed “So what were you talking about the other one?” Jihoon asked, opening the coca cola can. 

“I don’t know which one they are. They were working for that man longer, because when I started working there they were already there. Only does night jobs, always uses glasses and his sword is always covered”

“Wait! Isn’t he the one we passed when going out?”

Seungcheol thought back to the young man he passed by in the stairs “No, that guy had contacts and was smaller” Jihoon nodded “Do you intend to find all of us?” 

The archer sighed “I do want to know every one of you, I mean didn't we go through a global change together? I wanna know the people that I spent most of my...conserved-like-a-fish life” then he looked at Seungcheol “Aren’t you curious?” 

“Saying that I’m curious would be a lie…” Seungcheol never had the interest to search for the other kids. He just wanted to survive in this weird society. Even when he knew two of them were working with him, Seungcheol didn’t try to talk to them. He just wanted to survive and leave the past behind. 

Seungcheol remembered everything from before being conserved in a tank. He knew he was from a rich family and knew he was a heir to a huge amount of money somewhere if his parents were dead. His parents forced him to cooperate with the government for their own benefit, that way they would be known as parents of a child that helped save the world.

Well, that plan backfired. 

Seungcheol had no intention of looking for his parents or the money, no intention of searching for the kids of the project. 

“I just don't feel the need to go look for them,” Seungcheol said truthfully.  

You could see the imaginary dog's ears dropping and the dog tail stopping. Jihoon visibly pouted, obviously having hope that Seungcheol would help him find the others. Seungcheol almost felt guilty for crushing Jihoon’s hopes, the boy looked like a kicked puppy and the kicker was Seungcheol. 

Ah I made him really sad… 

“I understand if you don’t want to help me” Jihoon mumbled, sadness flowing in his voice. He stood up and went to the kitchen to get another can of coca cola. 

Okay Seungcheol felt so guilty because one - he just crushed, not just someone, but one of his kind’s hopes - and two - Jihoon looked absolutely adorable with a pout and Seungcheol couldn’t keep it in his pants for long. 

That pout was making him think things. 

Jihoon came back, but instead of sitting he just stood there fidgeting with his hands, looking small and nervous and shy because his face was really red, and Seungcheol's mind was starting to create things. Someone please stop little Cheol. 

“You live in the north zone, right?” 

“Y-yeah” Seungcheol stuttered. Why did Jihoon’s voice suddenly sound so sweet and cute? 

“Since it’s far away and it’s late, you could spend the night here” It was indeed dark outside and walking around at night in this era was as dangerous as going to a cave full of tigers. But on the other hand, if little Cheol wouldn’t calm down, spending the night in Jihoon’s house was going to be hard. 

Pun not intended. 

Still, he couldn’t take his eyes off this Jihoon. Perfect height for Seungcheol, such a cute baby face that he could spend all day cooing over, but then his body was no joke - he saw that when Jihoon locked him by the throat effortlessly - the shorter had a really good built body, strong and with really nice back curves (while walking, he took a look at Jihoon’s ass and that was another reason little Cheol was restless). 

“Yeah, if you don’t mind I would like to spend the night”  

Jihoon looked like a ticking bomb from how red he was, having half hopes the older would reject and half he would accept. 

On Jihoon’s side, to be fair he only paid attention to Seungcheol when they got to his apartment, being too busy choking the older boy and cloaking his identity from almost being found. On the way, Jihoon spent the whole walk thinking of how to say what he wanted to say while not looking desperate. 

Ever since he found out about having twelve other people like him, Jihoon had the wish to find them and get to know them, maybe something more. They did spend a lot of time together (well, not awake but still) and they had so many similarities and Jihoon just wanted to find them and talk with them. 

Finding Seungcheol gave him such a happiness that he couldn’t show it in the right way (He was bad at expressing feelings leave him alone) but he truly was happy, which was kind of crushed when he heard that Seungcheol didn’t wanted to find the others, however Jihoon was still happy with having found one. 

Coming back to the main point. Seungcheol was hot. That’s the pure raw truth. He had a pretty dominant face but when it softened it became gentle and reassuring. He was thick everywhere, like his entire body was thick, muscled arms and such huge and strong thighs, that looked awfully delicious for Jihoon in those tight jeans and when his hands landed on the bulge-

Let’s just say that Ji junior was springing to life. 

“A-alright then...uhm you can take the bed”

“No, no, the bed is yours. I can take the couch”

“No, don’t please, you are a guest, it’s okay! I have slept in the couch before it’s no problem”

“I can’t do that it’s your house-”

“I don’t care-”

“How about we sleep together in the bed?” 

That wasn’t supposed to come out. 

Seungcheol could think about two things at the same time, but his mouth couldn’t. While trying to convince Jihoon that he could sleep on the couch, he was also imagining sleeping together, which led to other things.

And before he could think, that came out.

Silence stretched between the two. Seungcheol was nervous and embarrassed with what he said, anxiously waiting for an answer. Jihoon's brain was turning off, the gears stopped working because Seungcheol just asked to share the bed? His single bed? They would be all squished together and he would feel Seungcheol front to his back, Seungcheol’s chest on his back making him warm and his breath on Jihoon’s neck, making him shiver because his neck was sensitive, and his bulge on Jihoon’s-


That also wasn’t supposed to come out. 

“Okay” Seungcheol said back.



Was it possible to die from blushing? Because Jihoon was sure he was going to.


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Jihoon only had cup ramen and a fridge full of coca cola cans and one lonely pepsi for some reason. After Seungcheol washed up, both sat at the coffee table, eating in silence, the two lost in their thoughts. 

“Let’s go to bed” Jihoon said when he saw that Seungcheol had also finished his ramen, the older nodded and helped clean up the table. 

They laid down on the bed, Jihoon under the covers and Seungcheol out since it was too hot for him, even though he only had a pair of sweats that were too small for him (Jihoon’s shirt didn’t pass through his head). Well, apartments on the cheaper residents weren’t as luxurious as the north ones. 

Jihoon laid awake with his back to Seungcheol. His mind was working on his own, creating stupid really romantic and rated R scenarios with the man that laid behind his back. He couldn’t stop imagining how Seungcheol touched him, how his big hands would feel on his skin, how his big plump red lips would feel on his own… 

Before he could stop himself, his mind went further. Jihoon thought of how Seungcheol was so muscled and how he would manhandle Jihoon like a ragdoll, use that strength to lock Jihoon’s wrists on the bed, forcing his legs to open. Jihoon always liked it rough and he felt like Seungcheol would be deliciously rough, strong enough to leave hand marks on his hips, bites marking his neck…

Seungcheol was...complementing the idea of going around and hunting for the rest of the nameless. With Jihoon. Yeah, with Jihoon. Cute small Jihoon. Cute and small, with killer thighs that could choke a man. Ah fuck his mind was drifting. Going hunting. Right. He wouldn’t mind, honestly, it’s just never crossed his mind because Seungcheol was comfortable with the life he lived right now. But if it was to go and look for people as beautiful and as hot as Jihoon… he wouldn’t mind either. Not at all.

And with that in mind.

“Hey Jihoon” the body next to him flinched. “I wanna go with you hunting for the rest of the nameless”

Jihoon held up his elbows and looked down to Seungcheol “Are you sure? I mean we will have to leave your comfortable rich apartment”

He did have a point, but Seungcheol really wanted to see if the others were as beautiful as Jihoon, but he won’t be saying that “I just wanna meet them. See who were my lab companions”

The archer laid down again, turning to Seungcheol’s side “Okay then. You are free to drop out if you want”

“I won’t, don’t worry”

“Okay, cool”


Oh boy.