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The Next Adventure

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Even if the wizarding world liked to think itself more advanced than muggle society, Benjamin still had no intention of using quills and inkwells, of all things. They certainly satisfied his inner appreciation for The Aesthetic, but that was it. They were unnecessarily messy, and completely impractical. Even the required parchment rolls were outdated,—Did they really think they were still in the Middle Ages? 

Instead, Benjamin had bought a packet of quill tipped pens, and multiple notebooks for note taking. And although he had wanted to bring along a packet of lined paper, he didn’t know if the professors would only accept parchment for the essays he would have to write eventually. 

Draco seemed to see his ‘mudblood rubbish’ as an affront, but thankfully, he ignored Benjamin for the most part, for now. Maybe it was the fact that he minded his own business, not really socializing much with his fellow Slytherins, but no one else seemed to care what he was doing. He had his hands full as it was, trying to make sense of his subjects, studying ahead as much as he could. 

His first day went like this:

After the disaster that was his first Potions lesson, he had  his first Herbology lesson, which they shared with the Ravenclaw first-years. The Slytherins and Ravenclaws seemed to tolerate each other, and the lesson went off without a hitch. Then it was time for everyone to have lunch in the Great Hall, where Peeves decided to drop a bunch of Stink Pellets onto the Gryffindor table. The Bloody Baron was quickly dispatched, chasing the screeching poltergeist out of the Hall.

 Charms was right after lunch, where they had the—iconic, levitating lesson. 

“Altogether now,— Wingardium Leviosa. Very good, very good.”, Professor Flitwick praised, pointing his wand at the feathers placed in front of each of the students.

“Now—if you do the swish and flick motion I showed you earlier, you should be able to levitate your feather to eye level. Remember—swish and flick.”, he did the movements, his wand pointed at the feather. Everyone gaped as it rose into the air, flying over their heads.

As Professor Flitwick walked around the room to help any students who may be having trouble, Benjamin practiced his wand motions a couple times, making sure he’s got it perfected. He then pointed at the feather in front of him, and voiced, “Wingardium Leviosa.

It didn’t move.

He tried again, making sure to pronounce the spell correctly, “ Wingardium Leviosa.”

The feather stayed firmly where it was, not budging. Time for backup.

“Professor.”, Benjamin called, his hand raised. Flitwick made his way over to his seat, a helpful smile on his face.

“What seems to be the problem, Mr. Flynn?”, he asked.

“Ah—, well. I can’t seem to get it right.”, Benjamin acknowledged, “I’m doing something wrong, aren’t I?”

“Well, that depends on what you were doing, doesn’t it?”, Flitwick said in response, ”Did you visualize what you wanted the spell to do?”


Flitwick nodded, “When you visualize the spell, it’s easier to control what your magic does. The key is to know what it is  you want your magic to do.”

“So,...intent?”, Benjamin wondered aloud. 

“Exactly. Now, how about you try again.”, Flitwick suggested, nodding towards the feather. Benjamin conjured up an image of a floating feather rising up in his mind, imagining it flying up to the ceiling.

Wingardium Leviosa!”

The feather rose slowly, following the tip of his wand as he lifted it higher and higher. He moved his wand to the left, and watched as the feather followed.

“Well done, well done!”, Flitwick clapped, congratulating him, ”Mr. Flynn, you have successfully mastered the levitating charm! Ten points to Slytherin for picking it up so quickly!”

“That’”, Benjamin muttered, his eyes trailing after the feather as he moved it with his wand. Right, left. Up, down. He even had it do a loop-the-loop.

He brought the feather back down, and placed his wand on the table, furrowing his brows. That was awfully...easy. He hadn’t envisioned the action in his mind before Flitwick suggested it, but that was a mistake on his part. Perhaps he hadn’t found it necessary. 

He went over the essential steps. First, visualize. Second, pronounce the incantation, while doing the wand movements. Third—...well, that was it. 

He opened up his copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1, flipping to the second chapter, where the wand-lighting charm, Lumos, was located. He read over the spell’s details, practicing the wand motion, a counter-clockwise loop, before visualizing the tip of his wand lighting up, as it had in Ollivander’s shop.


The wand glowed, illuminating the pages of his spell-book even more, casting shadows on his face. 

“Mr. Flynn! You know the wand-lighting charm?,”, Professor Flitwick asked excitedly, making his way back to Benjamin from where he’d been trying to assist Goyle in his pronunciation.
“I guess—, well, that’s what it looks like.”, he answered, “I was only just practicing. It didn’t seem very complicated, so I decided to give it a go.”

Flitwick surveyed the light, his eyes glowing.

“Do you know how to extinguish the light?.”

“I can try.”. Benjamin pictured the light turning off, his magic snuffing it out.


The light went out, and Benjamin felt his magic retract from the wand, taking the light with it.

“Very well done, Mr.Flynn! Very well done, indeed!”, Flitwick beamed, “Twenty points to Slytherin!”. 

His classmates muttered amongst themselves, pleased with the points, and curious over his demonstration of a spell they haven’t went over yet. Benjamin frowned, confused. Was it really that easy? He felt as if he was cheating, even though he really wasn’t. He made up his mind to practice and experiment at a later time, and try not to attract too much attention, for now. 

He didn’t really know anything about magic, anyway. It was probably just beginner’s luck. He just needed time to find out what the hell he was even doing.