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The music was blasting out loud. Bodies were grinding here and there. Sweat and hot breath lingered up in the air. Everything was so high till the music was changed and everyone went quiet.

All the eyes focused on the stage and before long, a loud cheering was heard.


"Swing harder! You are so fucking pretty!"

The half-naked male let out a soft smile and continued to dance according to the Latin song. The pink translucent scarf masked half of his face and showing only his doe eyes and the high bridge nose. He swirled around elegantly while making eye contact to as many clients as possible. As the music tuned into a mysterious bass, he walked slowly to the front, and let off the thin piece of light blue fabric that tied around his hip, only to show his smooth but still covered lower part of body.

Hands desperately reaching out for the bouncing meat but only to grasp the air as the male teasing moving forth and back.


"Babe! Just name a price!"

"I can give u everything!"

He bent down sideway to show his whole body to pick up the fallen blue fabric. More whistling and louder cheers echoed across the place. He advanced to let the blue fabric to move lightly around his body before lowering himself down. He lied on the stage floor and teasingly lifted up his legs to do a V shape to touch himself more.

Pieces of bills notes were thrown to the stage, but the male does not even spare a glance at them. He nonchalantly stepped on them as he continued to dance.

When the music stop, the last piece of cloth that was lingering around his face dropped to the floor as the whole place went into the darkness.


"Hyung!! That was really a good show! U had me drooling!"

A soft chuckle filled up the no-longer tense atmosphere, "You were always drooling!"

"No shit, hyung! I want to be like you one day."

"It is good to be ambitious when you are young."

"Stop it, you are not that old."

The two best friends continued to chat freely till they were interrupted.

"Seokjin, that was really a great one."

Seokjin turned around and seeing that it was the second-in charge of the club, he respectfully gave a bow.

Hands bashfully waving off Seokjin's polite bow, and smiled, "You are booked for tomorrow night."

"I want to be booked as well!!" the younger man whined.

"If you want it so much, I can give him to you." Seokjin playfully winked at Jimin, "Just share some tips with me if he gives."

"Two of you stop fooling around. He is an important client."

"You said that every single time."

A sigh could be heard, "And that is because it is true. We could not afford to offend him. He can easily buy our whole club if he wants."

"Oh my gawd, does it means he can buy us as well, if he want?"

"No. No one can buy us, Jimin. We are our-"

"Ah hyung, save your wise words for the right person. I just want to be free." Jimin pouted.

Seokjin softly patted on Jimin's smooth hair, "And one day, you will be. Just.... don't lose hope."


"Mr Jeon, everything is arranged. Tomorrow night, 10.30pm."

The man in black gave a nod before stepping out of the club and headed off to his car which was already parked right in front of him.

"Sir, home?" question was asked the moment the door was opened by one of his men.



"Run faster! Kim Seokjin, u can do it. You can't stop now." Mumbles and pants filled up the cold night as his legs ran as fast as they could through the dark alley. A rundown house appeared in front of him, as he let out a relieved sigh. Shaking fingers worked their best to put in the key to open the door. The moment he was in his safe place, he quickly closed the door and slide down as his legs gave up on him.

"Hyung!" Jimin, his shared roommate, panickily called him out, "Are you okay? What happen?" He pulled Seokjin up carefully, not wanting to cause any more distress to his hyung.

"Jimin, I cannot do this." Words flowed out as soon as they settle down on the couch.

"I...I don't want...Jimin...I"

Soft hands held Seokjin's face softly and eyes looking straight into the distressed ones.

"Breath hyung, you are going to get into a panic attack. Follow my breathing." Seokjin tried his best to focus on his roommate's mouth before starting to get panic again.

"I cannot!" A shrieked came out from his throat.

Jimin let go of his head and instead moved to his sweaty hands, "You can. Tell me, what do you see around us? Take your time. I am here."

"I...a cup, wall, curtain..."

"Very good, give me 2 more."

"I and you." Seokjin slowly came down from his panic state, as he concentrated on finding what he could see.

"Now, tell me what you can hear?"

"Cars driving, the wind and er.... your voice." Jimin smiled

"Now let us count from 1 to 10, slowly. I want you to breath out at every 2 counts."

Jimin guided Seokjin throughout the whole process and finally Seokjin's tense shoulder went slack before falling to the other's embrace.

Soft fingers running through the slightly wet hair, but neither do not mind. Both of them stayed quiet till Jimin felt some wetness on his shirt.


"I saw him, Jimin. It is him." Jimin's t-shirt went wrinkled as strong fist curled around it, "I don't want to see him. I don't want to go out."

"Then you don't have to. I am here."





"He is not going to find out! Jin Hyung has never showed his face on the stage before!"

"Mr Jeon isn't a stupid man!"

"Well I hope he is blind then!" Jimin huffed and crossed his arms against his chest, "Jin hyung is not feeling well! Or not you can cancel it."

"I can't! You know how much money will that be? Of course, you wouldn't know!" The second-in charged pacing around the small room nervously. Time was happily ticking by without any mercy.

One last glance to the distasteful clock.

"Fine, but if you screw up, you and Seokjin are going to pay for it."

Jimin could only nod his head and gulped down all his anxiety. Afterall, this was his first time doing a personal strip show.

Despite the fact that Jimin initially was excited to take over Seokjin’s appointment but when the time was here, he could not help it but feel a cold shiver slide down his back. After all, this is his first time, and he has never performed solo stage before. He was always sharing his stage with other strippers. Thus, when Seokjin wanted to call and cancel this morning, Jimin immediately took the chance and pretended to pass the message but might or might not change the content of the message “accidentally”.

To be honest, Jimin did not expect that the in-charge would agree that easily. He has assumed that he would be brush off and another more experienced stripper would take the replacement. Not too sure if god is helping Jimin as well, because apparently somehow, he and the other freshly new stripper were freer. Additionally, Jimin might has lied a little bit.

“Jin hyung said he believe in me.”

“I cannot screw this up.” Jimin breathed out, “Or not hyung will kill me.”

He decided to hide his anxiety and turned the doorknob confidently before taking a big step into the most exclusive room.

“Sir, I am here.”

“Call me, Jungkook.”

Damn, he is bloody hell hot. Jimin scanned the man in white shirt who was sitting casually on the bed, oozing unlimited authorities. His muscles seemed to be screaming to be let out of the tight white shirt and not to mention the thick thighs, Jimin was hoping to stuff his face in between. His sharp features on the face had Jimin internally screaming.

What the hell is such a man doing in such a place? This Jungkook guy can easily get anyone he wants!!!

“Are you going to keep staring at me without doing anything?” Oh, fuck that voice.

“O-oh, no sir. I apologized for my inappropriate behavior.”

“Get out.”

Jimin widened his eyes at his words, he immediately rushed out his words, “Wait sir, I can explain-”

“There is nothing to explain. You are playing me. You are not him.”