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Conditions of survival

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Angela still wasn't used to being back on the field, it wasn't something she ever expected she'd do again. Even now five months after she received the recall notice sent out by Winston, doing anything Overwatch related seemed surreal. But here she was crouched behind an overturned car surrounded by gunfire, quickly she scanned across the line looking for any wounded. It was rather easy to fall back into the rhythm of being a combat medic, watch for wounded, hope she got to casualties before they were too far gone to resurrect.

She did another quick scan and noticed a soldier had fallen off to her left, she knew that he was in bad shape but could tell he was still breathing. She called for cover fire over her headset and made a quick dash across the road to the man's side and dragged him behind the cover of a building. She sat with him allowing the nanites from her staff to close his wounds and get him back on his feet, once she was sure he'd be fine she left him to catch his breath and she prepared to take her place back on the field.

She never made it back into the fray, as she took her first few strides out of the building's cover she felt the buckshot burn into her side. She turned quickly and wished she hadn't, finding herself face to face with the one man she hoped not to see today, Reaper. As she collapsed she heard him laugh, "looks like the guardian angel has finally fallen." Then everything went black.

As she regained consciousness, she heard a familiar sound, aircraft engines. She wasn't sure how she'd ended up back in the drop ship but at least they'd found her. When she finally opened her eyes she found that she was not back in the Overwatch ship, her surroundings were much newer and more advanced than their budget would allow. Then the crushing realization finally set in, she was on the Talon drop ship.

She tried to sit herself up finding her arms had been bound to the gurney they had her lying on. This was far from ideal, she ran all the possible outcomes of this in her mind finding none of them favorable for her. That's when she heard the slow heavy footsteps approaching her and she turned to look for their origin, Reaper was looking down at her chuckling. "Well, well, well doc, we are going to have some fun together." She feels the cold medal metal of his gloves through her body suit as he places a hand on her thigh.

Angel tried to pull away from his touch finding without her hands she couldn't get very far from the unwanted contact. She looks up at him with a snarl in her voice "Get your hands off me." She had to fight down a scream when she felt the claws dig into her leg, she refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing her pain. "Now don't be that way doc, after all we used to have so much fun."

The memories she tried to keep pushed back in her mind came flooding back to her in a second. This wasn't the first time she found herself in this position with the Reaper, the last had been four years prior when he had hunted her down in South America. She prayed that the events of their last meeting wouldn't be repeated today, a fear that only seemed confirmed as she felt him drag his claws up her thigh.

"Don't ever bring Rio up again, do you have any idea how long it took me to recover from that?" She shook violently trying in vain to push away from his touch, back then she had hoped there was a sliver of Gabriel left in that man and had been proven incredibly wrong. "Frankly I don't care, though I did find your ill placed faith quite amusing. This time however, I don't have to worry about you fighting back." The dark laugh following his words was enough to make Angela feel sick.

She knew there was nothing she could do but she wasn't going to give Reaper the satisfaction of reacting. As she lay there attempting to mentally prepare her for the abuse she was sure was coming, a familiar voice pulled her out of her thoughts. "Gabriel enough! Get your hands off my patient and get out of my infirmary!" Angela's eyes flashed up to see who was speaking, why was she not surprised to find Moira O'Deorian was working for Talon.

As much as she detested the woman, she was thankful for her coming to her rescue one way or another. She heard Reaper's response but could no longer see him. "Fine, it'll be more fun once she's back on her feet anyway. Make sure she finds her way to interrogation when you're done with her." She heard Moira scoff at his response not giving him the pleasure of an answer. Angela watched her as she approached, "Thank you, though I'm not sure if that's a proper response since you'll be keeping me captive still."

"Well I certainly wasn't expecting to see the mighty Mercy in my infirmary. It's been too long Doctor, still fighting the losing battle I see." Moira's tone was icy and dismissive, "and your welcome, he has a habit of taking things too far." This time her voice was much gentler as she walked around to the side where she was shot.

Angela scowled at her words, too long that's what she called it? What had it been 8 years now since she walked out her door, no calls, not even a single email. "Don't take that tone with me O'Deorian, you have no right. You walked out without even a good-bye, and don't you dare use your getting fired as an excuse." The other doctor stopped for a moment at Angela's biting words. Then Angela felt her hands on her side as she poked and prodded at her wound. "Well Angela I'm glad your bark is worse than your bite, or else that might have startled me. As memory serves you're the one who told me to leave. If you didn't mean it you shouldn't have said it. I've moved on but it seems you still haven't learned to let anything go have you?"

She shivered feeling Moira's touch linger briefly on her side before she pulled away. She knew Moira was right she had kicked her out after that self experimentation fiasco. She hated to admit just how much she has missed Moira in the last eight years. "You still could have called or something Moira. With the rumors surrounding your involvement in Blackwatch I assumed you'd died. But when I heard about your employment with Oasis I was furious that you'd never contacted me."

"Why should I have? You made it perfectly clear when we last spoke you didn't want to see me again, so I followed your wishes to a tee Angela." Moira steps towards the end of the gurney making a few notes on her chart before speaking again. "If you knew where I was and were that upset, you could have reached out on your own. But you didn't, did you? So don't come after me with that victimized attitude Angela."

"Oh yes, I could have easily approached the newest Minister of Oasis out of the blue. Even my name has its limits!" She struggled again in vain to sit up wanting to look Moira in the eye. "Don't even get me started on how I feel about finding you here either, I knew your morals were low but Talon low, really?"

Moira scoffed, "Don't even talk to me about employment Angela, we both know the things Overwatch has done and you still came running back when they called. We will be landing soon, at which point you'll be transferred to my med ward. From there you'll go into a cell till we are ready to interrogate you, try not to be too stubborn if you want to walk out alive."

"You don't need to remind me of the problems Overwatch caused, but I can't stand by and watch the world fall apart. You honestly expect me to believe that Talon is going to let me leave alive? They've been after me for far too long to just let me walk." Her eyes followed Moira as she went to sit down and fasten herself in for landing.

"They may not let you walk away, but if you cooperate they will let you live. I know that being tied to Talon is not what you'd call ideal but at least you won't be dead. If you play nice, eventually I may be able to vouch for you to get a position outside of a base like I have with Oasis. I won't be around to keep Reaper in check so it's best you just answer his questions." With that she settles in as the ship begins its descent.