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13 Times the Charm

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*RING RING RING* A loud alarm sound emitted into the silent and sunlit room, causing you and Vernon to both jolt up from the toasty covers simultaneously. In a daze, Vernon ceased the deafening screech of the alarm. The two of you rubbed your sore eyes and heaved. Apparently, today was a day that Seventeen had a schedule to practice for their next album. They had to get up bright and early in order to finish in a timely manner. Even though you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, your body disagreed with you, and you flopped back onto the bed and curled up in the sheets. Vernon looked at you were glazed-over eyes and threw a slumped arm over your waist. 

“Y/N, I know it’s early, but you have to come with us...” Vernon says groggily. You whine in protest. 

“Why must I come? All you guys have to do is practice...There’s no reason for me to be there...” You argue. 

“The members will be highly upset if you don’t go. You go everywhere with us, regardless if it’s a music show or just practice. Please, wake up...” Vernon begged, shaking you slightly. It took all your willpower to not shove Vernon away from you and be adamant about you staying home, but what he said was true. The younger members will definitely complain about you not being in their presence, and the cheering you usually do when they practice new material would be absent, thus not encouraging them to work harder. Additionally, now that you were sexually active with them, there was no way to seduce you with their hot dance moves. Were you really going to risk not seeing those moves? With a very pained sigh, you threw the covers off of you and onto Vernon. You dragged yourself to the bathroom to take a very hot shower, enough to wake you up. 







After your burning shower, you didn’t even bother dressing up nicely. You were in a black hoodie, baggy sweatpants, and Woozi’s Gucci slides that you stole from him some time ago. You trailed your way down the stairs, scrolling through your phone. You meet with some equally tired members in the living room all conversing about the album again. You plopped between Wonwoo and Mingyu and threw your head back, sighing. The boys looked at you with worry.

“Y/N, is everything okay? What happened?” DK being the first one to ask.

“Everything’s fine. I’m just tired is all.” You say, almost muttering. 

“Tired as in, tired of fucking everyone every day, or just tired in not getting enough sleep?” Jeonghan said with no thought. You immediately glare at him.

“Shut up, Jeonghan. I’m seriously tired-tired. I completely forgot that you guys had to practice for your new album today, and I just want to stay home and sleep...But, I know you guys would be sad if I wasn’t there...”

“Why don’t you just sleep at the practice room? Bring a pillow and blanket with you and catch a couple of zzz’s.” S.Coups suggested.

“How will I sleep through the blaring music and rowdiness from you guys?”

“Wear some headphones, and play your music loud so you don’t hear us.” The8 said. You pondered about it for a quick second, but the idea didn’t sound too bad. Sure, the floor may be uncomfortable, but at least you’ll be able to sleep soundly. 

“Fine, I’ll do just that. Ugh...why does it have to be today of all days...”

“We’re sorry, Y/N. We just like having you around, that’s all. We promise to not bother you.” Mingyu says, wrapping his arm around you and hugging you. You immediately fall into his touch and pout. 

“Better yet, after we practice, we’ll treat you to a good and hearty lunch. I know a place where the kimchi is SPECTACULAR.” Hoshi says enthusiastically. You couldn’t help but to laugh at that goofball. 

“If you say so, Soonyoung.”







At the practice room, everyone shuffled in with you being one of the last ones to come through. You search the very spacious room for a decent spot to lay your head. Two of the corners were occupied with speakers and sound equipment, so your only choices were the other two corners that had the huge mirror on the wall. You slumped your way to the left side with your pillow and blanket in hand, kicked off the Gucci slides, put your headphones on, picked your personalized “Sleep Music” playlist, and immediately disappeared under your blanket. The8 was right; you couldn’t hear a single outside noise disrupting your calming music. This nap will be a breeze. Or so you thought.

“Y/N looks like a whole caterpillar in that corner.” Seungkwan, causing the members to snicker. They spoke with their choreographers for the time being on discussing the positions for their album. There were three songs in particular that required choreo, and two of them are, of course, pretty intense with one being sexier. 

“So, when we get to this count, while Seungkwan is singing, some of us will thrust our chests three times, glide across the floor, and basically hump it.” Hoshi explains to the members. Some of them bite their lip at the provocative dance move, but it’s not like they haven’t done it before. Shit, during Aju Nice, they literally had to grab their dicks and thrust that way, TWICE. “Shall we practice it?” The members gather in formation and do the beginning part of the song first for memorization. Once they got to the new part, that’s when the practicing truly began. To their knowledge, they thought you were already asleep by now. Well, once the music came on, it cut through your sleeping music just a bit because slow songs are not necessarily loud. You tossed a bit, partially tuning in to your own music and the song that was playing in the background. You just so happened to open one of your eyes and see some of the members grinding on the floor. In your field of vision, Dino was directly in front of you. It made you open both of them in shock and shoot up from your laying position. All eyes were on you once they saw your movement.

“Oh! Look who’s up from their rather short nap.” S.Coups teased you. 

“L-Look, I just so happened to hear some of the music in the background and got curious...” You said in defense. 

“Did you happen to see our new dance move for one of our new songs?” Dino questioned with an obvious smirk on his face. You furrow your brows at him while your cheeks dusted in pink. 

“W-Well...I saw a glimpse of it.” You say. 

“Why don’t we show you again in full view, hmm?” Hoshi says, adding to the teasing. You didn’t respond, but the members were already starting from the top. As they danced through once again, the new move came, and you were ready to see this take place. Some members, especially Dino, looked at you straight in the eye and glided across the floor, grinding against the floor almost a bit too hard. The action made your senses go into overdrive. Your skin started to feel warm, your heart beats a little faster, and you start to feel aroused. Why must you be horny at this time of hour? It wasn’t fair. You squeezed your legs together underneath your blanket and grasped it tightly. 

“So, how was it, Y/N? Did you like it?” Hoshi asked. Your eyes were blown wide, and your mouth was unable to form any coherent words. 

“We’ll take that as a yes. That face clearly screams enjoyment.” Dino laughs. You heavily sigh at the maknae’s teasing. If this is how he’s going to be during your alone time together, you might as well dig your own grave at this point. 







It was now time for lunch, and as Hoshi promised, he and the other members took you to a Korean BBQ place near the company where their kimchi is top-notch. Some members sat in pairs, and some sat with their assigned team. You sat in between Dino and Hoshi and in front of S.Coups and Jeonghan. It was almost a booth-like seating, but the tables were segmented. S.Coups grilled the meat and vegetables for your table. You shuffled lightly in your seat because Dino and Hoshi’s thick thighs were touching yours and trapping you between them. Dino glanced over at you, eyeing you up and down. You saw his face in your peripheral vision but paid no mind to him. 

‘She thinks she can ignore me, huh?’ Dino thought to himself. ‘I’ll grab her attention.’ He sneakily brushed a finger against your hip which made you jump and hit your knee underneath the table. Eyes were on you in a mere second, some with amusement and some with worry.

“Everything alright, Y/N?” S.Coups says, being the more worrisome one. You look up at him in embarrassment but tried to laugh it off. 

“Aha, yeah...I... I thought I felt something creep on my leg. Like, a spider or something.” You lied. 

“But, you’re wearing sweatpants...” Jeonghan cuts through your fibbing. You bite your lip, trying to think of another excuse, but nothing comes to mind. You just wave it off.

“Like I said, I-”

“Anyway, try out this kimchi! I know you’ll like it!” Hoshi interrupts, mouth already full with the vegetable. You sigh heavily and open your mouth as Hoshi feeds it to you. Dino stifles a giggle which turns into uncontrollable muffled laughter, causing his body to shake. You curse in your mind at the maknae’s antics. After S.Coups grilled all the meat, he serves you and Dino a couple of pieces for you to eat. A particular piece that you ate simply melted in your mouth the minute it was placed on your tongue. Consciously (and unconsciously), you moaned in pure delight. You wanted to tease Dino right back for playing these games with you. Somehow, it did the trick as Dino shot a look at you, already feeling his pants grow slightly tight. Now, it was his turn to shuffle, but none of the members seem to notice. He eats his portion of meat while trying to think of ways to make you slip up again. That moan you did was intentional, but can he make it a mistake? 

After a couple of minutes went by with eating and talking, Dino tuned in on a conversation you, Jeonghan, and Hoshi were having. S.Coups was passively listening. As he leaned in to hear more, he placed a hand on your thigh, gradually moving it up to your crotch. You were luckily not talking, but the action made your mouth close shut. Eventually, his middle finger grazed your pussy lightly, and that made you twitch and trap his hand between your thighs. Your breath became a little ragged, and unfortunately, both Hoshi and Jeonghan noticed. 

“Are you sure you’re alright, Y/N? You’re being really weird today.” Jeonghan says. 

“Y-Yeah. I feel a little chilly. Does it seem cold to you guys? This place, I mean?”

“Mmm...No? Every time I come here, it was always at a comfortable temperature.” Hoshi says truthfully. 

“Besides, it’s the middle of summer, and you’re wearing a hoodie. You shouldn’t be cold period.” Jeonghan says with a bored expression. All you could do is scoff at him. While you were distracted, Dino opened your legs back up and proceeded to put a leg over yours to keep them from closing. You were in major trouble now. He went into a full assault with rubbing your heat as fast as he could with the right amount of pressure. You immediately slammed your head against the table with your arms folded and your face stuffed in them. You tried your very best to hold back your moans, but some just slipped out too much and too loudly. You wanted to die right then and there cause you knew that all the members were staring daggers at you for the umpteenth time. S.Coups specifically looked at Dino with a rather disapproving look, but Dino merely smiled non-innocently and raised his eyebrows. You made a high-pitched squeal that seeped through your muffled arms. 

“What’s going on here?? Y/N, you need to tell us what is going on.” DK says from afar. Some of the members shake their heads at DK’s naivety. Vernon whispers in his ear, explaining the situation, and DK instantly turned bright like a tomato. 

“Y/N might be sick from the food. I think I’ll take her home and tuck her in.” Dino said. Your eyes widen from his statement, and it made you shoot up from your position. You were about to protest, but Dino grabbed your arm and rushed you out the restaurant. All the members were left with their mouths agape, knowing damn well you were not going to be tucked in except with Dino’s cock in you. 






As you and Dino reached home, he immediately tosses you on the couch and closes the door without locking it. He walks toward you with a sultry but devilish grin. 

“You bastard!! How dare you make a fool of me in front of the guys!” You yelled at him. 

“It was all fun and games, baby girl. I wanted to see how you reacted.” Dino laughs. Your stomach churned with hatred and obvious arousal. “However, there’s no time for arguing. I need to get back to the practice room soon, so we better make this quick.”

“I’m not fucking you in the middle of the day. You haven’t even taken me for our date yet. Honestly, shouldn’t we even go on one with how badly you’re behaving today? You little shit.” You cross your arms and scowl at the maknae. Dino doesn’t take it lightly and grabs your hair tightly, wrapping around his fist. 

“Listen. I will take you on a date. Even though it’s unfortunate that I can’t fuck you at the moment, I’ll just stuff my cock in your mouth to sedate me for the time being.” Dino says sinisterly gentle. It sends chills down your spine, making your blood turn ice cold. This dominance is something not to be messed with. His entire aura was seeping with it, and it made you feel so small and helpless. You had nothing to say, nothing to refute or debate with. There was no arguing at this point. “Sounds like we came to an agreement.” Dino smugly says. With that, he uses his free hand to unbutton his jeans and slide them and his boxers down mid-thigh. My God, this boy was thick. His length was more on the shorter side, but not short enough to be a chode. The girth had your insides screaming, wanting it inside you already, even though you clearly made the statement of not fucking in the middle of the afternoon. 

“Open up, pretty girl~” Dino smirked. With bated breath, you open your mouth to have it wrap around the dancer’s cock. He groaned so heavily that it sends a ping of pleasure right to your pussy. “You better have a good gag reflex, because I’m going to destroy your fucking throat.” Your eyes widen at his statement, and you hold onto his luscious thighs for support. He wastes no time and thrusts into your mouth at a quick pace. The obnoxious and lewd sounds that were coming from your mouth only fueled Dino’s arousal. His cock was soaked with your spit, and it dribbled from the corners of your mouth. 

“Oh fuck, your mouth is amazing, Y/N~ I knew it was useful for something.” He pauses his assault for a moment to just feel your warm cavern and your tongue glide across the underside of his cock. He thrusts painfully slow and watches it disappear into your mouth. “So fucking pretty. You like having my cock stuffed in your mouth? Don’t you wish this was in your pussy right now? I would fuck you so nicely, you would be screaming my name so all the hyungs can hear how well I fuck you.” Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. All this talk is driving you completely insane. You couldn’t touch yourself cause you knew Dino wouldn’t allow it for a second. The pressure from squeezing your thighs is the only sedation you could deal with. Without thinking, Dino resumes his fucking to your mouth and it catches you off guard. You moan against him, and you could feel him twitch against your tongue. 

“Fuck, I’m gonna c-cum. Swallow every bit or your pussy won’t get any attention tonight.” Dino says. You nod your head as best as you can. With several more thrusts, Dino releases deep within your throat, feeling every drop slide down to your stomach. You slightly cringe at the feeling and taste (because he was more salty than sweet). He languidly pulls out of your mouth with saliva strings sticking to his dick. He tucks himself back in his boxers and jeans and tilts your head up. 

“You were such a good girl for me, Y/N. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It’ll be even better once night rolls around.” He snickers. He presses a chaste kiss to your lips and heads for the door. “I’ll see you around 5 pm. Wear something eye-catching for our date.” He then walks out and closes the door with you sitting stiffly on the couch. Your mind was going at a hundred miles an hour. 

“ the fuck...just happened?”






It was 5 pm, and the boys were starting to come back from practice. Dino pulled out his phone to shoot you a quick semi-arrival text:


Hey, girly. We’re almost home. Are you awake and ready for our date? ;)


You were pondering whether you should just sleep through his arrival or actually obey him and get ready when he went back to practice. Even though your nap was blissful, you couldn’t bear another episode like he did earlier today. It would probably result in no date period. You peered at your phone when Dino’s text notification popped up. 


Unfortunately. :/ I’m getting the finishing touches done...


You tossed your phone, but the notification came way too quickly. 


Aww, c’mon, Y/N. Don’t act that way. It won’t be a pretty sight later on tonight if your attitude is sour. 


You scoff at his little statement, feeling unnecessarily bold behind your screen.


I would like to see you try, maknae...





Alright, cockslut. You’re playing with fire now. 


That sent chills down your spine. You chuckle to yourself devilishly to what you will soon regret. You didn’t bother replying and threw your phone across your bed again. You rubbed your face lightly in agitation that this was merely a dominance game to him. You thought that you’re going to get the pounding of your life, limping and being sore all over. Or worse, you might not get fucked at all and just suffer with heat just simmering at the pit of your stomach. You hope to God the second one didn’t happen. As your thoughts continue to wonder, you hear the front door open and a swarm of voices occupy the empty living room. What made your heart race was the quickening pace of footsteps walking up the steps and towards your room. Your door flew right open, and your eyes are met with a rather stone-faced Dino. His eyes were sharp, piercing, almost knife-like. 

“So, you like testing me, huh?” He says deeply. You looked very intimidated, but your brain told you to challenge him and see what his actions were. You stood up from your bed and placed your hands on your hips.

“Yeah. What about it?” You say, the fake-confidence only masking your fear for a few seconds. Dino cocks his head to the side and squints. 

“Y/N, don’t you do this. I just want to take you out and have a good time. But, if you’re going to be a brat, I guess I must tame one.” 

“Says you. I recall a certain someone being a cocky little shit ass thinking he’ll definitely hit a home run and not thinking his older member would do the same. Oh, was that not you, or am I mixing you up with someone else?” You ponder sarcastically. Deep down, Dino’s blood was boiling. He didn’t know why he was feeling anger, but with you degrading him like this, it hurt his pride, and that’s the last thing of himself that he wants destroyed. Without thinking, he grabs your wrist and pushes you on the bed, holding one of your arms behind your back. He hikes your dress up so your ass is showing and just wails on your ass without stopping. You try to push him away with your free hand, but you couldn’t reach him. Your ass was already turning slightly purple with how hard Dino was spanking you. You started to hiccup as tears swelled your eyes. As much as you wanted the punishment to stop, you held your own. You wanted to push his buttons, and this is what you deserve even if you didn’t think so yourself. You didn’t protest or severely reject his actions, and he would know when he crossed the line. After what seems like 50 blows to your ass, Dino ceased. His own hand was red. He tried to massage all the excruciating pain away, but you whined immensely and shied away from his touch. You both knew that the bruising process began rather quickly. It was a nasty one too. 

“Have you learn your lesson yet?” Dino said, a little bite in his speech, but more laced with satisfaction. 

“Y-Yes...” You say in between sniffles. 

“Yes, what?”


“Ehh, I’m not really a big fan of that name...just yet. Let’s start out with sir. Sounds more...boss-like. Yeah...let’s go with that.” He smiles to himself. He tries to pull your dress down as softly as he can. The material irritates it greatly, and you wince so badly. “I don’t know if I should apologize for going so hard on you, but I do want to make sure if you’re okay.”

“A-After that, do I look-...y’know, forget it. I’m fine.” You lie, wiping your tears away.

“No, seriously. If I went too far, let me know. You know I always go too far with some things...”

“Right...Well, don’t worry about it. Let’s get this date over with.” After putting up such a dominant façade, Dino’s face drops a little. 

“Y/N, if you’re that mad, we don’t have to do the date...” Your heart hurt at that. As you thought before, you knew you would regret this situation; that stupid little text that started it all made you end up where you are now. 

“Dino...Channie,” you start, his real name making him look up at you. “ sorry for being so bratty. It was all fun and games, but now, we’re both hurt. Your dominance overpowered you, and that was what made you go crazy. I want you to tone it down, where it’s comfortable for the both of us to handle, okay? I still love you a ton. Don’t forget that. Just...don’t become power-hungry, alright?” You brought Dino in for a hug and held him tight. He reciprocated his hold, letting his head rest on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I promise to never hurt you like that again. I bet the other hyungs didn’t treat you like this. Why did it have to be me to ruin everything? ...I’m so sorry...” He clenched onto your dress, hands trembling slightly. You sighed heavily as your heart sank from his words. 

“Baby, no. Please, you didn’t ruin everything. It was just a simple mistake, and we just want to clear it up...” You rubbed his cheeks with your thumbs. You wanted to cry again but contained your composure. “If it makes you feel any better, let’s go on that date. Did you figure out where you wanted to take me?” Dino slowly looked up at you, his eyes sort of glossy from almost crying. 

“W-Wine tasting...” He says in the softest voice possible. You perk up at his idea.

“Oh, I like that! Wine sounds perfect. Let’s go, baby, hmm? We’ll feel much better there.” You stroke his hair and his back as he nods. You tried to figure out how to go downstairs without having either of you appear upset after the dispute. “Should I hold your hand when we go downstairs? So the members won’t be suspicious of us?” Dino shrugs. 

“Uh-Uhm...we can.” His voice trembles, still almost on the verge of tears. You felt defeated that you couldn’t coax the young dancer to be a bit more chipper. It seems that you have to turn your motherly instincts on. You held the boy’s face and peppered him with loving kisses: on his nose, cheeks, forehead, lips, everywhere. Eventually, some of the staggering tears that were building up in his eyes finally fell, and you kissed those away too, letting him have his moment. He hiccupped only slightly, sniffling and soft whines escaping him. It was at this time that you sat on the bed with him in your arms, holding his head to your chest sincerely. Now, the both of you knew where your limits stand. 







Dino’s eyes were a bit puffy when you two came downstairs holding hands. It took you a while to cheer him up, but he claimed that he could manage. Some members paid no attention while the younger ones plus Hoshi looked over. They were in the middle of the living room playing cards with the rewards being a bunch of snacks that each member bought themselves. 

“Hey, Y/N! Dino-yah! Are you guys going on your date? It’s a rather late one isn’t it?” Hoshi says. You chuckled a little at him.

“It’s never late for a date, Soonyoung. Besides, it’s only... what, 6:35 pm? It’s practically dinner time.” You say. “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re playing cards. I’m trying to win Vernonie’s chocolates, but he wants my chips, and I’m not gonna let him have them.” Seungkwan says with a little pout. 

“And I don’t want anyone taking my rice crackers and drinks.” The8 added. 

“Seems to be a competitive game, huh?” Everyone nods vigorously. “Haha. Well, you guys have your fun, and don’t kill each other once someone loses.” They all smile and wave goodbye at the two of you. As you two head to the door, S.Coups yells from across the room. 

“Dino-yah! Take good care of Y/N! Be safe, and don’t go too crazy!” Dino couldn’t help but smile at that, thanking his hyung. 

“That wasn’t so bad, right?” You say as you close the door behind you. Dino nods, feeling tons better.

“Yeah. Being around the members actually helped a lot. I don’t think I’ll be in a poor mood anymore.” You smile brightly at him. 

“So happy to hear that, baby.”






The drive to the winery was a long one, roughly half an hour. Dino explained to you that there were no other wineries like the one he was going to show you. Typical wineries considered of just testing wine and maybe a couple of snacks here and there, but this one lets you have a full course meal with whichever wine you decide. It was almost as elegant as the Chinese restaurant Jun took you during his date. As you approached the winery, it was a one-floor building with tons of lights on the inside and outside. People who wish to sit outside can do so on the various patios and benches scattered across the field. Dino got out of the car first and opened your door. He took his hand out for you to grab and you kindly took it. You marveled at all the golden lights flashing prettily in the darkness of the night. 

“I wonder how expensive this place is.” You thought out loud. Dino laughed a bit.

“Well, let’s just say it can get as expensive as someone’s rent. Dino joked which caused you to look at him bug-eyed. Dino reserved a special spot for you guys earlier in the week, so the waiter directed you guys to your unique table with huge flowers as a centerpiece, two menus, and a bucket of ice with complimentary wine. There was also a tiny card that had yours and Dino’s names on it. 

“How cute is this?” You say as you sit down. You completely forgot about the harsh punishment you received not too long ago, so you hitched your breath once your ass made contact with the chair. Luckily, it had a soft pillow that was enough to support it. Instead of sitting across from each other, Dino scooted his chair next to you, a mischievous smile planted on his face. You look up at him from your menu and raised a brow at him. “You better not plan anything bad, Lee Chan.”

“Who, me? I would never.” Dino grins. You felt like a glutton tonight, so you decided you wanted a juicy steak with a side of roasted garlic Yukon potatoes and green beans. Dino ordered shrimp scampi, a side Caesar salad, and a basket of breadsticks to share. For dessert, you two decided on a caramel pecan cheesecake. Your mouth watered to all of the foods you were going to eat. You didn’t even care if you were going to be in a food coma or not. As you two waited, Dino popped open the complimentary wine which was a semi-sweet wine. He poured the blood-red liquid in your skinny wine glass and into his own. You cheered with the *tink* of your glass and took a fine sip of the alcohol. Once the bitter flavor reached your tongue, you cringed. 

“Is it not good?” Dino asked a little worried. 

“O-Oh, no, I’m just not used to wines that literally don’t taste like candy or fruit. I’m more of a very sweet alcohol kind of person.” You explained. “However, it doesn’t mean I’ll not drink it. It is complimentary after all.” 

“True. I just want you to enjoy it. I’ll drink the majority of it if you don’t want a lot.”

“Fine with me.” About ten minutes later, the waiter comes back with your guys’ food. He also asks if you want to try some different wine. You immediately asked for anything sweet or fruity. The waiter recommended a peach wine that will surely appeal to your taste. As he walks away, you feel a hand squeeze your thigh. 

“You got what you wanted.” Dino says, smirking at you. The small gesture made you turn pink slightly, and you averted your gaze to look at your amazing and steamy food instead. You dug right in, placing a garlicky potato in your mouth. It burned your mouth a bit, but you were so hungry, so you fought through the pain. Dino twirled his noodles with his fork, stabbed a curly shrimp, and slurped it up in one go. You two simultaneously moaned aloud, one sounding more sexual than the other. For some reason, it made Dino’s cock twitch in interest, but this time, he ignored it and continued eating. Your feast lasted for a while, but you devoured quicker than you should have. You stole most of Dino’s breadsticks and even snatched a couple of shrimps away from him. Dino tried to steal a potato or two away from your plate, but you kept fighting him off with your fork. 

“Jesus, Y/N, were you that hungry?”

“Yes! The lunch we had earlier today was long gone!” You exclaimed. 

“I think you should be hungry for something else later on.” 

“C’mon, Dino, I already choked on your cock today. My throat is sore...”

“...I-I meant the cheesecake...” You two stared at each other with blush creeping on your faces the longer you made eye contact. Without noticing, the waiter came back with a whole caramel pecan cheesecake to go and the bill. Dino bit his lips, eyes still on you. His eyes kept flickering between your eyes and lips, all shiny, red, and clear from any particles of food. You took a swig of your fruity wine, trying to break the tension. However, Dino doesn’t let it slide. 

“We should go back home.” He says in a low tone. You almost choked on your second (or third) swig of wine, already afraid of what Dino’s demeanor was going to be for the night. He was an entire rollercoaster today, from being a sassy brat to a dominant monster, and from an upset child to now, a sly and sensual fox. He downs his glass of wine, throws a couple of hundreds on top of the bill, grabs the cheesecake and you, and makes a beeline to the door. You protested, wanting to drink more, but it couldn’t cut through to Dino’s one-track mind. Your comment really fucked you over tonight. 







Once you entered the house, Dino threw the cheesecake on the table and stormed up the stairs, still dragging you fairly close. Some of the members were still awake, watching a movie, and eating popcorn. All of them quickly looked at you two with surprised eyes, but immediately turned back to the movie, hearts racing at the thought of you guys going at it while they were aware. As you guys entered Dino’s room, you were tossed on the bed as Dino stood at the door locking it. He turned on his heel to look at you with lust dominating his entire aura. He stared at you like you were his last meal. He approached you at an agonizing pace, making your heart audible in your own head. For some reason, you couldn’t avert your eyes away from him, and it made it all the more arousing. His diamond-like eyes were completely consumed by the darkness of his pupils. 

“A-Aren’t you the slightest nervous, Channie?” You stumble over your words. “You’re definitely not like the others wh-who were scared out of their minds.” Dino couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Y/N~ Of course, I’m just a bit nervous because I don’t want to hurt you. Other than that, I am so ready to pound you into oblivion.” He says confidently. You gulped at him, eyes wide. He wasted no time removing your dress to reveal this royal blue set with white lace accompanying it. He’s enamored by the beauty of it, cock twitching violently in his pants. His staring causes you to obscenely blush, more than you did with the other guys. As he so claims to not so much be, his nervousness seems to rise, knowing that the next step is to remove both of your guys’ clothes. While he was lost in thought, you tug on his black dress shirt, rising it up so that some of his supple skin was showing. He caught the hint and unbuttoned it quickly, tossing it to his right. You admired his slim body; broad,  rounded shoulders, toned stomach, and perky nipples. You unconsciously rubbed and tugged at them, causing him to stifle a grunt. You smiled at his reaction, but it faded once he started to grind against you. It was your turn to stifle the moan that was in the back of your throat. Speaking of your throat, Dino slowly leaned toward it and bit it, releasing a hefty moan from you. Dino licked and sucked at his mark, making beautiful blooming hickeys form. He did that to the other side as well. You couldn’t take it anymore, so you unbuckled his belt to his pants, clearly feeling his erection straining against the fabric. You drug his boxers along with his pants to let his leaking cock land on his lower abdomen. You then took off your lingerie set without a care in the world. You almost laughed when you saw Dino’s eyes go blank but his blushing face showing what he was thinking and feeling. Now his nervousness was at its highest level. He wanted to touch, fondle, kiss, and lick at every newly exposed part of you, but he didn’t know where to start. You simply grabbed both his hands and placed them on your chest, squeezing them hard. Dino automatically fell in love. 

“Oh my God, they’re so soft~” He says with his whole chest. He dips in between them and snuggles for a quick moment and proceeds to kiss and nip at each breast. Little red marks began to appear where he bit you. He traveled down to your navel, kissing and nipping more. Once he reached your pussy, he was stuck again. This time, you felt shy and squeamish. 

“Are you gonna eat me out, baby? Do you want to do that?” You asked him, the thought sounding exhilarating. Dino lightly licked his lip, wanting to try it out. He spread your legs a bit wider to fully expose you. He opened you up to marvel at your pretty pink center. He couldn’t help but tease your clit with the tip of his tongue. Your legs shook violently from the minuscule action. 

“Ch-Chan~ Please, more. I hate being teased.” You whimper. After hearing that, Dino ate you out with more vigor, humming and moaning with you. You can see the concentration on his face, and it turned you on even more than you were already were. Dino was trying to speak, saying you tasted amazing, sweet like honey. At this rate, you were getting a bit desperate. Your pussy practically throbbed from all of the mouth attention it was received. 

“Chan, please fuck me now.” Once he heard that, his aura changed for the 30th time today, his dominance making a comeback. 

“Do you mind calling sir from now on?” Dino says with a low tone. You actually nod, but deep down, you were bracing yourself for what was about to occur. “I want you on your hands and knees. I mean it when I say I’m gonna pound you.” You could barely turn when you heard that. Dino immediately eyed at your ass which was all the way purple with some spots of red. He cursed internally for hurting you this badly, so he vowed to not spank you this time. He’ll merely grab at the spots where they weren’t attacked as badly. He spread you apart as easily as he could, sliding his cock between your folds and cheeks. It felt amazing, but it’ll feel like heaven as soon as he enters you. As he did, his whole body slumped against you, unable to contain the amount of pleasure that coursed through him. It took him a while to regain his focus, but he did once you urgently pushed your hips against his. With that, he sets a steady and firm pace, causing you to jerk and moan with every thrust. The pain from your bruised ass as Dino made contact with it oddly added to your pleasure. It bounced as Dino quickened his pace. He massaged all the fleshy parts of you and gripped you enough to add more bruises. 

“Oh fuck, Y/N~” Dino says deeply, sweat already appearing on his forehead. “I never want to stop fucking you. You’re too good for me~” You clench around him tightly, intrigued by his statement. 

“Th-Then don’t. Keep fucking me till you’re empty. Fuck me till I can’t move an inch.” You said. Again, you made comments that you will regret, but hopefully, you don’t regret this at all. 

“Are you sure about that, baby girl? I won’t back down.” 

“Yes! I don’t care. You’re the last one, so fuck me like you mean it.” Even though you couldn’t see it, Dino’s smile turned dangerously wide and wicked. He readjusted his position, grabbed your hips even harder, and used all his might to ravish you. It had you screaming like you were getting murdered and whining like a child. All you could say was “Dino”, but Dino didn’t like that one bit. He stopped abruptly and almost growled animalistic. 

“The fuck did you call me?” He spat.

“I-I’m sorry! Sir! I-I meant sir! Please, it was a mistake!” You pleaded like your life depended on it. 

“That’s what I thought.” He resumed his brutal pace, mesmerized by your loud noises. “God, I bet the hyungs are having the time of their lives listening to you scream like a whore. They’re gonna touch themselves tonight, wishing they could fuck you again. Don’t you want them to think about you like that?” 

“Y-Yes, sir!”

“What do you want them to know?” You hung your head low, embarrassed to say what was about to come out of your mouth. 

“I...I want them to good you’re fucking me...”


“...And how much of a sl-slut I am for your cock.”

“Ahhh, what a good girl~” Dino mockingly says. He strokes your back as a minor reward. Your orgasm was coming close, but you knew Dino wouldn’t let you off the hook that easily. You tried to endure it as much as you could, giving off subtle hints that it was approaching. “Sounds like you’re about to cum, baby. I’ll be nice to you this time. Cum all over me.” You belted out the loudest moan you could once you climaxed all over Dino. You laid flat on the pillows, trying to regain your breath. However, Dino wasn’t done with you. He switched positions with you, having him rest against the headboard. 

“Now, I want you to ride me. Can you do that?” He asks. With furrowed brows, you nodded, already straddling his legs with your trembling ones. Dino hurriedly slid right into and went straight into his fast pace once again. You had to hold onto his shoulders for support. Your high was still present, and the overstimulation made your eyes roll to the back of your head. It was a sight to see for Dino, knowing he could do this to you. 

“Seeing that I’m literally fucking your brains out, do I fuck you better than the rest of the members?” His grin turns devilish. You could only nod, but Dino slaps your thigh, expecting a verbal answer. 

“Yes, sir, yes, you’re the best. Better than anyone!” You say but with a strained voice. As you say that, Dino releases his seed inside of you without warning, his thighs and legs shaking harshly. He lets out a loud groan and presses his forehead against your chest. His breath is ragged and heavy, and so is yours. You feel his cum drip down your thighs as you start to get off of him and flop to his side. Suddenly, Dino climbs back on top of you again, instantly hard again. 

“Who says we were done?” He whispers. Your heart sank so deep, it felt like it was in your stomach. You damned everything: Dino’s stamina, your stupidity in saying such regretful things, and even damned the next day, knowing your body is going to be a corpse. The rest of the night resulted in Dino slamming into you on the bed, on the wall, on one of his desks, and even in the bathroom once you thought everything was over. You were completely filled with Dino’s cum and was covered in sweat, spit, and tears. You couldn’t look at yourself in the mirror cause you were completely trashed. Luckily, Dino took real good care of you. He massaged your sore limbs and muscles after giving you a delicately warm bath that was scented like honeysuckle. He changed the sheet into fresh and new ones, and he even dressed you in some of his comfiest pajamas. Dino only slept in his boxers which wasn’t a problem. He held you like a stuffed animal and gave you the first proper kiss of the entire day. That melted your heart as you desperately wanted to kiss those lips the right way instead of quick pecks. He whispered a tender “I love you” in your ear as you gradually lost consciousness. The warmth from the covers and Dino made you feel safe and secure after the roughness that you faced throughout the day. Tomorrow was going to be a huge ordeal, and you couldn’t be bothered to face it.






The next day, you remained in bed, passed out to the point where you were snoring. All of the members were downstairs most likely arguing or discussing last night’s events. Your mind tuned in on Seungkwan and S.Coups’ scolding and Dino’s laughter. You scrunch your face in concentration, suddenly curious about the conversation. Your brain wanted you to go downstairs and be in on the gossip, but your body said fuck no. You were clearly awake now but didn’t dare to move. Fortunately, you heard a myriad of footsteps coming your way...or was it really fortunate? Seungkwan was the first person to burst through the door with a non-menacing angry expression on his face. 

“Y/N! What in the world was going on with you and Dino last night?? Every member heard you two, and we were all awake through everything!” He exclaims.

“E-Everything?!” You shot up, but the burst of energy died fast as you groan in pain and drop back to the bed. 

“Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot to hear.” Jeonghan said under his breath in the silent room. He earned a slap to the chest from S.Coups, a “Shut up, Jeonghan hyung” from Woozi, but secretive nods from Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi, and Vernon, agreeing with Jeonghan. Joshua came by your side and stroked through your messy hair.

“Are you doing alright, honey? You must be in a lot of pain.” He says. You smile softly at him but cringe as a ping of pain comes through. 

“ does hurt, yes. But, it’s not life-threatening, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I-I think as long as I stay warm or don’t move a lot, I should be fine...” Joshua nods, kissing your forehead. 

“As I was saying, what did you guys exactly do last night?” Seungkwan continues, not dropping the subject. 

“They fucked. Isn’t it obvious?” Mingyu butts in. Seungkwan feels as though his blood pressure might rise or else he’ll kill anyone that sasses him more than he sasses everyone else. 

“Let’s just say, I got a little carried away...heh.” Dino shyly says, twiddling his thumbs. 

“Who knew our little maknae could be so dominant in bed, and loud too.” Jun teases as he ruffles Dino’s hair, making him blush all over. 

“Stop it, Jun hyung!” He pouts. 

“Well, at least you guys didn’t break. We don’t want that happening.” S.Coups says. 

“True. Hey...out of curiosity, did any of you guys...y’know...” You were nervous to actually say if they touched themselves to the thought of you. Apparently, they got the hint, and as you looked at each of them, they all nodded. Every face you saw was tinted with red. “I...I didn’t think I had that much of an effect.”

“Are you crazy? Of course you did! I were loud, and we did hear every audible word being said...” Seokmin said, biting his lip. You palmed your face, the recollection of the night resurfacing. 

“If you don’t mind...could we all do it again with you...once last time?” Vernon softly spoke.

“And I’ll take you on a date this time!” S.Coups awkwardly laughed. You chuckled at him.

“Well, how about this: let’s not do it every day like we did this time. I need time to rest in between. Once in awhile is perfectly fine. It doesn’t have to be in age order. And dates are not required at all. If you feel like it, go ahead if you’re comfortable.” You explained. “Are we all on the same page?” Everyone hummed in agreement. 

“Well, now that everything is cleared up, can we go get some food? I’m fucking starving.” Woozi grumbles. He’s the first one to head out the door while other hungry ones follow him. Jeonghan lingers back to creep up to your ear to whisper something to you.

“Y’know, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of threesomes or foursomes with you and the others. If you’re up for that, let me know~” He smirks at you and gives you a dangerously sweet kiss to your cheek and walks away with a wink as he closes the door. You were left stunned, mouth agape and eyes unfocused.

“What in the fuck have I gotten myself into..?”