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forgotten [s. todoroki x fem!reader]

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hello! thanks for clicking on the story. this chapter is to just to say a few things and to write the character key and quirk info.


Y/N - your (first) name

L/N - last name

N/N - nickname (if you don't have one, just ignore this)

E/C - eye color

H/C - hair color

any other terms will be introduced later on.

so, i'm going to write in a quirk but if you don't like the quirk, you can change it to whatever you like (although, it won't make make much sense since i'll refer to the quirk i made quite often when needed.)

quirk: glass

the user can create and manipulate glass from her body. she can choose how specific she wants the glass to be. [as in she can make the glass shards (for example) sharp, dull, flexible, durable, long, short, narrow, wide, etc.] she can also create intricate objects made of glass as long as she knows what the object looks like. in addition to being able to emit glass, she can also manipulate already existing glass. when the user starts to overuse her quirk, she starts to lose control of her quirk and glass shards start to poke out from her arms and legs, notifying the user that she has almost reached her limit. if she goes over her limit, nosebleeds can occur, and the user could possibly faint.

there will be a fair share of profanity because mister katsuki bakugou exists in this story lmao

this means that whatever's being said is someone's thoughts based on who's point of view it is. (for example, when the story's in shoto's point of view, any thoughts said are his thoughts.)

that's that for the character key and info part of the chapter...


uh- i honestly don't know what i'm doing LMAO i'm just going along with the flow sooo, yeah!

on that note, bye y'all!

hope you enjoy the book :)