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welcome to the frat house

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When Taeyong had joined the frat house, he hadn’t imagined that any of the boys would be single. He thought that everyone on campus would want them, and there’s no way they’d be available. It turns out it was true that they were wanted all over the campus, which is exactly the reason most of them chose to stay single — no strings meant plenty of variety. The only one in a steady relationship was Jaehyun, who was dating an omega named Ten.


Taeyong had met Ten several times, either when he was over at the house or came by to pick Jaehyun up. At first Taeyong had thought he was a beta, simply due to the feeling he got around him. It wasn’t a territorial feeling, like he sometimes had with other omegas. Maybe it was Ten’s sharp, catlike eyes, or his habit of prowling around silently and sneaking up on Taeyong, but Taeyong often felt like the prey in the other omega’s presence.


Taeyong didn’t know if he was imagining it, but sometimes it felt like Ten was almost flirting with him. There was no real evidence he could point to, just brief snippets of moments, like Ten touching his lower back as he squeezes past in the kitchen, or the way he looks at him through his lashes when they’re talking. Again, it could easily all be in his imagination — in fact, he admits it might be subconscious hopeful thinking. Taeyong’s never really been attracted to other omegas like that, but Ten … well, Taeyong can certainly see why Jaehyun is so whipped for him.


For example, today Ten came to the house when Jaehyun wasn’t there. He went to wait for him in his bedroom, but hung around in the kitchen to chat with Taeyong for a few minutes beforehand. He listened and hummed appropriately in all the right chances as Taeyong nervously told him about the lasagna he’s going to make for dinner, but the whole time his gaze was burning holes in Taeyong. After Taeyong was done, he said, “I like your sweater.”


“Oh— thanks.” Taeyong looked down at his plain maroon sweater, slightly oversized and very faded from years of washing. It’s nothing special and certainly not flattering, but the way Ten was looking at him made him feel like he was practically naked. 


As he’s rearranging the bookshelves in the living room, he hears a crash upstairs from the direction of Jaehyun’s room. Taeyong frowns, wondering if he should go check or leave Ten to his privacy, but decides to go. What if Ten had fallen and needed help?


Ten was actually holding a heavy, thick book and looking guilty. “Sorry— I was trying to get this book off the shelf and I couldn’t quite reach, but it turns out it’s not the one I need anyway.”


“Oh, don’t apologize to me, I just wanted to make sure you were alright,” Taeyong says. Ten flashes a toothy smile.


“How sweet,” he says. “Do you mind putting it back for me? You’re tall.”


“Only a couple inches taller than you,” Taeyong says with an awkward laugh, but takes the book from Ten and reaches up to put it on the shelf. As he stretches his arms up, his sweater rides up to expose a bit of stomach, and he doesn’t have to see Ten to know that he’s looking. 


“Hey, hold on,” Ten says when Taeyong moves to leave. “Can I ask you something?”


Taeyong fidgets from foot to foot. “Sure.”


Ten leans past him to close the door, unintentionally (or intentionally?) backing Taeyong up against it. “Is it true you sleep with all the guys in the house?”


Taeyong opens his mouth wordlessly, heat flushing to his cheeks. “Well. Not all of them” - yet , he thinks - “but… in theory, yeah. It’s part of the job.”


“Hmm. What about Jaehyun?” Ten asks playfully, but despite his light tone Taeyong still freezes with fear.


“N-no, of course not! He wouldn’t do that — I wouldn’t do that.”


Ten rolls his eyes. “Oh, please. He already told me about you coming onto him.” When he sees the look on Taeyong’s face, he laughs. “Relax, cutie, I’m not mad. Honestly, I was kinda surprised that he didn’t take you up on it.”


“You really trust him that little?” Taeyong laughs nervously, hoping Ten can’t smell the intimidation he knows is rolling off him right now.


“No, he’s very faithful, but I can't imagine it's easy resisting you…” Ten trails off, lightly grazing his fingers over the hem of Taeyong’s sweater. Taeyong swallows involuntarily, and Ten’s eyes darken. Pulling Taeyong down by his sweater, he kisses the other omega forcefully. Taeyong is taken by surprise, and for a moment he forgets that Ten is an omega and just 

submits, leaning into the kiss and opening his mouth easily. Ten smirks against his lips, standing up on his tiptoes so he can kiss him deeper, sliding his hands up under Taeyong’s sweater.


Taeyong shivers when Ten’s warm hands feel up his stomach, then his chest, rubbing over his nipples till they stand to attention. His pussy’s already beginning to throb and Ten’s sharp nose picks up on it, nudging Taeyong’s legs apart and slotting his thigh in between them.


“You smell good,” Ten sighs, kissing and nosing down Taeyong’s jaw. “Bet you taste like candy. God, I’ve missed pussy.”


The comments cuts through Taeyong’s haze of lust and reminds him that, yes, Ten is in a relationship. With an alpha. Whom Taeyong works for. This is wrong on so many levels. But the way Ten’s grinding his thigh into Taeyong’s crotch just feels so damn right.


Still, he at least tries to be a good person. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” he manages to squeak out between the kisses Ten’s pressing to his neck.


Ten pulls back and halts his grinding, to Taeyong’s disappointment. “You want to stop?”


“Well … no,” Taeyong admits. “But Jaehyun…”


“Don’t worry about him,” Ten assures, stroking Taeyong’s face. “Let me eat you out.”


“Right here?” Taeyong half-laughs. How is he supposed to not worry about Jaehyun if they’re in his room?


“Well, not right here,” Ten says, hooking a finger in Taeyong’s belt loop and dragging him towards the bed.


Taeyong caves easily, letting Ten push him down on the bed and kiss him again, more tongue than lips. He realizes that he can smell Ten too, his usual tart citrus scent even sweeter and more pronounced. It doesn’t have the physical effect on him that alpha pheromones do, but to his surprise he finds himself just as turned on by it, the delicious smell making his mouth water.


Ten barely shoves Taeyong’s pants down to his thighs before getting his mouth on his pussy, spreading his lips with his thumbs and lapping up the slick leaking from his hole. Taeyong’s breath stutters when Ten immediately thrusts his tongue inside too, moaning at how concentrated the taste is from the source.


“So sweet,” Ten sighs, pressing light kisses to Taeyong’s clit. “I knew you would be.”


Taeyong blushes at the thought that Ten’s been thinking about this for a while, enough to fantasize about how he tastes. He tries to spread his legs further, but the pants around his thighs keep him from doing so. Ten seems to like it that way, holding Taeyong’s hips down firmly as he eats him out slowly, luxuriously, like he’s enjoying a four course meal. Taeyong can just feel how much he’s leaking; the slow, drawn-out pleasure is intoxicating, and he feels like he can’t get enough.


However, he’s soon rudely interrupted by the sound of a door opening. Taeyong’s so lost in lust that it takes a second to fully register the sight of Jaehyun standing in the doorway. Then, he freezes, thighs clamping around Ten’s head.


Ten just lifts his face from Taeyong’s pussy and looks back at Jaehyun, his mouth and chin gleaming with slick. “You’re late.”


“Hi to you too,” Jaehyun laughs, closing the door with his hip. “Hey, Taeyong.”


Taeyong opens his mouth slightly, unsure what to do. Ten suddenly drags his tongue up his slit roughly, making him gasp, and then he clamps a hand over his mouth in embarrassment.


“I told you, if you wouldn’t fuck him, I would,” Ten says with a shrug.


“I didn’t doubt you for a second, honey,” Jaehyun says, gazing appreciatively at the sight of Ten between Taeyong’s legs. “Can I join you?”


“Hmmm.” Ten flicks Taeyong’s clit a few times before answering. “No. You can sit over there.”


To Taeyong’s amazement, Jaehyun goes and sits in the desk chair without a single word of argument. It’s kind of stupidly hot, watching Ten boss around his big alpha boyfriend like an obedient little puppy. 


Ten must sense Taeyong’s disbelief, and he giggles, “don’t worry, he likes to watch.” Then he pulls Taeyong’s pants all the way off before diving back into his pussy, eating him out enthusiastically and messily. 


Taeyong spreads his legs eagerly, moaning as Ten gets more access to his sensitive hole. He’s hyper aware of Jaehyun watching them, still and silent with both his arms by his side, even as Taeyong can smell him getting more and more aroused. They lock eyes for a moment, and Jaehyun’s gaze is dark and intense as he subconsciously licks his lips. 


Ten lands a sharp slap on Taeyong’s pussy, making him cry out in surprise. “Are you bored or something?” Ten asks, licking soothingly over his clit. “Is he doing something more interesting over there?”


“N-no, sorry,” Taeyong stutters, redirecting his eyes. He has to admit, the view is stunning: Ten’s hair is messy from Taeyong’s grip, his eyes hooded and lusty as he gazes up at Taeyong like a predator assessing his prey. His lips look so pretty all glossed up with slick, and as Taeyong watches he flicks out his pink tongue to tease just below his clit. 


“Oh, shit,” Taeyong chokes out, his feet digging into the mattress as sparks of pleasure burst in his stomach. Ten’s skilled mouth and Jaehyun’s presence are making him unbearably horny, and he feels like he’ll die if he doesn’t get fucked soon. 


Thankfully, Ten seems to understand him. He runs two of his fingers between Taeyong’s folds, getting them wet and making the omega squirm, before finally plunging them into Taeyong's pussy. 


“Oh, he’s so tight,” Ten murmurs to Jaehyun, over the sound of Taeyong’s gasp. “Bet you’re jealous you can’t fuck him, right?”


“Right,” Jaehyun confirms, his voice low and gravelly now. He leans forward to get a better look, and Ten spreads Taeyong’s legs wide to show him the way Taeyong's puffy pussy swallows up his fingers. 


“You wouldn’t last five minutes,” Ten mocks him, and Taeyong’s face burns. Even though Taeyong knows Ten’s just trying to get a rise out of the alpha, his pussy drools at the thought of Jaehyun being unable to stop from busting inside him. 


“Oh, you're gonna remember saying that later when I fuck you till you can’t walk,” Jaehyun growls, and Taeyong can feel his body responding to the threat in the alpha’s voice, baring his neck in submission. 


This makes Ten laugh in delight. “Aw, look. You’re such a little bitch, aren’t you? You’d bend over right now if he asked you to.”


Jaehyun laughs. “Would you, Taeyongie?”


“Yeah, fuck,” Taeyong moans, unable to feel ashamed when Ten is fucking him slow and deep with his fingers. “A-anything you want, alpha.”


“What about me, babe?” Ten prompts, scissoring his fingers in a way that has Taeyong gripping the sheets. “Would you let me do what I want with you?”


Taeyong can only nod, whimpering and arching his back when Ten thrusts a third finger inside him. 


“Well, what I want to do is — ugh, I hate when alphas say this but honestly, I really want to breed you nice and deep.” To accentuate his words, he twists his fingers deep inside Taeyong, making him wail. “But since I can’t do that, how does making you come on my fingers sound?”


“Good, so good,” Taeyong babbles. Honestly, he knows it's not going to be long now, not with how he feels like he’s drowning in both Ten’s and Jaehyun’s scents. The zesty citrus mingles beautifully with Jaehyun’s comforting leather-and-pine scent, and although Taeyong’s immune to his own scent, he’s sure it's probably the strongest in the room right now. The insides of his thighs are wet with his own juices as well as Ten’s excessive saliva, and with a curl of arousal he realizes Ten’s getting so sloppy because he’s rutting against the mattress himself. 


“Ten,” Taeyong whimpers, thighs squeezing shut automatically as waves of pleasure keep wracking him. Ten forces his legs apart, leaning back to watch as his fingers thrust relentlessly in and out of Taeyong. Jaehyun hums with approval at the view, and Taeyong’s pussy clenches at the low, throaty sound. 


“Come on, baby,” Ten purrs, rubbing Taeyong’s clit with his other hand. “Show alpha how pretty you look when you come.”


That’s what pushes Taeyong over the edge: the need to preen and present for his alpha, although his body doesn’t really know if that’s Ten or Jaehyun. He squirts around Ten’s fingers in a way he’s only done on alpha’s cocks, not on his own fingers or even his toys. Ten and Jaehyun’s praise fill his ears as he comes mind-numbingly hard — pretty baby and sweet kitty and good little bitch , all making the pleasure even more intense. He cries out and writhes, Ten holding his hips down and fucking him hard until his pussy’s vice grip releases and he melts back into the sheets. 


“God,” Ten says reverently, pulling his fingers slowly out of Taeyong and watching his cum web between his fingers and drip down his wrist. Ten holds his hand out, motioning with his fingers, and Taeyong watches as Jaehyun eagerly kneels in front of the bed and sucks Ten’s fingers clean. Jaehyun groans when Taeyong’s sweet taste hits his tongue, and Taeyong's pussy dribbles pathetically at the way his alpha scent intensifies. 


“You must be soaking through your panties,” Jaehyun murmurs around Ten’s fingers, palming Ten’s crotch through his pants. “Let me help.”


Ten hums and lifts his hips helpfully as Jaehyun unbuttons his pants. “What do you think, Taeyong?” Ten asks, looking at the other omega. “Should I let him?”


Taeyong nods eagerly, unable to tear his eyes away as Jaehyun takes Ten’s panties off too. He was right; they’re wet all over, the smell making Taeyong salivate, and his clit is clearly hard and aching. Still, when Jaehyun moves his head, Ten yanks him back by the hair. 


“No, lie down,” Ten instructs. “I’m gonna ride your face, and maybe if you ask Taeyong nicely he'll suck you off.”


Jaehyun scrambles to lie down, looking imploringly at Taeyong. “Please?”


“God, yeah, of course,” Taeyong breathes, eager to get his hands on the promising bulge in Jaehyun’s pants. 


“Good boy,” Ten says, kneeling over Jaehyun’s head. “What do you say to us both?”


“Thank you,” Jaehyun sighs dreamily, groaning when Ten rewards him by sitting on his face. His hands immediately fly up to grab Ten’s hips, holding the omega in place as he thrusts his tongue in his hole. Taeyong would love to just sit back and watch Ten ride Jaehyun’s face, looking so pretty as he rolls his hips and moans wantonly. However, the need to get his mouth on Jaehyun’s dick wins out, so he reluctantly tears his eyes away and gets to work on Jaehyun’s pants.


He can’t help but gasp in admiration when he frees Jaehyun’s cock from his boxers. It slaps up against his stomach, rock hard and angry-looking, and thick enough to make his mouth water. The head is flushed and already wet with precum, and Taeyong immediately sucks it into his mouth, moaning at the concentrated alpha taste. Jaehyun’s grunt is muffled by Ten’s pussy, and the alpha is unable to stop from fucking his neglected cock into the wet warmth of Taeyong’s mouth. Taeyong instinctively relaxes his throat, sucking and bobbing his head noisily.


“Fuck, that’s hot,” comes Ten’s breathy voice, and Taeyong realizes he’s looking over his shoulder to watch Taeyong. Wanting to put on a show, Taeyong sucks the entire length of Jaehyun’s cock into his mouth, swallowing hard around the head. Ten and Jaehyun groan in unison, the omega rutting his hips harder against Jaehyun’s face.


“Taeyongie, hold on,” Ten commands, gripping the headboard to steady himself. “I’m — fuck — I’m close, and he doesn’t get to cum before I do.”


Taeyong whines, very much enjoying having Jaehyun’s dick in his throat, but he does as he’s told. He replaces his mouth with his hand, fisting Jaehyun’s slick cock with slow, tight strokes. Jaehyun redoubles his efforts to get Ten to cum, working his jaw furiously as Ten rides his tongue and reaching up to toy with the omega’s nipples.


“Oh, Jae,” Ten half-sobs, the neediest Taeyong’s heard him yet. “That’s right, baby, keep going…”


Ten trails off into gasps and moans, and it doesn’t take long before his taut body freezes up atop Jaehyun, his hips still rocking furiously and his knuckles turning white around the headboard. Jaehyun’s cock throbs wildly in Taeyong’s hand, and he continues sucking and licking Ten through his orgasm until the omega finally moves off him.


“Good job,” Ten murmurs, his voice thick and satisfied. He caresses Jaehyun’s face gently, collecting his own slick onto his fingers. He raises them to his own lips, then thinks about it and instead reaches out to Taeyong. The other omega accepts the fingers eagerly, swirling his tongue thoroughly around them until he’s had every last drop of Ten’s tangy slick.


Taeyong’s still very aware of Jaehyun, lying there patiently even though his dick could cut diamonds, so when Ten’s fingers slip out of his mouth he assumes his position back in between Jaehyun’s legs. He feels a thrill in his stomach when Ten joins him, licking a stripe up Jaehyun’s dick while Taeyong holds it. Jaehyun grunts and thrusts into Taeyong’s fist, sitting up on his elbows to watch.


Taeyong leans his head forward and kisses Ten messily, their tongues rubbing over one another and the head of Jaehyun’s cock. Jaehyun continues thrusting his cock up between them, both their lips and tongues sliding wetly up and down his shaft, and it’s just all so fucking erotic to Taeyong. He grinds his sensitive clit against the mattress desperately, mouthing along Jaehyun’s dick as Ten sucks on the tip like a lollipop.


“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” Jaehyun gasps, fisting his hands in the sheets.


“Already?” Ten taunts with a swipe of his tongue, as if he hasn’t been edging Jaehyun for the better part of an hour now.


“You’re such a menace,” Jaehyun groans, gripping onto Ten’s hair. “Fuck, you’re so hot, both of you.”


Ten preens, kissing Jaehyun’s dick and then Taeyong’s lips. “You want his cum, Taeyongie?”


Taeyong nods enthusiastically, opening his mouth and letting Jaehyun’s cock rest on his tongue. Ten grips the base firmly, jerking the thick shaft hard and fast until Jaehyun’s coming with a loud, deep groan, his whole body trembling. Taeyong’s eyes close in pleasure as he feels spurt after spurt of thick cum spraying on his tongue, sliding down his throat. He ends up coming again, shivering and rutting against the mattress like a bitch in heat. 


When Jaehyun’s cock stops pulsing and Taeyong’s lapped up the last of his load, Ten swallows him down and gives a few long, hard sucks, like he’s trying to fully drain him. Taeyong admires the sight in his post-orgasm haze; Ten’s lips and cheekbones are so pretty with a cock stretching his jaw open, and the concentration in his eyes is both adorable and hot.


Eventually Jaehyun paws at Ten’s head to get him to stop, his dick softening and jerking with overstimulation. Ten pulls off with a lewd pop and rests his head on Jaehyun’s thigh, looking up at the alpha in what can only be described as pure adoration. Jaehyun smiles back fondly, ruffling Ten’s hair.


At that precise moment, Taeyong hears the familiar beep of the oven. He jumps up immediately, even though his legs are wobbly, and starts re-dressing.


“Oh, leaving so soon?” Ten asks, fixing Taeyong with those lethal cat eyes.


“Yeah, unless you don’t want dinner,” Taeyong says with a small laugh, pulling his pants back up. It’s true, he’d been preheating the oven and now he has to put the lasagna in, but he also doesn’t want to intrude on their tender post-coital moment.


“Oh no, I’m starving,” Jaehyun says immediately, stretching out. “Thanks, Yongie.”


“Of course,” Taeyong chirps, leaving them be and shutting the door behind him. 


As he’s taking his oven mitts off after placing the lasagna in the oven, he feels a familiar pair of arms wrap around his waist from behind. He used to jump like a rabbit the first few times, but now he’s gotten used to smelling Johnny enter the room before he sees or feels him.


“Mm, you smell different,” Johnny says, nosing at Taeyong’s neck. “Is that Jaehyun?”


“And Ten,” Taeyong admits, and Johnny’s arms tighten around him.


“Hot,” he murmurs, moving his lips up to Taeyong’s sensitive earlobes. “Up for round 2 with me?”


Taeyong’s pussy pulses, reminding him of the fact that he hasn’t had a cock inside him today. Yet. “Absolutely,” he says, tilting his neck to give Johnny’s lips more access. “Can you be done in half an hour, though? I just put dinner in.”


“I love a challenge,” Johnny grins in response, lifting up a giggling Taeyong bridal-style and carrying him up to his room.


God, this job is the fucking best.