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01. vibrator ◽ Jungkook/Taehyung ◽ 2.2k ◽ office AU
As soon as Kim Taehyung walks into work, Jungkook suspects that something is off.
summary: Taehyung wears a vibrating plug to work and Jungkook finds the remote.
tags: vibrator, sex toys under clothing, semi-public sex

02. somnophilia ◽ Jin/Jungkook ◽ 1.5k ◽ canon, est. relationship

"Hyung," Jungkook says. Seokjin swallows, familiar heat stirring low in his belly. He already knows what Jungkook will ask, already knows he's going to say yes.
summary: Jungkook earnestly campaigns for Jin to do sexual things to him while he's asleep.
tags: consensual somnophilia, buttplug, oral, anal with bottom!JK

03. massage ◽ Jimin/Namjoon ◽ 1.3k ◽ canon

"This might hurt," Jimin says with a look in his eyes Namjoon doesn't entirely trust.
summary: Namjoon has sore muscles and Jimin wants to help.
tags: thigh massage, mild pain kink, semi-public handjob

04. cockwarming ◽ Namjoon/Taehyung ◽ 1.4k ◽ canon, est. relationship

Taehyung smiles, shy and sweet, and says, "I really want to sit on your lap, hyung."
summary: Taehyung goes to Namjoon for comfort.
tags: cockwarming, buttplug, anal with bottom!Tae, references to Vmin

05. sexting ◽ Jimin/Yoongi ◽ 1.6k ◽ canon

Jimin: that is not a normal response to receiving a dick pic you didn't ask for
summary: Jimin 'accidentally' sends a dick pic to Yoongi and their horny curiosity gets the best of them.
tags: sexting/dirty talk, masturbation

06. hybrids ◽ Jungkook/Taehyung ◽ 4.3k ◽ college AU

"You don't have to pretend if I make you nervous, bun," Taehyung says in a low voice.
summary: Bunny hybrid Jungkook meets tiger hybrid Taehyung for the first time & can't stop thinking about him.
tags: predator/prey, mild fear kink, scent kink, breeding kink, first time, anal with bottom!Tae

07. voyeurism ◽ Hoseok/Namjoon/Yoongi ◽ 2.5k ◽ canon

"You said you miss having your dick sucked, hyung said he's happy to do it, and I want to watch. Everyone wins!"
summary: Yoongi offers to suck Namjoon's dick & Hoseok wants to watch.
tags: oral, handjobs, references to OT7 fooling around

08. spanking ◽ Jimin/Jungkook ◽ 4.1k ◽ canon

"You're taking too long," Jimin complains, and Jungkook brings his hand down with a dull smack over the curve of Jimin's ass.
summary: Jungkook accidentally finds out about Jimin's spanking kink.
tags: otk spanking, frottage/grinding

09. cuckolding ◽ Jin/Jungkook/Namjoon ◽ 3.8k ◽ a/b/o AU

"Mmm, just don't bite," Seokjin tells him, and something inside Namjoon burns when Seokjin meets his gaze over Jungkook's shoulder.
summary: Jin invites Jungkook over to fuck him in front of his mate, & Namjin get attached to him.
tags: cucking, dirty talk, oral, knotting, anal with bottom!Jin

10. foot fetish ◽ Jimin/Taehyung ◽ 2.7k ◽ canon, est. relationship

There's something Taehyung wants to ask for, but Jimin hasn't figured out what it is yet.
summary: Jimin gives Taehyung a foot massage & then they try something new with Jimin's feet.
tags: massage, footjob (JM's feet on Tae's dick)

11. free use ◽ Jimin/Jungkook/Taehyung/Yoongi ◽ 5.1k ◽ maid cafe AU

"Yoongi-hyung," Taehyung says in his own deep voice, eyes glittering, his grin wide on his face. "We brought you a present."
summary: Established kinky throuple Vminkook go visit maid cafe sex worker Yoongi & introduce Jungkook to him.
tags: crossdressing, public sex, buttplug, barebacking/comeplay, oral, dirty talk (some degradation/objectification), anal with bottom!YG

12. lactation kink ◽ Jimin/Jin ◽ 3k ◽ canon

"It doesn't," Seokjin says, cutting him off, swallowing when his voice comes out a little rough. "It doesn't gross me out at all."
summary: Jimin finds his nipples leaking milk unexpectedly and Jin wants to help.
tags: trans man JM, nipple play, sucking/drinking, grinding

13. tickling ◽ Hoseok/Taehyung ◽ 2.7k ◽ canon

"It's just like our Taehyungie to suddenly get off on tickling, isn't it?" Taehyung is blushing, but Hoseok's words aren't mean. Aren't even wrong, really.
summary: Taehyung wants to prove he isn't turned on by tickling & it doesn't go as planned.
tags: tickling, some situational humiliation, tiny bit of foot fetish & nipple play

14. multiple orgasms ◽ Jimin/Jungkook ◽ 2.6k ◽ canon

Why didn't I try this sooner, Jungkook thinks, dazed, his whole body tingling after his second orgasm.
summary: Jimin walks in on Jungkook and concern & curiosity make him stay.
tags: masturbation, mild humiliation, sex toy (bottom!JK), prostate massage, dry orgasms, overstimulation, handjob, crying

15. pegging ◽ Taehyung/Yoonji ◽ 2.2k ◽ AU, est. relationship

"Noona..." Taehyung mutters, taking her hint and rubbing her feet, finally lifting his head to meet her eyes. "Do I have to ask?"
summary: Yoonji takes care of Taehyung the way he wants and really enjoys herself too.
tags: cis woman Yoonji, school uniform roleplay, oral, anal with bottom!Tae

16. marking ◽ Jimin/Jungkook/Taehyung ◽ 5.8k ◽ magic AU

"Ah." Jungkook smiles, and exchanges a look with Taehyung, tilting his head. "You've never been claimed by any monsters before, have you?"
summary: Witch Jimin unknowingly inherits two friendly swamp monsters when he moves to a new cottage.
tags: light predator/prey, groping/marking, outdoor sex, anal with bottom!JM, comeplay but with magic swamp ooze

17. size difference ◽ Namjoon/Yoongi ◽ 3.9k ◽ canon

"The sexual tension lately... It's hard to be around you two."
summary: Yoongi starts to notice how buff Namjoon has gotten & Namjoon notices that Yoongi's been lookin'.
tags: awkwardness, size kink, oral, anal with bottom!Joon

18. pet play ◽ Jimin/Taehyung ◽ 3.8k ◽ AU, est. relationship

"You're my good boy, aren't you?" Jimin asks, reaching down to pet through Taehyung's long hair, curly and soft.
summary: Jimin and Taehyung try out a scene with some steamy owner/pet roleplay.
tags: pet names, tail plug, collar & leash, subspace/puppyspace, humping, rimming, anal with bottom!JM

19. watersports ◽ Jungkook/Yoongi ◽ 7.2k ◽ werewolf AU, est. relationship

Jungkook bites at his lip, shoves his hands into his hoodie pocket and then says,"I guess I was just wondering if you wanted to pee on me."
summary: Jungkook wants to try something new and a little unconventional with his werewolf boyfriend.
tags: piss play, comeplay, marking, rut, dirty talk, outdoor sex, knotting, anal with bottom!JK

20. temperature play ◽ Hoseok/Jungkook ◽ 5.8k ◽ canon

Hoseok walks into the kitchen, sees Jungkook holding his shirt high up on his chest and touching an ice cube to his nipple, and then walks right back out.
summary: Hoseok helps Jungkook explore his sensitivity.
tags: trans man JK, nipple play, frottage/grinding, ice cubes, showerhead/shower sex, multiple orgasms

21. tentacles ◽ Jin/Taehyung ◽ 5.2k ◽ canon

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says slowly, blinking, "do you... do you want to have sex with my tentacles?"
summary: Taehyung just wants to get to know Jin's tentacles a little better. :(
tags: some silliness, nipple play, oral, anal with bottom!Tae, multiple orgasms, just general sexual touches from tentacles

22. vampire ◽ Jimin/Jungkook ◽ 7.7k ◽ vampire AU

"Are you going to bite me?" Jimin doesn't know why his voice comes out so breathy, so soft. He doesn't want that, right?
summary: Childhood friends Jikook meet again years later and Jungkook has a secret.
tags: biting + blood sucking, buttplug, dirty talk, mild pain kink, anal with bottom!JM

23. edging ◽ Hoseok/Yoongi ◽ 3.2k ◽ canon

"Your job," Yoongi tells him after breaking the kiss, voice low, eyes heavy, "is to tell me if you're about to come. Okay?"
summary: Lazy morning sex turns into Yoongi and Hoseok exploring a new kink together.
tags: morning sex, oral, orgasm denial, anal with bottom!Hobi

24. sex pollen ◽ Jin/Yoongi ◽ 5.6k ◽ roommate AU

Namjoon gifts Yoongi and Seokjin a little tree for their new apartment, which is such an endearingly Namjoon thing to do that they don't think twice about it.
summary: Mutually pining Yoonjin deal with an aphrodisiac tree and also their feelings.
tags: magic sex trees, puns, multiple orgasms, oral, anal with bottom!Jin

25. squirting ◽ Hoseok/Namjoon ◽ 7.2k ◽ canon

Hoseok's first mistake is watching porn in his studio with headphones on, which he realizes now is never a good idea.
summary: Namjoon walks in on Hoseok watching porn and some Bad Ideas actually turn out to be Good Ideas.
tags: trans man Hobi, multiple orgasms, fingering, oral, genital slapping (nothing extreme), PIV with bottom!Hobi, anal play

26. daddy kink ◽ Jimin/Jin/Jungkook ◽ 7k ◽ AU

"Jin-hyung. Of course I'm concerned when you call me up in the middle of the afternoon to tell me you've decided to become a sugar daddy."
summary: CEO Jin becomes a sugar daddy for Jikook, who are a couple of sexy troublemakers.
tags: dirty talk/pet names (including 'daddy'), oral, anal with bottom JM + Jin.

27. hair-pulling ◽ Jungkook/Namjoon ◽ 6.4k ◽ canon

"Jungkook has been in love with you since day one, so if you think you pulling his hair tapped into his pain kink, then yeah, you're probably right."
summary: Namjoon accidentally discovers Jungkook likes having his hair pulled and it leads to some Thoughts and Feelings.
tags: mutual pining, mild pain play (mostly hair-pulling, some biting/grabbing), head massages, shower sex/frottage

28. crossdressing ◽ Hoseok/Jin ◽ 4.1k ◽ retro country club AU

For the first couple of weeks Seokjin doesn't know his name, so in his head he just refers to him as Tennis Shorts.
summary: Jin sets out to seduce the new tennis-playing hottie and is met with a few surprises.
tags: shameless flirting, making out, semi-public sex, oral, anal with bottom!Hobi

29. forced submission ◽ Jin/Namjoon ◽ 5.7k ◽ canon a/b/o

"Kim Namjoon. Do you... really think alphas only establish a hierarchy amongst themselves by fucking each other into submission?"
summary: Namjoon has some unconventional desires and Jin is willing to explore them with him.
tags: alpha/alpha sex, dominance/submission play, wrestling, biting, mild name-calling, anal with bottom!Joon

30. autofellatio ◽ Hoseok/Jimin ◽ 4.4k ◽ canon

"Hyung," Jungkook says in that blunt tone he has, "have you ever tried sucking your own dick?"
summary: Jungkook puts an idea in Jimin's head that Hobi is delighted to help him try.
tags: oral, dirty talk/pet names, anal beads, self-sucking (JM), anal with bottom!JM

31. orgy ◽ OT7 ◽ 9k ◽ canon

This is... a different sort of healing that Taehyung has in mind now. A riskier one, maybe.
summary: Taehyung decides that group bonding & healing can take the form of an orgy and he's absolutely right.
tags: oral, anal, barebacking, praise, nipple play, dirty talk, crying, intercrural sex

Chapter Text

As soon as Kim Taehyung walks into work, Jungkook suspects that something is off.

Jungkook's been keeping an eye on Taehyung since he started at the office a month after Jungkook started, hired into the same department, cubicle conveniently on the other side of Jungkook's. From what Jungkook knows they're equally matched in skill, and honestly, Taehyung is easy to work with. It just so happens he also has a certain charm that people are drawn to.

It's not a rivalry, exactly, because they get along well enough and Taehyung seems too nice of a person to hold grudges anyway. But Jungkook can't shake the petty feeling that handsome-new-hire-Taehyung gets most of the attention now — especially from men, who seem easily charmed by him — while Jungkook's hard work is overlooked. It's not something Jungkook is proud of, and the way he's aware of everything Taehyung does is maybe borderline creepy.

It's a personal problem Jungkook is working on. It's definitely not a crush.

So as much time as Jungkook has spent watching Taehyung, he can tell the moment that something is going on.

Taehyung spends the morning looking flushed, not from the cold weather outside but very specifically a blush high in his cheeks, and he can't stop biting at his lip, exhaling shakily through his nose. He doesn't even greet Jungkook like he usually does every day before gingerly sitting down in his desk chair.

Jungkook's first worry is that someone said something to him, maybe one of the higher-ups who can be overly 'friendly' with young men in the company, as Jimin warned Jungkook about when he first started. One-sided rivalry or not, the idea of anyone bothering Taehyung enough to affect him all day makes Jungkook's blood boil.

Jungkook opens his mouth to ask Taehyung if he's really okay when Jimin stops by at Taehyung's desk, giving Jungkook a small wave and then leaning in close to speak with Taehyung.

"Your text kind of worried me, what's up?"

Taehyung shushes Jimin, and both of them start whispering, almost too low to overhear. "I wore it to work today, I—I just wanted to see what it's like, but I lost the remote."

"Oh fuck, really? Taehyung-ah!" Jimin hisses. "This is bad."

"I know," Taehyung whines. "Trust me, I know."

"So it's on...?"

"I had it on low." Jungkook keeps eavesdropping, but he gets more confused the longer he listens without any context for what they're talking about.

"You can't take it out?"

"I don't have anywhere to put it, and since it's still on, it's— someone would hear."

"This is such a disaster, I'm sorry for laughing," Jimin says, voice muffled like his hand is covering his mouth. "Poor Taehyungie."

"Ah, this is what I get for being adventurous," he groans. "Oh, that meeting is soon, I still have to—"

"Yeah, sorry, talk to you later. Fighting!" Jimin says right before he leaves, giving Jungkook another wave. Jimin doesn't seem to notice Jungkook has completely failed to look like he wasn't just eavesdropping on their conversation.

There's a groaning sound from Taehyung's desk, and then a hiss after his desk chair squeaks, like he hurt himself just by shifting in his chair.

Okay, what the fuck is going on, Jungkook thinks. At least Taehyung wasn't being harassed earlier, but what is he wearing that would require a remote? Earbuds, maybe? But— why would he sound so miserable about that?

Jungkook grabs his stuff for their meeting and tries to ignore the nagging questions on his mind, tries to pretend he isn't staring when Taehyung awkwardly passes by him. On his way to the conference room he catches sight of a small, black piece of plastic on the floor, similar in size to a USB drive. He picks it up and something in his brain clicks at the + and - buttons, obviously a remote, but something about the sleek look of it... Jungkook thinks he might now have an idea of what Taehyung is wearing.

His face heats slightly, imagining it, imagining good-boy-Taehyung doing something so dirty, and at work. It's so unlike what Jungkook knows about him. But— what else could it be? Everything Jimin and Taehyung said earlier fits.

An idea pops into his head, a very simple way to satisfy his curiosity, but Jungkook can't be that cruel, can he? Maybe... maybe he'll just do this as a test. He thinks anyone else who would've found this remote would already have hit some buttons, but with his suspicions, Jungkook now has reason to be cautious. 

Jungkook sits next to Taehyung at the conference table and is extra polite in greeting him, something warm settling in his chest when he even gets a genuine smile from Taehyung out of it.

He's not going to be cruel, he's just going to wait until everyone is distracted and then watch to see if Taehyung reacts when he uses the remote.

Truthfully, Jungkook isn't sure if he's hoping his suspicions are correct or not.

Jungkook waits until they're nearing the end of the meeting, when partners are being assigned for team projects, and hits the + button on the remote.

The reaction is immediate. Taehyung sucks in a sharp breath, eyes going wide, his whole body rigid in his chair. His lips part in surprise, but no sound comes out.

Holy fuck. He really might be wearing some kind of vibrator.

Jungkook turns it off — he's not that much of an asshole when Taehyung is unaware of what he's doing — and quickly looks down at his meeting notes when Taehyung glances around the room, probably trying to see if someone nearby has found the remote.

It feels like fate when, just before the meeting ends, they're both assigned as project partners. Taehyung gives him a shaky smile, and Jungkook ducks his head and licks his lips.

"Taehyung-ssi, can I talk to you for a minute? Privately?" Jungkook asks after the meeting lets out. Taehyung's eyebrows furrow but he nods, following Jungkook.

"Sure. And you know you can call me hyung. You call Jimin hyung," he points out.

"Ah, yeah, well." Jungkook leads them to the supply closet far down the hall, motioning for Taehyung to go inside even though he's clearly confused. It's spacious enough for a few people, but it's also somewhere that, towards the end of the work day, they're not likely to be walked in on.

"You're not going to beat me up, are you?" Taehyung asks nervously once they're inside, and Jungkook blinks.

"No, what?"

"Well you're just— really strong," Taehyung says with a short laugh. "I don't know, why else would we be hidden away like this? What's up?"

"Hyung," Jungkook tries, watching Taehyung's eyes widen at the use of the honorific. "I know." He pulls the remote out of his pocket and holds it out for Taehyung to see.

Taehyung glances down and his face goes slack in shock. "It was you?!"

"You're not even going to try to deny it?"

Taehyung laughs, leaning back against the wall. "I know you're not stupid, and actually... I'm kind of glad it's you and not someone else." Something flashes in Taehyung's eyes when he says that, something that makes Jungkook's stomach flip. "How long have you...?"

"I heard you and Jimin talking, and then found it on my way to the meeting."

Even under the dim closet lighting Jungkook can see Taehyung's blush. "So during the meeting—"

"I just wanted to confirm what I suspected! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—"

"No, it's okay."

Jungkook freezes. "How is that okay?"

"I mean, I would be curious too. I would've done the same." Taehyung isn't meeting Jungkook's eyes now, and Jungkook realizes Taehyung has been holding his memo pad in front of himself this whole time, blocking the front of his pants from view.

"Hyung," Jungkook says in a low voice.

"Jungkookie?" Taehyung replies lightly, until he notices the dark expression on Jungkook's face. 

"Hyung, are... are you hard?"

Taehyung immediately turns his head, biting his lip. "Why would you ask that? What do you think?"

"I think it's a little weird you haven't asked for the remote back yet."

Jungkook is starting to think maybe Taehyung is still a Good Boy after all, but just has trouble asking for the dirty things he wants. Jungkook hopes he isn't imagining the interest in Taehyung's warm gaze when he asks him, "Were you hoping I would still play around with the remote before you got it back?"


"Tell me." Jungkook takes a step closer. Part of him wishes he could hear the vibrator that's been inside Taehyung this whole time. Part of him burns with desire thinking about how Taehyung has been holding a conversation with him while hard, while having some toy filling him, pulsing against his prostate. "Tell me that's what you want, or I'll go leave the remote on your desk right now and never bother you about it again."

"I want you to control it," Taehyung finally breathes out, and heat rushes through Jungkook just as he presses the + button twice.

Taehyung gasps and quickly slaps a hand over his own mouth, muffling the moan that follows, his head tipping back to hit the wall behind him. His whole body is shaking, hips arching into the memo pad, eyes squeezed shut.

It's the hottest fucking thing Jungkook has ever seen in his life.

"Too much?" Jungkook asks, moving close enough to whisper, watching Taehyung force his eyes open and shake his head.

"No, it's—" Taehyung cuts off, face scrunching up, a soft ahh leaving his lips. "You really want to know? I'm so sensitive from wearing it all day, it feels— like getting fucked."

"It's up against your prostate?" Jungkook can't believe he's asking Taehyung these things, and at work, but Taehyung just nods, looks so pretty even as he starts to sweat.

"I'm going to come, Jungkook I'm going to fucking come—"

Jungkook grabs the memo pad away from Taehyung and drops it to the floor.

Taehyung's dick is tenting his pants, the size of him as impressive as it is obscene. There's even a wet spot high up where he's already leaked through his underwear (if he's wearing any), and Jungkook swears, watches Taehyung whine and arch his hips as his cock jerks beneath his clothes.

"Can I—"

"Please, touch me," Taehyung begs, beautiful sweet Taehyung, now looking so wrecked he can barely stand. 

Jungkook covers the shape of Taehyung's cock with his hand, starts to stroke him through his pants, all while the vibrator is still thrumming strong inside Taehyung. Jungkook is standing close enough now that Taehyung grabs at his shoulders and buries his face against Jungkook's neck while Jungkook jerks him off.

The high little moans, so much higher than Taehyung's speaking voice, are muffled against Jungkook's skin when Taehyung starts to come, shaking badly, hips jerking forward and back. Jungkook rubs him through it, lets Taehyung ride it out until he's begging, "No more, I can't, ah, please turn it off—"

Jungkook turns it off and slips the remote into Taehyung's pocket, pulling him close by his waist, rubbing his back as he comes down from what had to have been an intense orgasm. Jungkook's own cock aches just from watching Taehyung come so hard.

Taehyung is still shaking, breathing unsteady and eyes unfocused, but he makes the sweetest sounds as he nuzzles Jungkook's neck.

"Feel better now?"

"Mmhm. Jungkookie, I'm sorry. I never really asked if you even wanted to—"

"Hyung," Jungkook says in a strained voice, hands stilling on Taehyung's back. "You can't tell me you don't feel how hard I am right now. Because of you."

"Oh," Taehyung says softly.

"The remote is in your pocket now, just. So you know."


"You should really clean up... Do you want me to drive you home? It's close to five o'clock anyway, I can go grab your coat." Jungkook looks down between them at the wet stain on Taehyung's pants, heat twisting in his belly at the sight of him so ruined. "According to Jimin-hyung you live pretty close to me."

"Jungkook-ah, where is this coming from?" Taehyung asks, tilting his head. He looks worn out, but his eyes are bright. "You're not— I don't know, asking me to suck your dick in return, or just leaving me here..."

"Do—Do you want to suck my dick?" Jungkook asks, voice coming out a little high. "And of course I wouldn't leave you here."

"I'd like to go home now, yeah, but if you're not doing anything, would you like to come over? I feel like we did this backwards, and I'm grateful, like my dick is still throbbing from how hard I came—"

"I'd love to come over," Jungkook interrupts just to get Taehyung to stop talking, heat creeping into his face.


"I'd like to get to know you more," Jungkook admits. "I think maybe— I would have wanted to anyway, with this project, even if you hadn't worn a vibrator to work."

Taehyung laughs, reaching up to touch his hair shyly, like Jungkook isn't already falling for him. "But me too. I'd love to get to know you. And then I absolutely want to suck your dick."

Jungkook chokes out a surprised noise, close to a laugh, and arousal twists low in his belly when Taehyung leans in and whispers, "I'm taking that as an invitation, Kookie."

"Yeah," Jungkook says. "Yeah, that's okay with me."

Chapter Text

"Jungkook-ah, I didn't invite you here to sleep."

Jungkook's eyes are heavy, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth when he says, "You didn't invite me at all, hyung."

"That's true. But you still showed up. You were the one that wanted to fool around an hour ago, and now you want to nap?"

"Showering made me sleepy," Jungkook says with a yawn, stretching out on Seokjin's bed like a lanky cat. "One day you'll actually agree to it, just wait."

Seokjin has a feeling he already knows what Jungkook is referring to, but still asks, "Agree to what?"

"Mmm, sex while I'm asleep. You'll do anything else to me while I'm sleeping, why not that..."

"Every time you bring it up, Kook, you're already half-asleep. It's different. We can fool around tomorrow."

"One day," Jungkook sighs wistfully, eyes sliding shut, and Seokjin feels mildly attacked by the sudden warmth in his chest. Jungkook is adorable. "One day I'll wake up to your mouth on my dick and it'll be awesome."

Okay, Jungkook is sometimes adorable.

"Keep dreaming," Seokjin tells him, kissing his forehead.

Seokjin is not expecting Jungkook to remember this conversation the next day. Jungkook says a lot of weird shit when he's sleepy, and rarely remembers any of it until Taehyung or Jimin show him video proof.

"I want it. I'm serious. I'm— consenting, that's what you need, right?"

Seokjin is strangely flustered by Jungkook's insistence, his ears heating already. "It's not just a game, or something to rush into. You have to be sure you trust me that much, to take care of you and look after you."

"Ah, so serious..." Jungkook mutters, but his following smile is mature in that way it gets sometimes, confident and patient. Seokjin finds it reassuring. "I know. I do trust you that much. I always have."

"And you have to tell me exactly what I'm allowed and not allowed to do."

"Okay. I will. Does this mean we can really try it...?"

Seokjin blinks, then gives Jungkook  his own genuine smile, unable to resist how endearing his excitement is. "After we have that talk, yes. We can try."

"Fuck yes," Jungkook whispers, pumping his fist in the air, and Seokjin laughs.

They have their talk, and then their schedules get busy and sleeping at night actually has to stay just sleeping at night. Jungkook still crawls into Seokjin's bed, still throws a leg over him and mumbles things into the back of his neck like "I kind of want to suck on your dick until I fall asleep" or "Wish I could ask you to fuck me awake tomorrow morning," but Seokjin just huffs out a scandalized laugh and waits for Jungkook to start snoring.

They'll have time to try those things, but sleep is essential, especially with their weird schedules.

A little over a week later, after a long day with the sweet, sweet promise of having the next morning off, Seokjin gets out of the shower to find Jungkook already in his bed.

"Hyung," Jungkook says, voice low, eyes heavy-lidded. Seokjin swallows, familiar heat stirring low in his belly. He already knows what Jungkook is going to ask, already knows he's going to say yes.

"Sleepy, JK?" Seokjin asks.

"I fingered myself in the shower." Jungkook's lying on his stomach, head resting on his folded arms.

"That's nice. Did you come?"

Jungkook shakes his head. His eyes are already closed when he says, "Wanted to wait for you. Please fuck me, Jin-hyung?"

More heat pours into Seokjin's stomach, cock jerking in his sweatpants at the sweet, sleepy way Jungkook asks, at the very thought of it. "Want me to wait until you fall asleep first, Kookie?"

Jungkook squirms, like he's rubbing himself against the bed for friction. Seokjin wonders how hard he is. "Mm, no, you can start now. Wanna fall asleep with you inside."

Seokjin grabs the lube from his drawer and settles onto the bed behind Jungkook, dragging his shorts down his hips.

Jungkook's shirt is actually long enough to cover his ass, something he can sleep in after Seokjin is finished with him (and oh, does he shiver at that thought), so the shorts get tossed off the bed. Seokjin spreads Jungkook's cheeks and feels arousal stir at the sight of his hole shining with lube, already a little swollen. Seokjin hopes Jungkook wasn't too rough with himself in the shower.

"Good boy," Seokjin murmurs, and Jungkook shivers and spreads his legs. His feet are bare, and Seokjin can see the way his toes curl.

Jungkook doesn't make much noise, when Seokjin dips his fingers inside to check how stretched he is, when he pours out more lube and lines himself up. When he presses inside, though, into that clenching slick heat, Jungkook's moan is more of a sigh, soft and high.

Seokjin keeps his thrusts steady and deep, careful not to jolt Jungkook as his moans and whines get quieter, as his breaths start to even out. He really is falling asleep, stuffed full of Seokjin's dick, body relaxing and tightening around him like he's doing it unconsciously.

"That's it, sweetheart, just let me in," Seokjin says in a soft voice, one hand on Jungkook's hip when he leans over Jungkook's back to kiss his shoulder, the back of his neck. 

He knows he could be rougher, now, if he wanted to. That Jungkook might stir but would fall right back into sleep. 

Seokjin is so hard it aches.

Seokjin fucks Jungkook for as long as he can manage, still at that slow, deep pace. He settles on his knees so he can spread Jungkook's ass apart, watch his tight hole open for Seokjin's cock again and again, pliant in sleep except for the occasional mumble and clench of muscle.

It's not edging himself so much as dragging out the sweet pleasure, using Jungkook like a toy as the heat builds until he's too close to hold back without pulling out, and he can't bear to leave the heat of Jungkook's body.

Seokjin buries himself deep when he comes, gasps through his orgasm and rides it out with short, grinding thrusts. Jungkook's body shifts under his, lips pursed into a pout, but otherwise he stays asleep as Seokjin fills him with come.

He slides a plug into place when he pulls out, cleans up some of the lube on Jungkook's skin and then gently pulls a blanket over him.

When Jungkook comes to, groggy and eyes still heavy from sleep, he assumes he's waking from a wet dream until he sees Seokjin down the bed, swollen lips and messy hair, swallowing around his cock.

Jungkook's groan is low, the pleasure a throbbing heat in his gut. His hips buck helplessly into Seokjin's mouth.

"Good morning," Seokjin rasps, reaching down to touch between Jungkook's legs and oh, he put the plug in, that means he really finished, he really filled Jungkook—

"Hyung," Jungkook moans, hips twisting, cock sinking back into the heat of Seokjin's mouth. "Ah, Jin-hyung."

"That's it, come for me, Kookie." Seokjin pulls off, and Jungkook makes a sad little noise in his throat but still shakes with the intensity of his orgasm, spills all over his stomach and hip as Seokjin jerks him off.

Jungkook clenches hard around the plug when he comes, drawing his orgasm out as long as he can. He's still in that sleep-haze where he doesn't want to let the pleasure end.

Seokjin moves up the bed and pinches Jungkook's nipples, plays with them, the overstimulation doing exactly what Jungkook wants it to as he shakes through more waves of rippling pleasure, riding them out until his voice is hoarse and Seokjin is pressing soft kisses to his neck, his jaw.

Seokjin gives him time to shiver and come down from the orgasm, and then asks, "What do you say to your nice hyung who woke up early just to suck your dick?"

"You're gross and I love you," Jungkook says, cackling with laughter when Seokjin starts to tickle him. "Thank you! Thank you best hyung!"

"Quiet, you'll wake the others."

"I don't care."

Seokjin bites his shoulder, just hard enough for Jungkook to feel the sting. "We need to get you cleaned up. Was that okay? Do you remember any of it?"

"Mm, I remember being fucked last night, but like... it's distant. I was hard, and it felt really good, but then I didn't care. Was it okay for you?" Jungkook asks, a hint of worry in his voice, and Seokjin nuzzles him, pets over his chest as Jungkook shivers and twists his hips, the plug still hitting sensitive spots inside of him.

"It was really stupidly hot. Last night, of course, but also when I started sucking your soft dick this morning, you kept whimpering in your sleep, making all these needy noises before you woke up. I'd love to do this again, if you liked it."

"Best hyung," Jungkook says again, his smile interrupted by a yawn. Seokjin kisses his cheek, giving Jungkook a very warm and fond look when he turns his head, and then he's pinching Jungkook's nipple, laughing loudly right next to his ear when Jungkook hisses and whines.

Chapter Text

Jimin thinks he's being sneaky, but he really isn't.

Namjoon finds it cute, though. Finds it endearing when he's doing his exercises in their schedule downtime and Jimin inevitably ends up watching him, sneaking appreciative looks over his phone, gaze lingering when Namjoon does push-ups or squats or stretches his legs.

It's flattering, as it always is when someone in the group comments on his muscles. That little rush of satisfaction he gets from Hoseok squeezing his arm with raised eyebrows, or when Yoongi tells him his chest is getting dangerous and it's as much a complaint as it is a compliment, or when Jungkook literally chokes on his toast when Namjoon takes his shirt off.

But something about Jimin's stare is more... sinister. More intentional than casual appreciation between members.

Not that Namjoon thinks Jimin is, like, actively plotting anything. Probably. But he's seen the memes, the jokes about Jimin falling over his lap or touching his thighs or leaning into Namjoon's side.

He just... wonders, sometimes. What Jimin's really thinking, and if it's more.

So what if Jimin ogles him sometimes, mostly when he's working out? Namjoon decides to accept this as another one of his quirks and move on. If there is something there — and Namjoon wonders, would he really mind if there was? — Jimin clearly isn't going to act on it.

Namjoon is a little taken aback, then, when Jimin is the one who comes up to him during a dance practice break and asks, "Is it your leg or your hip?"

Namjoon tilts his head. "Is what my what?"

Jimin smiles patiently. "What's hurting, your leg or your hip? You were moving funny the last run-through."

"Oh, it's my thighs," Namjoon says, somewhat embarrassed, rubbing the back of his neck. "They're sore from working out, it's no big deal."

"You in pain is a big deal, hyung."

"I'll be fine," Namjoon tries to reassure him, but Jimin is already pulling on Namjoon's arm, guiding him to sit down.

"Put your legs out."

"You're not going to—"

"Massage your thighs? Yes, I am."

"But we're in the practice room!" Namjoon hisses, blushing.

Jimin throws his head back and laughs.

"Namjoonie-hyung. What do you think I'm going to do? It's just a thigh massage until you have time to ice your muscles. I'm not going to jump you."

"Sorry, it's just—" Namjoon has no explanation for himself. He just pictures Jimin's hands squeezing his thighs and panics.

"If it isn't helping, I'll leave you alone, okay? Legs out."

Jimin can be a little intimidating when he sets his mind to something, especially if it's to help someone else, so Namjoon obediently stretches his legs in front of him. He leans back on his elbows as Jimin starts to press and squeeze, face lighting up when Namjoon groans.

"Here?" Jimin asks.

Namjoon nods, flushing. It's his inner thigh that's sore, and Jimin seems to have no issue leaning in closer to gently squeeze at the muscle there, watching Namjoon's face for any signs of pain.

"Yah, let me help," Jimin says with a short laugh when Namjoon stares straight ahead, body stiff and awkward. "Why don't you lie back? With your knees up."

Namjoon sighs and listens to Jimin, because he realizes this isn't unusual for members to do for each other, and Jimin's touch is firm, exactly the kind of pressure he knows will relieve the ache in his thighs.

"See? Not so bad," Jimin teases, giving Namjoon a cute little smirk.

"Thanks—" Namjoon starts to say, but then Jimin's hands are high up his thigh, squeezing at what muscle and flesh he can fit under his fingers, and Namjoon has to fight back a surprised moan.

"This might hurt," Jimin says with a look in his eyes Namjoon doesn't entirely trust.

It does hurt. It hurts so good that Namjoon is losing his mind.

"Jimin-ah," Namjoon gasps, the ache in his thighs flaring with each squeeze, then the pain melting away as Jimin massages with careful, firm touches. His hands are magic. Namjoon has been sore all day and now Jimin's small hands are taking the aching muscle pain away like it's nothing.

Namjoon is embarrassed by how affected he is from a simple massage but he can't stop groaning, deep noises pulled from his throat by the squeezing pain and the following euphoric bliss.

"You still with me, hyung?" Jimin asks, laughter in his voice, and Namjoon blinks his eyes open about the same time he realizes he's hard. Has been steadily getting hard, and hadn't realized the pleasure of having sore muscles worked on was translating to pleasure for other parts of his body too.

The sweatpants don't hide much. Jimin, kneeling next to him, follows Namjoon's gaze to the tent in his pants and raises his eyebrows.

"Please don't say it."

"You're not the first—"

"Fuck, this is embarrassing." Namjoon gives a distressed little shout into his hands that makes Jimin laugh.

"It's normal, hyung. Do you want me to distract the others so you can run to the bathroom?"

Right now, Jimin looks more like an angel than a sweaty dongsaeng kneeling on the practice room floor.


"Yeah, just hurry," Jimin says with another giggle, giving Namjoon's thigh a slap.

Namjoon escapes as soon as he can to the thankfully deserted bathroom. There's a dividing wall between the door and the sink, and Namjoon leans back against it, shoves his sweatpants and underwear down to free his cock.

The door opens, and before Namjoon can scramble to get his clothes back up, Jimin's sweet voice asks, "Namjoonie-hyung?"

Namjoon gasps, squeezing his cock. "Jimin, wait—"

Jimin turns the corner, looks Namjoon up and down, and then licks his lips. Namjoon thinks he might pass out.

"There you are. Need a hand?"

"... Ah?"

Jimin's smile reaches his eyes. It is tremendously weird to have his dick out while Jimin is smiling the same way he does when someone in the group does something cute. "I'd offer my mouth but it'd be too obvious to the others."

"Fuck, you're not serious?"

"I can go if this is freaking you out too much," Jimin says after a second, but he's still smiling. "Jungkookie never says no, though."

Heat jolts low in Namjoon's belly. "Yeah, that's, uh, not surprising. Okay, really? Sure. Yes. Please help me, you're really good with your hands."

Jimin steps forward until he's close enough for Namjoon to smell him (his cologne, or deodorant, or whatever it is he's wearing) and takes over for him, jerking him off in tight strokes.

"Are your thighs that sensitive?"

"It was, ah, the pain, actually. The pain and the relief."

"Oh. That's sexy."

"Please," Namjoon groans helplessly, and suddenly Jimin is using both of his hands, making up for where his fingers can barely circle around Namjoon's cock. He spits down between them, makes it wetter, and starts to talk.

"You work so hard, hyung, keeping in shape. No wonder you're sore. I love watching you, but you already know that, don't you?" Jimin says with a laugh. "My favorite fantasy is you scolding me for it. Or picking me up when you fuck me, since I think you have the strength for it. Are you close?"

"Almost, fuck," Namjoon pants. "Faster, Jimin-ah."

"That's it, that's my good Namjoonie."

Something about Jimin saying his name like that, the heat burns, humiliation and arousal twisting together, and it doesn't take Namjoon long to come. Jimin's hands slow, knuckles dripping Namjoon's come, his smile wide and satisfied.

"Good boy. Feel better?"

Namjoon nods. He feels ready to collapse, a little bit. "Thanks. Wow."

"It's okay, this was for me as much as it was for you." Jimin steps away to wash his hands, and somehow that — Jimin casually washing away Namjoon's come like it's nothing — has Namjoon blushing, his softening cock jerking like he could get hard again.

"I'll go out first while you wash your face."

"Okay," Namjoon agrees weakly. He doesn't ask what this is, or why, or how long Jimin's wanted this. He's half afraid of what kind of answers he'd get.

He just hopes Jimin wasn't joking about his fantasies. Holy fuck. Because Namjoon is definitely interested.

Chapter Text

Namjoon is casually gaming at the desk in his bedroom when he hears whispers outside his door. He pauses, waiting, and isn't disappointed when the door finally opens and Taehyung comes stumbling inside.

The door closes and Taehyung straightens up, looking sheepish.

"Hello Taehyung," Namjoon says warmly.

"Ah. Hyung. Hi."

"Jimin pushed you in here, didn't he? Is he not coming in too?"

"I wanted to spend time with you," Taehyung says with a little bit of a pout. "Are you busy?"

"No, not really," Namjoon says. Taehyung is hovering, hands in his pockets, hair messy and lips red like maybe he's been making out with Jimin a little. "Taehyung-ah. What do you need, baby?"

Taehyung smiles, shy and sweet, and says, "I really want to sit on your lap, hyung."

Namjoon sucks in a sharp breath, feels the first jolt of heat. They both know what Taehyung means by that. "Come here."

Taehyung steps closer and Namjoon takes in the sight of him, tall and elegant and effortlessly handsome, even tousled and dressed in his pajamas like this.

"Did Jimin help you get ready?"

"Ah, yeah. Is it obvious?"

"Mm, no, your lips just look kind of bitten."

"Jiminie said I was being too noisy," Taehyung says with another pout, and Namjoon grins and takes Taehyung's hand, pulling him in closer until he can lean up and slide his other hand around the back of Taehyung's neck.

Namjoon gently guides Taehyung's head down for a kiss, slow and deep, letting the arousal in the pit of his stomach steadily build. Taehyung is a good kisser, but that's never been a surprise. "Want to go grab the lube for me, sweetheart?"

"Uh huh." Taehyung shuffles over to the bedside table and returns with lube, handing it over to Namjoon.

Namjoon gives Taehyung a heated look, can't help himself when Taehyung gets like this, and Taehyung exhales shakily and pushes his pajama pants down. He's naked underneath, half-hard already, although Jimin might have had something to do with that. Namjoon grabs his hip to bring him closer and catches sight of the pink plug nestled between Taehyung's cheeks, keeping him stretched.

"Do you want to sit facing me or facing away?" Namjoon asks, stroking Taehyung's hip.

"I want to lean back against hyung's chest to start," Taehyung says, voice taking on a whininess that has Namjoon palming his ass. "Can I get you hard?"

"Yeah, of course, you— don't have to ask."

Taehyung is adorably gentle about easing down the waistband of Namjoon's shorts and underwear to free his cock, brushing his palm over the length of it before he starts earnestly jerking Namjoon off.

Namjoon isn't sure if it's the size of Taehyung's hands or just a natural talent, but Taehyung knows just how to touch him, how tightly to stroke and where Namjoon is most sensitive. Namjoon gets hard faster than if he was doing this himself — obviously, it's someone else's hand on his dick — and he thinks part of it might be due to Taehyung's eagerness, the way he wants to use Namjoon just as much as he wants to be used.

"In a hurry?" Namjoon asks just to tease, and Taehyung glances up from where he's bent over Namjoon's lap, his hair falling over his eyes.

"I want to get in some time with you before dinner." Taehyung is generous with the lube, making sure Namjoon's cock is slick with it, his hand making wet noises now with each stroke.

Namjoon watches as Taehyung reaches behind himself to pull out the plug, face scrunching as he does, teeth digging into his lip. He sets the toy on a tissue and huffs out a shaky breath as he dips his fingers inside himself.

"Taehyung-ah," Namjoon says in a deep voice, arousal tight in his stomach at the way Taehyung's mouth drops open around a soft moan. "You look so good, do you want hyung to help?"

"Mm no, I'm good, just, ah." Taehyung slides his fingers out and wipes them off, so Namjoon takes over by holding his cock in place when Taehyung settles onto his lap, leaning back into Namjoon's chest and spreading his legs wide, scooting forward.

Taehyung huffs out a throaty laugh as he sinks onto Namjoon's cock, hands tightly gripping Namjoon's arms, his toes curling as he's slowly filled.

He's always so tight, clenching heat before he makes himself relax and settles, happy with how deep Namjoon is.

"There you go, baby."

Taehyung sighs, heavy in Namjoon's lap, his soft hair tickling Namjoon's cheek. He's so happy like this. And Namjoon has come to love it too, loves dragging out his arousal for hours with Taehyung hot around him, loves petting over his belly and kissing his flushed cheek, hearing his soft little whines and hums and sighs as he naps or just zones out while warming Namjoon's cock.

Namjoon switches to a game that requires minimal participation. He kisses Taehyung's hair and gives him soft praises, calls him sweet names but also tells him how good he feels. 

Taehyung melts under the attention, legs twitching occasionally or hips shifting to get more comfortable, but otherwise he stays put.

The tight heat around his cock is distracting, but Namjoon likes the low thrum of pleasure, sometimes entertaining guilty thoughts of doing this somewhere more public. Just around the other members, maybe, he trusts them enough to understand this is something Taehyung needs, but he likes imagining it. Likes imagining being in the living room and having Taehyung sat on his cock, affectionate and warm and clingy, unashamed.

Over an hour passes before Taehyung starts to get restless, and Namjoon gets a little hungry, his thighs numb from Taehyung's weight.

"You did so well for hyung, Taehyungie," Namjoon whispers into his hair, petting over his hip, fingers brushing his cock teasingly. Sometimes Taehyung goes soft when they do this, especially if he's been trying to stay still, but today he's particularly worked up.

"Ah, ah." Taehyung's breath hitches and he squeezes around Namjoon's cock, shifts until he's taking Namjoon deeper, shuddering. Heat rolls through Namjoon like a wave at Taehyung's pretty noises.

"Do you want to come?"

"Come inside me first," Taehyung whines, and Namjoon smiles and starts to thrust, hips jerking as hard as he can like this.

Taehyung starts to push his own hips down to meet the thrusts and Namjoon jerks him off in slow, tight strokes, not surprised how fast his own pleasure builds, heat pooling in his belly, balls drawing up tight.

"Such a good cockwarmer," Namjoon tells him in a rough voice, and Taehyung moans. "You like that? Like being my perfect cockwarmer?"

He loves the deep sound of Taehyung's moans, how tightly his eyes are squeezed shut and the way his fingers spasm and grab helplessly at Namjoon's arms when he gets close. Namjoon strokes him faster, fucking him so hard now the room is loud with it.

"That's it, baby, let me fill you up." Namjoon says it because he knows what it does to Taehyung, and just a few seconds of deep thrusts later, Taehyung throws his head back with a moan and starts to come. Namjoon strokes him through each long spurt and Taehyung squeezes so tightly around his cock, gasping.

It's the way Taehyung closes his mouth and whines through his lips that does it for Namjoon, the way he trembles and still tightens around Namjoon's cock. Namjoon comes with a low groan, burying deep and panting into Taehyung's hair. His cock pulses as he spills inside and Taehyung laughs, a breathless, giddy sound.

They both come down from their orgasms together, sweaty and trembling, Namjoon making sure to cover Taehyung in kisses and praises.

"Ready to clean up?"

"Plug first," Taehyung whines, and Namjoon— doesn't understand, exactly, why Taehyung likes keeping it inside, but that doesn't make it any less fucking hot.

With the plug in place and both of them cleaned up, Namjoon pulls Taehyung into a hug, kisses his forehead and soaks up the warmth and sated happiness in Taehyung's smile.


"Mm, yeah, thank you. I woke up kind of stressed out—"

"You don't have to explain, baby," Namjoon says.

"I know. But thank you anyway. You have the best dick, you know," Taehyung says, some of his cheekiness returning, and Namjoon snorts.

"Compared to...?"

"Well, I can't do this with Jiminie, he always tickles me. And you're bigger, but don't tell him that."

Namjoon laughs and kindly doesn't point out that they've all been aware of how big the others are for years now.

"Seriously, any time you need this, Taehyung-ah."

"The studio?" Taehyung asks, perking up.

"I meant any time at home."

"Ah, you're no fun. One day."

"Now wait, you can't just say 'one day' about that—"

Taehyung grins and kisses Namjoon, maybe just to shut him up, but Namjoon lets him get away with it.

Chapter Text

Yoongi is in the process of getting ready for bed — he sits down, puts his arms up to stretch, plugs in his phone — when he gets a text from Jimin.

He opens it and blinks, and then checks the contact name to make sure it's really his groupmate. 

Because that is definitely a photo of a dick.

It's not a bad photo, and it's honestly not a bad-looking dick, but holy shit, what the fuck.

He gives Jimin a minute to follow that up with anything, maybe a panicked "oh shit sorry wrong number," but there's nothing. 

Yoongi is maybe blushing when he sends, "ask me on a date first"

Yoongi gets several texts all sent right after the other.

Jimin: um what?
Jimin: oh god oh no oh fuck
Jimin: hyung i'm sorry
Jimin: that was an accident I'M SO SORRY

Yoongi is a horrible person because he looks at the photo again, dimly lit but well-framed, with what he now recognizes as Jimin's hard cock over his flat stomach.

It's a nice dick. Yoongi wonders who Jimin meant to send the photo to. Hopefully not a stranger — Jimin's hand is wrapped around his dick and he's still wearing rings, his fingers somehow very recognizable to Yoongi. But he knows Jimin isn't careless like that, too.

Jimin: hyung?

Yoongi: sorry i'm here
Yoongi: it's fine, it happens

Jimin: i'm so embarrassed

Yoongi doesn't know why he does it, but his fingers are already typing, "it's fine, it's not like you have anything to be ashamed of"

Jimin: .......
Jimin: uh what does that mean?

Yoongi: just
Yoongi: it's not a bad picture

Jimin: um
Jimin: thank you?

Yoongi: ok look can we pretend i didn't say that

Jimin: but when you say not bad....

Yoongi: i mean it's. not bad.

Jimin: yoongi hyung
Jimin: that is not a normal response to receiving a dick pic you didn't ask for

Yoongi: jimin ah
Yoongi: just be good and accept the compliment

Jimin: are you really trying to tell me i have a nice dick?

Yoongi falls back into bed, covering his flushed face with a hand and groaning before going back to his phone. This has to be flirting, right? Jimin has to know what he's doing, right? Yoongi is really starting to wonder why Jimin is dragging this out, if he was embarrassed to begin with.

Yoongi: i think you already know that if you're sending pics of it to someone

Jimin: kekeke
Jimin: is hyung jealous?

Yoongi bites his lip.

Yoongi: no, you can do whatever you want
Yoongi: just be safe

Jimin: oh don't worry
Jimin: it wasn't a wrong number, i just sent you the wrong pic

Yoongi doesn't let himself point out it still means something that Jimin has that photo on his phone to begin with. He doesn't reply, and is kind of hoping that's the end of it because he's already questioning his life decisions, until he gets a new text notification from Jimin.

Jimin: ok but
Jimin: is it the size, or the way it looks, or...?

Yoongi: park jimin we're not doing this

Jimin: but i compliment you
Jimin: when you try new recipes

Yoongi: looking at your dick and tasting food are not the same things

Jimin: unless...?

Yoongi: 😑

Jimin: haha sorry
Jimin: i just can't stop thinking about what you said

Yoongi: ok i'm going to ask a weird question
Yoongi: you can ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable

Yoongi should not be doing this. He really shouldn't be doing this. But he's gotten used to reading between the lines when it comes to Jimin, and he has a hunch.

Jimin: umm ok

Yoongi: are you hard?

Jimin: oh wow
Jimin: hyung...
Jimin: why are you asking that?

Yoongi: answer first

Jimin: ok
Jimin: yes

Yoongi flushes, feels a hot tug low in his belly after reading Jimin's words. Fuck, what is he doing?

Yoongi: are you touching yourself

Jimin: just a little bit
Jimin: will you answer me now?

Yoongi: i was wondering how long ago you took that picture
Yoongi: since you had those rings on today

Jimin: i took it just before i texted you

Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath and uses his free hand to run his fingers through his hair and grab at it, feeling suddenly restless, still flushed.

Yoongi: jimin ah
Yoongi: you have a very pretty dick
Yoongi: you're bigger than i expected when you're hard

Jimin: ok i'm pretending that last thing is still a compliment keke
Jimin: hyung...
Jimin: do you have any pictures of you?

Yoongi: fuck
Yoongi: do you mean it?

Jimin: why would i ask if i didn't mean it!!
Jimin: it's only fair right?
Jimin: i'm assuming you haven't deleted my picture yet

Fuck. Yoongi is so caught. It didn't even occur to him to delete it, even though that would be the very normal first response when a friend accidentally sends you a nude.

Yoongi still doesn't entirely understand what this is, why he's already so turned on, why he pushes down his flannel pants and underwear to free his cock and gives it tight strokes. He thinks about Jimin's dick, flushed dark and straining over his stomach, and gets hard.

Yoongi admits the photo he takes isn't as sexy as Jimin's — his abs aren't as defined, his cock is a little smaller — but he settles on a decent angle and sends it anyway.

Jimin's response comes hilariously quick.

Jimin: oh fuck
Jimin: hyung
Jimin: wow
Jimin: did you take that right now?

Yoongi: maybe

Jimin: you did
Jimin: you're hard right now too?
Jimin: what got you hard, hyung?

Yoongi: my hand

Jimin: so it had nothing to do with my pretty dick then?
Jimin: if i'm reading this wrong just tell me but
Jimin: do you want to get off?
Jimin: do you want to hear what i'd do if i was there right now?

Yoongi: if i say yes
Yoongi: what do you get out of this?

Jimin: kekeke
Jimin: you know me better than that yoongi hyung
Jimin: i'm jerking off too

Yoongi: as expected
Yoongi: our jiminie is this shameless

Jimin: tell me what you'd want hyung
Jimin: if i was in your room right now
Jimin: do you want my mouth?

Yoongi's hand speeds up over his own cock, pleasure already coiling in his belly. Something about doing this over text has him feeling more flushed than usual, prickling heat in his face and down his neck.

Yoongi: no
Yoongi: i want to suck you off

Jimin: fuck
Jimin: yeah?
Jimin: i want that too
Jimin: i want to see you take me as deep as you can
Jimin: you rmouth would feel so good
Jimin: so hot and wet around me
Jimin: i'm so hard now hyung i'm leaking

Yoongi: you're so pretty
Yoongi: bet you make such pretyt noises too
Yoongi: i'd let you fuck my mouth

Jimin: fcuk
Jimin: please
Jimin: im close

Yoongi: already?
Yoongi: park jimin
Yoongi: would you even ask before coming down my throat?

Jimin: please h yung pleease
Jimin: can i come

Yoongi: sensitive baby
Yoongi: come for me
Yoongi: come all over yourself for hyung

Jimin: tha nkyou

Yoongi drops the phone and tosses his head back with a groan. Holy shit, did Jimin really just thank him.

It doesn't take him long to follow, the heat growing and spreading until it consumes him, until he's panting loudly and his whole body tenses, cock spilling messy over his hand. He strokes himself with slow, tight squeezes through the blinding pleasure, gasping to catch his breath.

He wishes he could see Jimin. God, he really wishes he could see Jimin. He wants to see Jimin's soft, embarrassed smile in his post-orgasm glow, or maybe he'd just look satisfied, like the cat that got the cream. The thought makes Yoongi shiver.

Yoongi: jimin
Yoongi: are you ok?

Jimin: mmm i can't feel my toes
Jimin: was sogood

Yoongi: glad i could help

Jimin: did you come??

Yoongi: yes

Jimin: fuck that's so hot
Jimin: next time i want to be there

Yoongi: next time?

Jimin: yes??
Jimin: unless
Jimin: you don't want that

Yoongi: no that's not
Yoongi: i just didn't realize
Yoongi: fuck can i call?

Jimin: oh yes
Jimin: please

Jimin's voice is raspy and low when he answers the phone, and Yoongi's cock twitches weakly against his thigh.

"Please tell me you don't sext the others too, because I'll be so annoyed if they've just been keeping it a secret."

Yoongi huffs out a laugh. "No. Just you, so far."

"Yah, so far? What does that mean?"

Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Jimin-ah, I still don't know why we did that but— I'm okay with doing it again. I wasn't just lying to get you off, I meant what I said."

"Me too," Jimin says, and Yoongi can hear the smile in his voice. "I've thought about it for a while. The photo really was an accident, but I thought— it must be a sign, that I sent it to you, when I was thinking about you while I was touching myself."

"Fuck," Yoongi swears, cock jerking again. He is not going to get hard again, but Jimin is really testing him.

"I'm surprised you're not freaking out. Sure you haven't done this before? Maybe Namjoon-hyung? Jungkookie?"

"Jungkook doesn't even respond to normal texts, how would I sext him?" Yoongi answers flatly and Jimin bursts into laughter. Yoongi can immediately picture it, the way Jimin's eyes scrunch and he flings himself backwards. Warmth glows in his chest.

"Hyung, I'm sleepy now—" This is a lie, Yoongi knows Jimin is going to stay up until 3 a.m. "—but can we talk more tomorrow? And— thank you. For, you know, all of that."

"Yeah, we should talk. But no pressure, okay? Just talking." Yoongi waits a beat and then says, voice lower, "Love you, Jimin-ah."

Jimin giggles. "Say it again."

"Goodnight, Jimin-ah."

"Ahh, fine. Love you too, Yoongi-hyung."

Chapter Text


"I can't wait for you two to meet," Jimin says, and Jungkook hums, adjusting his bucket hat because one of his ears is starting to ache where it's folded underneath. "You'll love TaeTae, I know it."

If it was anyone else, Jungkook might think Jimin only wants to introduce him to his friend because he's a hybrid as well, but Jimin speaks highly of Taehyung and trusts that they'll get along. The fact Taehyung is a hybrid too only came up when Jungkook asked about Taehyung's major.

"He's doing music and photography right now... He really wants to get into music therapy, to help other hybrids that might be struggling."

Taehyung sounds like a nice person. Jungkook is shy around new people but still excited to meet him, except Jimin fails to mention one important little detail.

Jungkook is a rabbit hybrid, has long ears he hides in public most of the time and a fluffy round tail he hides all the time, and can be a little timid until he warms up to someone or a situation, instincts always on alert. He is not especially prejudiced, but Taehyung is a tiger hybrid. Not just cat, but tiger, triangular ears and a long tail and sharp teeth (at least, Jungkook assumes). He's handsome, sure, maybe too handsome if Jungkook is being honest. But still a tiger.

Logically, Jungkook knows Jimin wouldn't be friends with someone who is going to eat him. But Jungkook's base instincts are loud, telling him predator, predator when the two of them are first introduced. He whimpers and ducks to hide behind Jimin when Taehyung takes a step closer to them.

"Jungkook-ah?" Jimin asks softly.

"Sorry," Jungkook gasps, clinging to Jimin's shoulders, his senses still prickling with danger.

Taehyung makes a small wounded noise and steps closer, says "Jungkook-ssi?" in a deep, warm voice, and that's when Jungkook smells him. His nose has always been sensitive, especially to hybrid scents.

It maybe doesn't make sense for him to pick up on Taehyung's pheromones, since they're technically not the same species, but Jungkook can tell right away the scent is coming from Taehyung.

It's— cozy, somehow, which is completely at odds with what Jungkook's instincts are telling him. The scent is sweet and rich with just a bit of that musk that means underlying attraction, and Jungkook whines. He's only more confused now, a tiny part of him wanting to nose at Taehyung for more of that scent and then the much louder part of him still too scared to move.

"Jungkookie?" Jimin tries again, and Taehyung frowns (oh no) and takes a step back from them. "Are you just feeling shy, hon?"

"I think he might be afraid of me, Jimin-ah," Taehyung says, a trace of hurt in his voice that makes Jungkook's stomach sink. "Would it help if I hid my ears?" he asks gently.

Jungkook desperately wishes he could turn off his instincts, could shut off whatever bunny part of him thinks someone almost exactly his size is going to try to eat him. 

Still, he's trembling slightly when he stands up straight and steps out from behind Jimin, gives Taehyung a shaky smile. "Sorry. Hi. You—You don't have to hide anything, I'm sorry about—"

"It's cool, I understand. I should know better, I've worked with some, ah, prey hybrids before, but Jimin didn't mention anything about you being a bunny."

"Do I want to know what's going on here?" Jimin asks, eyebrows raised.

"Jungkook's just nervous, but I promise I'm friendly. Right, Jimin? Tell him I'm nice," Taehyung says with a pout.

Jimin laughs, face softening once he picks up on the source of Jungkook's discomfort. "Taehyung is a big baby, I promise you're safe with him. Will you be okay being around him, Kookie?"

Jungkook swallows and nods. Already, facing Taehyung like this, the fear has kind of settled. It's partly due to Taehyung's enticing scent, too, like a freshly-washed blanket Jungkook desperately wants to bury his nose into.

Taehyung smiles without showing teeth, and Jungkook's belly gives a flip. "Nice to meet you then. Let's talk about video games!"

As it turns out, Taehyung actually is as sweet as Jimin says, and even goes out of his way to give Jungkook space when they hang out for the rest of the afternoon. Jungkook tries to be less timid, laughs at Taehyung's jokes and impressions, and even lets Jimin take off the hat hiding Jungkook's ears.

But every so often he does catch Taehyung staring, gaze sharp.

Not hungry, or at least Jungkook's fear instincts don't kick up (which, unfortunately, can happen literally — once Jungkook was startled by a dog hybrid and stomped his feet in front of them without thinking). But his stare is dark, like he's seeing a part of Jungkook others can't, and in those moments his scent grows thicker until it's overwhelming to Jungkook's sensitive nose.

Jungkook tugs at one of his ears, feels the conflicting urge to both flee from Taehyung's gaze but also submit, just to see what Taehyung intends to do, what he's thinking. There's definitely arousal carrying through in Taehyung's scent, that heady trace of musk only Jungkook can smell.

When it's time for Jungkook to leave, Taehyung's eyebrows furrow, his face still effortlessly handsome even when he looks borderline intimidating. "Jungkook is going home alone?"

"I'll be fine, I live nearby," Jungkook says, trying to fit his ears back inside his hat, wincing when one of them folds weirdly.

"Ah, let me help, that looks uncomfortable," Taehyung says with a smile, and Jungkook freezes when Taehyung steps close, both of them realizing at the same time that Jimin left them alone to go use the bathroom. "Is this... okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine," Jungkook says quickly, blushing, trying to ignore the slow swish of Taehyung's tail behind him.

"You don't have to pretend if I make you nervous, bun," Taehyung says in a low voice, using the gentlest touch to fix Jungkook's ear under his hat, fingers lingering and brushing over the soft fur of his ears. Jungkook hopes Taehyung can't hear how fast his heart is racing.

"No one's ever called me bun before," Jungkook mumbles.

Taehyung grins and brushes his fingers playfully under Jungkook's chin, and Jungkook's eyes go wide.

There's no way Taehyung doesn't know about scent glands, specifically the ones under Jungkook's chin that mark something as his.

Which means Taehyung has Jungkook's scent on his fingers now, more than just brushing against each other — real scenting, like companions or mates do. 

Taehyung's scent just seems to get thicker in the air the warmer Jungkook flushes, belly twisting, not afraid now but still close to trembling from the intensity of the new feelings.

"Are you two okay? Jungkook-ah, you look really pink."

Jungkook groans, fully aware of how much he's blushing, and how it's all Taehyung's fault.

"We're both fine. Are you sure you're okay getting home by yourself, bun?" Taehyung asks, and Jungkook nods, adjusting his hat.

"I'll text Jimin-hyung when I get home."

"Oh, I'll make a group chat! That way you have Taehyungie's number as well," Jimin says, giving Jungkook a quick hug goodbye. Taehyung just nods, and Jungkook tries not to glance at his fingers, where he knows his own scent still lingers.

Jungkook maybe walks home faster than normal, grateful at least for the brisk evening air to cool his cheeks.

He can't, for whatever reason, get Taehyung's smell out of his head. He's lying in bed when he starts wondering if, maybe when he's alone, Taehyung will bring his fingers up to his nose at all.

If Taehyung will breathe in Jungkook's scent and think of him too...

It shouldn't turn him on as much as it does, the idea of Taehyung marked by his scent, but an insistent heat tightens in his belly the more aroused he gets. Jungkook grunts and groans, burying his face in his pillow and finally giving in to the urge to touch himself. His hips thrust and push his cock into the tight grip of his fist and he starts to imagine Taehyung here, his scent surrounding Jungkook and claiming him as much as Jungkook wants to claim Taehyung.

He imagines Taehyung calling him bun and maybe touching his tail, tugging at it, imagines— oh— what if Taehyung lets Jungkook fuck him—

Jungkook comes embarrassingly fast, making a mess of himself, panting and nuzzling at his pillow as he comes down.

Taehyung... is dangerous.



Jungkook sees Taehyung more in the following weeks, first because Jimin drags him along every time they hang out, and then because he just genuinely enjoys spending time with Taehyung.

There's always still a chance something will have Jungkook's pulse quickening, like Taehyung biting into food with his sharp teeth or growling low in his throat when he's annoyed with his homework. But those little fear spikes don't bother Jungkook anymore. Taehyung is affectionate and teasing, and Jungkook can safely say he feels comfortable with him. 

Jungkook isn't even thinking one afternoon when he yawns and stretches and can't resist hooking his chin over the back of Taehyung's shoulder, absently rubbing his scent there.

But Taehyung must notice, because he makes a low noise, much nicer than a growl. Oh, is he— is he purring?

"Are you staking a claim, bun?"

"Um." Jungkook pulls away, blinking, cheeks warm. Taehyung always gets him flustered so easily.

"No, don't go, I don't mind," Taehyung whines, reaching behind himself to try and get Jungkook's arms back around his waist. "Your scent is so potent, it drives me crazy."

Jungkook's stomach drops. "What?"

Taehyung stares, licking his lips. "What, you don't know? Jungkookie, you— you always smell like you want to fuck, and I love it. But in a nice way! Way nicer than tiger rut scents..."

Jungkook reaches up to tug at his ears, ignoring the way Taehyung frowns at him. "You're saying I always smell horny? Holy shit, this is so embarrassing. Hyung," Jungkook whines.

"Well just—" Taehyung's tail swishes cautiously, and he nuzzles his face across Jungkook's cheek. Jungkook feels a burst of warm affection in his chest at the intimate gesture. "It's natural. And it's nice, somehow, maybe because it's you. I like it."

"I like your scent too," Jungkook finally mutters, and Taehyung's face lights up.

"You can smell me? Oh wow, that's awesome. I thought I was just the weird one for being so attracted to a bunny."

"Taehyung!" Jungkook groans, pushing at his chest. 

Taehyung laughs. "A cute bunny. Jungkook-ah, I hope you don't think—" Taehyung pauses, face tense like he's serious but the look in his eyes soft, understanding. "I don't care about hybrid stereotypes, you know? Just because your scent is that way, I'm not saying you can't control yourself."

"Ah, hyung," Jungkook says, smiling, cheeks warm. The sexual stereotypes around rabbit hybrids are a sore subject, but Jungkook never once doubted that Taehyung didn't see him that way. "I know you weren't saying that. I mean, I've known some cat hybrids whose scent is crazy when they're in heat but if you go near them they'll kill you. It's fine. For me, um— it might be true, though."

"Eh?" Taehyung raises an eyebrow, his look a little more confident now, borderline preening.

"I just marked you without even thinking, do I really have to say it? Something about you... ah. It gets me so hot, the way you look at me, when you—you call me that name."

"How can I not look at you like I want to eat you up, bun?" Taehyung says in a deep voice by Jungkook's ear.

Two weeks ago, Jungkook would be trembling in fear after hearing that, but now he can feel his cock stiffening in his pants, his breaths coming out quicker.

"Taehyung..." Jungkook whines. The scent of arousal — both of theirs, because Jungkook is embarrassed to admit he can smell his own too — is almost overpowering.

"Jungkookie, can we go to your place? Is that too forward?" Taehyung groans, running his fingers through his fluffy hair, and Jungkook can't take his eyes away from Taehyung's long fingers. "The way you smell, I just want to lick you all over."

"Yes, okay, please," Jungkook babbles, and Taehyung brings their faces together again but this time nuzzles slower, more purposefully dragging his cheek across Jungkook's. 


Somehow they make it to Jungkook's apartment without Jungkook rutting on Taehyung in public, though he's not sure how.

He's never felt this worked up before, wild and desperate, like Taehyung is giving off some kind of aphrodisiac through his pheromones. Jungkook hasn't experienced being in rut or heat, but he wonders if this is what it feels like. If this is what it feels like to have his instincts shouting that he's found a potential mate, and he needs to make Taehyung his.

Biologically, it makes no sense, but Jungkook's gut is still telling him this is right.

They stumble into Jungkook's apartment and Taehyung starts undressing on his way to the bedroom, as soon as Jungkook points out where it is. Taehyung is somehow already completely naked by the time they get inside.

Jungkook stops and stares, and feels his face heat, and stares some more. Taehyung is gorgeous, tall and lean and confident, his striped tail slowly swishing behind him, his soft ears facing Jungkook.

His cock, too, is long and pretty, already hard, and Jungkook quickly wiggles out of his own clothes, hopping out of his pants and startling when Taehyung's arms slide around him so he doesn't lose his balance. Taehyung's gaze is heated, purposeful, but his grin is bright and playful.

"Cute bun. I don't know what I want to look at more, your dick or your fluffy tail."

"Can I fuck you?" Jungkook blurts out, breathless, face flushed hot. 

Taehyung purrs, licks a wet stripe up the side of Jungkook's neck and then moves to the front of his throat. Jungkook freezes, but the little lurch of fear doesn't panic him — if anything, being so vulnerable for Taehyung makes him harder.

"I knew you'd taste as good as you smell," Taehyung growls against Jungkook's throat, tongue hot and a little rough over the sensitive skin. Jungkook trembles, wants to melt under the deep timbre of Taehyung's voice, wants him to keep talking even after Jungkook is inside him. "Does this good little bunny have lube?"

Jungkook nods and pulls away to get it out for Taehyung. "Should we... condoms...?"

Taehyung's teeth dig into his bottom lip, like he's thinking it over before he answers. "I'm clean, and I want your come inside me," (Jungkook whines) "but it's up to you. You don't have to take my word for it."

Jungkook gives Taehyung a soft smile, pulls him down onto the bed and waits for Taehyung to get comfortable. "I'm clean too. I mean— I haven't done this before, so."

"Really?" Taehyung's eyes go wide. "Are you sure—"

"Yeah, of course, I think I'd know if I had."

Taehyung huffs out a laugh. "I meant are you sure you want to do this? I'm not pressuring you, right?"

"I appreciate you checking, really," Jungkook says, a little impressed with himself that he can manage full sentences right now while Taehyung is lying back in his bed, long legs spread, hand moving idly over his own cock, "but I want this. I want this so bad. I've jerked off a hundred times thinking about how much I want this, with you, hyung."

Taehyung is maybe blushing, now, teeth worrying his lip again but mostly to hide his smile. Jungkook can't believe how beautiful he is.

"A hundred times? We've only known each other a couple of weeks."

"It's been a long couple of weeks," Jungkook mutters, and then he's bending down to gently lick over the indent in Taehyung's bottom lip from where his teeth dug in.

"Oh, Jungkookie," Taehyung breathes, and then his hands are sliding into Jungkook's hair — and oh, one of those hands was on his cock — and he's pulling him back in for a hard kiss.

Kissing Taehyung is messy in a way that has heat rushing through Jungkook, swooping low in his belly. Taehyung is careful with his teeth but not with his tongue, licking and sucking, tasting Jungkook as much as he can, and Jungkook whines and tries to keep up. It's only when Taehyung's hands slide to the base of Jungkook's ears, fingers tickling the sensitive fur on the backs, that Jungkook pulls away with a gasp.

"Sensitive?" Taehyung asks, and Jungkook nods.

"They're just— no one touches them. Usually. It felt really good."

"They're so soft and pretty, they deserve to be appreciated," Taehyung says with a pout. "But I don't want you to come until you're inside me. Can you get me ready?"

"Yes, yes," Jungkook agrees quickly, finding the lube again and then freezing when Taehyung's legs open for him, when he tilts his ass up. Jungkook swallows. It's embarrassing, how desperately he wants to bury his face into Taehyung's groin, wants to taste him, to mouth at his swollen cock and breathe in his musky scent. It's an animal urge, one that Jungkook fights to contain because everything about Taehyung is already overwhelming enough.

"I don't need much, I'm serious, I can take a lot," Taehyung says, eyes glittering. "Start with two."

"Still, I don't want to hurt you," Jungkook mumbles, warming up the lube and staring, transfixed, as he rubs at Taehyung's hole, traces the rim with slick fingers before starting to press two inside.

Taehyung is so hot inside, clenching and soft, and Jungkook can't help how he's already panting just at the feeling of Taehyung opening up for him.

"Yeah, that's it, good bun." Taehyung throws his head and brings his legs up to cage Jungkook's body between them. He does relax quickly around Jungkook's fingers, tail swishing happily (Jungkook can see the way the base of his tail twitches underneath Taehyung's back and fuck, it's so cute) and making all kinds of contented noises low in his throat. "Bun, bunny, deeper. Go a little deeper and then I'm ready, I want to feel you."

"Ah, so needy," Jungkook says in a low voice, endeared by the way Taehyung's ears flick in mock annoyance. It's true, though, that Taehyung can't even keep his fingers off his own cock, and Jungkook's mouth fills with saliva at the thought of tasting him, having his mouth full of Taehyung.

Once Taehyung decides he's ready, he flips over onto his belly and then raises up to his elbows and knees, tail swishing to the side to expose himself.

Jungkook's cock throbs, heavy and hot from waiting, the arousal only more intense because of Taehyung's scent clouding his senses.

"Whenever you're ready, Jungkook-ah," Taehyung says, and Jungkook lines himself up, limbs trembling with the effort of being gentle when he starts to push. As soon as the head slips inside, immediately met with squeezing slick heat, Jungkook grabs at Taehyung's tail without thinking.

"Taehyung," Jungkook hisses, overwhelmed, hips aching with the need to thrust, and Taehyung drops his head forward and groans. Jungkook loosens his grip on Taehyung's tail with a shaky breath, strokes down the length of it instead, and Taehyung gets even louder.

"Go on, you can, you can fuck me, Jungkookie. I can take it, just— do what feels right, okay? Don't think about it."

"Okay, okay." The tight heat around his cock is all he can concentrate on, that and the way Taehyung arches into him, pushes his ass back until Jungkook is sinking deeper inside. "You feel so good."

"Mm, ah, so do you. Are you going to be a good bunny for me? Gonna fuck me so hard I come?"

Jungkook's "uh huh" comes out as more of a helpless whine, but Taehyung doesn't tease him for it, just grabs at the sheets when Jungkook starts to thrust.

Taehyung was right. Jungkook trusts Taehyung and lets his instincts take over, his hips slamming forward, fast thrusts that rock Taehyung forward. It's a kind of deep, satisfying pleasure that settles in his gut, a hot urgency to keep moving and burying himself inside Taehyung. Breeding instincts, his brain supplies, and oh, just that thought of claiming Taehyung so entirely as his, filling him up with his come, has Jungkook leaning over his back and moaning.

"That's it, so good," Taehyung chokes out as Jungkook grinds his hips deep, circles his arms around Taehyung's chest and nuzzles at the back of his neck. They're both sweaty now, both panting, but Jungkook couldn't be more pleased by the thick scents in the air, the way everything smells like their natural scents and like sex, heavy and dark. "Do you like the way I feel?"

Jungkook grunts, and then opens his mouth to set his teeth over Taehyung's shoulder. Not biting, or even nibbling, but pressing at the skin just hard enough to leave a mark. Taehyung growls low in his throat at the sting, and the little jolt of fear travels down Jungkook's spine and goes straight to his cock.

"Is—Is that a yes? Ah, Jungkookie, please keep moving—"

"Yes, yes, love the way you feel," Jungkook finally groans, gasping out a laugh when Taehyung's tail tries to swish where it's currently trapped underneath Jungkook's belly. "Hyung, can we— like this? Can I keep fucking you like this?"

Instead of answering, Taehyung lets his knees slide and lowers himself until he's nearly lying on his stomach, back arching to keep his ass raised. Jungkook hums a grateful noise and starts to fuck into Taehyung again, hips snapping in quick little thrusts, body still covering Taehyung's.

Jungkook is overwhelmed by the pleasure, feverishly desperate for release. He thinks he might be whimpering with each breath now, but it's hard to focus on anything besides Taehyung's heat, his thick scent, his mewls and the way he begs Jungkook to keep going.

"Close, oh, don't stop don't stop—" Taehyung gasps and Jungkook reaches underneath Taehyung's stomach, finds his leaking cock and starts to stroke, hand moving as fast as his thrusts. Taehyung is throbbing in his grip, ass squeezing around Jungkook's cock like he's trying to milk the orgasm from him, and all Jungkook can do is whine high in his throat when he starts to come.

The flood of pleasure burns through Jungkook in a way no orgasm has before, hips as deep as he can get as his cock pulses and spills inside Taehyung. There is a bone-deep satisfaction to successfully breeding his mate like this, but then Taehyung gasps and squirms and Jungkook nudges apologetically at the back of his shoulder and starts to thrust again.

It's a lot. The overstimulation aches, but Jungkook hasn't gone soft yet and he's determined to make Taehyung feel good, fucking wetly into him and tightening his grip around Taehyung's cock.

"Yes yes yes—" Taehyung's breath hitches, ass pushing back to meet Jungkook's thrusts, and he cries out when he finally starts to come.

Jungkook grinds forward, ignores the oversensitivity until Taehyung is trembling through the aftershocks of his orgasm, coming down from it with a low purr and Jungkook's cheek rubbing at his shoulder.

"Fucked me so well, bun," Taehyung says, his deep voice gone a little raspy as well from all his noises, and Jungkook gives in to the urge to lick at Taehyung's skin, tasting his sweat, affection bursting in his chest.

"Bred," Jungkook says, blushing even on top of feeling overheated from the sex. "I bred you. Mine."

Taehyung rolls over onto his back — Jungkook's cock slips out, which makes him whine, even though he is starting to go soft now — and fixes Jungkook with a dark look. "Yours?"

Jungkook's face falls. "If—If you want."

"Ahh, no, don't be sad, I was teasing," Taehyung laughs sweetly, but there's still a roughness in his voice when he pulls Jungkook down on top of him, when he nuzzles their noses together and then turns Jungkook's face so he can mouth at his jaw, nip at his earlobe. "I want to be yours. Anyone could smell you all over me right now, could see that you bred me so well and filled me with your come. Who would've thought, my sweet, shy bunny was capable of being so aggressive."

"Love fucking you," Jungkook sighs, still feeling a little drunk on their scents. His hips start to twitch forward, rubbing his soft cock over Taehyung's hip, and Taehyung gasps out a laugh. There are fingers sinking into his hair, and then a hard tug on one ear, so Jungkook stops.

"We both need to recover before going again. Behave."

Jungkook almost blurts out, Make me, thinks about Taehyung pinning him down and opening his mouth over Jungkook's throat again, oh. But Taehyung distracts him from his dangerous thoughts when a hand finds his tail, stroking through the fluff.

Jungkook shivers hard, hips bucking against Taehyung's hip. He buries his face against Taehyung's shoulder and tries to ignore his laugh.

"No, don't be shy, like I can judge. My tail is sensitive too. Does it feel good?"

"Yeah," Jungkook says, the word muffled into Taehyung's skin.

"Mmm, I'm glad. Jungkookie. It was good? You had a good first time?"

Jungkook lifts his head up and meets Taehyung's warm stare, his instincts doing that thing again, going mate mate mate. Not that he particularly minds.

"Really good."

Taehyung's eyes get bright with something like mischief. "And... you want to do it again?"

"Hyung," Jungkook says, shifting over so he can settle on top of Taehyung's body, "I really want you to be mine. And I want to be yours. We can do that, right?"

Taehyung smiles, and this time when he shows his teeth Jungkook just feels fondness swell. "I think we're kind of already doing that. But yes, we can. My sweet bunny."

"My big baby tiger," Jungkook shoots back, and then shrieks out a laugh when Taehyung pounces him.

Chapter Text

Yoongi crosses his arms and leans back, sucking in a breath through his teeth. "I mean, it's not that bad of an idea."

"Except I was joking? Did you forget the part where I said I was joking?"

Hoseok starts snickering, lifting his hand to cover his mouth when Namjoon gives him an unimpressed look.

"Namjoon-ah, you weren't joking, I know you better than that. Ah, why do you have a hard time admitting you want something?"

"Look at it from my perspective. It doesn't... make sense that you would want to suck my dick. Unless you were getting something out of it."

"But you would know about getting something out of it, you love giving oral," Hoseok says, and then gasps. "Wait, have you never sucked dick before? Really?"

It's not easy to make Namjoon blush, but when he does, it's impossibly endearing.

"That specific opportunity just... hasn't come up. Please don't take my bisexual card away?"

Hoseok laughs and leans into Namjoon's side, but Yoongi's expression is serious when he says, "You know that's not how it works, there's nothing wrong with what you have or haven't done."

It's a little bit of an inside joke for them, that Namjoon and Yoongi came out as bisexual to each other and then Hoseok came out to them a little later without knowing they identified the same. The Bi Crew, they say sometimes, except it's the kind of joke they only share in private.

"Personally, I don't see the issue here," Hoseok says. "You said you miss having your dick sucked, hyung said he's happy to do it, and I want to watch. Everyone wins!"

"Just watch?" Yoongi asks. Hoseok doesn't think he deserves that tone of disbelief.

"Is that weird? Well, maybe it is," Hoseok says with a short laugh. "The maknae used to think they were being sneaky in our room and then gave up pretending and turned into a little trio of exhibitionists. Watching is kind of therapeutic for me now."

"That's fair," Namjoon says at the same time Yoongi says, "That's weird." They exchange a look.

"Hyung," Namjoon says, and Hoseok can hear the change in his voice now. It's softer, more vulnerable. "You're okay with... doing that? Really?"

Yoongi shrugs. He licks his lips, and then says, "I get off on it."

"Fuck," Namjoon swears, and Hoseok heartily agrees. He was not expecting one sentence from Yoongi to send a jolt of heat into his belly that easily. But then again, Yoongi has always had a way with words that gets to you when you least expect it.

"So... now?" Hoseok asks.

"I mean, we are in Yoongi-hyung's studio."

"How many times do I have to say it, that is not why I have a lock on my door..." Yoongi mutters to himself. And then gets up, and checks the lock on his door anyway. He turns around and walks up to Namjoon, and Hoseok is pleased to see Namjoon doesn't back away. "Namjoon-ah. You're sure?"

"Yeah. I'm— I mean, it's not. Difficult. To imagine it."

Hoseok reads between the lines and starts grinning. Judging by Yoongi's raised eyebrows, his mind goes to the same place.

"You've thought about it before."

"You talk about your skills a lot!" Namjoon whines, and that's kind of not true — Yoongi has only bragged a few times, although all memorable, about how good he is at giving head — but neither of them call Namjoon out on his excuse. "I'm sure. I'm, ah, kind of getting hard thinking about it. Do you want to kiss first?"

Yoongi looks surprised. "Do you?"

"I asked first."

"Yah, Namjoon-ah," Hoseok complains, "just tell him you want to. We've all kissed before, it's not a big deal."

"Yeah, but that was before we had any experience. And it honestly wasn't even that great—"

Hoseok resists the urge to laugh at Namjoon's shocked expression when Yoongi grabs the front of his shirt and yanks him down into a kiss.

Hoseok doesn't have to watch to know it's a good kiss, could tell just from Namjoon's sharp breath, the wet sounds their mouths make, Namjoon's soft groan. But watching is nice, too. Yoongi seems like he's trying to prove a point, long fingers curling around the back of Namjoon's neck, forcing him to tilt his head, letting Yoongi kiss deeper. Hoseok sees tongue and his own stomach swoops with heat, lips tingling a little from the memory of the last time he and Yoongi made out.

"Get on the couch," Yoongi tells Namjoon, and Hoseok does laugh at how Namjoon stumbles in his haste to follow direction.

Hoseok considers taking Yoongi's desk chair, but there's enough room for him on the couch so he settles down next to Namjoon, both of them sharing a look when Yoongi kneels on the floor.

"Ah, hyung, wait," Hoseok says. He grabs the Shooky pillow from behind his back and tosses it on the floor. "For your knees."

Yoongi's face is equal parts offended and exasperated, but he still puts the pillow underneath his knees. "I'm not that old."

"I never said you were!"

"And I really don't want to associate my BT21 character with giving Namjoon a blowjob."

"Don't be dramatic, you'll thank me during practice tomorrow. None of our knees can afford that right now."

"God," Namjoon speaks up, dropping his head back even when Yoongi starts to unzip his pants. "Why do we sound so old? What happened to us?"

Hoseok laughs and reaches out to rub at Namjoon's shoulder. "Hush, enjoy this. Yoongi-hyung doesn't do this for everyone."

"Damn straight," Yoongi mutters, easing down the waistband of Namjoon's black underwear to free his cock. Namjoon isn't fully hard yet but he's already bigger than average, which Hoseok has always been aware of and always tried not to find really hot.

(The late-night conversations he and Jungkook have had about cockwarming Namjoon is something Hoseok will take to his grave, thanks.)

"Is there anything you don't like? I think I already know the answer, but have you hooked up with anyone since our last round of checkups?"

"No and no. Unless you, like, bite it. But that still might be a little hot?"

Hoseok hopes Namjoon is joking. And in any case, Yoongi ignores him and starts to stroke Namjoon in his fist, getting in a comfortable position to lean over his lap.

"Can I touch your hair?" Namjoon asks after a second, breathing noticeably heavier, and Yoongi hums.

"Yeah, you can pull it if you want. Just don't fuck my throat without asking first."

"Wow, okay, shit."

Hoseok unconsciously spreads his legs from his spot on the couch when Yoongi starts to take Namjoon into his mouth, lips parted and tongue flat, head bobbing so his mouth meets the movement of his fist over Namjoon's cock. "Good?" Hoseok asks just to tease, because Namjoon is being awkwardly still like he's not sure what's okay, and he nods, huffing out a shaky breath.

"It's good. Really good, ah." Namjoon tentatively lifts a hand to rest on Yoongi's head, and it's still adorably awkward, but Yoongi makes up for it with his actual skill. His mouth sinks further over Namjoon's cock, makes wet sounds that have arousal pooling low in Hoseok's stomach. "Hyung," Namjoon sighs, and Yoongi pulls off, stroking the wetness down the length of Namjoon's cock.

He's hard now, cock long and thick with it, and Hoseok can see from the way Yoongi stares at Namjoon's lap that he's into that.

"Not bad," Yoongi says, trying to sound indifferent but ruining it with a grin when he hears Hoseok's laughter. "Do you like talking during sex? You can talk if you want, I don't mind. Just relax."

"I mean, give me five minutes and I'll probably start calling you baby, but it's still kind of weird. With the whole hyung thing."

"Yeah, I don't care so much about that. Just don't tell the maknae."

Namjoon huffs out a laugh and then, by some miracle, really does start to relax. Well, as much as one can when an orgasm is slowly building, but Hoseok can see how his fingers curl into Yoongi's hair, how his hips twitch like they want to thrust and his ah's sound a little more genuine, soft and overwhelmed.

Yoongi takes Namjoon deeper now, deeper than Hoseok thinks could be comfortable, but if Yoongi is struggling he doesn't show it. His cheeks hollow and his lips slide over the dark skin of Namjoon's cock, the shape of his pink mouth stretched around Namjoon's dick doing a lot for Hoseok's own arousal.

"You're so good at this, what the fuck," Namjoon gasps with a short laugh, already flushed, his chest rising and falling with his shallow breaths. "The way your mouth feels, it's— so hot, baby, don't stop."

"That didn't take long," Hoseok says with a smile, sliding his hand to the back of Namjoon's neck, fingers massaging there. Namjoon groans, and Hoseok absently drops his other hand over his lap, rubbing over the bulge in his sweatpants. He doesn't know if he wants to get off like this, but the touch is a sweet relief, pleasure thrumming hot in his veins.

Yoongi pulls off again and goes straight to licking up the side of Namjoon's cock, jerking him off with a tight fist, his own face flushed pink. Namjoon's fingers tug gently at his hair and Hoseok watches Yoongi's throat bob with a swallow.

"More, please," Namjoon says, not seeming to even notice that Hoseok's hand has trailed down to his chest, thumb brushing over a nipple through the material of his shirt. "Yoongi-hyung."

"You can fuck my mouth if you want," Yoongi says, bracing his hands on Namjoon's thighs, and Hoseok has to remind himself to breathe when Namjoon starts to lift his hips, cock sliding into the wet heat of Yoongi's mouth.

Namjoon goes slow, probably trying to be careful given the way his fingers are shaking where they're touching Yoongi's hair.

"Namjoon-ah," Hoseok says, shifting closer so he can slide his hand up underneath Namjoon's shirt, stroking over his stomach. "You can be rough, he can take it."

"Yeah?" Namjoon breathes, seems torn between squeezing his eyes shut and staring down at his cock slowly sinking past Yoongi's lips. "Do you like it when it's a little rough, hyung?"

Yoongi whines.

"Fuck, you're so hot." Namjoon's head drops back again and his hips lift faster, his teeth sinking into his lip when he starts to moan. "I think I might— Use your hand again, baby, please, I'm so close."

Yoongi pulls off, a string of saliva between his mouth and the swollen head of Namjoon's cock, and Hoseok starts to rub himself fast through his sweatpants. He's so hard he thinks he might be leaking.

"Yeah?" Yoongi asks in a hoarse voice, staring up at Namjoon from underneath his bangs, his gaze dark. "Gonna come for me, Namjoonie?"

"Don't stop," is all Namjoon says, breath hitching when Yoongi takes the head of his cock back into his mouth. He strokes what his mouth can't reach and it's another minute of the wet sounds, the heat that even Hoseok feels from his own flush, the building tension. Namjoon's only warning is a loud ahh and then he's hunching over himself and coming inside Yoongi's mouth, his stomach muscles trembling where Hoseok is still touching him.

Hoseok stops touching himself and just watches, because as soon as Namjoon's cock slips from Yoongi's mouth, Yoongi is leaning his forehead into Namjoon's thigh, gasping out high sounds and coming just with the heel of his palm pressing hard against the bulge in his pants.

It's so hot. It's too hot, and Namjoon seems like he needs another five minutes before he can move, so Hoseok gives in to the urge to drop down to the floor and cup Yoongi's face in his hand, kissing him deeply through the aftershocks of his orgasm.

"Oh my fucking god you two," Namjoon says, voice deep. Hoseok moans and kisses Yoongi harder, bites at his lip just to hear Yoongi hiss. "I don't know if I should put my dick away or wait for round two."

"There is no round two," Yoongi speaks up, voice still raspy in a way that is distinctly different from how he normally sounds. He slides a hand down the front of Hoseok's sweatpants, and Hoseok gasps out a breathless laugh. "Wait, this is okay, right?"

"Yes, yes, get your hand around me already—"

Hoseok buries his face against Yoongi's shoulder as Yoongi jerks him off quickly. He doesn't know why, but for whatever reason it's Yoongi telling Namjoon, "Now thank hyung for sucking your dick so well," that has him toppling over the edge.

The relief is so good. Hoseok pants through it, overheated and giddy at how ridiculous the situation feels, even now. Yoongi gives him slow, wet strokes until Hoseok is shying away from the touches, oversensitive.

"Thank you for sucking my dick so well," Namjoon says in a completely serious voice after a moment, and both Hoseok and Yoongi start laughing. "What! You told me to!"

"Ahhh, Namjoon-ah, never change," Hoseok says when Yoongi lifts up from the floor with a grunt to grab some tissues. Hoseok's underwear is a little gross, and Yoongi's underwear definitely is, but he doesn't seem particularly bothered. His lips are swollen, his hair is messed up from Namjoon grabbing it, and he just looks satisfied.

It's a hot look on him.

"I meant it, though. Thank you."

"You're embarrassing me. Hob-ah, can you light my candle over on the desk?"

"Sure, sure," Hoseok says, laughing at the expression on Namjoon's face. "Hey, are you really okay? Do you need to talk or anything?" Not that this is their first time fooling around, but sometimes Namjoon digests things a little differently, and they're happy to accommodate that.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Really!" he adds when Hoseok pouts. "I just hope you understand, both of you, that— I am grateful. For this, and just for you both in general."

"Holy shit, he's trying to make us cry," Yoongi says, but his grin is soft, and Hoseok's chest squeezes at the sight of Yoongi reaching out to hold both of Namjoon's hands. Namjoon takes them, and lets Yoongi haul him up from the couch, and then he's being pulled into a tight hug.

Hoseok considers stepping out — maybe this is a moment Namjoon and Yoongi need to have alone — but then Yoongi is flailing his hand out, reaching for Hoseok's arm. "You too, Hoseokie."

And so Hoseok finds himself in a kind-of-awkward, kind-of-lovely group hug. It is for sure up there with one of his weirdest post-sex experiences, but Namjoon looks more content now, so it's worth it. Hoseok admires Yoongi for always knowing what will and won't help.

"Just wait until we teach you how to suck cock," Yoongi says, and Hoseok giggles.

"I did not ask to be taught that."

"No, but you will." In the tone of voice Yoongi uses, it almost sounds like a threat. Namjoon narrows his eyes, but he doesn't disagree.

"In your own time," Hoseok tells Namjoon cheerfully, and then they pull away from the hug, Hoseok bursting into laughter again when he sees the disgusted look Yoongi gives his Shooky pillow on the floor.

Chapter Text

The problem is, Jungkook doesn't even remember why Jimin stole his phone in the first place, or why it's so important he gets it back. There's nothing on there Jimin hasn't seen before — not that he wants any of his hyungs to go through his search history or find out about his 4 a.m. binge-watching various bun recipe videos — and he always stays logged out of social media unless he's planning on posting something, so Jimin hopefully won't tweet the close-up photo of Jungkook's nipple he took an hour ago.

But still, Jimin has his phone, and Jungkook has already chased him around the kitchen and back into his bedroom to get it back.

Jimin dives into Jungkook's bed, giggling. When Jungkook moves to come after him, he launches himself right back up.

"Yah!" Jungkook shouts, watching Jimin stumble around his room, reaching out in panic because Jimin has a tendency to trip when he's drunk. Jimin darts away, phone clutched to his chest, shrieking out more laughter when Jungkook tries to grab for it. "Would you just give it back—"

Jungkook, even with his limbs feeling sluggish, somehow manages to catch Jimin around the waist on the way to the door. Jimin squirms but is no match for Jungkook's arm strength, and Jungkook lifts him up just to dump him on the bed, climbing on after him.

Jimin throws his head back with his laughter. His hair is honestly a mess, his cheeks are flushed, his t-shirt is riding up, and his belly is soft from the big dinner they had. Jungkook doesn't know why he notices these things, but he does, his voice lower than usual when he leans down to say, "I caught you, Jimin-ssi."


"You still have my phone!"

"Mmm, my phone now~" Jimin sings, smiling when Jungkook cages him in with his arms, leaning down close enough over Jimin that his long hair brushes Jimin's forehead. He thinks he even had it up in a ponytail earlier, but Jimin pulled that out at some point. God, Jimin really must be on some kind of mischievous mission with Jungkook tonight that only he knows about.

"Jimin-ssi," Jungkook says again, until Jimin meets his gaze. "I caught you."

Jimin pouts. "Now let me go."

Jungkook doesn't know why he says it. He doesn't know a lot of things tonight, it seems, including why the pink flush across Jimin's cheeks makes his stomach flutter, or why the way Jimin drags his tongue over his bottom lip turns that fluttering into a hot tug.

All Jungkook knows is that he opens his mouth and says, "I can't let you go until I punish you," and then grabs at Jimin's hips, manhandles him until Jimin is flipped over onto his stomach underneath Jungkook.

Jimin gasps out a surprised laugh. "Jungkookie—"

"Quiet," Jungkook says, and oh, why does he blush when he says that? Why does Jimin actually go quiet beneath him? Why does everything suddenly feel tense in a way it didn't two minutes ago?

Jungkook swallows, shifting to his knees on the bed and fighting through the warm haze in his mind. "Hyung. I—I don't have to—"

"Hurry up and do it," Jimin says with a whine. Jungkook wonders if Jimin has any idea what Jungkook's questionable mind is even currently fixated on. 

"Yeah, okay, stay still," Jungkook murmurs. He considers pulling Jimin's shorts down, thinks Jimin would even let him, but that feels like crossing a line Jungkook wouldn't want to cross while drunk.

"You're taking too long," Jimin complains, and Jungkook brings his hand down with a dull smack over the curve of Jimin's ass.

It's not a hard hit. Jungkook has a difficult time being anything other than gentle with Jimin, but Jimin barely reacts, and Jungkook's eyebrows furrow.

"Give me my phone back and I'll stop," Jungkook says, giving Jimin an out. Jimin wiggles his ass and says, "nuh uh."

The overly warm tightness is back in Jungkook's belly, but he ignores it, brings his hand down a little harder over Jimin's ass, and firmly Does Not notice the way the flesh moves under the force of the smack, Does Not notice the way Jimin's hips shift and his back arches, lifting his ass a little higher.

"What, are you enjoying this?" Jungkook's voice is a low mumble, not expecting Jimin to even hear him until he gets a soft "yeah" in response.

Jimin's hips shift again, and Jungkook— he's been in that position before, embarrassingly. Either drunk or sleepy, absently humping the bed, sometimes hoping to get away with it even with the others around and (also embarrassingly) usually failing to.

Jimin is almost definitely hard, which makes zero sense, but is also somehow really hot.

"Ah, I'm done," Jungkook says, moving away from Jimin, shaking out his hair and hoping he can pass the heat in his face off as an alcohol flush and not an embarrassed one. "Do you want to go wash up first?"

"Done?" Jimin rolls back over onto his back, shorts slightly tented by the shape of his cock, and Jungkook feels another hot tug deep in his belly. This is shameless, even for Jimin.

"Yeah, we're done. C'mon, get up."

Jimin is dead weight as Jungkook drags him to sit up, tilting his head back and smiling at Jungkook, but at least it gives Jungkook the chance to grab his phone back.

"Wait, why did I have your phone again?" Jimin asks, frowning.

Jungkook's face scrunches up when he laughs.



It's three days before Jimin brings it up again, and honestly, after three days Jungkook has mostly forgotten about it. Or at least accepted that it's something he should be trying to forget, because of how his stomach twists when he thinks about Jimin soft and happy under him on his bed, Jimin fine with being spanked, Jimin hard...

Okay, maybe 'mostly forgotten about it' is an exaggeration. But he is, at least, not expecting Jimin to shuffle into his room and say, "I'm sorry about Saturday night."

Jungkook blinks. "Um, for what?"

"You know..."

"For my phone? I mean, you didn't post my nipple anywhere, so I don't care," he says with a grin. Jimin did text the picture to himself, which is really weird and maybe something Jungkook should've questioned at the time, but then again all the members have way worse photos of him than that.

"Nooo." Jimin pouts, which is a little at odds with how serious he looks right now. "For making you uncomfortable. I'm sorry. I usually don't— I wasn't thinking. And you were drunk, that wasn't fair to you."

Jungkook is lost. "What? You were drunk too, what are you— I have no idea what you're talking about. The chasing? When you bit me?"

Jimin opens his mouth, and then closes it. His eyes widen a little. "I bit you?"

"Hyung, come here," Jungkook whines, patting his bed and closing his laptop, setting it on his bedside table so it's out of the way. "What is it?"

"When I asked you to spank me."

"Oh, but." The heat is already back in Jungkook's stomach, twisting and heavy. "You didn't. Ask. It was sort of my idea."

"But why would you do that if I didn't ask? It's not like you know I'm into it."

Jungkook's eyes widen, his face flushing so fast it's unfair. "Ahh, what? You—"

"Well, yeah. I jerked off right next to you before we fell asleep..."

Jungkook covers his ears with his hands, stuck somewhere between embarrassment and panic. "Wait, wait, when did this happen? Was I already asleep?"

"Oh, maybe." Jimin finally looks like he's starting to regret bringing this up. Jungkook probably looks like a tomato. "Fuck."

"Wow, fuck," Jungkook agrees, and that at least gets Jimin to laugh. "So you're sorry for getting off on spanking."

Jimin drops his face into his hands. His ears are starting to blush red now too. "I thought for sure you were still awake when I was jerking off. Jungkook-ah, this is awful."

"It's not even, like, top five most embarrassing things you've done," Jungkook says, trying to be helpful, but Jimin just squawks and hits him. "Tell me I'm wrong!"

"So you're not secretly mad at me or grossed out? You've been a little distant the past couple of days."

Jungkook feels guilt stir in his stomach. He was hoping Jimin wouldn't notice. "It's not like that, I just, ah. I felt weird."

"So I did traumatize you!" Jimin yells, hitting Jungkook again. Jungkook flinches away, pouting, because he definitely did not deserve that hit, however weak it was.

"No, not like that, just." Jungkook groans, turning away from Jimin. "What do you want me to say? I found it hot that you were into being spanked?"

"Did you?" Jimin's voice is soft, no trace of amusement anymore.

"I mean. Yeah."

"Oh." There's a hand on his arm, and Jungkook looks back at Jimin, his breath catching at the open desire on Jimin's face. Just like that? "Jungkook-ah."

"Hyung," Jungkook answers weakly.

"You can say no."

Jungkook smiles, knows it must look a little crooked. "You haven't even asked yet. And I'm not going to say no."

"Ah, who is this confident Jungkookie?"

"Who is this shameless hyung?" Jungkook shoots back, moving closer to Jimin, leaning over him until Jimin starts to lean back. "You want me to spank you."


"And touch you? Get you off?"

Jimin's throat bobs with a swallow. "Yes."

Jungkook bites at his lip, considering. "If you tell me to stop, I will. Is that okay?"

"Oh, yeah, that's fine. I just, the reason I want it— don't laugh at me."

"Literally whatever you're about to say, I won't laugh." Jungkook is so serious. Jimin could confess he's into something weird and Jungkook would just get harder

"I like the way it feels. I like feeling... don't laugh!"

"I'm not laughing!" Jungkook insists. He does smile, but only because Jimin is being really endearing. "Tell me. You already know all my secrets."

"That's true," Jimin says, smiling his own little smile. "Okay. I like feeling like I've been naughty. So it's not about me telling you to stop but wanting you to keep going. I—I want to take the punishment like I should."

"And after you take your spanking," Jungkook says, watching the way Jimin's fingers curl into the sheets when Jungkook speaks, "you deserve to be rewarded, right?"


"Good. Cool." Jungkook isn't sure if he's giddy or nervous, but it's probably both, and neither are making him any less aroused. "Over my lap?"

"Wait, wait, let me lock your door," Jimin says in a rush, moving off the bed to do that. Jungkook moves his box of tissues a little closer to where he's going to sit on the edge of the mattress, and Jimin notices and laughs.

"This is so awkward. Don't be awkward when you spank me, okay? Just do it." Jimin stops in front of Jungkook, tilts his head expectantly, and Jungkook grabs Jimin by the hips. It always sends a hot little thrill through him, even when he's not actively looking at Jimin like a sexual object, that his hands are so big on Jimin. That Jimin is so slender, powerful but still undoubtedly small.

"Take your pants and underwear off and get over my lap," Jungkook says in a low voice, dropping his hands away from Jimin to roll the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. He doesn't miss the way Jimin stares, the heat in his gaze. That's never been a secret, that Jimin loves tattoos, loves lying in bed with Jungkook when he's shirtless and tracing over his ink with gentle, reverent touches.

He slides the hairband off his wrist to put his hair up, too, but Jimin beats him to it, fingers stroking through Jungkook's long hair and then gathering most of it up into a high ponytail, stepping back when he's satisfied with his work. Jungkook smiles gratefully.

When Jimin finally undresses, it's without much shyness, not that he has anything to be shy about. He isn't really hard yet, but Jungkook kind of likes the idea of feeling Jimin get hard over his lap, knowing it's because of something he's doing.

Jimin takes off his shirt too as an afterthought, and then, with a tug on his wrist from Jungkook, Jimin actually does settle over his lap.

"Holy shit," Jungkook swears, completely unprepared for just what it would be like to be staring down at Jimin's bare ass on his lap, round and pale and so stupidly big compared to his small waist. "I can't believe you like getting spanked," he mutters in disbelief.


"No, I mean." Jungkook shakes his head before realizing Jimin can't see him. "Your ass is literally perfect for it. I can't believe it, because it seems too good to be true. Do you want to count for me?"

Jimin squirms, maybe trying to get more comfortable, upper body propped up by his elbows on the mattress. Jungkook spreads his legs a little wider so Jimin's torso is over his lap, his cock just nudging the outer part of Jungkook's thigh. Jungkook is so glad he's wearing shorts, so he can feel the heat of it against his bare skin.

"Yeah, I'll count."

"Good boy," Jungkook says, and Jimin huffs out a laugh, but he doesn't scold Jungkook for that. Jungkook takes it as a win.

Jungkook slides his palm over Jimin's ass first, just to confirm the skin is as soft as it looks, that there's more give to the flesh here than he would expect from someone as muscular as Jimin. He stays away from the temptation to spread Jimin's cheeks or dip his fingers between, since they didn't discuss that, but Jimin must sense the hesitation because he says, "Okay, ah, before you start."

Jungkook freezes. "Yeah?"

"You can... nothing is off limits. Down there."

Jungkook's face is so hot, suddenly, it feels like he's overheating. "Hyung, please be more specific."

"Why is it so embarrassing to say these things around you," Jimin whines into his hands. "I want you to jerk me off after. You know that already. But you can touch my ass, too."

"I am touching it."

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin groans in frustration. "You know what I mean!"

Jungkook takes pity on Jimin, maybe partly because his own embarrassment is close to setting him on fire, and gently brushes his fingers between Jimin's cheeks. He breathes out shakily, and then presses over Jimin's hole with the pad of his thumb. "You mean here."

Jimin's voice is somehow already more hoarse when he replies, "Yes. But only just— to touch. This is still about spanking, right?"

"Right," Jungkook agrees, and then without any warning, he brings his hand down over Jimin's ass with a loud smack.

Jimin yelps, a startled ah! as his whole body jolts from the slap.

Jungkook can't pretend it isn't satisfying, seeing Jimin's reaction, his hand meeting bare skin (not for the first time ever, since they've all spanked each other a lot, but definitely the first time in a sexual context like this).

Jungkook licks his lips, and says, "Aren't you supposed to be counting for me?"

"Okay, okay. One," Jimin says, and Jungkook doesn't wait more than a couple seconds before spanking Jimin again, this time on the other cheek. He's not using anywhere near his full strength, but he'd rather play it safe and have Jimin ask him for it harder than go too hard to start out.

(Actually, maybe having Jimin ask for it harder is just inviting danger when Jungkook already isn't sure how long he'll be able to hide his own arousal. He didn't think this through.)


Jungkook gets to six, alternating which cheek he hits, carefully watching Jimin's reactions, the way he startles but doesn't try to shy away from the spanking. If anything, he might be lifting his ass up higher. Jungkook pets his hand over the skin, now warmed-pink, and asks, "Is this okay?"

Jimin hums. He turns his head and his face is flushed, bottom lip a little swollen like he's been biting it. Maybe that's why he hasn't been louder. "Keep going, it's good. You can hit harder."

"I thought you might ask that," Jungkook mutters. "I'll go harder if you stop holding back your noises."

Jimin turns away again. "That's embarrassing."

"It's not, it's hot, I want to hear. Do you want to keep counting?"

"Actually, ah, no. Just keep going? I'll tell you when it's too much."

"Okay," Jungkook agrees, but he knows he'll probably keep counting in his head anyway. He doesn't have a lot of experience with extended spanking as an actual, legitimate punishment, but anything over 50 feels like too much. For their first time, anyway. "Hey, do you want to call me hyung?"

"Fuck you," Jimin says with a laugh, and Jungkook pouts a little. It was worth a try.

"Alright, Jimin-ssi." That earns him another laugh from Jimin and he can't resist bringing his hand down right away, just to hear how it turns into a gasp. It is an unexpectedly beautiful sound, Jimin laughing one second and then gasping out a breathy noise that could almost be a moan the next.

Jungkook spanks Jimin right at the top of where his ass curves, and a little lower close to his thighs, and goes back and forth on his cheeks. Jimin's skin starts to turn a darker pink, mottled handprints standing out on his normally pale ass, and after about 20 hits, Jimin spreads his legs, keeping one up on the mattress and letting his other leg stretch out until his toes touch the floor.

His cheeks are slightly spread apart in this position, and his cock now rests over the top of Jungkook's thigh. Jungkook desperately wants to know if Jimin's hard, because, well— it feels like it. Feels like it's gotten bigger, and hotter. It makes it even harder for Jungkook to ignore his own arousal, straining in his shorts, the heat a tight knot in his stomach.

Jungkook continues spanking, sometimes hitting a few times before switching to the other side. He leaves his hand in place, too, cupping Jimin's ass after he makes contact with Jimin's skin, to the point where he realizes Jimin is pressing back and up with each hit, anticipating them.

Around thirty hits, Jimin has stopped trying to control his moans. His hips don't stop moving, shifting forward to rub himself over Jungkook's thigh, leaving a wet trail of pre-come. Jungkook rests his left arm over the back of Jimin's shoulders, holding him down, only speaking up because Jimin is starting to tremble.

"You're doing so well for me, hyung, is this still okay?"

"Just—" Jimin's voice comes out rough, low and raspy. "Six or seven more? But hard. Please make them hard."

"You're not hurting too bad, baby?" The pet name slips out, but Jimin makes a soft sound, shakes his head.

"No, no, it's good. It aches so good. Do those, and then— it won't take me much to come, after that."

"Okay, good boy," Jungkook says, carding the fingers of his left hand through Jimin's hair, showing him affection because he can't not, with Jimin so vulnerable for him like this. Jimin tilts his head back into the touch, and Jungkook can see how his lips part, his eyes flutter shut.

Seven more. Jungkook can do seven more. His hand stings like hell, but it's still nothing compared to the heat from Jimin's red ass whenever his palm even just gets near it. 

Jimin's moans get breathier with each hard spank, and it's not long before they become cries, before he's grinding himself over Jungkook's thigh and panting, shoulders tense, balls drawn up tight underneath him.

Jungkook only has two more spanks left when he slips his fingers between Jimin's cheeks, strokes over his hole with dry touches, feeling Jimin shudder hard over his lap.

"Ah, Jungkook—"

"Do you think you could hold yourself open for me for the last two hits, baby? So I can spank right over your hole?"

Jimin whines and reaches back, fingers digging into his own sore cheeks, arching his back and spreading himself open like Jungkook asked. It's obscene. It's more than obscene, the way the muscle clenches in the anticipation, the way Jimin's cock is so wet over his thigh. Jungkook's own dick throbs, neglected, but he wants to make Jimin come even more than he wants to touch himself.

Jungkook doesn't hit as hard, but he isn't gentle, either, when he brings his hand down over Jimin's hole. Jimin's moan is broken and needy, his breathing so heavy. When Jungkook spanks him a final time, he leaves his hand where it is, presses one finger up against Jimin's hole and asks in a hoarse voice, "Can you get off by rubbing on my thigh?"

"Yes, yes," Jimin pants, hips already pushing, his breaths coming out shaky, broken up by moans. "Jungkook, Jungkookie—"

"That's it, baby, you did so well. Come on, come for me."

It takes Jimin another few seconds, but Jungkook can feel the hard clench of the ring of muscle beneath his finger, can feel the way Jimin's whole body tenses up just before his orgasm hits him. Jimin rides it out with slow pushes of his hips, grinding his cock over Jungkook's thigh as it pulses and spills, rubbing himself until he starts to shiver with oversensitivity and goes pliant over Jungkook's lap.

Jungkook moves his hand from Jimin's ass to his back, petting him there as he comes down. Jimin is— he's beautiful, like this, exposed and shameless and red all over, from the marks on his ass to the flush that spreads out from the back of his neck. Jungkook, not for the first time, desperately wants to kiss him all over. "Are you okay?"

Jimin hums, turns his head to give Jungkook a heavy and deeply satisfied look. "That was good."


"You were really good at— all of that. Wow. I think I got come on your bed."

"Yeah, I think you did too, I'm trying not to focus on that right now though," Jungkook says wryly. "You're really okay? Do you want me to get some lotion or aloe or something?"

"Ah, maybe, just. Can we cuddle first? I feel all fuzzy and clingy."

Alarm bells go off a bit at the word 'fuzzy' but Jimin must see the concern on Jungkook's face when he lies down, pulls Jimin up against his side and slides an arm around him.

"It's not bad, it's nothing like that, I'm just a little overwhelmed."

"Hyung," Jungkook whines, "this is serious stuff, promise you'll tell me if you need anything else."

Jimin smiles, and with that air of satisfaction around him, it really looks like he's glowing. "I know. I promise. Just wanna cuddle my wonderful Jungkookie."

Jungkook's face scrunches. Jimin laughs, and rests his cheek over Jungkook's chest.

"I mean it. Ah, can you cuddle me after I jerk off from now on too? This is so nice. Oh!" Jimin sits up and stares straight down at Jungkook's lap. Jungkook thinks he might be looking at the come smeared over his thigh until Jimin says, "Do you need a hand?"

Jungkook almost bursts into laughter at the sincere way Jimin asks. "If I'm still hard in five minutes, maybe. But right now I'm good with cuddling. Hyung. You're really not in too much pain?"

Jimin smiles sheepishly. "I might have to be careful about sitting down tomorrow. But I'm good. It was exactly what I wanted. When I finally came, it was like—like the heat and the pain were all building to that the whole time? It was really good." Jimin shivers again, and Jungkook rubs up and down his arm. "Ah, you really are the best. I'm still sorry I jerked off next to you in bed, though."

Jungkook snorts. "It's fine. Really. And, um, if you ever want to do this again—"

"There's a lot I want to do with you, actually," Jimin says in a low voice, leaning in closer over Jungkook's chest, eyes glittering dangerously. "But this was a good start."

"Great," Jungkook chokes out, and Jimin buries his giggles against the base of Jungkook's throat, presses a kiss there before turning his head again and sighing happily.

Jungkook thinks he is definitely still going to be hard in five minutes, but that's okay. His chest feels warm, light and pleased from doing this for Jimin, knowing Jimin trusts him and wants more. And maybe some of that smugness shows on his face, because Jimin pinches his nipple and says in a voice full of laughter, "Hey, behave."

Chapter Text


"This is Jungkook," Seokjin says, and from the way Jungkook smiles, even as he bows politely, Namjoon knows. Jungkook's smile is toothy and his eyes are bright, big, his face almost too handsome, too sweet. Namjoon knows this young alpha will agree to his mate's idea even though Seokjin hasn't asked yet, and the heat of excitement stirs at the thought.

"Nice to meet you," Namjoon says with a smile, and thinks, Damn, Jin knows how to pick them.



Which is why Namjoon is unsurprised, later that night, when he's helping Seokjin make dinner and his mate says, "So I asked Jungkook if he'd like to fuck me."

Namjoon hums, sliding an arm around Seokjin's waist. "Was he surprised?"

"I wish you could've seen how big his eyes got. It was ridiculous. Since you didn't introduce yourself as my mate, he continued to hit on me—"

"And you shocked him with the cuckold request purely for the drama of it. God, why is that so sexy?"

Seokjin laughs, his shoulders shaking with it. "He agreed, after I explained."

"I knew he would."

"Mmm." Seokjin brings up a spoon to Namjoon's lips, and Namjoon blows on it before tasting the stew. "Good?"

"Delicious," Namjoon says, the sincerity in his voice making Seokjin puff up cutely with pride. "Tell me more about Jungkook."

"He's 23, he just graduated, and he—" Namjoon starts to kiss Seokjin's neck, and his breath hitches before he continues. "Oh, he said he's never been with an omega before."

"You believe him?"

"I mean, he was coming on to me pretty strong, it's a weird thing to lie about if you're trying to appear confident. Ah, Namjoon-ah, please—"

"I know, I know, not while cooking," Namjoon sighs, reluctantly dragging his mouth away from his mate's scent gland. "So how hard are you going to get off on being his first?"

"It's not like that," Seokjin says, but his ears are starting to blush already, which means it is like that. 

"Did you set a time yet?"

"Mm, this Saturday. I told him to get tested and he already had photos of his paperwork ready. I think maybe he was expecting to find someone to hook up with."

"Cute," Namjoon says, remembering Jungkook's handsome smile, his wide eyes. "Has he ever been with an alpha before?"

Seokjin turns just to fix him with a stern look. "Namjoon-ah. You were the one who brought up this kink to begin with. You were the one who just wanted to watch, and then fuck me after."

"But that was before I saw him. You didn't have to pick the cutest alpha you could find." Namjoon can't explain it, but something about that first meeting, the bright look in Jungkook's eyes, won't leave him alone. He thinks Jungkook probably has a cocky streak, which is perfect for what they've invited him to do, but it riles up Namjoon's alpha in a way he wasn't prepared for.

He'll get off watching Jungkook fuck his mate, of course, likes the idea of being forced to watch while someone else satisfies him. They've tried other things together, Seokjin taking control or saying things to humiliate him, and Namjoon loves being forced to submit to his omega, loves the shame and desperation.

And yet his brain won't shut up about fucking Jungkook.

"You're unbelievable," Seokjin mumbles, but it's not a no. "I don't know if he's been with an alpha before. Do you want to discuss it with him before he comes over?"

"No, no, I'm just being greedy," Namjoon admits. "I can control myself. You deserve to have all of his attention."

"Mm, I do," Seokjin agrees, smiling so it scrunches his eyes. Namjoon leans in to kiss his cheek, and sneaks in another nuzzle of Seokjin's scent gland — the conversation has turned him on a little, and the scent of his arousal is so sweet — before he's being pushed away.



Jungkook shows up five minutes earlier than he's expected to on Saturday, and Namjoon is the one to answer the door, noting the look of surprise on Jungkook's face that quickly smooths into a smile.

"Hello, Namjoon-ssi." He's dressed as nicely as he was at the club, a dress shirt with the top few buttons undone, black slacks, his dark hair styled slightly off to the side to expose his forehead and gold hoop earrings in. He might even be wearing a little bit of makeup, but thankfully Seokjin already asked him to not wear any cologne.

He smells good, for an alpha, his warm scent already tinged with traces of arousal.

"Come on in, Jungkook," Namjoon says with a smile. He has no intention of trying to intimidate Jungkook, but he does feel his alpha instincts stir, confusingly not wanting to put Jungkook in his place so much as just become familiar with him. Maybe it makes a little sense, since he's trusting Jungkook with his partner. "Do you want some water?"

"Ah, yeah, thank you." He follows Namjoon into the kitchen after taking off his shoes, finally asking, "Where's Seokjin-hyung?"

Hyung already? Namjoon almost wants to laugh, wondering how much they've been texting the past week.

"He's in the shower, but he should be out soon."

"Oh." Jungkook's expression flickers, and Namjoon catches hunger among a few other emotions. "Good, good."

Namjoon smiles again, as gently as he can, when he hands Jungkook a bottle of water. "Just relax. You haven't done this before exactly, right? Any threesomes?"

Jungkook shakes his head, sipping at the water. "No. Just, uh, normal stuff. With betas. You know." His face scrunches, like he's embarrassed by his answer. Namjoon has to consciously suppress his alpha going feral at the idea of being Jungkook's first experience with another alpha.

"Do you want to go over anything before we go meet Jin-hyung in the bedroom?"

Jungkook's teeth worry at his lip for a moment, considering, and then he shakes his head. "No, I remember everything. Safewords, hard limits, all of that. I... might not be as great at the dirty talk, or some of the humiliation stuff, because, well." Jungkook gestures in Namjoon's direction.

Namjoon stares, waiting for Jungkook to elaborate, but he doesn't. "Because of what?"

"Because of how hot you are?" Jungkook says, like it's obvious. His ears are starting to flush pink similar to the way Seokjin's do, and Namjoon feels something like a pang in his chest at how adorable that is. "I'm into the kink, I'm excited to try it, but... what could I possibly say to put you down?" Jungkook laughs nervously. "You look like you're amazing in bed."

"Ah, wow, okay, thank you," Namjoon says with his own awkward laugh, dropping his face into his hands for a moment. "Jungkook-ah, you can call me hyung too. And don't worry about stuff like that. Just do what feels comfortable in the moment, okay? Just avoid the words Jin doesn't like and it'll be fine."

"Yeah, of course," Jungkook quickly agrees, smiling. "This still feels a little surreal, because of how hot you both are."

"We all already agreed to this, you don't need to flatter us."

"I'm serious!" Jungkook says, eyes widening and lips pursing in a little pout. "Don't act modest, I mean, Jin-hyung certainly doesn't."

"Hey," Namjoon says lightly, but Jungkook's eyes go wider.

"I meant it in the sexy way! Shit, can I take that back?"

"You're fine, you're fine," Namjoon says with a laugh. "It's true, anyway, but I love that about him. Speaking of. The shower's stopped, do you want to go get started?"

"Yeah, of course," Jungkook says, and somehow there is no trace of nervousness on him when he hands the water bottle back to Namjoon with a smile. He still looks young, his ears are still a little pink, but he looks confident, too. Sexy, with the way he gazes at Namjoon with his bright eyes, slightly hidden behind a lock of hair that's fallen over his face, with the way his scent takes a dip into something darker, already muskier. 

The change is fascinating. Namjoon wonders if this is the act, or the shy, inexperienced alpha is.

Seokjin is naked when they enter the bedroom together, which Namjoon is expecting, but Jungkook obviously isn't. He freezes, pupils dilating, taking in the sight of Seokjin's tall, muscular body like he's never seen another naked man before.

Seokjin steps forward, and the look he gives Namjoon is so entirely dismissive that Namjoon shivers, arousal already pooling low in his stomach. Although Seokjin's naked body might have something to do with that too.

"You," he tells Namjoon, "go sit in that chair. Don't move from that chair. Understand?"

"Yes," Namjoon says, breathless. He's glad the chair isn't too far from the bed, wants to be able to see as much as he can as he sits up straight, legs spread, waiting to see what Seokjin does.

"You," Seokjin says to Jungkook, smiling a sweet smile and sliding his hand around the back of Jungkook's neck. Namjoon finds it unreasonably hot that Jungkook and Seokjin are nearly the same size. "It's nice to see you. Namjoonie talked to you? You're still okay with everything?"

"Yeah, yes," Jungkook says. He returns Seokjin's smile. "You're really hot, hyung."

"I know," Seokjin says, "but thank you. Thank you for coming over to fuck me, Jungkook-ah. I've been so excited for it all week. Can we get you undressed now?"

"Yeah," Jungkook repeats, licking his lips, and Namjoon watches as his mate begins to undress the younger alpha, starting with the buttons of his shirt.

Jungkook is built. Namjoon isn't surprised, exactly, but Jungkook's chest is broader than he was expecting, his arms big, his abdomen ridiculously toned. He looks good. Namjoon is both grateful and confused that his alpha instincts aren't jealous, but simply enjoying the view, unable to deny he finds Jungkook really attractive.

"Gorgeous," Seokjin says, pushing Jungkook's open shirt off his shoulders, going for his pants next. "So strong and gorgeous for me."

"Ah, you can't say that when you—" Jungkook cuts off, breath hitching when Seokjin starts to yank his pants and underwear down. Jungkook steps out of his pants and Namjoon's attraction gets a little feral again, taking in the sight of Jungkook's tiny waist, his muscular thighs, his thick cock. Holy shit.

"When I?"

"When you're the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen," Jungkook finishes, voice softer, hands sliding up and down Seokjin's arms. "Kissing your neck is still okay?"

"Mmm, just don't bite," Seokjin tells him, and something inside Namjoon burns when Seokjin meets his gaze over Jungkook's shoulder before he's tilting his head to the side, letting Jungkook nuzzle and lick at his scent gland.

Seokjin's honey-sweet scent gets thicker in the air around them, carries a bit of that syrupyness that Namjoon recognizes as Seokjin getting wet.

"Hyung," Jungkook breathes out, kissing across Seokjin's shoulder, sliding a hand between them to start stroking Seokjin's cock. "You smell so good. Do you always smell this good?"

"Do you want to taste, alpha?"

That gets the first little stir of— not quite jealousy, but something, something a little unsettled and hot, hearing his mate address another alpha so intimately. Namjoon grips the arms of the chair and watches them move to the bed, watches Seokjin spread his beautiful legs and Jungkook settle between them, glancing up to Seokjin for permission before continuing.

"Have you ever eaten out an omega before?" Seokjin asks breathlessly, already knowing the answer. Jungkook shakes his head, kisses his way down the inside of Seokjin's thighs before his head nearly disappears from Namjoon's sight.

Namjoon doesn't have to see it, because he can hear it. Can hear the wet sounds when Jungkook licks and sucks, can see from the way Seokjin tips his head back in pleasure that Jungkook is doing well. Namjoon thinks, Next time I want to taste Seokjin on Jungkook's tongue, and then mentally scolds himself, because that's not what this is about.

Seokjin's hands find their way to Jungkook's hair, his legs drawing up so Namjoon gets a glimpse of Jungkook's face, watches the younger alpha fuck his tongue into Seokjin's hole.

"That's it, Jungkookie, so good. You make me feel so good. Getting me ready for your big cock? Are you going to show me how a real alpha fucks?"

And oh, there it is, the urge to growl. Not angry, or entirely possessive, but just wanting, wanting to be the one getting the privilege of fucking Seokjin, wanting to satisfy him. Namjoon swallows around the lump in his throat and stares at the slick glistening around Jungkook's lips before he ducks his head back down, starts kissing up Seokjin's stomach, up his chest.

"Do you need fingers?" Jungkook asks in a low voice. He's holding himself up above Seokjin's body and his muscles are tense, his cock a swollen, heavy thing between their bodies. Namjoon, in a moment of pettiness, is relieved it's not actually bigger than his own.

"No, I got ready in the shower thinking about you."

"Yeah?" Jungkook is smirking, eyelids heavy as he leans in to capture Seokjin's lips in a slow kiss, and Namjoon lets out a shaky breath.

They look good together. They look really good together.

"Want you inside me now," Seokjin says, fingers sinking back into Jungkook's hair and grabbing, tilting his head, lips trailing across Jungkook's jawline. "I need an alpha that knows how to fuck me. Can you do that, Jungkookie? Can you fuck me hard and fast, until I come?"

"Yes, yes," Jungkook pants, and for whatever reason, he chooses that moment to look over and meet Namjoon's eyes.

Namjoon swallows. Jungkook's gaze is dark with want, his lips still wet, his shoulders tense. He is incredibly hot, and Namjoon feels a sudden and hard tug, deep in his stomach, feels the sudden clawing need to go kiss Jungkook. To touch him. To bury his knot inside the alpha and make him take it until he's begging to come.

Jungkook blinks, eyes widening before he turns away, and when Seokjin looks over at Namjoon, there's a question in his eyes. Probably along the lines of, What are you up to over there?

Namjoon just nods, and that seems to satisfy Seokjin. The room is thick with the scents of their arousal, but somehow Jungkook's stands out the most, richer than Namjoon would expect it to be.

Jungkook kisses Seokjin once more, wet and open, and then settles on the bed between Seokjin's thighs, lining himself up.

"That's it, c'mon, fill me up," Seokjin babbles, and Namjoon is— relieved, actually, that his mate is so into this, that his scent is genuine and eager, that his cock is hard over his belly. "Ah, ah."

Jungkook's eyes are trained on Seokjin's face as he pushes inside, hips stopping when they meet Seokjin's ass, and Namjoon almost smiles at the shaky breath Jungkook lets out. He's been there. He gets it.

"You're so— you're so fucking wet, god. So hot and tight inside. Are you sure your mate has been fucking you like he should?" Jungkook asks, rolling his hips forward, and heat rushes into Namjoon's belly. "Has he even been satisfying you, hyung?"

"Are you going to do better?" Seokjin shoots back, and Jungkook nods (Adorable, Namjoon thinks) and starts to fuck into Seokjin with more force behind his thrusts.

Seokjin moans, not fake by any means but Namjoon knows he can be louder. He watches Seokjin's face, and almost laughs when Seokjin suddenly meets his eyes and winks.

God, Namjoon loves him a lot.

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says, lifting his legs until Jungkook takes the hint and hooks his arms underneath them, getting Seokjin's thighs higher, his ass tilting higher as well. "You're doing so well, does it feel good?"

"Of course, what, ah, what can I do? What do you need, baby?"

Namjoon should be smiling to himself at the pet name. Instead, his cock jerks in his sweatpants.

"Harder, and fuck me a little— up, just like that, oh. Keep doing it like that, okay? I want your knot soon."

"Fuck," Jungkook swears, and Namjoon feels that. Vaguely recalls his first time with an omega, the heat and the wet and the instincts screaming to bury his knot as deep as it can go. He's sure Jungkook has more self-control than that, but that urge never quite goes away. 

Jungkook fucks Seokjin like that, wet and loud and accompanied by their heavy breathing, by Seokjin's gasps and moans, Jungkook's softer, overwhelmed groans. It doesn't take Seokjin long to get loud and Namjoon realizes Jungkook must be hitting his prostate now.

"Don't stop," Seokjin gasps.

"Fuck, are you sure, it's— my knot, I have to—"

"Don't you dare stop," Seokjin says, and in that tone of voice, Namjoon knows Jungkook has no choice but to obey. "I need your knot, Jungkookie. I can take it, I want it, want you to fill me with your come, okay?"

"Oh fuck, yes, okay," Jungkook breathes out.

With Seokjin's legs nearly over Jungkook's shoulders, Namjoon can see the swollen base of Jungkook's cock, can just make out how Seokjin's hole stretches to accommodate it, letting Jungkook in.

"Fuck, baby, you're so tight," Jungkook growls, grinding his hips deep, reaching down to circle his fingers around Seokjin's cock. "I can feel you gushing and squeezing around my knot, you like it that much?"

"Yes, yes," Seokjin gasps. He throws his head back, hands grabbing at the sheets, throat glistening with sweat. He looks stunning in a way Namjoon doesn't entirely appreciate when it's his knot being milked by his mate's tight ass. Namjoon does growl this time, and Seokjin opens his eyes, gives Namjoon a hazy smile.

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says, "going to come inside me now? Fill me up?"

"Want you to come on my cock first." Jungkook's voice is almost a whine, and Namjoon watches and notices Seokjin's tells — hitching breath, heaving chest, his toes curling. Jungkook's hand speeds up between them, and Namjoon swears he feels it in his gut when Seokjin comes with a drawn-out moan.

Jungkook comes almost immediately after with a whimper, hips twisting in a slow grind as he works his knot inside Seokjin. Seokjin shivers with aftershocks, and Jungkook eases his legs down, leans over Seokjin's body to nuzzle at his neck.

Something about the way Jungkook seeks affection as they come down from their orgasms strikes Namjoon as needy, makes him ache not with jealousy but to be on the bed with them, giving them both comfort.

And then a deeper, guiltier part of him desperately wants to fuck Jungkook's seed out of his mate, replace it with his own.

"Namjoon-ah," Seokjin says in a hoarse voice, and, embarrassingly, Namjoon's cock twitches. "Come over here. Jungkookie, is it okay if he comes over?"

Jungkook hums and nuzzles at Seokjin's throat. There's a burst of scent, but surprisingly, it's not from Seokjin.

Namjoon is honestly surprised it took him this long to realize it.

He gets up and moves over to the bed, stroking a hand down Jungkook's sweaty back, and then back up to give the back of his neck a hard squeeze. Jungkook moans, and Seokjin's eyes widen.

"Jungkook, are you going into rut?"

Jungkook huffs out a sigh. His hips shift, and Namjoon can't help but stare down at his ass, at all the perfectly shaped muscle of his body. "It's just pre-rut, I promise. I didn't think I'd be so affected."

"You should've told us, sweetheart. Namjoonie gets so sensitive and emotional before his rut, are you the same?"

"Um, excuse me," Namjoon says, but Seokjin shoots him a look that says Shut up.

"I don't know, I don't feel bad or anything. You just smell so, so good. Namjoon-hyung smells good too. Can I stay on the bed when he fucks you?"

Seokjin huffs out a laugh. "I... I don't see why not. Are you okay with that?" Seokjin is addressing Namjoon now, his face full of concern.

"I'm really okay with that. For whatever reason, he isn't riling up my instincts at all."

"It's because you find me really cute, hyung," Jungkook says with a cheeky smile, and Namjoon squeezes the back of his neck again, watches Jungkook's lips part with a soft sound before he goes pliant.

"How's your knot?"

"Almost there," Jungkook says, hips wiggling again. He gasps, suddenly, and lifts his head from Seokjin's shoulder. "You squeezing like that is just going to get me hard again, just so you know."

"Oops," Seokjin says without a single trace of remorse. Namjoon laughs, and then undresses.

When Jungkook's knot has finally shrunk enough for him to slip out, Namjoon checks with Seokjin for permission and then pushes right inside. He can immediately feel how much wetter it is, and his instincts flare up, the pleasure building up so much faster than usual when he starts to thrust.

"That's it, so good," Seokjin sighs, absently stroking his own cock, legs wide as Namjoon fucks into him. Jungkook watches them with sleepy but interested eyes, his scent still thick enough that somewhere in the back of his mind Namjoon worries about waking up in the morning to an alpha in full rut. But he'll deal with that if it happens.

It doesn't take Namjoon long to come, for as long as he's been hard. He shoves his knot deep and grinds, feels the squeeze and flutter of Seokjin drawing out his own orgasm, coming for a second time that night. Jungkook kisses at his jaw, nuzzles into his hair, and Seokjin's laugh is breathless and beautiful.

"I imagined this being a lot kinkier. How did we end up with an affectionate little alpha again?"

Jungkook pouts and pinches one of Seokjin's nipples. Seokjin tightens up around Namjoon's knot. Interesting.

"Sorry for not calling Namjoon-hyung more names. But I'm really glad you invited me over." Jungkook sighs happily. "You felt fucking amazing around my knot."

"Thank you," Seokjin says with a smile, reaching over to pet through Jungkook's hair. "Feeling good enough to go get us some water, Jungkookie?"

"Yeah, of course! Be right back." Jungkook rolls off the bed and leaves the room butt-naked, both Namjoon and Seokjin fondly watching him go.

Seokjin finally looks up at Namjoon, his smile more smug. Namjoon leans down to kiss him.

"This was still okay for you? I know it's not exactly what we talked about it."

"It was better," Namjoon says truthfully. "But I can't promise if he goes into rut in front of me that I won't try to fuck him, Jin."

Seokjin clenches around his cock again. Also interesting. "We'll deal with that when it happens, okay? I mean, if he's into it, and I have a feeling he might be..."

"Ah, shut up, you're going to kill me," Namjoon groans, kissing Seokjin again, and Seokjin laughs against his mouth.

Chapter Text

There's something Taehyung wants to ask for, but Jimin hasn't figured out what it is yet.

He's known Taehyung long enough now that he can tell the moment he enters Taehyung's bedroom, from the tension in his shoulders and the crookedness of his smile and the way he pats down his hair in back. There's something he wants, that he's nervous about, and he won't fully relax until he confesses.

Jimin also knows, though, that it's better to wait for Taehyung to say it instead of forcing it out of him, so Jimin just smiles and climbs onto the bed with him.

"Still want a foot rub?"

This time Taehyung's grin is genuine, and he lifts his legs out from under the covers and wiggles his toes expectantly, waiting as Jimin grabs some lotion.

"You know you could just ask the staff for an appointment for this. I'm sure they'd do a much better job."

"Not possible," Taehyung says with a pout. "Unless you don't want to? You don't have to."

Jimin smiles indulgently down at Taehyung, grabbing his ankle. "No, no, that's not what I meant! Just that they're professionals." Not that Taehyung needs to be told this, when massages are a regular and necessary part of their work lives. Especially ever since they started barefoot rehearsals for Black Swan. "I'll always rub Taehyungie's feet."

"That's because you're the best."

"And the sexiest."

"Well, obviously," Taehyung agrees, biting at his lower lip and looking at Jimin with a new, mischievous brightness behind his eyes. Jimin feels a little rush of warmth from that look and all the things he associates it with, and goes back to focusing on Taehyung's feet.

Taehyung is sensitive but not especially ticklish here, but Jimin still makes sure to keep his touches firm, starting with the bottoms of Taehyung's feet. He pushes upward with his thumbs, gliding easily over skin slippery with lotion but still pressing hard at the sole, up to the ball of his foot, his long toes.

Taehyung starts groaning almost immediately — deep, breathy sounds that fall past his lips, probably as much from the pain as the pleasure. Jimin works at his heels for a while and Taehyung's head drops back until Jimin can just see the long line of his throat, can hear little whimpers and ahh's. 

Jimin can't help smiling every time Taehyung's toes curl.

Jimin keeps rubbing for another fifteen minutes or so, enjoying the way Taehyung's body seems to melt into the mattress, one hand now buried in his own hair and the other grabbing at the blanket underneath him. It's— not exactly sexual, because Jimin would do this for Taehyung no matter what their relationship was like, but he also understands that the relief of having his sore feet massaged gets Taehyung hard, and more often than not Jimin is eager to help him out with that too.

"Taehyung-ah," Jimin says in a low, soothing voice, rubbing gently at Taehyung's slender ankles now. "Do you want to get off?"

Jimin can tell the moment Taehyung's body stiffens. "Ah."



Jimin waits, but Taehyung doesn't say anything else. His cheeks are flushed, but that might be from the massage. "Do you not want to? Talk to me, Tae-Tae."

"I was thinking..." Taehyung starts out, giving Jimin a sideways glance and then staring up at the ceiling, for whatever reason. "About trying something."

"Yeah?" Jimin isn't especially aroused himself, although he suspects he's not that far off. But those words still stir the warmth inside him, making his stomach flutter. "Something new?"

"You can say no," Taehyung says quickly.

"Yeah, I know. But tell me first. Or I'll start guessing."

Taehyung huffs out a laugh. "Okay! It's... probably not surprising, anyway. You know how some people, uh, feet."

"Some people feet?"

"Like them. In a sexy way."

"Oh!" Jimin doesn't mean to shout that, and immediately covers his mouth with his hands, giggling. "Taehyung-ah. That's it?"

Taehyung pouts. "I'm baring my soul to you!"

"Ahhh, my Taehyungie. You're right. It's not surprising. What do you want exactly?" He traces his fingers up the inside of Taehyung's arch, maybe a little seductively, and Taehyung swallows but doesn't look away from Jimin's face.

"Your feet. On me."

Jimin is a little bit surprised by that. Usually he associates Taehyung's foot thing with how he prefers his own feet to be bare, likes to be playful with them, likes when Jimin touches them.


"On my dick."

"Oh, that's." Jimin pictures it, and immediately starts to blush. "Yeah, we can do that. I want that."

Taehyung shivers and sits up, reaches for Jimin. "Come here, you."

Jimin settles his ass down on Taehyung's lap with the confidence of someone who has done so many times before and kisses him happily. It's slow at first, both of them smiling too much to deepen the kiss just yet.

"Hah, I can feel how hard you are," Jimin murmurs between their mouths. "Have you thought about this for a while?"

Taehyung wraps his arms around Jimin's waist and nuzzles at his cheek, kisses him a little harder. Jimin parts his lips for Taehyung and is surprised when Taehyung is the one to groan against his mouth until he remembers he's pretty much sitting on Taehyung's dick.

"A little while, I guess. Your feet are just— so cute. Does that bother you?" Taehyung pulls back, frowning. "I mean it in a good way, I promise."

"No, it doesn't bother me," Jimin reassures him. Taehyung has even called his dick cute in the heat of moment, even though Jimin knows his size is at least average. It doesn't bother him because it's Taehyung, and Taehyung would never say these things to put Jimin down. "Tell me more about what you think about. Is it just, rubbing? Do you like it wet?"

"Oh, I." Taehyung closes his eyes and seems to choose kissing over answering, lips moving with Jimin's, his hands wide and warm where they span across Jimin's lower back. "I'm not sure yet. I just know I want your feet on my dick."

Jimin hums, kisses Taehyung again before answering. "Why does that sound so sexy? Ah, c'mon, get undressed."

Jimin moves off of Taehyung's lap so he can wiggle out of his pajama pants and underwear, his cock already hard over his belly. Jimin licks his lips and then jerks his head up when he hears Taehyung's laugh. "What?"

"Well, go on," Taehyung says with a cocky grin, putting his hands behind his head. "I know that look on your face."

Jimin reaches out to smack Taehyung's bare thigh. "Yah, stop it. I wasn't..."


"Maybe I don't want to."

"Jimin-ah." Taehyung is still smiling. Jimin really can't resist his smile, even when it's too smug like this. It's not just that he looks good, so handsome even dressed down and barefaced like this, relaxed and self-assured. It's just— Jimin is really, stupidly in love with him.

"This is just so we don't have to use lube or lotion, okay?" 

Taehyung rolls his eyes — a brave move for someone about to get his dick sucked — and Jimin leans down over his lap, dragging his tongue up the length of Taehyung's cock without warning just to hear him suck in a sharp breath.

Fingers sink into Jimin's hair but don't tug, just gather it and hold it out of the way since Jimin is overdue for a haircut.

Taehyung's cock is so pretty, flushed dark and long, warm under Jimin's lips with each dragging kiss. When Jimin mouths at the head he feels the fingers in his hair tighten, feels the way Taehyung's body tenses before relaxing again.

Jimin doesn't tease so much as sloppily kiss Taehyung's cock, getting him wet with saliva, never taking him fully into his mouth even though that hot little urge is there. Taehyung moans behind closed lips and doesn't open his eyes until Jimin pulls away.

"Tell me how this feels, okay? Or if you need it— different. I don't know what I'm doing," Jimin admits with a short, nervous laugh, sitting between Taehyung's legs, facing him. It feels a little silly, like they're about to start helping each other stretch, except Taehyung's cock is right there, wet from Jimin's mouth, and Taehyung's gaze is a heated and heavy thing that makes Jimin shiver.

Jimin's feet are already bare, clean from the shower he took earlier. He doesn't have strong feelings about his feet either way, but seeing how pale and small they look as he lifts them to rest on Taehyung's hips stirs something warm and embarrassed deep in the pit of Jimin's belly.

Jimin isn't sure how to start, and Taehyung isn't any help either, just sitting there like he's about to vibrate out of his skin from the anticipation. Cute, but useless. Jimin breathes out and lifts his right foot, rests it over the length of Taehyung's cock, his toes touching just under the head.

"Fuck," Taehyung swears in a low voice, and Jimin licks his lips. He flexes his toes, unsure what will feel good for Taehyung.


"Can you— maybe, like, move it a little?" 

Jimin nods and starts to rub up and down the length of Taehyung's cock with the sole of his foot, slides all the way up over the head and circles lightly before stroking back down.

"It's not too rough?" Jimin asks.

"No, no, your feet are actually so soft, fuck, can you. A little harder?" Taehyung's breathing is already shallow, his face and neck flushed. It's been less than two minutes.

"Taehyung-ah," Jimin says in a deep voice, surprise and fondness. "You like it that much already?"

Taehyung's answer is a soft whine when Jimin presses down firmly, uses the ball of his foot to rub along Taehyung's straining cock. Taehyung doesn't take his eyes off of Jimin's feet. 

"Do you..." Jimin doesn't finish, watching as Taehyung's cock jerks under his foot, as pre-come beads at the tip. Jimin is already turned on, has been for a while, but seeing just how aroused Taehyung is from so little has heat pulsing low in Jimin's belly. "Do you want to try fucking my feet?"

Taehyung moans, head dropping back and cock bobbing again. Jimin pushes it down with his toes and Taehyung makes another garbled noise that has Jimin smiling.

"Yes. I want that. Shit, Jimin, I'm not going to last..."

"That's so hot," Jimin says, pushing aside the urge to tease him. It is hot, anyway, to see someone he has fucked and has been fucked by so undone just by touches from Jimin's feet.

"Your toes are so round and cute, you don't even know," Taehyung whines, and Jimin laughs.

"Poor Taehyungie, ruined by my cute feet." Jimin scoots closer and puts his feet together above Taehyung's stomach, the arches making a space for Taehyung's cock to slide through. As an afterthought, he leans over and spits on Taehyung's cock.

"Ah," Taehyung gasps, and then Jimin is fitting his feet around Taehyung's cock, squeezing it between them as he starts to move up and down. It is obscene, Jimin can admit, to see the swollen head of Taehyung's cock pushing through, the length of it pulsing warm between the soles of his feet.

"That's it, fuck my feet just like that," Jimin tells him, voice too breathy for him to pretend he's not affected as well, from seeing how into this Taehyung is, how he trusts Jimin with this part of himself. Jimin always wants Taehyung to feel good, but there's still something exhilarating about getting to see him so overcome with pleasure like this. "Don't close your eyes, baby, don't you want to see what it looks like when you come all over my feet?"

"Fuck," Taehyung gasps, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he watches, eyes glazed with heat, his hips bucking up from the bed to help push his cock between Jimin's feet.

"Yeah, Taehyungie, come on." Jimin starts to rub himself through his own shorts, his own cock aching for attention. "Just like that."

"It's— ah, 'm close, Jimin—"

Jimin pushes his feet together as tight as he can, toes curling, and Taehyung's whole body goes taut just before he starts to come, gasping, cock spilling wet over Jimin's feet.

Jimin slowly rubs him through it, feet dragging up and down. The heat and mess of Taehyung's come dripping down Jimin's feet stirs something a little wild in him, face flushing hot when he finally reaches into his own shorts to jerk himself off with Taehyung watching.

Taehyung gradually goes soft under his feet and Jimin's toes curl again when he comes over his fist, body hunched over, breath hitching with high, desperate noises. His orgasm rushes through him and leaves him shaky, blinking spots out of his vision.

There's a whimpering sound from Taehyung that makes Jimin's cock twitch. He huffs out a laugh, collapses back on the bed between Taehyung's legs and absently smears the come that got on his toe over Taehyung's hip. Taehyung makes another soft noise but doesn't move to stop Jimin.

"We need to clean this mess up," Jimin finally says, sitting up on his elbows. "Can you reach the tissues?"

"Mm, just hold on—" Taehyung stretches for the box on the bedside table and Jimin uses the distraction to drag his big toe down between Taehyung's legs, underneath his balls, pressing lightly over his hole.

Taehyung's whole body jerks, and Jimin blinks innocently when Taehyung gives him a wide, accusing stare.


"I was just playing," Jimin says, finally pulling his feet away, accepting tissues from Taehyung. He'll still have to change — which is fine, he can borrow something of Taehyung's — but at least he gets most of the mess cleaned up. "How are you?" Jimin asks, crawling closer and avoiding looking down at Taehyung's dick, because something about the way it looks when it goes soft does... something to Jimin's insides, a twisting urge to put his mouth on Taehyung and get him hard again.

"Perfect," Taehyung sighs, arms opening in the universal sign for Jimin to come cuddle. They curl in together, Taehyung nuzzling his face into Jimin's neck, humming. He's a little sweaty, but he still smells nice from his shower, still brushes kisses under Jimin's jaw that make his chest flutter. "The fact you let me try that... It means a lot."

Jimin makes a soft, wounded noise, reaching up to hold Taehyung's chin, making sure Taehyung meets his eyes when he speaks. "It wasn't just letting you, or humoring you, or whatever you're thinking. I was into it too. I wouldn't pretend just for your sake."

"But I would do anything for you. How do I know you're not just being a really generous soulmate?"

Jimin tries very hard not to roll his eyes, because he can't let Taehyung think he's feeling anything other than fondness right now. "It's— not exactly that black and white. It's not something I've fantasized about, but it's also not something dangerous or scary to think about, so I would try it for you. Like you trying dirty talk for me. It doesn't come natural to you, but you don't hate doing it, right?"

Taehyung hums.

"You do it for me. But you get into it, too, I can tell." Jimin grins when Taehyung fakes an innocent look. "That's what this was like for me. It's something we tried together, and it turns out it's really fucking hot and I think I'd like to try it with you again."

Taehyung lets out a little sigh, resting his cheek on Jimin's chest. "How can you say so much and make sense right now, I'm like half-asleep and my brain is mush."

"Because it's important you know that, dummy," Jimin tells him, shivering a little at the way Taehyung rubs at his back. "You know, I just started talking and completely forgot you're not wearing pants."

Taehyung laughs, the sound a giddy and sweet heehee muffled against Jimin's shirt. "Jimin-ah. I love you."

"I love you too. But I'm not letting you fall asleep with just your dick out, that's weird."

Taehyung whines and reluctantly lets go of his koala-hold on Jimin, but not before Jimin cups a hand around the back of his neck and presses a soft kiss to Taehyung's lips.

Chapter Text

"Stop looking so nervous," Taehyung says for the fifth time since they got in line to have their IDs checked, and Jungkook rolls his eyes.

"I'm not nervous. This is just my resting face, and it's not nervous, okay?"

Jimin hides his snickering against Taehyung's arm. Jungkook doesn't appreciate the way he's being singled out. 

Yes, he's the only one out of the three of them who hasn't done this before, when usually it's a rite of passage as soon as you turn 20 to be dragged out by your friends to a maid cafe. Jungkook just didn't really get the appeal, but after losing his virginity to his roommates, he's felt more adventurous. More confident, and interested to try new things (partly due to how kinky his roommates are).

And so here he is, at 22, having his ID checked before walking into the cafe behind Jimin and Taehyung.

The frontmost room is fairly innocuous, with a check-in station and then an actual counter to buy food and drinks. A few people, either staff or maybe people waiting for their partners to show up, sit in chairs and chat with each other. But the main room is only hidden away by some curtains, definitely not soundproof, and Jungkook finds himself already blushing before they get inside.

It's still a cafe, in the sense the main furniture in the room is tables and chairs, and food and drinks are being served. What's not usual, however, are the condoms and lubricant at each table, the sight of dozens of sexual acts taking place between patrons and their waiters or waitresses dressed up in short maid dresses.

Jungkook's eyes must be wide with his embarrassed curiosity because Jimin laughs at him and Taehyung reaches out to ruffle his hair.

"It's a little bit of a culture shock, huh? Good thing we've been training you to be as kinky as we are."

Jungkook coughs out a laugh. "I... don't think that's even possible. But yeah, uh. Wow."

"C'mon, let's sit, Yoongi-hyung will be out in a few minutes and I want him to wait on us first."

Jimin laughs, but it's his soft, fond laugh that is very often directed at Taehyung, and always makes Jungkook feel warm inside too. "You know you can't claim him. It's up to him."

"Yeah, and as soon as he spots us he's going to smile his cute smile and then he'll be ours. I just know it."

"Mm, okay."

Jungkook is only half-listening to them now, glancing at the menu but also sneaking looks at some of the other couples (and throuples, although three is the limit of patrons at a table). There's someone with long pink hair sitting in someone else's lap, a waiter with cat ears on their headband currently on their knees, sucking someone else off, and an overwhelmed, embarrassed kind of heat trickles down Jungkook's spine at the sight of a waiter with very pretty lips currently being held up between two people, taking them both.

"You okay, Jungkookie?" Jimin asks with a knowing smile, and Jungkook ducks his head, nodding. He hopes this Yoongi — who he's never met but has heard plenty about from Taehyung and Jimin — doesn't notice how red his face is. Or at least doesn't tease him for it.

"We should let Jungkookie go first," Taehyung says, and Jungkook lifts his head, starts shaking it.

"No, no, you definitely shouldn't do that—"

"Why not? I don't mind sloppy seconds. Or thirds."

"Sorry, who are you calling sloppy?" A deep voice speaks up, and Jungkook turns in his chair and nearly chokes at the sight of the most beautiful person he's ever seen in his life.

"Yoongi-hyung," Taehyung says in his own deep voice, eyes glittering, his grin wide on his face. "We brought you a present."

Yoongi turns his attention to Jungkook, meeting his wide eyes, and Jungkook suddenly doesn't know what to do with himself. He can't quite remember how words work, or why he needs to use them.

Yoongi is pretty, and not just because of the short dress and bows and frilly headband and knee socks. He has short, dark hair and a cute face, cute nose, cute lips, is wearing a little bit of eye makeup and maybe even lip gloss. His gaze is not submissive or empty or anything Jungkook was maybe worried about, coming to see someone who lets strangers fuck him regularly. He looks friendly, unassuming, but also a little like he can see into Jungkook's head and he's amused by what he finds there.

"Are you my present, Jungkook-ah?" Yoongi asks, and Jungkook doesn't even think before he starts nodding. He immediately wants to die, and then Yoongi smiles the cutest gummy smile Jungkook has ever seen, and he wants to die for an entirely different reason.

It's possible Jungkook doesn't get out much.

"It's his first time, so you might have to coax him into doing what you like," Jimin says, chin resting on his hand. "But he learns very quickly."

"So I've heard," Yoongi says. "Do you have any questions?" This, Yoongi directs to Jungkook. "You can whisper it to me if you don't want to say it in front of these two."

"No, I'm—I'm good. Hyungs have told me what you do and don't like, what isn't allowed. They also said, um, about our paperwork—"

"Yeah, we've already exchanged all that, I'm fine doing it with you three without condoms." 

Heat twists in Jungkook's belly at the images that gives him. "Oh, can I call you hyung?"

Yoongi smiles again, this time more with his eyes than his lips. "Yes, you can call me hyung."


"Are you stretched enough to take my dick, or do you want Jimin to go first?" Taehyung speaks up, staring at Yoongi with a predatory look that sends shivers down Jungkook's spine, but Yoongi doesn't seem particularly affected. He blinks, glancing briefly over at Jimin before answering.

"Jimin's dick first. But the rest of it, I don't care. Surprise me."

"Sounds good to me. You are, after all, just a hole for us to use."

Jungkook squeezes his thighs together under the table, recognizing the lower tone of Taehyung's voice. Jimin doesn't look unaffected either.

"Yoongi-hyung, you look so pretty today, can you come suck my dick? I bet Taehyungie will eat you out if you ask nicely."

Taehyung raises his eyebrows expectantly, and Yoongi lets out a soft breath and says, "Will you please eat me out, Taehyung?"

"Absolutely. Jungkook-ah, scoot your chair over here or you'll miss it."

Jungkook is almost afraid to move, like it'll disturb the sudden sexual tension, like Yoongi will straighten up and glare at him for watching. But Yoongi doesn't seem to mind at all, bending over Jimin's lap to take his half-hard cock out of his pants and gasping when Taehyung grabs at his hips to get Yoongi where he wants him.

Jungkook is next to Taehyung now, has a dangerously close view when Taehyung flips the back of Yoongi's dress up to expose his ass, cute and round and covered by lacy white panties.

Taehyung takes his time dragging the panties down, maybe for Jungkook's sake more than Yoongi's, exposing the base of a black plug snug between Yoongi's pale cheeks. Taehyung's long fingers curl around the base just to gently fuck it into Yoongi's stretched hole and Jungkook hears a gasp, cranes his head to see Yoongi holding onto Jimin's thigh, Jimin's cock slipping wetly from his mouth.

They're doing this. They're really, actually doing this.

"I love just being able to slide my dick into this pretty mouth," Jimin says in a low voice, fingers petting through Yoongi's hair. Yoongi makes a humming noise of acknowledgment and then groans, the sound muffled by Jimin's cock, as Taehyung slowly drags the plug out.

It's impossible to look away from something so obscenely pornographic up close like this. Yoongi's hole glistens with lube, easily takes two of Taehyung's fingers when he presses them inside and then leans in to lick.

For this, Taehyung doesn't waste time playing around. Jungkook has been on the receiving end of that kind of focused attention, knows how good Taehyung is with his tongue. Yoongi's back arches and his throat makes wet sounds over Jimin's cock when Taehyung licks inside, fucking Yoongi with both his tongue and his fingers.

Jungkook rests his palm over the growing bulge in his pants, although it doesn't do much in providing any kind of relief. Jimin's head tilts back, eyes closing and thick lips parting while Yoongi swallows around him, and Taehyung seems to be rubbing his fingers with purpose now, pulling away to rest his forehead against Yoongi's bare ass and grinning at Yoongi's muffled groans.

"Come on," Taehyung says, leaning back and slapping Yoongi's ass. The sound startles Jungkook with its loudness, even with all the other sounds of people in the room around them. "Now that you got Jiminie all wet for you, you should go sit on his cock."

"Can I?" Yoongi asks Jimin, and Jungkook's breath hitches. Yoongi's voice is still low but breathier, almost whiny.

"Yeah, we're your first today, right, hyung?" Jimin asks sweetly. "I bet you're so tight."

"He is," Taehyung tells Jimin, tucking his fingers into Yoongi's panties and dragging them down his slender legs, over his knee socks, over his sneakers that seem like a particularly Yoongi-like thing for him to be wearing with a maid outfit.

Taehyung hands the panties to Jungkook, and Jungkook almost drops them.

"You can keep those if you want, hyung has plenty," Taehyung says with a grin, leaning in to nip at Yoongi's ass before pouring out some lube, making sure Yoongi is ready for Jimin's cock.

Jungkook sets the panties on the table, face flushing with embarrassment. He has a couple pairs of his own, sure, but it's not a fetish or anything, just something he's experimented with. It feels too shameful, the idea of pocketing Yoongi's panties, no matter what Taehyung says.

Jungkook tells himself he's not just being needy for some kind of contact when he leans into Taehyung's side to get a better view. Yoongi lifts the skirts of his dress and settles over Jimin's lap, facing away from Jimin, slowly sinking down onto his cock.

The only indication Yoongi is getting fucked is the way his lips part when he moves, but otherwise, with the maid dress falling around their laps, he could just be sitting in Jimin's lap. Something about that — the open secret of it, the way Jimin barely looks affected himself, holding onto Yoongi's hips as Yoongi lifts and drops back down — heats Jungkook up more than he wants to admit.

"Do you know what you'd like to order?" Taehyung asks suddenly, and Jungkook startles and pulls away, blinking.


"To drink. Or eat! I think Jiminie and I are going to split a slice of cake, do you want your own?"

"No, I'll just—" Jungkook swallows, can't take his eyes away from Yoongi for too long. He has his elbows on the table now, bracing himself as he fucks back onto Jimin's cock. Heat twists in Jungkook's belly. "I'll just have a bite of yours."

"Alright, two slices of cake it is," Taehyung says cheerfully. "Want some milk?"

Jungkook blinks again, shaking his head, barely registering Taehyung's words when Yoongi is moaning now, when Jimin has a hand up underneath the dress and is whispering something right next to Yoongi's ear. From the movement under the clothing, Jungkook assumes Jimin is jerking Yoongi off.

"I suppose it's unfair to ask you to pay attention to anything other than Suga-hyung right now." Yoongi looks up and across the table at them at Taehyung's use of his nickname, and Jungkook fights the urge to avert his gaze. "He's so pretty, isn't he? I could keep him in my lap for hours. I don't even have to touch him, he gets hard on his own. Don't you, Yoongi-yah?"

Something flashes behind Yoongi's eyes, something dangerous and hot, but then his head is ducking with another moan, Jimin lifting his hips in sharp little thrusts to meet Yoongi's ass.

"Jimin likes to make him come but I think it's just because he gets so tight around your dick when he does. Are you imagining it, Jungkook-ah?"

"Fuck off, of course I am," Jungkook mumbles, and Taehyung laughs and nuzzles affectionately at the side of Jungkook's face.

"Good. Because after Yoongi gets our food, you're next."

Jungkook's stomach swoops with heat. He wants that, god does he want that, but he's nervous, too. He knows for Yoongi this isn't about how skilled he is, or how long he lasts. Jimin and Taehyung have confessed sometimes they make Yoongi wait, bent over and dripping with lube, while they chat and eat and ignore him until he starts to whine for it. 

But Jungkook wants to be good for Yoongi. This is his first sexual experience outside of his roommates, after all.

Jungkook isn't sure who comes first, Jimin or Yoongi, but he watches Yoongi shudder and throw his head back, eyes squeezed shut, when he moans. He watches Jimin drag Yoongi closer until his back is against Jimin's chest, Jimin's hips grinding up with lazy movements and mouth open over Yoongi's ear.

Yoongi is flushed, bright pink spread across his cheeks and down his neck. He's beautiful, and Jungkook suddenly and desperately wants to kiss him.

Yoongi stumbles when he finally gets up from Jimin's lap, and Taehyung catches him with a short laugh, pushing at the small of Yoongi's back until he bends over the table. The plug goes back in place, but before Taehyung lets the dress fall back over his ass, he's leaning in and licking up some of Jimin's come that's leaked out, was sliding wet down the back of Yoongi's thigh.

"Ah, Tae. That's nasty."

Taehyung slaps Yoongi's ass, and then lets the dress fall to cover him again. "Don't be rude, I was helping. I filled out our orders for you. Hurry back, hyung," Taehyung says with a playful grin.


Yoongi's steps aren't entirely steady when he disappears, and Jungkook's throat is suddenly dry watching Yoongi leave, glancing over to see Jimin tucking himself back into his pants. He sips at his glass of water and tries to ignore Taehyung's eyebrow waggle across the table.

"Ah, fine. What?"

"Isn't he hot? We told you he was hot."

"Yeah, he's—" Jungkook takes another sip of water, glances at another couple fucking on the floor and then quickly looks away. "He's pretty. He really lets you talk to him outside of work?"

"I mean, technically we're not even supposed to know his name, but he likes us. Says he wouldn't mind coming over some time too, except for how he prefers to get gangbanged in public."

"Ugh, don't call it that," Jungkook says, cheeks heating.

"What else should I call it? Cuddlebanged? Gangcuddled?"

"It just seems disrespectful," Jungkook mumbles, staring down at the table until Taehyung reaches across, tips Jungkook's chin up with his fingers. 

"Don't think too hard on stuff like that, okay? Yoongi-hyung loves this. He says it feels the best for him when he's just a set of holes to be used for someone else's pleasure." Taehyung's expression goes a little wicked before he adds, "You can relate a little too, can't you? Some nights, I swear all you want is to take turns going from mine and Jiminie's dicks—"

"Don't tease him, then he'll stop doing it," Jimin whines, smacking Taehyung's arm, and Jungkook can't help it — he starts to laugh.

"Hyungs, stop. You both bottom as much as I do, don't act like I have a secret kink."

"But do you?" Jimin speaks up, and Jungkook feels betrayed that Jimin is now the one with the mischievous look in his eyes. "All that staring, were you thinking about being in Yoongi-hyung's place at all?"

"No, shut up," Jungkook snaps, thankfully just before they see Yoongi heading back to their table. He sets down the plates and glasses for them, sliding the serving tray onto a shelf with others and then standing next to the table, legs crossed at the ankle.

"Ah?" Jungkook blinks, confused.

Taehyung waves his hand. "Oh yeah, we'll get to him, but try some cake first! It's really good."

So Jungkook does, and it is really good, sweet but not too sweet, even if Jungkook isn't hungry right now. At least, not that kind of hungry. 

He has a couple more bites (ignoring the way Jimin and Taehyung feed each other while making intense eye contact, weird), and then sips at the milk Taehyung ordered for him. It's purely coincidence that he's licking his lips when he meets Yoongi's eyes, forcing himself not to back down from Yoongi's hot stare.

It looks like Yoongi has reapplied his lip gloss, and Jungkook finds himself blurting out, "Are we allowed to kiss?"

Yoongi smiles immediately, which has Jungkook panicking for a brief moment that Yoongi has been able to read his thoughts this whole time. "I'm okay with kissing, yes. Is that what you want?"

"Just— I want to taste you," Jungkook says, licking his lips again, this time from what he recognizes as nervousness. "But I want you to sit on my dick first."

That seems to catch Yoongi — and Jimin and Taehyung, for that matter — offguard, which Jungkook takes as a small victory.

"Go on," Taehyung says, and Yoongi moves closer to Jungkook, reaches behind himself only for Jungkook to catch his wrist.

"I'll do it," Jungkook says, and the thrill of putting his hand up the back of Yoongi's dress is so much hotter than he expects it to be. He feels for the base of the plug, tugging it out slowly and setting it on the table, getting his fingers wet with lube to rub around Yoongi's hole.

"We should—" Yoongi cuts off with a gasp when Jungkook slips a finger inside, when it's immediately met with wet, squeezing heat. "Let me sit on you, before it leaks out."

"Yeah, fuck, okay."

Yoongi lifts the skirts of his maid dress — and seriously, fuck, why is that so hot — and throws a leg over Jungkook's lap, hurrying to get Jungkook's pants open, to pull his aching cock out.

"Oh, you're big," Yoongi says, and it doesn't even occur to Jungkook to be offended by the surprise in Yoongi's voice. Yoongi lifts up slightly, long fingers holding Jungkook's hard cock steady and then he starts to lower himself down.

Jungkook grabs at Yoongi's hips just for something to hold on to as his cock sinks inside the clenching heat, so wet inside, so soft and tight. The dress falls over their laps and Yoongi rests his hands on Jungkook's shoulders, nails digging in sharply when he lifts and sinks back down again, lower this time, taking more of the length.

Yoongi is flushed again, a pretty pink dusting his otherwise pale complexion. His eyes are heavy in a way that comes off seductive, whether it's intentional or not, and his teeth worry his lower lip before letting it go, his gaze meeting Jungkook's. "Still want to kiss me?"

"God, yes," Jungkook breathes out, and Yoongi huffs out a laugh before leaning in.

Yoongi's lips are soft, slippery, and taste like vanilla. Jungkook moans and sucks around Yoongi's lip, opens his mouth to kiss deeper, messy. When he gives in to the urge to suck at the tip of Yoongi's tongue, Yoongi tightens up around him, starts to rock his hips a little.

"They look so good together, don't they?" Jimin sighs. "Our Jungkookie is all grown up now."

Jungkook pulls away from Yoongi's mouth to choke out a laugh. "Shut up. Just shut up, both of you."

"Yeah, yeah, ignore us, pay attention to your cute little maid," Taehyung says, and Jungkook can hear the grin in his voice. "His ass is so nice, isn't it?"

"It— yeah," Jungkook finishes weakly. Now that he's not distracted with kissing, his attention focuses on Yoongi's face, on the way his teeth sink back into his lip and his eyebrows furrow when he rocks back onto Jungkook's cock, taking him deep.

Jungkook drags Yoongi a little closer, trails open-mouthed kisses up his pale throat, across the curve of his jaw, Yoongi's soft noises so close to his ear. He lets Yoongi ride him, bracing himself with his arms wrapped around Jungkook's shoulders now as he lifts and sinks, grinds little circles over Jungkook's lap.

It feels incredible, the wet heat around his cock, the sticky sounds it makes when Yoongi bounces in his lap. Jungkook's cock aches from being hard for so long and he starts to thrust, meets Yoongi with the loud smacking of their skin. Yoongi gasps, muscles fluttering around Jungkook's cock.

"Do you like this, hyung?" Jungkook whispers in a low voice, sucking at Yoongi's earlobe, tongue playing with the hoop earrings he has in. The pleasure is starting to get to Jungkook, making him desperate, a little wild. "Like just being passed around our laps like our little toy? Stuffed full of cock like it's all our Yoongi-hyung is good for, our pretty maid to use whenever we want?"

"Ah, fuck," Yoongi swears, shuddering hard. He's breathing so loudly, squeezing in rhythmic little pulses around Jungkook's cock.

Did he really just—

"Did you come?" Jungkook asks, and Yoongi nods, is panting loudly now, strands of dark hair starting to stick to his forehead with sweat. 

"You were, ah, right against my prostate, couldn't help it. But keep going, please keep going—"

Jungkook lifts the dress between them and sees that Yoongi's cock is still hard, flushed and wet, pre-come dripping from the slit and down the sides of his cock.

"I came dry, I'm fine, just want you to come inside me," Yoongi babbles, falling forward to bury his face against Jungkook's neck, hips moving fast over Jungkook's lap.

Seeing Yoongi's desperation, hearing his needy moans, is enough to have Jungkook's arousal climbing dangerously fast. He lifts his hips to meet Yoongi's thrusts and chases the building heat, the blinding pleasure of Yoongi so tight and hot around him. It doesn't take him long to come, and when he does, Yoongi just seems to know, groaning into the material of Jungkook's shirt and grinding over his cock, milking the rest of his orgasm from him.

Jungkook's moans are embarrassingly soft and high as his cock pulses and spills inside Yoongi, but it feels good to have Yoongi trembling on his lap, to be able to stroke a hand over his back. Jungkook huffs out a weak laugh when his hand skims over the bow tying Yoongi's apron in place.

"Wow," Jimin says, and Jungkook lifts his head to meet their eyes across the table, his hyungs' hungry looks. He shivers, his cock twitching where it's still buried inside Yoongi. "I think I might be hard again."

"Yeah, no shit. My turn with him next, though." Taehyung gets up from his seat and walks over to Jungkook, leaning down to nuzzle their noses together as he unzips the front of his pants. Jungkook's face scrunches. "I'm stealing your cockwarmer from you now, okay?"

Jungkook is starting to go soft anyway so he nods, lets Taehyung kiss his cheek and then drag Yoongi up from his lap. Jungkook's cock slips out streaked wet with come but most of the mess stays inside, and then Taehyung is bending Yoongi over the table, flipping his dress up in back, pressing into him without warning.

Maybe Yoongi is expecting it, though, because he just hisses and grabs at the table, lips parting around a groan as Taehyung slowly fills him until he's as deep as he can go. Jungkook, as an afterthought, moves the dishes out of Yoongi's way, and the smile Yoongi gives him is dazed but startlingly fond.

Taehyung has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, looks broader towering over Yoongi like this, and arousal throbs low in Jungkook's groin, just a kneejerk reaction to seeing Taehyung like this. Handsome, and powerful, and so sexually confident even Jungkook wants to bend over for him.

"That's it, you take it so well. Love being inside this pretty little hole, even when you're all sloppy with our come." Taehyung leans down over Yoongi's body, covering his back, biting at the tip of his ear. Yoongi hisses. "Can you take more, Yoongi-yah? What if we stay here all day and keep filling you, will you hold it all in for us?"

Taehyung isn't really asking but Yoongi stills gasps out a yes, fingers curling and scrabbling at the table for purchase when Taehyung starts to thrust.

Jimin is up and moving over to their side of the table, scooting a chair to curl in against Jungkook's side.

"Wanna see this up-close. Hyung always looks so pretty when Taehyungie makes him come untouched."

"Hyung looks pretty no matter what," Jungkook mumbles, still a little dazed and shivery from his orgasm. He leans into Jimin too and they watch as Taehyung stands up straight again, as he grabs the bow at the back of the dress for Yoongi's frilly white apron and tugs, pulling Yoongi back onto his cock.

"Yeah, tighten up for me," Taehyung says, voice gone deeper, rough with arousal. Jungkook can see how hard Taehyung is breathing, the tension in his shoulders and the erratic way his hips snap forward, and realizes Taehyung must be close already.

"Please," Yoongi gasps out, and something in Taehyung seems to break at the sound of Yoongi begging. He leans down to gather up Yoongi in his arms, pulls him upright until Yoongi's leaning back against Taehyung's chest, crying out as Taehyung fucks up into him.

Jimin has a vice grip on Jungkook's thigh, squeezing so hard it almost hurts.

"Ah, do you hear that?" Taehyung asks, and Jungkook's face heats. It's hard to miss, actually, the wet sounds Taehyung's thrusts make, fucking into Yoongi even as he's dripping their come. "Everyone can hear how well we used you, how you're making a mess right now." Taehyung's lips brush Yoongi's ear when he speaks, his arms tight around Yoongi's body as he grinds up into him. Yoongi cries out, suddenly, fingers grabbing for Taehyung's arms.

Jungkook doesn't want to believe it, but he's actually getting hard again, so soon after coming inside Yoongi. Jimin notices, too, hand moving from Jungkook's thigh up to hold his cock, barely stroking it, his touches teasing until oversensitivity starts to melt into pleasure.

"Can you come like this?" Taehyung asks Yoongi, voice nearly a growl with how raspy it is.

"Yeah right there, it's—" Yoongi lifts up to his toes, straining, and bends over slightly in Taehyung's arms. Taehyung's hips move faster, fucking Yoongi with short, hard thrusts, loud enough now that they've definitely drawn in attention from other people in the room. Jungkook shifts slightly in his chair, trying to press himself closer to Jimin's hand, cock already fattening up.

"Come on, come on my dick, show everyone how much you like it." Taehyung is shaking, panting heavily but never once slowing down. "What a perfect little hole you are for our cocks."

Yoongi reaches out to brace his hands on the table and his knees give out when he starts to come, held up by Taehyung's grip on his hips, fucked through it even as his mouth drops open with overwhelmed moans, soft ahh, ahhh's that make Jungkook's cock throb.

Taehyung lifts Yoongi's body until he's leaning back against Taehyung's chest, both of them breathing hard when Taehyung comes with a few punishingly hard thrusts, burying himself deep, spilling into Yoongi.

One person starts clapping, a few tables away, and Jimin bursts into laughter, Taehyung following soon after. Yoongi, at least, seems too busy catching his breath to care.

"C'mere, Yoongi-hyung, come over here," Jimin says, beckoning Yoongi to stumble over to him and Jungkook. Jungkook isn't expecting it when Yoongi lies on his stomach over their laps, when Jimin flips the dress up and grabs the plug to press back inside.

"Isn't he—" Jungkook starts to say, swallowing, face hot. "Isn't he too sensitive?" Yoongi's hole takes the plug easily but it looks swollen, so red and raw, slick with their come.

"Yoongi-hyung, is this too much? Want me to take it out?" Jimin asks, and Yoongi quickly shakes his head, mumbles a "no, no, 's good." Jimin pulls the dress back down, smoothing out the material, fixing the bow for Yoongi's apron.

Taehyung has collapsed back into his chair, and Jungkook's face wrinkles when he notices Taehyung cleaning up his dick with Yoongi's panties before tucking himself back into his pants. There are napkins on the table right there.

"I think," Jimin says, meeting Taehyung's eyes, his sated grin as he attempts to fix his hair, "we should let our Suga-hyung have a break before Jungkookie and I have our turns with him." Jimin's voice is soft, and Jungkook is out of his post-orgasm daze but still lets the gentle tone wash over him, wonders if it's as effective on Yoongi.

Jimin reaches across the table to swipe his fingers through some of the cake frosting — not the hand he was using to jerk Jungkook off — and brings his fingers to Yoongi's lips. Yoongi sucks at Jimin's fingers without being asked, licking up the frosting, and with a groan he finally starts to sit up, fixing his own headband and the apron at the front of his dress.

"It's really not too much?" Jungkook asks, seeing how wrecked Yoongi looks, bitten lips and eyes a little wet like maybe he was crying and his face splotchy red, his elbows and knuckles flushed pink.

Yoongi gives him a genuine smile before shaking his head, lifting a hand to brush his fingers under Jungkook's chin. "I can handle a lot worse than that. I'm good, Jungkookie, I promise." He pointedly glances down at Jungkook's lap. "What about you?"

"Ah." Jungkook tugs his shirt down to hide his hard cock and Jimin laughs, shoves at his arm while Yoongi takes a sip from the glass of milk.

"Jungkook-ah," Taehyung says, already grinning. "You have two minutes to decide if you'd rather have Yoongi-hyung's mouth or his ass."

"No wrong answers," Yoongi tells him, eyes glittering, and Jimin throws his head back and laughs.

Chapter Text

Seokjin has never thought of himself as a parent to the younger members, refuses to slip into any role besides the role of eldest hyung. So it is both frustrating and baffling that he wakes up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night just because, out in the living room, Jimin is sniffling.

Seokjin could ignore him. It's possible Taehyung is already out there with Jimin, or maybe Hoseok. But it's also possible he's alone, out of bed so he wouldn't wake Hoseok with his crying, and Seokjin's heart has already made the decision for him.

Careful not to bump into anything in the dark, Seokjin gets out of bed and heads to the living room, sees the shape of Jimin curled up on the couch with a dish towel in his lap, only visible because of the glow of light from the kitchen.

"Jimin-ah," Seokjin says gently, and Jimin's head snaps up, hand lifting to wipe at his eyes. Seokjin's heart breaks.

"Sorry, I didn't think anyone would—"

Jimin cuts off when Seokjin sits down on the couch next to him, draping an arm around his shoulders. Jimin immediately slumps into his side.

"I'm sorry for waking you up."

"It's okay, you weren't even being loud. My hyung senses were tingling."

Jimin laughs quietly, the sound watery, and he sniffles again.

"Do you want to talk? Or come sleep with me tonight?" Seokjin doesn't particularly like sharing, his bed is a tight fit for two people, but he'd rather have Jimin at his side than alone and upset.

"It's really embarrassing, I don't—" Jimin cuts off, gesturing to his phone on the table in front of the couch. "I tried looking it up but the internet didn't have anything about it."

"About what?"

"I'm leaking," Jimin says miserably, and Seokjin frowns. He is mostly trying to get Jimin to laugh when he says, "I think those are just called tears."

It works, but Jimin's laugh is still a little distressed, more choked out than natural. "My nipples are leaking, Jin-hyung. I think it's milk."

Seokjin's stomach drops. 

"Okay," Seokjin says, even though it's not okay. Not okay, because it concerns Jimin's health and this hasn't happened before. Not okay, because ever since watching one particular video Namjoon saved to their shared computer all those years ago, Seokjin has been utterly, depravedly obsessed with the idea of lactation. Not the point where it affects his daily life, but he gets off on it so hard.

Which Jimin, of course, doesn't know. Jimin, who couldn't be more vulnerable right now, the dish towel slipping from where he was using it to hide the wet stains at the front of his shirt.

"Jimin-ah," Seokjin says, swallowing, praying that it isn't written all over his face how hard he's fighting his own arousal right now. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

"No. I mean, it kind of—" Another sniffle. "It aches a little, like they're sore? I—I tried pulling at my nipples..."

Milking, Seokjin's brain yells. You tried milking yourself. Fuck, the idea of Jimin out here, teary, tugging at his leaking nipples only to not feel any relief from it. Seokjin can't even ignore it anymore, his dick is getting so hard.

"And it didn't help?"

"No." Jimin sighs and lifts his shirt, and Seokjin blinks, feels a sharp tug of heat in his gut at the sight of Jimin's bare breasts. 

They've never been that big to begin with, which they know Jimin is grateful for because dance practice would be hell with more weight there, but even still, they look more swollen than usual. Like they've plumped up, and his nipples look a little larger too — not in an unattractive way, god no, but the areolas are wider, his actual nipples hard and sticking out more than Seokjin ever remembers seeing through Jimin's shirt around the dorm. They're wet, too, although Seokjin was at least expecting that. Expecting it, but still so unprepared for the actual sight of pale white liquid beading at the tips of Jimin's dark nipples.

Seokjin desperately wants to touch, and equally as desperately hopes that doesn't show on his face.

"It looks uncomfortable," Seokjin says honestly, and Jimin whines and nods. "What can I do to help?"

"Could you... could you try squeezing them? You don't have to, if it grosses you out—"

"It doesn't," Seokjin says, cutting him off, swallowing when his voice comes out a little rough. "It doesn't gross me out at all."

Jimin turns his head, seems to think for a moment before pulling his shirt off up over his head, and Seokjin notices for the first time how flushed Jimin's cheeks are when he says, "I tasted it, just to—to see if it was really milk, or something else. And I think it is. I mean it, it didn't taste like milk exactly but it was sweet?" Jimin huffs out a laugh, then, running his fingers through his hair. "That sounds so fucked up, doesn't it?"

"No, fuck." Seokjin purses his lips to stop from blurting out more. "It's good if it's just milk, even... even if we're not sure why it's happening yet. You're really okay with me touching?" Jimin doesn't mind having his chest touched in general, but Seokjin wants to make sure Jimin's in the right headspace for this. The worst thing Seokjin could do now is cross a line with what Jimin is comfortable with.

"Yeah, I am, just. Be gentle, please," Jimin says softly.

"Of course."

Jimin leans back into the couch with the towel still covering his lap, somewhat catching the liquid that Seokjin can see is trailing wet down Jimin's flat stomach.

Seokjin turns on the couch to fully face Jimin and lets out a shaky breath. "If it hurts, tell me. Or if you just want me to stop."

"Okay. Thanks, hyung," Jimin says with a sleepy smile. His eyes are a little swollen from crying, and Seokjin leans in and kisses Jimin's forehead, just because he wants to.

Mindful of how sore Jimin could be, Seokjin gently cups one of his breasts with his palm. Jimin doesn't react beyond maybe breathing a little quicker, shallower, so Seokjin circles the base of Jimin's nipple with his finger and thumb and slowly, slowly squeezes and pulls.

Jimin grunts a little, and milks beads at the tip, but nothing else happens. There is no spray, no visible relief on Jimin's face.


Jimin shakes his head. "No, it's not bad, it's just— not coming out. It feels like it's built up in there, ahh, it's driving me crazy."

"Jimin-ah," Seokjin says softly, letting go of Jimin's nipple, waiting for Jimin to meet his eyes. "Do you think it would help if I sucked them?"

Jimin visibly squirms, lips parting on a surprised breath. "But you'd get it in your mouth."

Seokjin smiles, and hopes it comes off kind and not inappropriately excited. "That's kind of the point. I really wouldn't mind."

"You'd be okay with drinking it?" His teeth sink into his lip. "Hyung. Isn't that a little..."


"Well, yeah."

Seokjin shrugs. "I'm kind of thirsty anyway, so."

Jimin groans, slapping his arm, and then seems to remember where they are, whispering when he says, "People don't do that outside of porn."

At this, Seokjin really wants to laugh, but keeps it quiet, mindful now too of the others still sleeping. "You absolutely saw that video Namjoon had on the old computer, didn't you?"

"Of course I did," Jimin mutters, tipping his head back against the couch. "What does it say about me that I really want you to? I hate this weird fullness, hate leaking all over myself like this."

Seokjin smiles. "It says you're letting me help you, and you can still stop me the second you don't feel comfortable. But... just so you know. I want to. I really want to."

Jimin stares at Seokjin with a gaze that seems too mature for a barefaced and sleepy Jimin. Too knowing, and curious too.

"Okay. Okay, let's try. If you hate it, though, promise me you'll just spit it out on the towel or something."

Seokjin can barely make himself answer, heat rushing into his belly, tightening until it aches. He is completely hard, and half of him wildly hopes Jimin will notice.

"Okay. Lean back for me."

Jimin does, arching his back a little to push his chest out, breasts soft and round just beneath Seokjin's face. Seokjin cups one again and loves the softness of the little handful, loves the look of Jimin's pebbled nipples, stiff and dark pink, ready to be sucked.

"Hyung," Jimin says, resting his hand at the back of Seokjin's head, and after a little nod from Jimin, Seokjin is leaning in to close his lips around Jimin's nipple.

It is, quite honestly, unspeakably erotic to Seokjin to have this part of Jimin in his mouth, the warm little nub. Unspeakably erotic to hear Jimin's breath hitch and feel his fingers tighten in Seokjin's hair when Seokjin fits his mouth around Jimin's whole areola and starts to suck, as gently as he can. The movement draws the nipple into his mouth, gliding over his tongue, and Seokjin continues when Jimin doesn't tell him to stop.

The first spurt of milk is a surprise, not because his mouth is suddenly full of it, but because the temperature of it is so warm he barely registers the difference at first. He continues to suck and it's Jimin's breathless moan that hits him first, and then the noticeably wet spray in his mouth. Seokjin swallows, and then continues to suck.

It is sweet, a little like milk that's had sugary cereal sitting in it, and Seokjin immediately vows that Jungkook can never know about this.

"Like that, just like that," Jimin gasps. Seokjin glances up and Jimin's head is tilted back now, cheeks flushed red and lips parted with his breaths, his soft little noises as Seokjin drinks. He looks lost in pleasure in a way that makes Seokjin's cock throb. It feels like a fantasy, a wet dream Seokjin would have woken up from feeling guilty about for a week.

"So good," Jimin pants, and Seokjin gently massages Jimin's breast where it's still cupped in his hand, hopes it can coax out more milk. Jimin makes another noise, a kind of breathless huff of a laugh, and Seokjin isn't sure if it's embarrassment or relief or both, but the sound goes straight to his dick.

Seokjin notices that there isn't any more spray on his tongue after a few minutes and pulls back, licking around Jimin's swollen nipple for any trace of milk he's missed. Fingers tighten in his hair, and he lifts his face, sees Jimin staring down so hotly at him, eyes dark with want.

This has to be a dream. There's no way something this hot is actually happening to him. Seokjin shudders, and licks his lips.

"Hyung," Jimin says, voice gravelly and low, but still sweet in that way Jimin's voice is. "Thank you. It feels so much better already."

"I still have to do the other one," Seokjin finds himself saying, clearing his throat. "If you're okay with that?"

Jimin blinks, runs his fingers through his hair to push it off his forehead. He finally says, "It feels really good."

"Good, that's good."

"No, I mean—" Jimin bites at his lip. "I'm wet, Jin-hyung." He doesn't clarify, but he doesn't have to. Not when his gaze is still so dark.

"Ah." Seokjin's cock jerks in his underwear. "I mean, that's not. A problem. For me, at least." Jimin's eyebrows furrow, and he quickly adds, "Jimin-ah, I'm saying I'm glad it feels good for you. Do you— fuck." Seokjin laughs a little, has to remind himself this is his Jiminie, one of the maknae he's always looked after. One of his closest friends he loves dearly. "Do you want to get off while I suck the other one for you?"

Jimin runs his hand through his fluffy hair again, probably a nervous habit at this point. "I do. That's not too weird for you?"

"Okay, so, full disclosure, but." Seokjin can finally feel his own blush, imagines his ears and neck are the reddest but his face must be rapidly catching up, going by the heat that floods him. "I'm rock fucking hard right now."

Jimin throws his head back and laughs, and immediately covers his mouth with his hands because it's so loud. "Oh my god," Jimin gasps through his laughter. "Sorry, that's kind of rude."

"No, it's totally called for. Ahh, Jimin-ah. Do you want to get in my lap while I do the other one?"

Jimin is already sitting up, turning to face Seokjin. "Like..."

"Like. Over my thigh."

"Oh." Jimin licks his lips. Seokjin can't quite get over how gorgeous he is, his slender and muscled dancer's body, his collarbones and his bellybutton and his soft breasts. "Yeah, I want that." Jimin glances down, and then grabs for the dish towel, ready to cover Seokjin's thigh with it. Seokjin touches his wrist, stopping him.

"Yah, what's that for?"

"So I don't—" Jimin cuts off, whining. "Hyung, I might get your pants wet."

"In what world would that be anything other than hot," Seokjin says, completely serious, ignoring Jimin's exasperated expression. "I don't care. I want to feel you. Come on."

"Okay, okay." Jimin says, straddling Seokjin's thigh and moving closer. He settles his ass down until he's fully sitting on Seokjin's thigh, and Seokjin shudders, wraps an arm around Jimin automatically. "Can you reach like this?"

"Yeah, it's good." Seokjin leans forward slightly, presses a kiss between Jimin's breasts just to see him smile. "Remember to stop me if it hurts."

"It won't, you were so gentle. Your tongue felt so—" Jimin sighs, arms going around Seokjin's shoulders, the fingers of one hand sliding back into Seokjin's hair. "Just do what you did last time."

Seokjin can't mask his eagerness as anything other than what it is. He drops his mouth to Jimin's other nipple, notices it's leaked a little and uses the flat of his tongue to clean up the wet trails of milk before closing his mouth around Jimin's swollen nipple.

He keeps it gentle like Jimin asked, slow sucks that draw Jimin's nipple in, and it doesn't take long this time for him to feel the spray of milk over his tongue. Jimin's breath hitches, and he starts to rock his hips forward, grinding himself over Seokjin's thigh. Seokjin can feel the heat of him even through their clothes, and the arousal deep in the pit of his stomach swirls at that.

Seokjin sucks and thinks Jimin can't be producing much, definitely not what someone nursing would produce, but it still seems like that liquid heat doesn't stop coming. Seokjin swallows and swallows, enjoys the soothing rhythm of it, rubs over Jimin's nipple with his tongue just to hear Jimin's soft moans behind closed lips.

Jimin grinds himself faster now, seems torn between pressing his chest closer to Seokjin's mouth and shoving his hips down for friction. Seokjin tries to lift his thigh, muscle tense, to give Jimin something firmer to rub off on, and Jimin's low groan is satisfying in a way that shoots heat straight into Seokjin's belly.

"Fuck, Jin-hyung," Jimin whispers, fingers tight in Seokjin's hair, back tense. There isn't anything to drink now, so Seokjin switches from one swollen nipple to the other, just to give Jimin that stimulation, just for his own selfish pleasure. "Oh fuck, hyung."

Seokjin can't bring himself to pull away from Jimin's breast to encourage him, but it turns out Jimin doesn't need it. He stiffens and starts to come, soft little moans falling from his parted lips as he grinds hard over Seokjin's thigh, works himself through his orgasm.

Seokjin, for the first time since he was a teenager, squeezes his eyes shut and comes in his pants, untouched, cock jerking hard.

Jimin's breathing is so loud, so unsteady, his whole body trembling as Seokjin pulls his mouth away and kisses Jimin's chin, his cheeks, his forehead. Jimin's cheeks are rosy, his eyes glazed, and Seokjin just feels fond.

"There you go," Seokjin says, pulling Jimin in for a hug, huffing out a laugh when Jimin continues to slowly grind over his thigh. "Again?"

"No, no, sorry," Jimin says, voice raspy. His hips finally still, but he's still shivering. "That was really good, though."


"Did you...?"

"Ah, well."

"Oh." Jimin buries his face in Seokjin's shoulder, his voice muffled when he says, "That's so hot."

Seokjin laughs, slowly rubs the warm bare skin of Jimin's back. "How does your chest feel?"

"Better, so much better," Jimin says. He's smiling when he pulls back. "Thank you for helping. For both things."

"Ah, don't thank me, that makes me feel like even more of a pervert than I already am."

Jimin giggles, moving off of Seokjin's lap. He doesn't pull his shirt back on, but with the wet stains on the front Seokjin imagines he's going to go find a new one to put on. Seokjin tries not to think to himself, Enjoy the sight while you can, and fails. Oh well, he really is a pervert.

"Hyung, is there any way—" Jimin looks nervous, suddenly, young in the glow from the kitchen light. Seokjin wants to kiss his forehead again, so he does. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Seokjin is being completely sincere when he says, "Hyung would really like that, Jiminie. Do you want to borrow a shirt from me, so you don't wake up Hobi getting one from your room?"

Jimin nods, following Seokjin when he gets up from the couch. "And maybe... I can borrow some underwear too...?"

Heat jolts into Seokjin's belly again, and he laughs a short, embarrassed laugh. "Yeah, we're in the same boat, there. That's no problem."

"Oh, right." Jimin smiles, trailing after Seokjin. "Still hot."

"Quiet. If you wake Yoongi, he's going to notice you were crying and get all concerned. You'll bring it on yourself, Park Jimin."

"Ah, don't be like that, I'll be quiet," Jimin complains, but he's still smiling when they get to Seokjin's bedroom, his posture a lot more relaxed in general, his expression calm. Seokjin's chest squeezes, and he ruffles Jimin's hair, kisses his forehead one more time before they go to bed.

Chapter Text

"We're not talking about this," Taehyung says, his voice immediately drowned out by the sound of Jungkook's cackling. "We aren't! You're both traitors!"

"I haven't even said anything yet," Jimin says with a pout.

"Yet. Yet."

"Okay, okay, start from the beginning again. You were already having a sexy dream when Hobi-hyung started tickling you awake? And you think that's why you...?"

Jimin is so nice, Taehyung thinks, with the actual concern on his face for Taehyung's traumatic story. Jungkook, meanwhile, is dead to him.

"It was just bad timing. And maybe a little bit— I mean, the way hyung was tickling me was a bit—"



"Jungkook you're not helping—"

Jungkook gasps. "Did he accidentally touch your dick?"

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Taehyung groans, hiding his face in his hands. "I don't know why I brought it up to begin with."

"Because Hobi-hyung keeps blushing around you and it's getting weird," Jungkook says helpfully. "I think Namjoon-hyung really thought you two fucked."

"We didn't!" Taehyung doesn't know why he sounds so defensive — Jimin and Jungkook already know the whole story. "He barely even stuck around after I came."


Jimin shoves Jungkook until he tips over on the bed.

"Do you think— I mean, maybe if you talked to Hoseokie-hyung about it, it would clear things up? You could ask him to tickle you again, to prove it was just your dream that made you get off on it and it's not anything he did?"

"Ah, I mean, I'll probably have to talk to him about it eventually. For group harmony, and all that."

"You're sounding so noble for someone who jizzed himself as soon as Hobi-hyung touched his sides—"

Taehyung launches himself at Jungkook, trying to pinch his nipples through his shirt, and Jungkook gasps and laughs and squirms away. "Yah, Jungkook-ah, when did you get this brave?!"

"It's the muscles," Jimin says with a sigh. "He gains some muscle and now he thinks he can treat his hyungs like this."

"Sorry, sorry, I'll stop teasing!" Jungkook shouts, trying to protect his nipples from Taehyung's hands. "I hope you and hyung work things out."

"Me too," Taehyung says, looking down at his hands. "What if I made things weird forever?"

"Don't worry about something like that, we've all done way worse around each other," Jimin says softly.

"What if," Taehyung starts to fake cry, "what if hyung doesn't let me cuddle him or sleep with him anymore because he's freaked out?"

"You can't even say that seriously because you know it won't happen," Jungkook mutters.

"He's right," Jimin says. "Hobi-hyung withholding affection for more than a day... That's when we know he's being mind-controlled by aliens."

Jungkook nods somberly.

"Okay, okay, we'll talk. But I'm going to jerk off beforehand just in case."

Both Jimin and Jungkook's eyebrows furrow at the same time.

"That's not really..."

"Is that going to help? Is that actually a good plan? Taehyung-ah."

"It'll be fine!" And it will, once he works up the courage to ask Hoseok to talk to him. Maybe he could ask Jimin to trick Hoseok into meeting him somewhere—

"Hyung!" Jungkook says, sounding surprised enough that Taehyung looks towards the door, and immediately regrets it when he does.

"Hey you three," Hoseok says with a soft smile. "Is there any way I can talk to Taehyungie for a little bit?"

Jungkook makes a strangled noise and Jimin grabs Jungkook's arm, both of them scrambling off the bed, Jungkook's eyes wide. "Of course! Taehyung wanted to talk to you too!"


"See you guys later," Jimin says, giving Taehyung a little shake of his fist that could mean Fighting! but could also be a physical threat. With Jimin, there's just no way to know.

Taehyung crosses his legs and sits up straight on Hoseok's bed, letting out a little sigh of relief when Hoseok gets onto the bed with him without Taehyung having to ask him to. There's some awkwardness, obviously, Taehyung suddenly has no idea what to do with his hands so ends up holding his own feet, but seeing the soft expression on Hoseok's face is more comforting than Taehyung can put into words.

"So... I'm guessing you told them," Hoseok starts off, and Taehyung's laugh is short and embarrassed.

"I hope that's not a violation of your—"

"No!" Hoseok interrupts, lips turning up slightly with a smile. "They were acting hilariously suspicious, that's all. I'm sorry for avoiding you earlier. And... for leaving so soon, after. That wasn't right of me. I should've stayed to make sure you were okay."

Taehyung shakes his head, even as a reassuring warmth floods his chest. "It's good that you left, I humiliated myself." This is kind of a lie, he does wish Hoseok had stayed, but Hoseok doesn't have to know that. "I'm so sorry, hyung."

"Taehyung-ah," Hoseok says, still gentle, maybe even with a little bit of a pout in his voice. "You have nothing to apologize for. Accidents like that happen."

"Yeah, to teenagers, maybe," Taehyung says, dropping his face into his hands. Hoseok makes a whining noise and pulls Taehyung's hands away from his face. His cheeks are warm from the embarrassment, but Hoseok's face is a little rosy too, so at least it's not just him.

"What can hyung do to make this better? Do you want me to ask Namjoon to come talk with us...?"

"Please no," Taehyung says immediately, making Hoseok laugh. It's a relieving sound to hear. "Jiminie actually, ah, had an idea. A weird one."


"You could— you could tickle me again, now that I'm awake, and it won't be awkward because I won't already be turned on and then we'll both feel better about this whole thing?"

Hoseok seems to consider this, looking down at his shorts, playing with a loose thread for a few moments. "You're sure you're comfortable with that?"

"Yeah!" Now that the idea is out there, Taehyung is almost excited for it. "As long as you are. If you feel weird touching me after I, ah. I understand."

"No, no, honey, that's not it. I don't, okay?" Hoseok's face is so sincere, so kind, Taehyung really loves him so much. He swears there's a special Hobi-shaped space in his chest that glows warm whenever Hoseok smiles at him, or praises him. "Even right after I realized what your groan meant, I was never grossed out. I was just worried for you, thought that maybe I crossed a line."

"Ah, it's not your fault I was already hard, you've woken me up before, I just. I was having a good dream." Taehyung's face heats with a darker blush, because he hasn't told anyone yet that the dream was about being held down by strong arms, having his neck kissed, hips grinding together. Isn't sure if he'll ever be ready to admit he has those kinds of fantasies.

"So you want me to tickle you?"

Taehyung swallows. "Yeah."

Hoseok hums, nodding. "Okay, good, good. But Taehyungie... if you want me to stop, like really stop, call me by my full name, okay?"

Taehyung didn't even consider that as something to worry about, and he grins a wide, genuine grin, uncrossing his legs on the bed. "Ai hyung. You really care about me that much?"

"Of course I do." Hoseok smiles, and then he's moving forward on the bed, caging Taehyung's body between his arms until Taehyung has to lean back into the pillows, until Hoseok is effectively pinning his body in place.

Heat grips his stomach, sudden and tight. Oh no. Why did he ever think this would help? Park Jimin is now also dead to him.

"Taehyung-ah," Hoseok says in a deep voice, darting forward to peck a kiss to Taehyung's neck. It's a short smack, barely anything, but it leaves his skin tingling. "Taehyungie, I've got you where I want you."

"Ah." Taehyung huffs out a nervous laugh. "This is—"

He doesn't finish, because Hoseok's fingers go straight for his sides, and Taehyung thinks the anticipation to this moment makes it ten times worse. He starts to laugh, breathless haha's as he twists and squirms underneath Hoseok, trying to escape the light, teasing touches.

Hoseok's hands move to his chest, fingers dancing over the front of his shirt and Taehyung whines. He knows it's coming. His nipples aren't as sensitive as Jungkook's, but they're still sensitive. Hoseok leans down closer, keeping Taehyung in place from wiggling away, and fingers pinch and rub at his nipples through his shirt.

It's the helplessness, as much as it is the actual stimulation, the overwhelming sensations he can't get away from. Taehyung tries to fold his body up to avoid the touches but Hoseok has him pinned too well, and to Taehyung's complete horror, he starts to get hard. Hard enough to feel it, to know it's tenting his own shorts now.

"Hyung," he gasps, the humiliation and arousal hitting him at the same time. "Ah, ah—"

Hoseok's hands move up to his neck, he's even making cute sounds now to accompany his attacks, but Taehyung's body is starting to ache from the tightness of his muscles, from laughing and gasping for breath.

"Hyung, wait—"

Hoseok slides his hands up underneath Taehyung's shirt, fingers suddenly moving over bare skin, and Taehyung throws his head back and moans.

The sound really can't be mistaken for anything else. Hoseok freezes, and Taehyung pants to catch his breath, face flushed hot.

"Taehyung-ah," Hoseok says slowly, "are you okay? Is this too much?"

"I'm sorry," Taehyung gasps out, and Hoseok is immediately dropping his body to cover Taehyung's, which only kind of makes it worse. Hoseok can for sure feel how hard he is now.

"No, don't apologize, it's my fault."

"It's not—"

"Is this new? Is it just, maybe..." Hoseok's expression slips back to something gentle so quickly. "We should all lay off tickling you for now?"

"That's part of it, but also I think— I think it's just you, hyung," Taehyung whispers, closing his eyes. He can feel when Hoseok leans down and nuzzles their noses together, and the Hobi-shaped spot in his chest aches.

"Tell me what I can do for you, sweetheart. Do you want me to leave?"


"Okay. I was hoping you wouldn't pick that anyway. Do you want to get off? Do you want me to keep tickling you?"

"Wait, wait." Taehyung almost feels fuzzy, thoughts not connecting. "Why would you offer to help me with that?"

Hoseok smiles a particularly patient smile. "Because I love my Taehyungie and I want him to feel good. Just call me desensitized from hearing you jerk off quietly in your bed for years, hm?"

"Ugh, don't embarrass me more, I'm already suffering," Taehyung whines, covering his face with his hands, but Hoseok just laughs and takes Taehyung's wrists in each of his hands, pinning them on either side of Taehyung's head. Heat shoots straight into his belly.

Hoseok is holding him down. Holy shit. 

"This okay?"

"Uh huh."

"You remember to say my full name if you want me to stop? Jung Hoseok?"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Ahh, you're so cute," Hoseok says, which maybe shouldn't make Taehyung's cock twitch in his underwear, but it does. "Can you keep your hands up here like a good boy?"

"Please," Taehyung says in a breathy voice, not even sure what he's begging for. Hoseok seems satisfied by his answer, though, sitting back on Taehyung's hips. Not his full weight, but most of it, is now on top of Taehyung's hard cock.

Taehyung's hips buck, and Hoseok laughs.

"It's just like our Taehyungie to suddenly get off on tickling, isn't it?" Taehyung is blushing, but Hoseok's words aren't mean. Aren't even wrong, really. "Sensitive baby." Hoseok pushes Taehyung's shirt up as far as it will go, past his nipples, and Taehyung shudders from the sudden cool air on his chest. Fingers brush slowly up his sides, barely touching, and Taehyung shivers again, feels goosebumps on his skin and the way his nipples stiffen.

"You're going to keep your hands where they are, right?"

Taehyung nods, can't look away from Hoseok's hot gaze.

"That's my good boy."

Fingertips tickle over his exposed belly, around his navel, and Taehyung gasps out his first laughs, squirming but keeping his arms still. It's hard to focus, for him, both under- and over-stimulated by the touches, trying to hold his arms in place even as his fingers spasm and curl, his head thrashing. The teasing touches get firmer and Taehyung's laughter gets less restrained, some of the laughs cut off by moans when Hoseok pinches his nipples.

"Sensitive here? Like our Jungkookie?"

Taehyung can't answer, eyes squeezed shut from the intensity of the pleasure. He feels so exposed under Hoseok's gaze already, wants to lift his hips and make himself come quicker, but he likes this overwhelmed feeling, too. Helpless, and out of control.

Hoseok plays with his nipples until Taehyung is definitely moaning more than laughing, and then his hands go back to Taehyung's bare sides, even tickle up to his armpits, just above where his shirt is bunched up. Taehyung squirms, lifts his hips and tries to kick his legs, and Hoseok laughs at him.

"You're so cute like this, Taehyung-ah. Being so good while I tickle you. Are you ticklish anywhere else, huh?" Fingers brush at his neck and Taehyung jerks his head down, tries to block Hoseok's hands. "Oh, wait, I know."

Some mix of dread and excitement and twisting arousal swoop in Taehyung's belly when Hoseok leans back, turns his body slightly and reaches back to touch Taehyung's bare feet.

Taehyung's gasp is loud. He's not even laughing now so much as shouting between quick breaths as Hoseok tickles his feet, fingers brushing up and down the bottoms of them. Taehyung's toes curl and his hips strain where Hoseok is still sitting on his dick and with a whining moan he feels himself start to come.

The pleasure is bright and intense, and he's already shaking before his cock is done pulsing. His hands are still where Hoseok put them but his fingers grab at the sheet now, bracing himself as he shudders through the waves of pleasure, the tingling all over his skin where Hoseok has been touching.

"Fuck, sweetheart," Hoseok says in a rough voice, almost like his morning voice that Taehyung loves so much. "Feel good? Did you come for me?"

Taehyung nods, sinks his teeth into his lip when Hoseok's hips shift above him and he wants to cry out at the sparks of pleasure.

Hoseok coos and moves off of Taehyung's body only to pull his shirt back down and gather him up in his arms, kiss his head, keeping his touches firm even though Taehyung still feels sensitive all over.

"You were so good keeping your hands still for me. Did you like that? My sweet Taehyungie, was that a good orgasm?"

"Hnn. Way better than the first time," Taehyung says with a grin that he's sure looks goofy, and Hoseok laughs, nuzzling his cheek against Taehyung's.

"Ah, that was so hot. So hot watching you come, feeling how hard you were."

The praise washes over Taehyung in warm waves, almost drawing out the tingling pleasure from his orgasm. He makes a needy noise, and Hoseok holds him tighter, pets his fingers through Taehyung's hair.

"Thank you. That was... I didn't even know that was a thing for me."

"Maybe it wasn't, until recently. There's nothing wrong with that." Hoseok hums. "And you don't have to thank me, I barely did anything."

"You tickled me!" Taehyung insists.

"Still feels like I didn't do much work to make you come so hard." Hoseok's eyes are glittering, now, a cute grin on his lips. "If you want to do this again, I might start getting a big head."

Taehyung laughs, tilting his head into Hoseok's hand. "I don't care. You deserve it."

"Mmm, sweet Taehyungie. Want to get cleaned up soon? I think the others will start to be suspicious. If they didn't already hear, ah."

Taehyung feels new heat flood his face, uncomfortable, but he also finds himself not caring as much. Let them know. Hoseok made him feel so good.

"You should tie me up next time," Taehyung mumbles sleepily.

"Yah," Hoseok scolds him, fingers tightening in his hair a little, as if that isn't just shooting heat straight to Taehyung's cock. "We'll talk about it later."

It's not a no. Taehyung smiles, snuggling closer to Hoseok.

Chapter Text

Why didn't I try this sooner
, Jungkook thinks, dazed, his whole body tingling after his second orgasm. He may or may not be able to feel his toes right now.

He was hesitant about trying the toy to begin with, a simple black curved thing that seemed less intimidating than anything that required batteries, but the horny brain wants what the horny brain wants. He knew there was a possibility of just not having a sensitive prostate, maybe not even being that into penetration since he's only had his own fingers inside before, but he made the purchase anyway.

And he's so fucking glad he did.

If anything, he's annoyed he waited so long. He could have been doing this as soon as he got his own room! (He mentally says a quick apology to past Jungkook.)

After two orgasms Jungkook considers taking the toy out and cleaning up, but he still hasn't come-come, his cock hard, and even now as he clenches down around the toy he can feel the low stirring of arousal, can imagine how little it will take for it to start building up again.

Jungkook spreads his legs wider and shifts his hips and thinks, I shouldn't. He gives his cock a couple of slow strokes and hisses at the touch and thinks, Maybe just one more.

One more turns into three or four more, until Jungkook is flushed and there's a sheen of sweat on his skin, his long hair sticking to his forehead. Until his legs are trembling and his thighs ache and his nipples are tight and hard, oversensitive to each touch. Until Jungkook loses count of how many times he's come dry, the intense heat and bright pleasure that pulses through his lower body, his cock throbbing with it. 

There's a pool of pre-come on his stomach, where it's been steadily pulsing from his untouched cock this whole time, leaving the head swollen dark and shiny. He could wrap his fingers around himself and jerk off, add his come to the mess, and honestly, that relief would probably feel amazing. But there's that wild little urge deep inside him that wants to keep pushing himself, testing his limits.

"Fuck, fuck," Jungkook groans softly through another orgasm. He tries to keep his noises down to quiet panting so no one is suspicious that he isn't actually gaming or napping, although remembering to stay quiet is getting harder to focus on. Everything is getting harder to focus on, the more the pleasure washes through him, leaving him both sated and insatiable.

No one even told him multiple orgasms were a possibility. (He sends another mental apology to past Jungkook and his mediocre orgasms.)

Jungkook adjusts the towel he's lying on and then gives in to the urge to roll over onto his stomach, lifting up to his knees so his ass is in the air, and oh, oh. There's something especially shameless and vulnerable about being in this position, his ears and neck heating at the idea of anyone seeing him like this, naked and presenting himself, whining into a pillow and tightening up around the toy as the too-bright pleasure starts to build again.

His fantasies stopped being 'normal' a while ago, but in this position they're even worse. Unrealistic scenarios, thinks about being spread open and used, thinks about being called names and humiliated. His moans start to sound broken to his own ears until he realizes, from the sting behind his eyes, that he's started crying.

It's the intensity, he thinks, responsible for the tears. But his breath starts to hitch with his sobs, like once he starts he can't stop, equal parts relief and helplessness. The pleasure still builds, still grows hot and spreads low in his belly, and he's sobbing through the aftershocks of another dry orgasm when the door to his room opens.

Jungkook scrambles, doesn't turn so much as fall onto his side and pulls the towel over his lap, facing the door, the humiliated shock of being caught rushing hot through him, his face burning.

It's Jimin, wide-eyed and bare-faced. Lips parting, and then closing again.

"Hyung," Jungkook chokes out, the sound more of a sob than anything. He can't even imagine what he looks like to Jimin right now, flushed and sweating and messy, cheeks damp with his tears.

He's not actually surprised it's Jimin, out of all the hyungs, because Jimin does seem to have an extra sense for when any of them are crying. And is also one of the few who never knocks before entering Jungkook's room.

That does not make it even a little bit less mortifying, though.

"Oh, you— I thought—" Jimin stammers. After a moment his eyebrows furrow and he's stepping forward, and Jungkook would sob out a laugh at Jimin's inappropriate concern if he could. He is still achingly overstimulated, has to turn his face and bite at his own arm to muffle his moan because the toy is still inside, and if anything, he's now clenching around it harder than before.

Jimin takes more steps closer and Jungkook finally manages to gasp out, "Hyung, wait." Jimin looks about two seconds away from climbing onto the bed with him despite the fact it's painfully obvious what Jungkook is doing.

Jimin makes a soft, wounded noise. "Is it— hurting? Jungkook-ah, you're crying..."

It's true, Jungkook's face is splotchy red and wet with tears, but he shakes his head.

"Fuck, 's embarrassing, I'm just." Jungkook tries to sit up and gasps when the toy in his ass shifts, seems to sink a little deeper inside of him. Jimin reaches out to touch his arm, face still knitted with concern. How is he not laughing at Jungkook for this yet?

"Are you okay? Hey, tell me, is it..." Jimin trails off, gaze falling to the lube on the bed. "Oh, is it... inside?"

"Yeah." Jungkook's laugh comes out breathy and maybe a little hysterical, but Jimin is still touching him and Jungkook's cock is still rock hard, dripping where it's barely covered by a towel.

"But it doesn't hurt? You're crying."

"It feels so good, hyung," Jungkook finally chokes out with a sob.

Jimin's eyes widen with realization. "Oh. Oh, that's why. Ahh." And then, fuck, he starts smiling and Jungkook could actually cry for real now, because the smile isn't even mean or teasing. Why is Jimin still here, shouldn't he be grossed out? Horrified to find the maknae this way?

"Does it always make you cry?"

Jungkook's face flushes with humiliation.

"No," he pants, still awkwardly curled on his side, still squeezing around the toy and forcing his eyes back open after they flutter shut from the wave of pleasure it brings. "It's my first time trying it. But it feels so good, hyung, I haven't stopped—" Jungkook gasps, shuddering.

"Haven't stopped what?" Jimin isn't smiling anymore, but his face is still patient and concerned. Even interested, maybe.


"Really? How many times??"

Jungkook almost laughs at the way Jimin asks, the excited disbelief, like they're talking about video games and not orgasms.

"I don't know, it's." Jungkook lets out a shaky breath. "It's been two hours."

Jimin's lips purse. "You haven't been crying for two hours."

"The crying just started because I got overwhelmed, okay, it's— ahh." Jungkook cuts off and ducks his head down, tries to hide his warm face when it scrunches and more pleasure rushes through him, hot and twisting. His stomach muscles ache from how tense he's been this whole time. "So good, it's so good, Jimin."

"This is really hot," Jimin says with an embarrassed laugh. Jungkook is glad he's not the only one blushing, but something about Jimin's gaze, too, is dark and wanting. He slides his hand from Jungkook's arm down to his bare thigh. "Can I see?"

"See— the toy?" Jungkook gasps, heat jolting through him at Jimin's touch.

"No, see you come. Can I watch?"

"Fuck," Jungkook sobs, cock jerking.

"Is that a yes?"

"If you're being serious—"

"I am. Can I move this?" Jimin's fingers touch the edge of the towel, barely hiding anything at this point, and Jungkook nods, letting Jimin pull it away. His cock is still flushed so dark, straining above his belly, and Jungkook lies back with his knees drawn up, panting.

Jimin stares, cheeks pink and gaze heavy, and Jungkook feels it like a physical touch.

"I'm surprised I can't hear it," Jimin says softly, and Jungkook chokes out a laugh.

"It's not a vibrator. It's just, ah, curved."

"Oh. Wow." Jimin licks his lips, and Jungkook's cock bounces above his abs. "Sorry, you're just. You're so hard, it looks painful."

"It's just a lot," Jungkook says in a watery voice. He isn't even sure what he's referring to — the overstimulation, the attention, maybe both. His body is overheated and aching, his eyes still swim with tears, and Jimin is just looking at him like he wants to hug him or eat him. God.

"Ah, Jungkookie, it's okay," Jimin finally says like he can't help it, a little smile on his lips. "Hyung is here. Do you touch, or...?"

"Hnn, I just. Squeeze." Jungkook's voice gets breathier and he stops trying to talk, closes his eyes and rolls his hips a little as he clenches around the toy.

He can feel Jimin's gaze on him, the heaviness of it, thinks he can even hear Jimin's breathing over his own loud breaths, the way they turn into gasps when the pleasure starts to build into something tighter, hotter.

"Fuck," Jungkook sobs, because he is overstimulated, he is so hard it hurts.

"Jungkookie," Jimin coos, and Jungkook hears the mattress shift as Jimin moves closer on the bed, feels a hand brush his sweaty hair off his forehead. Jungkook leans into the touch without thinking. "It feels good, though, right? The sounds you make..."

"It's, ah, it's." Jungkook grabs at the sheet under him, fingers twisting, body tensing.

"Are you gonna come, baby?"

"Uh huh," is all Jungkook can manage, eyes shut so tight, head thrown back and thighs already shaking from the intensity of the pleasure. When he comes it happens in waves, rushes of bright heat that spread through his whole lower body and leave him panting, shaking.

"Oh fuck, oh god," Jungkook moans, and he's vaguely aware of the pre-come that pulses from his slit, slides wet down the sides of his cock as it jerks hard over his stomach.

Jimin rests a hand on Jungkook's heaving chest, just above the mess of pre-come smeared over his skin, and says, "There you go."

Jungkook could melt at the sound of Jimin's sweet voice as he comes down, a little hoarse maybe but still saying gentle things. "That's it, that's my good Jungkookie."

Tears slide hot down Jungkook's cheeks and he shivers, keeps clenching around the toy to draw his orgasm out even when it hurts, the pleasure aching too intensely, starting to turn sharp.

"Baby," Jimin says with a little laugh, and Jungkook sniffles, lifts a weak arm to cover his hot face only to have Jimin immediately pulling it away. There are thumbs on his cheeks brushing away tears, and Jungkook has to blink a few times before he can fully make out Jimin's warm smile, his darker blush.

"It's confusing for me to see you crying, but because of—" Jimin glances down at Jungkook's body and laughs again. "This is just so strange, but I think I like it. You're really okay?"

Jungkook nods, sits up a little and then gasps out an embarrassingly loud moan when the toys shifts inside him again. He's so sensitive inside now, imagines how swollen he must be from the constant pressure.

"Fuck me, that's hot," Jimin whispers.

"I should—" Jungkook clears his throat when his voice comes out scratchy. "I should finish, my dick kind of hurts from being hard for so long, ah."

"Oh." Jungkook looks up in time to catch Jimin's throat bob when he swallows. "Can I help? Would it be too much if I touched you?"

Jungkook's eyes widen.

"You don't have to—"

"I want to. I think it's obvious that I want to, Jungkook." Another spike of heat shoots into Jungkook's belly. "Can I...?" Jimin trails off, gesturing to Jungkook's lap, and Jungkook nods slowly, dumbly, and stares with parted lips as Jimin wraps both of his small hands around Jungkook's swollen cock. It is immediately too much and not enough.

Jungkook's hips twist, ass clenching hard around the toy pressed so firmly into his prostate, as Jimin works his hands up and down. It hurts. It aches in a way like fire is spreading through Jungkook's pelvis and he wants more, feels the pleasure build so fast he's dizzy from the rush of it.

"Come on," Jimin says, speeding up the movement of his hands, leaning over Jungkook's body now, his bangs falling forward over his face. He looks even more sinful than usual, like this, determined and hungry, even though Jungkook is the one getting jerked off. "Come for me when you're ready, baby, you've been so good."

Jungkook whines, tears welling up behind his eyelids again, hips lifting as Jimin jerks him off. It's too much, too tight too hot too close, and then all of a sudden it just snaps. Pleasure floods his body, his hips jerking and cock spilling and Jimin still stroking him through it.

"Oh fuck, fuck," Jungkook gasps, feels the heat of his own come as it slides down his chest, his thighs trembling hard. He's about to open his eyes and tell Jimin he can stop when he feels something warm press against his mouth.

Jungkook's eyes fly open and Jimin is kissing him, breathing heavily into Jungkook's mouth.

"So hot," Jimin says against his lips, kissing harder, finally letting go of Jungkook's cock and bracing his hands on his chest instead. "That was so hot, Jungkookie, fuck."

"Jimin," Jungkook tries to say, gasping out a laugh when the word gets muffled between their kisses. "Hyung. Thank you."

"What? You don't have to thank me—"

"Thank you anyway," Jungkook says with a sigh, wrapping his arms around Jimin, pulling him on top of himself. Jimin squawks out a surprised noise, and Jungkook winces, realizes a second too late what a bad idea this was when Jimin is still fully dressed and Jungkook is... a mess.

"You came so much," Jimin says with something a little like wonder, until he adds, "Fuck you for ruining this shirt."

"Sorry," Jungkook gasps, laughing, catching Jimin's smile anyway. "I know we need to clean up and I think I need to drink some water, but just— stay with me, for a minute?" Jungkook shivers, and Jimin kisses him softly.

"I can do that. Do you need to take the toy out...?"

There is nothing Jimin hasn't seen at this point but Jungkook still blushes at that. "No, it can wait, I think the last orgasm wore me out."

"That was so crazy," Jimin mumbles. "I don't know why I'm surprised, it's you, but. Wow."

"Mmm, don't knock it until you try it," Jungkook mumbles, maybe a little smug, his toes curling as he slowly stretches his legs out. The surprised, heated look Jimin gives him sends a pleasurable jolt of heat into his belly that immediately makes his abs tense in a way that aches. He really needs a hot shower.

"Okay," Jimin says after a moment, and they're kissing again before Jungkook can ask what that means. If Jimin really means he wants to—


Chapter Text

"Taehyung-ah," Yoonji says, wiggling her socked toes in Taehyung's lap. He looks down at her feet and visibly gulps, and Yoonji almost wants to laugh.

It's hard to not find him cute when he's pretending to be shy like this. Still her tall and broad boyfriend with his handsome face and pretty lips, pretty eyes. Still the same man who can hold her against the wall and fuck her, now currently dressed like a schoolboy and avoiding her gaze. 

"Taehyung-ah, why haven't you asked for it yet? We both know what you really came over for."

"Noona..." Taehyung mutters, taking her hint and rubbing her feet, finally lifting his head to meet her eyes. "Do I have to ask?"

"Good boys ask for what they want. Are you a good boy?"

"Of course I'm a good boy," Taehyung says with a pout. He hums, thumbs pressing at the bottoms of her feet, and Yoonji curls her toes in pleasure. Part of her is tempted to push her foot down in his lap and see if Taehyung is already hard, but she doesn't think she has to. Taehyung was already starting to chub up in his underwear when they got dressed into these uniforms fifteen minutes ago.

"How about... I won't make you ask for it if you eat me out first?"

Taehyung's face lights up. This time, Yoonji does laugh, catching Taehyung's hands and lacing their fingers together when he hurries up the bed to lean over her.

"Do you want to come?" Taehyung asks, voice pitched low enough to make her stomach twist hotly. 

"No, not before fucking you. Just make me feel good, yeah?"

"Yeah," Taehyung agrees with a happy little sigh, ducking his head down to kiss her slowly, thoroughly, before pulling back. He seems overwhelmed, for a moment, staring down at her slender legs in thigh-high socks and her short pleated skirt, and then something in his expression changes, goes from uncertainty to hunger so fast it thrills her. He reaches under her skirt, hooks his long fingers into the waistband of her panties, and keeps eye contact with her as he drags them down her legs.

Once her underwear is gone, he lifts his gaze back up to her face, slowly licking his lips. "Can the skirt stay on?"

Yoonji smiles and spreads her legs, toes curling again at the way the cool air feels over now-exposed skin. She knows she's already wet, but Taehyung doesn't know that yet. "Sure, baby. The skirt can stay."

"You're the best," Taehyung sighs again, and then he's settling on his stomach on the bed between her thighs, pulling her legs forward until they're over his shoulders, his entire head now underneath her skirt.

The sight would make her laugh, maybe, if the anticipation didn't have her so desperately horny.

It's a little exciting, actually, almost like being blindfolded, to not be able to see what Taehyung is doing. She can feel his wide licks over her pussy, she shivers and squeezes her thighs around his head when he laps at her clit, the attention slippery but focused, stirring the heat in her belly. She can feel it, too, when the tip of his finger teases at her entrance, finds her dripping wet just before he starts to press inside.

His fingers always feel so much different (and better) than her own, not just for their size — she's quite proud of her own piano-playing hands — but because of the way he drags them inside, careful of the angle, rubbing her just right.

She crosses her ankles over the back of his broad shoulders and lets the pleasure pool deep in her belly as he licks, tongue stroking wet over her sensitive labia and up to her clit, keeping his finger inside for her to clench around.

"Tae," she breathes out after a few more minutes, lifting her skirt only to see his flushed face, his pretty, long eyelashes fanned out with his eyes closed. His tongue is back moving steady over her clit and she groans softly, reaches for his hair to yank his face away despite the fact her body just wants to stiffen and press closer. "Tae, no more, let's get you ready for my cock."

"Yeah, okay, okay," Taehyung says, also breathing heavier. His licks his lips as soon as he sits up, and Yoonji grabs him by his loose tie, tugs him forward into a kiss so she can taste herself on his lips.

Taehyung moans. "Noona. You know what it does to me when you do that..."

"You're my good boy, just let me kiss you," she says with a smile, and then licks into his mouth.

She likes kissing Taehyung messy, likes when he whines against her lips and sucks at her like he can't get enough of her.

"I got myself ready in the shower," Taehyung tells her.

"I know. You always do, my eager Taehyungie. I'll start with two fingers, okay?"

"Okay, okay," Taehyung agrees, rolling over onto his back, lifting up to his elbows to grin at her.

Yoonji rolls her eyes. "I'll get the lube, you get your pants off."

He does, and impressively quickly, at that. He's naked from the waist down when she returns to the bed, his cock long and hard, fingers circled around it.

"If you get close, stop touching. You're not allowed to come until you're on my dick."

Taehyung huffs out a laugh. "I know, I won't. But you don't have to spend that long fingering me, the dildo isn't even that big..."

"Don't be rude," Yoonji says, teasing, pinching the soft inside of Taehyung's thigh. He yelps, and then squeezes around his cock a little tighter.

Taehyung spreads his legs for her and tilts his ass up, hand stilling over his cock when she starts to press two lube-slick fingers inside, glad she remembered to cut her own nails short for this.

He's tight but wet inside from stretching himself, hot and squeezing around her, and she slowly works him open, watches the cute way his face scrunches and his mouth drops open with low moans. She remembers how nervous he was the first time, how slow they took it, and now she's just starting to feel him relax around her when he says, "Okay, I'm good, I'm ready."

"Just a little bit more, Tae," Yoonji tells him, noting the way he lets go of his cock, the way his breathing is quicker.

He was nervous that first time, but now he's so eager for it.

Yoonji adds more lube and works in three fingers until Taehyung is moaning and pre-come is starting to bead at the slit of his cock, and then she slowly draws her fingers out, wiping her hand off on a towel. She pats his thigh. "Come on, do you still want to ride me?"

"Yes, yes," Taehyung says in a rush, scrambling to get up while Yoonji stands to slide on the harness. It feels silly to be wearing it with a skirt, the material currently bunched up so it doesn't cover the pink, curved dildo, but Taehyung stares at her with eyes burning with want, his gaze dark and hungry.

"Yoonji-noona, is it okay if I—" He crawls forward until he's at the end of the bed, reaching for her until she steps close enough for him to take her hands. "Can your shirt be open when you fuck me?"

Heat flares in Yoonji's belly. "Do you want me to just take it off?"

"No, just, ah." Taehyung licks his lips and reaches up, unbuttoning the first four buttons until the lacy white bralette she's wearing is exposed. Then, very slowly as if he's expecting her to stop him, Taehyung pulls the material down and to the side, freeing her small breasts, so that the material of the bralette is tucked just underneath them.

"Like this," Taehyung finishes, pupils wide. "Please?"

"You like that?" Yoonji asks, putting one knee on the bed, and then the other, forcing Taehyung to scoot back. "You like the way it looks like we were in too much of a hurry to get undressed all the way, just my tits out and my cock hard for you, sweetheart?"

"Please," Taehyung repeats. Now it sounds desperate enough to be begging.

Yoonji moves up the bed to the pillows, leans back against them and draws her knees up, spreads her legs slightly. Despite the fact she doesn't get a lot of stimulation from the harness, she's still dripping wet, still tingling with how turned on she is. "Come get my dick wet, Tae, and then you can sit on it."

Taehyung just nods in his eagerness, leans down to take the dildo past his lips, suck at it messily, making sure to lick up and down the length of it. When he pulls away it's wet with spit, and Taehyung throws a leg over her lap, holding the ends of his shirt bunched up in one hand and holding the dildo steady with the other.

The school uniform thing was Taehyung's idea, not hers, but she has to admit, he looks gorgeously obscene like this.

Taehyung's knees slide apart on the mattress as he sinks down slowly, taking the toy bit by bit until he has to let go of his shirt, bracing his hands on the mattress, gasping out.

"Okay? Doesn't hurt?"

"No, no, it's good. Told you it was the smaller toy—"

Yoonji reaches around to slap his ass, and Taehyung gasps again.


"Sorry! It's good, though, it's good."

"Move whenever you're ready."

Taehyung nods and then drops his head forward, his hair tickling Yoonji's bare chest, his breath warm over her skin. He works his hips back in little shoves, and Yoonji doesn't understand it until he moans, a breathy and drawn-out sound. Ah, he was just looking for the right angle, then.


"Uh huh," Taehyung whines, and Yoonji reaches between them to stroke his cock, the pulsing heat of it under her fingers as Taehyung works himself back on the toy.

He's a little curled up like this, because of their height difference, but if it's uncomfortable he doesn't complain. Taehyung's mouth eventually finds its way to her breasts, tongue playing with her nipples, cheek nuzzling at the soft flesh as he whimpers.

"My sweet boy," Yoonji tells him, unable to hide the way her voice is rough with her own arousal. Some of Taehyung's little shoves down on the strap-on hit her just right, pressure just at the top of her clit that thrums hot through her body. "Do you want me to help? Want to try to come untouched?"

"Yeah, I think." Taehyung forces his eyes open and then they immediately flutter shut again when Yoonji bucks her hips, fucking up into him. "I think I can, I think if I just— ahh."

Taehyung starts to slam his hips down to meet Yoonji's thrusts, sinks his teeth into his bottom lip and whines, trembles over Yoonji's lap. It is unbearably hot, how much he loves this.

"You feel so good around my cock, Taehyungie," Yoonji tells him, her own arousal throbbing, hips meeting his ass in such a way that they're both getting pleasure from it. "So tight and hot around me. Are you going to come for noona? So desperate you couldn't even let me undress, so needy to get your tight little ass on my dick. Are you close?"

"Ah, ah," Taehyung gasps, panting hot over Yoonji's breast and then lifting himself, bracing himself with shaky arms so he can shove back harder onto the toy. "Ah that's it I'm close I— Please, please—" Taehyung starts to come with a strangled cry, cock spilling hot between them, over Yoonji's skirt and her chest. He grinds himself through it, shuddering, muscles tense until he finally collapses on top of her.

With one hand petting through Taehyung's hair, Yoonji reaches between them and yanks the harness loose, just enough to fit her fingers underneath, rubbing fast, wet circles over clit. She comes in seconds, gasping through the rush of her orgasm, the tight heat that melts into pleasure and floods her whole body.

Taehyung whines and rolls over onto his side so Yoonji can catch her breath. He slips off the toy as he does, and whines again.

"Taehyung-ah," Yoonji says in a hoarse voice, turning on her side to kiss him sweetly. "Are you okay?"

"Mmm, yeah, 's just. Intense. I love coming on your cock, noona."

Yoonji sighs and — inexplicably, even though she's already flushed from sex — starts to blush. "I love it too, Taehyungie. Do you just want to cuddle for now? Want me to help you get cleaned up?"

Taehyung makes a soft noise, and Yoonji waits for him to speak. "Cuddle for just a little bit? I want to clean you up..."

Yoonji's face gets even warmer, knowing exactly what Taehyung is referring to. "If you want."

"I'm noona's good boy, aren't I?" Taehyung asks with a smug little grin, and Yoonji huffs out a laugh, rolls her eyes but still kisses him on the tip of his nose.

"Yes, you really are."

Chapter Text

It takes Jimin an embarrassingly long time to realize he's being followed.

This particular forest is still new to him, his senses still adjusting to what's normal and what isn't — the movement and habits of small animals, and regular paths of the bigger ones, the way the trees move with the wind and the kind of rustling in the leaves that happens when there is no wind. 

But Jimin likes learning these things. His friends might think he's out of his mind, moving out to a cottage with no one else around, but Jimin trusts the strength of his magic to protect him if he needs it. He trusts Namjoon, the previous owner of the cottage, who told Jimin he would learn a lot out here.

So Jimin enjoys his solitude and takes his time learning the sights and sounds, lets his sense of the supernatural guide him to where he shouldn't wander, what plants bite back, and what wolves aren't just wolves. 

Jimin hasn't gone out too far this time, heading back to the cottage with a bowl of very non-magical and delicious blackberries he picked, when he isn't paying attention and trips over a tree root.

His stomach drops in that sickening way it does when you miss a step and know you're about to fall on your face, but the fall never comes. Jimin is caught by something, and the only casualty of his clumsiness is one single blackberry that tips from his bowl and onto the ground.

"What—" Jimin notices arms around his waist and turns, swallowing a shout at the sight of the man who caught him.

There shouldn't be anyone else out here. And definitely not anyone else dressed in a nice suit, dark hair, piercing eyes, a young, handsome face. Definitely not someone so close to have caught Jimin just as he was about to fall.

"Thanks," Jimin says mostly out of reflex, because he was raised to be polite. As much as this stranger's dark gaze is making him squirm, at least he isn't holding an axe or anything. "I'm fine now, you can—" Jimin gestures to the arms around his waist and the man slowly draws them away, lips quirking with something that could almost be a smile.

Jimin lets himself stare, because the man is certainly attractive, and it's hard to look away from him. Something about the man's aura just seems... smoky, in a way Jimin can't quite put his finger on. It's very distinctly non-human, that much Jimin can tell, and it's probably not good he finds himself more curious than afraid.

"What's your name?"

"Taehyung," the man says in a low voice, still standing very close to Jimin. He is taller and broader than Jimin, but also, for whatever reason, barefoot. "Are you okay?"

"Oh I'm fine, I just tripped." Jimin's face heats a little at the admission of his own clumsiness, the reminder of strong arms catching him around the middle. "You caught me very fast."

Taehyung just hums. Jimin tries not to notice the way that the light coming through the trees in the forest doesn't quite hit him the way it should, the way Taehyung's outline jitters slightly when he turns his head. Jimin is glad he has enough experience with non-human creatures to not be frightened by these things.

"Taehyung, can I ask... what are you?"

He has no way of knowing how Taehyung will react to a question like that, but he isn't expecting a pout.

"I don't look human enough to you?"

At this, Jimin lets himself laugh, even if the sound comes out a little nervous. "You do! You have to know I'm a witch, though. I can feel that you aren't quite, um. Meant for this form."

"Ah, okay, that's true." And then, to Jimin's surprise, Taehyung gestures to the path that leads to Jimin's cottage and starts walking in that direction. Jimin quickly follows, until they're walking side-by-side, Taehyung's strides too smooth, almost like his feet are floating just above the ground. "I took this shape because I didn't want to scare you."

"Okay," Jimin says slowly. As if those words aren't enough to send a little spike of fear through him. "Have... you been following me, too?"

"Mm, in a way. You were able to feel us?"

Jimin's heart is racing now, and he wonders if Taehyung is the kind of creature that can hear it. "'Us?'"

"Jungkookie," Taehyung says without raising his voice at all, and Jimin feels the shift in the air just before sensing there's another body behind him. He spins, and this time he does shout at the man behind him, looking as out of place as Taehyung in the forest, dressed in a mainly white suit. 

They're both incredibly attractive. Jimin wonders, a little hysterically, if maybe he's dreaming up this ridiculous scenario just because he's horny. But distinguishing dreams or illusions from reality is a basic magic skill, and Jimin knows this isn't a dream.

The new man — Jungkook? — tilts his head and shamelessly looks Jimin up and down, as if there is something to look at besides Jimin's jeans and his soft white sweater. Jungkook's eyes are wide and curious, his pretty lips pursing before he says, "You look different through these eyes."

"I hope that's not a bad thing," Jimin says faintly. He takes a step back, feels the heel of his boot catch on another tree root, and Taehyung is right there with hands gently gripping the back of Jimin's arms, helping him back upright. Jimin mumbles another thank you, tries to shake the warmth that spreads through him where Taehyung caught him.

"No!" Jungkook says with a smile. It isn't a sinister look on his face, and Jimin is very glad for that, at least. "It's always kind of nice to see how you see. A lot simpler. We haven't had a reason to be human since Namjoon-hyung left."

"Oh!" It's probably not safe, the way Jimin's fear melts away so quickly when Namjoon's name is mentioned. "You knew him?"

"Mmm, he was—"

"Can we talk inside, Jimin?" Taehyung asks. "It's harder for the others to listen."

Jimin's skin prickles with sudden goosebumps. "Others? And wait, how do you know my name?"

"Namjoon again, we'll explain inside."

Jimin supposes, if Namjoon trusted them, that he can trust them too. His house is packed with wards anyway, so anyone with ill intentions won't last long inside. Jimin leads the way to the cottage, a stranger on either side of him, and breathes out a private sigh of relief when they both step inside the cottage without issue.

Once again they both stand too close to Jimin, almost crowding him in his own kitchen when he sets the bowl of blackberries down next to the sink. Jimin takes a step back, and Taehyung at least seems to notice his unease, because he holds his arm out in front of Jungkook when Jungkook makes to follow Jimin.

"Okay. Others?" Jimin asks again, and Jungkook opens his mouth as if to answer, and then closes it.

"Just. Other creatures not us," Taehyung explains, shrugging. "Nothing that shouldn't exist—"

"Nothing dangerous enough to threaten you," Jungkook adds.

"Right. But you still don't want them to know too much about you."

Jimin bites at his lip, and then reaches to sip at a glass of water he poured earlier. He desperately tries to ignore the way Jungkook's pupils dilate watching him drink. "But you two know about me. You never told me what you are."

"Namjoon-hyung told us your name. We're..." Taehyung pauses, eyebrows furrowing. "I guess you could call us swamp monsters."

"I'm sorry, you're what?" Jimin takes another step back, and something behind Taehyung's eyes flashes, and oh fuck the fear is back again, like a cold grip on his stomach.

"Jimin," Taehyung says gently. "We can't hurt you. The swamp behind this cottage recognizes you as its owner now. By extension, you own us too."

"But I— I didn't even pay anything for it," Jimin says weakly. Taehyung and Jungkook don't react to that. Maybe they're the kind of monsters not entirely familiar with human society, then. Could have fooled Jimin, with how good they look in suits. "Namjoonie didn't tell me anything about this. I... I don't want to own anyone."

"It's not really... that simple," Jungkook finally says. They're both staring at Jimin a little more intently now, and he feels nervous under the attention. "It's owning in the sense of binding, the swamp's magic accepting your magic and tying them together."

"We can feel you because you are ours," Taehyung says, and something about the finality in his voice makes Jimin shiver. 

"Sorry, this is just... a lot. I haven't met many monsters."

"Ah." Jungkook smiles, and exchanges a look with Taehyung, tilting his head. Taehyung raises his eyebrows, like they're having a telepathic conversation, which they very realistically could be. "You've never been claimed by any monsters before, have you?"

"Claimed...? Like, magically?"

Taehyung starts to grin too, and it's handsome, it's not scary, but fuck it is still intimidating. Like Jimin is outside of the joke, or they just happen to find him cute. It makes him painfully aware of his own humanity.

"Magically? Hm, I guess," Taehyung says. "But also physically."

There is a sharp tug low in Jimin's gut, like Taehyung's words sink a hook into Jimin's arousal and pull. "How?"

Taehyung licks his lips, and next to him, Jungkook growls.



Jimin follows them around the back of the cottage, taking the path to the swamp that isn't too far away.

The swamp isn't big, but there is a beauty to it that Jimin always assumed was a result of Namjoon's lingering magic. The water sparkles from the sunlight shining through the trees. The tree trunks twist where they grow out of the water, logs and jagged stumps poking up, the moss a soft green, the vines climbing and curling around anything they can.

Taehyung and Jungkook stop at the edge, and Taehyung crouches down, beckoning Jimin closer.

He can't say for sure that they won't push him into the water and eat him, but he takes a step closer anyway. Trusts these monsters the way his magic trusted them in his home.

Taehyung stares at Jimin for a moment, almost seems to hesitate before meeting Jimin's eyes. "This will be easier if you take your clothes off."

"Um." Jimin's face flushes hot, his stomach flipping at the bold request. "Why?"

"We need access to your skin. Also, it's a little messy." Taehyung's crooked grin is back. "Jungkookie? Can you show him?"

Jungkook has been quieter, which Taehyung reassured him, after the growl, is just out of shyness and not anything Jimin needs to fear, but Jimin isn't so sure. Jungkook is absolutely gorgeous, standing tall with his sheer black shirt under his suit jacket, the green coloring in hair that looks like it's been professionally styled. Gorgeous, and dangerous.

Jungkook crouches down next to Taehyung and dips two fingers into the water. When he draws them back out, Jimin's eyes widen at the way the liquid shines black and viscous like paint. Jungkook brings the fingers up to his neck and drags them down the front of his throat for Jimin to see, leaving a smear of black in their wake, the liquid dripping beneath the neckline of his shirt, pooling a little at the base of his elegant throat.

It's not quite horror, Jimin feels, watching this, but some extremely confusing mix of interest and unease.

"You're going to— paint me?"

"Paint?" Taehyung asks, tilting his head. His outline blurs slightly as he does, reminding Jimin he is still in a borrowed form. Jimin wonders if it's harder to maintain their human forms so close to the swamp like this.

"That stuff..."

"Ah," Taehyung says, and Jimin's eyes widen again when Taehyung brings Jungkook's fingers — still with traces of the inky black liquid — up to his lips and sucks them into his mouth.

Jimin's stomach twists. He can't call this feeling interest anymore, watching Taehyung swallow and lap around Jungkook's fingers, not when it is very plainly arousal.

And it's frustrating! Jimin tapped into some questionable resources before moving out to this cottage just to teach himself magic that could keep him satisfied even when he was alone. Not dark magics, but semi-taboo ones. Magic that would imitate the feeling of being with a lover.

And now here he is, watching a hot swamp monster suck swamp ooze off of another hot swamp monster's fingers. Jimin is going to send a very strongly-worded letter to Namjoon later.

Taehyung lets go of Jungkook's wrist and licks his lips, gives Jimin a heated look. "It's not paint. It's... it's part of us, and unique to us."

"Like spit?" Jimin guesses, and Jungkook's nose wrinkles cutely.

"Not exactly, it's more like..."

"Our seed," Taehyung finishes for him.

Heat tightens in the pit of Jimin's stomach.

"But just for claiming purposes, not for reproducing," Jungkook is quick to add, maybe noticing Jimin's embarrassed stare. 

Jimin lets himself trust their sincerity, their word that they won't harm him. He isn't sure, at this point, if it's wise not to. He asks, "Do I have to... in my mouth...?" and Taehyung laughs, the sound sweet.

"No, not necessarily. Come here?"

Jimin does start to move closer again, his fingers twisting into the hem of his sweater when he says, "I'll get undressed, but only down to my underwear, okay? I don't know how long you've been following me, but if you've seen me in less than that before, well— just don't tell me."

"Whatever you're comfortable with," Taehyung says. The more he smiles, the less intimidating Jimin finds it, even if his teeth still seem a little too sharp, his eyes a little too dark.

Jimin pulls his sweater off up over his head and rests it on a larger rock on the ground. He takes off his boots and his jeans next, although that happens with a lot less grace, given how tight his jeans are. He adds them to the pile of clothes and straightens up, now dressed only his black boxer-briefs.

Jimin can feel the weight of their stares before he even looks up. Taehyung's eyes are trained on his neck, and Jungkook's gaze is somewhere lower, maybe around Jimin's stomach. He feels— it's a dangerous thought, but he feels like prey, like maybe they're just toying with him before they eat him.

He's putting a lot of trust in his magic instincts for this.

Taehyung holds out his hand, and Jimin takes it, a shiver going through him either at the cool air on his bare skin or the difference in size of his and Taehyung's fingers. Maybe both.

"Jungkookie will go first. We'll avoid your face, okay?"

Jimin chokes back a semi-hysterical laugh at that, immediately wanting to reply with It's not the first time I've been told that and knowing they wouldn't understand the dirty joke. He nods, feels naturally vulnerable standing mostly naked between them like this, but it does nothing to quell his arousal. It actually only turns him on more, not that Jimin is surprised by this.

Jungkook's smile is shy, at odds with his wickedly dark eyes. He crouches down again and glances up at Jimin to say, "I don't think we've said yet, but you're very beautiful. Both— like this," he gestures to Jimin's body, "and your magic, too. It was hard to hide from you for so long.

"You could've just come up to the door and introduced yourself like normal neighbors do," Jimin teases to cover the way Jungkook's words make his stomach flutter. He is not really surprised when both Jungkook and Taehyung don't acknowledge his words.

Jungkook turns back to the swamp and dips both his hands into the water, and Jimin's breath catches when they surface dripping with the black liquid. He stands, and Jimin fights the sudden, instinctual urge to run as he's approached. He realizes after a moment that he's still holding Taehyung's hand, and squeezes at his fingers instead.

Jungkook's gaze is heavy with the darkness in his eyes. Seductive, Jimin would say, and maybe that's intentional on Jungkook's part. Jimin braces himself, not sure what to expect, but still gasps out his surprise when Jungkook's hands suddenly grab at his naked hips.

The inky liquid feels like... nothing. No temperature, no wetness. Like smoke caressing his skin, if anything.

But Jungkook's hands, oh, Jimin can definitely feel that.

Jungkook grips the soft flesh of his hips surprisingly hard, enough to have his fingers digging in, enough to make Jimin's arousal flare. His hands are warm, large and solid, but more than that, the touch burns at Jimin's magic. Excites it, has it flowing to concentrate at those spots, vibrating under his skin.

Jungkook drags one hand across Jimin's flat stomach, spreads the black across his navel, and the other hand he trails up to the tattoo that spans across Jimin's ribs on his right side. Jimin holds his breath and waits, expects Jungkook to cover the tattoo — maybe the ink offends them? Jimin didn't even consider that as he undressed — but instead his hand moves just above it.

"Oh—" Jimin gasps, doesn't know if it's deliberate or not that Jungkook's hand passes over his nipple. His body jerks as the magic flares beneath his navel, deep in his belly, and flares around his nipple, achingly more sensitive than usual.

Jimin looks down between them and watches the liquid drip over the letters of his tattoo, still unable to feel the wetness as if it's not really there. 

Jungkook tilts Jimin's face up with a finger under his chin, and meets his gaze with an intensity Jimin almost can't bear to look at.

He is beautiful, yes, and he only wants to protect Jimin, maybe, but the darkness behind his eyes still scares Jimin with how inhuman it is. Feral, and hungry.

"My turn," Taehyung growls, pulling at Jimin's hand until Jimin has no choice but to turn and face Taehyung now, shudders under his piercing gaze. Taehyung looks as though he is more in control than Jungkook is, but he also looks like this is fun for him. Jimin isn't sure which pair of eyes he feels more like prey under.

Taehyung lets go of Jimin and dips his hands into the swamp water, doesn't hesitate before placing a palm wide at the front of Jimin's throat, sliding around the base of his neck and across his collarbones. Jimin's magic flows to those spots, his breath hitching, his neck especially sensitive to the heat that now pulses like sucking kisses where Taehyung has touched.

Taehyung's other hand flattens over the small of Jimin's back, pressing his body close to Taehyung's until the black from Jimin's stomach is smearing over Taehyung's white clothes. Jimin's lips part but whatever he was about to say cuts off with a startled moan when Taehyung slides his hand from Jimin's back down to his bare thighs, gripping tightly, the heat and the magic rushing down Jimin's body like a wave.

"Ah—" Jimin reaches blindly for Taehyung's shoulders and holds on, body shuddering with the pleasure. And it is pleasure, somehow, the way their touches spark his magic under his skin, the heat of it that goes straight to his cock. It's the most intense pleasure Jimin has ever experienced.

"Look at you," Taehyung growls into his ear, and Jimin— he can't, but he wants to. Wants to see how his paler skin looks covered in the inky liquid, in their seed, wants to see himself and their gazes on him at the same time.

They didn't even have to tell him this was about claiming him, because he feels it. The heaviness of it in his gut, the heat of it under his skin, the power of it.

He wants to claim them too.

Jimin grabs for Taehyung's face, meets that chillingly dark, amused gaze, and crashes their lips together.

Jimin makes sure the kiss is just as perfectly rough as their touches were, puts force behind it and moans against Taehyung's wet mouth when Taehyung pushes back. Jimin catches Taehyung's bottom lip with his teeth, hears him hiss and kiss Jimin back harder, hands gripping Jimin's hips, his sides.

Jungkook comes up behind them, mouth hot at the back of Jimin's neck, and Jimin's whimper is a weak sound that gets muffled against Taehyung's lips.

He is quite literally trapped between them, two broad bodies and hungry, non-human mouths, indulging Jimin's own wild needs. He doesn't even know to what extent their human bodies work, if they even feel arousal the same way, until Jungkook squeezes him in a hug from behind and Jimin can feel the firm shape of his cock through his pants.

Oh thank fuck.

"This is weird, I'm a freak, I'm sorry," Jimin babbles in a breathless voice, "but— Taehyung, your seed, is it... slippery? Can you use it to stretch me, can you, oh, fuck me?"

Taehyung groans, and then licks Jimin's cheek. Jimin isn't even surprised when that makes his dick twitch in his underwear.

"We can use it to open you up, yes. Are you sure you want that?"

"He smells like he's sure," Jungkook says in a low mumble, sucking at the helix of Jimin's ear, making him shiver and squirm, surprisingly sensitive there.

"I smell?" Jimin asks, confused. He's too dazed by the way Jungkook is stroking over his belly — what is it with Jungkook and his belly — to sound offended.

"He's referring to your arousal," Taehyung tells him. "We carry some of our senses over from our original forms, including picking up on your fear, your excitement, your arousal. But we also have judgment that baser animals lack, and we won't fuck you unless you're sure that's what you want."

"Oh," Jimin says, blinking, licking his own lips. "I'm glad you know what fucking is."

Jungkook laughs behind him, and Jimin can't even bring himself to feel embarrassed.

"Jimin-ah," Taehyung says in a low voice, eyes glittering. "What do you think Jungkookie and I do for fun?"

Heat jolts down Jimin's spine, floods his face until he knows he's blushing. "I didn't— I don't know what I thought." He drops his head back onto Jungkook's shoulder, swallows before he says, "Fuck me, that's really hot."

Jungkook mouths at his ear again, growls low in his throat. Taehyung moves his hands to the waistband of Jimin's underwear. "Take this off?"

"Okay." His face is still warm with a blush but he's not ashamed of how hard he is, cock straining in front of him. It's a little strange, to be naked outside (despite teasing he's gotten from Hoseok in the past he is not that kind of witch), but any discomfort is overshadowed by his arousal, by the evidence of Jungkook and Taehyung's. "Can you undress too? Both of you?"

Taehyung stares just above Jimin's shoulder, and Jimin assumes he's having a silent exchange with Jungkook. When he meets Jimin's eyes again, he's grinning. "We can. Close your eyes for a second?"

"I— okay." Jimin's eyes slide shut. He has no reason not to trust them at this point, even if he feels a little spike of fear, thinking about what he'll see when he opens his eyes back up.

"Okay, you can look now."

Oh. Jimin pretends he isn't a tiny bit disappointed, that even naked they look very human. Maybe he's kinkier than he thought.

He turns around and confirms that Jungkook is the same — naked, broad, gorgeously built, even a little moreso than Taehyung. They are both very well-endowed, maybe a little too perfectly so, and Jimin shivers when Jungkook steps close enough for his dick to skim across Jimin's hip.

"You still want this?" Taehyung asks, and Jimin nods, laughs breathlessly when Taehyung steps close enough that Jimin can feel his cock as well. Trapped between them again, and overwhelmingly turned on by it.


"Hold onto Jungkookie's shoulders for a minute, little witch," Taehyung tells him, and before Jimin has a chance to ask why (or object to being called little), Jungkook slides his hands below Jimin's ass and lifts him like he weighs nothing. Jimin's legs go around his waist, arms circling around Jungkook's neck as Jungkook moves his grip to Jimin's thighs, holding him up high enough that his face is level with Jimin's neck.

"Wow," Jimin says, laughing again, some mix of giddy excitement and embarrassment at how the display of strength makes his cock twitch against Jungkook's abdomen. "This doesn't bother you?"

Jungkook tilts his head. "Why would it?"

"Okay, fair enough." Jimin knows this is probably the point, but he does feel more exposed like this, and his fingers dig into Jungkook's skin nervously as they watch Taehyung dip his hand back into the water, returning to Jimin with a small pool of the black liquid in his palm.

"It won't hurt, but it might overwhelm you," Taehyung tells him. Jimin bites at his lip and nods.

"You'll stop if I ask you to?"

"We will."

"You still own us," Jungkook points out, nuzzling almost sweetly at Jimin's neck. Jimin is surprised he doesn't see the black from Taehyung earlier smearing onto Jungkook's face, but maybe it's dried by now. "We'll obey anything you say."

"I still don't know how I feel about own— oh," Jimin gasps, Taehyung's touch hot at the base of his spine, the magic under his skin eagerly rushing there. The heat travels lower, and Jimin imagines how it must look with the inky blackness dripping down between his cheeks, over his hole. And then Taehyung touches there, and the pleasure is so intense Jimin almost blacks out.

"Fuck, what—" Jimin clings tightly to Jungkook, braces himself as the pleasure rushes through him from Taehyung's touches, from the burning hot press of two fingertips inside Jimin's hole.

The stretch is... there, but barely, and nothing like the kind of pressure Jimin usually grits his teeth through. He just opens, takes Taehyung's fingers and dribbles pre-come all over Jungkook's stomach as he squirms, as his cock drags between them. He's never felt as sensitive as this, never felt his body just melt and accept what Taehyung thrusts into it, fingers curling and dragging.

"How can it feel so good," Jimin sobs, choking out a soft laugh when Jungkook nuzzles at his face again, when he licks Jimin's cheek and whines like he's unsure how to comfort him. "Taehyung, I don't care about fingers, just— fuck me, please, I want your cock."

Taehyung slowly draws his fingers out, and Jimin aches at the emptiness. "You might be sore after."

Jungkook is mouthing under his jaw now, seems very reluctant to leave Jimin's skin alone now that he's had a taste, and so Jimin's voice is shaky when he replies, "Taehyung, I'm a witch. I can handle it if I'm sore. Please."

"Since you asked nicely," Taehyung says, and Jimin's whole body jerks at the blunt pressure over his hole, the way it teases, like maybe Taehyung is rubbing the head of his cock there, up and down. Jimin can practically feel his magic reaching for it. "But you shouldn't forget, Jimin," Taehyung continues, and his voice is lower now, a growl under his words that goes straight to Jimin's gut, makes him dizzily wonder if the growling has been there in his voice the whole time. "We're still monsters."

There is a twist that is equal parts fear and arousal and then Taehyung is pressing inside, filling him, so thick Jimin feels helpless to the way Taehyung's cock stretches him open.

"Jimin," Jungkook says, mouth hot and open over Jimin's throat. "Oh, you taste so good. Taehyung, is he—"

"Your magic is going wild for this." He thrusts, and Jimin cries out, can't imagine the bruises and scratches on Jungkook's shoulders from how hard he's gripping him. "Have you been alone for too long, little witch?"

Jimin's face is hot, his lower body so entirely awash in pleasure. He can't tell how close he is to coming, or if he's even already come. The heat from his magic pulsing inside him, where Taehyung's cock fills him, doesn't relent. "Please."

Taehyung thrusts up into him at a pace that can't be human, the heat burning along Jimin's spine, cock so big Jimin swears he can feel it in his belly. All he can do is brace himself, body strung tight like he's being held on the edge of orgasm.

Jungkook moves his hands from Jimin's thighs to his ass, spreads him with wide palms so Jimin is even more open for Taehyung's cock, and it's that — the dark curl of shame at being so exposed, being so greedy he's trapped between two monsters getting fucked like he's their toy — that has Jimin clenching up and coming, cock spilling between his and Jungkook's stomachs.

Jimin comes, riding out that relieving rush of pleasure only to realize it isn't stopping, every thrust from Taehyung sparks more heat, bright and wild inside him. Jimin moans helplessly and finally Taehyung's hips still, his huge cock pulsing inside him and Jimin's magic pulsing along with it.

Jimin is still hard, somehow, even after that. He gasps out in shock when Taehyung pulls out suddenly, and just as quickly Jungkook adjusts his hold on Jimin and lines his cock up, sliding right inside.

"Oh fuck," Jimin moans. As open as he is from Taehyung, the stretch is still so much, the throb of magic burning through him, filling him alongside Jungkook's cock.

Jimin is grateful for Jungkook's inhuman strength, the way he holds onto Jimin and fucks up into him, bouncing Jimin on his cock, eyes blazing hot when Jimin can barely keep his own open.

Taehyung kisses gently at Jimin's bare shoulder, up to the side of his neck, says sweet things in a low voice that Jimin can't focus on with Jungkook's growls, with the unbearable heat and thickness of his cock where Jimin is already overstimulated.

"We didn't let ourselves imagine you taking our seed like this," Taehyung tells him, and Jimin glances down just to see Taehyung's fingers dark with the black liquid when he pinches Jimin's nipple, when he smooths his palm up to the base of Jimin's throat. "Who knew you'd like it so much?"

Somewhere in the back of his mind Jimin has a response to that, a very witty one, but the pleasure is too intense for him to focus on anything right now. His body is heat and need and the tightness in his belly, the building ache that overshadows everything else.

Taehyung's hand is covered in more of the black liquid when he curls his long fingers around Jimin's cock, and Jimin tosses his head back and moans, thinks he might actually be sobbing when he starts to come. His cock spurts between them and Jungkook's thrusts get wilder, hips snapping up, the muscle of his shoulders bunched up and tense below Jimin's arms.

Taehyung speaks to Jungkook in a sound that might be talking but definitely isn't words, and Jungkook buries his growl at the side of Jimin's neck and comes inside him. His hands grip Jimin's ass so tightly, his hips grinding up into Jimin as his cock pulses and spills... his seed, maybe? Oh, Jimin hopes so. 

It isn't long before Taehyung is pulling Jimin from Jungkook's arms, letting Jimin lean his weight back against Taehyung when his legs are too wobbly to support himself. It's eerie that Jungkook isn't out of breath like Jimin is, but Jimin can't take his eyes away from the sight of Jungkook's cock, still swollen and long, smeared with the inky blackness.

Oh, he really is full of their seed right now. Jimin shudders. He can't even imagine how he'd look to someone else right now, body smeared with the black liquid, handprints in some places and fingerprints in others, and leaking it between his legs too.


"We should get you into a bath, little witch," Taehyung says, kissing his cheek, and Jimin nods and tries to take a step only to stumble, Jungkook catching him.

"Oh for fuck's sake," Jimin laughs, breathless and shivering, legs shaky. He wants to blame the cool evening air in the forest for the shivering but the heat of their bound magic lingers, stops him from feeling cold. "Just how hard did I come?"

"Tight," is all Jungkook says, completely serious, gaze darker than ever.

Taehyung makes a sound that's almost a laugh. "He's right. You're very tight, and when you come, you squeeze like you can't bear to let us go. Come here." Taehyung scoops Jimin up in his arms bridal-style and Jimin wraps his arms around Taehyung's neck and lets himself be carried back to the cottage.

"Do you know where my bathtub is?"


"Ugh," Jimin says, feigns annoyance when more shameful heat just stirs in his belly. "I knew you were watching me the whole time."

"Not so much watching as looking after," Taehyung says with a sweet smile, something gentle about it that makes him look both human and not. "Jungkookie, door please!"

Jungkook gets the door for them, and Jimin gets the urge to laugh at how it must look, two naked men helping his own messy, naked self into his house. He's glad they are his only neighbors.

They stay with him as he bathes, Taehyung answering the occasional question and Jungkook washing Jimin's hair, his touch so soothing, enough to have Jimin starting to drift off to sleep.

"You'll still be here when I wake up, though, right?" Jimin asks in a small voice as Jungkook wraps him up in a towel, sucks at his earlobe until Jimin shivers and nudges him away. He is dead tired, but that doesn't mean their attention is any less arousing.

"We're yours," Taehyung says, eyes lighting up when he adds, "And you're ours, now. We'll be here."

"Mmkay. Good," Jimin mumbles, sighing when Jungkook carries him to his bed, beckoning both of them down for a kiss before he curls up to sleep.

Jimin is tired in a heavy way where he can't fight sleep, but the magic isn't any less powerful, his own and theirs, as it thrums through his veins. He hums and drifts off, and isn't surprised when he dreams of swimming in the swamp, dreams of swirling black liquid like smoke and two dark gazes on him the whole time.

Chapter Text

"What do you mean, you've never thought about it?" Jimin asks, eyebrows furrowing.

"I mean... I've never thought about it," Yoongi says slowly. 

"But even I've thought about it. And I'm pretty sure Jungkookie has too?"

"Wait." Yoongi sets his glass down, smiling a little in disbelief. He's not drunk yet, barely tipsy, so he's surprised this conversation is even happening. "Are we still even talking about the same thing?"

"About you and Namjoon-hyung fucking."

Yoongi is tempted to pull his hat down to cover his face. "Okay, yeah, then we are. When you say that you and Jungkook—"

Jimin's eyes widen a little, waving his hand like he realizes he's said too much. His cheeks are rosy, so Yoongi assumes he's been drinking a lot longer than Yoongi has tonight. "Ah, I meant we've both thought about you and Namjoon-hyung. Together. Not, like, a lot."

Yoongi clicks his tongue and tilts his head. "Park Jimin, you're really something else." Jimin laughs and slaps his arm, and then Yoongi catches him by the arm and helps him upright because Jimin is dangerously close to tipping off of his chair.

"I don't know why you wouldn't consider it. Guys fool around all the time, it's not weird..."

"That's— not it," Yoongi says, swirling the liquid in his glass, very pointedly not commenting on however it is Jimin defines what he does with Taehyung behind closed doors. "We've lived together for almost ten years now. I think our time for 'fooling around' has long passed."

"No no no, now is the perfect time!" Jimin says, smiling brightly. He makes it very hard to dismiss what he's saying as bullshit when he uses his eye-smile on you. Jimin used eye-smile, and it's super effective. "Think of it as anniversary sex."

"I think maybe you should switch to water now, Jimin-ah."

"Don't be such a prude, hyung," Jimin says, and Yoongi narrows his eyes. "You're the one who brought up your dry spell to begin with! I'm just saying, Namjoonie-hyung is in the same boat. I mean, we all are lately, but you two especially..."

"'Us two especially' what? Yah, what does that mean?" Yoongi's voice comes out very close to whining. Maybe the alcohol is hitting him harder than he thought.

"The sexual tension lately... It's hard to be around you two."

Yoongi's stomach drops. "There's no sexual tension."

Jimin laughs at him. "Hyung."

Okay, maybe that's a little bit fair. "It's not... sexual tension. It's just been a little bit weird, since Namjoon started focusing on working out so much. And like. Maybe sometimes practice is a little... intense."

Jimin laughs louder. Yoongi has to catch him again when he starts to fall out of his chair.

"Anyway, I'm not having sex with Namjoon, bye," Yoongi says before getting up, taking his drink with him but sliding a water bottle in front of Jimin before he goes.



Yoongi starts thinking about having sex with Namjoon.

He is a big enough person (okay, maybe a poor choice of words, given the content of his Namjoon-related thoughts lately) to be honest with himself. Namjoon's gotten huge, like, just in the past six months, and it's really sexy. He's always been taller, broader of course, but this is... different. Namjoon is now just. Big. Yoongi has been thinking about it a lot.

And the sexual tension, sure, they've shared some weird and personal moments together, pushing themselves as artists and existing without the distraction of a world tour. Rehearsing for Respect was always a lot of fun. Rehearsing for UGH!  kind of gives Yoongi a boner he doesn't know what to do with as an adult who should not be getting turned on from play-fighting with one of his closest friends.

Yoongi definitely doesn't have a thing for violence in general. Not that their choreographed bit is anything more than some angry looks and shoves, but— there is a tension there. Hoseok plays into it too, a little, but Hoseok is back to being his helpful and focused self once they're done rehearsing.

Meanwhile Yoongi is sneaking looks at Namjoon's chest when sweat makes his shirt stick to his skin and feeling heat stir in his belly from it.

"What about this?" Yoongi asks one afternoon, both of them eating lunch in the lounge and comparing lyrics, helping each other out where they're stuck. Yoongi scribbles something down and makes to pass the paper over to Namjoon, but Namjoon says, "Hold on a second," and stands up, stretching his arms above his head.

He was in a hoodie earlier but is now just in an old t-shirt, one that Yoongi already noticed — with some amount of distress — hugs Namjoon's bulging arms tightly, clings to his (also bulging) pecs, and is short enough that Yoongi gets an eyeful of Namjoon's lower stomach when he stretches and yawns.

Yoongi feels a traitorous stab of heat in his gut at the sight of the dark hair that peeks just above the waistband of Namjoon's sweatpants.

"Okay, let me see," Namjoon says, moving around to where Yoongi is seated, leaning over his shoulder.

Namjoon smells good. Yoongi angles the paper for Namjoon to read, and thinks about how good he smells, and how huge his arm is, and how close he's standing to Yoongi right now. He turns his head, which is already not a great idea with Namjoon leaning over Yoongi's body, but a glance at his shoulders kind of cements how much bigger Namjoon is. The way he easily covers Yoongi's entire body with his own.

"Hey, you okay?" Namjoon asks, voice soft, and Yoongi nods, willing his blush to go away when he focuses back on their lyrics.



"I can't help but notice that you still haven't—"

"Quiet, Jimin-ah."



Things sort of come to a head two weeks later, when Namjoon gets back from working out and heads straight to the shower, and then comes back into the living room a little while later with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

It's not like they're shy about seeing each other shirtless, but this particular visual, of Namjoon's incredibly broad, muscular body, dripping wet, his hair slicked back, just seems cruel. Yoongi opens his mouth to make a joke about how it's not fair to do this in front of Jungkook (Jungkook's mouth is already dropped open, his eyes wide like saucers), but Namjoon speaks first.

"Hyung. Do you mind if we talk in my room for a minute?"

Yoongi is the only hyung in the room, so he just nods, exchanging a brief panicked look with Jungkook and then trailing after Namjoon.

"What do you need?"

Namjoon looks nervous. Yoongi can tell immediately, from the way he keeps ducking his head, and the death grip he has on his towel.

"I was, ah, doing some thinking while I was in the shower, and. I kind of had an idea."

"Okay," Yoongi says slowly. A droplet of water makes its way from Namjoon's shoulder down his chest, passing right next to one of his stiff nipples. Yoongi licks his lips.

"Are you staring at my chest?"

"No," Yoongi says immediately, and then, "What?"

Namjoon is blushing. "Okay, anyway, that's not what I— hyung. Do you want to have sex?"

Yoongi feels like he's missed a very vital part of this conversation. "What?"

"With me, specifically. Not just in general."

"Is there any particular reason you're asking me this?" Yoongi says, trying to sound indifferent but actually just sounding kind of hysterical. 

"I've been thinking about it a lot lately. And... I mean, I've thought about it before. It just didn't seem like you were ever... interested, in adding something like that to our relationship? Which is fine! But lately..."

Yoongi's head is swimming from Namjoon's words, but for whatever reason, the biggest take away he gets is, "Oh fuck, you think I only want you because you're ripped now?" 

Namjoon adjusts his towel again, and Yoongi is deathly afraid it's just a matter of time before he accidentally lets go of it. "Well, ah, not just that. But I've noticed, like. The looks?"

"Namjoon-ah," Yoongi says loudly, in a complaining tone of voice, and Namjoon smiles out of habit. "Sit down, I can't just look at you and talk about this seriously."

"Because you're so into my body?" Namjoon teases, and Yoongi rolls his eyes. Whatever Namjoon says, he's still blushing. Yoongi would bet it took him a lot to work up the nerve to face Yoongi in just a towel. He loves the praise, Yoongi is sure, but he's still shy when confronted with it.

They sit side-by-side on the edge of Namjoon's bed, and Yoongi is a little surprised when Namjoon leans into Yoongi's side, tilts his head onto Yoongi's shoulder. Surprised, but in a nice way where warmth unfolds in his chest.

"I think I probably could have approached this topic better."

Yoongi very gently shrugs his shoulder, but not enough to push Namjoon away. "Don't say that. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable with my, ah, obvious staring."

"Not uncomfortable," Namjoon says. "It's been nice, knowing there's an attraction there between us. Even if it's been making me horny as hell."

"Fuck, I thought it was just me," Yoongi laughs, and this time Namjoon does have to lift his head because Yoongi's shoulders are shaking. He puts his arm around Yoongi's shoulders instead, a familiar gesture between them, even if the proximity to Namjoon naked is making it feel like a lot more right now.

"Hoseok said we were ruining UGH!  for him," Namjoon says.

"When did he tell you that?"

"A couple weeks ago. He wasn't serious, though, I don't think."

"No, he would've locked us in a room to talk it out if he was serious."

"Kind of like we're doing right now?" Namjoon says with a grin.

"Okay, so." Yoongi swallows, and stares down at his own knees, noticing with a wild little lurch in his stomach how tan and thick Namjoon's thigh is compared to his. "We're... on the same page right now, right? We both want this?"

"Yeah, I mean, I literally fingered myself in the shower because I don't know your sexual preferences, so."

Yoongi's face heats, and he bumps his shoulder into Namjoon's. "Yah, what's wrong with you? Are you that eager? Ah, I don't care too much either way, I've done both..." Yoongi snorts. "If Jungkook knew that's what you were doing in there he would probably die."

"Don't say that," Namjoon mumbles, cheeks pink. "So you're up for it?"

Yoongi huffs out another laugh, this time a little more nervous. "I mean, fuck, sure. But... you know it's not just your body, right? We're both fully clothed most of the time we're around each other."

"That doesn't stop you from staring," Namjoon jokes, this time his grin a little more cocky.

"Not the point. It's really... it's like there's an attraction there I've always ignored? And lately, my brain just said, 'Hey, look at this. Can you believe you've been missing out on this?' So it's not a sudden kink, it's like... a very belated urge for friends with benefits."

"It's probably a good thing we weren't having sex in the earlier days, actually. Imagine how messy that could've been."

"Mm, exactly." Yoongi pauses, and then because he's a masochist, he asks, "Did you really finger yourself in the shower?"

Namjoon drops his head forward and laughs. The back of his neck is flushed pink too. "I don't think you realize how horny I've been lately. I was eyeing up Jin-hyung's fancy little conditioner bottle before I had to literally slap myself to stop those thoughts."

"Okay, well, that's hot," Yoongi says, not even sure which part of the sentence he's referring to. All of it, probably. "Fuck."

"Is there anything I should know before, or...?"

Yoongi blinks, tries to use his brain before it's officially gone for the night because he's about to put his dick in Kim Namjoon. "Uh. You haven't been with anyone since our last round of check-ups?"


"Wow, it has been long for us," Yoongi says with an awkward laugh, rubbing his neck. "Me neither. There's nothing else that's surprising, I think. You've already seen my dick."

"Yeah," Namjoon says. Yoongi doesn't know if he's just imagining the heat behind Namjoon's eyes.

"And we've already kissed, kind of. So I'm okay with that. Just don't, like, jizz in my eye?"

Namjoon starts to laugh, and then abruptly stops. "Wait, does this mean you want to suck my dick?"

"Oh, I was just— kind of joking—" But actually. Actually.

"I think we're making this weirder than it needs to be," Namjoon says after a long pause, and Yoongi immediately nods.

"Aren't you starting to get cold?"

"A little bit." Namjoon's nipples are hard, but Yoongi has been trying really hard to not notice that.

"Come here, let's make out," Yoongi says, and then he's scooting back on the bed, pulling Namjoon in with a hand around the back of his neck, watching his expression go from panic to smug acceptance and realizing it just makes him want to kiss Namjoon more.

Their lips meet, and somehow with Yoongi laying back and Namjoon following him, Namjoon ends up on top of him on the bed. Still kind of kneeling over him, but the crowded feeling of being underneath someone is still there, and it has Yoongi kissing harder, deeper. Has his cock stiffening in his underwear, his fingers curling around Namjoon's shoulders and keeping him there.

Namjoon kisses hungrier than Yoongi was expecting, with more force than finesse. Not that Yoongi was expecting gentle, but it's still a nice surprise to actually feel his stomach swoop from the sucking kisses, the passion Namjoon puts behind them. Yoongi is vaguely aware the towel is hanging open between them, no longer secure around Namjoon's hips, and the combination of Namjoon's lips on his neck and the brush of his bare cock over Yoongi's shorts makes his breath hitch with a moan.

"No hickeys," Yoongi reminds him, always an unpleasant rule to have to follow. Yoongi bruises so easily, too.

"I know, just— sorry, I wanted to. Do you want to fuck me now?"

Yoongi chokes out a laugh and lifts up, braces himself on his elbows, meeting Namjoon's heated stare.

"Don't get me wrong, the kissing was really good, but I'm not completely hard yet. Do you." Yoongi steals a look between their bodies, at the long shape of Namjoon's cock where it juts between them. "Do you mind if I suck your dick a little?"

"Do I— Do I mind, hyung, are you serious," Namjoon groans. "Of course I don't mind. Just don't make me come."

Yoongi laughs, feels some heat flush his face as he sits up and starts to undress, just for convenience, watching Namjoon toss a bottle of lube onto the bed as well. "I don't think that'll be a problem, unless you literally haven't jerked off in weeks."

"Oh, uh, yeah, I. Definitely have."

"Cool. Great." Yoongi kicks his shorts and underwear off and pats the bed, so Namjoon will get the hint and lean back instead of staring at Yoongi with his mouth open. Shit. "You can't be this shocked to see me naked."

"Hyung," Namjoon says, and the distress is clear in his voice. "Your nipples are so pink."

"Ah, what are you saying," Yoongi complains. He pushes at Namjoon's (very firm) chest until he takes the hint and leans back against the pillows, and Yoongi kneels between his legs, taking his turn to stare.

The loudest word in his head is thick.

Thick arms, thick shoulders, broad chest, broad torso, thick thighs. Namjoon is all muscle but in a very solid, realistic way — not like Jungkook who, when he wakes up in the morning, has more visible abs than Yoongi has coherent thoughts, but Namjoon is very fit in a way that works for his already attractive body. Stupidly well-proportioned and tall.

"Is it weird to say I feel a little proud of you?" Yoongi asks.

"I mean, it's weird to say it while you're holding my dick," Namjoon mumbles.

"Ah, yeah, that." Yoongi wasn't ignoring Namjoon's dick, but they were all already aware of how thick that was. Too many times of walking in on each other over the years.

"'That,'" Namjoon echoes with a short laugh. "Yoongi-hyung. Please."

Yoongi doesn't answer, because he's afraid of what he'll say after hearing Please in Namjoon's deep voice, so he holds Namjoon's cock steady and sinks his mouth down over it instead.

It's a lot to take. Namjoon isn't scarily big, but he is the biggest Yoongi's ever seen up close like this, and Yoongi is already drooling around his cock as he swallows around it, bobbing his head to try and take more. 

Namjoon, at least, is actually pleasant to give head to. He keeps his hips still and only reacts with shivers and gasps, pets his fingers through Yoongi's hair and murmurs praise in a low voice that goes straight to Yoongi's gut. Yoongi isn't even embarrassed that he's fully hard by the time he's pulling off, moving his jaw to work out the soreness from having his mouth stretched for a while.

"I'm—I'm kind of glad we weren't doing this years ago, your mouth would have ruined me, hyung."

Yoongi's stomach twists. "Don't say stuff like that, holy shit, Namjoon-ah. How do you want to do this?"

Namjoon bites his lip. He's definitely more flushed now than he was before, but Yoongi likes the red in his cheeks and down his chest. Likes seeing his eyes a little shiny, dark with want.

"Is it okay if I'm on my stomach? I'm just not a fan of being on my back."

"Yeah, of course, whatever you want," Yoongi says, and means it. He wouldn't hate getting to see Namjoon's face as he fucks him, but he's not about to complain if Namjoon wants it a certain way, either.

Namjoon rolls over — his dick is definitely still wet with Yoongi's spit, but if he doesn't mind getting his sheets dirty than neither does Yoongi — and raises up onto his knees slightly, so his ass is in the air.

"I kind of didn't expect you to be this shameless," Yoongi comments, and Namjoon huffs out an awkward laugh up the bed.

"I'm just really, really horny. I wasn't kidding earlier. Don't finger me, just— use more lube, okay?"

"If you're sure."

"Mm, yeah. I'm good."

"Yeah, you are," Yoongi says under his breath, petting at Namjoon's hip, watching him shift and get more comfortable. It's still a little surreal, looking at him like this, the broadness of his back and the flexing muscle of his shoulderblades, his arms, his thighs. Yoongi slides a hand over his smooth skin, warm under his touch.

Yoongi is overzealous with the lube, probably, but better safe than sorry. He kneels in close behind Namjoon, nudging his knees apart a little wider to spread him open, and then he lines his cock up and starts to press inside.

Namjoon is quiet up until the head of Yoongi's dick sinks inside, and then he's hissing, grabbing at the sheets under him. Yoongi's stomach drops.

"Fuck, do you need me to—"

"No! No, it's not that, not pain, it's just. It's been a while. Like. Years? Since I've bottomed."

"Namjoon," Yoongi chokes out, forcing his hips to still instead of continuing to push his cock inside the clenching heat. "What the fuck."

"I forgot how huge a dick in your ass feels. Shit. Keep going, please."

"I can't believe—" Yoongi doesn't finish, continues to press forward and then slowly draws back, repeats the careful thrusts. Namjoon doesn't really ever get less tight, but he does kind of relax into the motion of Yoongi's hips, even starts pushing back before Yoongi gives in and speeds up his thrusts.

Yoongi leans in closer, hunches over Namjoon's body and fucks into him deeper, and that's when he starts to hear the moans. Soft, gorgeous, breathy sounds he doesn't know if he's ever heard from Namjoon before, but they drive Yoongi crazy. Hearing Namjoon sound like that, knowing it's because of him.

Yoongi jerks Namjoon off for a bit, rubs his thumb just under the swollen head of Namjoon's cock and then gives him slow, squeezing strokes, fucking into him faster. Namjoon's noises get louder, less restrained, and the heat in Yoongi's belly tightens, arousal building up so fast. It's been too long since he's had something like this, and his body is overwhelmed by it. Eager for it.

"Close?" Yoongi asks after a while, when Namjoon starts whimpering and pushes back onto Yoongi's cock more frantically. Namjoon nods, and Yoongi pushes at his shoulders until Namjoon's barely holding himself up, chest to the mattress, ass only as high as Yoongi needs it.

It is definitely a kind of rush, when Yoongi leans completely over Namjoon's back and is reminded of their size difference, how he barely covers Namjoon's back, the difference in the size of their arms. But Namjoon is still the one underneath him writhing in pleasure, panting, his ass milking Yoongi's cock so well when Yoongi grinds in deep.

"Like that," Namjoon groans, body so tense, his fingers clawing at the sheets. "Like that, just like that, please, hyung—" 

Yoongi doesn't even have a chance to tease, to ask Namjoon if he's close again, because he's already coming. Tightening up like a vice around Yoongi's cock, moaning and twisting as he works himself through his orgasm. He's shaking when Yoongi thrusts a few more times, lets the twisting heat in his gut build until it snaps, and he's coming with a gasp inside Namjoon.

Yoongi wraps his arms around Namjoon from above him, nuzzling his forehead against his back as he grinds a little, cock spilling inside. He has his moment of greediness, and then, because he knows Namjoon must be getting oversensitive, he carefully pulls out.

Namjoon's bath towel is still on the bed so Yoongi shoves that between Namjoon's thighs, ignoring his choked-off laugh.

"Hyung. The sheets are already ruined. Like I literally rubbed my dick all over them." His voice comes out hoarse, not that Yoongi is surprised.

"Yeah, and it was hot," Yoongi says stupidly. "Are you okay? I can't believe you didn't tell me it was your first time in years. Fuck."

"Just two or three years," Namjoon mumbles, like that isn't still huge. "And of course I'm okay. Are you okay?"

For some reason, the tone of his voice has Yoongi laughing, and he kind of can't stop. He rolls over onto his side and Namjoon turns over to face him, eyebrows raised.

"Wait, are you... not okay?"

"No, I am, sorry," Yoongi gasps. "I don't know why that was so funny. Hey, Namjoon-ah." Yoongi reaches up to brush his fingers through Namjoon's hair, starting to air-dry wild because he never dried it properly. "Do you think the others will stop bugging us about our sexual tension now?"

Namjoon smiles, and up close like this, directed at Yoongi, it feels achingly genuine. "We might have actually made things worse for ourselves."

"Yeah, probably. Do you think we should kiss during one of our UGH!  rehearsals just to mess with Hoseokie?"

"Oh yeah, absolutely."

"Cool." Yoongi still feels giddy and sated enough from the sex that he gives into the urge to dart forward, pecking a kiss to the tip of Namjoon's cute nose. "Next time let me bottom, okay? Your dick is so big, what the fuck."

Namjoon throws his head back and laughs.

Chapter Text


Jimin asks Taehyung if he wants to get ready by himself, and despite the fact the scene hasn't started yet, Taehyung just looks up and gives him puppy eyes.

Jimin laughs, chest warm with overwhelming fondness. 

The things they need are already laid out at the end of the bed. They decided on a headband with ears, a collar, and a tail plug, and their apartment is already running a little bit warmer so Taehyung will be comfortable even while he's naked.

There's a giddiness to getting ready for this that they're both guilty of — for Jimin, it's the already stirring heat low in his belly, the anticipation of what they'll do. For Taehyung, it's giggles and a grin that doesn't seem to leave his face, not even when Jimin is fingering him open for the plug, not even as they trade kisses while Taehyung is still in a headspace where he can kiss back with skill and fervor.

Jimin starts to smile into the kisses too, nuzzles his nose across Taehyung's just to hear another soft laugh from him. "I can't tell which of us is more excited."

"Doesn't matter, it's not a competition," Taehyung mumbles. "But if it was..."

Jimin laughs. He's reluctant to start if only because he loves having Taehyung like this, warm and naked underneath him, his to kiss and touch and worship. That's a kink for another day, but it still makes it difficult to leave their bed, to stop pressing soft kisses to Taehyung's smiling lips.

"Still good with the usual safeword?"

Taehyung nods. They always just use the traffic light system, but for scenes like this where it may not occur to Taehyung to speak, he can snap his fingers to get Jimin's attention too. Taehyung has only ever safeworded before because he felt overwhelmed by his own headspace, and Jimin loves that Taehyung trusts him to take care of him in those instances, loves that he knows they can play with these kinks and neither of them will judge or push the other to do something they're uncomfortable with.

Not that they're professionally kinky, or anything. Professionally horny, maybe, but that's to make up for all the years of being friends before they started dating, in Jimin's opinion.

"Want to get your collar on now?"

Taehyung nods again, eyes lighting up at the mention of it. Jimin's face scrunches with a smile and he pecks one last kiss on Taehyung's lips.

The collar is black leather with a ring at the front, something basic since they're still new to this kink, but also something that fits well enough to help Taehyung get into his mindset. Jimin teased him about eventually getting a tag calling him TaeTae, declaring Jimin as his owner, and Taehyung groaned and bit Jimin's shoulder in response. So, definitely something to consider for the future, then.

The headband has short, folded-over ears a very similar shade to Taehyung's shaggy hair, and Jimin helps Taehyung put in clips so it won't slip off even if he shakes his head. The tail plug is already in, the tail part itself black and curved silicone that wags when Taehyung moves, and Jimin tugs at the end of it just to hear Taehyung's little gasp.

"Everything comfortable?" Jimin asks.

"Define comfortable," Taehyung grits out, arms circled around Jimin's waist, his chin tucked over Jimin's shoulder. His hips jerk forward and Jimin hums when Taehyung tries to drag Jimin's body closer. Jimin is still wearing shorts and a t-shirt but he can feel the heat from Taehyung's hard cock, the shape of it pressed against his hip. He knows, if he let Taehyung, Taehyung would just stand here and get off by thrusting against Jimin, and the thought has heat rushing through Jimin's body.

"I meant the accessories, not your boner," Jimin says with a short laugh, rubbing his hand over Taehyung's back and then rolling his eyes when Taehyung's hips jerk forward again. "Want to move to the living room now?"

"Yeah, that sounds good." Taehyung's throat bobs with a swallow, his gaze flickering between Jimin's eyes and his lips, and then he adds in a softer voice, "Can you put the leash on now?"

Jimin's breath hitches. "Of course." 

The leash is shorter than Jimin is tall, also a plain black with a loop on the end for Jimin to slide over his wrist if he wants, and it clips right onto the ring of Taehyung's collar. Jimin never pulls at it hard, is careful to never choke Taehyung during this type of play, but he really seems to love being led by it, loves to see Jimin holding onto it.

And Jimin can't complain when it keeps Taehyung close, when it implies Taehyung is his.

They go into the living room together, Jimin first, and stop at the couch. Taehyung makes to sit down next to Jimin and Jimin catches his naked hip, gives Taehyung a stern look.

(It is maybe sometimes hard to be stern in these scenes, because of how adorable Taehyung looks.)

"No puppies allowed on the couch, TaeTae."

Taehyung whines, but obediently settles onto the floor right in front of the couch instead, where there's already a soft blanket spread out for him. He rests his chin on Jimin's knee, stares up at him, and Jimin melts, just a little bit.

"You're my good boy, aren't you?" Jimin asks, reaching down to pet through Taehyung's long hair, curly and soft, watching his eyes flutter shut and his eyelashes fan out over his cheeks. Jimin scratches behind the pretend ears, slides his hand down to pet over the back of Taehyung's neck too, and Taehyung sighs.

He isn't surprised that Taehyung's cock softens a little, just relaxing like this, Jimin turning on some nature program as white noise he ends up paying zero attention to. It's hard to tell exactly when Taehyung sinks, although Taehyung has tried to explain it to Jimin before, how his thoughts go fuzzy and any lingering embarrassment fades. Everything narrows down to his eagerness to please and the simplicity of acting like a dog, that headspace itself a kind of release for him.

It's not difficult to understand. Jimin can get that way too, after intense, long rounds of sex, and Taehyung is always there when he resurfaces from it with affection and care, with sweet words and his gentle smile. That they can trust in each other so completely is something Jimin never takes for granted.

There is something, though, about the innocent look in Taehyung's eyes when he blinks them back open, the way he nudges at Jimin's hand with his nose when Jimin stops petting him. Something that tells Jimin, Oh, he's my puppy now.

"TaeTae, I can't just sit here and pet you all day."

Taehyung whines, and then his mouth drops open to give Jimin's fingers a little lick.

"Is that supposed to convince me? How about... if I give you belly rubs, will you behave?"

Taehyung's eyes light up. He nods, already scooting back from the couch, giving Jimin room to move onto the floor with him. His tail wags behind him, and Jimin finds it unspeakably hot that just the thought of having his belly rubbed is making Taehyung clench around the plug enough to move the tail like that.

Taehyung lies on his back on the blanket, arms bent at the elbow at his sides and wrists bent too to make his hands appear more like paws. His expression is eager, his cock large where it's angled over his hip, already thickening up again. Jimin smiles down at him, broad-shouldered and beautiful and trusting, and carefully moves the leash off to the side so it doesn't get in his way.

"Gonna be a good boy for me, TaeTae?"

Taehyung nods again, even drops his mouth open and lets his tongue peek out when he starts panting. Jimin's cock twitches at the sight. He wonders what his gaze must look like to Taehyung — definitely not as innocent, that's for sure.

Jimin starts to rub circles over Taehyung's abdomen, the softness around his belly-button, careful not to rub too low just yet. Taehyung squirms and sighs and Jimin even lets his hands skim up to Taehyung's chest, pinches lightly at his cute brown nipples, mostly likely stiff from the excitement. Taehyung pants a little louder in response.

"I think you're enjoying this too much, puppy," Jimin tells him in a low voice, amused. He lets his blunt nails drag over smooth skin when his hand travels back down, little scritches over the softest part of Taehyung's belly, entranced with how quickly Taehyung's cock grows hard again, now flushed and long, the pink head just peeking out from the foreskin. "You wanna be touched here too?"

Jimin rubs up and down the length of Taehyung's cock, feels the heat of it, the way it twitches with Taehyung's shuddering breaths like it wants to meet Jimin's touches. Taehyung tilts his head back and whines, a high, needy sound, hips twisting impatiently.

"I think puppy is being a little naughty right now," Jimin says, feeling that maybe-inappropriate fondness return when Taehyung pouts and shakes his head. "No? Not naughty? So you won't act up if I stop touching you?"

At this, Taehyung lowers his gaze and huffs a little. Clearly reluctant to answer that question.

"How about," Jimin continues, leaning over Taehyung to bring their faces closer, "puppy shows me how good he is by getting me ready for his cock?"

Taehyung's pupils dilate. He nods, licking his lips.

"Can you use your words, puppy? Bark for me if it's a yes?"

Taehyung glances shyly to the side and then meets Jimin's eyes again, lets out a happy arrf! that, for whatever reason, makes Jimin want to kiss him. And he does, kissing Taehyung's cheek, laughing when Taehyung darts up and licks a wet stripe up Jimin's cheek in return.

Jimin sits up and thinks about Taehyung's tongue in other places, and the heat twists sharply in his stomach.

Taehyung gets up after Jimin does, cock still hard over his belly, and watches almost too intently as Jimin undresses, takes off his shirt and shorts and then gets on his elbows and knees on Taehyung's blanket.

Jimin doesn't think it's intentional, but Taehyung's dark, focused stare tugs at something low in his gut. It makes Jimin feel like prey, suddenly, and he can't help when more heat rushes through him at the thought. 

He wants that. Can't deny those are some of his guiltiest fantasies he's been brave enough to share with Taehyung, about Taehyung using him mindlessly, not caring when or where they are, staking his claim without regard to Jimin's pleasure. They're still working up to that, but oh, Jimin really likes thinking about it.

Jimin lets his knees slide apart on the floor and Taehyung approaches hesitantly, leash dragging. He licks Jimin's cheek and tilts his head for approval, and Jimin smiles sweetly, says, "Go on, don't you want to make me feel good? My sweet boy, I know you know what to do."

Taehyung nods eagerly and moves behind Jimin. Jimin feels puffs of warm breath over his bare skin, his hip and his ass and his thigh, and he slides his legs a little wider, sinking lower, making sure he's spread for Taehyung since he's unlikely to use his hands.

Jimin feels the drag of Taehyung's nose first, can't help the blush that creeps into his face when he realizes Taehyung is just sniffing him. It doesn't stay just that for long, though, and Jimin's teeth sink into his bottom lip at the first touch of Taehyung's tongue over his hole, the curious, wide licks.

Taehyung's tongue is messy, focused and even a little rough, almost like he's chasing the taste of strawberry lube on Jimin's hole from when he stretched himself earlier. Jimin moans softly and curls his fingers into the blanket, arousal pooling from the relentless stimulation where he's so sensitive, the slippery-wet pressure, the noises Taehyung makes. He pictures Taehyung's cock hanging underneath his belly and clenches up, hears Taehyung's low growl and makes himself relax so Taehyung can lick inside him.

It's intense. It's not enough to make Jimin come, but it's enough to have him leaking, have him aching to be filled. "That's it, puppy," Jimin says, ducking his head with a smile at Taehyung's immediate whine, the way it gets muffled with Taehyung's tongue still shallowly fucking into Jimin. "Such a good puppy, that's my good boy. Making me feel so— ah, so good, so wet." Jimin's breath catches when Taehyung turns his head and bites at a cheek. Not hard, but enough to sting.

"What do you want, TaeTae? Do you deserve a treat?"

Taehyung lets out a noise like a yip in his excitement, nuzzling at Jimin's ass, even ducking his head until his tongue is licking wet at the back of Jimin's balls.

"Okay, okay, hold on." The excitement burns in Jimin's belly, arousal twisted so tight from the anticipation of what they're going to do, what this has built up to. He reaches for the lube where he left it on the couch earlier and pours some onto his fingers, slips them inside his hole without much resistance and huffs out a laugh when Taehyung whines and licks at his hand behind him.

"Hold on, sweetheart, almost ready." Once he's sure he's plenty wet enough, Jimin wipes his hand off on the blanket and drops back to his hands and knees, his cock throbbing underneath him. He catches sight of the end of Taehyung's leash, and as an afterthought, gives it a light tug until he feels resistance. He means for it to be a little reminder for Taehyung, but isn't expecting to hear a sharp gasp, isn't expecting the whimper that follows.

Jimin turns his head to check on Taehyung and finds him flushed, eyes heavy and dark, his mouth wet. He's gorgeous like this, submissive but still greedy for his own pleasure, obedient but also not shying away from his own instincts, his own desires. Jimin knows how lucky he is to get to have Taehyung like this.

"Come on, puppy," Jimin says, letting go of the leash but still feeling a hot little thrill at the sight of it, the reminder of his boyfriend in a collar and leash behind him. "I can see your little tail wagging, I know you're excited for this. You're going to be good for me, right? My good boy?"

Taehyung's answer is a growl, which Jimin wildly hopes is as much of a yes as it is a no. This is the part that gets Jimin off so hard — Taehyung realizing he has Jimin where he wants him, a wet hole that's his to fuck, an owner that's desperate for it.

Taehyung growls again, and then raises up to kneel behind Jimin, the leash brushing Jimin's side, Taehyung's cock skimming over Jimin's ass. Taehyung leans over slightly and starts... humping, there's no other word for it, hips jerking forward to rub his hard cock on Jimin's ass, the back of his thigh, between his spread cheeks.

A flush heats Jimin's face and he reaches back behind himself, says, "Wait, puppy, wait—" and gets another low, impatient sound as a response.

Jimin bites his lip and grips Taehyung's cock, lines it up with his hole even as Taehyung's hips continue to jerk forward, maybe more excited now that Jimin is touching him.

When Taehyung does finally sink inside with a hard thrust, all Jimin can do is grab at the blanket and gasp out, feeling like the air's been punched out of him.

Taehyung is huge, so long and thick inside, stretching Jimin in a way that never gets less intense. Like this, though, there is no moment to adjust, no sweet kisses and slow thrusts. Once Taehyung's cock has found Jimin's hole his hips start to snap forward without pausing, body leaning heavy over Jimin's. Taehyung's panting and the jingle of his collar is loud, but the wet, smacking sounds his thrusts make are even louder.

It doesn't hurt, Jimin was stretched enough for it not to, but it's so much to take. It's Taehyung's arms caging him in, his breath hot at the back of Jimin's shoulders, his cock pistoning in and out wildly. The pleasure heats and tightens and doesn't stop, like being held on the edge of relentless stimulation, his hole already sensitive and his cock dripping underneath him.

"Ah, ah," Jimin cries out, arms giving out until he can only hold himself up by his elbows, vaguely aware that Taehyung is thrusting so hard it's pushing Jimin forward on the floor. "Oh, TaeTae—"

Taehyung's growls and whines turn into groans, human sounds of pleasure but an almost inhuman way of chasing it, fucking Jimin as hard as he is. Jimin ducks his head and moans at the rush of shame, thinking about being caught like this, what it must look like to someone else to see Jimin trapped underneath his pet, being used and loving it, crying out for more.

Taehyung's hips slow a little, shorter but harder thrusts, and Jimin assumes he's getting tired — which is fine, he doesn't expect Taehyung to have the stamina of a machine — until Taehyung's mouth brushes Jimin's ear and he mumbles, breathless, "Yeah, take my knot."


Oh fuck.

Jimin gasps, a soft ahh, and tightens up helplessly around Taehyung's cock.

Taehyung doesn't actually have a knot, of course, the size of his cock doesn't change, but Jimin suddenly— aches at the thought of it, realizes Taehyung is still right now to give Jimin a chance to safeword if he needs to.

"Please," Jimin begs, trying to push back on Taehyung's cock, heat flaring wildly in his belly when Taehyung grabs roughly at his hips. "Please, knot me, breed me."

Taehyung groans and his hips snap forward with those fast, deep thrusts, never pulling out too far, keeping Jimin stuffed with his cock. Jimin pants and squeezes his eyes shut at the rapidly building heat, the pressure so deep inside, and finally he starts to come.

It's always so intense, coming untouched, leaves Jimin moaning and trembling and greedily working himself back on Taehyung's cock to ride out the waves of his orgasm. Taehyung's hips never stop moving, teeth sinking into Jimin's shoulder with a whine. He fucks Jimin through the aftershocks, into oversensitivity when everything is too hot and too sharp and too bright, back to using Jimin as a hole to get himself off.

"Good puppy, good puppy," Jimin says in a hoarse voice, and he almost laughs when that's what has Taehyung coming, cock pulsing hotly inside, spilling into Jimin. The teeth leave his shoulder but there's a tongue lapping over the stinging skin, Taehyung's sweaty face nuzzling at Jimin's back, his breathing shaky.

"TaeTae," Jimin says in a sweet voice, full of fondness for the trembling puppy on top of him. "Baby, can you let me up?"

"Knotted," Taehyung mutters, and Jimin laughs. If Taehyung was still deep enough in his headspace that he wasn't ready to come back, he wouldn't be speaking, but Jimin checks just in case.

"Can I take care of you now, sweetie? Do you wanna cuddle and clean up? Use your words if you can."

"Yeah, please," Taehyung says. He pulls away and Jimin's fingers curl back into the blanket briefly when Taehyung's big cock drags out, leaves Jimin empty and wet, maybe already a little sore. Which he was expecting, after having his boyfriend pound him like that.

Taehyung rolls onto his back on the floor, and Jimin crawls over to him, kisses his flushed cheeks. He gives Taehyung a questioning look and touches the headband, and Taehyung nods, letting Jimin carefully remove it.

"How are you feeling? You okay?"

"Mmm, yeah. Are you okay...?"

"Of course, Taehyungie took such good care of me," Jimin says, finally giving in to the urge to cup Taehyung's face between his hands and kiss him slowly on the lips. The faint taste of strawberry lube is not great, but Taehyung's gradual, sleepy smile is. "Tell me what you want."

"Ah, maybe... Can I spoon you a little? You smell really nice. I just wanna hug you."

Jimin's heart clenches. "Yeah, of course. Do you want the plug out yet?"

Taehyung shakes his head, nibbles at his lip a little. "Not just yet. But the leash is a little..."

Jimin laughs and immediately unclips it, places it off to the side. "Come here."

Taehyung breathes something like a soft little sigh of relief into Jimin's hair when he spoons up behind him, an arm sliding around Jimin's stomach. Jimin touches Taehyung's hand, and then intertwines their fingers together.

"You were so good for me, Taehyungie. Did everything I asked you to and even surprised me at the end, mmm."

"Good surprise?" Taehyung asks, but from the smugness in his voice, he already knows the answer. Jimin doesn't mind. He's glad Taehyung is feeling smug — he should be.

"Very good. Fuck me."

Taehyung giggles, burying the sound into the back of Jimin's neck. "Ahh, Jiminie. I'm tired now, but that was really good. You sound so pretty when you come."

Jimin, a little ridiculously, feels himself blush. "I can't help how I sound, it's really intense."

"Nooo, not a bad thing," Taehyung whines. "It's intense for me too. But you always make me feel so safe. You know that, right?"

"Taehyung-ah," Jimin says, his chest full of all the love it can fit for his boyfriend, his soulmate, his partner in trying new things. He squeezes Taehyung's fingers and drops his head back, catches a glimpse of Taehyung's warm, sleepy gaze. "Of course I know. You too."

"Good," Taehyung says, voice pleasantly deep, lips warm when he tilts his head to kiss Jimin. A little awkward, but it makes them both smile. "Now, back to your internet search history..."

"Ahhh, what? When were we talking about that? We're not talking about that, no thank you."

"There's nothing wrong with what you're into," Taehyung murmurs, kissing Jimin's shoulder, up to his neck. Jimin shivers, and starts to think they really should be getting up and washing off. "Even if you were looking up—"

Jimin lets go of Taehyung's hand and flails it behind their bodies until he catches the end of Taehyung's tail, tugging. Taehyung gasps.

"You don't have to fight dirty."

"Leave my internet history where it is," Jimin says in a low voice, and then they're both laughing, rolling away from each other to start cleaning up, but not before sharing another smiling kiss.

Chapter Text

Jungkook first gets the idea watching porn, because of course he does.

Well, that's not how it starts, exactly. It starts because Jungkook's werewolf boyfriend acts a little... different during the autumn months, even if at first Yoongi pretended there was no change. As if Jungkook's usually chill boyfriend initiating wild, passionate sex every night isn't something noteworthy.

Because it is. And Jungkook is obsessed with it. He knows that kind of makes him a pervert, but at least he's a supportive pervert.

The first time he asks Yoongi about it is their third year living together, and second year as a couple. At the time Jungkook doesn't know what the cause is, but he's thoroughly enjoying the rough sex, the way Yoongi wants to go multiple rounds, the way their box of condoms goes untouched and sometimes Yoongi will even fuck his come back inside Jungkook with his fingers, or smear it over his chest and stomach like he's claiming him.

Jungkook doesn't have words for how that felt the first time, Yoongi eating him out until Jungkook came and then leaning over him on the bed while Jungkook was still trembling, Yoongi's hand moving fast over his cock until he started to spill over Jungkook's chest, rubbing his come into his skin, staring down at him with dark, wild eyes.

Or maybe he does have words, and those words are: Holy fuck.

Jungkook is in a happy, horny daze one such night, toes curling as Yoongi laps at his softening cock, when he finally asks, "Hyung, is it a wolf thing that makes you fuck me so much in the fall?"

Yoongi freezes, and slowly lifts his gaze to Jungkook's face. "Ah."

"I don't mind if it is, I'm just curious." Yoongi starts to move up the bed, and Jungkook makes a sad little noise in his throat until Yoongi is wrapping his arms around Jungkook, nuzzling at his hair. The sex has been amazing, but all the extra cuddling — scenting, Yoongi calls it sometimes — has been really nice too.

"It's kind of... I mean, I guess you could call it rut."

Jungkook blinks. "Rut?" The word vaguely makes him think of deer behaving aggressively. "Is that like how cats go into heat?"

Yoongi's face screws up, mock-offended, and Jungkook grins at the expression. "No, because I'm not out walking the streets at night yowling for dick."

"Wow," Jungkook says, laughter in his voice, "way to slut shame cats, hyung."

Yoongi just gives him a Look, and Jungkook really does start laughing then, maybe more than a little giddy still from his orgasm.

"So what's it like?" he asks after a minute. "I mean I know... I picked up on some, um, side effects."

Yoongi snorts. "It's not really something I'm conscious of, and it really doesn't help that you do nothing to discourage me—"

"Why would I! What kind of partner would I be if I didn't support you!" Jungkook can't say it without smiling, but he can tell Yoongi is amused as well.

"—but I guess it's exactly like you'd imagine it is. I get hornier more easily and the, ah, urges I have come a lot stronger. In the heat of the moment I'm sort of only focused on smells, on being a good partner for you, on..." Yoongi has, Jungkook realizes with warmth exploding in his chest, started to blush. "On coming inside you or marking you. You've probably noticed."

Jungkook could say something cheeky, but he's too touched by Yoongi opening up to him. Even if Yoongi shrugs most stuff off, Jungkook knows he's still sensitive about being a werewolf, that he worries about how he's perceived. Which doesn't change the fact he's still the most considerate and caring partner Jungkook has ever had.

So Jungkook just says, "And I'm sure you've noticed that I'm really, really into it."

"Maybe I have," Yoongi says with a little smile. "If it ever bothers you, though, you know you can tell me, right? If it gets too much? I'm still fully in control of myself."

"Of course," Jungkook says in a pouty mumble. "You always listen to me, I never doubt that."

Yoongi tilts his head, makes a hissing sound as he sucks in a breath through his teeth. "I don't know, it's just hard to tell sometimes, the way you seem to be into everything—"

Jungkook throws his head back and laughs, his face warm when he meets Yoongi's eyes again. "Is that really something to complain about, though?"

"No," Yoongi says, leaning in close enough for his lips to brush Jungkook's. "Not at all."

Which is how Jungkook ends up searching for and watching rut porn while Yoongi is at work one day.

He knows of the existence of werewolf porn in general, although it's a bit rare because werewolves are rare, but truthfully, he watched a lot more of it when he was a teenager than now, when he actually has a werewolf boyfriend.

He watches a lot less porn overall now that he has a boyfriend, really.

So he searches up ruts and sees the usual kinks, scrolls by thumbnails and swears more than half of them are just humans faking aggressiveness. There are a couple knotting videos that always make Jungkook's stomach flip because of how that's something he and Yoongi have discussed but haven't worked up to yet — Yoongi can only knot the day before or the day of the full moon, and a lot of times he's feeling too uncomfortable in his skin to want sex, which Jungkook completely respects. He imagines if he was anticipating his human body shifting into a huge wolf body, he would also have a hard time getting it up.

What does surprise Jungkook, though, is that there seems to be a whole subset of videos in the rut category for pissing. 

People pissing on each other, mostly, outside or in their beds or in showers. The titles call it "piss marking" and "claiming my bitch" and "marking territory" and it makes Jungkook feel... strange. Not disgusted, beyond the odd thumbnail that makes his face scrunch in distaste because porn can be so gross and tacky, but also not immediately into the idea. Just...


He goes through a few more pages, makes sure his volume is muted and then clicks a video with two men who look vaguely him-and-Yoongi sized, watching the skinnier one piss on the other's chest and stomach and cock, feeling the first real stirrings of arousal at the sight. He keeps watching, the one that was pissed on bottoming for the other now, and then his eyes go very wide when the top stills and starting pissing inside his partner.

Jungkook slams his laptop shut. 

His cheeks are warm, his stomach is warm, his cock is half-hard and he is not ready to deal with how viscerally hot he found the sight of that.

(Except he does have to deal with it a little, opening his laptop back up in order to close all the tabs, just in case Yoongi uses his laptop later.)

In the interest of research, Jungkook goes looking for actual articles and threads about that, to see if it's really a thing for werewolves, and the answer is... for some, yeah, it definitely is. They say it appeals to their animal instincts, especially during rut or close to the full moon, and is an example of the intimacy and respect the partners have for each other.

Jungkook doesn't go looking for any more videos, but he thinks about it. Does too much thinking about it, probably, since Yoongi shoves at his shoulder later that night and asks, "What are you thinking about so much that has you smelling so weird?"

Jungkook gives him a wide-eyed look he hopes comes off innocent. "I don't know what you're talking about. What do I smell like?"

"Like horny confusion." 

Jungkook snickers. "Okay, there's no way you can smell confusion."

Yoongi grins his cute little grin that always makes Jungkook want to kiss him. "True. But I can tell, you've been acting nervous since I got home. What's up? Are you..." Yoongi's face falls. "Oh, are you worried that tonight I'll—"

"Whatever you're about to say, the answer is no," Jungkook interrupts. "I'm not worried about anything like that. It's, ah. It's just kind of weird to bring up so suddenly."

"So you're waiting for the right moment?"


"Jungkook-ah," Yoongi says slowly, patiently, "just tell me now. You'll feel better if you get it off your chest."

Jungkook bites at his lip and shoves his hands into his hoodie pocket and then says, to Yoongi's shoulder, "I guess I was just wondering if you wanted to pee on me."

"Did—Did you just ask me to—"

"Define ask," Jungkook mumbles, and then Yoongi is gently cupping his chin, getting Jungkook to meet his eyes before dropping his hand.

"Hey, Jungkook-ah. What got you thinking about this?"

Jungkook's eyebrows furrow. "You're not freaking out and saying no."

"Yeah, because I'm not an asshole and you've been anxious about this."

"Fair," Jungkook says, and then scrunches his nose a little before smiling at Yoongi. He wasn't wrong — Jungkook does feel better now that the idea is out there. "Ah, I just saw some stuff when I was looking up ruts. About how it might be... satisfying for you, to mark me in that way."

"Peeing on you."

"Yeah." Jungkook's pulse has sped up a little, tendrils of heat curling in his belly now that he's really starting to think about it with Yoongi, and not just as an abstract kink.

"Jungkook, sweetheart," Yoongi says, and oh no, he's brought out the pet name, "are you sure this isn't just something you want to try?"

"What? Why would I— what?!"

"It's okay if you do."

"But it's a rut thing," Jungkook insists, tone maybe bordering on whiny. "The internet told me so."

"I mean, I've never really had the urge to pee on you before."

Jungkook covers his ears with his hands, the sleeves of his hoodie falling past his fingertips. "This is not how I thought this conversation would go."

"Then tell me how you'd like it to go," Yoongi says, pulling Jungkook's sweaterpaws away from his ears. "I'll start, okay? Yeah, since I'm really sensitive to scent, it would please my wolf instincts to see you covered in my scent so completely if I pissed on you. The way I can kind of get about come, you know." Yoongi's ears are pink when he says, but Jungkook can't judge, because he's sure his whole face is red. "It's just... it's like seeing you with a hickey, knowing I'm responsible for it, knowing no one else gets to do that."

"I like how that sounds."

Yoongi smiles, and it's genuine, makes Jungkook feel warm. "Good. That's good. Is there anything else you'd like? Besides doing it for me, for my urges, what were you thinking about?"

Jungkook lets out a shaky breath. "No judgment?"

"No judgment. There is very little you could say that would shock me."

"Oh yeah, that's right, you said you shared a computer with Namjoon-hyung when you were living together in college," Jungkook says with a grin, and Yoongi nudges him with his elbow. "Okay. I don't— I mean, I don't know how possible this is, or hygienic? But the idea of you doing it... inside me. Inside my ass," he clarifies, trying desperately to read the expression on Yoongi's face when it mostly just looks like soft surprise.

"Doing it as in pissing inside you?"


"Huh." Yoongi sits up straighter on the couch, tilts his head at Jungkook. "Okay."

Jungkook blinks. "Okay...?"

"Sure, that sounds hot. Let's do it."

Jungkook can't help it — he bursts out laughing, kind of cackling with it. "Hyung! Just like that?"

Yoongi shrugs. "The kink's never been off the table for me, it's just not something I fantasized about. Also." Yoongi leans in, and Jungkook almost shies away because Yoongi's stare is a little intense, enough to make heat prickle at the base of Jungkook's spine. "Also, the scent of your arousal spiked as soon as you brought it up, Jungkookie. You like the thought of it a lot, huh?"

"It might not be as hot in practice," Jungkook mutters, breath hitching when Yoongi's lips brush the front of his throat.

"Maybe. Or it might be even better than you've imagined. Think you're up for trying it?"

Jungkook's stomach flips. "Tonight?"

"Ah, maybe not tonight. We should plan it out more first. Also I've had two cups of coffee in the past hour so my piss will probably smell overwhelmingly like coffee, and that's just kind of weird."

"Gross," Jungkook laughs, shoving at Yoongi's chest. "Ah, hyung. You really don't mind trying it, just like that?"

Yoongi shrugs, and then leans in to press a soft kiss to Jungkook's lips before pulling back. "I mean, the more I consider it, the wolf in me really doesn't hate the idea. I've had to—" Yoongi huffs out a laugh, rubs the back of his neck like he's suddenly shy. "I've had to actively remind myself lately I can't ask you to go to work with my come rubbed into your skin, even though my wolf craves that."

Jungkook's mouth drops open. "You..."

"Yeah, rut instincts are kind of stupid."

"No, I mean! That's so hot, what the fuck? I totally would—"

"Jungkook-ah, no. Even if others can't smell it, that's not happening. I'm just saying, if you were worried about it being something I'm into? I am."

Jungkook lets himself smile, and he isn't surprised when Yoongi's hand slides around the back of his neck, when he's being pulled in for more kisses. Yoongi's mouth trails down his chin, to his neck, and Jungkook laughs breathlessly and says, "You can still smell how horny I am, huh?"

"You have no idea," Yoongi growls, and when his teeth scrape Jungkook's skin, his laugh cuts off with a gasp.

They don't try it that night, of course, but they talk about it again before they fall asleep. They decide on a test run before trying it during actual sex, somewhere they can clean up easily. Jungkook suggests the obvious place, the bathtub, but Yoongi just makes a sulky face and says, "But that's where I take baths."

Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Hyung. It's either that or the floor. We can clean the tub after we're done!"

So they spend most of the next day as they normally would, except by late afternoon they're both consciously drinking stupid amounts of water, sharing slightly-embarrassed glances that do nothing to make Jungkook less excited.

The situation is ridiculous. This part of it, for them, isn't even supposed to be sexy — it's literally just a trial run of whether or not they can tolerate the act of peeing on each other — but Jungkook is still half-hard. Feels the fullness in his bladder, the way it twinges and makes him squirm, and doesn't miss how Yoongi keeps staring at him as he does.

He wonders if Yoongi is turned on too. From the sharpness of his gaze and the darkness behind his eyes, he thinks Yoongi must be. It's the same look he gets right before he pins Jungkook to the wall when he gets home from work and licks his neck, or drags Jungkook on top of him on the bed and kisses him breathless.

Jungkook squirms some more as the familiar urge to pee grows, even reaches down to squeeze himself through his sweatpants without really thinking about it. His head snaps up at the sound of Yoongi's sharp inhale.

"Jungkook-ah. Is there something you need?"

Jungkook swallows. "No."

"No?" Yoongi's eyes are a little wider, and Jungkook thinks, Maybe I have revealed too much.

"I can wait, the show's almost over," Jungkook mumbles. He squeezes his thighs together and stares at the television, but the urgency is still there, growing even as Jungkook tries to ignore it, until he really can't stop himself from squirming and covering his clothed cock with his hand.

Jungkook almost makes it through the whole episode, but then Yoongi is off the couch and taking his wrist, Jungkook gasping out and quickly grabbing himself with his other hand before he leaks.

"Come on, I have to go now too. Don't—" Yoongi's eyebrows furrow in concern. "We did not discuss holding it until you burst, that's a kink for another day, okay?"

"Right, sorry, right." Jungkook is flushed, still turned on, but mostly he just desperately needs to pee. God, Yoongi is going to be watching him. Why didn't he take that into consideration before? Jungkook's stomach is a tangle of heat when they get into the bathroom and start to undress. Yoongi enters the shower first, turns the water on but doesn't stand underneath the spray from the showerhead, instead angling it straight down.

Jungkook is naked, his hand in front of him like grabbing himself will make the urge go away, when he nods to the showerhead. "What—"

"I thought the white noise might help. And we'll probably want to rinse off when we're done. Do you want it off?"

"No, that's fine." The white noise of it does seem like a good idea for helping Jungkook unclench long enough to let go. He steps into the tub, also out of reach from the spray, facing Yoongi.

He whines. "Hyung. I really have to go."

Yoongi's face is both calm and not, comforting because of the kindness in his expression, but that wild heat from earlier is still there, too. He steps close enough that their bodies are almost touching, and wraps his arms around Jungkook's waist.

"Just let go."

"But you're—" Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, breathes out shakily. "It'll get on you, and I don't—"

"Good. I want it to." Yoongi leans in to kiss Jungkook's shoulder, up to his neck. Gentle kisses, ones that make him shiver. "Let go, sweetheart, you've been holding it for so long. That's it."

Jungkook drops his hand from between their bodies and lets out a soft noise when he finally starts to go. Not quite a moan, but close.

It starts as a trickle, shockingly hot between them, that immediately stops. Yoongi's lips still, kisses on pause, but he doesn't pull away, doesn't do anything except murmur soft encouragements over the sound of the shower. It really does help Jungkook relax, and then— and then it just seems to flood out of him, the relief and the wetness between them, on his thighs, enough to have him moaning for real.

"Fuck, that's hot," Yoongi says in a rough voice, and Jungkook tucks his chin over Yoongi's shoulder, eyes shut in bliss. It doesn't seem to be stopping, Jungkook is surprised by how much he had to go. He mumbles an embarrassed sorry by Yoongi's ear but Yoongi shudders, quickly says, "No, baby, it's fine. You're so good."

Jungkook's bladder continues to empty until the ache is gone, a few more drips and then he's sure he's finished. He sighs, and Yoongi asks, "Are you okay if I still—"

"Yeah, yes," Jungkook says, smiling to himself when he realizes it takes Yoongi a second to start going too. "Let me feel, hyung." He feels a surge of boldness, adds, "C'mon, piss on me, make me smell like you."

Yoongi chokes out a sound between a laugh and a groan and then lets go, spilling between them. Jungkook is still giddy from the high of his own relief and wiggles his hips, gasps when the stream from Yoongi's cock is pouring out right over his own.

It feels good, the heat and the splash over his sensitive cock, almost makes him wish he could go again himself, but it's the idea of it that has Jungkook blushing, has his stomach tight with arousal. Yoongi is pissing on him, marking him in a way they've never tried before, and it's thrilling. Jungkook wants more.

"Hyung," Jungkook sighs, just fully hugging him now, and Yoongi huffs out another laugh.

"You sound happy." His stream is trickling off, and Jungkook already misses the feeling, even if their legs are now awkwardly wet.

"I am happy. That felt good." Yoongi rubs his hand in circles over Jungkook's back and Jungkook sighs again. "We can try it for real now, right? You didn't mind this?"

"I—" Yoongi cuts off, and Jungkook pulls back, thinking maybe Yoongi is hesitating to turn Jungkook down, but instead finds his gaze blazing hot. More animal than human, almost. It sends a jolt of heat into Jungkook's belly. "I didn't mind it, yeah," he says shortly. "Come on, let's rinse off."

They clean up and dry off, changing into their pajamas and heating up leftovers in the kitchen, discussing what they liked and what they want to do for the next time between bites of food. Sort of like their own form of aftercare.

It's a little weird, yeah, but it's domestic and Jungkook loves it. Yoongi gave him lots of kisses when they were toweling dry, couldn't get enough of rubbing his cheek against Jungkook's neck, just being clingy in general in a way that reminds Jungkook of how Yoongi gets before the full moon. He says he can't really smell the difference on Jungkook now, but he could at the time, and it's just as much the act itself that riles him up so bad.

Jungkook likes that. He likes that a lot.

It's almost a week before they seriously discuss doing it again, and when Yoongi points out the full moon is in a couple of days, Jungkook's face lights up.

"Uh oh," Yoongi says slowly. "I don't know if I like that look on your face."

"Hyung," Jungkook says excitedly. "Yoongi-hyung. You know how we couldn't figure out where to do it? There's our answer! Werewolf Yoongi!"

Yoongi blinks. "Werewolf Yoongi."

"I mean, the part of the woods you go to shift, where you've scent-marked and you say humans never visit. That place. We could do it there."

"Oh." Yoongi's eyes widen. "Jungkook-ah. You want to do it outside?"

The way he asks that, Jungkook feels like maybe he's supposed to be more ashamed of his idea. But it makes the most sense to him. "Why not? We can just put some towels on the ground and won't have to worry about being interrupted and—"

"Okay, hold on," Yoongi says, looking torn between amusement and wanting to scold Jungkook. "I'm, uh, happy you suddenly want to be one with nature, but that's still public indecency."

Jungkook snorts. "You literally pee on trees out there."

"Yeah, as a wolf! That's normal for wolves!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to kink shame werewolf Yoongi," Jungkook mutters, flinching when Yoongi reaches out to slap him.

"Okay, okay, so let's say this is our best idea. I mean, I don't want to encourage this, but it's true that people don't go out there."

Something occurs to Jungkook, and he frowns. "Wait, this won't, uh, taint your sacred werewolf place, right? I don't want to ruin it for you..."

Yoongi shakes his head, smiling sheepishly. "No, nothing like that. Actually it might, ah, make my wolf self happier to be out there, if your scent has been there. Kind of like when I steal one of your shirts to take with me when I shift."

Jungkook returns Yoongi's smile, chest fluttering. He still finds it really unbearably sweet that Yoongi does that, how he says it comforts him to have Jungkook's scent.

"The full moon is on Sunday, right?"

Yoongi nods.

"So... what about Friday? Is that too close for you?" Jungkook asks, and of course he cares about Yoongi's answer, but he also thinks he knows what he'll say. Sex the day before the full moon is usually off the table (not always, but most of the time), but sex two days before the full moon? Is always, without a doubt, the roughest and most intense, shameless sex they have all month. Jungkook yearns for those days, and now with Yoongi in rut, it's bound to be even more intense.

All of that is probably written on his face, because Yoongi smirks when he says, "No, Friday is a good day to try it. If you're still okay with all the other stuff we discussed."

Jungkook nods, maybe too eagerly, because Yoongi's smile grows, and he reaches for Jungkook's hand, squeezing his fingers.

"Even out in the middle of nowhere, the word 'no' and safewords still apply, okay? Always."

Jungkook feels his face heat, but he squeezes Yoongi's hand back. "Yeah, of course. Same for you. If you decide to kick me out of your special wolf space at any time—" Yoongi starts to tickle him and Jungkook laughs, trying to squirm away, but not minding much when Yoongi catches him around the waist and kisses him.

It feels like they're going camping, which Jungkook can't stop randomly laughing at as they trek through the woods, and Yoongi keeps complaining. "Yah, Jungkook-ah, you're going to ruin the mood, stop it."

Admittedly, Jungkook hasn't actually gone camping in years. But he has a huge backpack full of various supplies (water, snacks, lube, more water for washing off because Jungkook doesn't know if he trusts the river Yoongi swears is nearby) and Yoongi is carrying a blanket and towels, so it definitely feels like they're preparing for something.

Yoongi talks a lot during their walk, points out pretty birds and even a bunny (Jungkook is a little sensitive about seeing cute bunnies out here, but Yoongi swears he doesn't eat any animals when he's shifted), makes conversation probably just to distract them both from their nerves. Jungkook is very grateful he's dating someone so smart and considerate.

"What's that goofy smile on your face for?" Yoongi asks.

"Nothing, I definitely wasn't thinking about you," Jungkook replies, biting back a grin at the Look that Yoongi gives him.

Yoongi stops at a clearing where the ground is covered in patches of moss and spreads the blanket out first, and then one of the towels on top of it. The spare towel he sets inside the open backpack for cleaning up later, and they both take off their shoes and sit, enjoying the quiet and the fresh air for a few minutes, Jungkook sipping at his water and Yoongi almost chugging his.

"Hyung," Jungkook says with a short laugh, feeling a blush creep into his face, "don't make yourself sick or anything."

"I won't, I won't," Yoongi says, but he's already shifting a little like he might need to go. "You should drink too, to hydrate. I just want to make sure it's, uh, enough."


"For both times," Yoongi tells him, and for whatever reason that has the heat just flaring to life inside Jungkook's belly, face definitely red now.

Holy shit, they're really doing this.

"Ugh, now I just want to touch myself while I watch you drink water, this is a serious problem."

Yoongi chokes, and then starts laughing and coughing at the same time, which makes Jungkook feel like a horrible person. He hurries over and pats Yoongi's back, only moving away when Yoongi waves his hand and isn't coughing anymore.

"Fuck. Jungkook-ah."


Yoongi doesn't actually look angry, though. He takes the lube from the side of the blanket and hands it to Jungkook. "Go ahead and make sure you're ready, okay?"

Jungkook stares, bites nervously at his lip. "Ah, hyung, really? Isn't that a bit awkward...?"

"Mm, not for me, because I get to watch." Yoongi sets the water down and crosses his arms, gives Jungkook a heated, expectant look. "Go on."

"Ah, just like this..." Jungkook mumbles, taking off his sweatpants and then his sweatshirt, grateful for the warmer autumn weather this afternoon, even if the air on his skin still makes him shiver. The clothes get folded and placed on top of his shoes, and Yoongi's stare never leaves his body. Jungkook can only imagine what he looks like, a little bit sweaty from walking, already flushed, already half-hard. Naked out in the open like this, for Yoongi's eyes only.

He sits facing Yoongi with his knees bent and slowly spreads his legs, can't meet Yoongi's gaze when he rubs at his hole, stomach clenching from the feeling of being so exposed, being so shameless.

"How does it feel?"

Jungkook pauses as he's pressing two fingers inside, wet with lube, the stretch manageable since he got ready in the shower before they left. Still a stretch, though, to suddenly have the thickness of two fingers inside, walls fluttering as his body adjusts.

"Tight," Jungkook says, and Yoongi shakes his head.

"No, not that. I already know that." Jungkook shivers again. "How does it feel doing this out in the open? Naked and fingering yourself for me where anyone could see?"

"Oh, but you said—" Jungkook gasps, hips jerking, fingers shifting inside. "You said no one else—"

"No one will," Yoongi says firmly. "But they could. And I would show them that you're mine."

Jungkook doesn't know if he's managed to curve his fingers at the right spot or it's literally just the effect Yoongi's words have on him, but he moans, pleasure shooting hot down his spine, tightening in his belly. He adds a third finger and whines through the stretch, watches with hooded eyes when Yoongi starts to undress too.

Three fingers is always enough but Jungkook feels a little wild, suddenly wants to show Yoongi just how much he wants it, so he uses more lube and presses in a fourth, groaning at the pressure. He's on his back now, legs spread wide, and Yoongi kneels down next to him to stroke his cock with one hand, pinch at a nipple with the other.

"Ah!" Jungkook shouts, hips bucking. It doesn't take him long at all to get hard under Yoongi's touch, under his stare, the way he lets go of Jungkook's cock and starts to kiss at his neck, his chest. His lips close over Jungkook's other nipple and Jungkook's moan is embarrassingly breathy, ass clamping down tightly around his fingers.

"It's so different having you out here," Yoongi says, lips trailing down smooth skin to mouth at the head of Jungkook's cock, the pleasure sparking through him with each gentle suck where he's already so sensitive. "I love it, though, can't wait to fuck you like this. Mark you so anyone or anything within miles can smell that you're mine."

"Please," Jungkook begs, sliding his fingers out, wiping them on the towel. He breathes out shakily, the sudden empty feeling making him ache for something bigger, but not yet. Not yet, Jungkook thinks, sitting up and pressing his lips to Yoongi's, catching him off guard. 

Yoongi kisses back hard and Jungkook huffs out a giddy laugh at the roughness, the way Yoongi bites and licks until Jungkook's lips feel tender.

"Fuck, I really have to go," Yoongi says.

Heat tugs in Jungkook's belly. "Then go. Mark me, hyung."

Yoongi sucks at Jungkook's lip one last time and then stands, and Jungkook is already raising up to his knees on the towel, taking in the sight of Yoongi's half-hard cock, thick and already flushed so much darker than the rest of his pale skin. Jungkook loves being on his knees for Yoongi like this, but the anticipation of what they're going to do makes it feel so much more intense — Yoongi's hungry gaze on him, Yoongi's hand on his own cock to point it down at Jungkook's chest.

"Please," Jungkook says again in a low voice, licking his lips and then giving in to the urge to lean forward, to press a kiss to Yoongi's hip before he sits back on his heels again. "I want it, want your scent all over me."

"Jungkook," Yoongi groans, and then he's letting go, first in short spurts like he can't help holding back. It hits Jungkook's stomach with a hot splash and he reaches out to hold onto the back of Yoongi's thighs, stares up at him pleadingly. 

"It's okay, do it."

Another second and Yoongi is pissing for real, gasping at the relief.

Jungkook gets lost in the way it feels, spilling lower on his stomach and then right over his hard cock, the shameful heat of it, mostly scentless to Jungkook with all the water Yoongi drank but so loud, the splash of it against his bare skin.

It shouldn't feel this good. Jungkook moans and digs his fingers into Yoongi's thighs and lets Yoongi angle his cock until Jungkook's abdomen is soaked, until Yoongi's directing the stream up to Jungkook's nipples just before it starts to taper off. Jungkook's cock jerks at that, the way it feels to have that little rush of warmth on his sensitive nipples, the way the cool air feels on his wet skin after Yoongi finishes.

Yoongi drops to his knees and kisses Jungkook, brings up the edge of the towel to start drying up some of the mess, and Jungkook laughs into the kisses, feels dazed. "Hyung."

"Okay?" Yoongi asks, and Jungkook nods, can't believe he can feel the blush in his face, the embarrassment at how filthy it is when he enjoyed that so much. "Good. Fuck, Jungkook, I— I need to fuck you now, please."

"Yes," Jungkook answers between more kisses, open and hungry. "Felt really good."

"That smell on you is driving my wolf fucking wild right now."

Jungkook shudders, and he laughs again when his hole clenches around nothing. "Yeah, okay, let's have sex now."

Yoongi's hands are shaking when he lubes up his cock, and Jungkook leans over to nuzzle his face against Yoongi's, like Yoongi sometimes does to him for comfort. "Are you okay too?"

"God, yeah, just— excited. Nervous. My wolf wants to jump out of my skin right now."

"Please don't shift while you're fucking me," Jungkook jokes as he turns over onto his hands and knees, if only because they both know it's not possible, but Yoongi just groans, gives Jungkook a little smack on the ass. 

(When will he learn, slapping Jungkook on the ass is not the punishment he thinks it is.)

"Don't joke about that, you know I already worry about being rough. Sweetheart. You're really ready?"

"I'm covered in his pee and he asks if I'm ready," Jungkook mumbles, earning another spank. "Yes! Please, been empty for too long."

Yoongi kneels behind him and Jungkook sighs at the hand pulling at his cheek to expose his hole, moans softly when the blunt head of Yoongi's cock starts to press inside. He reaches underneath himself, actually doesn't mind the stretch but still likes that double stimulation, the pleasure of Yoongi filling him while his cock throbs hot in his own grip.

"Fuck, you're— so hot inside, so tight," Yoongi pants, and the words wash over Jungkook, have him moaning a little more shamelessly when Yoongi starts thrusting, when the force of his hips rocks Jungkook forward.

Jungkook lets go of his cock and stares forward, feels a shiver run through him not just from the cool air but all of it — being outside like this, doing something so private in such an open place, with the forest sounds and the crisp autumn smell and the sun shining through the trees above them. He feels wild like this, maybe a little like an animal himself, and at a particularly hard thrust he falls forward, braces himself up with his forearms instead.

Yoongi doesn't speak much when he's rough like this, chasing his own pleasure, but every growl goes straight to Jungkook's gut, every groan and the low snarling noise he makes when he leans over Jungkook's body, nuzzles his shoulder and sets his teeth at the back of Jungkook's neck.

"Ah," Jungkook cries, pleasure tightening in his belly. He loves the bites, the way Yoongi's body covers his as his hips drive forward with single-minded focus. It feels like Yoongi is getting even bigger inside him with each thrust, with each panted, "You smell like mine," that's growled right next to his ear.

And then, when something very obviously bigger than the regular width of Yoongi's cock catches at Jungkook's rim, he realizes. Yoongi is getting bigger. Yoongi is—

"Hyung," Jungkook sobs out, "is that your knot?"

It has to be. Jungkook wishes he could see it. Desperately wants to see it, but Yoongi just hugs him tighter, whimpers into Jungkook's shoulder.

"I can stop, do you need me to stop—"

"No!" Jungkook's stomach drops at the thought, urgency and desire clawing hot inside him with how much he wants it. "Please, keep fucking me, fuck it into me. Holy shit."

It's big. Jungkook can't tell how big, but the stretch aches, burns a little as Yoongi grinds it against his hole until it's finally sinking inside, Jungkook clenching around it and gasping at how full he is.

"So good, taking my knot, I knew you could," Yoongi pants. Jungkook's toes curl and he flushes at how rough Yoongi's voice is, the way the words feed his building arousal, so tight in his belly. "Want my come, baby? Want me to fill you up?"

"Please," Jungkook gasps. Yoongi is grinding right into his prostate and Jungkook can't help it, he's so close, can't hold back anymore. His body tenses and tightens up around Yoongi's knot and then he starts to come, thighs shaking, his cock spilling untouched underneath him.

It's so intense. Stuck on Yoongi's cock like this, squeezing helplessly around the knot as he rides out his orgasm, as Yoongi holds onto his hips and fucks him with deep thrusts the entire time.

It's overwhelming, too, the teeth at his shoulder, the tight grip on his hips, the way he's still covered in Yoongi's scent. Jungkook whines and tries to catch his breath through the haze of heat, through the brightness of oversensitivity because Yoongi is still thrusting, and that's when Yoongi starts to come.

"Oh." Jungkook can feel it, the hot splashes of it inside, in a way he's never been able to before. Dizzy, breathless, he wonders if the knot means there's more of it, imagines being so full of Yoongi's come and plugged by his knot, forced to keep it inside.

Jungkook doesn't think he'll ever stop blushing, even with Yoongi's soft whimpers as he grinds his hips through his own orgasm, the needy way he nuzzles at the back of Jungkook's neck. Jungkook feels owned and used and loved, so entirely loved, stuck on Yoongi's cock in the middle of the woods like this while they both try to catch their breath.

"Jungkook-ah," Yoongi grits out after a couple of minutes, and Jungkook shivers.


"I— I have to go again. Fuck."

"Go?" It takes Jungkook's fuzzy brain a second. "Oh. Oh my god. Please—" He forgot. He forgot, how could he forget? "Hyung. Want it."

"My knot's still swollen, it might be a little bit before I can pull out."

"Hyung," Jungkook repeats, clearing his throat so his voice comes out less raspy. "I really want it, please."

"Okay, yeah, just." Yoongi doesn't finish, but he buries his face into Jungkook's hair again, groaning softly. "Feel so good around me, sweetheart."

He says it in such a tender way, but Jungkook doesn't have time to dwell on it, because Yoongi has started pissing inside him.

There is a hot lurch in Jungkook's stomach, something wilder than just arousal, at the way it feels. And he can feel it, the trickle that becomes a sudden flood of heat, the way the stream of it fills him with a heaviness he can't put into words. The pressure inside grows and with Yoongi's knot so thick, rubbing over his swollen prostate, Jungkook feels something building, something like pleasure but not.

Yoongi groans in relief and Jungkook can't stop thinking about Yoongi using him like this, marking him, filling him with his scent so deeply no one will question Yoongi's claim. Jungkook wants that, desperately, wants to be so entirely Yoongi's that no one will doubt it.

Some of the fluid starts to leak out, drips hot down the back of Jungkook's thighs. It's all too much — the pressure inside, the overstimulation, Yoongi's satisfied noises, and Jungkook can't do anything except gasp when he starts to piss too.

It makes a hissing sound as it hits the towel underneath him and Jungkook doesn't think it's possible for his face to get any hotter, the shame and relief rushing through him, his body at its limit. He desperately tries to clench his muscles to stop it and Yoongi groans, seems to finally realize what Jungkook is doing.

"Baby," Yoongi tells him, kissing his neck, his shoulder. "That's it, let go. You're fine."

"Sorry," Jungkook gasps, can even feel tears sting his eyes, but he thinks it's more from the intensity than anything else. The release almost feels like another orgasm, the way it streams from his cock that hasn't gone soft yet. "I didn't mean to—"

"It's okay." Yoongi pets a hand down his side, is still until Jungkook finishes, and then he starts to pull out.

It's a mess. Everything is a mess, to the point where Jungkook laughs breathlessly, shakes his head when Yoongi makes a questioning noise. Yoongi's come and piss just spill out of him, it's too much to keep inside no matter how much he clenches up, and he sighs when Yoongi rolls him over onto his back and nuzzles his face, kisses his forehead and makes a soft, worried sound at the tears on Jungkook's cheeks.

"No, I'm good, it was just a lot. I'm good, I promise." Jungkook's whole lower body is throbbing. "Ah, my ass is sore, though."

Yoongi's voice is raspy and apologetic when he says, "I'm so sorry for that, I never would surprise you like that, if I had known—"

"No, hyung, I know. If— If you offered it I would've begged for it, you already know that. It's not a bad sore, just..." Jungkook's face wrinkles. "Really open."

"Fuck," Yoongi swears, and then chokes out a laugh like he can't help it. "You're something else. I love you so much."

"Love you too," Jungkook says, pouting his lips until Yoongi kisses him. "So... I'm fine except I peed myself and my butt is sore, but how about you? How's your wolf?"

At this, Yoongi makes a face Jungkook doesn't quite know how to read. Annoyance and satisfaction in one, maybe. "Extremely happy. It's like... I think just the marking would have been enough, but with my knot in you, it was hard not to howl, the wolf was so satisfied. A first successful mating, I guess you could say."

Jungkook smiles, patting Yoongi's cheek. "That's hot."

"I think you're still a little orgasm-silly, huh? C'mon, let's clean up before any of this dries any worse."

Jungkook sits up and kind of hates every second of it, realizing the full extent of how gross he is. He manages to catch Yoongi's eye, and says with a completely straight face, "Build a campfire, hyung. Burn the evidence with me."

Yoongi laughs, and Jungkook loves this look for him, naked and happy, hair wild and eyes full of fondness. "That is really not a bad idea."

Chapter Text

Hoseok walks into the kitchen, sees Jungkook holding his shirt bunched up high on his chest and touching an ice cube to his nipple, and then walks right back out.

"Hyung!" Jungkook gasps, followed by the sound of the ice cube hitting the floor. Hoseok slowly turns back around, eyebrows raised at Jungkook.

"Jungkook-ah. Do you want to be alone?" Jungkook looks kind of panicked, maybe a little red, and something occurs to Hoseok. "Oh, wait, are they sore? Are you hurting?" He steps closer, frowning in concern, but Jungkook starts waving his hand, laughing. He tugs his shirt back down.

"Hyung, no, it's not. Uh. Your first assumption was probably more correct."

"That you're being weird and maybe horny?"

Jungkook sighs. "Yeah." He bends down to pick up the ice cube, tossing it into the sink. "Shit. I really didn't think anyone would come out of their rooms."

Hoseok smiles softly when Jungkook gets a paper towel and wipes up any trace of water on the floor (Yoongi will be grateful, Yoongi hates having wet socks), and walks over to Jungkook, takes his wrist.

"Actually, I was coming in here to snack out of boredom so you kind of saved me from myself." Jungkook rolls his eyes, but he's smiling, at least. "Wanna come talk? Or we can just watch something, if you'd rather do that."

Jungkook shakes his head. "We can talk. Can we cuddle?"

Hoseok laughs, pulls Jungkook in for a squeezing hug. He swears every time he does this there's even more muscle to wrap his arms around. "Jungkook-ah. Like I could stop you from cuddling me if I tried. Come on."

They curl up on the couch together, Jungkook with his arms around Hoseok because he likes tucking his nose into Hoseok's hair, insists that he smells good. And Hoseok showered pretty recently, so maybe he does.

"You always smell good," Jungkook sighs, like it's a problem for him. "That's why you're my favorite."

"You told Jin-hyung he was your favorite after stealing some of his food at lunch."

"Well right now it's you," Jungkook says, and Hoseok can hear the grin in his voice even if Jungkook's face is still buried in Hoseok's hair. There's a warm puff of breath near his ear, and then Jungkook whispers, "Okay, you promise not to laugh at me for this?"

Hoseok doesn't say, You know I never would, even though he wants to. "I promise."

"I was messing around with Taehyungie-hyung earlier and we started grabbing each other's nipples — just, ah, you know how we do — and when he pinched me it felt." Jungkook pauses, and Hoseok waits. "It felt really good. Like, I really felt it."

"Oh," Hoseok says, chest all full of warmth and empathy and that consuming desire to comfort and reassure Jungkook. "Yeah?"

"The ice cube thing was kind of dumb. I guess I just wanted to test it? It doesn't feel like much when it's my own fingers, I mean, it didn't before either. I thought the cold might... shock them, I don't know."

Hoseok waits until Jungkook is finished speaking, and then turns his head, kissing Jungkook's cheek, the tip of his round nose. Jungkook's face scrunches, as it usually does when he gets his nose kissed. "I'm really proud of you."

"For getting caught icing my nipple?"

Hoseok pokes him. "No, for wanting to explore that. Do you like the idea of being sensitive there?"

Jungkook shrugs, bites his lip. "I mean... yeah. It feels good. I know I can be, ah, obnoxious about it, but I like the attention to my chest in general. Is that conceited?"

The worried way Jungkook asks makes Hoseok laugh, makes him cup Jungkook's face between his hands and squish his cheeks until Jungkook is smiling too. "Not at all. I think it's awesome." 

In no universe would any of them blame Jungkook for that. They were all happy his top surgery went so well, that over two years later he never hesitates before taking off his shirt and you can barely tell where his scars used to be, his chest broad and flat, his nipples dark and small and, apparently, sensitive.

"Do you want help?" Hoseok asks after he lets go of Jungkook's face, and Jungkook's eyes widen.


Oh. Hoseok didn't really think this through, did he? "Only if you're comfortable with it, but I can. Help you experiment. With their sensitivity."

"Ah," Jungkook says, looking down for a moment, reaching up to nervously play with his earring. When he looks back up, he clears his throat and asks, "You mean it? Even if it— feels good for me?"

"Yeah," Hoseok says, doesn't let himself question why he's so okay with this. Not just a favor to Jungkook, but out of some deep-seated desire to make him happy, help him feel good. "I want it to feel good for you."

Jungkook's look is some mix of startled and awed, lips parted until he breaks the eye contact first, tucks his face back into Hoseok's neck. "I really want to do that. Can we do it now?"

Hoseok's stomach flips. "You're sure you're ready? We can wait."

Jungkook snorts. "Waiting will just drive me crazy. I want to try it now. Can we do ice too?"

"If you really want to try that, sure, we can do ice. Go kick Jiminie out of my room, okay? I'll be right there."

Hoseok grabs a thermos from the cupboard to throw some ice cubes into, hoping they'll melt slower this way, and not even a minute later he hears Jimin's laughter, turns around to see Jungkook carrying him into the living room and dumping him on the couch.

"Hyung!" Jimin calls out. "He evicted me."

"I asked him to, we're going to play grown-up games for a while," Hoseok tells him, winking at Jungkook.

"What? Wait, what?" Jimin asks, sitting up, confused but still grinning brightly.

Jungkook's cheeks are slightly pink.

"I'll text you when we're done," Hoseok says cheerfully, already down the hall when Jimin shouts, "Done with what?"

"Making him curious was probably not a good idea," Jungkook mumbles.

"Nah, he's fine. I've played with his nipples before too." Hoseok doesn't elaborate when Jungkook gives him a wide-eyed look, just gesturing to his bed, setting the thermos of ice cubes on his bedside table. Jungkook purses his lips and doesn't move. "Ah, okay, that was a joke! It was a joke. Go get comfortable, Jungkookie."

Jungkook pulls his shirt off up over his head and lets it hit the floor, lying back on the bed. He folds his hands over his stomach and Hoseok can't help it, he snickers.

"What? This is comfortable!"

"You're so cute," Hoseok says, sitting up next to Jungkook with his legs stretched out. "Stop me at any time if you need to, okay?"

"Uh huh." Jungkook's eyes slide shut, and Hoseok almost wants to laugh again at how being in Hoseok's bed always puts Jungkook to sleep so fast. He reaches out and pinches at a nipple, and Jungkook yelps, body jerking.

"Well you definitely felt that."

"Hyung," Jungkook whines, face scrunching. "Be nice first."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." Hoseok pulls Jungkook's hands away from his stomach, sighs a little with envy at the defined muscle of his abdomen, the way his broad chest tapers down into his small waist, his hipbones. Their Jungkookie has always been gorgeous, but Hoseok knows how hard he's worked for this body too, the way he's matured and built muscle over the years. "How do you want me to start? Little touches?"

Jungkook nods, and Hoseok rests one palm flat at the center of Jungkook's chest. He brushes two fingertips over the bud of Jungkook's nipple, already stiff, a pretty dark pink that's almost brown.

Jungkook stares straight at the ceiling, eyebrows furrowing a little, and Hoseok laughs.

"Ah, Jungkook-ah, you look so serious." He rubs a little more firmly, and Jungkook's teeth sink into his lip. "Good? Bad? Nothing?"

"Good, I think. It tingles a little?" Jungkook's eyes flutter, and he squirms. "Can you do the other?"

"I can do both, if you want," Hoseok says. He leaves those fingers resting on the nipple and uses the fingers of his free hand to touch the other one, rubbing firm circles, feeling the first twinge of heat in his stomach when Jungkook's lips part with a surprised moan.


"Good," Jungkook says, eyes fluttering shut, opening again. The flush on his face might be a little darker, too. "Can you, ah. Can you pinch a little? But not too hard."

Hoseok watches Jungkook's chest rise and fall with his shallow breaths and pinches each nipple, rubs them between his fingers, tugs lightly until Jungkook's face is scrunched, mouth dropping open with more moans. Hoseok isn't sure to what extent Jungkook is aware he's making any sound at all.

"Jungkook-ah," Hoseok says warmly, glad for his loose sweatpants to hide how this is turning him on, even if they both knew it might, getting into this. "Tell me what you're feeling."

"It's like— tight, it's so sensitive, but it's good. I like it."

"Yeah? Does it feel good low in your tummy, JK?"

Jungkook gasps with laughter, lifts his hands to cover his face. "Hyung. Fuck. Don't talk like that."

"Sorry, sorry." They've teased each other too much over the years, Hoseok can't help it. "Hey. Can I try something?" He draws his hands back and Jungkook nods immediately, maybe too trusting, but Hoseok knows Jungkook won't put up with anything he's uncomfortable with for Hoseok's sake.

Hoseok shifts until he's kneeling next to Jungkook, and then leans over his body, glances up and almost laughs at Jungkook's wide-eyed stare.

"Are you going to bite me?"

"Quiet," Hoseok says. There is an undeniable twist of heat, now, at what they're doing, and the way Jungkook is reacting. Hoseok worries for a moment that he might be even more into this than Jungkook is. "Except— don't be, I like your little noises."

"Ah, don't say that either," Jungkook mutters. Hoseok smiles, and then lowers his mouth to one of Jungkook's stiff nipples.

Jungkook's gasp is soft, and then Hoseok sucks, and his moan isn't soft at all.

Hoseok mouths at the dark little bud, gentle sucks that don't draw the nipple far past his lips but let him rub his tongue over it, lapping and following the movement of Jungkook's chest when his back arches.

"Oh, hyung," Jungkook breathes out in a low voice, unsteady. "Oh—"

"Too much?" Hoseok asks, lips brushing Jungkook's chest when he does.

"No! More."

Hoseok laughs brightly, nuzzles at the center of Jungkook's chest. "Aren't you being too greedy?"

"Mm, please?"

"Okay, okay." Hoseok switches to the other nipple, feels a heady rush of pleasure at the way Jungkook moans, how it's Hoseok that's making him feel so good. He pulls off and flicks his tongue over the nipple, wet and stiff, and Jungkook shivers beneath him, tries to push closer.

"More sensitive than you thought it'd be?"

"Yeah, but just—" Jungkook lifts a shaky hand to rest in Hoseok's hair when Hoseok moves back to the other nipple, laps over that one. He can see a pink flush has started to travel down Jungkook's neck, into his chest. "Feels so much better. Tight, like—" Jungkook licks his lips, then drops his head back. "Like I could come from this."

Hoseok's eyes widen. He lifts his head, and Jungkook whines at the loss. "Really?" 


Hoseok is reminded, suddenly, of one of the worst things Jungkook ever confessed to, during some round of oversharing or another between the group, which is that he can come just from squeezing his thighs together if he's turned on enough.

Their Jungkookie is so sensitive.

"Do you want to try an ice cube now?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook groans. Hoseok waits a second, and then asks with laughter in his voice, "Is that a yes, sweetheart?"

"Uh huh."

Hoseok, wary of getting water on his sheets, grabs a towel when he stands up to get the thermos and pokes Jungkook's bare hip when he settles back onto the bed. "Up for a second?"

Jungkook sits up while Hoseok spreads the towel out, and Hoseok leans in and kisses his cheek, then his neck, before giving him a shove so he falls back on the bed. Jungkook laughs, blushing.

"Why are you like this..."

"You love me like this." Hoseok picks out an ice cube and pops it into his mouth for a few seconds, spitting it out into his hand and then immediately closing his lips around a nipple.

Jungkook shouts, body jolting underneath him. "Fuck, ah!" He lifts his hand and sinks his fingers into Hoseok's hair, holding tightly, but makes no move to pull his mouth away or ask him to stop.

Hoseok swirls the ice cube around in his mouth some more (already melting faster than Hoseok was anticipating) and then licks over the other nipple, cold licks that make Jungkook's body stiffen and squirm, fingers squeezing helplessly at Hoseok's hair.

"Hyung," he whimpers, feet moving restlessly down the bed.

Hoseok takes the mostly-melted ice cub from his palm and holds it between his fingers to the peak of Jungkook's rosy nipple, and Jungkook gasps, his breathing so heavy now, face fully flushed. He passes the ice cube back and forth like that until it's melted, until Jungkook's chest is wet and cool and Hoseok gives in to the urge to lean down and lick up the water from his skin.

"Tell me what you want, sweetie," Hoseok says. He can't hide the roughness in his voice, how affected he is by seeing Jungkook like this.

"Can I—" Hoseok flicks the tip of his tongue against a nipple just to be mean, and Jungkook's face scrunches before he continues. "Can I get off on your thigh?"

"Yeah, of course." Hoseok should probably be embarrassed by how fast he agrees, when it's something they've never done before, but he isn't. "Ice or no ice?"

"Just your mouth? The ice is kind of intense and it—it numbs, a little. I like how hot your mouth is."

"Listen to you," Hoseok says, half-joking, half-serious. "So sexy and confident. You like my hot little mouth, Jungkookie?"

"I never said little," Jungkook mumbles, but he's smiling.

Hoseok drapes himself carefully over Jungkook's fit body, one hand cupping his bare hip as he straddles one of Jungkook's thighs, lowering his own thigh between Jungkook's legs. Both of them realize in the same moment that Jungkook can now feel how hard Hoseok is, and Hoseok freezes.

"Hyung," Jungkook gasps, eyes widening in surprise. "Oh, you're big."

"Shut up, don't talk like that," Hoseok says, flustered. He's been trying to ignore his own arousal, hadn't realized that at some point he got fully hard in his sweatpants. "Does it bother you?"

"That your dick is big?"

Hoseok hunches over when he laughs, gives Jungkook's hip a little slap. "No. That you can feel me. Is that okay?"

"Ah, are you kidding? Hyung, I want you to come with me."

"Oh. Fuck," Hoseok swears, because he wasn't even considering that. Wasn't letting himself consider that, to be honest. "Really?"

"Yeah, just—" Jungkook lifts his leg slightly, bent at the knee, pressure up against the length of Hoseok's cock. He squeezes his own thighs together, trapping Hoseok's leg between them. "Like this. Can you come like this?"

Hoseok shakes his head a little in disbelief, leans down to trail hot kisses over Jungkook's throat. "Don't worry about if I can or not, let's take care of you first. My sensitive boy."

Jungkook tilts his head back and huffs out a laugh, exposing more of his throat for Hoseok's kisses. "Don't—Don't tease me, Hobi-hyung."

"Not teasing, I'm being serious." And he is. As sudden as this is, he would never do this with Jungkook lightly, imagines they're feeling equally overwhelmed right now with how hot this is, how eager they both are for it. Hoseok presses his thigh down against Jungkook and gets a groan in response. "Tell me when you're close?"

Jungkook nods, and then Hoseok ducks his head down and covers a nipple with his lips.

He has to bend over a little awkwardly, since he and Jungkook are similar in height, to keep his mouth on Jungkook's nipple and his thigh pressed up firm against him. But it's worth it to hear Jungkook's moans, the way they start out soft and a little whiny, then climb in volume the more desperate he gets. Hoseok really doesn't care if anyone else can hear them right now.

Hoseok sucks the nipple past his lips, not too hard, tongue lapping over the tip of it, and Jungkook's hands find their way to Hoseok's back, fingers curling tightly into his shirt. Jungkook's hips start to twist, rubbing himself over the firm muscle of Hoseok's thigh, squeezing it between his legs and trying to press closer.

"Feel good?"

"Mm, yeah," Jungkook breathes, nodding. His eyes are closed, his gorgeous face scrunching and then smoothing out with bliss, again and again, as they grind together.

"You're so hot like this," Hoseok says in a low voice, rough from how much he means it, how much he needs Jungkook to know. 

He switches to the other nipple and gives it the same firm licks, starts to pant against Jungkook's chest from the tightness of his own arousal, the throb of his cock over Jungkook's thick thigh.

Hoseok wasn't sure before, but he thinks he could actually come like this now. 

"Oh," Jungkook gasps, lifting his hips and reaching down for the back of Hoseok's thigh, holding it up against him. Hoseok can feel the heat of him through his clothes, the tension in his muscles as he works himself desperately over Hoseok's thigh. "I think— Hyung, please, 'm close, like that, ah—"

Hoseok shudders at the sweet sound of Jungkook's voice, the way he breaks off with another gasp when he starts to come, and Hoseok keeps his tongue on Jungkook's nipple, keeps his leg pressed hard between Jungkook's shaking thighs as he rides out the pleasure.

"Fuck, fuck," Jungkook chokes out, mouth open and gasping for breath. He'll still coming, maybe, and Hoseok can't resist dragging his mouth up to kiss at Jungkook's neck, the long stretch of his throat. He's careful not to kiss too roughly, conscious of leaving marks, but Hoseok braces his arms on the bed and rides Jungkook's thigh without any of that gentleness, grinding his cock over the muscle until the pleasure is so tight and hot it's almost painful.

"Jungkookie," Hoseok moans shakily, so close to his own orgasm. He's vaguely aware that Jungkook shivers and whines whenever Hoseok's thigh brushes between his legs again. Jungkook's cock must be so sensitive after coming, but he only clings to Hoseok and says, "Hyung, you too, please."

Hoseok drops his head to Jungkook's shoulder and comes soon after that, groaning, cock spilling in his underwear. He grinds himself slowly through it and kisses Jungkook's neck as he comes down, mouths his way up Jungkook's jaw until their lips meet in a soft kiss.

They've only ever shared pecks before, and Hoseok thinks that's a fucking shame, because Jungkook's lips are so sweet under his.

"My nipples are still tingling," Jungkook says in a raspy voice.

"Good tingling?"

"Mmm, weird but good. It felt like..." Jungkook is quiet for a moment, voice barely over a mumble when he says, "It felt like they had a direct connection to my dick, when you were sucking them. Ah, it was just really intense."

"That's so hot," Hoseok says with complete sincerity. "I wonder where else you're sensitive, hm?"

"Hyung," Jungkook mutters, embarrassed, and Hoseok lets himself laugh, kisses Jungkook again just because it feels right, and Jungkook smiles before he kisses back.



They start fooling around when they have time between schedules, which is weird only because of how it's not.

They spend so much time cuddling and sleeping together anyway, that it's confusingly easy to add making out to that, or grinding, or hands shoved down pants. It's not like it's a game to them, or just stress relief, but instead more like they've reached a new level of shamelessness with each other. Curiosity for what else they can try to make each other feel good, and a sense of safety between them for whatever they do try.

Hoseok asks him one night if he wants to label their relationship as anything in particular, and Jungkook shrugs and then bites Hoseok's shoulder. So that's as far as they get with that conversation.

They're both fairly relaxed about when they fool around, usually letting it happen naturally instead of planning for it, but Jungkook comes to Hoseok with wide, eager eyes one evening, snuggling up close enough so that he can whisper into Hoseok's ear without anyone else overhearing.

"Remember the ice cubes, hyung?"

Hoseok wants to tease him and pretend he doesn't, but also Jungkook's lips brushing his ear makes him all shivery, so he doesn't want to drag the conversation out too much. "Yeah."

"I want to try something with you. Shower with me later?"

"Okay," Hoseok says, already curious, already a little excited. He leans in to peck a kiss on Jungkook's lips and laughs when Taehyung starts complaining across the room, "Ai hyung, where's my kiss? Where's mine?"

(Taehyung gets a kiss on the top of his head, and looks very pleased about it.)



Later ends up being a couple of hours later, when Jungkook pops his head into Hoseok and Jimin's room to say, "Just letting you know, I'm going to go take a shower now."

"Okay," Jimin says without looking up, and to Hoseok's horror, Jungkook just stands there. And waits. Hoseok tries to make a shooing motion with his hands, hopes Jungkook picks up on how obvious it would be if Hoseok followed him out right now, but Jungkook just blinks at him expectantly.

"Okay, well, I guess I'm going to shower too," Hoseok says, getting up from his bed and ignoring Jimin's confused, "Wait, both of you? At the same time? Wait, is this like the other day—" Hoseok closes the door.

"I would've followed you after you left," he tells Jungkook in the hallway.

"Oh, I know, I kind of did that as revenge for the first time. Come on, I already got us towels."

Hoseok should maybe be annoyed, but he just laughs, following Jungkook into the bathroom. All of the other members kind of have an idea by now, anyway, that there's something going on between the two of them, and none of them seem bothered by it. 

The bathroom has a round tub that Yoongi likes because it's good for baths, and Taehyung likes because it can fit more than one person easier. Hoseok assumes they're in here for the latter reason.

"You're— You're going to laugh at me."

"No I won't," Hoseok says with a pout, wrapping his arms around Jungkook's waist from behind. Jungkook is already blushing, which in turn has Hoseok's arousal stirring, wondering what Jungkook is planning, what kind of thoughts are going through his head.

"I mean, it's an obvious way of... getting off but I only just discovered it recently."

Hoseok's arms squeeze a little tighter around Jungkook's waist. "I'm listening."

"You know how you can bring the showerhead down, like, with the hose? I. I tried that."

Jungkook doesn't really have to explain further, because Hoseok was aware that this was a thing — a masturbation thing, specifically — but the images it's putting in his head now, Jungkook trying it for the first time, are making his whole body heat up. "Did you come?"

"Yeah," Jungkook breathes out. "A lot. And— quickly. The water started getting cold and I just, I kept going, until it was almost freezing but it still felt good—"

"Oh." Heat tugs sharply in Hoseok's belly. "Oh, Jungkook-ah. That's what you meant about the ice cubes."


"Jungkookie," Hoseok groans, kissing the back of his neck, grinning when Jungkook shivers. "How do you want to do it?"

"We can both sit by the front of the tub, and I don't care which one of us holds the hose, but I want you to... to control it."

"The showerhead?"

Jungkook shakes his head. "The hot and cold water."

"Oh, like." Hoseok doesn't know if it's possible for him to be any more turned on. "You want me to play with it during? Switch between warm and cold without telling you?"

"Yeah, yes." Jungkook looks up at the mirror in front of them as if just remembering it's there and tenses, and Hoseok follows his gaze, rubs his hand over Jungkook's belly through his shirt.

They look good together. Maybe a little skinny — they've all been looking skinny lately, working hard — but it seems like every day Jungkook matures a little more, seems a little more at home in his skin, whether it's as an adult, as an idol, or just as himself. It makes Hoseok a little nervous, being the one privileged enough to see every side of Jungkook, but he does his best to earn that trust.

"Look how gorgeous you are," Hoseok says, hand sliding up Jungkook's chest so his fingers can tease at the buds of Jungkook's nipples through his shirt. Jungkook's body jolts in his hold, lips parting with a soft, surprised sound. "I can only imagine how good you'll look when I'm making you come again and again, until you're too sensitive to take anymore, huh?"

"I've been thinking about it nonstop," Jungkook admits, lifting his arms obediently when Hoseok goes to pull his shirt off up over his head. "Is that weird? I just kept thinking, I really want to do this with Hobi-hyung."

Hoseok laughs. "The fact you think of me when you're getting off isn't weird, no. It's extremely flattering."

"You don't think I'm replacing you with the showerhead?"

"Sweetheart," Hoseok says, lips brushing Jungkook's ear, "I'd like to see the showerhead kiss you half as well as I do."

Jungkook's face scrunches up. "Was that supposed to be smooth?"

"Jungkook-ah! It was smooth!"

"Just—Just get undressed, I'll start the water."

Hoseok undresses quickly, folds his clothes and sets them on the edge of the counter, and then steps over to Jungkook and rests his hands on his waist, the top of his sweatpants. "Can I take these off you?"

Jungkook's breath hitches. "Yeah. And— my underwear too, please."

"Mm, of course." Hoseok drags both layers down at once, tells himself not to ogle Jungkook's bare ass and does so anyway, and then both of them step into the tub and close the door separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

Hoseok slides his hand up and down Jungkook's side, maybe teasing, maybe comforting, and says, "How about you lean back against my chest? With your legs spread?"

"Oh, that sounds nice," Jungkook sighs, and Hoseok presses a kiss to his cheek and sits down in the tub, making sure he can still reach the faucet handle for the hot water, figuring it'll be easier to adjust that one. Let Jungkook get used to the comfortably warm water, and then take it away as he pleases.

Jungkook lowers himself down in front of Hoseok, bending his knees and scooting back as far as he can. Hoseok knows it won't be long before his cock is rock hard against Jungkook's back, but then again, Jungkook doesn't seem like he'd mind that. He tilts his head back onto Hoseok's shoulder with a giddy grin. "Hi."

"Hey cutie," Hoseok tells him. The showerhead is already going next to them, water hitting their thighs, and Hoseok picks it up, watches Jungkook's eyes go wide just before Hoseok is pointing the spray at Jungkook's chest. Specifically, his nipples.

"Ah, hyung," Jungkook gasps, laughing. "That's not—" He cuts off, eyebrows furrowing, lips parting, and Hoseok almost wants to coo. Did he not think to try it before with his nipples?


"Yeah, but. Ah. Feels like a tease."

"Bad tease?"

"No, just kind of one that's wasting water," he says with another laugh. "Hyung. You know where I want it."

"I do, I'm sorry."

Hoseok angles the showerhead, directs the spray so it's hitting between Jungkook's thighs. With the way they're leaned back Hoseok can't see exactly, not without craning his head, but he can imagine how gorgeous Jungkook is, swollen up and eager, cock jutting out hard. Jungkook always gets worked up so easily before they even start.

Hoseok knows he's found a good angle when Jungkook shudders in front of him, breathing out shakily, hands reaching out to grab something and settling on Hoseok's thighs.

"Oh, that's." Jungkook sinks his teeth into his bottom lip, moans from behind closed lips. "Ah, there."

"Here?" Hoseok isn't changing the temperature just yet so he slides his free hand around to play with one of Jungkook's nipples, loves the way Jungkook starts to squirm in front of him, restless.

"Just—Just keep it there, right there, please." Jungkook's hips are twitching forward, just barely, fingers gripping Hoseok's skin, and Hoseok can tell the moment Jungkook starts to come because of his low moan, the way his fingers spasm and his heavy breathing is loud even over the sound of the running water.

"Jungkookie," Hoseok says in a rough, happy voice, nuzzling at the side of his head. "Was that number one?"

Jungkook's legs are still trembling. "Hnn, yeah. Fuck."

Hoseok has to agree.

Jungkook makes a happy noise in his throat when Hoseok angles the spray of water away from his cock, a little lower, because he must still be so sensitive.

"You're good at this already," Jungkook mumbles.

"Making you feel good is very motivating." Hoseok gradually directs the spray back up, tilts the showerhead up and down to give Jungkook a different kind of stimulation, and then reaches for the faucet handle. He starts slow, only moves it a little in the direction for cold water, so it goes from hot to lukewarm, but Jungkook still hisses at the change.

Hoseok gives it a few seconds and then moves back to the previous temperature it was on, hot again. He smiles even though Jungkook can't see it at the way he relaxes, just slightly.

Hoseok tilts the showerhead now that he thinks Jungkook can bear it, waits until he hears that sweet noise of pleasure and then holds it there, going back to the handle. This time, he jerks it straight into cool water without any buildup, and Jungkook jumps in front of him at the change, fingers squeezing tightly at Hoseok's legs.

"Ah, ah."

"Too much?" Hoseok asks, lips brushing Jungkook's ear.

"No, no—"

Hoseok turns it back to warm. Jungkook whines, and pushes his hips forward a little, and Hoseok can feel it again when Jungkook comes. The difference in the tension of his body, the way he shivers and grunts and his legs snap closed when Hoseok doesn't angle the spray away from his cock fast enough.

They do this three more times. Hoseok never goes too hot with the water temperature, because accidentally burning Jungkook is out of the question, but when he switches to cold he knows it's shockingly cold, can tell from the way Jungkook shouts and his hips jerk. For his fourth orgasm, it's actually the shock of the cold that gets him to the edge, has him moaning out and coming, body twisting, pushing back against Hoseok's.

Supportive or not, Hoseok is shocked none of their group members have started banging on the door to tell them to stop.

"One more?" Hoseok asks once Jungkook has come down from orgasm number five, whimpering behind his lips, eyes slowly blinking open to meet Hoseok's.

Hoseok isn't even sure if Jungkook remembers twisting around in his arms because he came that hard.

"My—My dick is throbbing right now, I need a break, can I jerk you off?"

"Oh." Hoseok blinks, sheepishly looks down at his straining cock between them. If the water hasn't begun to go cold, it will soon, which should say a lot about how long Hoseok has been hard. "You don't have to—"

"I'm asking, I want to," is all Jungkook says, and Hoseok nods his permission with a little laugh because Jungkook is already circling his fingers around Hoseok's cock, stroking him tight and fast. Focused on Hoseok's pleasure in a way that is somehow both adorable and intimidating at the same time.

It doesn't take long. It doesn't even take a minute. Hoseok flushes and moans and comes all over Jungkook's fist, heat rushing through him, Jungkook's hungry gaze trained on his face.

It's a good orgasm. Not five-in-a-row good, but still enough to leave him shaky and breathless, giddy. "Come here, let me kiss you, Jungkookie."

They make out until the water really does start to turn cold and then they unpleasantly rinse off together, both of them hissing and laughing at the temperature of the water.

"Not as good as earlier?" Hoseok asks when Jungkook shies away from the cold spray, and he isn't surprised he gets cold water to the face for that.

They help dry each other off and then pull their clothes back on, make out for a little until Jimin is knocking on the door to ask if they're dead.

They both burst into laughter, but Hoseok answers anyway, "We'll be right out, let us have our afterglow."

Once Jimin is done teasing them through the door, Jungkook lifts Hoseok to sit on the bathroom counter, and Hoseok smiles, says, "Jungkook-ah," in an impressed voice. He can't deny it's more than a little hot. Their strong maknae, placing Hoseok where he wants him and then leaning in slowly, kissing him.

It's a lazy kiss. Hoseok imagines Jungkook has to be some kind of worn out from all those orgasms, his legs at least still a little shaky when they were drying off.

"Thanks for trying out my idea with me," Jungkook whispers, voice low. Hoseok kisses the corner of his mouth, his cheek, his nose. Jungkook smells good, looks so handsome, face still flushed from earlier. Hoseok wants to memorize every detail, but also feels like he doesn't have to, so lucky to get to have this.

"Thank you for asking. I really like doing this stuff with you, sweetheart. You like it too?"

Jungkook's eyes are bright, sincere. "Fuck, of course. I—I know it's not smart, but it makes me so happy. That it's with you. You make me happy, hyung."

"Don't worry about what is or isn't smart, we're in control of this, okay?" Hoseok says firmly, almost embarrassed at the emotion showing through his voice. "I'm glad you're happy, you make me happy too. That's all that matters."

"Yeah, that and the orgasms."

Hoseok bursts out laughing. "Jungkook-ah."

"Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me."

"Ahh, Jungkookie." Hoseok can feel the brightness of his own smile on his face, loves seeing Jungkook copy the expression, seeing his eyes crinkle up with it. "You're not wrong."

Chapter Text

Taehyung is the only one who knows about Seokjin's tentacles, and somehow — not that Seokjin is complaining! — even six years later he still hasn't shared this information with anyone else. (Or if he has, they kindly have never mentioned it.)

Seokjin doesn't know why he has tentacles, only that it's a thing that Just Happens To People Sometimes. Very rarely, but sometimes. It was around puberty the first time the skin on his sides felt uncomfortably itchy for days, and then he woke up one morning with six extra limbs. They're slender and dark pink-ish, and seem to have similar tactile sensation as hands or fingers, but Seokjin's control on them is... not great. He's always kept them hidden away as much as he can, and it was only Taehyung trying to tickle him when they were showering together that brought them out.

"Oh fuck, hyung," Taehyung, eighteen at the time, choked out. "Your back—"

"Fuck," Seokjin echoed. "It's okay, it's not—"


Seokjin suddenly felt very nervous with Taehyung behind him. 

"Oh, wait, it's. I thought I hurt you, but it's just tentacles?"

Seokjin can remember being torn between mortification and hysterical laughter. "Just tentacles? Yah, what kind of porn do you watch?"

"Does it hurt?"

"No." Uncomfortable, but never really painful.

"Can I touch?"

"Taehyung-ah, if you— if you leave them alone, they'll go back, okay?" Seokjin shivered. It felt weird having a conversation like this when showers were supposed to be short and no-nonsense. He probably should not have let Taehyung in with him to begin with, but he hadn't quite learned how to say no to him yet.

"I don't mind them," was all Taehyung said, and that was that. The tentacles eventually did tuck themselves away, in that weird alien way they have, and they quickly finished showering before someone else was banging on the door.

And now, six years later, a much more adult and confident Taehyung pulls Seokjin aside one night and asks, "I need to know if something that happened a while ago was real or not."

Seokjin's mind shouldn't even really go straight to the tentacle incident, with everything they've experienced over the years, but it does. "Okay."

"When we, uh, one time when we were showering together—"

Seokjin wants to smile, but doesn't quite trust whatever expression is on Taehyung's face right now. A weird kind of desperation? Eagerness? "The answer is yes," he interrupts.

"Oh. So you really...?"


Taehyung's eyes are wide. "This whole time? You still...?"

Seokjin finally lets himself smile. "I still have them, yes. Do you need proof?"

He doesn't know why he says that. Of course Taehyung is going to say yes, he's... Taehyung.

"Yes! Can I see now—"

Seokjin smacks away the hands already trying to sneak their way up underneath his sweatshirt. "Yah, Taehyung-ah, not out in the hallway, hold on." Taehyung pouts, and Seokjin just turns and heads to his room, knowing Taehyung will follow him. He's not even sure who's home right now (not Namjoon and Yoongi, and maybe Hoseok is still at his studio as well, but who knows what Jimin and Jungkook are up to) but he still doesn't want to be caught like this.

"Hyung, your ears are blushing already," Taehyung says in his low voice once they get inside the room. Seokjin blinks, and purses his lips.

"You never said what made you ask about them after all this time. I thought for sure I'd get you and Jungkookie coming to see me and asking about hentai back then..."

Taehyung laughs. "Ah, hyung, I wasn't that shallow, was I? I really didn't tell anyone. And— I had a dream, last night. About them. It was so vivid I realized I never talked to you about it after, I couldn't be sure if I hadn't dreamed the first time up too."

"A dream?" Seokjin's stomach gives a warm little flip.

"Mmhm." His eyes widen after a moment, and his face brightens with a smile. "Oh, you think I meant sex dream!"

"Did I say that? I didn't say that."

Taehyung bites his lip. "There was no sex, they were just holding me down. It was kind of cool. Can I see them now?"

"Ah, so eager..." Seokjin mutters, but he takes his sweatshirt off anyway.

The easiest way to get them to appear is to tease the skin on his sides — hence why tickling brought them out so fast — but when it's his own hands it takes longer, especially over the years when he's had to get used to various touches.

"Want to help?"

The eager look is back on Taehyung's face. He nods, tucks a lock of hair behind his ear absently. "Yeah, definitely, how does it work?"

"Just, you know, like last time. They come out here." He runs his hand down the side of his torso, closer to his back than his front, a little lower than where wings would be if he had those. (As far as he knows, humans with wings is not actually a thing.) "Just tickle me there?"

"Tickling on command feels kind of weird, but for you, I'll do my best," Taehyung says, and that has Seokjin laughing. Maybe nervous, maybe slightly embarrassed, but there's still something about Taehyung's presence that makes this less awkward than it could be. Seokjin thinks he's always had an appreciation for the way Taehyung accepted the tentacles' existence, a surprisingly mature response at the time. 

Seokjin isn't incredibly ticklish, so besides instinctively bringing his arms up over his chest when Taehyung's fingers start to dance up and down his sides, he doesn't react at first. He huffs out a few laughs, squirms, but nothing happens.

Taehyung drops his hands and gives Seokjin a puzzled look. "Wait, have you been pranking me this whole time? Holy shit, that's dedication."

Seokjin smacks Taehyung's arm. "Of course I haven't! I just— I've learned to keep them hidden, so it takes a while."

"Oh." Taehyung frowns. "That's kind of sad. Can I try something?"

"I mean, sure, if you think it might work."

Seokjin isn't sure what he's expecting — some poking, maybe? — but it isn't Taehyung leaning down and opening his mouth over Seokjin's skin.

"Tae, what—" Seokjin cuts off with a gasp when Taehyung starts to drag his tongue up Seokjin's side. Broad licks that are way more ticklish than his fingers were, making Seokjin's stomach twist with heat. Once Taehyung is doing it, Seokjin can't believe he didn't expect this, because of course Taehyung would use his mouth. Of course he would. "Hey, stop that—"

"Oh, look," Taehyung breathes out, voice full of wonder. Seokjin does look, stomach giving another, more nervous twist at the way the tentacles start to peek out from the weird, hidden little pockets in his skin. "Why are they the same color as your dick?"

"What? No they're not," Seokjin says quickly, squinting down at the three tentacles, shivering when Taehyung moves to mouth at Seokjin's other side.

Okay, maybe they're a tiny bit dick-colored.

"So cool," Taehyung says with genuine excitement in his voice when the other three start to poke out as well. They extend until they're a little shorter than Seokjin's arms, about the width of two fingers and smooth, waving in a way that makes them look like tails. Like prehensile tails that also have tiny, barely-visible suckers on the bottoms that maybe sometimes get slick on their own with a substance Seokjin has learned is pretty similar to lubricant.

Maybe... Seokjin wouldn't have blamed them, if teenage Taehyung and Jungkook came to him to ask about his hentai tentacles after all.

Seokjin is startled from his thoughts when he suddenly feels extra sensation, warm and soft skin, and catches a tentacle sliding over Taehyung's neck.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears, using what weak control he has over them to draw it back. "Are you crazy?"

"Whoa." Taehyung touches his fingers to his neck, grinning when he meets Seokjin's eyes. "It was just saying hi. Everything's fine, hyung."

Another tentacle starts to snake its way towards Taehyung's wrist, and the other ones reach out as well.

Seokjin groans. This is bad. For whatever reason, they seem to have targeted Taehyung as their new pet. "Okay, well, now that you've seen them, let me just focus on putting them away now, okay?"

"Hyung!" Taehyung's lips are already forming a pout. "I want to see them. Isn't it nice to have them out? It's not like you to give up so easily."

"Now wait just a minute—" Seokjin will not be called a quitter just because he's trying to save Taehyung from tentacle molestation he didn't sign up for.

"If it bothers you I'll stop," Taehyung says in a soft voice, "but I like them. They're a part of you. It makes me sad you always have to keep them hidden away... No wonder they're touch-starved."

"Ah, well, it's not like they have little brains, they're just— oh, Taehyungie," Seokjin says, surprised, because Taehyung—

Taehyung has one in his mouth.

"You probably shouldn't do that," Seokjin says in a panicked voice. Even he has never been brave enough to put one in his mouth, and he's admittedly put some weird things in his mouth over the years. Taehyung just has the tip pushing past his lips, and Seokjin can feel the jolt of heat in his belly when Taehyung sucks, when he pulls off and licks at it.

It really doesn't feel much different from Taehyung sucking on his finger (which... has actually happened, unsurprisingly), except maybe a little more sensitive. And more excited, at the heat of Taehyung's mouth, the soft glide of his tongue.

"It doesn't taste bad."

"I can't believe you put it in your mouth," Seokjin groans, and then jerks back when one of the tentacles curls towards his own bare chest, the tip brushing over his nipple.

Taehyung's eyes widen. "Oh. Wait, can you..." He glances down, as if mentally calculating how far they reach. "Oh, hyung."

"I have not jerked off with them, using my hand is way more efficient," he says. His face is very warm now, some mix of embarrassment and the low stirring of arousal and then probably more embarrassment.

"But whoa, just picturing it. Your own tentacles holding you down—"

"They're not that strong," Seokjin says. Or are they? God, he hopes not.

"—and sliding up and down your dick, using their little suckers. Fuck."

There's a tentacle trying to sneak its way up underneath Taehyung's shirt, but he doesn't make any move to stop it.

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says slowly, blinking, "do you... do you want to have sex with my tentacles?"

Taehyung's grin is a little sheepish. "I don't not want to have sex with your tentacles, hyung. And I don't mind if you're there too, for the record."

"This is... I don't know what this is, but I don't think it's allowed." He glances over to the door to check it's shut all the way, and then vaguely feels it when the tentacle up Taehyung's shirt latches onto a nipple. Taehyung gasps.

"So you've really never had them out during sex before? You should try it. Jin-hyung, we should both try it." Taehyung is grinning again, the expression far too giddy and cute for what he's suggesting.

"I don't. I mean, I don't know how they'll act during sex. I can control them to an extent, but it's hard to keep an eye on all six at once." Seokjin shivers, because Taehyung has started stroking one as if he's jerking it off. "What are you even hoping they'll do?"

Taehyung shrugs, and Seokjin notices the pink in his cheeks. "Touch me anywhere they want, hold me down, wrap around my dick, maybe— maybe fuck me a little..."

Seokjin's stomach tightens. His voice comes out soft when he asks, "Really?"

"Yeah, sure." Taehyung shrugs, still blushing. "It can be a one-time thing but I'm curious. Aren't you?"

"I mean— I guess I've maybe. Thought about it once or twice." Thought about it, but never acted on it. Never stopped to think, Today is a good day to take a tentacle up the ass. "If you're serious—"

Taehyung grins brightly, and then immediately takes off his shirt.

Seokjin guesses that answers his question.

The tentacles are already extending toward all the newly exposed bare skin as Taehyung gets his pants off, and he laughs, a sweet sound that makes Seokjin's heart clench, suddenly. He normally tries not to think about the members in sexual situations, but like this, the idea of it is already so wild that it doesn't feel like they're just hooking up.

Taehyung giggles and pushes Seokjin in the direction of his bed, waiting until he's lying back to get Seokjin's pants off. They're both naked, then, which isn't entirely unfamiliar, but Taehyung is hard and Seokjin is getting there fast, which is new. Taehyung's cock is pretty and long, and Seokjin inexplicably feels a little pang of jealousy that his tentacles are invited to play with it but not him.

Or maybe a win for his tentacles is a win for him as well? Seokjin hasn't quite figured that out yet.

"This is going to be so fun," Taehyung says, resting one knee between Seokjin's legs and leaning over his body, pecking a kiss to each tentacle. The kisses kind of tingle. "The others would be so jealous if they knew."

Seokjin laughs. "I don't think you can just— assume everyone else also has a tentacle fetish, Taehyung."

"Oh no, I can definitely tell, you can see it in someone's eyes." Taehyung is laughing now too, a little, but maybe that's because two tentacles have found his nipples. "Ah, they're kind of slippery, is that—"

"Yeah, um, they leak. Lubricant. When they're excited."


"It's not numbing your skin or anything, right? I may actually be a predator."

Taehyung laughs again, gets a strange glint in his eyes that makes Seokjin swallow nervously. "No, not numb, just nice. Those little suckers, when you concentrate you can really feel them? And I'm just, ah." His eyes flutter shut, head tipping back slightly. "Imagining them on the head of my dick."

"Oh, wow." It does sound like it'd feel... interesting. Like some kind of exotic sex toy.

"Can I?" Taehyung asks, reaching for a tentacle that's just hovering by his hip, and Seokjin nods.

"Yeah, you can move them around. They're like weird little hands, you know."

"You know?" Taehyung echoes, grinning, just to tease. He guides the tentacle between his finger and thumb and lets the bottom part rest at the tip of his cock, where it juts up between their bodies. Almost immediately, the tentacle starts to slide back and forth, rubbing itself over the swollen head, and Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut and moans.

Seokjin stares, mesmerized, at the way the tentacle really seems to be sucking just over Taehyung's slit, at the way he has a vague sensory idea of how the spongy head feels under those suckers. There's a pulse of clear liquid from underneath the tentacle that drips down the head and Seokjin isn't entirely sure if it's the tentacle lubricant or Taehyung's pre-come.


"So—So good, holy shit. Feels really, ah, intense. Like soft lips sucking at my dick. Hyung," Taehyung groans, dropping his head forward. Seokjin wants to say, I'm not doing this, but that's not entirely true. He could lift the tentacle away if he wanted to, but seeing Taehyung lost in pleasure like this, he really doesn't.

The tentacles on Taehyung's nipples slowly draw away and instead take an interest in his throbbing cock, both of them curling around the length of it, dragging up and down. Taehyung cries out and Seokjin continues to stare between them at the wet shine the tentacles leave on Taehyung's hard cock, the way Taehyung starts to tremble from all the stimulation.

Seokjin can feel the heat of Taehyung's cock as if he's touching it, which— he kind of is. It's wild, and unbelievably hot.

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says, clearing his throat when his voice comes out scratchy, affected. "Do you still want one inside?" Seokjin's remaining three tentacles stroke over a leg, over a hip, not really focused on anything yet except touching any warm skin they can find.

"Inside, oh." Taehyung forces his eyes open to meet Seokjin's gaze, and Seokjin can't believe the want he finds there, the way Taehyung's whole face seems darker with it. "Yes, yeah."

Taehyung spreads his legs apart a little wider, but leaning over Seokjin like this, it's not difficult for a tentacle to glide down between his legs, behind his balls. The tip of it finds his hole and Seokjin can just sense it, the way the muscle clenches up underneath the pressure from the tentacle as it skims back and forth.

"That's—" Taehyung groans, then huffs out a laugh. "Feels like a tongue, it's so wet, oh."

Seokjin raises his eyebrows. "Do you have a tongue in your ass often, Taehyung-ah?"

"No, I don't know, leave me alone." Taehyung's still smiling, still breathless from the tentacles giving his cock so much attention. "In, it can go in now, please—"

"Shh, just relax," Seokjin says, worried for a moment this might be too much for him. Taehyung's cock is quite literally dripping now, with pre-come and the tentacle slick, and when the tentacle starts to slip inside his ass, Seokjin can sense the squeezing heat it meets. He presses lightly on Taehyung's back to bring his hips a little closer to his torso, letting the tentacle sink in deeper like it wants to.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Taehyung babbles. His head drops forward again, and Seokjin reaches out to tuck his long hair behind his ear, to slide his hand around the back of Taehyung's neck and rub.

"How is it?"

"The way it moves, it— hyung, ah, it's so deep. It's." Taehyung lifts his head, eyes glazed with heat, lips parted and wet. "It's still using the little suckers, but inside, holy fuck."

Seokjin's own cock throbs from seeing Taehyung so undone like this. "Feels good?"

Taehyung nods and then rests a hand on Seokjin's shoulder, fingers squeezing when he falls forward slightly, shuddering. He gasps, and shudders again. "I think I'm— coming? Hnn, it's, ah, right up against that spot, ahh."

Heat rushes through Seokjin, but he still smiles, pets his fingers through Taehyung's soft hair. "I guess my tentacles really like you."

"More," Taehyung groans.

"More what, Tae?" Seokjin asks, toes curling when one of his tentacles slides over his inner thigh. The tentacle that's moving inside Taehyung's ass is still being squeezed by slick heat, a tightness around the appendage Seokjin can sense, can feel a vague, pulsing pleasure from.

"More inside. The rest of them, can I— can you put them in?"

Seokjin's eyes widen, his stomach giving a hot lurch. "Taehyung-ah... are you sure?"

"Yes, please!" Taehyung moans, fingers digging into the skin of Seokjin's shoulder. Seokjin thinks, a little wildly, that Taehyung's pretty manicured nails are probably going to leave marks, and the heat in his stomach just draws up tighter. "Please, I can take it, I'll be good for them."

"I— fuck, okay," Seokjin mutters, because what else can he say to that? Taehyung is promising to be good for them. Fuck. "You have to relax, three is a lot to take."

"I know, I will."

Seokjin gives the tentacles a little nudge before they're following the same path as the one between Taehyung's legs, sliding over each other, tips rubbing at his stretched hole. Seokjin can imagine how eager they are to press inside, but uses what little control he has to hold them back, getting Taehyung slick and ready for them first.

And they are certainly doing their job of getting him wet, massaging at his rim, both stroking between his cheeks until Taehyung is ready.

"That feels so weird," Taehyung sighs, moaning high in his throat when a second tentacle finally starts to press inside to join the first one. Seokjin imagines two feels more like the size of a normal cock, except stretching him wider with how they twist and move alongside each other. 

Taehyung squeezes around them and Seokjin feels it, his cock jerking between them in response.

"You're so tight," Seokjin whispers, licking his lips, watching as Taehyung starts to move his hips, fucking himself back on the tentacles. "Are you sure you can take a third, Taehyung-ah?"

"Please," Taehyung begs. His voice is so hoarse, so needy. Seokjin expected him to be shameless, honestly, but seeing it up close like this is another thing entirely. 

"Okay, there you go." Seokjin reaches down on a whim to grab one of Taehyung's cheeks, pulling at it to spread him open, and Taehyung makes a strangled noise in his throat. "Oh, look at how badly they want to be inside of you."

Taehyung makes another sound almost like a sigh when the third one starts to push in. It's a tight fit — even if Seokjin wasn't able to sense the soft, squeezing heat around his tentacles, he could tell from the scrunch of Taehyung's face, the way his eyebrows furrow.

"Shh, that's it. Is it too much, sweetheart?"

"No, no, I want to. I want it." Taehyung's mouth drops open, but he doesn't say anything else.

"That's good, just let them in. They're going to make you feel so good, Taehyungie."

Seokjin isn't even sure if Taehyung is still listening, the way his face goes slack with pleasure, the way his hips start to rock back with the motion of the tentacles thrusting and dragging inside. Seokjin lets go of his grip on Taehyung's ass and really lets himself look, the way Taehyung is all wrapped up in the tentacles, the three disappearing between his legs and the three coiled around his cock.

He pulls Taehyung's body down closer to his own, lets the tentacles sink a little deeper if they want (and oh, they definitely do), filling and rubbing inside Taehyung like they exist just to give him pleasure, like he exists just to be a warm hole for them to play with.

"Hyung, it's so—" Taehyung gasps, breath hot at the base of Seokjin's throat. "It's so much. I can feel them everywhere, I want to come, I'm so close—"

"Then come for me, sweetheart," Seokjin tells him, body awash in heat with how much he wants that. "Come for them."

Seokjin can feel the surge from the tentacles when the ones around Taehyung's cock squeeze, when the ones inside him twist and thrust faster, and Taehyung's moan is almost a wail when his orgasm hits him, his body tensing up above Seokjin's.

The tentacle covering the head of his cock slides away, lets Taehyung spill between them, making a mess of the tentacles and Seokjin's belly, his own hard cock. The ones inside him don't slow down, though, and Seokjin starts to worry when after a minute Taehyung hasn't made any move to stop them.

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says in a soft voice, cupping his flushed face, watching him blink his pretty eyes back open with a dazed stare. "Are you okay?"

Taehyung shudders, cock still jerking in the grip of the tentacles around it. "Hnngh."

Seokjin purses his lips. "Sure. I'm going to pull them back now, okay?"

"No no no," Taehyung gasps, shaking his head. "Not yet, just— just one more, almost—"

Seokjin isn't sure what he's referring to until Taehyung is shuddering again, sobbing out a laugh as his cock gives a few more weak spurts of come.

Oh. Wow.

At the first hiss that doesn't sound like a noise of pleasure, Seokjin draws back the tentacles surrounding Taehyung's cock, and then more carefully has the three inside him pulling out, as slow as he can control like this.

Taehyung is a mess of the clear tentacle slick — and god, Seokjin wishes he could see Taehyung's stretched hole from this angle, doesn't even care how much of a pervert he is for that — and pants as he comes down, shivers so hard that Seokjin strokes a hand over his back, ignores his own throbbing arousal to make sure Taehyung is okay.

How many times did he come, three? No wonder he's trembling right now.

"Hyung," Taehyung groans, mouthing hotly at Seokjin's collarbone. "Hyung, let me suck your dick."

To his horror, Seokjin starts laughing, obnoxiously loud.

"I'm serious," Taehyung whines.

"No, I mean, I assumed you were, I just—" He tries to stop laughing. If for no other reason, then only because it's jostling Taehyung on top of him. "I wasn't expecting that. You're so cute, Taehyungie. Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I like it," Taehyung says, as if that's something Seokjin needed to know. He starts to slide down Seokjin's body, mouth trailing hot kisses before his lips meet the swollen head of Seokjin's cock.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears roughly, and means it. Taehyung's mouth is so hot, so perfectly wet and soft, tongue lapping up any spilled come before he sinks his mouth lower and starts to swallow.

Seokjin's tentacles have mostly settled, messy and (in their own way) pleased, but they still reach for Taehyung's arm, his wrist, one brushing at the side of his neck. Taehyung notices, and smiles around Seokjin's cock.

It's really cute. It should not be cute, but it's Taehyung, so it is.

The pleasure builds fast, tightens hot in Seokjin's belly. Taehyung really is shameless with how much he likes this, taking Seokjin deep, lips dragging wet, drool everywhere. His fingers stroke what his mouth can't reach without choking and Seokjin curls his fingers into Taehyung's hair when he's close, gasps, "Tae, pull off, hyung's close."

Taehyung moans and does not pull off. He swallows and sucks, and Seokjin braces himself when the heat reaches that peak until he's finally coming. He moans softly as he does, fingers squeezing at Taehyung's hair, cock spilling into his mouth for Taehyung to swallow like that was his plan the whole time.

Maybe it was. Seokjin thinks that is very sneaky and sexy of him.

Taehyung licks his cock as Seokjin comes down from his orgasm, panting, only blinking his eyes back open when Taehyung starts to whine.

"Hyung," he says, lips pouted, "they're going back."

It's true, his tentacles have started to retract into his sides in that thankfully painless way they do. Taehyung watches them go with sad eyes and Seokjin laughs, feels his cock twitch under Taehyung's lips when he distracts himself by giving the softening length kisses.

"Okay, that's— you can stop now. We can't all go multiple times like you."

"Maybe you could if you tried, you're not that old," Taehyung says, but he pulls away, moving up Seokjin's body and then falling onto his side, hugging his arms around Seokjin. "Ah, hyung, that was so fun. Did you like it too?"

Seokjin blinks, and then laughs a little in disbelief. "Did I— Taehyung-ah. You just sucked me off. Yes, I liked it too."

Taehyung bats his eyelashes at Seokjin. "So we can do it again?"

"Ah, he asks just like this..." Seokjin mutters, feigning a long-suffering tone. "They're not just sex toys."

"Then what else are they for?"

Seokjin opens his mouth, and then closes it. That's... actually a good question.

"Well, anyway, hyung doesn't want to spoil you. Maybe... maybe we can try it again some time."

The way Taehyung's face lights up is very cute, and makes Seokjin's chest glow with pride even if the reason is a little silly. He sighs and relaxes in Taehyung's hold, shivers now that they've come down from their orgasms and the air in the room is cool on their bare skin.

"Hyung," Taehyung says, voice soft and low. "I really don't think they're just sex toys. But they're a part of you, and I like them."

"I know you don't think that," Seokjin tells him, tilting his head to meet Taehyung's warm gaze. "They like you too, remember?"

Inexplicably, Taehyung starts blushing, face visibly growing pink. "Ai hyung, don't say things like that."

"What? Are you going to be shy around them next time? You weren't shy this time."

"Hyuuung," Taehyung whines. "It's different after I've had three of them in my ass."

Seokjin doesn't blush, but there is a little twist of heat low in his belly. "Oh, that, are you...?" Seokjin slides a hand down Taehyung's back, realizes he was about to feel over his hole, and freezes. He swallows nervously, aware that Taehyung is staring at him with slightly parted lips. "Are you okay?"

"You can touch," Taehyung whispers, eyes widening. "I don't mind. It doesn't hurt, just... still all slippery, and open."

Seokjin shouldn't. Taehyung huffs, and the corner of his mouth quirks with a smile.

"I don't mind."

Seokjin shouldn't, but he does. His hand slides down the curve of Taehyung's ass and his fingers dip between, brushing over his hole. Taehyung shivers and makes a soft noise in his throat, presses back slightly and opens under the touch of a fingertip.

"Oh," Seokjin says, suddenly breathless. "You are wet and open."

He can hear the grin in Taehyung's voice when he says, "It's hot, right? Do you want to fuck me too, hyung?"

Seokjin fixes Taehyung with a stern look, and isn't surprised when Taehyung's grin just spreads across his face. "We should clean up now, actually." Even as he says it, he lets the tip of his finger slip past Taehyung's swollen rim, welcomed by clenching heat. Taehyung gasps out a startled laugh and pushes back into the touch, hums when Seokjin's finger sinks a little deeper. 

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says, voice low. "Are you that desperate for it?"

"Yeah," Taehyung sighs. Seokjin laughs, and drags his finger back out before he's tempted to do something more.

"Come on," he says in a louder voice, slapping Taehyung's ass with a satisfying smack. "Let's get up, enough afterglow."

"We can shower together, though, right?" Taehyung asks, refusing to let go of Seokjin even when he sits up.

"Sure, we can shower together." Seokjin waits a few seconds, and then adds, "Yah, Taehyung-ah, you have to let go of me first."

"I will," Taehyung says, nuzzling at Seokjin's shoulder, leaning in to press a slow kiss to the side of his neck. He pulls back and says, "Oh, your ears are red again, that's so cute. Okay, we can go now."

Seokjin opens his mouth to reply, but Taehyung is already striding out of the room completely naked.

Seokjin sighs, wrapping a towel loosely around his hips and following Taehyung to the bathroom, grabbing him around the waist when they get inside and kissing his cheek, just because he can. Just to see Taehyung's bright smile, the sparkle behind his eyes.

"No tickling this time," Seokjin tells him.

"Right, of course."

"We only bring the tentacles out to play when I say so, okay?" Seokjin maybe sounds a little flustered when he says this, but Taehyung doesn't call him out on it.

"Out to play..." Taehyung repeats. "I like the sound of that."

Seokjin slaps his butt again, and Taehyung giggles and gets into the shower.

(There is no tickling, but if Seokjin happens to drop to his knees and eat Taehyung out, well. He's just being a considerate hyung.)

Chapter Text

Jimin glances up as a man walks into the bakery and his first thought is, Wow, he's hot.

After another glance, Jimin finds himself thinking that the man kind of has a similar nose and eyes to a boy Jimin used to know, which strikes Jimin as funny, because he hasn't thought about little Jungkookie in so long—

"Jimin-hyung?" The man asks, staring right at him with wide eyes, and Jimin's mouth drops open.

Oh, no way.

"Yes?" Jimin asks, and as the man gets closer his features get more familiar, except— so much more adult than Jimin remembers. There's no way.

"God, you look so different, I almost didn't recognize you with blonde hair but then you—you smiled," he says, still staring at Jimin with something like wonder, a soft look that makes Jimin's stomach flutter. "Your smile is the same."

"Jeon Jungkookie?" Jimin finally asks in a quiet voice of disbelief, and the man's grin is bright, eyes crinkling with it.

"You remember me? Ah, hyung. It's been so long. You've grown up so much."

Jimin sputters, finds himself immediately replying, "I've grown up so much? You're taller than me now!" And not just taller. Broader, no longer the scrawny kid Jimin once knew, because now he has a sculpted jaw and handsome face, dark hair that's a little wavy and long, parted to show his forehead, his strong eyebrows. He has multiple ear piercings. Jimin thinks he even saw a glimpse of tattoos.

"You grew into your nose," Jimin blurts out, and Jungkook's face scrunches before he laughs.

"I guess I did."

Jimin can't resist anymore. With no customers to currently wait on, he steps around the counter and throws himself at Jungkook, squeezing him into a hug with one arm around his shoulder and the other around his middle. He has to lean up on tip-toe to tuck his chin over Jungkook's shoulder, which is... something, that's for sure, but even if there's so much more of him now, it's still his Jungkookie. He gets a laugh huffed into his hair and Jungkook squeezes him tightly back, strong arms circling around Jimin's body.

"You smell so good," Jungkook mumbles, voice low, and there's a little tug of heat low in Jimin's belly. 

"Jimin-ah, do you want to go talk to your friend?" A voice asks from behind him, and Jimin reluctantly lets go of Jungkook to turn and face Seokjin, guilt all over his face. Seokjin just smiles. "It's okay, I can take over, go talk. Your shift is almost over anyway."

"Thank you, Jin-hyung," Jimin says, noticing a new customer is starting to approach behind Jungkook. Seokjin tilts his head when he sees Jungkook, and then adds in a quiet voice just as Jimin's hanging his apron up in back, "Be careful, okay?"

It's a bit of a strange thing to say, but Jimin just nods, gives Seokjin a grateful smile. "Thanks again!" Jungkook is waiting for him and Jimin picks a table in the corner for them to sit at, still fascinated with how much bigger Jungkook is, the way it makes his stomach twist warmly. "Oh, I didn't ask, do you want something to eat or drink? It's on me!"

"No, no, I'm good. I just... ah, it's embarrassing, but I was passing by and caught a glimpse of you through the window, and I had to see if it was really you. I thought I was going crazy."

"I'm glad you stopped in, it's so good to see you," Jimin says, looking down at his lap when he feels himself start to get choked up. He knew Jungkook since they were children, but Jimin moved out of the city when he was 16 and Jungkook was 14, and they haven't seen each other since.

Jimin blinks until he's sure he won't start crying, but Jungkook's eyebrows furrow in concern. "Hey, are you—"

"I'm fine! Sorry, I'm fine, it's just been so long." What he doesn't say is that Jungkook was his closest friend growing up, someone he cared about more than he could ever admit to himself. He's always felt regret they didn't stay in touch, but at the time Jungkook didn't even have a cell phone. "So what brings you to the city?"

Jungkook still looks like he wants to reach across the table, which does nothing to quell the fluttering in Jimin's stomach. "I'm visiting a friend, he's helping me out with some, ah, stuff. It's just for a few weeks."

"Oh." Jimin refuses to let the disappointment show on his face — it's a pleasant surprise that he's seeing Jungkook again at all. "How have you been? It's been so long..."

They talk a little more, giving each other very brief summaries of where they've worked, where they've gone to school. Jimin is graduated but Jungkook is still thinking about college, since he went straight from high school to military service and then started working. He says he bought an expensive camera and got lucky doing filming work, but he wants to learn more, maybe major in it.

Jimin could listen to him talk for hours. Even if it's still surreal to see how handsome he's gotten, his voice lower but soft in a gentle way, his eyes big and bright like they used to be but mature now, too. Jimin wants to know everything, but it's getting late, and the least he can do is help Seokjin close up since he blew off the last half hour of his shift.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Jimin asks after they stand up, just finished trading numbers.

"No, not really," Jungkook says. He follows Jimin over to the counter and Jimin is struck with the urge to coo. Jungkook used to follow him around so much when they were little. 

Of course, he is very much not little anymore, but something about it is still endearing to Jimin.

"You should come over to my place tomorrow! I mean, if you want. That way we can catch up a little more."

Jungkook's eyes go very wide, flashing with something like— fear?

"Hyung, you. You shouldn't say that."

"What, inviting you over?" Jimin can feel his smile fall. "Your friend is invited over too, if that's the problem."

If anything, Jungkook looks even more panicked. "No, you shouldn't— don't say that. Ah, fuck." Jungkook runs his fingers through his hair, and Jimin catches a glimpse of an undercut. Wow, he really wasn't kidding with his first impression of Jungkook — childhood friend or not, Jungkook is so hot. "I'm sorry, you're probably so confused, just. Please be careful of who you invite over, okay?"

"But it's you," Jimin says. "Unless you, I don't know, joined a gang or something that I don't know about." He suddenly remembers Jungkook's hand tattoos — all very sweet, very sentimental, actually — and flushes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean—"

"No, you're fine, I know you didn't mean it like that. You said you have tattoos too, right?" Jungkook smiles again, even if it doesn't quite reach his eyes, still tinged with worry for some reason. "I would love to come over. Is the evening okay with you? Like, 7 or 7:30?"

"Yeah, sure! But only if you want to, okay? Sorry if I'm being too forward, it's just—"

Jimin doesn't get to finish, because Jungkook steps forward again, wrapping his arms around Jimin's waist in a tight hug. Jimin melts into the embrace, rubbing his nose lightly at Jungkook's shoulder, feeling that weird and sudden urge to cry again.

"Hyung," Jungkook whispers by his ear. "I'm so happy I found you again. I was—" There's a little sigh, and Jimin becomes aware of how fast his heart is thumping in his chest, how warm he feels in Jungkook's arms like this. "I couldn't believe how beautiful you are. You looked like an angel, standing there, not the cute hyung I used to tease until he hit me."

"Yah," Jimin says, smacking Jungkook's back lightly. His stomach is a whole warm tangle of overwhelmed feelings.

"I'll text you when I'm on my way over tomorrow, okay? Be safe getting home."

"Yeah, of course. You too." Jimin hates having to let him go, but he knows Seokjin is probably staring by now, with how long they've been hugging.

Jungkook bows to Seokjin (which just makes Jimin giggle) and then leaves with a little wave, and Jimin isn't surprised when his manager comes up behind him, resting a hand on his shoulder.

"Alright, help me get these chairs up on the tables and then I want all the details immediately."

Jimin laughs.



Jimin is not especially proud of this, but he can't stop thinking about how hot Jungkook is.

It's weird, but not because he still thinks of Jungkook as a little brother (once they hit their teenage years they grew close as friends despite their age difference, so the idea of feeling brotherly affection for him was never an issue). It's weird because... Jungkook is just so hot. Hotter than any guy Jimin has ever dated, hotter than he thinks he would imagine up for himself if he was that type of person (and honestly, during slow work hours, sometimes he is).

Jungkook looks like he could hold Jimin up against a wall but also sweetly cuddle him in the morning and Jimin is losing his mind over it.

He spends most of the day cleaning his apartment, and he knows Jungkook said he was eating before coming over, but he picks out a bottle of wine for them anyway, about to place some candles around the place until he realizes he's preparing for this the same way he prepares for a hook-up.

It's his Jungkookie. His sweet Jungkookie who he used to get in trouble with, and be teased by, and tease back just to hear his obnoxious laughter. His Jungkookie who would cry at sad movies and then let Jimin hug him until he felt better, or who would always abandon his spot on the couch to instead curl up with Jimin in his bed when they had sleepovers.

Honestly, Jimin just wants to have a talk with whoever introduced Jungkook to the gym, and then maybe his hair dresser, and his tattoo artist. (Jimin wonders if asking to see all of Jungkook's tattoos would be an effective way of getting him shirtless, and then groans and bangs his head into the refrigerator door.)



Jungkook shows up looking even better than yesterday, and Jimin kind of wants to slam the door in his face. He takes a deep breath, and then invites Jungkook inside, receiving another warm hug that makes his stomach flip happily.

Jungkook's hair is still long and curly and parted off his forehead, his earrings fancier today, some of them dangling. His lips look a little redder, his eyes darker, and his outfit includes tight jeans and a tucked-in black shirt that shows off his body when Jungkook takes his jacket off.

Jimin sighs, running his fingers through his own fluffy hair. "Want anything to drink?"

"Mm, no, I'm good." He stares at Jimin then, blinks a couple times, and then looks away just as a flush starts to tint his face pink. "So this is where you live?"

Jimin gives him a short tour and they talk, then settle on the couch together and talk some more. There's a lot of laughing, too — Jungkook is funny, he's mature, and he listens so intently to everything Jimin says as well. He's so nice, and so very pretty, that it's hard for Jimin to take his eyes off him.

"Hyung," Jungkook says after a while, taking Jimin's hand and absently playing with his fingers, his rings. "There's something I need to tell you."

Jimin looks down at his rings, and then back up to Jungkook's chest, the necklace he's caught glimpses of all evening that looks very much like something you'd get from a partner. Jimin swallows past the lump in his throat.

"Alright, what's her name?"

Jungkook lifts his head, eyebrows furrowing. "What?"

"Your girlfriend's name? I mean, I'm just assuming— that necklace, did you not get it from a girlfriend?"

"You..." Jungkook trails off, looking upset. The expression on his face makes Jimin's heart squeeze in his chest. "You don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

"Jimin-hyung," Jungkook says, scooting closer, pulling the necklace out from beneath his shirt to show off the pretty pendant, Jungkook's birthstone. "You got me this. Before you left. You really don't remember?"

"I— no." Jimin's eyes widen, staring at it. He thought it looked a little familiar, but he doesn't remember that at all. Barely remembers their last couple of days together, because of how painful they were to think about for so long.

"It's my favorite. Wearing it helps, ah, ground me." Jungkook leans in even closer, and Jimin can't tear his eyes away from Jungkook's gaze, the way it's gone a little darker. "There is no girlfriend, I've never had a girlfriend."

Jimin's stomach clenches. "Oh."

"I'm..." Jungkook trails off, dropping his forehead to Jimin's shoulder with a heavy thump, groaning softly. "This is so hard to say, you smell so good. I can't think about anything else right now."

Jimin flushes, but truthfully, he was so busy getting ready he forgot to put on any kind of cologne. "I smell good?"

Jungkook lifts his head back up, licks his lips. "I'm a vampire, Jimin."

"Um." Jimin doesn't know why that sends a little jolt of fear into his stomach, when the statement is so absurd, but it does. Maybe because of how intense Jungkook's stare is, and the way he isn't laughing. "What?"

"I'm a vampire. I was bitten earlier in the year, and Yoongi-hyung is helping me have better control of it, so I can maybe go back to school."

"But vampires aren't real," Jimin says weakly, even as he doubts it. Sees a glint in Jungkook's eyes that doesn't look quite human and thinks, Why would he lie about this?

"Please don't be scared. I would never hurt you. I meant it when I said your necklace grounds me, helps me control it better. You just—" Jungkook licks his lips again, and even though what he's saying is objectively crazy, Jimin finds he still really wants to kiss him. "You smell so good. Like you'd taste good, too. No one's ever smelled that good to me before."

A flush warms Jimin's face, heats him all the way down to his stomach. "You keep saying that I smell good..."

"I can't put it into words." Jungkook ducks his head down to the side of Jimin's neck, and Jimin's breath catches at the sudden closeness, a hand reaching out to touch Jungkook's arm. "You smell delicious, hyung."

"Are you going to bite me?" Jimin doesn't know why his voice comes out so breathy, so soft. He doesn't want that, right? Of course Jungkook can't be a real vampire, but if he is... Jimin definitely shouldn't want that. The reality has to be far uglier than romance novels or teen movies make it seem.

"No, I promise, I won't even let my fangs out, but." Jungkook's voice is so rough, low by Jimin's ear. It makes him shiver. "Can I kiss your neck? Is that asking for too much?"

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin breathes out, pulling back just so he can meet Jungkook's dark gaze, resting his palm at the side of Jungkook's face. His skin is a little cool to touch, and Jimin's lips part with surprise when Jungkook's eyes suddenly flash red. "You're serious?"

"Yes." He yanks at the collar of his shirt, two more buttons popping open from the force, and Jimin draws in a sharp breath at a jagged scar in the middle of Jungkook's chest. "I was attacked and they turned me, then abandoned me. I was so lucky when Namjoon-hyung found me and let me stay with him for a few months, and then told me about Yoongi-hyung. Told me that he could help with my self-control."

"You were attacked," Jimin repeats sadly, tracing the scar with his fingers, watching Jungkook's throat bob when he swallows. "I'm sorry." It's still such an impossible thing to believe, too wild and frightening to be true, but Jimin trusts Jungkook. He can't not trust him. "You can kiss my neck, but." Jimin meets Jungkook's stare, tries to see past the new, feral darkness, past the intimidating handsomeness, until it's just his sweet Jungkookie. "But you have to kiss my lips first."

Jungkook's smile is so bright, so relieved, that it makes Jimin smile wider in turn. "Really?"

Jimin laughs. "Yes, really. Are you a good kisser after all these—"

He doesn't finish, because Jungkook's lips are on his.

Jungkook is a good kisser, although Jimin isn't very surprised by this. Pleasantly unsurprised by it, in fact.

He kisses softly, tilts his head and lets Jimin's bottom lip drag between his own and sighs, such a gentle noise. Jimin kisses back and doesn't resist the heat that swoops in his belly, the stirring of want now that he's actually kissing Jungkook's pretty lips.

Jungkook presses a final kiss to Jimin's mouth and then drags his lips down his chin, the line of his jaw, across the front of his throat. Heat grips Jimin's stomach, a much more dangerous, excited heat, and Jungkook finally stills when his mouth reaches the side of Jimin's neck.

"Your pulse is so fast, is that for me?" Jungkook asks in a low voice, lips brushing the skin when he talks.

Jimin shivers, rests a hand on Jungkook's chest so that his fingertips are brushing bare skin where his shirt is still open. "Jungkookie..."

"I want to taste you so bad," Jungkook mumbles. His mouth opens over the sensitive skin of Jimin's neck and it's just heat, slick and soft, sparking pleasure all through him. There's a noise like a growl from Jungkook's throat and he's saying, "I know you'd be perfect for me, like we were made for each other, meant to find each other again. Do you feel it too, hyung?"

Jimin can't answer. Can't put into words how much it's meant to him to see Jungkook again after all those years, but also just can't think, his mind hazy with pleasure, with the way Jungkook sucks wet kisses over his neck. He draws the skin past his lips but never breaks it, and distantly, Jimin thinks he'll probably have a hickey there tomorrow.

He wants that. He wants to wear Jungkook's mark, wants to be his in any way Jungkook will have him.

"I can't—" Jungkook finally lifts his head, gasping for breath, eyes tinged with red. "I should stop. You smell too good. You like this?"

Jimin flushes, slowly lets his hand drop from Jungkook's broad chest. "Of course I do. Are you okay?"

Jungkook nods, and then smirks, although his expression is strained. "It's a little confusing, how all this time it was thinking about you that kept me grounded, you know, in control, and now thinking about you is also driving me wild, hah." He runs his fingers through his hair, his gaze fixed on the now-throbbing spot on Jimin's neck. 

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin says, leaning forward to press another soft kiss to his lips, and then another. Jungkook starts smiling, lips pursed slightly as if anticipating more kisses, and Jimin laughs. "Are you as shameless now as you were back then? Whenever you came over you acted like my bed was yours."

"I think I just had a hard time admitting to myself I had a huge crush on you," Jungkook mutters. Jimin can't say he's surprised, since there's definitely been some tension between them since meeting again yesterday, but hearing Jungkook speak it out loud like that still makes his stomach flutter.

"A crush on me, huh?" Jimin teases. Jungkook, for as mature and handsome as he looks, still pouts adorably.

"You assumed I had a girlfriend, don't give me that like you've known the whole time."

"Of course I assumed, you're built like a god!"

Jungkook tilts is head back and laughs — it's more of a cackle, really — and Jimin reaches for a nipple without thinking, trying to pinch it where it just peeks out from Jungkook's open shirt. Jungkook gasps, body jolting.


"Button your shirt back up, you're making me feel like the one with blood-lust right now," Jimin says, leaving Jungkook sputtering with laughter.

"I think you're taking this vampire news a little too well..."

The way Jungkook says it, with a trace of insecurity in his voice, makes Jimin pause. "Jungkookie, hey. Do you kill people?"

Jungkook's eyes widen, fingers freezing in the process of buttoning his shirt up. "No, of course not."

"Do you go out hurting people?"

"No. There are— Namjoonie-hyung and Yoongi-hyung have connections, ways to get blood bags. That's how I eat."

Jimin cups Jungkook's face between his hands, smiling softly. "And that's why I'm taking the news so well. I know you, and even if you've grown up, even if you've faced some hard things, you're not a bad person."

Jungkook blinks, eyes shining a little brighter with unshed tears. Something warm twists in Jimin's chest. He may have forgotten some things, but this comes back to him easily — comforting Jungkook, reassuring him, wanting to take care of him.

"Jimin. Thank you."

"I know you won't be in the city long, but just. Please take care of yourself," Jimin says, leaning down to press a firmer kiss against Jungkook's mouth.



Jungkook refuses to spend the night, so Jimin sends him home with a few more kisses and a promise that they'll see each other again soon. Jungkook stops at the bakery during a couple of Jimin's shifts during the week, just to smile and flirt and buy Yoongi coffee (his caffeine addiction is worth the stomachache of drinking something other than blood, apparently), and Jimin can't get enough of Jungkook.

"So you know," Seokjin says when they're closing one night, leaning against the counter after he's finished counting the money.


"That Jungkook is a vampire."

"Oh." Jimin's eyes widen in surprise. "You knew?"

"I've dated a few vampires in the past," Seokjin says, and doesn't elaborate. Jimin mouths, A few? to himself. "When you see one you just kind of know. Like how they're unbelievably good-looking, for one."

Jimin snorts. "Jin-hyung, are you trying to tell me you're a vampire too?"

Seokjin rolls his eyes. "You've seen me eat way too much sugar for someone who's supposed to be on a diet of only blood. Just be careful, okay? I can tell he means a lot to you."

"Ah, hyung, it's." Jimin pauses, stomach twisting. "I know how serious it is, I'll be careful. It's just... he's my Jungkookie."

Seokjin's whole face softens, then, and he smiles. "I know. And you're his Jiminie~ if the way he looks at you is anything to go by."

Jimin reaches out to smack Seokjin's arm, laughing when he dodges it. "Don't tease!"

"Oh, Jimin-ah," Seokjin says in a grave voice, "you haven't seen anything of my teasing yet. Do you know how many vampire puns I have stored up?"

Jimin groans.



They start planning the next time they can hang out at Jimin's apartment again. Jimin is looking forward to it all day — both for horny and not-horny reasons — so his heart drops when Jungkook calls and tells Jimin he can't come over.

"Just not tonight, I'm sorry. We can reschedule, though."

"Why not tonight?" Jimin asks, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice, mindful that Jungkook wouldn't call off for no reason when he's been looking forward to spending more time together as much as Jimin has been.

"I haven't been able to feed in a couple of days," Jungkook admits in a rough voice. "I... I need more blood than older vampires do, but there's been an issue with Yoongi's supplier, so he's. He's having someone come over instead, someone who doesn't mind me drinking from them."

"No," Jimin blurts out, because the thought of Jungkook with someone else, touching them, putting his mouth on them... Jimin can't help it, his stomach twists with jealousy.


"I'll do it." Once he says it, Jimin realizes how much he means it. "I'll come over, you can drink from me."

"No, are you crazy?" Jungkook sounds angry now. "I can't hurt you. I won't."

"But you can hurt someone else?"

Jungkook makes a frustrated little noise. "Jimin-hyung, it's not that simple..."

"Just listen to me for a second, please? I know you feel like you have to protect me, but I can handle if it hurts. Giving blood hurts. Getting a tattoo hurts. And neither of those things mean as much to me as you do. Maybe it'll hurt, but—but it's intimate, too, isn't it? And I want that. I want that with you so badly. To take care of you, and, you know." Jimin's voice comes out a lot softer, embarrassed. "To have a part of me inside you."

"Jimin," Jungkook breathes out, voice low in Jimin's ear. "You know you don't have to, right? I wasn't going to ask. I would never ask."

"I want to. Jungkook-ah, don't be stupid, I've been thinking about it since you first told me you were a vampire. I mean, if we're being completely honest, I've been thinking about you being rough with me since that very first night I saw you again."


Jimin lifts a hand to press to his cheek, so warm under his own palm from his blush. He's not used to being this upfront, but if confessing to all his kinky desires will convince Jungkook he isn't delicate, then Jimin will just have to take one for the team. "Yeah, so."

"Okay. If you're sure... I'll talk to Yoongi-hyung and then text you, okay? Fuck, it's. It's going to be so hard to not get a boner drinking from you."

Jimin bursts into giggles. "Jungkook-ah!"

"What? It's the truth!"

"Ah, I hope your Yoongi-hyung isn't scarred too easily."

Jungkook snickers. "He's at least a couple hundred years old, so probably not."

"Fuck," Jimin says.

"Yeah, tell me about it."

Jimin licks his lips, and then says, "Talk to him and get back to me quickly, okay? I'll have something to eat myself, but—but I can be right over. I don't want you to be hungry for long, if hyung can take care of you, Jungkookie."

"Okay," Jungkook says, and Jimin imagines he sounds calmer, voice a little sweeter. "Can't wait to see you."

"Yeah," Jimin agrees, stomach in knots. Some of it nerves, but mostly excitement, and heated anticipation. "Yeah, I can't wait to see you too."



Yoongi does agree, under the condition he plays chaperone, which Jimin and Jungkook readily agree to. 

"I'll be in the kitchen," he gestures to the bar stools set up along the counter that separates the kitchen from the living room area, "monitoring Jimin's heartbeat, so that way you have, ah, a little bit of privacy."

"You can hear it from that far away?" Jimin asks, eyes wide and curious.

"Technically I could hear it from a lot farther, but from there I have a better sense of your safety, and I can intervene quickly if I need to."

"Thank you, hyung," Jungkook mumbles. He's been quiet and clingy since Jimin arrived, which Jimin assumes is just because he's hungry, if the way his fingernails dig into his own palms is any indication. He nuzzled his face straight into Jimin's neck when they hugged, and when Yoongi tugged him away Jimin caught a glimpse of fang.

Jimin surprises himself with how much he doesn't mind it. If anything, he's more fascinated than afraid, aware that Jungkook is a dangerous supernatural being and still wanting to see every side of him, to get to know this Jungkook as well. If Yoongi thinks Jimin is naive for trusting Jungkook that much, he at least doesn't show it.

Once Yoongi has everything prepared — towels on the couch, first aid supplies even though Jungkook explained he can heal the bites, even snacks if Jimin is feeling dizzy — he gives the back of Jungkook's neck a squeeze and takes his spot on a stool, facing them, but with his phone in his hand.

"It's a little bit weird that he's watching," Jimin whispers as he shifts closer to Jungkook on the couch, and Jungkook laughs.

"You don't have to bother whispering, he can hear everything, remember?" Yoongi clears his throat, and Jungkook's face scrunches a bit. "Just try to focus on me and not think about it." Jungkook's voice is already rough, and Jimin meets his gaze, sees the tinge of red and the hint of sharp fang and shudders at how much he wants it.

Jungkook's pupils dilate. "Jimin."

"How do you want me?"

"Just lean back against the couch, like this." Jungkook pushes gently at Jimin's chest until he sits back, and he catches Jungkook's eyes staring intently at his neck again. It was probably a little mean of him, to wear a shirt with such a wide neckline, but he figured Jungkook would appreciate the easy access, figured there'd be less of a chance of getting blood on his clothes.

"Slowly," Yoongi reminds him. Jungkook nods above Jimin without looking away, leaning closer over his body until his face is close enough for Jimin to feel the cool puffs of breath on his skin.

Jungkook pets his fingers through Jimin's hair, tucking it slightly behind his ear so it's away from his neck, even though Jimin's hair isn't as long as Jungkook's. His nose lightly skims the side of Jimin's neck, and he says, "If you say stop, I'll stop."

"I know. I trust you."

Jungkook licks wet at the spot he plans to bite, and then buries a growl against the soft skin of Jimin's neck. "Fuck, you smell so good."

"I know you're hungry," Jimin says in a voice he hopes is soothing, and not noticeably shaky with nerves. He reaches up to stroke his hands over Jungkook's back, to loosely drape his arms over Jungkook's shoulders. He likes this position, the way Jungkook's broad body covers his, crowding him against the couch. Jimin tilts his head, baring more of his neck for Jungkook. "It's okay, Jungkook. I want you to."

There's another lick, and then Jimin gasps at the sudden sharp prick of Jungkook's fangs, the sting as they sink into his neck only to draw back, leaving a dull burn behind.

Jimin buries one hand in Jungkook's hair, leaves the other curled tightly around his shoulder, and his mouth drops open with a soft moan when Jungkook fits his lips over Jimin's neck and starts to drink.

Intense is the first word that comes to Jimin's mind. The pain fades to a dull throb quickly but the pleasure that replaces it is— confusing, wild and new. It surges through him with each suck, tightens hot in his belly when Jungkook licks at the bite and Jimin can hear his loud panting right by his ear, can hear it when Jungkook gulps.

It lights up something wickedly hot inside him, knowing Jungkook is feeding from him, hearing the vampire's noises of pleasure as he drinks. It ends too soon, Jungkook lapping carefully at the wound, tongue dragging wet over such a tender spot that Jimin can't help his own moan. He's hard, of course he is, but he's pretty sure Jungkook is too.

"The way you taste," Jungkook pants. "So good, better than anything, Jiminie—"

"Jimin-ah, how are you feeling?" Yoongi asks from behind the couch, and Jimin forces his eyes open, blushing warmly under Yoongi's careful stare. He knows that was Jungkook's intention, but he sort of forgot they were being watched.

"Good," Jimin says, fingers tightening in Jungkook's hair in embarrassment when Jungkook kisses at his throat right in front of Yoongi. "I don't feel dizzy or anything, just. Ah, it's throbbing a little, that's it."

"That's good, I don't think he took much. Ah, he really is so careful with you, I can't deny that," Yoongi says with a soft, knowing smile. "Jungkook-ah, I'll give you privacy now, but I'll still keep an ear out, okay? Be careful not to stand up too fast, Jimin."

"Thanks, Yoongi-hyung," they both say at the same time, and then turn to each other and laugh. Yoongi laughs too, the most animation Jimin has seen on his calm face yet.

"Yah, you two are really like this? No wonder you're such a match. You're lucky to have him as your first, Jungkook-ah."

Yoongi disappears down the hallway, presumably to go to his own room, and Jimin tries to catch Jungkook's eyes.

"First? What did he mean, first?"

"Huh? Oh, you're the first human I've drank from directly," Jungkook admits. His look is almost pleading when he asks, "You're not upset I didn't tell you, are you? I promise I knew what I was doing."

"No, I'm not— I told you I trust you, I meant it. I'm upset that you almost let some other human be your first instead, though," Jimin mutters, and is met with a snort of exasperation, an apologetic nuzzle at the front of his throat.

"But they weren't. You were. Are you really okay?"

Jimin nods, even arches up from the couch in a moment of shamelessness so Jungkook can feel how hard he is. Jungkook hisses and grabs at Jimin's hip. "I didn't mind the bite, especially not when you started drinking. It, ah, it felt so intense, so good." Jimin tries to pull Jungkook's body down closer, sinks his teeth into his own bottom lip. "I have a confession."

Jungkook seems to have trouble taking his gaze away from Jimin's mouth. "What is it?"

"I got myself ready before I came over."

Jimin is glad Jungkook isn't that innocent, because his stare darkens at those words. "Ready?"

"Please tell me you'll fuck me," Jimin whispers, even though Yoongi can probably still hear them. Oh well. "I've been thinking about it since the first fucking minute you walked into that bakery, Jungkook-ah."

"Hyung," Jungkook chokes out. "That's so kinky, what the fuck."


Jungkook doesn't tease him, and Jimin could cry at how glad he is for that. He helps Jimin out of his shirt and jeans, and Jimin flushes at the almost-feral noise Jungkook makes at the sight of Jimin's cock straining above his belly, the base of the plug that sits between his cheeks.

It's strange and exciting, being completely bare for Jungkook like this, neck still aching from his bite. Jimin absently touches the side of his neck and Jungkook looks up in surprise at the moan that escapes Jimin's lips.

"Does it hurt?" Jungkook asks, frowning, and Jimin quickly shakes his head.

"No. Kind of the opposite, it—it feels good," Jimin breathes out.

Jungkook ducks his head to try and hide his snarl but Jimin sees it, clenches down around the plug and grabs for Jungkook's hand, bringing it to his chest. A hot thrill rushes through him at how big Jungkook's hand is in comparison to his own.

"You don't have to hide from me, okay? Do I seem scared or in pain?"

Jungkook shakes his head.

"Good. Trust me, and know that nothing about this isn't hot to me." Feeling bold, suddenly, Jimin guides Jungkook's hand down his chest, his flat stomach, and presses at Jungkook's fingers until they curl around Jimin's cock. "This is what you do to me, Jungkookie."

Jungkook's eyes are wide, lips parted as he strokes his hand up and down, as Jimin arches his back and moans, squeezes around the plug again.

"Please, let's get you naked too."

Jimin helps Jungkook out of his clothes, has an easier time because he's in more comfortable clothes than Jimin was. Jungkook laughs, suddenly, fangs and all. "I still can't believe this. That I found you again and—and you're so gorgeous, so perfect. I wouldn't even let myself dream something like this."

Jimin swallows at the sight of Jungkook's broad chest and slender waist, the dark tattoos from his wrist to his shoulder, all the muscle and smooth skin. He swallows, because his mouth is suddenly full of saliva from how good Jungkook looks, and how much Jimin wants him.

"Hey, don't go getting all sentimental, that's my job, okay?"

Jungkook laughs again, but something in his eyes glitters, like he knows Jimin is devouring the sight of him shirtless. "Haven't we both kind of always been cry babies?"

"Ah, quiet, don't ruin the mood." As if he could, when Jimin is still so turned on it aches. And seeing Jungkook naked, seeing his muscular thighs and thick cock, is really not helping. "Jungkook-ah," Jimin says, squeezing at Jungkook's bicep and flushing at how his fingers barely curl around half of it. "You've grown so much."

Jungkook grabs Jimin by the hips and pushes him down until he's laying length-wise on the couch, still on the conveniently placed towels, blinking up at Jungkook with what he knows must be a very horny look.

"Do you need it— wetter?" Jungkook asks, a little awkwardly, fingers playing with the base of the plug. Jimin gasps, the sound almost like laughter at the endearing way Jungkook asks, and he gestures to the bag he brought over with him.

"In the front pocket there, I have lube. But I don't need much." He stares at the way Jungkook's cock bobs when he moves, and when Jungkook is back on the couch, Jimin says in a softer voice. "Or maybe, ah, a lot wouldn't hurt."

Jungkook gives him another one of those smirks that ties his stomach into knots. "Like what you see?"

Jimin groans. "No one actually says that—"

"I think you do. Like what you see. I wouldn't be this hard if you didn't taste so good, if you didn't start squirming and making all those little noises while I was drinking from you."

Heat floods Jimin's face and he lifts his hands, covering his warm cheeks, even as Jungkook pushes at his legs until his knees are bent. "Jungkook-ah."

"Jimin-ah," Jungkook replies, pulling slowly at the plug so that Jimin feels every inch of it on the way out.

Jungkook fingers him, starting with two and working up to three, and watches Jimin's face the entire time. He rubs until he gets Jimin to gasp, adds more lube until it's embarrassingly loud and wet, and then he's lining himself up, eyes wild with heat when Jimin reaches down to grip his own cock.

"Go on," Jimin says softly, licking his lips. 

And Jungkook does. Blunt pressure and then the stretch, the way Jungkook slowly fills him, thick and hot and just— bigger, so much bigger, both his size and the presence of him above Jimin, muscles straining, gaze wild and hungry.

"Fuck," Jungkook swears, and Jimin tries to keep his eyes open, to see Jungkook's handsome face scrunch at the pleasure of being buried inside him, but it's too much. Too much to try to focus on anything except the way Jungkook's cock sinks inside, filling him until his hips still, breath coming out in quick pants. "Fuck, you're so tight."

"Maybe you're just really big," Jimin gasps, and Jungkook's groan sounds absolutely wrecked when Jimin laughs, aware that he squeezes hard around Jungkook's cock when he does. Jimin lets go of his own cock, instead reaching out for Jungkook's arms, bracing himself. "Fuck me, please. Don't be gentle."

Jungkook is thrusting slowly, getting them both used to the stretch, but the drag is more of a wicked tease for Jimin. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, yes, please," Jimin begs. "If it's too much, I'll tell you. But I want it hard."

"You like pain that much?" Jungkook asks, probably a genuine question, but oh, his voice sounds a little mean. Jimin shivers, toes curling.

"Not pain, just— hard. I don't want to think."

"Okay," Jungkook says, and then he's lowering his body over Jimin's until he's panting above him, the necklace Jimin gave him dangling so the pendant brushes Jimin's skin. 

Jimin wraps his legs around Jungkook's waist and gasps when he starts to thrust, starts to really fuck Jimin the rough way he wants. His hips snap forward sharply, his cock stays deep, and heat washes through Jimin's whole body from it, strains towards the pleasure of feeling so used.

"Ahh, ah," Jimin moans, turning his head, feeling a stretch at the tender skin where he was bit. He knew he was already close before they even started, but like this, Jungkook fucking him so fast and hard, Jimin knows he won't last much longer.

"That's it," Jungkook snarls, mouth open over the base of Jimin's throat. "Listen to you. You like how my big cock fills you, Jimin?"

Jimin nods, bites at his lip so hard he tastes blood. Jungkook's hips still, suddenly, and Jimin's stomach drops.

"You—" Jungkook doesn't finish. His eyes are glowing, feral, and his fangs are out. Maybe have been out this whole time.

Jimin briefly thinks, Yoongi please don't scold us, and drags Jungkook's head down with a hand around the back of his neck, meeting his lips in a hard kiss.

Jungkook immediately sucks at Jimin's lip, moaning at the taste of blood as he grinds his hips forward. Jimin expects another bite, even anticipates it, but Jungkook just heals the stinging cut on his lip, kisses Jimin's jaw, kisses down to his neck.

"Again," Jimin says wildly, lost to the pleasure, the building need. "Bite me again. Jungkook, please, you don't have to take much, just—"

Jimin is expecting to have to do more begging, more convincing, but he doesn't have to. Jungkook sinks his fangs in very close to the spot he bit before, and Jimin cries out and starts to come.

Jungkook's words echo in his head, You like pain that much?

Jimin guesses that answers that question.

He tightens up around Jungkook's cock just as Jungkook draws his fangs out, Jimin's cock spurting between them when Jungkook starts to suck. The warm pull at the blood in his veins tangles up with the rushing pleasure of his orgasm and Jimin feels like he just keeps coming, hips jerking with each suck. Jungkook licks the bite closed so soon this time and Jimin whimpers, clings to Jungkook's shoulders and still squeezes desperately around his cock.

"Jimin," Jungkook says in a low voice, hips snapping forward again with a new kind of urgency. Jimin's nails dig into Jungkook's skin, the heat in his belly turning sharp, but not unbearable. "You taste so good, I can taste how much you like this."

Jimin moans, tears stinging his eyes from the overwhelming pleasure. "Please."

"Fuck, you're so, ah—" Jungkook cuts off with a groan, burying his face against Jimin's throat and coming with a few final hard thrusts, stilling as he spills inside Jimin.

Jimin can't imagine how loud his pulse is for Jungkook and Yoongi right now, because it's loud in his own ears too. His neck and his ass and his cock throb, and Jimin feels so completely satisfied, sliding his hands between them to push at Jungkook's chest.

(God, his chest is so firm.)

"Heavy," Jimin complains, and Jungkook reluctantly lifts his weight off of Jimin's body and keeps trailing kisses over his throat, across his collarbone, down his chest. Jimin sighs and shivers when Jungkook's hand gently brushes the large tattoo at Jimin's side, when his lips close over a nipple. "Wait, your fangs aren't—"

Jungkook shakes his head, long hair tickling Jimin's skin as he does. On a whim, Jimin grabs a handful of Jungkook's hair and holds it back, picturing him with a ponytail and biting his lip at how hot that would be.

"Fangs are gone, I'm really not hungry anymore. The first time I, ah, took less than I should. Just in case."

Jimin lets go of Jungkook's hair and trails his fingers down to the necklace, smiling softly. "Your self-control is that good?"

"More like my desire to not hurt you. Unless." Jungkook swallows, and his eyes flash red for a moment. "Unless you want to be hurt."

"Fuck," Jimin gasps, cock twitching. "Don't say that. Ah, I think the shame is starting to settle in."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of." Jungkook says it so seriously, so earnestly, that Jimin can't help but smile.

"I think Yoongi-hyung might disagree. But—But I don't regret this. I don't regret doing this with you."

"Thank you," Jungkook says, nuzzling his round nose across Jimin's. Jimin can feel his face scrunch up, and watches Jungkook's face scrunch in turn. Up close like this, the sight is awfully cute. "I was talking to Yoongi-hyung earlier about, um. About maybe staying."

Jimin's heart seems to leap in his chest. "Wait, really?"

"Yeah. There are schools I can apply to, or internships I can try for. I just. I want to be close to you. After so long apart, after everything that happened to me this year... You've been the one stable thing to get me through it, even before I found you. And I don't want to lose you again too."

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin says, vision suddenly blurring with tears. He pounds a small fist lightly on Jungkook's chest, says, "You can't be this sweet while you still have your big dick in me, what's wrong with you?"

"Oh, oh god," Jungkook mutters, staring down between them, slowly drawing his hips back. The feeling is weird and empty and gross and Jimin throws his head back laughs, laughing even harder when Jungkook pats over his hole with the towel.

"What are you—"

"You're leaking," Jungkook says, cheeks pink somehow. Not that Jimin is complaining, when his blush is so cute.

"Come kiss me, don't worry about that. You don't have to stay if it's not what you want, okay? We can talk."

"It is what I want," Jungkook tells him, and Jimin wants to trace Jungkook's eyebrow with his thumb, wants to bite the tip of his nose and memorize the way his cupid's bow feels pressed against Jimin's mouth. 

Jimin is stupid in love with Jungkook, vampire or not, and from the desperate way Jungkook kisses him, Jimin hopes it's the same for him too.

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Hoseok's phone alarm wakes them both up at 7 a.m., which is just kind of awful. It's an accident, of course — they have the day off but Hoseok forgot to disable his alarm, so he apologizes to Yoongi in a sleepy mumble, turns off the alarm with muscle memory and squints his eyes open just in time to see Yoongi lifting his head from the bed, face scrunched, dark hair flat on one side.

Holy fuck, he is so cute.

"Hyung," Hoseok says in a sleep-rough voice, turning on his side and watching the sheet slip off of Yoongi's bare shoulder as he stretches, muscle shifting under skin. "Sorry."

"Mmm, 's fine," Yoongi grits out. His voice is rough too, and the way he says, "Hob-ah," sends a shiver down Hoseok's spine.



Yoongi can be shy about cuddling during the day — unless it's one of the maknae and then they usually don't give him a choice — but in the morning like this he's clingy for heat and comfort, stretching his legs out even as he wraps his arms around Hoseok. "Early?"

"Yeah, like." Hoseok clears his throat. "Seven."

"Oh. Shit."

Hoseok's laugh is soft. "Just go back to sleep."

"No, I'm up now, 's fine." He squeezes around Hoseok's waist a little tighter, and Hoseok wonders if Yoongi is just staying up for his sake. They've shared a bed enough times now for Yoongi to be aware that once Hoseok is up, he has a hard time falling back asleep. "Sorry about last night."


"Falling asleep before, you know."

Oh. There's a warm tug in Hoseok's belly, a smile working its way into his voice. "Don't apologize for that, we were both tired. At least we didn't start anything and fall asleep in the middle of it." Hoseok laughs a little, then, at the memory of the time they literally fell asleep with their hands in each other's pants. He's just glad no one walked in on them, they would have never lived it down.

"Still," Yoongi rumbles, pressing a kiss high on Hoseok's cheek. "We're up now, right?"

"Oh?" Their legs are tangled together but Hoseok shifts closer until their lower bodies are touching too, until his morning wood is skimming across Yoongi's hip.

"Oh, you're already—" Yoongi's gravelly voice is tinged with surprise, and Hoseok feels himself blush for whatever reason, as if he's been caught doing something naughty. Being too eager, maybe. "Huh."

Hoseok hums. "We don't have to."

"No, I." Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath, gently rolls them over until he's bracing an arm on the mattress, holding himself above Hoseok. Like this, Hoseok can see his bare chest, the shadow lower down of his stomach and cock, and Hoseok just. Wants. "I like that you are. I have an idea, since we're not in a rush."

"Okay," Hoseok says, stomach already tightening with excitement. Yoongi having ideas is rarely a disappointing experience.

"I don't want you to come."

Hoseok frowns. Pouts, even.

He changes his mind, Yoongi's ideas suck.

"Yah, don't pout at me, I wasn't finished. I want you to hold out as long as you can. I want to drag it out for you."

His voice is barely more than a whisper, and Hoseok is already a little enthralled by it. "Oh, like edging. Just because? I get to come eventually, right?"

Yoongi smiles. "Yes, you get to come eventually. And I don't know, it just struck me as really hot. You, ah, when you get desperate." At this, Yoongi stutters over his words, can't quite meet Hoseok's eyes. Is he shy? "Your reactions are really hot, the way you move and try to hold back your noises and just, you get so into it? I love watching you like that."

"We can do that. I don't know if I'll like it. Can we— Can we use the safeword? Red, if it's too much? I might tell you I need to come but, you know, want you to keep going."

"Yeah, we can use safewords, that's a good idea." Yoongi's eyes are brighter now, and he might even be getting hard between their bellies. "Are fingers okay?"

"Please," Hoseok says, face heating when he says it, but in a way that doesn't bother him. Already being naked with Yoongi takes away most of the embarrassment, and the slow-building arousal makes it easier to ask for things too, to not be embarrassed by what he wants and how much he wants it.

Yoongi reluctantly moves off of Hoseok to reach into the bedside table drawer for the lube, taking the blanket around his shoulders with him, and Hoseok laughs, tilting his head back on a pillow. "Hyung. I don't know if I can handle watching you suck my dick while wearing a blanket cape."

"Wow," Yoongi says, and then, "You seem very sure I'm going to suck your dick."

"You looked down at it and licked your lips."

Yoongi clears his throat. "Yeah, well." He doesn't say anything else, and Hoseok laughs, pulling him back in close enough to kiss him softly.

It's not the most exciting kiss, with morning breath and everything, but it's still good. Hoseok loves the feeling of Yoongi's lips against his, the easy way they trade kisses until they're both trying to deepen them, chasing each other's lips, sucking and dragging.

Yoongi's hand sneaks between them and Hoseok inhales sharply when there are suddenly fingers wrapping around his cock, jerking him off loosely.

"I already want to come," Hoseok laughs against Yoongi's mouth, the sound cutting off with a gasp when Yoongi rubs just under the sensitive head of his cock, squeezes his fist on the downstroke. Hoseok isn't small — he's happily average, thank you — but Yoongi's hands still feel so large on him.

"Your job," Yoongi tells him after breaking the kiss, voice low, eyes heavy, "is to tell me if you're about to come. Okay?"

Hoseok nods. "Okay."

"Good boy," Yoongi says, pecking one more kiss to Hoseok's lips. Hoseok means to make a face, because being called good boy isn't really a thing for him, but then Yoongi is shrugging off the blanket, naked and broad-shouldered, smooth skin and pink nipples and a heated look before he settles between Hoseok's legs.

It's a successful distraction.

Hoseok swallows and lets his legs drop open. He's expecting the heat of Yoongi's mouth but instead gets nails dragging lightly over his belly, gets a heated kiss on his hip, gets the sinfully pleasant sensation of fingers digging into the soft flesh of his thighs. Yoongi plays with him like this, teasing and touching anywhere but his cock, until Hoseok whines.


"You know what." Hoseok doesn't pout, but he wants to. Wonders if it would even work on Yoongi in this situation, or maybe just make him meaner.

"You want my mouth already, Hob-ah? You just have to ask."

Hoseok swallows another whine and says, "Please. Please will you suck my cock, hyung?"

Yoongi's whole look is very pleased just before he lowers his head and takes Hoseok's cock into his mouth.

Hoseok's toes curl instantly, and he rolls his hips a little too with the wet heat of Yoongi's mouth, the tightening pleasure of Yoongi sucking him, swallowing around him. "Mm, ah," Hoseok moans softly, a shudder running through him at the first touch of a lube-slick finger stroking between his cheeks.

Yoongi sucks cock like he has all the time in the world, like he's a level of pro where his jaw never gets tired or stiff, and Hoseok is never any less impressed by it. Yoongi takes Hoseok into his throat and pulls off seconds later with a gasp, soft lips dragging up the side before his mouth sinks back over Hoseok's cock.

It feels so good. Yoongi slowly pushes one finger inside and Hoseok's stomach clenches, his hips twist and lift like he can't keep still. It's a little different like this, too, when he's still lazy from sleep, gets the urge to slide his hand up his own chest and just does it, catching Yoongi's eyes when he notices the movement of Hoseok touching himself.

Yoongi pulls off, coughing. His voice is noticeably rougher when he asks, "Close?"

Hoseok squeezes around Yoongi's finger, his own fingers teasing one of his nipples. He is not usually this shameless, but he likes Yoongi's attention. "Kind of. Just felt really good. Give me more fingers, please?"

Yoongi answers him with soft lips sucking around the head of Hoseok's cock and two fingers pressing at his hole, carefully stretching him, filling him as Hoseok tips his head back and groans. Yoongi keeps the attention on his cock light, teasing, but the fingers inside stroke deep, rub up in a way that has heat pouring down Hoseok's spine, his balls drawing up tight.

He should ask Yoongi to stop soon, but he doesn't want to. Pre-come beads at the tip of his cock and Yoongi licks him and drags his fingers inside and Hoseok thinks, Please keep going, please.

Yoongi stops after a whimper leaves Hoseok's lips, fingers sliding out, mouth leaving his cock wet where it strains above his stomach. "Close?"

Hoseok takes a deep breath and nods. His cock aches, not right on the edge of orgasm but still turned on enough it was starting to tighten up in his stomach, the heat climbing.

"Good boy," Yoongi says, and Hoseok still isn't entirely on board with that phrase, although that doesn't stop it from making him flush, pleased. "Three okay now?"

"Yeah." Hoseok lays back and tilts his ass a little higher, watching his cock twitch sadly, neglected, when Yoongi works in three fingers. It's a stretch, taking that much, but Yoongi is careful about it, starts to rub right away so Hoseok can't even think about getting soft, not with the fullness and the stimulation over his prostate, the heat that spreads through his groin.

Hoseok leaks more pre-come and rocks his hips with Yoongi's fingers, catches Yoongi's focused gaze a couple of times and always smiles, blushes, lets the heat wash through him. Like this, it's harder to tell if he's close to orgasm or the pressure is just especially intense, but he still moans softly and says, "Close, close."

Yoongi pulls his fingers out. Hoseok whines, needy, and grabs at the bedding so he isn't tempted to grab for his cock.

"Hoseokie," Yoongi says, voice gentle. "Can you handle my cock now?"

"Oh," Hoseok says, and then, "yeah, yes, you can. You can put it in."

Yoongi's smile is unexpectedly bright, and Hoseok's chest warms at the sight of it. "Alright, I'll put it in."

"Don't laugh at me! Ah, hyung, I already want to come." Hoseok likes whining at Yoongi like this, thinks he's probably taking advantage of Yoongi's soft spot for him a little too much, but doesn't care. Yoongi indulges him, gives his cock loose strokes as he lines up and starts to press inside, distracting Hoseok from the burn of the stretch.

"Hob-ah," Yoongi chokes out, and when Hoseok looks up, Yoongi is smiling again. "You have to let me in. You're really tight, just relax a little, eh?"

"Okay, okay," Hoseok pants. He focuses on the pleasure of Yoongi's hand, on the hot drag inside, the way it feels to be so completely full of Yoongi's cock like this. He shudders and thinks he's leaking pre-come again when Yoongi starts to thrust, slow and deep, letting go of Hoseok's cock altogether.

Hoseok moans and then huffs out a laugh, head dropping back. He feels more sensitive than usual, even if Yoongi barely edged him, like maybe just the anticipation is making the arousal more intense, making it build up faster.

"Still feel good?" Yoongi asks, and Hoseok nods, whines behind his lips when Yoongi starts to jerk him off.

"Close," Hoseok gasps out sooner than he wants to, but with Yoongi's steady thrusts and his tight grip, the pleasure tightens so quickly, hot and greedy.

Yoongi lets go of his cock and leans over his body, and Hoseok grabs for Yoongi's shoulders, fingers digging in sharply. Yoongi ducks his head to kiss Hoseok's chest, starts to grind his hips forward deeply, keeps Hoseok stretched on his cock.

"Hyung," Hoseok says, surprised by the roughness of his own voice. Has he been moaning that much? "Harder."

Yoongi makes a soft noise, and if it wasn't for his heavy breathing, Hoseok wouldn't believe Yoongi was currently fucking him from how calm he is. "You're sure?"

"Yeah, don't jerk me off, just— harder, please."

"Okay," Yoongi says, lifting Hoseok's legs until they wrap around his waist, letting him kneel closer between his thighs. "Trying to make me come before you do?"

"You better not," Hoseok grits out, and Yoongi laughs.

He doesn't tease, doesn't work his way up to a rougher pace like he might some other night. He thrusts hard, hips snapping forward, jolting Hoseok's body on the bed. Heat washes through Hoseok with each thrust, and when Yoongi starts to jerk him off he clenches up, gasping.

"Close," Hoseok says after just a couple of seconds, the pleasure right there, tight in his belly, pulsing in his cock.

Yoongi lets go but his thrusts don't still. He fucks into Hoseok, grabs at his hips and even pulls Hoseok back on his cock with a strength that makes Hoseok feel dizzy, small, like Yoongi isn't letting him come because this is about Yoongi's pleasure instead. Hoseok turns his face into his arm and moans, feels that heavy pressure throbbing low in his gut and has to say, "Hyung, fuck, close."

This time, Yoongi does still his hips. He's panting, eyes a little wild, his pale skin flushed. "Yeah?"

Hoseok nods. Yoongi twists his hips a little, grinds his cock into Hoseok, and a shiver runs through him. "Please."

"Please what, Hoseok? More? Do you want to come now?"

Hoseok bites at his lip. How can he answer that? He feels like the lightest touch could make him come now, but there's that wild little urge to push himself too, even if being left at the edge is as much frustration as it is pleasure.

"One more," Hoseok says, hissing when Yoongi touches his cock. "It's— not going to be long."

"Hey, that's okay, you did so well. One more, and when hyung starts again after that you can come, okay?"

Hoseok nods. He's sweating, can feel it at his hairline and the backs of his thighs. He wonders how red he looks to Yoongi, if it's anywhere near as flushed dark as his cock is right now.

Yoongi squeezes his fingers around Hoseok's cock and fucks into him hard, the heat tightening up fast as if Hoseok never left the edge. He grabs at the sheets and braces himself as it climbs and finally, when it really feels like he's about to come, he gasps, "Close, close."

Yoongi stops. Hoseok wonders if this is edging for him too, in a way. He chokes out a laugh at the thought, and imagines Yoongi must think he's losing his mind.

"Hob-ah, baby, come whenever you're ready, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." He's struck with the urge to laugh again but holds back, instead reaching for Yoongi's left hand to thread their fingers together.

Yoongi's face softens. "You're really fucking hot, by the way."

Hoseok smiles just before his face is scrunching up with pleasure, every muscle of his body tensing when Yoongi's right hand grips his cock, when he starts to move again.

The thrusts are angled perfectly, somehow, jolting that heavy feeling deep in his belly that has Hoseok groaning, his cock throbbing in Yoongi's grip. He squeezes Yoongi's hand with trembling fingers and clenches around his cock, finally doesn't try to stop the building heat, doesn't shy away from it.

"Fuck, fuck," Hoseok cries when he comes, his whole body tight with his orgasm as Yoongi works him through it, as he arches up from the bed and spills over his chest. It lasts so long before oversensitivity sets in, and Hoseok smiles and hums, blinking spots out of his vision when Yoongi squeezes his fingers and comes inside him a few moments later.

He feels worn out, after. Wrung out, honestly, body twitching and weak, his legs shaky as Yoongi pulls out. Hoseok groans as he tries to straighten his legs out, muscles sore.

"Probably should've used a condom," Yoongi mutters, grabbing some tissues, and Hoseok hides a giddy laugh behind his hand. Yoongi makes a half-assed attempt at cleaning between his legs, wiping the come off his chest, and it's— not romantic, really, but it feels nice. Safe, and normal. It makes Hoseok think of just how much he and Yoongi have shared at this point, just how much they take care of each other like it's second nature, and his chest is warm at the thought.

"You're only saying that because this is your bed."

"Well, yeah."

"Yoongi-hyung," Hoseok says, reaching out for him. "Come here."

Maybe there's something unintentionally needy in his voice or maybe Yoongi is just feeling soft, because he doesn't hesitate before moving up the bed, settling in at Hoseok's side and wrapping him up in a hug.

"How are you feeling?" Yoongi asks. His toes brush Hoseok's ankles and Hoseok hums and stretches, shivers in Yoongi's arms.

"Good. It wasn't too intense or anything, just. A lot of starting and stopping."

Yoongi huffs out a laugh against Hoseok's shoulder. "Yeah, I know. As long as you still enjoyed it."


"I enjoyed seeing you like that. Desperate, trying to hold out for me."

There's a low pulse of heat in Hoseok's belly and he groans, feels Yoongi's arms tighten around him. "It wasn't easy."

"Yeah, but you did it anyway." Yoongi lowers his voice to a whisper, says, "My good boy."

"Hyung," Hoseok chokes out, inexplicably blushing, even when he's still naked and sweaty and sore from Yoongi's cock. "When did this start? Why are you doing this now?"

Yoongi pulls back from the hug enough so Hoseok can see him pout. "You don't like it?"

"I don't... dislike it. It's just a little weird."

"Alright, I'll save it for another time." Yoongi doesn't seem particularly offended about it, anyway. He looks happy, that kind of warm, content happiness that makes him look younger, that comes from cuddling after good sex, especially after a stressful and busy week. "God, I want coffee now."

Hoseok laughs, hiding his face against Yoongi's neck. "I was just thinking how awake you look without it."


"Yes! Ah, hyung." Hoseok sighs, kissing his neck, noticing a little belatedly how nice Yoongi smells, despite the fact they haven't showered. "Let's get up, we can share a shower like old times."

"You say that like we didn't just share one a few weeks ago after sex," Yoongi says, letting Hoseok tug him up. Hoseok's legs are still a little wobbly, and the sweatpants he pulls on are definitely not his, but they'll do. "You want to talk about old times, try rushed handjobs in the bathroom late at night after Jungkook finally went to sleep."

Hoseok grins, and hope it looks as wicked as he intends it to. "Okay, then, you said it. Let's try that, c'mon." He grabs Yoongi's hand and tugs, and Yoongi clutches his t-shirt to his chest as he's led from the room, opening his mouth to complain, "Now wait just a minute—"

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Namjoon gifts Yoongi and Seokjin a little tree for their new apartment, which is such an endearingly Namjoon thing to do that they don't think twice about it. It fits nicely in front of a window and Seokjin gets used to watering it after starting Yoongi's coffee in the morning, and that's that.

(Hoseok gifts them a friendship photo album that actually makes Yoongi cry, which is wonderful. Taehyung and Jimin gift them a beginner's kit to bondage, which is hilarious and awful of them, because Yoongi and Seokjin are not dating. Sure, there have always been jokes in their friend group about the two of them getting married if they were still single by 30, but they were jokes. Absolutely just jokes. Seokjin is only 29! He's still in his prime! The world is his oyster! And Yoongi's not too bad-looking either.)

"I'm a catch," Seokjin says one day, standing next to Yoongi on a boat as they fish together. Yoongi makes a face.

"Hyung. Really? That was lazy."

"That wasn't a pun, I'm just stating a fact." Seokjin frowns. "You are too. You don't feel pressure to date, right?"

Yoongi does this shrugging thing with his shoulders that means he's bashful, and he pointedly keeps staring out at the water instead of meeting Seokjin's gaze. "Just date in general, or date each other?"

"Um. Both, I guess."

"Ah. Okay, no, not really. Are the jokes bothering you? We can talk to the others about them if they're making you uncomfortable."

Seokjin feels a little tug — almost definitely just a nibble — and then his fishing line goes slack again. "No, no, they're fine. I joke all the time too. Where would I be if I couldn't judge Jimin and Taehyung for the weird things they're into, or make fun of Jungkookie for his crush on Namjoon?"

Yoongi laughs. "Jin-hyung. Jungkook and Namjoon have been married for two years."

"Exactly. Why does Jungkookie still have a crush on him? It's embarrassing, someone has to make fun of him for it."

"So," Yoongi continues as if Seokjin wasn't just ranting about their happily married friends, "do you feel pressure to be in a relationship right now? You said you're a catch. "

"I am."

"You are," Yoongi agrees with a soft smile. "You didn't answer my question."

Seokjin gives up and starts to reel in his line — there hasn't been a nibble in a while, the bait is most definitely gone — and sighs. He likes talking to Yoongi a lot, but sometimes topics come up that make Seokjin think more than he'd like to. At least he'd rather be discussing them with Yoongi than with anyone else.

"It's not pressure, exactly. I mean, it is from my mother, of course, but that's an expected kind of pressure. It's more like... is it that strange, for us to be single and living together? We could date if we want to. We just aren't, at the moment."

Seokjin looks up from the end of his fishing line and is surprised that Yoongi is staring at him. "We could date?"

"Other people!" Seokjin says, laughing nervously. "That's what I meant, obviously."


Seokjin's stomach twists. Is that not the answer Yoongi wanted to hear? Did he say too much and weird Yoongi out? Is he regretting this conversation and realizing he should have just stuck with bad fish puns and avoided the topic altogether? (Yes.)

"Hyung, you just cast out a line without any bait on it."

Seokjin blinks, and then jerks his head and says, "Ah, Yoongichi, at some point you have to accept that you can't let the fish win in order to beat them at their own game."

Yoongi appears to think that over for a few seconds, and then says, "That doesn't make any sense."

"Hey, do you know where fish store their money—"

"Nope, we're not doing this," Yoongi says, but he's smiling even as he shuffles farther away from Seokjin on the boat.

"A river bank! That's where they store their money!"

"You're going to get us kicked off this boat!" Yoongi yells back, and Seokjin laughs, and then gasps when there's an actual tug on his line.

(It ends up just being grass, but Yoongi does manage to catch a fish before the end of the day, and Seokjin counts that as a team win.)



After being a member of their household for three weeks, the tree (which Taehyung named Oddish, and no one really disagreed with it, so now the tree is called Oddish) starts to look a little different. Not in the normal way, where it grows buds or flowers and more leaves, or starts to die because Seokjin hasn't been talking to it like he should, but... different.

"Why is our tree glowing?" Yoongi asks one day, and Seokjin's eyes widen.

"You see it too?"

"I mean, it's." Yoongi gestures to it. He just woke up, and his hair is kind of a mess with how it's sticking out in different directions. The sight is one Seokjin is familiar with, but that doesn't make it any less endearing. "It's literally glowing, what's not to see?"

"Do you think it's radioactive?" Seokjin asks.

"I... don't think so?" Yoongi says without enough to confidence to reassure Seokjin. "What did Namjoon say it was called again?"

"Oddish," Seokjin replies immediately.

"No, I meant what type of tree."

"Oh, he said he's not sure. That it was in the back of the garden center without a label but it just 'felt special.'"

"Maybe that was the radiation," Yoongi mumbles.

"Look, it's—" Seokjin reaches out to touch a leaf, the bark on the thin trunk, confirming that it all feels very normal for a tree. "It can't actually be radiation. Let's just leave it be—"

Yoongi groans.

"That wasn't an intentional pun! Leave me alone! Wait."

"Hyung," Yoongi says, laughing now. "I have to get ready for work, but you should text Namjoon about it if you have time. He knows a lot about trees, maybe he'll know."

"Okay, okay."



did you buy us a radioactive tree?

hyung what
what did you do to Oddish

we're worried Oddish is going to do something to us

please for the love of god explain

the tree you gave us is glowing

like... it's healthy and happy?

no like an actual pinkish glow
Yoongi noticed it too

did you feed it anything weird?

of course not
literally just sunlight and water
be honest Kim Namjoon
are we going to die

god I hope not
wait hold on
Jungkook wants to type something

yes Jungkookie?

you said a pink glow right
kind of warm and magical?

I mean I guess

ok ur not going to like this but
we came across this type of tree on our honeymoon
joonie hyung just said "oh no" out loud lmao

Jungkook please stay focused

idk why or how it exists but
being in proximity to it makes u like
SUPER horny
like it's all u can think abt...
and u just want to keep going again and again...
it's a fuck tree

a fuck tree

Jungkook makes it sound ridiculous yes but he's not lying

ah hello again Namjoon
a fuck tree, really?

I would suggest putting it outside just in case
or maybe locking it in a closet

I can't believe you're encouraging plant cruelty

I mean you don't have to take our word for it
but uh
we had a lot of sex that day hyung

okay well
do I need to remind you it was a gift from you in the first place

I really had no idea!!!
I mean I know you need a push to confess to Yoongi-hyung
but I wouldn't give you a fuck tree without your consent
that's crossing a line

goodbye Namjoon-ah this conversation is over

just please be careful!!



Seokjin tells Yoongi about Namjoon and Jungkook's theory, and feels an absolute rush of relief when Yoongi's face scrunches up in disbelief.

"Is that even possible? What, they're suggesting it's an aphrodisiac?"

"I don't know, but I haven't felt any different around this tree. Have you?"

Yoongi shakes his head. "It feels like a shame to put it out in the bad weather or hide it in a closet. How about we just— if something changes, then we'll deal with it, like obviously whatever happened to Namjoon and Jungkook couldn't have been too bad, right?"

"Right," Seokjin agrees, stomach giving a weird flip. It's absurd, of course, but the idea of just waiting to see if both of them are hit with intense sexual arousal is... a little weird. He hopes this is just a prank and any nervous anticipation will be for nothing.

"Cool. Okay, I'm going to make dinner now, you should just relax, okay?" Yoongi reaches over and squeezes at Seokjin's shoulder, rubs a bit when Seokjin's eyes flutter shut at the comforting touch. "I know you've been stressed out lately, just let me take care of it."

"Yoongi-yah," Seokjin groans softly, blinking his eyes back open to meet Yoongi's stare. "Thank you, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

It's supposed to come out as a joke, but somewhere between his brain and his mouth that intent gets lost, and it just ends up sounding genuine, his voice even a little raw with honesty. Yoongi blushes, and Seokjin's stomach clenches.

"Alright, well, I hope steak is good with you."

"No, I'm serious, marry me now," Seokjin says, this time his tone joking like it's supposed to be, and Yoongi laughs, waving Seokjin away when he tries to come into the kitchen to help.



The next morning, the tree is different.

Seokjin sits on the couch, sipping at some cold tea because he woke up thirstier than usual, just feeling kind of warm in general. He tugs at the collar of his t-shirt and waits for Yoongi to come out of his room. It's Saturday, so Yoongi sleeps in sometimes, but this morning he's up not even half an hour after Seokjin is.

"The fuck?" Yoongi asks, eyes widening. He looks a little flushed.

"It appears," Seokjin says, taking another sip of tea for dramatic effect, "our Oddish has evolved into a Vileplume."


The tree was about knee-height yesterday and now stands twice as tall, twice as leafy and full, still glowing brightly pink. There even seem to be little particles coming off it, but maybe the weirdness of the whole situation is making Seokjin hallucinate.

"We're going to put it outside now, right?"

"I'm a little afraid to touch it," Seokjin admits, watching Yoongi climb over the couch so he doesn't have to walk past the tree to get to the kitchen. He starts his coffee, and Seokjin feels a rush of affection at Yoongi's habit, even in the face of a mysterious and magical fuck tree.

"We can put on some of those plastic gloves we have for cooking, it'll be fine. Or, like, I hope it'll be fine. Did you turn the heat up?"

"I actually turned it down as soon as I woke up," Seokjin admits, trying to push down the building sense of dread.

"Oh. Weird. Okay, coffee can wait, let's get that thing out of here."



Thankfully it's still early enough on a Saturday that their neighbors aren't out to judge them for carrying a glowing tree down the elevator and abandoning it between two normal trees on the property, as if no one will notice the addition of the smaller, mystically pink tree.

"This whole experience has been very weird," Yoongi grumbles on their way up the elevator, and Seokjin hums in agreement. He's still feeling warm, his skin a little itchy like his pants are irritating him, which he hopes isn't a side effect of radiation. They really should have done more research before dismissing that theory.

They get back to the apartment, Yoongi finishes his coffee, and it's not until Seokjin undresses for his shower that he realizes he's rock hard.

Which— isn't really a problem, but usually his boners have reasons behind them. Like a good dream, or the rare porn clip that's actually hot, or Yoongi in the summer when he's a little pink and wearing shorts and a tank-top and eating ice cream the way some people give head, tongue flicking out obscenely and eyes closing in bliss.

Wait, forget that last one. 

Seokjin steps into the shower and jerks off quickly, thinking maybe he somehow willed himself to get a boner the way some people are so convinced they're sick they really do get sick.

He jerks off, but realizes as he's washing the shampoo out of his hair that he isn't going soft. He finishes showering but jerks off again before turning the water off, and this time the orgasm is a little less satisfying, maybe because he just fucking came ten minutes ago.

He dries off, and waits, and his erection doesn't go down. 

There's a knock on the bathroom door and Seokjin's head jerks up, his voice cracking when he asks, "Yoongi-yah, what is it?"

"Jin-hyung." Yoongi's voice sounds off too. Rougher than normal, which is quite the feat considering how low his speaking voice is. "You aren't, uh, feeling anything weird, are you?"

Seokjin swallows, wrapping a towel around his waist and wincing at the way his dick tents it out in front. "I just jerked off twice and I'm still hard."

Yoongi laughs, but there isn't much humor in it. "Wow, okay, fuck. Me too. I mean, I just jerked off once, but like. Yeah. What the fuck?"

"Indeed," Seokjin says. "What the fuck."

"Do you think Namjoon and Jungkook—"

"But we got rid of the fuck tree!" Seokjin groans. 

"Well it's possible we, like, breathed it in first. We don't actually know how it works, maybe it's more powerful now that it's outside."

"God, what are you saying," Seokjin says with a laugh. "Yoongi-yah. What should we do? Lock ourselves in our rooms? If Joonie and Kookie are fine now then obviously it'll go away on its own, like an accidental dose of Viagra or something."

Yoongi laughs too, but the sound is rougher, forced. "Yeah, staying in our rooms makes the most sense. Unless, like."

Seokjin's stomach drops. "Unless what?"

"Unless you want to try, like. Us helping each other out."

Oh, Seokjin was afraid he was going to say that. The knot in his stomach tightens, his cock twitching under the towel. "Yoongichi. Why are you suggesting this?"

Yoongi laughs that hollow-sounding laugh again. Seokjin wishes he wouldn't, because it makes his chest ache. "You really have to ask, hyung?"

Seokjin closes his eyes, steps forward to rest his forehead against the door. "I am asking, otherwise I'm going to assume you're forcing yourself to do this."

"Can I." There's a soft sound, like a shuddering breath. "Can I open the door?"

"I'm in a towel," Seokjin says, and then, "Yeah."

Yoongi pokes his head in, and Seokjin is immediately alarmed at how flushed he is. He does the respectful thing and doesn't let his gaze drop below Yoongi's chest, hoping Yoongi will give him the same courtesy, although if he doesn't, well, Seokjin did warn him.

"Are you okay? Do you have a fever? Wait, shit, the medicine is in here, hold on, hyung will grab it—"

"Stop," Yoongi says, touching Seokjin's wrist, and this time, at least, his smile is genuine. "No, I don't think it's a fever, at least not like that. It's just part of the whole, you know. Which is what I wanted to say." He sucks in a sharp breath, holds eye contact with Seokjin. "I'm not suggesting we help each other through this because the fuck tree is forcing me to."

"Yah, when you call it that so seriously, it's a bit..." Seokjin hisses, going to cross his arms and realizing he can't just give up his death grip on his towel. "Are you trying to tell me you're suggesting sex just because you want to?"

"Yes!" Yoongi's face lights up, and Seokjin's eyes widen. "That's what I wanted to say. Just... I want to. We're both in this situation, it's weird and miserable, and yeah, we could jerk off in our rooms and pretend it never happened. But I—I would just be thinking about you, anyway. Listening for you, picturing you. I feel like you deserve to know that, whatever you decide."

Seokjin blinks, heart pounding. He can't even imagine how red his ears are right now. "All of a sudden?"

"No," Yoongi says, like it should be obvious. "For a while now."

"Would you have told me, if not for the... the tree?"

Yoongi runs his fingers through his hair, sighs. "Eventually. Moving in was, ah, me working on it. Working up the courage."

"You haven't asked how I feel yet," Seokjin points out.

"I know. I'm kind of afraid to."

At this, Seokjin's heart clenches, his face softening, and he takes a step forward. Tries not to notice the droplet of sweat at the base of Yoongi's throat because the idea of it makes him feel a little wild. "That's not like the Yoongi I know. Fuck, Min Yoongi, I love you so much."

Yoongi's face goes slack with shock.

"When we called each other soulmates, back— back in college, do you remember that? I almost kissed you. I almost kissed you in front of everyone."

"Hyung," Yoongi chokes out, looking as wild and happy as Seokjin feels right now, "I don't even fucking like fishing."

Seokjin bursts out laughing.

"I'm serious, I just go for you. Holy fuck. How could we both think this whole time—"

Seokjin keeps laughing. His towel slips, and he quickly grabs it and bunches it up in front of himself, but he doesn't miss the way Yoongi's pink tongue darts out to lick his lips. "Okay, so. We both want to be more than friends."

"Yah, don't make it sound like a pop song," Yoongi complains.

"Yah, I wasn't finished! You think this whole" he waves between their bodies wildly "nonstop boner thing will go away if we have sex, as opposed to getting off alone?"

"Ah, well, we don't know, do we? But it seems a lot less miserable to do it together. Also, like, underneath the weird arousal there's a certain urge for... more, you know?"

"Yeah," Seokjin says, swallowing. He's getting a sense of that too. Whether it's because just his hand isn't enough, or whatever is affecting them craves actual human touch, there's still a sense of something missing. 

"I wanted you to know how I felt, first. It would've." Yoongi pauses, biting his lip. "It would've sucked after this was all over, if it was just sex."

"I know. For me too. So we're both okay with this? Ready to have weird, sweaty, fuck tree-induced sex, feelings and all?"

"I know you're joking," Yoongi says slowly, "but my dick actually just jumped. I don't even care what we do. Whatever you're into, let's just do it." He's panting, and Seokjin feels a similar twist of arousal in his belly, but he laughs, shoving at Yoongi's shoulder.

"We can talk about what we like after we get started, okay? Let's go to your room, it's darker."

Yoongi raises his eyebrows. "Do you already have some kinky stuff planned?"

"No, just, I mean. It'll probably be cooler. Ah, Yoongi-yah, I've wanted this for so long, I hope this isn't a dream."

Not that he actually thinks it is, but he isn't about to complain, either, when Yoongi leans forward and tilts his chin up, presses a firm kiss to Seokjin's lips. Seokjin kisses back, deepens it because it immediately feels so good it makes his dick throb, and Yoongi pulls back and huffs out a laugh.

"I can't believe I'm finally kissing you. Hyung. The things I've thought about your mouth..."

Heat jolts down Seokjin's spine. "Let's go," he says in a rough voice, holding onto the towel for some semblance of dignity when they go to Yoongi's room, but as soon as they're near the bed, he drops it.

Yoongi growls. He growls.

Seokjin laughs, because the situation is bordering on overwhelming, but also he gets it. It's like all the want is his own, he knows how he's felt about Yoongi all these years, but it's been suddenly intensified to the point where he can't hide it. Doesn't want to hide it, physically craving more to the point of complete shamelessness.

The way Yoongi stares at him kind of fuels that shamelessness too, if he's being honest.

"Please get naked too," Seokjin says, and Yoongi does, with impressive speed. Seokjin steps forward, reaching out, but hesitates. Just stares for a moment, because the sight of Yoongi like this is one he wants to appreciate, now that he's allowed to. Yoongi's bare shoulders and arms, broad and thick for his height, his flushed chest and flat stomach, the trail of dark hair low on his belly and the sight of his hard cock. 

Seokjin wants to devour him whole.

"You can," Yoongi says, and oh fuck did he really say that out loud, Seokjin you horny fool. "Just— touch me, please, kiss me, I don't know. I need you, hyung."

Heat grips Seokjin's stomach at those words, at the desperation in Yoongi's voice. "Tell hyung what you need," Seokjin says, finally stepping forward, licking his lips before he leans down to kiss Yoongi.

It feels so good. And not because of the tree's influence, not because of the burning want in Seokjin's veins, but just because it's Yoongi, his Yoongi. He tastes a little like coffee and kisses back with skill that makes Seokjin's knees weak and Seokjin is so happy he gets to have this after imagining it for so long, that the real thing is even better.

"Let's just— get in bed first, yeah? I just want to feel you."

Seokjin lies down first and Yoongi crawls on top of him, surges down for a kiss at the same time Seokjin's hips arch off the bed, arms grabbing for Yoongi to pull his body closer. Their cocks drag between their stomachs and Seokjin shudders at the pressure, can't believe how sensitive he is.

"Like this," Seokjin gasps between kisses, mouth already feeling tender from the way Yoongi sucks at his lips, the hard presses of his mouth. "Want to come like this, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah." They kiss and move together, barely hard enough to be called grinding but still enough to have the pleasure climbing until Seokjin's coming with a moan against Yoongi's lips, holding onto Yoongi until he spills between them as well.

Seokjin doesn't want to stop moving together, cocks pushing through the slick mess on his stomach and he doesn't even care, he loves it, he wants more. They're both still hard, the relief of orgasm only temporary, and Yoongi's kisses are starting to get sloppy, mouth open and panting.


Yoongi drops his head to Seokjin's shoulder, kisses the warm skin there. "Jin-hyung."

"I think I want— I want to taste you. You said you've thought about my mouth, eh?"

"I mean, no offense, but who the fuck hasn't thought about your mouth?" Yoongi manages to grit out. Seokjin laughs, a little embarrassed and a lot delighted. "But please. Whatever you want to do with your mouth, please."

"I love hearing you beg," Seokjin says softly, voice making it sound more like awed honesty than dirty talk. Yoongi can be whiny, can be clingy and immature, but seeing him needy like this is another thing entirely. Seokjin wants to give him everything, and let him do anything in return.

Yoongi shifts off of him so Seokjin can move down the bed, uncaring of the mess drying on his skin, vision narrowing in on the way Yoongi's cock strains above his belly, the way it bobs and twitches when Yoongi settles back against the pillows.

"You're beautiful," Seokjin tells him, just because he wants to, and then drags his lips over Yoongi's cock, stares up at him as he does. "How long has it been?" Seokjin doesn't clarify, but Yoongi just laughs.

"You already know the answer, I think. Years. I'm clean, if that's what you were wondering."

Embarrassingly, that didn't even occur to Seokjin. With the heat and the excitement and the urgency, the thought of condoms escaped his brain completely. "I was actually just wondering how long it's been since someone appreciated this cock like it deserves."

Seokjin recognizes it's kind of a silly thing to say, but Yoongi groans, throws his head back and rolls his hips up once Seokjin finally takes Yoongi into his mouth.

Yoongi starts to come just when Seokjin starts to swallow.

"Fuck, fuck, 'm sorry," Yoongi gasps, reaching for Seokjin's hair and just settling his fingers on his head instead, body tensing and relaxing. "Fuck, you don't have to swallow."

Seokjin already did, but honestly, there wasn't that much. He thinks maybe after a while they'll start coming dry, which is kind of a relief because he can only imagine how much come the human body has to give.

Seokjin sucks Yoongi through two more orgasms, lets his lips drag obscenely over the length of Yoongi's cock and mouths at the head, brushes his tongue over the slit. He comes once, too, just from rubbing his hips into the bed, just from the taste of Yoongi on his tongue and the feel of a cock in his mouth, the feel of Yoongi trembling beneath him.

He can't believe they're both still hard. With every orgasm the need thrums steady as soon as the fog clears, a warm pulse they can't ignore for long. Seokjin moves back up the bed and Yoongi licks into his mouth, sucks at his tongue, filthy kisses that make Seokjin's toes curl, but the heat is still there. The warmth in his belly that tightens so quickly, that yearns for more.

They keep kissing and jerk each other off, Yoongi laughing against Seokjin's lips when he makes a pun about being handy, which is how Seokjin knows Yoongi isn't joking about his feelings. He is freely laughing at puns. Everything Seokjin once knew is a lie.

"Stop being so dramatic, I laugh at your jokes sometimes," Yoongi says. When he comes, Seokjin can feel Yoongi's cock pulse beneath his fingers, feel a little dribble of come spurt from the tip. He squeezes, thinks maybe he's trying to coax out more, and Yoongi hisses and pushes at Seokjin's chest, shoves him down onto the mattress so he can duck his head and sink his mouth around Seokjin's cock.

"I love you," Seokjin says, delirious, and still meaning every word of it. Yoongi hums, and then Seokjin comes down his throat.

Yoongi is a little unfocused and wild giving head, mouthing at Seokjin's cock one second and then his balls the next, even licking his way down to Seokjin's hole, wetting the tight furl of muscle with his tongue. Seokjin gasps, thinks the shamelessness must be kicking in again because he doesn't ask Yoongi to stop, just braces himself as he's eaten out, Yoongi slipping one finger inside just as Seokjin starts to come.

The orgasms are starting to hurt, a little, if only because of how Seokjin's body is sore from his muscles straining each time he's close. He whines and Yoongi draws his finger out, the drag a little more intense because he was just using spit as lube.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Seokjin asks, and Yoongi's already-wild gaze darkens, his fingers digging into the muscle of Seokjin's thighs. "Because I want you to fuck me."

"I do. I really do. Fuck, Jin-hyung. I still just..." He cuts off, laughing, pressing a kiss to Seokjin's bent knee. Seokjin doesn't know if anyone's ever kissed his knee before. "I can't believe we're doing this, and it's for real. You're so beautiful."

Another day, Seokjin might have said, I know, but now he only says, "This is real. And—"

"Please don't make a pun."

Seokjin sputters. "I wasn't going to! I was going to tell you how sexy you are!"

Yoongi makes a face like he doesn't believe Seokjin, but also he has the lube out and two fingers working their way into Seokjin's ass, so any more complaints die on his tongue.

Seokjin comes once during the fingering, what might be an actual prostate orgasm from the three fingers Yoongi has rubbing him in just the right spot, lighting up that deep throb in his groin. By the time Yoongi is lining up and pressing his cock in, Seokjin is so worked up again he opens easily for Yoongi's cock, groans at the stretch and the fullness but is almost embarrassed by how much his body wants it.

"You're blushing," Yoongi says, leaning over his body, thrusting slowly. His voice has gotten so rough, and Seokjin honestly just wants him to keep talking. "Why are you blushing?"

"There's no way you can tell I'm blushing."

Yoongi laughs, and Seokjin clenches down around his cock just to hear him gasp. "I can just tell. Your eyes do this thing when you get shy, and your lips purse. I fucking love it, ah."

"I was just—just thinking about how much I wanted your dick in me."

"Yeah?" Yoongi thrusts a little harder, leans down to kiss Seokjin with a smug grin on his lips. "How much? Is this good enough for you, hyung?"

"You're a menace," Seokjin gasps, tipping his head back when he starts to come, squeezing around Yoongi's cock. He reaches between their bodies to circle his fingers around his own dick as an afterthought and his moan is loud, startled, when after a few strokes he's coming again. The intensity of it shocks him, pleasure melting into pleasure, and he can feel a few tears spill from his eyes.

"Are you trying to kill me," Yoongi pants, giving short, hard thrusts before finally stilling and coming himself with a low groan. Seokjin is still awash in the heat from his orgasms, trembling, when Yoongi goes to pull out.

"Wait! Just— stay, if you can."

"Hyung," Yoongi croaks out, leaning back close so he can nuzzle at Seokjin's throat. It's a very sweet gesture, even though it makes Seokjin suddenly aware of how much they're both sweating. "I'm going soft."

"You're— oh, what?"

"Mm. You too."

Seokjin looks down at his belly, the way his cock is no longer jutting up from his body but instead resting over his hip. "Oh. Holy shit."

Yoongi kisses his neck, and then says, "I'm going to pull out now and get some water, okay? Just hold on."

Seokjin nods, maybe still whimpers when Yoongi's cock slips out but only because the empty feeling is weird, and Yoongi didn't get to fuck him for nearly as long as Seokjin wanted him to.

Yoongi comes back with two water bottles and immediately tips one to Seokjin's lips, helps him drink and says sweet, soothing things in his low voice that makes Seokjin's stomach warm.

"How do you feel?"

"Sweaty," Seokjin says. "Exhausted. Old, because of how exhausted I feel. My dick doesn't even feel real anymore—"

Yoongi clears his throat. He looks good like this, tired and messy, but his eyes are still bright. "I was sort of hoping for 'I feel great, the sex was fantastic' but I guess that works too."

"Oh." Seokjin laughs, and then makes himself sit up more, shivers when Yoongi's gaze drags over his body. "Well the sex was really good too."

"No, it's okay, I was teasing. It was kind of wild for magical tree sex though, wasn't it? I didn't even think you liked bottoming."

"Huh," Seokjin says. "Really?"

Yoongi's face is pink. "Or maybe I'm just projecting my own, uh, preferences."

"Huh," Seokjin repeats, and Yoongi finally settles onto the bed with him, rubs his hand down Seokjin's arm.

"You're really okay, though? Not dizzy or anything?"

Seokjin smiles, tilts his cheek into Yoongi's palm when Yoongi touches his face. He feels the brush of a thumb beneath his eye, and wonders if Yoongi is wiping away any stray tears from earlier. "No, I'm good. You made it good. You made it... easier, I think, than it would've been. Being with you is surprisingly comfortable, even doing something like this."

"I feel that too," Yoongi whispers. "It really is like you're my soulmate sometimes, you know?"

"Don't use that word," Seokjin chokes out. "Fuck, I don't know why, it just makes me—"

"What?" Yoongi has both hands cupping Seokjin's face now, gently, a warm smile on Yoongi's face. "It makes you what?"

"Want to spend the rest of my life with you. Or something."

Yoongi laughs, and then kisses Seokjin with a fervor that takes his breath away. "Or something."



hey you never updated me on the tree thing
how are you guys??

turns out
you and Kookie were right


and you won't be-leaf what happened



"Yoongi-yah!" Seokjin yells, stepping out into the living room. "Take off your shirt, we need to take a selca so I can traumatize Namjoon."

Chapter Text

Hoseok's first mistake is watching porn in his studio with headphones on, which he realizes now is never a good idea.

It's too late at night for any staff to come by so Hoseok isn't worried about that, but somehow the fact Namjoon stays late too just completely escaped his mind. Everything is going fine — he's a little turned on, just starting to think maybe he could get away with doing something about it — until the video he's watching has a quiet moment and Hoseok can hear Namjoon's voice right behind him, "Oh shit, wow, sorry."

Hoseok screams.

He jerks his head around too fast and the headphones slip off, and he's so busy staring wide-eyed at the sudden appearance of a Kim Namjoon in his studio that it doesn't occur to him to close the tab, or at least stop the video.

Namjoon isn't looking at him, but at the screen. "Is this— I mean, wow. This is pretty hot, actually."

"Namjoon-ah!" Hoseok finally says, his face already flaming hot from being caught. At least he didn't have his hand down his pants yet. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Like ten seconds. Hey, wait, don't close it."

Hoseok gives him a look of disbelief. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It's hot. Can you go back to the part—" Namjoon takes control of the mouse and Hoseok might be having a heart attack, he's still so surprised and embarrassed. Sure, there were maybe two or three times they watched porn together in the early days, but they all naturally grew more private as they matured. Hoseok would expect Namjoon to be more flustered than he is right now, eyebrows furrowing until he finds the spot in the video he's looking for.

"Do not hit play."

"Why not? I find this sort of thing super hot, anyway."


"Squirting," Namjoon says, glancing briefly at Hoseok and then looking back to the screen, his throat bobbing with a swallow.

It is morbid (read: horny) curiosity that has Hoseok looking to see what part Namjoon wanted to replay, and it turns out to be a part where the person lying back, wearing a mask to hide their features, is fingered to the point of lifting their hips and squirting again and again, absolutely drenching their partner's arm. Their legs are still shaking violently as the fingers slide out and slap over the person's clit until they're squirting again, small bursts of it with each slap.

Hoseok squeezes his thighs together.

"This is really hot," Namjoon says in a low voice too close to Hoseok's ear. 

"Yeah, well." Embarrassingly, Hoseok has nothing to say to that. It is hot, and it's still very weird Namjoon is here watching it with him.

"Fuck, I kind of... completely forgot to ask if I'm making you uncomfortable. Ah, Hoseok-ah, I'm sorry."

"No, hey, you're fine," Hoseok says, and not just to appease Namjoon but because he means it, too. "As long as you aren't going to judge me for it."

"For finding squirting hot? God, no, never, I love watching stuff like this."

Hoseok covers his face with a hand. "I meant judge me for watching porn in my studio."

"Oh." Namjoon crosses his arms, which just kind of highlights how big they are, filling Hoseok with that familiar urge to reach out and squeeze his biceps. Right now, though, that would probably just make things more awkward. "I mean, we all do it, right? Yoongi-hyung totally does."

"You never know when a maknae is going to burst into your room at home," Hoseok says with a short laugh, and Namjoon smiles, cheek dimpling.

"Yeah, exactly. Actually, I was going to ask if you want to head home together now? But you can, um. Finish up first if you want."

Heat rushes back into Hoseok's face, unpleasantly hot. "No! I wasn't— I really wasn't planning on getting off, I was just bored."

"Sure, sure."

"Namjoon-ah," Hoseok whines, finally closing the tab and saving his work again just in case before closing out of that too. "I wasn't."

"Hey, if you want to take a long shower when we get home, I won't tell anyone."

Hoseok stands up and shoves at Namjoon's arm, and then smiles when Namjoon holds out his coat for him to put on so they can head out together.



Hoseok's second mistake is asking Namjoon to drink with him so soon after the Porn Incident.

He tries to drink slowly, fully aware that he gets tipsy a lot faster than Namjoon, but work has been stressful and he's enjoying himself. Enjoying how easy it is to relax around Namjoon, how much comfort it brings him to see their leader shrugging off responsibility for a night, dressed down and laughing, talking about whatever comes to mind.

Hoseok puts his hands on his cheeks for the third time in a couple of minutes and Namjoon laughs. "Are you okay?"

"Ah, my face is so warm right now. Does it feel warm to you?"

Namjoon reaches out and cups the side of Hoseok's face in his palm. His skin is blissfully cool and Hoseok makes a soft noise, tilting his face closer to Namjoon's hand.

"I think you're just flushed from drinking. Want me to get some water?"

Hoseok shakes his head. They're just at home in Namjoon's room, sat on the floor talking together, but he doesn't want to make Namjoon get up. He knows his limits, anyway, and he's not that drunk. "I'm fine, just warm. Your hand feels so nice, though."

"Oh, uh, thanks," Namjoon says a little awkwardly, grinning down at his drink. "You know, you get so cute when you're drunk." Hoseok pouts. "Sorry, when you're tipsy."

"Yeah, well, you're cute all the time," Hoseok mumbles. Namjoon's eyebrows go up.

"Am I?"

"Mm, except when you flex, maybe. There's nothing cute about those muscles."

Namjoon's laugh is short and maybe a little embarrassed. "I'd be worried you're only saying this because you're drunk but you say this to me when you're sober, too."

Hoseok shakes his head. "The only thing you should be worried about is if I start talking about your fingers."

"Oh?" The tone of Namjoon's voice isn't embarrassed, now, but curious. Deep. Maybe a little cocky, which Hoseok always finds attractive for reasons he doesn't want to look into too closely.

"Like you don't know," Hoseok complains, nudging Namjoon with his shoulder.

"Know what?"

"After that—that time in my studio, you know. I couldn't get your fingers off my mind."

"Hoseok-ah," Namjoon says slowly, "are you talking about the porn we watched? That time?"

Hoseok blinks, still flushed, but now feeling like he has to follow through with his thoughts. Namjoon won't judge him, right? Namjoon has helped Hoseok with a lot of personal things over the years. He's open-minded, he'll get it. "When you said you were into squirting, ah, isn't it obvious? I think about being with someone that will make me feel that good, and you looked— you look like you can. Your hands are really nice."

"Holy shit," Namjoon says quietly, taking both of their drinks and setting them on the floor, off to the side.

"Now how will I know which one is mine?" Hoseok asks, pouting.

"Yours is the one that's almost empty. You really..." Namjoon's eyes are very dark. "You can squirt?"

"I don't know," Hoseok mumbles, "I'm not very good at fingering myself. The angle's never right. But I'd like to be with someone who'd want to help me try. Someone who would be into it, and has nice hands."

"Someone like me?" Namjoon asks, voice quiet again.


"Alright, well." Namjoon hands Hoseok back his nearly-empty drink and takes a long swig from his own. "I'm going to be thinking about nothing else except that tonight. But we're not talking about this any more until you're sober."

"Why are you being so mature?" Hoseok asks with a little smile. "Usually you just let me say whatever."

"Because usually you're ranting about work or how talented some YouTuber you just discovered is, not talking about having sex with me."

"I guess that's fair," Hoseok says. He sighs, setting his drink down. "I lied, I think I do want water, but I'll come with you. I also want an icepack for my face."

Namjoon reaches out to touch Hoseok's cheek again, and Hoseok's stomach flips. Oh, that feels so good. "You really didn't even drink that much."

"I know! I'm definitely going to remember the fingering thing, though, so prepare your answer for tomorrow." He gives Namjoon finger guns, and Namjoon ducks his head when he laughs, eyes scrunching.



Hoseok's third and final mistake is knocking on Namjoon's door a couple nights later, and asking as soon as he's inside, "So what are your feelings on casual sex?"

Namjoon is in glasses and shorts, looking way too good for someone who probably spent their day off napping. Or maybe that's why he looks so good. A well-rested Namjoon is a sexy Namjoon.

"They're, um, positive? I guess. Hope-ah. Is this what I think it is?"

Hoseok laughs nervously, sitting down next to Namjoon on his bed. "I guess that depends on whether you think it's a proposition or not. Because it is."

"Fuck, I." Namjoon rubs his hand across the back of his neck, shrugging his shoulders, and Hoseok is already reaching out to rub at Namjoon's shoulder for him out of habit. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. About you, specifically."

"Yeah, me too," Hoseok mumbles, getting a rough laugh from Namjoon.

"So... if it's between us, then yes, I'm fine with casual sex. But you'd have to tell me, like, everything. What you do and don't want."

"Mm, okay. That's fine. I can't imagine you'd say or do anything I don't want, though."

"Don't jinx me."

Hoseok laughs, squeezing at Namjoon's arm, and then laughing some more when his stomach clenches at how firm the muscle there is. Calm down, Hobi. "I mean it! I'm okay with those words, you know, if that comes up, you've heard me use them before too." Hoseok actually has very fond memories of how red Jungkook got the first time Hoseok said 'pussy' around him. "I like penetration, um, both ways."

"Like giving and receiving?" Namjoon asks. For some reason, seeing him in glasses right now is really doing it for Hoseok's arousal, to the point where he thinks he might even be getting wet.

"Yeah, but like. Anal is okay too, I mean."

"Oh, wow, holy fuck," Namjoon blurts out, his cheeks and the bridge of his nose starting to flush pink. "Sorry."

Hoseok is smiling. "No, it's fine. I don't know... I mentioned fingering, but I'm okay with being fucked, too."

"I think," Namjoon says, voice cracking, "I am not mature enough to be having this conversation with you, because all of this is going straight to my dick."

"Yah, I'm saying you can fuck me! You better be getting hard!" He laughs, though, feels a heat in his own face but finds it isn't a bad one. He's been thinking about this a lot, even spoke to Yoongi about it because Yoongi listens so well, and he's ready. He wants it, maybe more than he's comfortable admitting to anyone, including himself. "I have a bag of stuff, like condoms and shit, that I can go grab. I just didn't want to waltz in here with it like I was so confident you'd say yes."

"I appreciate that, but." Namjoon shakes his head, huffs out a little laugh. "In what universe would I say no? Even if you wanted me fully clothed the whole time, I would say yes in a heartbeat. For you, and because it's so hot."

Warmth pools in Hoseok's stomach, excitement and arousal twisting slowly at Namjoon's words. "I won't pretend that's not a little hot, but no, I want you to feel good too. I want us both to. Otherwise I'd just go sex toy shopping."

Namjoon shrugs, says, "I mean, you could go sex toy shopping anyway, that sounds like a lot of fun—"

"Stop, just stop."

"It's because you're tempted now, right?" Namjoon bumps his shoulder into Hoseok's and Hoseok stands up, pushing lightly at Namjoon's chest. His firm, firm chest. Ugh.

"I'm going to grab that bag, do you want— okay, shit, this is embarrassing," Hoseok says with a giggle, waving his hand when Namjoon raises his eyebrows, "but do you want me to get some towels too?"

"Yeah, probably." For this, at least, Namjoon's smile isn't bashful but just reassuring, excited. "Grab a bunch, we have all night. Maybe grab some water for yourself too."

"Shut up."

"I'm serious! I'm dead serious about the water, I'm pretty sure I've read that somewhere."

"Do you read about squirting a lot, Namjoon-ah?" 

"It's not, like, reading-reading, I was just—"

Hoseok doesn't hear the rest of his answer, because he's already leaving the room to grab a water bottle and his stuff, making sure he has lube too after Namjoon's reaction to the possibility of anal. He feels silly, walking back to Namjoon's room with his bag and a stack of at least three towels, but at least no one else is home right now to raise their eyebrows at him.

"Look how prepared you are," Namjoon mutters, helping Hoseok spread out the towels on his bed, "and here I am just, like, doing light hand exercises so my fingers won't cramp."

Hoseok throws his head back and laughs. "That's really cute."

"Yeah, sure, cute. Kissing is cool, right?" Namjoon takes off his glasses, setting them on his desk, and pats the bed next to him. Hoseok takes the hint, kneeling on the mattress.

"Kissing is cool. Anything vanilla is cool. Oh, except, ah." Hoseok can feel his face flush as soon as the thought pops into his head. Nothing especially taboo, but it still lights a shameful heat inside him. "The video we watched. Last week."


"The— pussy slapping thing they did. Tell me you remember that."

"Yeah, yeah," Namjoon breathes out. "Is that a good or bad thing?"

"I wouldn't mind trying that. Not too hard, at least not at first, but." Hoseok licks his lips, feels so wanted under Namjoon's warm gaze that it's giving him goosebumps. "That's on the table."

"Shit, great," Namjoon chokes out, and Hoseok smiles. And then kisses him.

They've kissed a couple of times in the past as a dare or a prank, maybe even once just because they were feeling affectionate, but never as foreplay. Namjoon's lips move slowly, parting for Hoseok's, letting him lead. Hoseok pushes into the kiss and sucks around Namjoon's lip and the heat in his belly tightens, the stirring of pleasure when Namjoon slides one hand around Hoseok's waist, the other cupping his face.

It's a good kiss. No hesitation or awkwardness, but just the press of soft, eager lips.

"What else turns you on?" Namjoon asks, the question sounding so sincere that Hoseok knows it isn't dirty talk for the sake of dirty talk.

"Kissing, touching, I don't know, you're doing a pretty good job already."

"Doesn't feel like I'm doing much," Namjoon mumbles, sucking a kiss at the side of Hoseok's neck, and Hoseok grabs for Namjoon's shoulder, gasping.

"I respectfully disagree." Hoseok breaks the kiss and scoots closer on the bed until he can straddle Namjoon's thigh, settling over it and humming at the pressure between his legs. "Let's kiss like this for a bit."

Namjoon swallows. "Fuck, okay."

Hoseok slowly grinds himself over Namjoon's thigh as they make out, a little messier than before because now they're both getting worked up, trading harder kisses as the arousal builds and heat tightens in Hoseok's belly. Namjoon keeps his arm around Hoseok's waist and drags him closer, moans against Hoseok's mouth when Hoseok shifts closer and the front of his thigh presses at Namjoon's bulge.

"Sorry," Hoseok says at the same time Namjoon says, "Can I go down on you?"

"Oh." Hoseok wants to grind himself even harder onto Namjoon's thigh at the thought. "Sure."

"Good, great," Namjoon says, swallowing Hoseok's laugh with one more deep kiss before they break apart, Namjoon moving down the bed. "How naked do you want to be?"

For whatever reason, Namjoon's bluntness doesn't strike him as awkward. It's familiar, his way of making the situation a little less like the first time they've fooled around and more like a project they're tackling together. It's a silly way of looking at it, but it makes Hoseok feel more comfortable, more on equal footing.

"Waist down is fine for now."

Namjoon hums and hooks his fingers into the waistband of Hoseok's sweatpants, dragging those and his boxer-briefs down his slim hips at the same time. He does it slowly, as if giving Hoseok time to change his mind, but it just makes Hoseok aware of the way his underwear sticks to his skin.

Maybe he should've warned Namjoon about how wet he gets. Although, with the goal for fooling around being squirting, that seems kind of redundant.

Hoseok bends his knees once the pants are gone and Namjoon settles between his bare thighs, looks up at Hoseok with that same familiar, reassuring look that calms the nerves in Hoseok's stomach.

"It's cool if I start?"

Hoseok laughs. "Yeah, it's cool."

"Cool." Namjoon sucks hot kisses at the inside of Hoseok's thighs, all the way up to his groin. He lowers his open mouth and Hoseok keens when Namjoon's tongue drags wet over him, spreading his labia, pressing flat over his clit. The throb is already there, the impatient need for more, even if Namjoon's licks feel so good over his sensitive skin.

"You— fuck, Hoseokie, you smell so good."

Hoseok laughs, the noise loud and surprised, and he immediately covers his mouth with a hand. "Namjoon-ah," he says after a moment, face flushing. He is experiencing a very strange mix of arousal and mortification.

"I'm serious. You can judge me for that, I don't care, I love the way you smell. Is sucking okay?"

"Ah, yeah," Hoseok breathes, a smile still tugging at his lips when Namjoon fits his lips around Hoseok's clit and sucks, tongue brushing the underside. Namjoon uses his thumbs to spread Hoseok open, and even just that touch on his skin, the cool air where he's so wet, feels so good.

Hoseok's hips start to shift and Namjoon lets Hoseok rub himself over Namjoon's tongue, firm and slippery-wet pressure, the heat building steadily in Hoseok's gut. Namjoon mouths at Hoseok's clit and then moves lower, sucks at his labia, swollen with arousal, and lets his tongue slip down to Hoseok's entrance.

"So fucking wet," Namjoon says, and Hoseok shudders. He knows he is, but it's another thing entirely to hear it from Namjoon when he has his mouth on Hoseok, the tip of his tongue just barely pressing inside. And he doesn't sound like he minds. Namjoon sounds like he likes it.

"Joon," Hoseok says, breathing heavily. "Fingers?"


"Yeah, two is good, just go slow." Hoseok doesn't mention he has a little bit of a size kink, although he imagines when he gets his hands on Namjoon's dick later it'll become obvious.

Namjoon rubs little circles around Hoseok's entrance with his tongue and makes sure his fingers are wet with spit before he starts to press them inside. Hoseok tenses at the sudden pressure and tilts his hips slightly so Namjoon's fingers aren't pushing at an uncomfortable angle. His fingers feel thick, have Hoseok squeezing around them and then gasping out a laugh when Namjoon says, "Holy fuck you feel amazing."

"Don't make it weird."

"I'm not! You're so tight, shit. Is this okay?"

"Mmm." Hoseok's hands curl into fists over his thighs and Namjoon strokes his fingers inside, dragging and rubbing, the fullness so satisfying that Hoseok can't not clench around him. Namjoon's mouth drops back open, tongue stiff against Hoseok's clit, and Hoseok feels the first stirrings of, Oh, I could come like this.

"God, your muscles are insane."

Hoseok gives in to the urge to touch Namjoon's hair, fingers petting through it as Namjoon licks at him. "My muscles?"

"Like— just the way you keep squeezing around me, sucking me in. Can you take three?"

Hoseok grins, bites back a comment about wanting to take a lot more than that. "Yeah, go ahead."

Namjoon's fingers slide out but his mouth never leaves Hoseok's clit, that tingling pleasure almost a distraction from the pressure of three fingers, the stretch of it. Almost, because Hoseok doesn't want it to be a distraction, he loves the stretch.

"That's it," Namjoon breathes out over his skin, and Hoseok's fingers squeeze lightly at his hair. His stomach draws up tight when Namjoon strokes his fingers inside, shallowly fucking him until Hoseok's whining softly, hips shifting. "Tell me what you need."

"I think." Hoseok's eyes flutter shut for a moment, overwhelmed, and his tongue darts out to wet his lips. "Can you do the rubbing thing, you know, with your fingers." Hoseok uses his free hand to make the come hither motion he means, thinking maybe Namjoon will tease him for that, but something in Namjoon's gaze just— darkens, then, the look so serious and hot that Hoseok's breath catches in his throat.

"You want to see if you can squirt now?"

Hoseok nods, face warm. "Your fingers feel really good. Every time you press up, it's just. Ah, I can feel it deep in my stomach, I don't know how to explain it, but it's good."

"Shit, that's so hot," Namjoon says, laughing a little with something like disbelief. "Hoseok-ah. Why didn't we do this sooner?"

"I guess we just weren't horny enough."

Namjoon laughs a more genuine laugh then, cheeks dimpling and eyes scrunching with his smile, and the warmth that rushes through Hoseok is more fondness than arousal. Giddiness, that they can be like this with each other and it feels so good.

Namjoon shifts where he's lying between Hoseok's legs, adjusts his position so it's easier to crook his fingers, and starts to rub.

It's intense, right away, when Namjoon hooks his fingers up into that spot and strokes hard. Hoseok is grateful for the way Namjoon looks up to Hoseok's face for his reactions but doesn't treat him delicately, fucks him the way Hoseok wants to be fucked and sucks around his swollen clit. The pleasure builds, and Hoseok wants to keep chasing it.

"Good, that's good," Hoseok gasps, letting go of Namjoon's hair to grab at the towel underneath him instead, fingers curling into the material just to brace himself. He can't tell if he's close or just— overwhelmed, he wasn't kidding about the heavy pressure so deep in his belly, an ache that grows the more Namjoon's fingers curl and stroke.

Hoseok tips his head back and moans, feels heat flood him at the neediness in his own voice, the squelching wet sounds Namjoon's fingers make. The muscles of his stomach are drawn up so tight, body held tense, and Namjoon pulls away to say, "Just— don't hold back, let yourself feel good, push out when you need to. Are you close, baby?"

Hoseok gasps again, tries to focus on the tight knot in his belly, the heat of it. "It—It kind of feels— Oh, Joon, don't stop—"

"Yeah," Namjoon says, bringing up his other hand to rub his thumb at the side of Hoseok's clit, and something about that touch is just enough to have Hoseok's orgasm rushing through him, muscles pushing out, body shuddering as something wet and startlingly hot splashes the inside of his thigh.

"Fuck," Namjoon swears. His voice is rough, hand stilling, but Hoseok starts begging, "Don't stop, just keep going, ah, please."

Namjoon's fingers curl and rub again and Hoseok cries out, head thrown back, as he keeps coming. He knows he's squirting, he can hear the wet stream of it, can feel the way it gushes until it's just wet little spurts, Namjoon pulling his fingers out to rub his whole hand over Hoseok's swollen pussy, spreading the wetness.

"Hey, there you go, are you okay? Hope-ah, can you look at me?"

Hoseok huffs out a weak laugh, lets it turn into a moan when Namjoon rubs lightly just above the hood of his clit. He blinks his eyes back open, stares down at Namjoon and feels heat jolt through him at the sight of Namjoon's soaked arm, the wet spots on the towel and his shirt.

"Sorry," Hoseok says, his body awash in a mix of humiliation and absolute bliss. "Fuck."

"Sorry for what, succeeding in what we were trying to do?" Namjoon's voice is still so rough, Hoseok shivers and tries in vain to catch his breath. "Do you want to get undressed now? Just in case it gets, ah, messier."

"Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea." 

Hoseok maybe struggles a little to sit up, legs still shaky and the heat between his thighs throbbing, so by the time he's pulling off his shirt and his binder Namjoon is already naked, his thick cock completely hard.

Hoseok sighs, and very nearly gives in to the urge to reach down and touch himself.

"You're so pink," Namjoon mumbles as he settles back on the bed, and then quickly adds, "I mean, like, flushed. Your neck and chest are. I'm not trying to—"

Hoseok interrupts him with a laugh. "I don't care if you call my pussy pink, Namjoon-ah." Hoseok pinches one of his nipples between his thumb and finger just for the stimulation and settles back into place on the bed, tongue darting out to wet his lips. "Fingers again?"

"Sure, unless you want to try something different. Fuck, I. I can't believe how much you came. You've really never squirted before?"

Hoseok shakes his head, moans softly when Namjoon slides his fingers back inside. He's not sore, exactly, but just kind of tender, very aware of the ache inside, of how wet he is. "It's felt intense like that before, but if I squirted I didn't notice it. Nothing like that before."

"I can feel how swollen up you are," Namjoon tells him as his fingers hook into that spot and start rubbing again. Namjoon is sitting up now, and something about seeing him naked like this, broad and a little tan, the tension in his arm as his fingers work inside Hoseok, has his arousal spiking.

Hoseok has not spent much time thinking about how hot Namjoon would be during sex, and he's really starting to regret that.

His orgasm builds up fast, even without Namjoon touching his clit, although his eyes flash when Hoseok reaches down to rub at it himself.

"Do you need—"

"You're fine," Hoseok tells him, "I just wanted to touch a little. That ache is kind of, ah, kind of a lot on its own." Namjoon's fingers drag a little harder, and Hoseok's breath hitches. "Joon, that's—"

"You squirting is a thousand times hotter than porn, by the way." Namjoon is grinning, the familiar look on his face at odds with the way his fingers fuck wetly into Hoseok. "Love how hot you are inside, the way you tighten up and push my fingers out."

"Please," Hoseok chokes out, hips straining. The heat in his gut tightens, twists up with the unrelenting pressure inside, and he's not sure if he's coming or just overwhelmed with pleasure when he starts to squirt.

Hoseok groans, lifts his hips with each gush as Namjoon's fingers slip out and he keeps forcing them back inside, fucking more out of Hoseok, keeping him on that peak. Hoseok's thighs shake hard, pussy so wet and open, and he shouts and keeps squirting when Namjoon slaps his drenched fingers over Hoseok, that shock of stimulation over his throbbing clit.

He is delirious with the pleasure, thinks he might be whining as he comes down from it, soaked and trembling.

"Hoseokie," Namjoon whispers, petting at his thigh, leaning down to kiss his cheek, the corner of his mouth. "Are you okay? You're still shaking."

"Ah, 's just a lot, I'm." Hoseok pants, turns his head to kiss Namjoon hard just because it feels like he needs to, greedy for that affection. "I'm good, though." He laughs against Namjoon's lips, says in a soft, embarrassed voice, "Everything is soaked, it's weird to be so turned on and feel like I've wet myself."

Namjoon kisses him and then pulls back just to say, "I hope you know literally anything you say right now will just make me harder. Including that."

Hoseok pushes lightly at his chest and then, because he's shameless, sneaks another look at Namjoon's dick.

"Oh," Namjoon says, also glancing down at himself. "Do you want to try, ah."

"There's condoms in the bag," Hoseok says.


Hoseok hums and plays with his nipples again, enjoys the sight of Namjoon fumbling around for a condom butt-naked, the way the muscles in his shoulders shift when he settles back on the bed, kneeling between Hoseok's legs.

"Maybe I should— on my hands and knees?" Hoseok asks. Namjoon's jaw clenches, which could mean a number of things, and yet still sends a sharp jolt of heat into Hoseok's belly.

"You're still okay with all this? You're kind of..." Namjoon doesn't finish, but he glances between Hoseok's legs.

Hoseok laughs brightly, legs only a little unsteady when he gets on all fours for Namjoon, fingers curling into the towel. "Are you saying your big dick is going to break me?"

"No! Holy shit, no. I just want you to be comfortable. I was going to say you look all, you know, swollen. It's not too much?"

Hoseok ducks his head, smiling. "Ah, Namjoonie, I'm fine, I promise. I really want this. And trust me, I've done a lot worse to myself in hotel rooms when we had a day off."

The noise Namjoon makes behind him can only be described as a whimper. "Why did you tell me that. Fuck."

Hoseok waits while Namjoon slides on the condom, even coats his dick with lube, which is considerate of him, sure, but should not be making Hoseok's chest flutter like it is. He's already clenching up at the thought of Namjoon filling him, arching his back when Namjoon lines himself up and starts to push inside.

He's big. Suddenly Hoseok is grateful for the lube, because he's so thick, an overwhelming pressure inside that has Hoseok reaching between his legs to rub himself so he can relax enough to let Namjoon in.

Namjoon doesn't push in all the way, starts to fuck Hoseok with slow, shallow thrusts instead, and Hoseok gasps out loud when Namjoon's cock drags over that spot inside him, that heavy tug of pleasure in his stomach.

Hoseok's fingers slip down to touch where he's stretched around Namjoon's cock, oh fuck that's hot, and then he rubs faster at his clit, moaning. "Joon. Joonie, I—"

"Like this or deeper?" Namjoon's voice is so low, so rough, and Hoseok is starting to shake.

"Like that, just like that, oh—"

When he comes, his whole body jolts with it, he pushes out like he wants to and gasps when Namjoon's cock leaves him empty and open, squirting on the towels beneath them.

"Fuck," Namjoon swears, and puts his cock back inside. Hoseok trembles, thinks he might even laugh when he moans because the feeling is so intense, and it's only seconds until he's squirting again, feels the hot splash of it and the emptiness that follows when Namjoon's cock slips out.

Namjoon drags the head of his cock over Hoseok's entrance and Hoseok shakes, stops touching himself because he'd rather be gripping the bed when Namjoon fucks him until he's squirting again. He's dizzy from the release of it, the way his body strains between these intense, wet orgasms.

"Baby," Namjoon groans, grinding slowly into Hoseok. "More?"

"Just fuck me," Hoseok says. It's hard to think like this, thighs dripping wet and his pussy sensitive, clinging to Namjoon's cock as he thrusts. Hoseok thinks he feels more fluid spurt out but Namjoon just fucks him through it, holds Hoseok's hip tightly with one hand and moves the other to rest flat over his belly.

Just being held and fucked like this would be enough, is something Hoseok didn't realize how much he was missing, but Namjoon angles his thrusts to have that heat spreading fast, his cock dragging at just the right angle to make Hoseok's body seize up, squirting and soaking the towels. 

Namjoon's hand moves from Hoseok's belly down to slap over his clit and Hoseok cries out, more wetness gushing from him while Namjoon's arm around his body is the only thing keeping him up on his knees.


"Ah, Hoseok, you— you keep squeezing so tight around me, baby, I'm sorry, I'm close."

"Already?" Hoseok asks without thinking, and then gasps out a laugh, follows it with his own apology. "Fuck, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that."

There's a smile in Namjoon's voice when he says, "No, it's okay, I was already worked up before we started."

"Just come for me, Joon-ah, you've been so good." Hoseok moans after he says it, because Namjoon doesn't hesitate to start thrusting again, this time deep, hard thrusts that have heat pouring into Hoseok's belly, and it's not long before he's squirting again, little splashes as Namjoon fucks into him.

Namjoon's hips still when he comes, his groan low and breathy, a sound Hoseok isn't sure if he's ever heard from Namjoon before. Hoseok squeezes around him because he can't not, stuffed full of Namjoon and still trembling through the aftershocks of so many orgasms.

He whines when Namjoon pulls out, when he stumbles away from the bed to throw away the condom, but Namjoon is back in seconds, strong arms helping Hoseok to turn over and lie back on the bed.

"You're shaking so much, hey, do you need anything? Water?"

"No, I—" Hoseok pauses, lets out a shuddering breath. "Actually, water sounds nice."

Namjoon helps him drink when Hoseok realizes his hands are shaking too, laughing a little at how messy he is, how thoroughly wrecked.

"Is it bad I want more," Hoseok sighs, tipping his head onto Namjoon's bare shoulder, and Namjoon snorts.

"No, it's actually really fucking hot. Are fingers okay?"

"Mm, yeah, and you can—" Heat flushes Hoseok's face. "I want your fingers in my ass, too."

"Fuck, Hob-ah, you're so hot. You're literally so hot, I hope you know that."

Hoseok buries a smile against Namjoon's shoulder from the praise, still smiling when Namjoon pulls away to kneel between his legs again. He leans down until his mouth is right above Hoseok's pussy, and Hoseok is expecting the soothing touch of a tongue, maybe, but instead gets a gentle kiss pressed to his clit.

Hoseok covers his face with his hands. "What are you doing."

"Look how hard you are. God, one of these days I just want to suck you off until you're coming all over my face."

He says it so completely seriously that heat just washes through Hoseok at the thought, leaves him flushed and wanting. "One of these days, huh?"

"Only if you want," Namjoon quickly amends, and Hoseok smiles a tiny, satisfied smile and reaches for Namjoon's hand, guiding two of his gorgeous, long fingers to his entrance.

"I do want. This is literally the best sex I've ever had."

"Damn," Namjoon says, head ducking down. He mouths at Hoseok's clit again until Hoseok is grabbing his hair, feeling bolder as he yanks Namjoon's mouth away, too sensitive. "Glad to be of service."

"Ah, shut up, get your fingers in me."

"Yeah, yeah, okay."

Namjoon pushes them in slowly, maybe too slowly, but Hoseok is still sore from being stretched by his dick so he doesn't mind. Oversensitive or not, the way Namjoon curls his fingers still lights up that heavy ache in Hoseok's stomach, maybe even faster than before because of how swollen up Hoseok is inside.

"Come on, I know you've got more for me," Namjoon murmurs, and Hoseok hums, plays with one of his nipples until the heat tightens to that point where he knows it's coming, the wet sounds Namjoon's fingers make, the aching pressure inside almost like he has to pee.

Hoseok moans when he squirts, watches the way it gushes out from him in an arc, soaking Namjoon's arm. With each little curled thrust of Namjoon's fingers back inside Hoseok is squirting again, hips straining, thighs trembling like it's too much for him to bear. He opens his mouth to ask for— something, just more, still riding the edge of his orgasm, and Namjoon must sense Hoseok's desperation, because he uses his dripping wet hand to slap over Hoseok's pussy, shocking more little spurts of fluid from him.

Hoseok cries out, hips jerking with each smack.

"Baby," Namjoon chokes out after he stops, voice hoarse, hand just cupping between Hoseok's legs. Hoseok doesn't know if he's ever been looked at with such a hungry stare before. "You're so perfect, fuck."

Hoseok shudders — he thinks his pussy itself might be trembling too, so swollen up and hot that Hoseok's entire lower half is throbbing — and then gasps out when Namjoon trails his fingers down to Hoseok's asshole, rubbing over his rim.

"You're so wet, do I even need to use lube?" he asks, voice more awed than teasing. He uses lube anyway, of course, because Hoseok wouldn't expect anything less than cautious from Namjoon, but the fact that it's true makes Hoseok whine, makes him lift his legs and tilt his ass higher so Namjoon has easier access.

Namjoon slides one finger inside to what Hoseok knows is clenching heat, probably unbearably tight if the tense expression on Namjoon's face is anything to go by.

"Sorry," Hoseok moans, trying not to squeeze as hard. He wills his body to let Namjoon move his finger, adding a second one once Hoseok is used to the stretch. 

His hole is so sensitive, the pressure inside going straight to his arousal like he never came down from his orgasm. Hoseok drops his head back and thinks, This is good, I could come from this, and then jolts when Namjoon's thumb brushes over his sore, leaking entrance, the tip of it pressing inside.

"Fuck," Hoseok gasps.

"Is this still okay?"

"Yes, fuck." Hoseok laughs, stomach drawing up tight from the overwhelming pleasure, and to his embarrassment, he realizes tears are stinging his eyes and he can't seem to stop them. "It's so fucking much. Please."

Namjoon pets over Hoseok's trembling stomach, fingers sliding down to very gently brush at the side of Hoseok's swollen clit, and he says, "Just one more, okay? Can you come from this?"

Hoseok nods, teeth digging into his lip and tears leaking hot out of the corners of his eyes when Namjoon's thumb drags thick inside him. Everything is just— wet, and bright pleasure, and that tightly building heat in his belly, and it doesn't take long at all for Hoseok to start squirting.

Namjoon's thumb slips out but his fingers stay buried in Hoseok's ass, and each thrust has Hoseok squirting out more, hot spurts that become weak dribbles until Hoseok is shaking too hard, too overheated and sensitive to come anymore. His body feels wrung out, limp from exhaustion and the pleasure, and if it wasn't for the mess, Hoseok could close his eyes and fall asleep.

"There you go," Namjoon's warm voice reaches his ears, drowning out the loud noise of his heartbeat, his heavy breathing. He whines at the drag of Namjoon's fingers leaving his ass — Namjoon laughs as he tries to pull them out, says very gently, "Hoseokie, you have to let me go now," until Hoseok relaxes enough to do so — but doesn't feel much more after that beyond the pulsing of the heat between his legs.

He is so unbelievably wet. He would kill for Namjoon to have a bathroom connected to his room right now.

Namjoon seems to find a dry corner of a towel to help wipe Hoseok off but then appears to give up, which makes Hoseok laugh, and then hiccup out a sob that has Namjoon immediately moving up the bed, eyebrows furrowed.

"Hey, whoa, are you okay? What do you need, baby, does it hurt?"

Hoseok shakes his head. There are a lot of things he wants to put into words — gratitude towards Namjoon, the warmth he feels from knowing someone he ends up taking care of a lot does such a good job of taking care of him too — but he settles on, "Just really intense, I promise that's it."

Namjoon kisses the top of his head and uses a tissue to dab at Hoseok's tears, grabbing the water bottle for him as an afterthought. "Was this a stupid idea? Seriously, if I somehow hurt you—"

"I still love that you think I haven't been even rougher with myself than this," Hoseok mutters between sips of water, just to see the way Namjoon's eyes go round and wide. Hoseok hasn't spent enough time staring at his face, because he's only just now noticing the cute blush on his cheeks, the sheen of sweat on his chest. God, Namjoon is hot.

Namjoon opens his mouth like he's going to ask something, and then instead just wraps his arms around Hoseok's torso, pulls him closer once the water bottle is safely out of the way, until Hoseok is cuddled up against his chest.

"You're still shivering," Namjoon mumbles by Hoseok's ear, and Hoseok sighs.

"I think my body's just, um, still coming down. I literally can't feel anything except the throb between my legs right now."

"We should get you in a bath. Do you mind rinsing off together?"

Hoseok makes a pouty noise, biting lightly at Namjoon's shoulder. "Of course I don't mind. You have to take care of me now, those are the rules."

"Yeah, fuck, of course. Like, even if you're joking, of course. That was easily the hottest experience of my life."

Hoseok doesn't mean to boost Namjoon's ego, because he thinks Namjoon already knows what a considerate partner he is, but Hoseok still says, "Same for me, but only because it was you."

"Oh." Namjoon's hand stills where he was rubbing Hoseok's back, and Hoseok frowns.

"Sorry, was that too honest?"

"No, no, not at all. Just— I'm glad we feel the same way." Namjoon kisses Hoseok's temple, and then says with a shaky breath, "I hope you know I was dead serious about cockwarming you until you squirt on my face, just, like. By the way."

Hoseok groans, squeezes his sore thighs together and says, "You aren't allowed to say anything sexy for at least another 48 hours, you asshole."

"Okay." Namjoon nuzzles at Hoseok's hair, and Hoseok maybe curls a little closer to him, enjoying the touch. "Okay, deal."

Chapter Text

"You can't have two sugar babies, hyung."

"You telling me that I can't just makes me want to do it more. You should realize that about me by now."

"No, but." Yoongi crosses his arms, gives a little tilt of his head that means he's trying really hard to not admit Seokjin has a point. "It's expensive."

"I can afford it," Seokjin says, and he can. Yoongi knows that he can, as his closest friend and advisor.

"What if you develop feelings for them?"

Okay, Seokjin's stomach twists uncomfortably at that. "How is that your second concern and not, you'll get robbed, or the press will find out, or—"

"Jin-hyung. It's been a long time since you've been with anyone. Of course I'm concerned when you call me up in the middle of the afternoon to tell me you've decided to become a sugar daddy."

"I'm just... trying something," Seokjin says cautiously. "It might not work out."

"But you want it to."

Seokjin laughs. He reaches out to rub at Yoongi's shoulder. "Of course I want it to work out. Do you want to look over their profile with me now?"

"Yeah, sure, let's get this over with," Yoongi sighs, but Seokjin knows he's eager to look. Can tell from the slight spring in Yoongi's step when they walk over to Seokjin's computer monitor. "Oh, they're. Wow."

"I know."

"Are they models, or...?"

"College students."

Yoongi's eyebrows go up. "Hyung. Are they teenagers—"

"Yah, do they look like teenagers? Jungkook is 23 and Jimin is 25. I've been in contact with Jimin a little, through the service, he says— I mean, not that it matters either way, but they signed up for this recently to help with tuition and housing costs. They've gotten some offers but haven't had a sugar daddy before."

"Okay," Yoongi says, a smile tugging at his lips, "I kind of enjoy the idea that they're interviewing you for the job and not the other way around. But I'm glad they're in their twenties, your innocence kink isn't cute, hyung."

"Whoa, hold on, I do not have an innocence kink—" Seokjin can feel his ears grow warm. Oh no, Yoongi knows all of his tells, this is bad.

"Yeah, try telling that to someone who didn't live with you for five years. When are you going to meet with them?"

"I'm taking them out to dinner this Saturday." Seokjin swallows, and then says, "I was going to ask if you could—"

"Help you get reservations? Come over when you start to panic about what watch to wear? It's not a problem, I'm free this Saturday anyway, Hoseokie is teaching a class."

Seokjin lets out a slow breath, feels some of the weight lift from his shoulders when Yoongi rubs at the back of his neck. "Thank you."

"You really want this to work out, don't you?"

Seokjin nods, looking back to their photo open on the computer, the brightness of Jimin's smile. "I've been talking to them and it's just... it's been fun, Yoongi-yah. They're excited to meet. They already talk back to me!"

Yoongi smiles, looks happy for him even if Seokjin can see the hint of concern in his eyes. "You really are going to fall for them, aren't you? I didn't sign up for this drama plot."

"People don't just fall in love with attractive young couples they're paying to have sex with them," Seokjin says, and Yoongi gives him a Look

"Just be careful. And be honest with them. And if I ever drop by your office to find you fucking one of them on your desk—"

"Yah, what kind of CEO do you take me for?" Seokjin shouts. Yoongi gives him another look, and Seokjin sinks down in his chair, ears still flushed hot.

They meet at an expensive restaurant, Seokjin already seated in a more private corner of the building when a waiter guides Jimin and Jungkook to his table. They exchange polite greetings (Jungkook bows so low, Seokjin can't help but be endeared) and then Jimin and Jungkook sit next to each other across the table from Seokjin.

They're gorgeous. Seokjin was aware of that, has spent plenty of time in the past two weeks going through the few photos he has of them, but in person their beauty leaves him breathless. And Seokjin has been around a lot of beautiful people in his life.

Their outfits and some of the jewelry they wear are indirect gifts from Seokjin — when Jimin confessed they don't have much in the way of formal wear beyond what they used to occasionally wear to clubs, Seokjin sent them some money with no strings attached ("Consider it a gift in exchange for the way your messages have made a hellish work week more bearable," Seokjin told Jimin) to buy something to wear. And Seokjin can see his money has been well-spent.

Jimin wears black slacks and a royal blue silk top, the fit of it so elegant, so well matched to the jewelry on his delicate wrists and fingers, his seductive eye makeup and charmingly tousled blonde hair. Seokjin can't take his eyes away from Jimin's full pink lips, the simple necklace at the base of his throat. He's admittedly shorter than Seokjin was expecting, but his slender dancer's body just fuels some perverse, hungry thing in Seokjin's chest that can't wait to see Jimin underneath him, or on top of him, to stand behind him in front of a mirror and see how much larger his shoulders are.

Jungkook wears slacks and a silk top as well, black with splatters of blue that look like stars, the whole look highlighting his otherworldly handsomeness. His makeup is more subtle, his dark hair more carefully styled, and his shirt has the top few buttons undone to tease his bare chest. He is broader than Jimin, taller, but his tucked in shirt draws all the attention to how thin his waist is for his build.

Something about their good looks, the natural beauty of their features, strikes Seokjin as simultaneously angelic and sinful. Their shy, polite smiles but also that wickedly knowing look in their eyes, like they're appreciating the sight of Seokjin as much as he's appreciating them.

They go through the rest of their introductions and talk about the food, mostly, to start. Food is a safe subject and one Seokjin is happy to go on about, enjoying the way they listen and laugh with him and don't just look like they're struggling to be polite. They grow more comfortable with each other, even if that underlying nervous tension is still there for all of them.

As they wait for their main courses — Seokjin and Jungkook order steak, and Jimin orders a pasta dish even though he bats his eyelashes at Jungkook and says, "Jungkookie will share some of his meat with me, right?" — Jimin is the one to finally say, "Should we talk business now, Seokjin-ssi?"

Seokjin blinks, and then smiles. "Ah, Jimin-ssi, you might be even more intimidating than some of the stuffy old men I have to deal with on a weekly basis."

Jimin's laugh is a sweet sound, his eyes scrunching with it, and Seokjin's heart clenches at the way Jungkook's face softens with his own smile watching Jimin laugh.

"That can't be true. Is there anything you want to know first? You have our contract, nothing's really changed from what we've been discussing in our messages. We've only met with one other potential sponsor before this, but, well..."

"Jimin-hyung is trying to say you're way hotter, way richer, and way nicer than he was already," Jungkook chimes in. His voice is soft, low but sweet, and Seokjin likes the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes when he smiles in response to Jimin lightly punching his arm.

Sponsor, that's cute, Seokjin thinks. It's true they already discussed a lot of the money specifics, the sexual specifics (and those were some fun conversations that, embarrassingly, got Seokjin harder than any porn he's watched recently could). But there's one thing in particular he wanted to ask in person.

"You said you could only do this if the two of you could be together. Is it just that you're a very committed couple? I guess I just want to be sure, ah, this is really what you want. That having sex with a third person won't cause a rift in your relationship."

Jungkook glances to Jimin and Jimin nods, fiddling with his rings a little when he starts to speak. "Thank you for asking, but no, we're not worried about anything happening to our relationship with each other. We were with a third person in our earlier college years, and it was amazing, even if our feelings for him never went beyond platonic. He's still a close friend," Jimin says with a smile.

"So you just don't want to do this arrangement with one of you left out?" Seokjin asks.

"It's just... well, we love each other," Jimin says, taking Jungkook's hand. "We want to be together, even for this, and we're both less nervous when the other is around. We talked about trying something else, doing porn or cam shows." Jimin laughs, clearly a little embarrassed, but just the brief thought shoots heat into Seokjin's stomach. "But money is never guaranteed, and we were worried about doing something so public."

"I know it's already in the contract, but my team and I will do everything we can to keep your identities private. Thankfully," Seokjin says with a little bit of a smirk, "despite my incredible good looks, I'm too boring for paparazzi to bother with me. You can stay with me or I'll send a vehicle to pick you up when we meet."

"Honestly, staying with you sounds really nice," Jungkook admits, "but we want to try it first with just spending weekends with you. Going over Friday night and returning Monday morning in time for our afternoon classes."

"That sounds perfect," Seokjin says. As smitten as he is with them, moving in right away would've been a big step. "You're still okay with doing this on a month-by-month basis? Of course either of us can terminate if it's not working out, but that way I'd be paying you in advance on the first of each month."

"Yeah, that's still good with us." Jimin is startled when the waiter comes by with their food, the conversation put on hold for the next half hour or so while they eat and talk and Jimin does, indeed, get Jungkook to feed him bites of his steak.

Seokjin is glad to see them eat well. They reassured him they weren't starving or anything, that they had both been working part-time jobs, but Jungkook's hours were cut recently and the stress of working and studying had been weighing heavily on both of them.

"Don't get us wrong, though," Jimin says, "we want this. We're both, ah—"


"I was going to say sexually adventurous, Jungkook-ah, but sure, horny works too." Seokjin laughs, loves how blunt they are with him in a way few people in his life are. "We're really excited for the sex."

"Especially now that we've met you," Jungkook adds. He is quieter than Jimin, almost shy, but has these moments of staring at Seokjin with a dark curiosity that makes Seokjin's arousal flare.

He wants them. He knew he would, but he is breathless with how much he wants them. He thinks it's safe to say the attraction is mutual, though, from the tension between them that's gone from nervous to excited, from the way Jimin pulls Seokjin into a hug before leaving the restaurant and whispers into his ear, "We look forward to getting to know you better, Seokjin-ssi."

"Hyung," Seokjin says, swallowing when Jimin meets his eyes. "You can both just call me hyung."

"Thank you again for dinner, hyung," Jungkook says politely, and Seokjin heats up at the way Jungkook says the honorific, at the way Jimin's hand slides down to Jungkook's ass as they're walking away together.

These two are definitely going to be a handful, but Seokjin can't think of anything he wants more.

It's another week and a half of details and documents being sorted out — they could do this more unofficially, the arrangement service leaves it up to the clients to work out, but Seokjin likes having the security of things written down on paper — and then the first Friday of the month rolls around, and Seokjin panic-cooks enough food for seven people while waiting for Jungkook and Jimin to show up.

He takes a picture and sends it to Yoongi, because Yoongi is still at the office and could probably use a laugh. 

Jimin and Jungkook arrive and Seokjin's personal driver immediately puts their overnight bags away in the guest room for them while Seokjin shows them around. They both look sufficiently impressed, their wide-eyed gazes bordering on adorable, but Seokjin personally can't take his eyes off them. They're wearing tight jeans and Jimin is in a soft, pink sweater with a wide collar, while Jungkook just has a tight white t-shirt on underneath his jacket.

Seokjin is just thinking about how much he wants to devour them when Jungkook says, "Oh, food! I thought I smelled food. Jin-hyung, is this for us?"

Seokjin melts a little at the Jin-hyung, feels something similar whenever Jimin says Seokjinnie-hyung. They're such sweet little devils, that's for sure.

"This is a lot of food," Jimin says slowly, cautiously, and Seokjin realizes maybe it looks like other people are going to be coming over. He chokes on the water he was sipping, shaking his head.

"No, no, I just. I stress-cook. It's just us here tonight, we can put away any leftovers for tomorrow."

Jimin smiles then, relaxes, and as soon as Seokjin takes a bite, Jungkook starts digging into the food as well. "I didn't expect you'd be cooking for us yourself. Now it kind of feels like you're the sugar baby."

Seokjin laughs, a short burst of noise. "Yah, I'm still spoiling you, remember? This isn't— I'm not having you stay over to be my house-husbands. You can relax as much as you want here, use the gaming PC, use the hot tub, whatever you want."

"Gaming PC?" Jungkook asks at the exact same time Jimin asks, "Hot tub?" They exchange looks, and Seokjin starts laughing for real, his embarrassing window-wiper laugh they haven't been subjected to yet.

"Hyung," Jimin says through his own giggles, covering his mouth because he's still chewing, "you're so cute, what the fuck."

"Ah, you say that, wait until he starts making bad puns in real life and not just over text—"

"Jimin loves my puns!" Seokjin shouts, defensive.

"Jimin laughs at everything."

"At least call me hyung, don't be like this," Jimin whines at Jungkook, shoving at his arm. Jungkook is smiling, though — they both are, and when Seokjin realizes their dishes are mostly empty, he says, "Would you like a drink, after dinner? We can relax for a bit, or we can..." He trails off, knows his ears must be blushing, but thankfully Jimin picks up on what he doesn't say.

"Maybe not this time, for having a drink, although I promise we can hold our alcohol," Jimin says, eyes glittering. Both his and Jungkook's makeup is a lot more subtle tonight, maybe because with what they have planned, it's bound to get a little ruined. Heat tugs in Seokjin's gut at the thought. "We would love to see your room, though, hyung."


Jungkook nods, and then he's standing up, walking over to Seokjin and leaning down, sliding his arms around Seokjin's shoulders.

It's the most contact he's had with Jungkook so far. He smells good, like he's wearing a perfume, and Seokjin shivers at the brush of Jungkook's lips when he whispers next to Seokjin's ear, "Hyung works so hard and we really want to help him relax. Can we please go to your room now, Jin-hyung?"

Seokjin swallows, cock already stiffening at the thought, at the low, sweet tone of Jungkook's voice and the warmth of his breath over Seokjin's ear.

"Sure, if you're both finished."

"Mm, we are," Jimin speaks up. "Do you want us to help you put away the food first?"

Seokjin shakes his head. "No, no, I'll send a quick message to my cook, they live on the floor below. There are much better things we could do for foreplay than packing away side dishes."

Jungkook clicks his tongue. "I mean, I don't know, does your refrigerator have low shelves? When Jiminie-hyung bends over, it's really—"

Jimin bursts into giggles, standing up and leaning into Jungkook's side. "Stop that, aren't you being too familiar with Seokjinnie-hyung already?"

"No, it's." Seokjin pauses, doesn't know how to put into words how grateful he is that they can tease each other, that doing this with them is so comfortable, so easy, the fact he's paying them doesn't even faze him. "It's okay. I don't mind you two acting up, it just gives me more reason to show you who's in charge."

Jimin's smile is wicked, a very hot contrast to the way Jungkook's eyes are wide like he wasn't expecting those words from Seokjin. "You should show us now, just to make sure the lesson sticks."

"I, ah." Seokjin swallows again, and then huffs out a laugh. "I honestly don't know what this roleplay is right now, but fuck, yes, let's go to my room."

The first thing Jimin does when they get to Seokjin's bedroom is grab him by the front of his shirt and drag his mouth down into a kiss.

Soft, Seokjin thinks, kissing back once Jimin lets him, marvelling at how slick and plush his lips are. Jimin's hands slide up to Seokjin's shoulders, squeezing there, sighing against Seokjin's mouth when he does.

"Your shoulders are so broad, I can't wait to see you shirtless."

"I know you were lying about not having abs, I want to see too," Jungkook adds, coming up behind Jimin and resting his chin on Jimin's shoulder, staring at Seokjin with an almost predatory hunger.

It's nice, to know they want him this much, because Seokjin feels out of his mind with how much he wants them.

"Sure, we can get undressed," Seokjin says pleasantly, "and then I want one of your mouths on my cock."

Jimin moans, pulling Seokjin in for another hard kiss. It's not Seokjin's first threesome ever (college had been an eye-opening experience for him too), but it still takes him a moment to get used to kissing Jimin under Jungkook's watchful gaze. He nibbles at Jimin's lower lip just to hear his sharp inhale and then pulls away, meeting Jungkook's eyes.

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says, reaching for the hem of his shirt and pulling it off up over his head, letting it drop to the floor. Jungkook shamelessly looks down, and Seokjin really thinks it might be subconscious when Jungkook licks his lips. "Aren't you going to kiss me too? Are you shy?"

The teasing comment works exactly the way Seokjin wants it to. Jungkook's eyes darken, and Jimin laughs and steps aside so Jungkook can move forward to push Seokjin up against the wall. It's not a hard push, but Jungkook stays close enough to trap him there and slides a hand around the back of Seokjin's neck.

Jungkook is so beautiful up close. Even at his age, even with his powerful body, there's still a boyish charm to his features, his big, bright eyes and pouty lips, his round nose. Seokjin closes his eyes and waits, and Jungkook's kiss comes with a shaky exhale, lips fitting over Seokjin's, slow and exploratory until he gets more comfortable.

"Baby," Seokjin whispers, sucking around Jungkook's lip, kissing the little mole just below it. "Do you think you can get Jiminie ready for my cock while he sucks me off? I know you two were playing around before you came over—" There were text messages, and all of them had heat pouring into Seokjin's stomach before nerves and the urge to stress-cook took over. "—but I want to make sure he's nice and open for me, okay?"

"Okay," Jungkook agrees, eyes fluttering open when Seokjin leans back against the wall. "Now?"

Seokjin smiles. "No, now I want you both to kiss while I watch, because I've only been thinking about it, oh, since the very first picture I saw of you two."

"Oh," Jungkook says, and Jimin steps close, slides an arm around Jungkook's tiny waist and grins brightly at Seokjin.

"C'mon, Jungkookie. Let's kiss a little for Seokjinnie-hyung."

Jungkook turns in Jimin's arms, bends his head down slightly and captures Jimin's lips in a deep kiss.

Right away, Seokjin gets a sense of their familiarity and comfort with each other in a way that warms him to watch. Jungkook is both gentle with Jimin and not, mouths kissing hungrily, tongues slipping past lips, but his hand at the side of Jimin's face holds him so tenderly.

"Hyung," Jimin moans between kisses, and it takes Seokjin a moment to realize that he's the one being referred to. (Unless Jimin and Jungkook have kinks they haven't yet told him about.)


Jimin pulls away from Jungkook's mouth panting, lips swollen, eyes dark. "Can we get undressed now?"

"Yes, a great idea, let's do it," Seokjin quickly agrees.

Seokjin is maybe technically wearing pajama bottoms so he undresses quickly, which is wonderful if only because then he gets to watch.

Jimin's lovely pink sweater goes first, baring all his lovely flushed, smooth skin. He's as slender as Seokjin imagined, smaller shoulders and chest, slim hips, but his body is unique, too. He has a tattoo, dark writing at the side of his chest, has a very round ass that Jungkook seems to be having difficulty getting Jimin's jeans down over, and when Jimin throws his head back and laughs at the awkwardness of the situation, Seokjin can't stop staring at his pale throat, his collarbone.

Jungkook, similarly, has tattoos from his shoulder down to his hand — some that Seokjin has seen before, some that he hasn't — and broader shoulders, a broad chest, a very toned abdomen. Jimin takes his time getting Jungkook out of his jeans and underwear, and when Seokjin sees how big Jungkook's cock is, he thinks he understands why.

Once they're naked Jimin steps back over to Seokjin (Jungkook's eyes drop down to Jimin's ass as he does, and Seokjin thinks, That's fair), looking at him now with a new, satisfied kind of heat as he circles his short fingers around Seokjin's cock, stroking. Seokjin is already hard, and Jimin's hand feels like heaven.

"Do you like what you see, daddy?"

Seokjin's stomach clenches with a sudden, embarrassed heat. "Jimin-ah," Seokjin chokes out, "That was on the maybe list, how can you already pull this out—"

"Do you want me to stop?" For this, Jimin isn't teasing. He asks seriously, waiting.

The problem is. Seokjin really doesn't want him to stop. That word, in Jimin's voice — or, god, imagining it in Jungkook's voice too — goes straight to his dick, fueling those guilty, animal desires he normally tries to hide away.

It's such an expected kink, with their age difference, with their situation. But it doesn't make Seokjin any less aroused hearing Jimin indulge it.

"You don't have to stop," Seokjin finally says, ducking his head to press a kiss to a mole right atop Jimin's collarbone. "You know I like it, you brat."

"We hoped you would," Jimin says, letting go of Seokjin's dick. Seokjin resists the urge to rock his hips forward.

"We definitely thought it would be a shame to have a sugar daddy that wouldn't let us call him daddy at least once," Jungkook says, and Seokjin laughs at that.

They settle on the bed, rearrange their warm, bare bodies with kisses and glancing touches until Jimin is kneeling between Seokjin's thighs and Jungkook is behind him with the lube. He gives Jimin's ass a slap, and Seokjin notes with a sharp twist of heat that Jimin jolts from the smack but doesn't complain, just blushes prettily and lowers his mouth over Seokjin's cock.

Jimin is exactly as good at giving head as Seokjin imagined in his guiltiest fantasies. Maybe even better, actually.

The soft, wet heat of his mouth is so inviting, lips dragging over the length of his cock, throat opening when Seokjin lifts his hips and sinks deeper. Seokjin desperately tries to keep his eyes open even as the pleasure builds, torn between watching Jimin take his cock and watching Jungkook open him up. The way Jungkook's wrist and forearm move is entrancingly hot, the shift of muscle under tattooed skin, the way he teases Jimin and draws out these needy little moans that vibrate around Seokjin's cock.

Jimin is so good, in fact, that Seokjin has to grab at his hair to pull him off his cock before he does something stupid like come in Jimin's mouth.

"Wasn't finished, daddy," Jimin says, looking an especially sinful combination of sweet and wrecked with his swollen mouth and wet chin, his face scrunching when Jungkook adds another finger, up to three now. "Ah, fuck."

"Your mouth is perfect, but I don't want to come until I'm inside you. Jungkook-ah, is he ready?"

Jimin rests his cheek on Seokjin's thigh, moans again when Jungkook draws his fingers out and gives another loud spank to Jimin's ass.

"Yeah, he's ready."

"You could've just asked me," Jimin mumbles, and it makes Seokjin laugh.

"Jimin-ah. Are you okay with riding me, if I lean back like this?" Seokjin slouches back against the pillows, not quite sitting up straight.

Jimin nods, already crawling up the bed, huffing out a laugh as he moves to straddle Seokjin. "Will you get annoyed if I say this is easier to do with Jungkookie because his waist is so tiny?"

Seokjin snorts. "No, I'm not annoyed. His waist is small enough for me to wrap my hands around. Isn't it, Kookie?" Seokjin says a little louder, and something behind Jungkook's eyes flashes hot before he's moving up the bed.

"Are you jealous, hyung?"

Seokjin bites his lip, knows he's taking a risk but does it anyway when he says, "That's not what you're supposed to call me, Jungkook."

Jungkook swallows. Seokjin doesn't know if he's imagining the flush in Jungkook's cheeks and down his neck getting darker or not.

"Go on, call him properly," Jimin says, breathless. He's already taken the lube from Jungkook and strokes over Seokjin's cock, possibly a little overkill because of the way Seokjin is still wet from Jimin's mouth.

Jungkook chews at his lip and then finally says, "What do you want me to do, daddy?"

Seokjin groans. He honest-to-god groans just from hearing Jungkook call him that, not even in an innocent tone but just— embarrassed, slightly, and mumbled, and somehow that makes it so much hotter.

"I want you to help Jimin sit on my dick and then I want yours in my mouth while he rides me."

Jimin gasps, and Seokjin grabs at Jimin's hips, tries to stop him from grinding over his cock.

"Shit, yeah, okay," Jungkook says, and Jimin laughs. He reaches up to pull Jungkook down for a short, hard kiss before Jungkook is helping line Seokjin's cock up, pushing at Jimin's back until he scoots up enough for the head to press at his rim.

It's been a long time since Seokjin has had sex with anyone. An embarrassingly long time, which is why as soon as his cock starts to push into Jimin's hole, slick and hot and squeezing, he digs his fingers into Jimin's hips and gasps out, "Wait, wait."

He can feel both Jimin and Jungkook's stares on him, and it's confirmed when Seokjin opens his eyes.

"Are you okay? Is this too much? Hey, hyung, what is it?" Jimin asks softly.

"No, no, I'm good, it's just—" Seokjin laughs, short and embarrassed. "It's been so long, the feeling is intense. Fuck, I'm older than you, I refuse to come right away."

"Oh," Jimin says, lips tugging into a smirk, and he grinds a little back on Seokjin's cock. "It feels good, then, daddy? Do you like how tight I am for you?"

"Yes," Seokjin replies immediately, and then laughs at himself, reaching for Jungkook. "Kook, baby, come here and distract me." Jimin is perfectly hot, clenching around his cock each time he swirls his hips, and it's driving Seokjin wild with the need to thrust.

Jungkook kneels next to Seokjin, spreads his legs slightly until he's at the perfect height to brace one hand on the headboard and slowly feed his cock past Seokjin's lips.

"Yeah, that's it," Jungkook groans, fingers threading into Seokjin's hair. He doesn't try to thrust, just lets Seokjin bob his head and swallow, taking what he can, mouth so full with Jungkook's heavy cock. "Love your mouth, your pretty lips."

"How does he feel, Jungkook?" Jimin asks, rocking his ass back steadily on Seokjin's cock. "Do you like having daddy suck your cock?"

It's Seokjin who groans this time, the sound muffled.

Jungkook whines, hips just barely moving forward, the sweetest little thrusts like he doesn't dare try to take any more from Seokjin than that. "He feels good, so good."

"Tell him."

Fuck, Seokjin vows to buy Jimin an entire store's worth of designer sweaters after this.

"Your mouth feels so good, daddy, thank you, ah." Jungkook drops his head forward, body curling closer around Seokjin, and from the taste of pre-come over his tongue and the tension in Jungkook's stomach and thighs, Seokjin wonders if he's close.

"Daddy's cock feels good too, Jungkookie," Jimin says, teeth sinking into his lip as he lifts his hips and drops back down, clenching heat around Seokjin's cock every time he does. "Wish he didn't have to go to work, wish I could just skip class and sit in his lap all day."

Make that two stores' worth of designer sweaters.

Seokjin pulls off of Jungkook's cock, gasping, watching the way Jungkook's eyes darken at the trail of spit. He clears his throat, says, "I want to try something."

Jimin stills, and Seokjin reaches down between them to squeeze and stroke over his neglected cock, grinning when Jimin hums and tightens up around Seokjin some more.

"Yeah? What is it?"

"I want to fuck you on your back and I want—I want Jungkook to fuck me."

Jimin's eyes widen. Next to him, Jungkook whines high in his throat.

"At the same time?"

"Fuck, yeah. At the same time. It might be awkward, we can stop if it is, but I." Seokjin risks a glance at Jungkook, broad and flushed and so distressingly gorgeous that Seokjin wants to bite him and kiss him with the same fevered urgency. "I really want that."

"Okay, okay, let's get your tight ass ready then," Jimin says, lifting off of Seokjin's lap, both of their faces scrunching when Seokjin's cock slips out.

"Yah, I'm still your elder."

Jimin laughs. "I know. What, I can't appreciate daddy's tight ass?" Jimin's grin is outright wicked when he continues, "You said it's been a while, are you sure you can handle Jungkookie's big dick?"

"If there's one thing daddy isn't afraid to admit, Jimin-ah, it's that he's a little bit of a size queen," Seokjin says with a straight face. It has the desired effect — Jimin throws his head back and laughs, tipping into Jungkook's side before they all rearrange on the bed.

Seokjin settles on his elbows and knees and sucks Jimin's cock as Jungkook fingers him. It doesn't take long, since Seokjin did admittedly get ready in the shower in preparation for doing something like this, but he still takes the time to enjoy the way Jungkook's long fingers fill him, the way he strokes and teases.

Jimin gasps and moans as Seokjin swallows around him and Seokjin can't get enough of the sight. Jimin's beautiful looks were made for something like this, face vulnerable and exquisite when it's scrunched up or slack with pleasure, the long line of his throat, the trembling muscles of his stomach.

"Gorgeous," Seokjin rasps, pulling off of Jimin's cock and getting up to his hands and knees, keening when Jungkook's fingers sink deeper. "My gorgeous boys. I'm ready, I am, just— get inside me, fuck."

"Yes, daddy," Jungkook says, in a voice far too low and knowing to be anything other than deliberate teasing.

It shows how lost in his own arousal Seokjin is that he doesn't even tease back.

Jimin lifts his legs, bent at the knee, and Seokjin carefully guides his cock back to Jimin's hole, slick with more lube and throbbing with the need to be back inside that tight heat. Jimin opens for him, hole giving under the pressure as Seokjin sinks slowly inside, and once he's bottomed out he says, "Go on, Jungkook-ah."

Jungkook presses in much slower, much wetter, and Seokjin is grateful once he realizes just how much Jungkook's cock stretches him open, the sheer thickness of him.

Seokjin wasn't joking about being a size queen, but it still feels like having the breath punched out of him, being stretched open on Jungkook's cock, filled with it.

"You're shaking," Jimin says, arms around Seokjin's shoulders. Sweet Jimin, with his soft voice and soft eyes, the heat of him around Seokjin's cock a welcome distraction right now. "Are you still okay?"

"Yeah, fuck, I am. Are you?"

Jimin nods, smiling. "I can't wait to feel him fuck you into me. It's such a fun feeling, ah. Does he feel good?"

"I love it," Seokjin moans, face warm, pleasure tight in his belly. "I love it so much."

"Do you hear that, Jungkook-ah? Your big dick is making daddy feel so good right now." Jimin sounds smug, and it is far too attractive, on top of everything else.

"You can— harder," Seokjin chokes out. "You can fuck daddy harder now, baby."

Jungkook groans, a deep, helpless sound, and then he starts to thrust.

Oh, Jimin wasn't wrong. Jungkook's thrusts do push his hips forward into Jimin, like he's fucking Jimin through Seokjin's body, and the thought of it is so hot that Seokjin moans, braces himself and feels even more heat flood him at the wet sound of their smacking hips, Jimin's high moans and Jungkook's soft breaths, both so loud in his ears. He loves being between their bodies like this, loves the closeness and intimacy of it, loves the way they smell and the sounds they make.

Seokjin has no idea how he hasn't come yet. He sees Jimin sneak a hand between them to start jerking himself off in tight, fast strokes, and Seokjin asks, "Jimin-ah, baby, are you close?"

Jimin nods, gasps out a short laugh. "Feels so good."

Pleasure climbs in Seokjin's belly and he starts to fuck forward into Jimin and then back onto Jungkook's cock, his movements almost wild, Jungkook having a hard time keeping up until their hips meet sharply, Jungkook's cock hitting so deep.

"Daddy," Jimin moans, and Seokjin can see the way his body draws up tight, muscles straining. "Daddy, please, don't stop, oh—"

Jimin comes, breath hitching, all over his stomach and chest, muscles squeezing so tight around Seokjin's pulsing cock that it doesn't take him long to follow, not when he's already so worked up. His hips still against Jimin's ass, body shuddering as he spills inside.

Seokjin's cock continues to jerk, nearing oversensitivity, as Jungkook fucks into him and keeps hitting his prostate, chasing his own orgasm.

"That's it," Seokjin tells him, reaching back behind Jungkook to grab at his ass, squeezing and almost laughing when he realizes it's mostly muscle. "That's it, baby, you did so well, both of you, making me come. Are you going to come now? Want to come inside daddy?"

Jungkook chokes out a sound almost like a sob and slams his hips forward when he starts to come, grinding his cock into Seokjin's prostate. Seokjin gasps and feels his own cock jerk inside Jimin, spurting weakly, not quite a second orgasm but still new, hot shockwaves of pleasure that rush through him.

Beneath him, Jimin sighs.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears, sitting up and easing his cock out of Jimin. Jimin makes a face at the mess, but Seokjin— can't stop staring. Maybe this is a little bit of a thing for him too, and he watches Jimin's face for any sign of protest as he rubs the head of his cock back over Jimin's stretched hole, slowly pushing the come back inside.

Jimin gasps, hole fluttering around the tip of his cock, like it's not sure if it wants to suck him back in or push him out. "Hyung."

"Sorry, I just— I was just being a huge fucking pervert," he admits in a hoarse voice. Behind him, Jungkook laughs, voice rough as well, and grinds his hips against Seokjin's ass. "Hey!"

"Mmm, you feel so good, though. Sometimes Jiminie lets me get hard again inside him—"

"Don't tell him that," Jimin hisses, blushing, and Seokjin just. Suddenly and desperately wants to kiss them both. "Oh, what's that look on your face for?" Jimin asks.

Seokjin leans down and kisses him, soft, his chest fluttering when Jimin's lips open and move with his own.

Jungkook does pull out, carefully, and Seokjin can feel Jungkook's come leaking from him, thinks maybe it would be worth investing in some plugs for them to play with instead of just letting the mess drip out after sex like this.

Seokjin would like to blame all these perversions on having sex with these beautiful twenty-somethings, but really, he knows it's all his own brain's fault. Oh well.

"Me too," Jungkook huffs after a minute, and Seokjin laughs when Jungkook physically pulls him away from Jimin and pins him to the bed, covering Seokjin's mouth with his own in a searing kiss.

Seokjin rests his hands on Jungkook's waist and smiles into the kisses, feels a satisfied kind of warmth settle inside him when Jimin snuggles up against his side, pressing his own kisses to Seokjin's bare shoulder.

"So," Jimin says cheerfully. "Daddy kink."

"Not a word," Seokjin snaps, even though he knows they will talk about it eventually, because it's the responsible thing to do.

"It was hot." Seokjin can hear the pout in Jimin's voice.

"Yeah, it was hot." Jungkook kisses down Seokjin's neck, across the front of his throat, and Seokjin tips his head back and shivers. "Are hickeys okay?"

Seokjin laughs loudly. "Jungkook-ah. I'm not a teenager, I can't go to work with a hickey."

"So that's a no?"

Seokjin purses his lips for a moment, silent, and Jimin starts to giggle.

"Sounds like a yes to me," Jimin says.

"Just—" Seokjin thinks he might be blushing, or maybe it's just his ears that are very hot. "God, fine, yes, give me a hickey. I have concealer, I don't care."

"Jungkookie's really good with his mouth," Jimin whispers, like he doesn't want Jungkook to overhear even though he very obviously can. "You should let him eat you out next time."

"God, yeah," Jungkook agrees, sucking at Seokjin's neck, heat stirring in Seokjin's belly even if it's a little too soon for him to get hard again.

"Jimin-ah, Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says after a moment, when Jungkook has finished his sucking and is nuzzling sleepily at Seokjin's throat instead. "Was this okay? You're not regretting this, or anything?"

They're both quiet for a moment, and it takes Seokjin a few seconds to realize, from the way their eyebrows move as they stare at each other, that they're communicating silently through looks. It's sickeningly adorable.

"Hyung," Jimin finally says, "I don't want you to get any ideas, okay?"

"Um, okay."

"But we would do this again with you for free. In a heartbeat. You're— you're kind of perfect, you know that? And so hot," Jimin whines, smacking a hand flat on Seokjin's chest.

"Ah, well. Thank you?"

"We had a really good time, is what Jimin-hyung means to say," Jungkook mumbles. He smiles sweetly, adds, "We're really excited for anything else we do together in the future, too. We had a lot of worries, ah, about being with someone who would favor one of us over the other or get jealous if we were intimate with each other in front of them, but you were perfect."

Seokjin blinks quickly, eyes stinging, and can't even pretend it's not because their honesty touches him. "That's— thank you, I guess. I really enjoyed being with you too. You're both kind of wild in bed."

Jimin giggles, his own eyes a little too shiny in a way that warms Seokjin's heart. And then he pinches one of Seokjin's nipples between his fingers at the same time Jungkook bites his shoulder, and after Seokjin's startled yelp, Jimin says, "Oh, hyung, you haven't seen anything yet."

"Is that a threat?" Seokjin asks, incredulous, his shoulder still kind of stinging from Jungkook's unprompted bite. "Park Jimin, are you threatening me?"

"Threatening you with a good time, maybe," Jungkook adds, face scrunching at his own joke. Seokjin's heart clenches, the near-painful realization of, oh, he already adores these two. He is so fucked.

"So about that hot tub..." Jimin says a few seconds later, and then laughs loudly when Jungkook climbs over Seokjin and gathers Jimin up in his arms, lifting him off the bed, heading outside the room.

"We'll see you there, hyung!" Jungkook calls, walking away naked with an equally naked Jimin still laughing in his arms.

Seokjin stares and thinks, Jungkook is very strong, and then, Good god what have I gotten myself into.

And then he follows after them, of course.

Chapter Text

It's not exactly a secret that Jungkook likes pain.

Well, maybe it's not pain exactly. Namjoon has had this personal theory for a while that Jungkook just likes to overwhelm his senses, likes to push his limits beyond what the average person would, either for praise or for his own personal satisfaction.

So while Jungkook will be blinking away tears just from banging his elbow into a cupboard, Namjoon is also aware that Jungkook works out until he physically can't anymore, that he presses on bruises sometimes with a little hiss just because, and that when Namjoon tugs hard at his ponytail one morning, Jungkook moans.

The sound really can't be confused for anything else, especially after being around each other so long and knowing, regrettably, what all their sexual noises sound like. Jungkook really moans, and Namjoon blurts out, "Sorry, I didn't know."

It's a weird thing to say. Jungkook is blushing, and he reaches up like he's going to touch his hair and just ends up touching his ear instead. "Ah," he says, a little miserably.

"Like, I didn't know—" Namjoon needs to stop talking. "I didn't realize you— I'm sorry."

"Hyung," Jungkook whines. His voice is still rough with sleep. "It's not like that."

"It's okay if it is like that."

"Ah, what?" Jungkook turns away, trying to squeeze past Namjoon to get to the cupboard with the bowls. He reaches up on tiptoe, and Namjoon's hand instinctively goes to Jungkook's waist, a little surprised to find his hip bare because Jungkook rarely wears shirts these days short enough to ride up and show skin.

Jungkook freezes, very noticeably tensing up under the touch, and Namjoon mumbles a quick, "Oh, sorry." For whatever reason, because apparently his brain has gone on vacation and left Namjoon to fumble on his own, he squeezes the smooth, bare skin underneath his fingers before letting go and stepping back.

Jungkook drops back onto his heels and lets out a shuddering breath. There's a blush creeping into his cheeks, making them visibly pink. "Namjoon-hyung."

"Yeah, I, uh, made this a little awkward, huh? I'm just going to—" Namjoon doesn't finish, leaving the kitchen without letting himself look back at Jungkook again, although the image is already imprinted in his mind. Jungkook in a t-shirt and loose pajama pants that sit low on his hips, the dark swirls and lettering of ink on his arm, his slim, muscled body, his hair put up in a messy ponytail, his hands clutching the counter and head slightly ducked down so Namjoon could see the blush on the back of his neck, too.

Namjoon gets to his bedroom and realizes he's forgotten his coffee, and does not go back for it.

Namjoon feels guilty. He looks deeper into why he feels guilty, and realizes it's because lately he's been having thoughts about Jungkook that aren't just normal, friendly thoughts, and then starts to feel even guiltier.

He isn't sure who to talk to about this. Someone outside the group? A professional? Do they have hotlines you can call if you start to see your groupmate whose well-being you are somewhat responsible for in a sexier light?

Probably not.

Working together goes fine, though. There are, quite frankly, enough of them that Namjoon isn't left alone with just Jungkook at any point, and Jungkook doesn't act awkward or traumatized so it's not like they have to actively avoid each other, either. Maybe Jungkook is a little more shy, when most days he would have already draped his arms over Namjoon's shoulders during a break or stared shamelessly as Namjoon changed his shirt (which is actually normal, as Jungkook has been doing this for the past 7 or 8 years), but otherwise, things are fine and Namjoon breathes a sigh of relief that they can just shrug it off as an embarrassing moment between them.

And then Jungkook comes up to him, puts a hairband in Namjoon's palm that he stares at for a good five seconds before Jungkook is saying, "Can you help me put my hair up?"

Namjoon stares. "Uh."

"Like, in a ponytail."

There's no reason for Namjoon to say no. He has actually done this before, just once, kind of playfully just before a rehearsal for IDOL, and it wasn't a big deal then. "Why don't you ask Jimin?"

"Jimin-hyung's in the bathroom." Jungkook's tone is bordering on whiny. "You don't have to if I'm weirding you out."

Oh, no. "You're not!" Namjoon says quickly. "I can. Just— ah, as long as you're okay with it."

"Yeah, of course," Jungkook mutters, already turning around.

"Actually, can we sit on the floor? My feet are killing me."

Jungkook hums, and they both sit on the practice room floor, Jungkook stretching his legs out in front of him and Namjoon kneeling behind him.

Jungkook's hair is thankfully not too sweaty, actually kind of soft when Namjoon combs his fingers through it, brushing it back carefully from his face. He admittedly spends longer doing this than necessary, but he thinks Jungkook might like the attention from the way he tips his head back into Namjoon's hands, the way he closes his eyes and hums again.

Head massages or just general hair petting doesn't happen often during the day because of sweat and hair product, and Namjoon wonders if this is something Jungkook would like to have more of. Jungkook often plays or pets at the hair on the back of Namjoon's head, probably more of a habit at this point than anything else, and it always feels nice, sometimes even sends warm tingles down his spine.

"Hyung," Jungkook says in a low murmur.

Namjoon, for whatever reason, feels his face heat. "Sorry, I got distracted." He has maybe just been carding his fingers through Jungkook's hair for a few minutes now.

"No, I was going to say— feels really nice. I love your hands."

"Oh, well, thanks," Namjoon says, flushing warmer even as he lets his nails scratch a little at Jungkook's scalp. Jungkook's head is tilted back so far that Namjoon can see the way Jungkook's throat bobs when he swallows.

Namjoon, realizing their break will be up soon, starts to gather Jungkook's hair back into a ponytail, fingers combing Jungkook's thick hair from each direction to get it all pulled tight together. He holds the ponytail with one hand and slips the hairband over it with the other, pulling again as he loops the band over a couple times until it's all tucked away.

Namjoon doesn't notice until he's done that Jungkook's hands are curled into tight fists on either side of him.


Jungkook blinks his eyes open, glances off to the side at the mirror and tilts his head this way and that. "Yeah, thanks." His voice comes out hoarse, and he clears his throat, gives Namjoon a very soft smile. "The head massage was nice too."

"Yeah, sorry, I just—" Namjoon doesn't know why he's apologizing again, a little flustered in that way he's been lately whenever Jungkook wears his hair pulled back, bold eyebrows and wide eyes and sharp jawline.

Thankfully Jimin interrupts them before Namjoon can blurt out something else he'll regret. Namjoon watches, though, as Jimin gives a little tug on Jungkook's ponytail and Jungkook just scrunches his face in annoyance, giving a gentle shove to Jimin's chest to push him away.

That is, Namjoon thinks, a very different reaction from the one Jungkook had earlier that morning. 


Namjoon does end up talking to someone about it, if only because Jimin and Taehyung show up at his studio one afternoon (never a good sign for Namjoon's work productivity), holding hands and looking very serious.

Namjoon really hopes they just, like, broke something expensive or maybe decided they want to write another song about being soulmates, and aren't here to announce something horrible.

"Hyung," Jimin says, "we have something important to tell you."

"Okay," Namjoon says slowly, cautiously.

Taehyung puffs his chest out a little and says, "We're dating."

Namjoon blinks. Why are they telling him this? "Other people?"

"No," Jimin says, the tone of his voice mildly offended. "Each other."

"Oh. Well, yeah."

"Yah, what does 'yeah' mean? You don't look surprised at all," Jimin complains.

"Because, uh, I'm not. You guys have— we've literally all walked in on you, like, multiple times. A lot of times."

"Well yeah, I guess, but that doesn't mean anything."

"It was literally sex. That we've walked in on. Multiple times."

Taehyung is pouting now. "Can't you just tell us you're happy for us? You're the first one we decided to tell."

Namjoon lets out a sigh, realizes there's no point mentioning that everyone already knows. "I am happy for you. Really. It's really cool and mature that you're able to balance a relationship and the group, and that you make each other happy." Their faces both soften at that, which is very sweet, but also strikes Namjoon with an idea. "Hey, wait, before you go. I kind of wanted to talk to someone about this... situation I'm in."

And so he explains to them his increasingly spicy thoughts about Jungkook, the kitchen incident, about the way just earlier that day Namjoon tried lifting Jungkook just to see if he could between filming and Jungkook got very flustered and wouldn't look Namjoon in the eye for the next hour.

Taehyung and Jimin hum and nod and then, when Namjoon is finally done, Taehyung says, "Well why don't you just fuck him?"

Namjoon's stomach twists. "Uh. What?"

Taehyung shrugs. "I mean, if he's gagging for it..."

"Don't—Don't say that about him, what," Namjoon sputters.

Jimin laughs. "We're not being mean, have you seen the way he eats bananas lately, hyung? He is gagging for it."

If Namjoon has seen Jungkook eating a banana, there's a very good chance he immediately blocked it from his brain for the sake of self-preservation. "What does that have to do with me and my perverted feelings, though?"

Taehyung leans in to whisper to Jimin, not bothering to lower his voice enough so that Namjoon can't hear as well, "Do you think he really doesn't know?"

"No one's that oblivious, it's brought up in interviews all the time. Jungkookie is the one to bring it up in interviews."

"Know what?"

"That Jungkook has been in love with you since day one, so if you think you pulling his hair tapped into his pain kink, then yeah, you're probably right."

"He does take spankings way too easily," Taehyung adds, eyebrows furrowed. "We should explore this. Do you still have nipple clamps?"

"Okay, hold on, hold on," Namjoon interrupts them before he's traumatized by their sex shenanigans forever or, even worse, thinking about Jungkook with clamps on his nipples. (Fuck.) "I mean, I know he's always admired me, but no one has a crush on someone for that long. Why wouldn't he say anything?"

"I don't know, for the same reason I've been sucking Jimin's dick for 6 years and only just started calling him my boyfriend?"

"Taehyung-ah," Jimin says softly, tears in his eyes. They share a warm look that, okay yes, is very sweet, but feels out of place with Namjoon's current internal gay panic.

"But he's an adult," Namjoon says. "Surely he's— you know, he's had time to—"

"Hook up with other people?" Taehyung shrugs. "Yeah, maybe, but it's never been serious."

"And the closest he's probably gotten to living out his pain kink is when we punish him as a joke or, like, him getting tattoos," Jimin says. "Not that I'm speaking from experience with the tattoo thing! I'm just saying, the idea of Jungkook wanting you to pull his hair isn't that surprising at all, hyung."

"We don't even know if he actually wants that."

Taehyung exchanges a look with Jimin and then says with a shrug, "Then just ask him."

Namjoon must be out of his mind, later that night, because he actually takes their advice.

He's tried rehearsing what he wants to say in his head, but he's afraid it will come out too awkward or jumbled. Even if it doesn't, it could still very realistically scare Jungkook away, so Namjoon goes for a different approach.

"Jungkook-ah," he says, clearing his throat when his voice comes out weird, almost close to cracking. Jungkook looks up from his phone, hunched over on the couch and waiting his turn for a post-performance recording shower. "Do you want to shower with me?"

Jungkook drops his phone. His eyes go incredibly wide and round, lips parting. "What?"

"Do you want to come take a shower with me?"

Jungkook slowly looks around the room, as if checking for any other Jungkooks Namjoon might be addressing. Namjoon hears snickering from the kitchen, which is almost definitely Jimin eavesdropping.

"I, um. But. Okay?" Jungkook's ears are already bright red and he hasn't made a move to pick his phone back up. "You don't mind? We don't have to share, I can wait."

"I was kind of thinking I could wash your hair for you," Jimin gasps from the kitchen, and Namjoon ignores him, "if that sounds okay with you? Since you didn't mind me playing with your hair the other day."

"Oh," Jungkook says, and he's definitely blushing now, but Namjoon thinks his own face is probably flushed too, if the heat in his cheeks is anything to go by. "Uh, yeah, then sure. That's really nice of you, hyung."

"It's no problem," Namjoon says, chest fluttering when Jungkook smiles at him. Yeah, sure, no problem.

Undressing in the bathroom is a little awkward, there's no way around that. Being in their underwear around each other is pretty normal, but they usually don't stand so close to each other with their dicks out (well, maybe Jimin and Taehyung do, Namjoon guesses).

Namjoon and Jungkook make eye contact, and then they both laugh, both seem to realize how ridiculous they're acting at the same moment.

"I'll just—" Namjoon steps out of his boxers and into the shower, and doesn't look back to see if Jungkook is getting naked too.

He must, though, because a few seconds later he's stepping into the shower behind Namjoon, all bare skin and an averted gaze.

"I won't look," Jungkook says immediately from behind him, and Namjoon blinks. Look at what? His ass? Namjoon is in a group with Park Jimin, his own ass really isn't anything to look at anyway.

"Ah, don't worry about it. Actually, should we switch spots? So I can wash your hair." Namjoon is starting to feel warm just thinking about it, despite the fact the hot spray of the water isn't reaching him, and normally he'd probably be shivering.

It's worth it to instead see Jungkook step under the water, tilt his head back and wet his hair, water cascading down his face and neck and shoulders.

He is... really broad. Maybe Namjoon shouldn't be facing him right now, staring, but Jungkook is broad, his chest wide and firm and his stomach tight with hard-earned muscle. Namjoon, for whatever reason, lets his gaze drop lower, to Jungkook's lower belly, to his cock which must be at least half-hard and his muscled thighs, and that's when Jungkook says, "Ah, hyung."

Namjoon looks up to find Jungkook dripping wet, flushed, teeth worrying at his bottom lip.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry. I don't know why—"

"No, it's whatever, I mean." Jungkook turns around, then, and Namjoon has to strain to hear him when he says, "I... looked at yours when we switched places. I thought you'd notice."

"Oh." Heat tugs in Namjoon's gut. What's happening right now? Namjoon is almost afraid to question it, and he's definitely afraid to glance down and see Jungkook's naked butt in front of him. "Jungkook-ah. Do you want to wash up first, or want me to do your hair...?"

"Let's take turns washing up, come here, you can stand closer." Jungkook's face scrunches a little with a smile and Namjoon steps next to him, their thighs almost touching.

They soap up separate washcloths and scrub clean, just going through the motions, Namjoon being a lot more careful about not sneaking looks, and even more careful about his hand brushing his own hardening dick when he cleans himself. He goes to rinse off after Jungkook does, and Jungkook says, "Want me to scrub your back?"

"I can't tell if you're saying it just to joke around or not."

Jungkook snickers. "I'm not! I mean it. Turn around." Namjoon does, just out of reach of the water, and he waits for the first firm touch of Jungkook's hands on his back, the slightly scratchy material of the washcloth. "Just relax, Namjoon-hyung," Jungkook says, running the cloth up and down the broad expanse of his back, up over his shoulders and down to the small of his back, just above his ass.

Namjoon can't relax, really, when he can feel his cock stiffening from the touches, but he has to admit, they are nice. Jungkook scrubs hard but not 'ahjussi trying to take your skin off' hard, seems content to cover every inch of Namjoon's back until he really is melting into the touches, letting out a soft groan when Jungkook rubs at the back of his neck too.

"Hyung," Jungkook says in a low voice, dangerously close to Namjoon's ear, "does this feel good?"

"Yeah." Namjoon's own voice comes out a little breathless.

"I'm glad. Your back is so broad, it might be as big as Jin-hyung's now."

Namjoon drops his head forward and laughs. "Stop it, he still has the widest shoulders."

"I don't know, yours are really thick now." There's a squeeze at Namjoon's bicep. "I think your arm might be the size of my thigh?"

There's another wild lurch of heat in Namjoon's stomach. "Don't say that. And you've been working out too."

"Mm, I guess." Jungkook goes back to rubbing Namjoon's back, his shoulders, but the washcloth is mysteriously gone now. It's just Jungkook's hands, the firm, squeezing grip of his fingers, and Namjoon groans again and feels his cock twitch in front of him.

"Let's—" Namjoon exhales shakily. "Let's switch now, let me wash your hair."

"Okay," Jungkook says quietly.

Namjoon turns around and moves to step past Jungkook, but because he wouldn't be Namjoon if he didn't endanger himself and others at least once a day, he slips. Jungkook is quick to grab his arms and Namjoon falls into him, pulls back once he has his footing because although Jungkook must be very strong to be able to catch his weight, Namjoon knows he's heavy.

"Fuck, sorry," Namjoon swears, flustered, and he's surprised that Jungkook looks... hungry? A little wild? His pupils are dilated, his cheeks rosy.

"You're still okay to wash my hair? We can— we don't have to do this," Jungkook says, swallowing.

"Yeah? I just slipped, I'm fine. Thank you for catching me."

"No, I mean, because." Jungkook looks down between them, Namjoon following his stare, and. Oh.

They are both completely hard. Namjoon realizes, heat coiling in his belly, that when he fell forward his dick probably brushed against Jungkook's hip or his thigh.

"It's fine, it happens," Namjoon says with a shaky smile. "Let's, ah, just finish up? We probably don't have a lot of hot water left anyway."

"Okay, if you're fine with it, then... okay," Jungkook slowly agrees, eyes still hooded with that dark look when he turns around, getting his hair wet under the spray of the showerhead again.

Namjoon lathers his hands with the shampoo Jungkook uses and steps forward (close but not too close, with Certain Parts of his body acting up right now) until he's able to comfortably reach Jungkook's hair. Jungkook tips his head back slightly into Namjoon's hands, and he begins to work the shampoo through Jungkook's hair, massaging as he goes.

There's something distinctly satisfying about this. Not just the act itself, washing someone's hair and seeing how much they enjoy it, but the fact he's doing it for Jungkook. The easy way Jungkook lets Namjoon take care of him, how he keeps his eyes closed and lips slightly parted to let out soft, pleased sounds as Namjoon massages his temples, rubs at the back of his neck.

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says, and Jungkook's little "hnn?" makes his heart clench. "You can go ahead and rinse."

"Ah, 'kay." Jungkook turns around, eyes still closed, and Namjoon doesn't even bother trying to hide the way he stares at Jungkook's chest, the muscle of his shoulders and arms with his hands above his head, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair. It strikes Namjoon, the way it does sometimes, how surreal it is to see so much ink on Jungkook's arm. Surreal and undeniably attractive.

"You're really not uncomfortable?" Namjoon asks once Jungkook is finished, hair slicked back, water dripping down his face, some droplets caught on his eyelashes.

"With a free head massage?"

"With— all of this. Showering together, the fact that we're both, you know. Aroused."

Jungkook's face scrunches. "Ah, that sounds a bit clinical, don't say it like that. No, I'm not uncomfortable... as long as you aren't. It feels nice. Your hands, and just. Showering with you in general," Jungkook finishes in a murmur, glancing away shyly.

Namjoon lets out a shaky breath. "That's good, then. I'm glad."

"Yeah. I'm glad too." Jungkook laughs, and then turns around so he's facing away from Namjoon and takes a step back, and then another. Namjoon maybe panics and grabs Jungkook's hips to stop him from backing up right into his dick. Jungkook's skin is slick and remarkably soft beneath his fingers. "Ah."

"I'll get the conditioner now, hold on," Namjoon chokes out, pretending he doesn't catch the shiver that goes through Jungkook's body.

Namjoon is just as thorough when he works the conditioner into Jungkook's hair, rubbing gently at his scalp and combing his fingers through Jungkook's hair, imagining how silky it'll feel once he rinses it out. He isn't envious so much as appreciative of how Jungkook grows his hair out long and thick like this, how much the look suits him.

"Your hair is so nice," Namjoon tells him, and Jungkook pushes his head back against Namjoon's hands as acknowledgement. A smile tugs at Namjoon's lips. "You don't mind having to put it up?"

Jungkook shakes his head. "No, it's kind of fun, now that it's long enough for it. Just preparing for when I can put it up in a proper topknot."

Namjoon laughs, sliding his fingers out of Jungkook's hair and giving him a little shove toward the spray of water. "Go on, rinse."

After Jungkook's done rinsing off Namjoon rushes through doing his own hair, grateful it's short enough now that it takes no time at all. Jungkook doesn't step out of the shower, though, but instead chooses to stay and watch Namjoon finish.

It's— incredibly intimidating, actually. As far as Namjoon can tell, Jungkook has given up all pretense of being polite and is now openly staring at Namjoon's naked body.

Heat trickles down Namjoon's spine, not just embarrassment but like he's maybe a little pleased, too, to have confirmation that Jungkook wants him.

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says, "do you want to rinse off anymore? Can I turn off the water?"

"Yeah, you can turn it off," Jungkook says in a low voice, and as soon as Namjoon does, Jungkook's fingers are circling around his wrist, pulling Namjoon until he's almost stumbling into Jungkook's body. "Hyung."

"Wow, hi, okay," Namjoon says, and then Jungkook cups Namjoon's face between his hands and kisses him.

The shock of Jungkook's lips against his fades quickly and is replaced with hunger, relief, and a satisfied twist of heat low in Namjoon's belly.

He never imagined it feeling this good those few times he did let himself imagine it at all, taken aback by Jungkook's skill, by the way he takes charge. Jungkook's lips part once Namjoon starts to kiss back and he sucks harder kisses, tilts his head until his nose is pressing into Namjoon's cheek, until his breaths are fast and shuddering. Namjoon can feel the desperation in the way Jungkook kisses and wants to reassure him he's not going anywhere, but he has to figure out where here is first.

"Kook-ah," Namjoon whispers, reaching up to cover one of Jungkook's hands with his own, guiding it away from his face until Jungkook pulls back and his eyes open. "You mean this?"

Jungkook blinks, his gaze dropping back down to Namjoon's lips every few seconds. "Well I didn't do it on accident, if that's what you mean."

Namjoon groans. "No, like. This isn't just curiosity or scratching an itch? You really want to do this, the two of us?"

"I can't believe," Jungkook says very slowly, and Namjoon doesn't know what it says about him that he finds the annoyed tone of Jungkook's voice so hot, "that Kim Namjoon is really asking me if I'm kissing him for real when I've been in love with him since I was a teenager."

Something very warm in Namjoon's chest squeezes, then, making his breath catch in his throat. "Really?"

"Yes." Jungkook is smiling now, the expression a little wicked, and Namjoon swallows. It should be uncomfortable, standing here with water dripping off their bodies, the steam from the shower slowly clearing, but instead Namjoon is flushed with excitement and want.

"I—I didn't realize."

"I know," Jungkook says, still smiling. "That's okay. I just kind of kept hoping, ah, and when you pulled my hair the other day—"

"Oh, wait, is that. Is that really a thing for you?"

Jungkook nibbles at his lip, glances at Namjoon before he answers. "I've never tried it, like, officially. But I was already a little worked up from a good dream that morning and, and it felt good, when you did it."

"We could try," Namjoon blurts out, sliding one hand around the small of Jungkook's back to press his body closer and letting the fingers of his other hand sink into Jungkook's hair. Jungkook's eyes darken again, his pink lips parting slightly. "If you don't like it, tell me to stop, okay? But—But I think I'd like doing that."

"Pulling my hair?" Jungkook licks his lips, his eyes already growing heavy again as he leans in like he really wants to cover Namjoon's mouth with his own. Namjoon understands that urge. The sight of Jungkook's pink lips, his perfect cupid's bow, is so inexplicably sensual that Namjoon aches to kiss him again.

"Pulling your hair, hearing you moan, making you feel good. Getting you off."

Jungkook ducks his head for a moment, and Namjoon notices his ears are bright red. "Hyung. You're not just saying this because I'm naked, and you're horny?"

"No, it's more like... the second I heard you moan, I realized my thoughts about you haven't been innocent for a while, and it was only a matter of time before you found out. Before I realized just how deeply I feel for you, and want to try this with you."

"But it was at least a little bit because I look good naked, right?" Jungkook says after a beat, a little smirk on his lips, and Namjoon thinks it's just about the perfect time to gather up some of Jungkook's hair under his fingers and tug.

Jungkook gasps, head tipping back, eyes immediately fluttering shut. The long stretch of his throat is too inviting, and Namjoon leans in to press an open-mouthed kiss there, asks, "Is this still okay, Jungkook-ah?"

"Please." Jungkook's hips buck forward, his straining cock skimming over Namjoon's, and heat jolts into his belly. The feeling is a tease, more than anything, but Jungkook's sudden desperation still has heat pouring down Namjoon's spine. With the grip he has in Jungkook's wet hair he tugs again, a little harder, and Jungkook grabs for Namjoon's shoulders and moans.

He's loud. His voice echoes in the small room without the sound of the water to muffle it, and Namjoon kisses up Jungkook's throat, up to his chin, finally pressing his lips back to Jungkook's.

Maybe it's the grip Namjoon has in Jungkook's hair or the hand Namjoon has now tightly gripping Jungkook's bare hip, but Jungkook just opens his mouth and lets Namjoon lead, lets himself be kissed however hard Namjoon wants to kiss him.

It's overwhelming, having Jungkook so willing for him, so eager for whatever Namjoon will give him. Each sharp pull at Jungkook's hair — obviously not hard enough to hurt him, but enough for him to feel the sting — has him moaning underneath Namjoon's lips, hips twisting, trying to rub his hard cock over the flat muscle of Namjoon's belly. 

"You like that?" Namjoon asks, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear Jungkook say it.

"Hnn, yeah." Jungkook's voice is low, almost rough, and Namjoon wonders if that's just how he sounds when he's turned on. "Feels so good."

"Tell me what else you like." Namjoon lets go of Jungkook's hair and slides his hand down Jungkook's broad back to his slender waist, then lower until both hands are holding Jungkook's ass tightly, fingers digging into the muscle and flesh there. "Is this okay?"

"It is, yeah, I promise—" Namjoon squeezes and Jungkook huffs out a breathless laugh before continuing. "I promise I'll tell you if it's too much, but this. This is good."

"You don't know..." Namjoon trails off, groaning, and tips his forehead against Jungkook's shoulder for a moment. "You don't know the thoughts I've had over the years, Jungkook, with the way you act sometimes."

"Tell me," Jungkook says. He squirms like he's trying to press back into Namjoon's hands but forward to grind their cocks together at the same time. Namjoon does them both a favor and uses his grip on Jungkook's ass to pull his hips closer, enjoying the soft sound of Jungkook's surprised gasp, the heat of Jungkook's cock against his own. "Hyung, tell me."

"Just... the way you'd shove anything you could into your mouth, the way you work out knowing you're going to be sore the next morning but say you don't mind the ache. The way you love instigating wrestling and biting and pinching, how quickly you submit to punishment, your tattoos..."

"Ah, who." Jungkook swallows, gaze already starting to go unfocused. "Who told you I like the feeling of getting tattoos?"

"No one," Namjoon says. "You, just now. It was just something I thought about. So pain really is a thing for you?"

Jungkook tries to shrug and ends up moaning, instead, when one of Namjoon's hands pulls back just to slap Jungkook's ass. "I guess I just don't mind it rough. I like—I like feeling it. Like when I can feel it the next day, too."

Namjoon laughs shortly, brings his other hand down with another slap just to feel Jungkook's body jolt. "You can just say yes, that it is a thing for you, baby."

"Why are you asking anyway if you already know," Jungkook whines. 

"Sorry, I just like hearing you talk about it." Namjoon lets go of Jungkook's ass, mindful that they do have schedules tomorrow and he doesn't want any part of Jungkook to be too sore. He lets his nails drag, though, sliding his hand back up the smooth skin of Jungkook's back, the broad muscle, until he can sink his fingers back into Jungkook's damp hair.

"Hyung," Jungkook says softly.


"Can I—" Jungkook reaches down between them, circles his fingers loosely around both their cocks. "Shit, is this okay?"

Namjoon nods, stomach clenching at the way Jungkook squeezes their cocks together, the way the swollen head of Jungkook's cock nudges just up underneath Namjoon's because of their height difference, their size difference. "Yeah, of course. You wanna come like this, Jungkookie? Standing in the shower, rubbing up against me while I pull your hair?"

"I—" Jungkook gasps when Namjoon tugs, eyes squeezing shut. "I do, yeah, I wanna come. You too, hyung."

Namjoon kisses Jungkook, smiles against his lips when he says, "I don't think that'll be a problem."

For as much as Jungkook moans and tenses every time Namjoon pulls his hair, or leans in to nip at his ear and tug lightly at an earring with his teeth, or uses his free hand to pinch at Jungkook's sensitive nipples — Jungkook's grip on their cocks doesn't falter. He jerks them off as well as he can, and whatever friction is lacking from the fact he can't fit his hand around them is made up for by the heady intimacy of it, the pulsing heat of Jungkook's cock against his own, the way their hips buck and push together.

It doesn't take them long to get close like that, their kisses messy and faces flushed, Jungkook whimpering when Namjoon's teeth pull at his lower lip.

"The noises you make..." Namjoon says, using both hands to gather Jungkook's hair into a ponytail, holding it tight in his grip and tugging lightly, teasing Jungkook. "You sound so gorgeous. I mean, I always figured you would, but fuck."

"You thought about that?"

"Of course I did." Then, even though he knows it's a little mean, Namjoon pulls harder at Jungkook's hair until he's gasping and says in a very deep voice, "Are you trying to tell me you never thought about my voice during sex, baby?"

Jungkook's laugh is almost a sob, breath hitching and body shuddering as he starts to come between them.

Fuck. Holy fuck.

"Baby," Namjoon says in a much softer tone, letting go of Jungkook's hair and kissing his neck, his cheek. He reaches between them to help stroke Jungkook through the rest of his orgasm, feels the heat coil in his own belly at the sight of Jungkook's come, the way it drips wet down Namjoon's throbbing cock. "Baby, you did so well for me."

"Ah, please," Jungkook whines, and then his hand is moving fast again, still jerking himself off with Namjoon despite the oversensitivity. He drops his head forward to rest on Namjoon's shoulder, gasps out, "Please, want you to come on me."

Namjoon swears, dragging Jungkook's body close to his and focusing on the sweet friction of his hand, the burning pleasure that builds and tightens until Namjoon is coming, shaking from the force of it, spilling between them. Jungkook tries to direct the spurts to land over his own cock, his belly, and then finally his hand is slowing down, body slumping forward into Namjoon's.

Namjoon's chest heaves as he tries to catch his breath, cock pulsing in the aftershocks, but all he can focus on is the sweet sound of Jungkook's whimpers and sighs. "Okay?"

"Uh huh." Jungkook lifts his head, eyes still glazed and heavy now, sleepy. "I really wanted to suck you off, just so you know."

Namjoon's cock jerks between them, and he desperately hopes Jungkook doesn't notice. "Jungkook-ah."

"Next time. Pull my hair and fuck my mouth next time, okay?"

Namjoon's gut clenches with how much he wants that, but holy shit he just came, he needs to not be thinking about this. "How about we rinse off and then maybe, when you're not saying whatever because you just had an orgasm, we can talk about that?"

Jungkook's nose scrunches. "I thought it was the other way around, like right before you come you'll say literally anything."

"Ah, well, maybe. I don't know. Fuck, I can't believe we did that."

Jungkook's laugh is rough but it still fills Namjoon with a kind of relief, as does the way Jungkook immediately hugs him from behind when Namjoon goes to turn the water back on.

"I really thought I was hearing things when you asked me to shower with you earlier," Jungkook mumbles. "Like when your fantasies blend in with real life, it was spooky."

Namjoon snorts. "Spooky, really?"

"I've spent years living with you and having a crush on you, I've had a lot of time to fantasize." He detaches from Namjoon only so they can take turns rinsing off under the spray. It's still awkward in the sense of two adult bodies in a small space, but this time Namjoon doesn't shy away from brushing up against Jungkook, from staring and then leaning in when the urge rises to kiss his shoulder, his neck. Jungkook sighs, brushes a hand through his wet hair and then turns to kiss Namjoon slowly, guiding him underneath the spray while their lips are still moving together.

"Hyung," Jungkook says, water pouring down over both of their faces when Namjoon squints his eyes open. "It's like we're kissing in the rain."

Namjoon laughs, a sudden burst of noise that's only cut off when Jungkook surges forward again, kissing harder, with more desperation than before. "Jungkook-ah," Namjoon murmurs between kisses, stomach swooping at the way Jungkook can't seem to get enough of his mouth, "that's adorable."

"I'm like five minutes away from wanting to fuck you again, don't call me adorable," Jungkook grits out, and Namjoon laughs again, cupping Jungkook's face, easing him into slower, softer kisses until there's a knock on the door. Namjoon reaches out and shuts off the water.

"So, uh, are you two both okay in there?" Taehyung asks, and Jungkook groans. There's a pause, and then Taehyung speaks up again, "Is that a yes, or...?"

"We'll be right out, we're fine," Namjoon says.

"Alright, well. Cool. Congratulations, by the way."

"Go away, Taehyung-ah."

"We're really happy for you! We all support you!"

That has Jungkook cackling, forehead resting against Namjoon's shoulder again, and Namjoon pets through his hair and smiles. There's a nervousness in his chest, what he imagines is the weight of his mind telling him Jungkook deserves the best, that it is achingly important that Namjoon doesn't fuck this up. But there's a warmth there too, old feelings and new ones, and every fiber of his being agrees that the most important thing is taking care of Jungkook, in whatever way he'll let Namjoon take care of him.

Namjoon leans down to kiss the top of Jungkook's head and says, "We should probably get out now."

"Yeah, yeah. One more real kiss, though? Before we have to deal with the rest of them?" Jungkook's eyes are bright, a little pleading in a way he knows works on all of them, and Namjoon asks, "Jungkook-ah, aren't you being too shameless?" and then kisses him anyway.

Chapter Text

For the first couple of weeks Seokjin doesn't know his name, so in his head he just refers to him as Tennis Shorts.

Tennis Shorts is young, in that he is younger than most of the stuffy adults that come here and possibly younger than Seokjin, too. But there's a good chance he's over 20, as Seokjin has seen him lounging around or sitting at the bar with alcoholic drinks from time to time.

The nickname is fairly self-explanatory, because the first time Seokjin notices him it's as he's walking by the tennis courts, and the grunts and shouts of one of the players catches his attention.

His dark hair is held back by a headband, his face focused almost into a scowl with his eyebrows furrowed, lips pursed. He's wearing a standard white polo shirt, white shorts with a red stripe along the bottom, but Seokjin isn't prepared for just how short they are.

His legs are slender, muscled, and almost entirely on display with the tiny shorts he wears, showing so much of his thigh Seokjin can't help but stare. He wouldn't even say legs in particular are a thing for him, but the twist of warmth in his stomach when Tennis Shorts bends over to pick up the ball would say otherwise.

Of course, with how obvious Seokjin's staring is, Tennis Shorts eventually notices him standing off to the side. He winks, and goes back to hitting the ball and shouting little exclamations or overdramatic groans each time he does.

Seokjin is tempted to ask one of the country club staff workers about him — like Jungkook, who is working here over the summer, and who Seokjin likes to tease even if Jungkook's wide-eyed innocence isn't something Seokjin is quite ready to mess with — but how would he describe him? 'Hot little twink in tiny shorts who plays tennis?'

"That's Hoseokie-hyung," Jungkook tells him immediately, and Seokjin's eyebrows go up.

"You know him?"

"He's nice, he always says hi when we pass each other." Jungkook's nose scrunches a little, and he asks, "Are you going to try to fuck him?"

"Yah, watch your language," Seokjin says, hitting Jungkook lightly on the head with his fan.

"I'm 19."

"Yeah, still a baby. Do you know anything else about him?"

Jungkook shrugs. "He always comes here alone, and almost always plays tennis with Jimin-hyung."

Ah, Jimin. Seokjin has fond feelings for Jimin, but their flirting never went anywhere after Jimin confessed he has a crush on his best friend. Seokjin is many things, but a homewrecker is not one of them.

"I think he's 21 or 22. Oh, and he, um." For a moment, Jungkook looks bashful. "He complimented a rainbow bracelet I wore the other day."

"Interesting," Seokjin says, giving Jungkook a soft smile instead of a sleazy one for once because he knows Jungkook is still figuring himself out. "I don't try to fuck every cute boy that comes here, you know."

"Yeah, but like, most of them. You have a reputation, Jin-hyung."

Seokjin preens. "What can I say? I'm irresistible."

Seokjin starts making up excuses, both for himself and for the long-time club members he's supposed to be schmoozing, to pass by the tennis courts whenever he can, always hoping to catch a glimpse of Hoseok in his tiny shorts. Hoseok is pretty good at the sport, even if mistakes often end with both him and Jimin giggling at each other across the net, but more importantly, he doesn't seem creeped out that Seokjin is stopping to watch him so often.

"Jin-hyung!" Jimin yells one afternoon, waving him over. Jimin also looks great in shorts, of course — or in anything, he's a very gifted person — but there's a voice in Seokjin's head reminding him off limits! when he sees Jimin, so he doesn't let his gaze linger. "Have you met Hoseokie-hyung yet?"

"Not officially, no," Seokjin says, reaching out to shake Hoseok's hand, somewhat blindsided by the brightness of Hoseok's smile.

Up close, he's cute. Attractive, yes, Seokjin was already well aware of that, but he also has soft, smiling eyes, a cute nose, pretty heart-shaped lips. His sleeves are rolled up to his shoulders today, and Seokjin soaks up the sight of his golden skin, his muscled arms.

"Jung Hoseok," he says in a cheerful voice, and Seokjin replies, "Kim Seokjin, I'm—"

"The owner's son, right?" Hoseok interrupts. He's still smiling with this genuine kind of glow around him, so Seokjin can't even bring himself to find it rude. "Jiminie told me, sorry, I was nosy about you. Do you like tennis, Seokjin-ssi?"

"I play sometimes. But I'm more into spectating," Seokjin answers. His tone must give away more than he means it to, because he catches Jimin rolling his eyes off to the side of him.

"Ahh, I see. Well that's still fun. If you're ever up for a match, though, I wouldn't mind going up against you."

"What, already tired of playing with me?" Jimin says, stepping over and tucking his chin over Hoseok's shoulder. "Jin-hyung is good at pool and ping pong, I think he just prefers leaning over tables and looking sexy."

Seokjin raises his eyebrows at Jimin as if to ask, What are you playing at, you little gremlin? "I don't have to lean over tables to look sexy, I just enjoy beating men at games they don't expect me to win."

Namjoon was one such man. And oh, did Seokjin have fun with Namjoon before he had to leave to study abroad.

Hoseok laughs, and then moves over to his bag, putting his racket away. "That sounds wonderful, honestly. We should hang out sometime, Seokjin-ssi."

"You can just call me hyung," Seokjin says, oddly flustered by Hoseok's charming personality despite the fact he's usually the one doing the heavy flirting, flustering boys who aren't expecting it from Seokjin's aloof attitude.

"See you around, Seokjinnie-hyung," Hoseok says when he leaves, and Jimin hugs Seokjin from behind and whispers, "I don't think you're going to have trouble hooking this one, hyung."

"Hush, gremlin," Seokjin says without any heat behind the words.

Seokjin doesn't have a checklist or anything, but when he's interested in someone, it goes a little like this:

First, find out if they're interested back. It's pretty easy to tell right away who is just Another Douchey Rich Straight Boy from someone who keeps sneaking extra looks at Seokjin, who blushes when he stares intently back at them, who responds to his flirting with embarrassed eagerness or an equal amount of flirting. 

Second, get them alone. Not as stalkery as it sounds, because Seokjin has shared plenty of conversations and chaste kisses while alone with a boy, but Seokjin's enjoyment in doing this banks on not getting caught and informally kicked out of the club so he'll stop corrupting the members' sons.

(As if Seokjin has to do any corrupting, most of the time.)

Lastly, get them to make the first move. Not all boys want to, so Seokjin will give a little push if he has to, some strategically applied lip gloss or lounging around in his bathing suit or comments about how much he misses kissing. It's just always so, so satisfying once they give in. 

Seokjin considers himself about halfway through the first step of his not-checklist when he passes by Hoseok and his tiny shorts one day. They both stop to say hi, because Hoseok smiles so brightly at him and Seokjin can't resist him. He isn't expecting it, though, when Hoseok lowers his voice to ask, "Do you want to come look out over the water fountain with me?"

Seokjin freezes. He knows that line. He knows that spot, because it's a perfectly hidden little area that he's taken boys to before, where you can kiss in the open because of the angle of some bushes but can still break apart with enough time to act nonchalant if anyone else approaches.

"Sure, lead the way," Seokjin says, because he's not about to question a good thing, even if he's surprised he's not the one offering it.

Hoseok makes cheery little sound effects as they walk, shrugging off his jacket and spreading it out on the ground for them to sit on.

"Thank you," Seokjin says, that flustered warmth back in his stomach when Hoseok sits close to Seokjin and crosses one leg over the other. Seokjin stares, he can't not, especially when the shorts ride up even higher on Hoseok's pretty, slender thighs, and Seokjin realizes that there's no hair on Hoseok's legs, like maybe he shaves them.

The idea is wickedly hot for reasons Seokjin doesn't want to think about.

"So Jin-hyung," Hoseok says, already smiling. "What do you do for fun? Jiminie said your degree is in business."

Seokjin huffs. "What else has Jimin told you?"

"That you really do dress like this all the time," he gestures to Seokjin's jacket, to his jeans, his dress shirt and the silk scarf around his neck, "that you're a lot less intimidating after getting to know you, and that Jungkookie is off-limits? I wasn't sure..." Hoseok trails off.

"I'm not interested in Jungkook like that, if that's what you're asking. I just think he's still too young to be, ah, fooling around. I'm a little protective."

"Aw, hyung," Hoseok teases. "That's sweet. So if you and Jungkookie aren't a thing, then..." He trails off again and Seokjin raises his eyebrows.


Hoseok leans in. Seokjin's heart starts thumping wildly in his chest, still unsure when exactly he lost control of this thing he has with Hoseok, and the seduced became the seducer. "Are you single, Jinnie? Single and willing to mingle?"

The nickname makes Seokjin sputter indignantly. "Yah, we barely know each other, you can't just—"

"Oh, there's another thing Jimin told me." Hoseok reaches up and pulls Seokjin's glasses off his face, tucking them into the front of his shirt instead. His fingers brush over the exposed top of Seokjin's chest, just below his collarbone where he's unbuttoned a couple buttons. "You don't actually need glasses, you just wear them for fashion."

"I could've told you that," Seokjin mutters. Hoseok is staring at him with an intense gaze, lips slightly parted. His face is close enough that Seokjin can faintly smell lemonade on his breath.

"Hyung. You look so gorgeous without them, though. Are you going to kiss me or not?"

"Hoseok-ah," Seokjin chokes out, surprised at the bluntness, the way Hoseok's fingers slide around the back of Seokjin's neck to bring his mouth closer. He doesn't close the distance, though, lips hovering just above Seokjin's.

"I'm waiting, Jin-hyung. Don't you want to kiss me?"

He does. He really does. Usually Seokjin loves the buildup as much as the actual fooling around, loves kissing boys in the showers or the back of a storage room while their fathers are out trying to set them up with their coworkers' daughters. But Hoseok is just... different, with the way he's pushing Seokjin's buttons when Seokjin is normally the one doing the pushing.

Hoseok uses his free hand to take one of Seokjin's hands, bringing it to his waist, and whispers, "I don't usually do this, you know, but for someone as attractive as you, I can't resist."

Seokjin tells himself it is not the compliment that has him finally pressing his mouth to Hoseok's.

Hoseok's fingers immediately curl gently around his neck, lips parting for Seokjin's. "Soft," he says with a smile that Seokjin can feel against his mouth, can hear in Hoseok's voice even without opening his eyes. "You lips are so soft, hyung."

Heat tugs in Seokjin's stomach. "Less talking, Hoseok-ah," he says in a rough voice, and Hoseok breathes out a laugh and tilts his head, kissing Seokjin harder.

Hoseok is a very thorough kisser. It's not that he's taking the lead, exactly, but that Seokjin is content to just let himself be kissed and follow the movement of Hoseok's lips, breath hitching at the brush of tongue or a brief, tugging bite. Seokjin squeezes Hoseok's waist and Hoseok shifts so both of his arms are around Seokjin's neck, body leaning forward into Seokjin, kisses a little more desperate.

He does taste like lemonade, moans when Seokjin kisses back forcefully as if he just likes to be noisy, and it's only the sudden awareness of Hoseok's arousal pressing into his hip that has Seokjin breaking the kiss. He rests his forehead against Hoseok's and whispers, "As nice of a spot as this is, we probably shouldn't go any further somewhere this public."

"Oh," Hoseok says, blinking, and then with an embarrassed laugh, "Right, right. Ah, hyung, your skills really are something to brag about."

"I feel like you're calling me a hussy, but thank you anyway."

Hoseok laughs brightly, covering his mouth with one hand. Seokjin immediately misses the sight of his pretty swollen lips, misses the way Hoseok's arms felt around his shoulders. "You're so funny. We should really play tennis together sometime, hm? I think I'd like to get to know you. More than just." Hoseok makes a gesture, then, with his hand and his tongue poking into his cheek, and Seokjin bursts out into obnoxiously loud laughter.

Hoseok pouts. "What? I mean it!"

Seokjin doesn't quite know how to say, You are refreshingly forward, and I think I want you as more than just a country club fling, so he just says, "Yah, don't get too ahead of yourself."

"Ahead of myself, really?"

Seokjin groans, and Hoseok laughs so hard he falls into Seokjin's side.

They do end up playing tennis together a few times, because Seokjin could use the exercise and the practice, and Hoseok is fun to play with. Competitive, when he wants to be, but also just very fun to be around.

Very nice to look at, too. And kiss. And jerk off in the back corner of the locker room, Seokjin covering Hoseok's mouth with his own to swallow his moans as he comes messy over Seokjin's hand.

"Hyung," Hoseok breathes after they clean up with a towel, a lazy smile on his lips. "I'm going to go shower, will you wait for me?"

Seokjin's eyes widen. "You want to... again?"

"You haven't come yet. And I have a surprise for you. Give me ten minutes and then knock on the shower stall at the end of the row, okay?"

Seokjin nods. It's later in the evening, already dark out, and so most of the recreational activities are closed. Luckily there's no one else in the men's showers, but the risk still makes both of them a little wild. Makes everything feel more frantic, more urgent and hot.

"And don't touch yourself."

Seokjin gives him a look. "What am I supposed to do? Read?"

Hoseok laughs. "It's just ten minutes, you'll find something to keep you busy."

"Or I could watch you shower." Seokjin is only a little bit joking.

"Ten minutes," Hoseok repeats, leaning in for one more hard kiss before walking away on slightly unsteady legs.

Seokjin probably waits closer to 11 or 12 minutes, just because he gets so caught up watching Hoseok walk away that he forgets to look at a clock. He knocks on the only occupied shower stall, the one Hoseok said he would be in, and says, "Hoseokie, hyung has been patient and wants to see what your surprise is now."

The door pushes open, and Seokjin immediately blurts out, "Fuck."

"Surprise," Hoseok says with a smile that is far too cute for the barrage of perverse thoughts that are now occupying Seokjin's brain. Seokjin can't tell if Hoseok is blushing or just flushed from his shower, but either way, the result is the same.

He wants to devour Hoseok.

"Where did you get this," Seokjin asks in a hoarse voice, stepping forward to touch the pleated material like he can't quite believe Hoseok is wearing it. The white tennis skirt is short, high on Hoseok's waist so the hem falls even shorter than Hoseok's cursed shorts do, exposing all of his lean, muscled thigh, his long legs. Hoseok is shirtless, and that in itself is a deliciously pleasant surprise, all that smooth bare skin and his cute nipples, cute navel, the hint of tight abdominal muscles.

"The store. Do you like it, hyung?" Hoseok is still smiling but there's a heaviness to his gaze now too. He's as aroused by this as Seokjin is, and the thought nearly unravels Seokjin. "I've seen the way you stare at my legs, you know. It's flattering."

"Hoseok-ah," Seokjin says. He doesn't finish, instead turns away from the beautiful sight of Hoseok for a moment to close the stall door, grateful these country club showers are so roomy, and then turns back around and drops down to his knees.

Hoseok's eyes widen.

"I want to suck you off. Can I?" Seokjin asks, almost embarrassed by the neediness in his own voice.

"Yeah, of course. But I— ah, hyung, you should know. I got myself ready while I showered." Hoseok nods over to the shelf his bag is sitting on, the bottle of lube left out on top of his clothes. "I was hoping you'd fuck me."

"Wow, yeah, that's." Seokjin chokes out a short laugh. "Hyung can do that too. You're gorgeous. So gorgeous for me, Hoseokie."

Hoseok's face scrunches like he's shy but pleased, and Seokjin thinks, Fuck it to his dignity and sticks his head up underneath Hoseok's skirt, mouthing at his mostly soft cock.

Hoseok's gasp is so loud that it echoes prettily in the room, and Seokjin is once again very grateful that they're alone.

It doesn't take long for Hoseok's cock to twitch and fill over Seokjin's tongue until he's more than a mouthful, and Seokjin has to pull off and circle his fingers around the base before he's back to swallowing, taking as much into his mouth as he can.

Hoseok's noises are soft moans and whines, fingers squeezing tight in Seokjin's hair and his stomach tense, his legs shaky enough that Seokjin nudges him backwards until he's leaning against the wall for support.

"Shit," Hoseok swears, eyes closed, teeth digging into his bottom lip. "Shit, that feels so good. Your fingers, can you—"

Seokjin coats two of them with spit and rubs over Hoseok's clenching hole, teasing before he starts to press them inside. Hoseok keens and twists his hips, cock pulsing on Seokjin's tongue and walls clamping tightly around the fingers.

He's achingly tight but still opens for Seokjin, slick inside with the lube he used to get himself ready. Seokjin pulls off of Hoseok's cock, now visibly tenting his cute pleated skirt, and curls his fingers until it pulls a lower, strangled groan from Hoseok's throat.

"Please," Hoseok says, blinking his eyes back open, his gaze dark with want. "Fuck me."

Seokjin doesn't need to be told twice. He's been hard since before he started jerking Hoseok off, and the arousal is clouding his brain, making it difficult to think. He stands up and fumbles putting the condom on twice until Hoseok laughs softly and helps, slender fingers sliding it over Seokjin's cock.

"Your ears are so red, it's really cute."

"I'm not cute," Seokjin sputters, lifting his arms obediently when Hoseok pulls Seokjin's shirt off up over his head, hands immediately sliding appreciatively over his broad chest. The way Hoseok looks at him makes Seokjin's gut twist with heat.

"Not just cute, no. As soon as I saw your shoulders I thought, god, I really hope he'll fuck me. Don't be gentle, okay? I want to feel it tomorrow."

"Okay," Seokjin agrees. He crowds Hoseok up against the wall, kisses him hard enough to hear Hoseok moan under the pressure of his mouth. This is desperation he's not used to, both of them wild with how much they want it, still spurred on by that urgency telling them anyone could walk in and it wouldn't take long for their guest to figure out what they were doing.

Hoseok breaks the kiss and turns around, bracing his hands on the wall and arching his back to push his butt out slightly.

Seokjin wishes he wasn't already so worked up. He wants to eat Hoseok out for hours

"Tell me if it's too much," Seokjin whispers, and Hoseok nods. Seokjin flips the skirt up and rubs his cock between Hoseok's cheeks, drags the head over his hole until he's begging, "Please, hyung, haven't I been good for you? Don't I deserve a reward?"

Seokjin's laugh is breathless, genuine. "Yes. Yes you do, sweetheart."

He presses inside slowly, listens carefully to Hoseok's panted moans, soft noises until Seokjin is seated deep inside that clenching heat, pleasure already drawn up so tight in his belly.

He fucks Hoseok like that, skirt flipped up, his hands on Hoseok's hips to pull him back as he speeds up his thrusts. He slides one hand up to rub at Hoseok's nipple, drops his head forward to kiss the smooth skin of Hoseok's back, and the urgency has his hips snapping forward faster.

"More," Hoseok gasps. Seokjin trails his mouth to Hoseok's shoulder, kissing hotly at the side of his neck, fighting against the feral urge to bite down since he knows Hoseok wouldn't appreciate the mark. Hoseok's noises get louder, and Seokjin slides his hand down Hoseok's flat stomach, starts jerking off his dripping cock with tight strokes.

Hoseok groans, hands curled into fists against the wall now.

"Close?" Seokjin asks roughly, stilling his hips and then feeling another wild punch of heat when Hoseok starts to shove back onto his cock.

"Yes, yes, don't stop."

Seokjin fucks him as deep as he can, hard thrusts that have Hoseok's breath hitching and cock pulsing hotly in Seokjin's grip. It's surreal to hear all his high, unrestrained noises like this after weeks of hearing silly grunts and groans during tennis matches, surreal to have such tight heat around his cock and Hoseok's pretty legs already shaking as he nears his orgasm.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears, pleasure climbing until he knows he can't hold back anymore. "That's it, come on Hoseokie, come for me."

Hoseok's whole body tenses, soft ah, ah 's falling from his lips as he starts to come. He clamps down so tightly around Seokjin's cock, and the relief is enough to have tears stinging Seokjin's eyes when he finally comes, orgasm rushing through him, leaving him exhausted and out of breath.

"Mmm," Hoseok hums, rolling his hips back in a slow, dirty grind until Seokjin has to pull out, cock growing too sensitive for the tightness of Hoseok's body. Seokjin throws away the condom in the small trash bin and pulls Hoseok's skirt back down as an afterthought, and Hoseok bursts into sweet laughter. "Hyung."

"Good job," Seokjin says, immediately embarrassed by the words that come out of his mouth. "Wow. Fuck."

Hoseok's grin is so bright when he turns around, even if his eyes are a little sleepy. "Are you okay?"

"Just. Really good," Seokjin pants. He doesn't think he's ever felt so out of his element after sex before. He pulls Hoseok forward with an arm around his waist and kisses him slowly to try and regain some semblance of dignity. "I can't believe you bought a skirt to wear for me."

"Hm? I just said I bought it at a store, I didn't say when. Maybe I've had this skirt for a while, Jinnie."

Seokjin is so used to the informal nickname by now that he just sighs, dropping his face to Hoseok's neck to press soft kisses there, letting his lips drag over the warm skin. "You're so different from what I expected when I first saw you."

"But in a good way?" There's only a hint of uncertainty in his voice, but Seokjin still picks up on it.

"God, yes, in the best way. In a 'I really want to keep doing this' way, Hoseok-ah."

"Oh." Hoseok makes a soft noise, running lazy fingers through Seokjin's hair, meeting his lips again in a deep kiss. The hunger is still there, somehow, even if the urgency is gone, even after three orgasms between them. "I like that. Me too. Except..." Hoseok pauses for a long moment, and Seokjin pulls away from his mouth, waiting. Hoseok is already smirking. "Except maybe it should be you in the skirt, next time."

"Oh," Seokjin says, and when the idea stirs nothing but an interested heat in his belly, he says, "Okay. Sure, I would look great in a skirt."

Hoseok laughs, leaning his whole body into Seokjin's when he does, and Seokjin holds Hoseok around the middle and kisses his hair with a contented smile tugging at his lips, an unfamiliar but not unwelcome warmth blooming in his chest.

Chapter Text

A little while after Seokjin joins the group, Namjoon makes it a point to set aside an afternoon where they can talk together, formal but informal, just the two of them.

Yoongi doesn't seem that surprised by the idea. He encourages it, in fact, as someone who knows all the ways Namjoon struggles with being a Good Alpha, all the thoughts he has about the expectations placed on each dynamic, including his own. They're both surprised the managers haven't brought it up, but maybe it's one of those things they want the group members to figure out on their own.

Seokjin, of course, is fun to have lunch with. They get along well in general, have an easy time laughing and finding things to talk about, but Namjoon would still admire him even if things were a little more awkward between them. Seokjin has proven himself to be passionate, hard-working, and dedicated to the group even though no one's asked him to prove those things. The respect is already there, in both directions. It's just the fact that they've been skirting around the whole alpha issue for months now.

"You look so serious," Seokjin says, half-teasing, after they've eaten most of their meal. "You can say whatever it is you want to say." There's a pause, Namjoon mentally running through different ways he can approach this, and then Seokjin says, "Oh! This has to be about the alpha thing, right?"

Namjoon ducks his head for a moment. "Ah, well, yeah."

"I see, I see." Seokjin's smile is a little crooked, maybe nervous too, which helps ease some of Namjoon's worries. "I joined knowing you were going to be the leader, I already assumed? With the group, I don't have a problem seeing you as the lead alpha."

"That's— part of what I wanted to talk to you about. To make sure it really is okay with you to have me act as the leader in public. It's not something I want you to have to force yourself to be comfortable with."

Seokjin nods. "Yeah, I get what you mean, but it's not forcing. You are leader in every sense of the word, you've earned that, so it doesn't... ruffle my alpha feathers, so to speak, to acknowledge you that way."

He speaks calmly, like he's thought about this before, and some of the anxiety starts to unknot itself in Namjoon's stomach. He grins and says, "You're so mature. Are you sure you don't want to be leader?"

Seokjin laughs his squeaky laugh. "I'm sure. You're so mature for your age too, sometimes I don't feel like the oldest until you all look to me for advice at the same time."

"Hah, well, thank you, I guess. But actually, that's the other thing I wanted to bring up. About the group when it's just us together, like at the dorm or when we don't have schedules."

"Okay." Seokjin goes to stuff a lettuce wrap into his mouth, and Namjoon blurts out, "I want to submit to you in private."

Seokjin chokes, and then covers his mouth with his hand and gives Namjoon a very annoyed look as he tries to chew and swallow the rest of his food.

"Shit. Sorry."

"Namjoon-ah," Seokjin coughs out. "What the fuck."

"Bad timing, I know, I realize that now."

Seokjin groans and drinks some water. His face is pink now, ears flushed red, and Namjoon kind of feels like an asshole. Seokjin is (adorably) self-conscious about blushing around others.

"When you say submit—"

"I want you to be the head alpha at home," Namjoon says, stomach twisting warmly at how weird it sounds. Calm down, Namjoon, you're not getting married. "It's your right, as the oldest and an alpha, but also you're just really good at taking care of everyone? You look out for them, and me, and I'd feel more comfortable if all the members saw you that way outside of official promotions."

Seokjin still looks flustered, but he looks touched, too, like he realizes how important this is and how much Namjoon means what he says. "Do you think it will be weird for the others to separate those things? Like, asking them to have one lead alpha in public and another in private..."

"I don't think so. I mean, I hope not. It's sort of the same situation as having a family leader and a work leader. We already all look up to you as eldest hyung, but I'd want everyone to know, too, that I submit to you."

Seokjin drops his head back and groans, reaching across the table to smack Namjoon's arm. "Stop saying submit, you know how that sounds."

"But it—it is what it sounds like," Namjoon says, eyes widening. "Isn't it?"

Seokjin's eyes go wide as well. His voice is low, almost a whisper when he leans across the table and asks, "Kim Namjoon. Do you... really think alphas only establish a hierarchy amongst themselves by fucking each other into submission?"

Namjoon is starting to feel like the answer to that isn't yes. "Uh."


"I mean I wasn't thinking of that kind of fucking exactly," he says, voice lowered too, "but like. Physically submitting in some way, right? Biting?"

Seokjin looks horrified, which is a lot for someone who usually has a very neutral expression on his face. "That kind of biting only happens between mates!" he hisses.

"I know what mating bites are, not that, I— maybe I've been reading from the wrong sources," Namjoon admits sheepishly, and Seokjin shoots back with, "Are your sources alpha on alpha porn?"

Heat floods Namjoon's face. "No."

"Ah, I'm sorry, this really is kind of funny, I just— I can't believe you thought there was fucking involved." Seokjin starts laughing. "Namjoon-ah! Were you really ready to bend over for me?"

"Okay, I was wrong, please shut up now," Namjoon mutters, sipping at his drink.

Seokjin does drop the teasing, and it's easy enough to go back to eating and talking about the group, about school, even if the embarrassment lingers.

Seokjin can never know this, Namjoon would rather die than admit to it, but he wouldn't have minded bending over for Seokjin. He has imagined, more than once, them wrestling and Seokjin using his broader body to pin Namjoon's down, courtesy of that wild, curious part of his brain that wakes up whenever he's desperately horny.

Namjoon is sure that it's normal, wondering what it might be like to have another alpha dominate him. Especially when the alpha in particular is Kim Seokjin, whose attractiveness always catches Namjoon off-guard, who Namjoon would have a little bit of a crush on no matter what his dynamic was.

It makes him flush with humiliation to think about in detail like that, about baring his throat for Seokjin and letting Seokjin take him, letting himself be manhandled and used by someone older, someone stronger. Embarrassing, sure, but still intensely hot.

In some of Namjoon's fantasies, letting isn't even part of it, but it's just about Seokjin asserting his dominance despite Namjoon's alpha fighting it, the inherent wrongness of it giving way to the relief of submission, the way he knows Seokjin wouldn't be cruel about it, but take care of him.

Namjoon gets hard thinking about all this in the shower later that night and sighs, jerks off as fast as he can with other people waiting for their turn in the shower.

Their plan of work-alpha and home-alpha goes just fine, even when the rest of the members join and they debut, and Seokjin's guidance and comfort in the dorm are more appreciated than ever.

There is this system of silent support between them — between every member, really — where Seokjin's presence during interviews or before performances is always a calm and steady thing, helping Namjoon lead with more confidence. It's a good thing they have, and Namjoon is grateful for it, for how well they work together in general.

And then Jungkook presents as an omega, and as Seokjin would put it, Namjoon's alpha feathers get ruffled.

Jungkook is the only member to present after debut. He's a late-bloomer in general, now 19, but doctors chalked it up to the stress of idol life delaying his presentation. When he does present, it just means a fever and some stomach cramping, and an overwhelming sensitivity to smells (not to mention the sudden potency of his own scent).

Taehyung and Jimin cling to him, empathetic and proud as the other two omegas of the group, while the older members let Jungkook scent them in turn, careful not to overwhelm him. When it's Namjoon's turn he catches a blush in Jungkook's face that wasn't there before, notices the hard shiver that runs through him before he draws his face away from Namjoon's neck. And when it comes to scenting with Seokjin, well.

As soon as Seokjin is within reach of Jungkook his face is crumpling, his soft Alpha tugging at something in Namjoon's chest even though he's standing across the room, not the alpha that Jungkook is addressing.

"Alpha, please," Jungkook whines, grabbing for Seokjin and dragging his face down until it's buried at the front of Jungkook's throat. His expression turns to one of bliss, lips parting with his panting breaths.

Jimin and Taehyung exchange a look.

"Jungkookie..." Taehyung says slowly, touching his arm, and even Namjoon can smell how soothing Taehyung is making his honey scent to try and calm Jungkook. But Jungkook doesn't seem to notice, clinging to Seokjin's shoulders, mumbling, "'s good, alpha, you smell so good."

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says in a steady voice, "how do you feel?"

"Better, now that hyung is here. Can you—" He tucks his chin over Seokjin's shoulder and sighs. "Can you just hold me for a while? Feels good."

"Yeah, of course." Seokjin happens to glance up then, meeting Namjoon's gaze, and something in Namjoon just—


Seokjin notices. Of course he does. His eyes widen, and he nudges Taehyung, but Namjoon is already shaking his head.

"I'm fine," Namjoon grits out, which all of them except for a feverish, distracted Jungkook can immediately tell is a lie.

Jungkook is the priority here, deserves their attention when he's in such a vulnerable state, so Namjoon disappears into his room, feels a twist of gratitude and guilt when Yoongi messages him to let him know the second he needs anything, because they're all here for him, too.

Honestly, Namjoon isn't even entirely sure what this is. Hearing Jungkook call Seokjin alpha, submit to him, choose him did stir feelings of envy he rarely experiences at home, because he's had plenty of time to accept they all look to Seokjin as head alpha then.

Namjoon wishes it was as simple as that, as feeling challenged by Seokjin's authority, but another, hungrier part of him wishes he could be in Jungkook's position. Arousal curls low in his belly as Namjoon thinks about it, about shamelessly asking for the alpha's attention and submitting to him. Or maybe Seokjin thinking Namjoon does want to challenge him, and they fight it out until Seokjin is forced to put Namjoon in his place.

Namjoon shudders, falling over in bed and groaning into his pillow. He can't keep having these thoughts. It's been years.

He ends up leaving his room later in the evening to check on Jungkook again, and finds him curled up with Hoseok and Jimin now, asleep. Taehyung mentions how his fever is already a little better and Namjoon is relieved, kisses Taehyung's forehead and thanks him for helping out just to see Taehyung's wide, pleased grin in response.

It's not a surprise, after they've all had something for dinner and settled in for the night, that Seokjin shows up at Namjoon's bedroom door.

Namjoon swallows around the lump in his throat and says, "Hyung. Come on in."

Seokjin gives him a careful smile, closing the door behind him. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, I promise, I— whatever that was earlier, it's not a big deal. Really."

Seokjin sighs, not frustrated but maybe a little tired, and sits on the bed next to Namjoon. He smells like he usually does, that warm, comforting alpha scent, but also a lot like Jungkook's new sweet scent. It stirs up the confused feelings deep in Namjoon's stomach.

"You don't need me to tell you that it's normal to be jealous, right? To see another alpha comforting a pack member and wanting to be the one doing it instead?"

"That's not." Namjoon looks away from Seokjin's face, down at his lap instead. He almost chokes out a surprised laugh when he realizes he's started to grow visibly hard in his sweatpants. "That's not what it was."

"What was it?"

"It's awkward to bring up."

Seokjin reaches out to rub at Namjoon's shoulder. "I already think you're awkward, so say it anyway."

"Wow, thanks," Namjoon laughs. "Okay. I wanted to be in Jungkook's place."

Whatever Seokjin was expecting, it's not that. His eyebrows raise, lips parting. "Namjoon-ah..."

"But like, not just being an omega getting comfort from an alpha, although that seems really nice. I also felt this urge to... challenge you, but lose. Like wanting to test what a good alpha you are for our pack but—but also selfishly just wanting you to show that you're stronger than me, that you can make me submit to you. I wanted that."

Seokjin's expression is less shock and more thoughtful now, ears red but his gaze warm, considering. "Wanted, as in past tense?"

"No," Namjoon says with a shaky breath. "Not past tense."


Namjoon isn't sure which feeling is stronger right now, the embarrassment or the nervous anticipation of Seokjin's response. Either way, he already feels slightly overheated with how much he's blushing.

"When you say submit..." Seokjin says slowly. "You're totally thinking of that alpha wrestling porn, aren't you?"

Namjoon laughs at the sudden ridiculousness of it, and immediately feels grateful that Seokjin is the way that he is, that they can at least be comfortable enough with each other to joke even after Namjoon's confession. "You mean where they're all oiled up and wearing speedos to begin with? That porn is so stupid."

"Well yeah, obviously. But the wrestling part. The way it turns into sex. Go on, admit that's what you were thinking of."

"I mean." Heat twists in Namjoon's belly. "I guess. You're being weirdly calm about this."

"I don't hate the idea," Seokjin admits in a softer voice, not quite meeting Namjoon's eyes. "Not that I'm itching to put you in your place or anything like that, but. But you submitting to me. You wanting that, even if your instincts fight it? That's really hot."

"Fuck," Namjoon swears, running his fingers through his hair, no doubt leaving it messy since it still hasn't dried completely from his shower. "Hearing you talk about it makes me want it even more."

"So let's do it."


"You don't think I'm serious, do you? Because I am. Jungkook is settled, the others are going to check on him before they fall asleep regardless, and because of his presentation we have tomorrow off from schedules. Let's try it."

"Is this just an alpha thing as well, you doing what you think is best for me?" Namjoon asks in a low mumble, a little afraid of the answer.

Seokjin blinks. "Namjoon-ah. I love you, but bending you over and fucking you isn't something I'd do just because I think it's best for you. You've..." His voice softens. "You've thought about this for a long time, haven't you? Like when we first discussed the alpha thing and decided what to do to make the group work."

"I mean, I guess. It's just always been something I thought I could be into? But you're the only one I trust enough to do that with and I didn't think you'd be willing."

"You should've asked," is all Seokjin says, squeezing Namjoon's shoulder before pulling his hand back. "So now that you know I want to, are you up for it?"

Namjoon's laugh comes out nervous even as more arousal pools in his stomach. "Yeah. Yeah, shit, of course. We should probably talk about what, uh, we're going to do. What we want."

"Okay, well." Seokjin leans back on his elbows, and like this, Namjoon is suddenly struck by the broadness of his shoulders. "I want us both to have safewords, in case it's too much. I've never been with an alpha before, have you?"

Namjoon shakes his head. 

"We can just do the green-yellow-red system then? I'll stop right away if you say red."

"Okay, yeah, that's smart." Namjoon rubs his hands over his sweatpants, palms a little sweaty. "I fantasize about being manhandled, um I guess— wrestling is a part of it, a little? Nothing that would fuck up either of our backs—"

Seokjin snickers at this, and then waves his hand for Namjoon to continue.

"—but I'm okay with being pinned or held down. With my arms being restrained. With being stripped, or having my hair pulled."

The quietness in the room as Namjoon speaks starts to feel like a palpable tension. Seokjin just stares, listens, and Namjoon's cock continues to throb as it thickens in his underwear.

"And I do want you to fuck me, yeah. I—I don't even care what position, it's all kind of the same level of humiliating. But good humiliating!" he adds quickly at the look that flashes across Seokjin's face. "I want that feeling. I kind of crave it, now. You can call me names, too. What about you?"

There's a beat, and then Seokjin says, "I guess you can call me names too."

Namjoon laughs, loud and startled. "Hyung. You know what I meant. What do you want?"

"Just— all of what you said," Seokjin answers, waving his hand in Namjoon's general direction. "I'm into all of that. I won't be able to knot you, outside of rut."

"No, I know." Namjoon doesn't know why he suddenly sounds so breathless. "That's probably something that should be worked up to anyway, your knot is fucking huge."

"Yah," Seokjin complains half-heartedly, slapping Namjoon's thigh. "So you're okay? Doing this now?"

"Yeah. Uh, I have lube, hold on—" Namjoon crawls across the bed to his bedside table drawer, pulling it out and dropping it on the bed before he settles back next to Seokjin.


Namjoon swallows, and makes himself meet Seokjin's eyes when he says, "I don't want you to wear one, if that's okay."

"Oh." Seokjin blinks again, a few times in rapid succession, in that cute way he does. "Well you know I'm clean, so that's fine. Fuck. You really want me to hold you down and fuck you bare, Namjoonie?"

Maybe he's saying it to tease, but heat just pours down Namjoon's spine at those words, the hackles of his alpha instincts rising at the thought of it.

"Yeah, I do. If you think you can hold me down long enough to get your dick in me."

Seokjin's eyes flash. "You remember the safeword?"

"Yeah, yes, I do," Namjoon breathes out, and then Seokjin is standing up, slowly taking off the t-shirt he's wearing. Namjoon stares at his flat stomach, at his smooth chest and the soft brown of his nipples, already stiff. Namjoon knows how broad Seokjin is, but it always feels like more when he's shirtless, the width of his shoulders and the muscle of his arms.

"As flattering as this is," Seokjin says slowly, fingers moving to the button of his pants in a way that makes Namjoon's stomach clench, "I'm not just doing this to show off. Take off your shirt and pants but leave your underwear on." He starts to slide his pants down, revealing the bulge of his dick still tucked away in his underwear, and Namjoon quickly tears his gaze away.

He feels clumsy, getting undressed when Seokjin is already finished and is just watching him. He shivers by the time he's down to his underwear and Seokjin steps forward, eyes full of heat, already challenging him.

Namjoon can feel it. The way the alpha feels threatened, his instincts already gearing up to prove himself.

"I want you to get down on your knees for me."

A flush heats Namjoon's face. "What? No." Even as he says it, he can feel that guilty little part of his arousal that aches to obey.

"I wasn't really asking, Namjoon."

"Make me," Namjoon shoots back. Not the wittiest retort, but it still has Seokjin's expression hardening. Namjoon doesn't know what it says about him that being on the receiving end of that look makes his dick twitch.

Seokjin shoves at Namjoon's shoulders, suddenly, and Namjoon stumbles back before catching himself. Surprise quickly turns into pure fight instinct, pulse picking up when he goes for Seokjin and is stopped by strong arms hugging around his waist, holding him from doing anything else.

There is something weirdly erotic about having Seokjin's warm, bare skin against his like this, even as he's fighting against the hold. Seokjin gets an arm around the back of Namjoon's shoulders and tries to force him down, but Namjoon breaks away, panting.

"Submit," Seokjin says in a low, serious tone. Not quite an alpha voice, but close. "Do I have to put you in your place, Namjoon-ah? Show you what kind of strength a real alpha has?"

Heat flares under Namjoon's skin. "I'd like to see you try."

Seokjin rolls his eyes and Namjoon genuinely isn't sure if that's part of the roleplaying or not, but he still fights back when Seokjin grabs his arms, pins them at his sides and turns Namjoon around in his arms until he's holding him from behind.

Like this, the trapped feeling has the wild urge to growl building up in Namjoon's throat.

"Submit," Seokjin repeats, lips brushing Namjoon's ear. Namjoon shudders hard.

"Are you even trying, hyung?"

Seokjin grabs the hair at the back of Namjoon's head and yanks, pulling his head back so that his throat is more exposed. Namjoon's stomach lurches at the sting and the sudden vulnerability, even if Seokjin is behind him.

"Are you even trying to resist it, sweetheart? It smells like you want this."

The blush that heats Namjoon's face is entirely genuine, because he hasn't been thinking about his scent, about the arousal that must be pouring off him in waves. Seokjin's scent, too, is thick in the air around them, his cock hard in his underwear as he grinds it against Namjoon's ass.

"If only you got wet like an omega," Seokjin says, "I could take you just like this."

"Hyung—" Namjoon gasps, twisting free, almost afraid of how intense the spike of arousal hits him at Seokjin's words. Holy shit.

Seokjin grabs for Namjoon's middle again, using his strength to drag Namjoon to the floor with him, and once he's down it's too easy for Seokjin to pin him, holding Namjoon's arms against the floor on either side of his head.

Namjoon is panting, his flushed chest rising and falling, and Seokjin is flushed pink down to his chest too. His eyes are wild, dark with aggression and want.

It is incredibly hard for Namjoon to keep fighting at this point, when the horny part of his brain is whimpering at him to just give in.

"Look at this," Seokjin says, sitting heavy on top of Namjoon's thighs so he can't buck Seokjin off. "Exposing your belly to me just like that, Namjoonie? I didn't think you'd submit so easily."

Namjoon groans. "This isn't submitting."

"No?" He leans down over Namjoon's body, grip on his arms tight enough to be digging into the muscle, maybe leaving bruises. Seokjin drops his mouth to Namjoon's neck, pressing a kiss there that sparks a dangerous heat down Namjoon's spine. "It looks like submitting. It smells like submitting."

"Don't—" Namjoon gasps.

"Don't what?"

"Don't bite me there," he chokes out. Seokjin pulls back at that, eyes a little wide, and Namjoon thinks Seokjin didn't even realize how close his mouth was to Namjoon's sensitive scent gland, a place where only mates are allowed to bite.

"Sorry, I won't," Seokjin tells him, nuzzling at his jaw, a surprisingly tender gesture considering how hard he's still holding Namjoon's body against the floor. "Is kissing okay? Can I taste your pretty throat, sweetheart?"

Namjoon groans and tips his head back, feels the twist of discomfort from his alpha for submitting and then the absolute rush of arousal, the climbing pleasure with Seokjin's mouth hot over his skin.

"Wish I could leave so many marks on you," Seokjin murmurs. "Show everyone how good you were for me."

Something about the smugness in Seokjin's tone just— rubs Namjoon the wrong way, riles up his alpha to the point where he's bucking Seokjin off, able to twist away out of his hold only for Seokjin to lock his thighs around Namjoon's neck.

Namjoon gasps, and then laughs before blurting out, "Is this really alpha wrestling porn now?"

"Quiet," Seokjin snaps, a smile in his voice. He squeezes his thighs around Namjoon, sits up so his body is hunched closer, and Namjoon makes the mistake of breathing in deeply and getting overwhelmed by the heady scent of Seokjin's arousal, face so close to his groin like this.

Namjoon desperately wants to nuzzle at the sizable bulge in Seokjin's underwear and whines, squirms away until he's able to break the leg hold.

This time, when Seokjin gets him pinned to the floor on his stomach, broad body covering Namjoon's, he knows he can't pretend to keep fighting. He's exhausted, for one, but this is too much like the fantasies he's had for years to give it up now.

"Already giving up, Joonie? You know I won't go easy on you just because you finally realized how badly you want it."

"I don't—don't want you to go easy," Namjoon pants, throwing his head back when he feels Seokjin's teeth sink into the back of his shoulder. "Ah!"

"Really wish you could get wet like an omega, imagine how soaked you'd be right now. Dripping wet for me, huh? My pretty slut."

"Please." Namjoon hears the cap of the lube, even arches his hips up from the floor when Seokjin shifts off his body to drag his underwear down.

"Call me how you're supposed to. Not hyung. What am I to you, Namjoon-ah?"

Namjoon licks his lips, ducking his head down as new heat flushes the back of his neck. "Alpha."

"Yes. God, yes, was that so hard? Knew you'd give in so sweetly." There's a cool, wet touch at his hole then, two of Seokjin's fingers slippery with lube and pressing their way inside, stretching Namjoon as they go. It's a lot, but Namjoon wants it, pushes back with the pressure. "So hot inside, so tight for me. You haven't been bending over for any other alphas, have you? Letting them put you in your place?"

Namjoon huffs out a laugh, shaking his head. "Just you, asshole."

He gets a hard slap on the ass for that, but it's worth it.

Seokjin stretches him open with fingers working inside of him and his other hand holding down the back of Namjoon's neck, fingernails digging into the skin slightly. The pressure itself is like a kind of forced submission, like teeth in the back of his neck holding him in place, and every lurch of discomfort from his alpha instincts just fuels his arousal, his cock now hard and dripping underneath him.

"Can't wait to breed you and fill you up with my come," Seokjin says in a rough voice, pulling his fingers out. Namjoon knows that Seokjin is into this, of course, but to hear it so clearly in his voice has his stomach clenching, breath hitching in his chest when Seokjin lines himself up to Namjoon's hole. "Just relax and let me in, baby, be good for alpha now."

Namjoon relaxes as much as he can when his instincts still twist with the urge to fight it, in such a vulnerable position, essentially mounted by another alpha, about to take his cock. Namjoon aches at how conflicting the feeling is, the fear of submission and then the utter bliss when he gives in, letting Seokjin take care of him.

It's a little like his alpha shuts off, as soon as Seokjin's cock is deep inside of him, filling him so completely. Namjoon moans into his arms and Seokjin starts to thrust, powerful body above Namjoon's, the burn of his cock stoking the tightening heat low in Namjoon's belly.

It's relief, giving up that fight for dominance, accepting that Seokjin has the power and is taking care of him the way Namjoon desperately wants him to. He whines high in his throat and spreads his legs wider until Seokjin sinks a little deeper, angling his thrusts to stroke Namjoon inside just right, the pleasure a heavy throb in Namjoon's gut.

"You're so tight," Seokjin gasps out, hips slamming hard into Namjoon's. "So tight, like you just want to keep my dick inside. Is that what you want, sweetheart? To just be alpha's toy he can come use whenever he wants?"

"Yes," Namjoon gasps, delirious at the idea, the new heat it sparks inside him. "Alpha, please—"

"Fuck, the way you sound." Seokjin groans, grinding his hips deep. "You're going to kill me, Namjoon."

"Don't die, I still need to come," Namjoon manages to say, and Seokjin's surprised laugh is almost as beautiful a sound as his following moan, hips speeding up.

Seokjin comes first, groaning through his orgasm and fucking into Namjoon with short thrusts, spilling inside. Without being knotted Namjoon can't feel the heat of his come, exactly, can only imagine it, but the thought is what has desperation and arousal tightening in his belly. That forbidden thought of Seokjin marking him in such an animal way, his scent inside of Namjoon unmistakable for anything other than the claim it is, the display of dominance.

Seokjin leans over Namjoon's body, all heat and sweat-slick skin, and bites hard at the back of his neck. Namjoon hisses, and Seokjin slides his hand underneath Namjoon, grips his cock tightly and says in a rough voice, "Can you come on my cock, baby?"

"Yes," Namjoon gasps. He's so close, body tense and drawing up even tighter as Seokjin starts to jerk him off. He doesn't know how Seokjin is still fucking into him, how he hasn't gotten oversensitive yet.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, alpha," Namjoon moans, and with a couple more hard snaps of Seokjin's hips, Namjoon is coming.

The relief is all-consuming, washing through him in hot waves that leave him dazed, blinking spots out of his vision. He spills over Seokjin's fist and pushes back on his cock until Seokjin's babbling out an apology, pulling out and leaving Namjoon empty and wet. His spent cock twitches weakly at the shameless little thought that pops into his head, I wonder if this is what an omega feels like.

Seokjin doesn't go far. He rolls onto his side next to Namjoon on the floor, rubbing a hand over Namjoon's back to sooth him as he trembles with the aftershocks of his orgasm. "Okay? I didn't bite too hard, did I?"

Namjoon huffs out a laugh, still trying to catch his breath. "I don't think so? And yeah, I'm okay. I'm— really fucking happy, actually."

Seokjin's face wrinkles with a smile. "You look happy. So it was good? Not traumatized, not filled with the urge to bite me?"

Namjoon pauses, pretends to think about it. "I mean, maybe I want to bite you a little? But in a making out way, not an angry way."

"Oh, good." Seokjin laughs, rolling over onto his back. "I know— I mean, I can imagine how it felt for you. Submitting. But it was really good for me too. Kind of a wild rush, seeing how much you liked it."

"Hyung," Namjoon says, flushing. "Thank you."

"It was sex, Namjoon, you don't have to thank me." His face still softens, though, before he says, "But you're welcome. Do you want to get up now?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

Seokjin helps him up, and Namjoon doesn't want to blush at the evidence of how strong Seokjin is, especially after being fucked by him, but he still does. He swallows a noise of surprise when Seokjin pulls him into a hug, a rare display of physical affection between them beyond shoulder rubs or back pats.

"I don't want to leave you alone just yet. I don't know if that's for my sake or yours, but do you want to go shower together?"

"Yeah, that's—that's fine," Namjoon says. "Are you okay? I never asked, I'm an asshole, it had to be just as intense for you—"

"Yah, I'm fine. Just worried. Your scent was..." Seokjin cuts off, laughing a little in disbelief. "You really kind of smelled like an omega in heat, Namjoon."

Namjoon's stomach clenches. "Ah?"

"Mm. It was reassuring, though, to be able to smell how much you wanted it. It made me want to take you during my rut, or yours, just to see how desperate you'd get for my knot."

Namjoon chokes, sputters out a, "Jin-hyung, what the fuck."

"What? Where did I lie?"

"Just—" Namjoon shakes his head, finally lets go of Seokjin to find his sweatpants to pull on. He frowns down at the carpet in his room, the mess they'll need to clean up sooner rather than later. "I love you. You're ridiculous. Let's go shower now, okay? I want to check on Jungkookie again before bed."

Seokjin's smile is soft, then, and when his hair falls over his eyes as he bends to pull on his own pants, Namjoon is struck with the sudden urge to brush it aside for him. "Yeah, I want to check on Kookie too, let's hurry."

(It turns out Jungkook is lucid enough to be sitting up and eating, and greets them both as alpha, which has Namjoon and Seokjin exchanging a heavy, warm look before joining their maknae on the bed.)

Chapter Text

Jungkook brings it up while Jimin is stretching over the edge of his mattress, trying to reach where he dropped his phone and it bounced just underneath the bed.

"Hyung," Jungkook says in that blunt tone he has, "have you ever tried sucking your own dick?"

Jimin yelps and topples forward, falling to the floor and landing mostly on his head. He collapses on his back and groans in pain, and once Jungkook sees that he's okay, he starts to laugh.

"Stop it!" Jimin snaps, and then starts laughing himself, because he rarely falls out of bed like this unless he's been drinking, and even he can imagine how funny it must have looked. "What did you ask— if I've ever what my own what?"

Jungkook shrugs, reaching out to help Jimin climb back up onto the bed. "I asked Taehyungie-hyung the other day, you know, because his dick is so long. He said he can't."

Jimin probably shouldn't feel a shock of betrayal that Taehyung tried that and didn't tell Jimin about it, but he does anyway. "Why would you ask that? Did you try it?"

"I can't bend far enough," Jungkook says with something close to a pout. "Last week, when I said I had back pain, uh. The night before I got as far as the tip brushing my lips and then gave up."

"Okay, wait, wait." Talking about sex with Jungkook isn't that unusual, especially when they're bored and alone at night like this, but this conversation is filling Jimin's head with wild ideas and images that are bordering on TMI. "Why would you... Jungkook-ah. Should you really be admitting to something like this?"

"Ah, well, maybe not. But why wouldn't I try? It's two things I like, sucking dick and getting my dick sucked."

Jimin laughs and reaches out to smack his arm. "I don't think it's physically possible."

"Oh, it definitely is."

"And you think I can bend that far? To get my own dick in my mouth?"

Jungkook blinks. "Honestly? Yes."

Jimin shifts on the bed when he feels the first stir of warmth, confused and curious, just a little tug of heat low in his belly at the idea. It's not a completely foreign idea to Jimin, but it's never something he thought about beyond a few jokes when he was a teenager.

He still can't believe Taehyung tried it and didn't tell him.

"You're totally thinking about it," Jungkook says. Not even smug, but matter-of-fact.

"Of course I am, you asked me about it!" Jimin glances down at his lap, and then covers his face with his hands, laughing again. "You are such a pervert."

"It's not that different from jerking off..." Jungkook mumbles. "Ah, the idea is so hot to me. You really have to tell me if you try it. You owe me that." Jimin starts laughing harder. "Hyung! You have to!"

"I don't have to do shit."

"But you're thinking about it now, and you're annoyed that Taehyung tried it and didn't tell you about it." Jungkook is smug now, smirking until Jimin reaches over to hit him again, watching Jungkook's face scrunch up as he cackles with laughter. "It's not fair, you have Hobi-hyung! All I have in quarantine is my hand!"

"Yah, don't pretend like we don't all know about your weird sex toy collection."

Jungkook blushes, because apparently there are some things he can still get embarrassed about.

"And anyway, me and Hobi-hyung are just... We're..." Jimin doesn't finish, stomach twisting uncomfortably at the thought of what he and Hoseok have. A friends-with-benefits situation that, over the years, has turned into them being exclusive with each other but also neither of them speaking up about putting a label on what they do. As if they're both afraid having that discussion will change something between them, and not for the better.

"Hey," Jungkook says softly, poking Jimin's side, and then poking his nipple through his shirt with scary accuracy. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up, don't think too much about it."

"No, you're fine," Jimin says. It's not like he's heartbroken or anything, he loves what he has with Hoseok. It just makes his chest tight when he starts really thinking about it. "It's weird that you want me to try it so badly."

"I know," Jungkook sighs, falling back on the bed, and Jimin laughs. "Imagine how cool it would feel if you were getting fucked at the same time."

Jimin groans. "Jungkook-ah! Stop being so perverted! I expect this from Jin-hyung, not from you."

Jungkook just grins, not even a little bit ashamed.

Two nights later, Jimin sends a message to Jungkook saying that he's not allowed in his and Hoseok's room that night, not really expecting a reply because, well, it's Jungkook. Jimin laughs, then, when he checks his phone after drying his hair and finds a string of inappropriate emojis, smug and shock and that woozy face one Jungkook loves so much.

It's a much more positive response than Jungkook's usual whining when they sexile him.

Jimin had talked to Taehyung about the whole dick sucking thing, and Taehyung got hilariously shy when admitting that he did try it.

"I was worried I'd get stuck in that position and had trouble staying hard and just, ah, I think my torso is too long for it. But if it's you..." Taehyung waggled his eyebrows and Jimin groaned, shoving at his arm until play-fighting turned into cuddling.

Which is how Jimin has gotten to this point, doing some stretching in preparation for folding up and trying to suck his own dick.

He huffs out an embarrassed laugh at himself. It's so silly. A silly thing to attempt, and silly that he's so excited about it anyway. He's just in the process of taking off his shirt when the bedroom door opens and Hoseok steps inside, in a tank top and loose sweatpants, raising his eyebrows at Jimin.

"So I just got a weird message from Jungkookie," Hoseok says slowly, already grinning. Jimin groans and falls back onto his bed.

"Don't say it."

"He told me you might need my help, to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Yah, Park Jimin-ah, what are you up to?" Hoseok walks over and crawls on top of Jimin on the bed, ducks his head down to smack loud kisses to Jimin's neck just to make him laugh and curl up, trying to squirm away.

"It's nothing! It's stupid. Jungkook is stupid."

"Okay. Is that why the lube is out next to your little string of beads?"

Jimin turns his head, feels the heat creep into his face. "They're not that little."

"No, I'm sorry, I was teasing." Hoseok sits up, hands finding Jimin's, lacing their fingers together until Jimin meets his eyes.

The hot look he finds there is enough to make his dick jerk in his underwear.

"Tell me, I'll help. Since when are you shy?"

"It's so stupid... Jungkookie asked me if I could suck my own dick."

Hoseok's eyes widen. "Oh. Ohhh." He covers his mouth with one hand when he laughs, and Jimin starts to laugh too, trying to squirm away from Hoseok again. "It won't hurt your back?"

"Not in that position, I don't think so. If it starts to hurt I'll just give up, I'm only doing this because—"

"Because Jungkookie made you curious."

Jimin huffs. "Well. Yeah."

"Hmm." Hoseok does roll off Jimin then, giving him room to sit up and wiggle out of his pants and underwear, leaving them in a heap on the floor. He likes the way Hoseok's lips part watching Jimin's hand slide down his bare chest, like he's not even aware of how hungry he looks right now.

"I need to get hard first, though," Jimin says breathlessly, more than a little shamelessly. Hoseok smiles and moves forward, cages Jimin in against the mattress with his arms before ducking down to kiss him slowly on his waiting lips.

Hoseok kisses him so well. Thorough and sensual, like everything Hoseok does, the warmth swooping low in Jimin's belly.

"Hyung," Jimin whispers, "are you really going to help me?"

"No, hyung is going to leave you here to suck your dick and play with your asshole all by yourself while I go read a book. Jimin-ah. What do you think?"

Jimin throws his head back and laughs, feels more arousal pool in his stomach when Hoseok kisses down his chest, all the way down to his hardening cock.

"As long as it's okay with you," Hoseok adds, pressing a kiss to Jimin's hip. Jimin sighs, gently resting his fingers in Hoseok's soft hair, brushing it away from his forehead just to admire him. Sometimes, looking down at Hoseok's handsome face like this, Jimin can't believe how lucky he is.

"Yeah, of course. Best hyung."

Hoseok's smile is a little predatory when he looks up Jimin's body, meeting his gaze. "Best Jiminie."

Jimin lets out a shuddering breath when Hoseok finally takes him into his mouth, swallowing around his cock. Jimin hums and curls his toes, fingers tightening in Hoseok's hair to have something to hold onto but not tight enough to pull. He always associates this kind of slow-building pleasure, the thrill of the wet heat, with lazy mornings, with Hoseok sucking him off while Jimin's still just waking up because Hoseok doesn't mind doing it when he hasn't brushed his teeth yet.

"Feels good," Jimin murmurs, hips twisting, cock fattening up over Hoseok's tongue.

Jimin is not the biggest in the group, what with the whole stupidly well-endowed Kim line and Jungkook's pretty decently sized dick too, but he's still big. Jimin's cock is long for his overall body size, he knows, and he loves watching Hoseok have to use a hand when he can't easily fit the whole thing in his mouth anymore, licking up the side and glancing at Jimin's face.

"You should try now," Hoseok says, clearing his throat when his voice comes out rough. "I don't want to do all the work for you."

Jimin smiles, eyes scrunching up with it. "Ah, hyung, but you were doing so well."

"Do you want the beads in now?"

Jimin shakes his head. "Mm, no, I want— I want to just try the sucking at first, the beads were kind of just, ah, because I was horny and feeling greedy at the time."

"You mean being yourself?" Hoseok teases, but he's smiling softly, patting Jimin's hip. "C'mon, legs over your head, porn star."

Jimin lies back, ready to start until a thought hits him. He sits back up after a moment, biting his lip before he says, "It'll look stupid. Don't laugh at me, okay?"

Hoseok leans in and kisses Jimin's cheek, then his temple. "I promise I won't laugh. Trust me when I say I really want to see you do this and there's no way it'll be anything other than hot."

"We still don't even know if I can do it," Jimin says, but warmth curls in his belly from Hoseok's praise anyway.

"Well then let's find out."

Jimin lies back again and hoists his legs up, his ass lifting off the bed and torso folding as his feet extend past his shoulders. His stomach jolts with a new kind of heat when he realizes how close it brings his cock to his face already, dangling there, hard and wet from Hoseok's mouth.

Hoseok has a hand on his thigh, as if ready to intervene the second Jimin needs him to. "How does that feel?"

Jimin winces. "Ah, the pressure on my neck is kind of—"

"Hold on, let me get you a pillow," Hoseok mutters, and Jimin lets his legs fall back to the bed so Hoseok can get the pillow under his shoulders. He lifts his lower body back up from the bed to get his legs over his shoulders, and the pressure is a little better now, still kind of a strain but not one he can't deal with.

Hoseok reaches out to stroke Jimin's cock where it's jutting down toward his face, and Jimin gasps.

"Is this okay?"

"Yeah, ah." Jimin isn't sure if he's breathless from the position or from the sudden excitement that he actually could do this. He pushes on the back of his thighs and parts his lips, eyes fluttering shut when the tip of his cock brushes over his waiting tongue.

"Holy fuck," Hoseok swears. 

Jimin gasps again, pushes to bring his cock closer where it's hanging down, lips closing around the swollen head this time. He sucks, pleasure sparking through him before he has to release his cock because of the strain in his shoulders.

"Jimin, Jimin-ah," Hoseok says, petting over his leg. "Still okay?"

"Jungkook is going to be so jealous," Jimin says with a short laugh, and the words get a startled laugh out of Hoseok as well.

"Do you think you can take more? Just— seeing your own lips wrap around your dick like that, baby. It's so hot."

Warmth flushes through Jimin at the praise, and he nods, says, "Hyung, can you get the toy? Wanna, ah, want you to push them in while I do this."

Hoseok leans down to kiss his shoulder. "Of course, hold on."

It's not like I'm going anywhere, Jimin thinks, still folded over himself uncomfortably but turned on enough that he wants to see how far he can take this. He shivers and reaches up to idly stroke his cock as Hoseok works two fingers inside him, making sure he's wet enough before he starts to press the string of silicone beads inside.

They've been doing this long enough that Hoseok knows just how to tease him. The first two beads pop in without much stretch but as the beads get larger in size, Hoseok goes slower, making sure Jimin feels the pressure at his rim, the push before he opens for them. As Hoseok is pressing the fifth and final bead inside, Jimin pulls at his legs to bring his cock closer to his mouth. He moans when his lips close around the head, that sudden bright pleasure from a mouth on his dick paired with the way the last bead stretches him, with the way it feels to have his own cock filling his mouth.

"There you go, look at you take it. You like being full, sweetheart? Like the way your pretty cock tastes?"

Jimin whines, clenching tightly around the beads now that they're filling him in a way he can't ignore, dragging inside when Hoseok tugs playfully at the end of the string. 

"Hyung." Jimin swallows, tipping his head back for a moment just to breathe. "Feels so good."

"Go on," Hoseok tells him, eyes dark, intense in that way Hoseok gets that always sends a shiver down Jimin's spine. "I think you can take more."

Jimin wants to. He's embarrassed by how much he wants to, how Jungkook was right the whole time — he likes sucking and being sucked, and this way his oral fixation is satisfied while pleasure sparks through him, having that wet heat around his cock, the sucking pressure, the soft glide of his own lips.

Jimin drops his mouth open and sticks out his tongue, pushing on his legs again, squeezing around the beads inside when the head of his cock slips into his mouth.

He sucks, keeps pushing at the back of his aching thighs to shove his length in deeper, little thrusts that feed his cock down his own throat. He sucks and drools and tastes the pre-come on his tongue, only pulling away when the strain gets to be too much.

And even then, Jimin sticks his tongue out, licks over the slit and moans when Hoseok tugs and the beads shift inside him, when more pre-come pulses from the tip of his cock.

Jimin can only imagine how red he is, flushed hot from the way it must look. He's not just experimenting anymore for the sake of it, he's hungry for this, can't wait to get his cock back in his mouth and chase that wild pleasure.

"Do you want to come like this?" Hoseok asks, pushing Jimin's body forward to have the head of his cock skimming over his tongue again. Jimin blinks up at Hoseok and traces his glans with his tongue, moans at how sensitive he is.

"Please," he finally gasps, giving his neck and back a rest. Hoseok still tugs at the string for the anal beads just to tease him, and Jimin's toes curl, overwhelmed by the stimulation. They roll and press inside, graze his prostate when Hoseok tugs just right, and the pleasure goes straight to his cock.

"I just." Hoseok groans, petting over Jimin's ass. "I really want to see you come in your own mouth. Can you do that? Can you swallow all your come like a good boy?"

Heat tugs in Jimin's stomach, cock jerking where is still strains above his mouth. "Yeah, yes. Fuck."

"Go on," Hoseok says, and Jimin pushes on the back of his thighs, even lifts his head slightly from the pillow until his dripping cock is sinking right into his mouth, sliding heavy and hot over his tongue.

Jimin moans around the mouthful, keeps pushing at his own thighs to fuck his cock deeper into his throat. It's this endless, filthy cycle of pleasure, feeling the wet heat around his throbbing cock and knowing it's his own mouth, swallowing desperately around the length filling his mouth and knowing it's his own cock. Jimin is wild for how much he likes it, and when Hoseok starts to drag the toy out as well, Jimin has to pull off in order to cry out.

The first bead stretches Jimin the widest, and he mouths weakly at his cock as he focuses on that delicious stretch, the burn of it, the way he opens.

"Still feels good? Now you know how your pretty lips feel sucking cock, huh? Now you finally know what you do to me when you drop to your knees and suck me off like you're desperate for it."

"Ah," Jimin gasps, trembling when the first bead pops out. Hoseok pulls at the string until the second bead is just inside, Hoseok teasing it at his hole before letting it sink back in. Jimin clenches around it, whining high in his throat.

"Go on, get those lips back around your cock for me. Do you think you can come now?"

"I— yeah, please, I want to," Jimin babbles. He's starting to feel dizzy, either from being folded over like this for so long or from the intensity of the arousal or from both of those things. He pushes at his legs until the flushed head of his cock dips into his mouth and then sucks, moaning when Hoseok pulls at the string again, stretching Jimin with the thick bead without letting it slip out.

Jimin's stomach starts to draw up tight with heat and his sucking gets frantic, trying to take his cock deeper into his throat. He's so close, feels the pleasure climb even higher each time he squeezes around the toy inside him. When he finally comes, it's with a relieved sob, his thighs trembling.

"Fuck," Hoseok says in a rough voice when Jimin misses the first spurt, feels it wet over his cheek before he's straining up through the rush of pleasure, getting his lips back around his pulsing cock to suck himself through the rest of it. The second bead slips out of his clenching hole at some point, Hoseok dragging the rest of the toy out with it, and that pressure at his sensitive rim only seems to prolong his orgasm.

It's— It's so dirty, the way he spills over his own tongue, swallows it down and keeps his cock inside the heat of his own mouth as long as he can. Without the distraction of chasing an orgasm, though, the ache is too much for him to stay folded over himself, and he lets Hoseok help him stretch his legs back out on the bed, closing his eyes and panting through the aftershocks of his orgasm.

"Sweetheart," Hoseok coos, and Jimin is expecting the forehead kiss, yes (oh how he loves Hoseok's kisses after he comes), but not the wet pressure of a tongue licking hot over his cheek.

Licking where his own come spilled on his face before he finished sucking himself off.

"Hyung," Jimin whines, blinking his eyes back open, moaning when Hoseok presses a hard kiss to his mouth.

"You did it," Hoseok says with a breathless laugh. "You actually fucking did it. You're amazing, Jiminie."

"Hyung," Jimin repeats, clearing his throat and sitting up on his elbows, feeling a twinge in his shoulders that's going to suck tomorrow. He pointedly glances down to Hoseok's lap, the tent in his sweatpants, and asks, "Can you fuck me?"

Hoseok blinks, surprised, and then cups Jimin's face between his hands and laughs warmly at him.

"You don't have to do that for me, silly."

"No, I know, I just— I want you to. I do. I'm still open, I just want you to fuck me while I lay on my tummy, is that okay?"

Hoseok purses his lips like he wants to protest, but he must find something reassuring in Jimin's eyes, because he grins, leans in to nuzzle their noses together. "Okay. But if it's too much you have to tell me."

"Mm, you know I like it even after I've come, I just want to feel you. Come inside too, okay?"

"If that's what you want," Hoseok murmurs, petting over Jimin's hips until he rolls over onto his stomach, sighing when Hoseok pours more lube over his hole and holds his body up above Jimin's, lines his cock up to press inside.

There's a stretch, but it's not painful with Jimin still open from the toy, with how much lube Hoseok has used just to be safe. Jimin moans and wiggles his hips and lets Hoseok in, feels that sharp but equally non-urgent heat in his gut when Hoseok starts to thrust.

Jimin drifts like this, flushed and still coming down from his orgasm, sensitive but also soothed by the movement of Hoseok's hips, the hard, deep thrusts that make Jimin's breath hitch, make him tighten up around Hoseok's cock. Hoseok drops his head to Jimin's shoulder and whispers praises, tells him how good he feels, how pretty he looked sucking his own cock. The words almost do more to spark Jimin's arousal than the fucking does, Hoseok's low voice washing through him like a slow wave of pleasure.

"So tight," Hoseok groans, thrusting harder, so deep that it makes Jimin gasp. "You're so tight, I'm already close. Do you want to come again too, Jimin-ah?"

"Yeah, yeah, I—" Jimin wasn't even planning to, was content to just let Hoseok get off inside him, but the heat has been building quickly, tightening into a tension that aches to be released. Jimin reaches underneath himself and finds he never got fully soft, cock hot in his hand as he quickly jerks himself off, braces himself under the force of Hoseok's thrusts.

Hoseok comes first. Jimin can tell, with an almost ridiculous rush of fondness, from his soft groan and the way he grinds his hips forward. Even panting through his own orgasm, though, Hoseok doesn't stop fucking into Jimin, gives him that deep pleasure in his gut until Jimin's clenching up around Hoseok's cock and coming, spilling weakly into his hand, his whole body throbbing as he comes down from it.

There's a fuzziness like Jimin is drifting again as Hoseok cleans them up with tissues, as he turns Jimin over onto his back and cuddles in close, nuzzling at Jimin's neck, kissing his bare shoulder.

"Hey, pretty. How are you feeling?"

Jimin hums, licking his lips, and finally opens his eyes just to find Hoseok's warm, concerned gaze on him. "Good."


"Actually." Jimin huffs out a hoarse laugh. "My neck and shoulders really hurt. I should probably do more stretching before bed..."

"Poor baby," Hoseok says, kissing Jimin's shoulder again, rubbing his warm hand in comforting circles over Jimin's belly. Hoseok is not making it easy for Jimin to want to do anything except immediately fall asleep. "Are you going to text Jungkook the happy news or should I?"

Jimin laughs so hard he coughs, lifting a hand to cover his warm face. "Ahh. Isn't it too weird to talk about?"

"Not really any weirder than the other stuff you guys talk about. Mm, it's too bad for him that I'm the only one who gets to see, though."

Those words do something to Jimin's chest, the casual possessiveness that speeds up his pulse and reminds him what they have is— more, somehow, that it continues to grow into something Jimin would even call love, a different love than he has for the other members. Jimin knows it's mutual, and hopes one day he's just a little braver so he can actually talk to Hoseok about it, maybe make that final terrifying step into a deeper relationship.

After a moment, Jimin gives Hoseok a shy look that he knows Hoseok will be able to see right through (but he tries it anyway) and says, "Ai hyung, you liked watching me that much?"

"Yes," Hoseok says, completely serious. The sudden change makes Jimin shudder. "I really did. Do you— Jimin, do you have any idea how good your mouth looks around dick?"

Jimin bursts into laughter, tries to roll up only for his muscles in his shoulders to twinge. "Ow, ow."

"Poor baby," Hoseok repeats. "Was it worth it? Maybe you should take a hot bath before bed tonight too."

Jimin ignores the cooling sweat and soreness for a moment to remember how it felt, the taboo thrill of sucking at himself, coming in his own mouth. His face burns thinking about it but at the time he was frantic for it, desperate to use his own mouth to bring himself pleasure.

"Jimin-ah," Hoseok whispers close to his ear, "is there a reason you just started blushing?"

"It was worth it," Jimin finally says, licking his lips. Hoseok squeezes an arm around his waist, nuzzling at his neck, and Jimin sighs before he adds, "Damn you Jeon Jungkookie, but it was so worth it."

Chapter Text


Taehyung doesn't tell anyone else what gives him the idea in the first place, because he doesn't want to embarrass his best friend and soulmate, but.

But it starts when he accidentally walks in on Jimin crying and jerking off in the shower.

Separately, neither of those things are unusual, although the sight of Jimin crying will always make his chest ache. Taehyung apologizes and then patiently waits outside the door for Jimin to finish, letting himself back into the bathroom after the water shuts off with a fuzzy towel he knows feels nice and open arms. 

Jimin hiccups out a laugh and lets himself be hugged until Taehyung shyly admits he still has to pee, the reason he walked in on Jimin to begin with.

Jimin sleeps in Taehyung's bed that night, exhausted, both of them cuddling and talking and Taehyung giving Jimin every ounce of comfort that he can. They've all had their share of rough moments lately, random bouts of sadness or frustration or keeping to themselves, and Taehyung knows there's not much he can really do about it in the grand scheme of things. That's just life, and sometimes it sucks.

What he can do, though, is plan something to bring them together as a group, sort of like the trip he planned a couple years ago that was just the kind of healing they all desperately needed at the time.

This is... a different sort of healing that Taehyung has in mind now. A riskier one, maybe. (Although Yoongi's undercooked meat two years ago was certainly a risk on its own.)

He approaches Namjoon about it first. Not just because Namjoon is the leader, but because he has a very calm way of listening to what Taehyung has to say, no judgment, and Taehyung values his wisdom on matters like this.

"Wait, like, butt sex? With each other?" Namjoon asks, voice cracking, and Taehyung groans.

"Hyung. How is that all you took away from everything I just said?" Taehyung laid out his whole plan, about turning their living room into a blanket fort with pillows and lights, making everything comfortable and relaxing and then yeah, okay, so he admits the orgy proposition might seem a little sudden, but is it really that ridiculous to think about? "It doesn't have to be just butt sex. Just... pleasure."

"With each other."

"You say that like we've never fooled around before."

Namjoon sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth. "Ah, he's going to bring up the porn thing again—"

"It was bonding!" Taehyung insists. His face is still warm from opening up to Namjoon, bringing up the idea of sex, but at least they can joke about it with each other so it's not too awkward. "If we can all jerk off in the same room five years ago then why is the idea of a romantic evening for seven so bad?"

"Taehyung-ah," Namjoon says, smiling gently. "I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just that it's a strange one. I really like the part about getting together and bonding, at least, I think we could use that. Every other meeting we've had lately has felt so stiff."

"And you know what's a good way to relieve tension?" Taehyung asks, already grinning when Namjoon's face scrunches.

"Having private time alone in our rooms?"

"No, doing it all together, supporting each other. Bonding." Taehyung knows his enthusiasm can be infectious, and it must be working, because Namjoon turns in his chair and touches his chin, clearly thinking it over. "It's an exercise in vulnerability, and understanding each other better. A chance to feel something good as a group, like when we create music together, that easy feeling, you know? I think it could be like that."

"That's very beautifully put," Namjoon says, his smile gentle again, almost proud. Taehyung soaks up the praise because he can't not. "Do you want me to send a message out? To, ah, warn everyone."

"Invite, not warn," Taehyung says with a pout, and Namjoon just shakes his head, maybe exasperated, maybe a little fond. "But yeah, that would be good. Make a group chat?"

"Okay, that sounds good. If everyone is up for it we can decide on a day together, but do you want to be in charge of setting up? Decorating, getting stuff ready?"

"Yeah, sure, I can recruit Jimin to help. Hyung..." Taehyung glances down at his fingernails for a moment before shoving his hands into his hoodie pocket. "You really think everyone will agree?"

Namjoon shrugs. "I can't say for sure, but like you said, we've all experimented a little. And... and it has a been a while since any of us have been social, since we've had opportunity to, well."

"Hook up."

Namjoon hums. "No hooking up and a lot of stress, a lot of disappointment. I think we could all use something like this, actually."

Taehyung doesn't question it when he gets the sudden urge to hug Namjoon, just stands up and walks over to his chair, leaning down to wrap his arms around Namjoon's shoulders. He's warm and solid, smells good like the sweatshirt he's wearing just got washed, and Taehyung melts when Namjoon hugs him back.

"Hyung. Thank you."

"Of course. Our Taehyung is always thinking of the group when we're down, we're lucky to have him."

"Ai Namjoon-hyung, are you trying to make me cry?" Taehyung whines dramatically, squeezing him tighter until Namjoon shoves him off.

Taehyung decides to tell Jimin in person because Jimin has soulmate privileges, and all he gets is a burst of laughter, and then Jimin leaning into his arm and saying, "Taehyung-ah. Just say you want to suck some dick and go."

Taehyung sulks a little. Jimin isn't... completely wrong, but that's also not what it's about, for Taehyung. He really wants everyone to feel better and be on the same page with each other, wants to see their laughs and see them all share moments of pleasure. 

Plus he just doesn't want to catch Jimin crying while jerking off in the shower again, because that was heartbreaking and it also kind of turned Taehyung on a little.

Namjoon's message goes out later that evening, right before the time some of them usually get food delivered or Jungkook will be done with his Experimental Pizza Recipe of the Day. Hoseok replies right away, as usual.

Hoseok: namjoon-ssi
Hoseok: you make it sound so formal ㅋㅋㅋ
Hoseok: i'm up for it though it sounds fun!

Jungkook: wait is this for real?
Jungkook: does 'shared intimacy and pleasure without shame' really mean...

Hoseok: group sex JK,,, keep up 😉

Namjoon: it means
Namjoon: oh hoseok beat me to it but yes that

Yoongi: sure
Yoongi: just let me know when

Jimin: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ jungkookie's reply
Jimin: taetae already told me but i'm in

Seokjin: one question
Seokjin: what if when the day rolls around
Seokjin: i'm low on en-orgy

Yoongi: ugh

Jimin: HYUNG

Namjoon: hyung no

Jungkook: i can hear hobi-hyung laughing from the kitchen ㅋㅋㅋ

When the day does finally come, Jimin and Jungkook both end up helping Taehyung set the living room up like he wants to, and then Hoseok comes out to help too with an armful of more pillows and a bright smile on his face.

"I'm nervous," Taehyung admits, helping Jungkook hang some fairy lights in the hallway because they have some strands leftovers, and Jungkook hums a little questioning sound.

"Nervous? About the sex part?"

"No. Well— kind of. I'm nervous about everyone enjoying themselves."

"Ohh." Jungkook's face wrinkles in thought before he tilts his head and says, "Hyung, I don't think that... at this point, anyone would agree to something they don't want. Even Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung have a past, we've all done some stuff with each other," at this, Jungkook's cheeks get a little pinker, but Taehyung doesn't call him out for it, "so don't worry. Yoongi-hyung brought up the safeword thing and plus, like, even if one of us changes our mind or says no to something, it's not that big of a deal, right? We've never had trouble respecting those differences between us. If that makes sense."

"No, it does," Taehyung says, hooking his chin over Jungkook's shoulder and sighing. He slides his arms around Jungkook from behind as an afterthought — the lights are done, they were kind of just messing around — and likes the heat that curls in his belly when he realizes how slender Jungkook's waist is, imagines seeing him naked with the rest of the members in a context so wonderfully different from a crowded dressing room. "You're so wise, yah, are you the hyung now? Jungkookie-hyung?"

"Don't make me use my safeword," Jungkook mumbles, and Taehyung muffles his giddy laugh into the back of Jungkook's shoulder.

"Taehyung-ah, how's this?" Hoseok asks. Taehyung detaches from Jungkook to go look at the blanket fort Jimin and Hoseok have been working on.

He gasps, completely sincere, his face lighting up. "Wah, you got the blankets to stay up?"

The roof of the fort consists of some white mosquito netting and billowy, lightweight blankets pulled up to a point in the middle of the living room and draped out above the couches. It leaves plenty of room for seven bodies, and with thicker, comfier blankets laid out on the floor and pillows at the edges of the furniture, the effect is just... cozy. Welcoming and soft, which is exactly the kind of feeling Taehyung was hoping for.

The other three come out from their rooms and join them one-by-one, all of them automatically settling in close to each other on the floor and couches despite all the space in their living room. Taehyung thinks that this, without a doubt, is when his members are most beautiful — in pajamas with no makeup, everyone clean-smelling and comfortable, at least a little well-rested from their day off.

They talk for a while, about trivial stuff and then some heavier topics, about their feelings, taking turns listening to each other. There's laughter and reminiscing, pain and longing too, but it's so nice to see them all start to relax. To see them lean into each other, to see the love and empathy in all of their faces. 

Taehyung holds Jimin's hand and starts to nuzzle at his neck, and it's Hoseok who speaks up, "Oh, is it that time now, Taehyung-ah?"

Taehyung blinks, lifting his head up. "Huh? What time?"

"Pretty sure he's talking about sex," Jungkook answers for him. Hoseok laughs brightly, and Jimin squeezes Taehyung's hand.

"I mean we can— whenever, ah, I was just getting comfy."

Namjoon moves his leg and somehow almost has an abandoned bowl of popcorn tipping over — Hoseok gasps, grabbing it, and Seokjin's exasperated "Namjoon-ah!" is a familiar tension-breaker — and then he clears his throat and says, "We should talk about that now, like, if everyone's still on board. What we want. Even if we know some of each other's preferences, it's okay to only want to do certain things this time, there's no pressure."

They all glance at each other for a moment, like no one wants to be the first to speak, and then Yoongi says, "I'm pretty good with my mouth, so, you know."

Jimin bursts into laughter.

"What? Yah, Park Jimin-ah, what?"

Jimin just waves his hand in apology to Yoongi, still smiling enough that his eyes scrunch up with it.

"Hobi-hyung and I, earlier we, ah," Jungkook starts to say and then pauses, his ears flushing pink.

"Jungkook and I took a shower together earlier and helped get each other ready after, so we're both good for bottoming, is what he's trying to say."

"Oh, wow," Jimin says with wide eyes, and Taehyung has to agree. Not that the idea of Jungkook and Hoseok fooling around is new, but the sudden images that flood his mind, maybe Jungkook pushing Hoseok up against the wall of the shower and kissing his neck, or Hoseok bending Jungkook over the bathroom counter and working his fingers inside...

Taehyung spreads his legs a little, and Jimin glances over at him with a knowing look.

"Okay, well, just going for complete honesty here," Namjoon says, staring up at the roof of the blanket fort like he can't make himself meet any of their stares. "I'd rather not do anal, like, receiving. I'm not opposed to it, but I just... I have a problem loosening up for it? So it's more tedious for me than anything."

Yoongi starts laughing softly to himself, and just about everyone except Namjoon raises their eyebrows.

"Hyung," Jungkook says, staring wide-eyed at Yoongi. "You and Namjoon-hyung—"

"No, no, we haven't fucked, but he's already told me about this. His problem being too tight."

"It is a problem! And I told you that in confidence!"

"You also just told everyone else in confidence, I was just confirming your story."

"It's fine," Hoseok interrupts, smiling when he reaches out to lay a hand on Namjoon's arm. "Having a preference is fine. Jin-hyung, you didn't want to bottom either, right?"

Seokjin has his arms crossed and he blinks, sitting up straighter. "Like Namjoon said, I'm not opposed, it's just, ah. A bit of a mental thing for me. I have to really be in the mood for it." He glances quickly at Yoongi when he says it, and Taehyung thinks, Oh.

Jungkook raises his hand, and Jimin laughs and pulls his arm back down. "Stop that, just say it."

"I want to fuck Namjoon-hyung's thighs. If he's okay with that."

Namjoon sputters, eyes wide, and then says, "Uh, I guess. Yes. I would be okay with that."


"I want to say I can't believe you just said that, but I can believe it," Taehyung says with a grin. Jungkook doesn't look too regretful either, pulling a pillow into his lap and getting a short laugh from Hoseok when he does.

"Taehyung and I are up for whatever," Jimin says, stretching out his legs, wiggling his toes. "Bottoming or topping. Rough or gentle. Oh, but we both really like praise."

"Jimin-ah," Taehyung whines softly, trying to hide his face against Jimin's shoulder when an embarrassed heat floods his cheeks, but Jimin just laughs.

"What? It's good that they know. I'd want to know if Namjoon-hyung likes being called oppa..."

"Uh, no comment."

"Or if Jungkook likes being called a needy little slut," Jimin continues, and Jungkook's eyebrows furrow.

"I never said I like that."

"You and Hoseokie-hyung aren't as quiet as you think you are."

Jungkook ducks his head down, hugging the pillow to his chest a little tighter, and Taehyung has these weird, conflicting urges to ruffle Jungkook's hair but also maybe push him down and slide two fingers inside him while he's still hugging the pillow. "Well he just— the way he says stuff, I don't mind it, that doesn't mean it's a thing for me."

"Let's maybe leave the 'sluts' out of this orgy," Seokjin says, and then Jimin starts laughing again when Hoseok pretends to get up and leave. "But praise is good, who doesn't like praise?"

"I like it messy," Jungkook speaks up.

"Oh, cool, me too," Taehyung says, and reaches across Jimin's lap with his free hand to high-five Jungkook. It makes Jungkook's face scrunch happily before he continues, "I don't mind come on my face or inside, or just. I like being told I'm wet? Ah, 's embarrassing."

"It's not," Hoseok and Yoongi say at the same time, sharing a nervous laugh. Jungkook's words noticeably shift the mood a little, less casual banter and more like they're all imagining this for real now.

"Great," Namjoon chokes out. "So is everyone okay with no condoms then? Would anyone rather use one?"

Everyone shakes their head. There's a moment where it seems like they're all waiting to see if someone else is going to speak up, but when no one does, Taehyung takes matters into his own hands.

By which he means he pulls Jimin into his lap and kisses him.

Jimin laughs against his lips, startled and breathless, and then slowly starts kissing back. This is something they've done before — recently, even, when Taehyung was feeling a little touch-starved and Jimin was feeling affectionate — but never really in front of the others. Not like this.

Taehyung slides his hands up Jimin's sides, brings his body a little closer and kisses him deeply, swallowing Jimin's moan. He loves the plush feel of Jimin's lips moving with his own, the way Jimin shivers when Taehyung sucks on his tongue or bites at his lip. They get lost in it, not because of their audience but in spite of it, and it takes Jungkook's hand sliding into Taehyung's hair to bring them out of it.

Jimin pulls back, eyes wide as he glances between Jungkook and Taehyung. "Oh. Jungkook-ah. Do you want to...?"

"Both," Jungkook says, glancing at the rest of the hyungs for a moment as if waiting for permission. Heat unfurls in Taehyung's belly at all their gazes, expressions ranging from delight (Hoseok) to careful want (Yoongi). "I want to kiss you both. I mean, I want to kiss all of you," he admits in a softer voice, not quite shy but hesitant again, as if anyone would object to that.

"Good, because we want to kiss you too," Jimin says, sliding a hand around the back of Jungkook's neck and pulling him in close, both of them closing their eyes as their lips meet.

Taehyung has had his share of wild experiences, but there is something quietly different about watching two people he loves so much kiss right in front of him, watching their lips move and appreciating the line of Jungkook's jaw, the pink of Jimin's tongue, the hunger in the way they explore each other. He rubs his hands over Jimin's hips, around his back to settle over his ass, and Jimin laughs into Jungkook's mouth.

"I think TaeTae is getting impatient," Jimin whispers to Jungkook like it's a secret, and Jungkook blinks his eyes open to stare at Taehyung, the heavy look jolting heat into Taehyung's belly. Jimin stands up from Taehyung's lap and moves over to Seokjin, who doesn't seem surprised to suddenly find himself with a lapful of Jimin.

Taehyung swallows when Jimin and Seokjin kiss for what he is pretty sure is the first time. Because they... really don't act like it is.

Seokjin kisses Jimin with a confidence and a roughness that Taehyung is mesmerized by. Maybe that's just how he kisses in general, but the hand at the side of Jimin's face, the movement of his lips, the sounds of their breaths all fuel Taehyung's growing arousal.

"Hyung," Jungkook says, turning Taehyung's face with gentle fingers, tilting his head. "Kiss me like that."

So Taehyung does. Or at least tries to, but it's kind of hard to compete with Seokjin's effortless, mature sensuality. The hunger comes naturally, though, once Jungkook parts his lips for Taehyung's and starts to make soft whining noises in his throat the harder Taehyung kisses. Jungkook leans closer, curls his fingers into the front of Taehyung's shirt and inhales sharply when Taehyung changes the angle, kisses deeper, makes it wet.

They break apart at the sound of Jimin's laugh to find him trading kisses with both Yoongi and Hoseok, Hoseok settled over Yoongi's lap and Jimin leaning in next to them. Taehyung catches Jungkook watching them with wide, interested eyes and parted lips, still slick from his kisses with Taehyung. He gives Jungkook a pat on the thigh.

"Go kiss Namjoon-hyung, he looks lonely."

"Oh," Jungkook says, eyes still wide. "Fuck, I— I forgot that's allowed for a second?"

Namjoon laughs, unmistakable fondness in his expression, and Taehyung almost misses Jungkook straddling Namjoon's lap because of how Hoseok presses Seokjin into the couch, kissing him deeply.

The sound of all their breathing, their deep kisses, is both overwhelming and welcome. Taehyung wishes they could film this, if only so he wouldn't miss anything.

Watching Namjoon and Jungkook's lips touch for the first time is so sweet, so satisfying because Taehyung knows how much they've both yearned for this — maybe Jungkook for a little longer, but they've certainly both thought about it. Joked about it, and foolishly never did anything about it.

Their noses bump at first and they both smile and tilt their heads, Taehyung's heart clenching when their smiles don't immediately disappear, the kisses tentative and happy and then finally deeper, consuming. Jungkook tries to press himself closer to Namjoon's body and moans when Namjoon kisses him harder in turn, hands sliding around Jungkook's small waist.

Taehyung huffs out a short, giddy laugh and then starts to undress.

"Oh," Jimin says, stumbling back over to Taehyung once his pants and underwear are off, leaving him naked and half-hard, goosebumps covering his skin. "Good idea."

Taehyung grins as Jimin undresses too, and then they're all breaking kisses and untangling from each other to get undressed, unhurried and without much embarrassment. They're familiar with each other's bodies in some ways — although the ink on Jungkook's arm never gets less hot, the muscles everyone has, the slimness of Jungkook and Hoseok and Jimin's hips — but it still takes a moment to get used to letting himself stare, their bare thighs and dark cocks and sharp hipbones, all different but all beautiful.

Jungkook is the only one fully hard, and Taehyung resists the urge to tease him (it's hot, if anything, that just kissing has gotten him so worked up already) and instead reaches up to pinch his nipples, making Jungkook gasp.


"Are your nipples off-limits?"

Jungkook's face wrinkles. "No, just. I don't know. Don't be too rough with them."

Namjoon moves closer to Jungkook on the couch, and Taehyung almost laughs at the way Jungkook's gaze drops straight to Namjoon's lap, his dick apparently enough of a distraction that he isn't expecting it when Namjoon starts to rub his fingertips over one of Jungkook's stiff nipples.

Jungkook gasps, a soft ah, and tips his head back.

"Is that okay?"

"That's— yeah, I mean." Jungkook looks flustered by Namjoon's forwardness, but Taehyung doesn't blame him. When Namjoon gets confident like this it's stupidly hot. "I don't like that all the attention is on me right now."

"Don't you?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook shoots him a betrayed look that just makes Hoseok laugh. "Sorry, sorry. So what's next? What are we doing?"

"I think maybe we should just go with it, you know, at least until all of us are hard," Yoongi says. Taehyung agrees, but also it's hard to look at Yoongi and not just want to bite his pink nipples. "Jungkook-ah. Why haven't you kissed me yet? I thought I was your favorite."

"I only said that because you bought me meat," Jungkook says cheerfully, but he gets up and moves over to the couch Yoongi is sitting on, close enough to Seokjin that their bare thighs touch, and Taehyung wonders if anyone else is struck with the wild, sudden urge to straddle both their laps at the same time.

Hoseok settles on the floor and pulls Taehyung back against his chest, lips brushing his neck with light kisses that make him shiver. "Wanna watch them while I get you ready, Taehyung-ah? You're still okay if I finger you?"

"Oh, yeah," Taehyung says, beaming at Jimin when he tosses lube to them. They left out at least three bottles, and Jimin has his own as he settles on his knees next to Namjoon on the couch, kissing him slowly and pressing the bottle into Namjoon's hands.

"Finger me while I suck you off?"

"Holy shit, okay, yes," Namjoon groans. Seokjin makes a sound that might be a laugh, but Jungkook also has a hand around his cock now, stroking him to hardness, so maybe that's what has Seokjin gasping and smiling.

"Our Taehyungie has the best ideas," Hoseok whispers into Taehyung's ear. Taehyung's shoulders bunch up at the ticklish puff of Hoseok's warm breath, knees falling open so Hoseok can reach around and start to press a slick finger inside him. "Can you touch yourself while you watch them, sweetheart?"

"Yeah." The relief of finally getting his hand on his cock after arousal has been steadily building is so good, a satisfying tightening in his belly. Taehyung tips his head back onto Hoseok's shoulder and moans, forcing his eyes back open to watch Jungkook and Yoongi trade slow kisses, Jungkook's back arched and fingers squeezing weakly around Seokjin's cock. Seokjin moves his hand between Jungkook and Yoongi, possibly teasing Jungkook's sensitive nipples from the way Jungkook's body jolts.

Yoongi already has three fingers buried inside Jungkook. When the fuck did that happen?

Namjoon groans, and Taehyung glances over to them, feels a weird rush of pride at how deep Jimin is taking Namjoon into his mouth, lips stretched obscenely around the shaft.

Taehyung is long but Namjoon is thick, his whole body so broad and solid in a way that weirdly suits the size of his dick. Namjoon slowly twists his hips as Jimin swallows around him, reaching behind Jimin to work him open with two slender fingers as well.

Taehyung doesn't even notice Hoseok adding a second finger until it's pressing in with the first, his breath catching at the stretch, stomach clenching.

"Jungkook-ah," Taehyung calls out, grinning at the little Hnn? sound Jungkook makes when he pulls away from Yoongi's mouth. "I want to ride Jin-hyung, is that okay?"

"Sure," Jungkook breathes out, almost definitely not listening, but then he says, "I'm already close, I want— Namjoon-hyung."

"We know, JK," Seokjin says, and that makes Jimin pull off of Namjoon's cock so he can cough out a laugh.

"I want to fuck his thighs next. It's not going to take me much to come, but I want that. Oh my god, do I want that," Jungkook groans, and Jimin laughs harder. He's resting his cheek on Namjoon's thigh now, just letting himself be fingered, and Taehyung wishes he was close enough to kiss Jimin like that, to maybe suck around Namjoon's cock together.

"Of course, baby," Namjoon tells Jungkook after a moment, and Taehyung is sure that Hoseok doesn't miss the way Taehyung shivers at those words, the way baby in Namjoon's deep voice always tugs at something hot in his gut.

They all gradually move to the floor and Hoseok gives Taehyung's ass a pat when he crawls over to Seokjin, kisses him hard and pushes at his wide shoulders until Seokjin is lying back on the blanket.

"Yah," he complains without any heat behind it, hands skimming the outside of Taehyung's thighs when Taehyung straddles him. "Are you just going to take what you want, then?"

"Oh." Taehyung's stomach twists. "Why is that so hot? Also, yes."

Seokjin doesn't actually seem to mind that much, both of them turning their attention to where Jimin is on his knees, leaning back against Hoseok's chest, head thrown back as Hoseok starts to press inside. To where Yoongi settles in front of Jimin, mouthing at the swollen head of his cock, to where Jungkook spoons up behind Namjoon on their sides and mumbles something that makes Namjoon laugh, even as Jungkook is pushing his lubed-up cock between Namjoon's thighs.

The room is starting to smell like sex, and Taehyung is feeling a little wild from it. With more lube and Seokjin's soft encouragement he's sitting back on Seokjin's cock, legs spreading to sink lower once it's inside, stretching him wide.

"Hyung," Taehyung chokes out, breathless, almost laughing. "Feels so good. Always imagined I'd be the one fucking you, but—"

"Never say never," Seokjin tells him with a smile, long fingers circling around Taehyung's cock to jerk him off slowly as he adjusts. Taehyung is grateful for the touch, the distraction that has him wanting to close his eyes and lose himself to pleasure, but Jimin's high moans pull him out of it.

He so desperately wants to keep watching the others, too.

"Hyung," Jimin gasps, fingers in Yoongi's dark hair as he swallows around Jimin's cock, Jimin's hips rocking back with Hoseok's thrusts. Taehyung almost unconsciously starts to match the rhythm of Hoseok's hips as he works himself down on Seokjin's cock, enthralled with the way Hoseok is practically fucking Jimin deeper into Yoongi's throat.

Watching Jungkook and Namjoon is just— cute, somehow, although Taehyung won't tell them that.

They're gorgeous to watch, of course. Jungkook's tattooed arm around Namjoon's stomach, cock already leaking pre-come as Jungkook fucks it between Namjoon's thighs, the shiny head poking out cutely.

Jungkook is the loudest with his moans and gasps, and Taehyung thinks everyone is affected by it. Endearing, but also intensely hot to hear him get closer to his orgasm.

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin says, and Taehyung turns his attention back to Seokjin, the handsome patience on his face.

Taehyung leans down to kiss him, and moans when that changes the angle of Seokjin's cock inside him, grabbing for Seokjin's shoulders and digging his fingers in. If Seokjin is bothered by the sting, he doesn't mention it.

"Taehyung-ah," Seokjin repeats, smiling against his lips. "You feel so good around my cock."

Warmth curls in Taehyung's belly. Praise always hits him a little differently than arousal, a softer kind of heat he wants to melt into. "I do?"

"Yah, don't play innocent," Seokjin scolds quietly. He's breathless, his kisses open-mouthed and hungry when Taehyung presses their mouths together. "Doing so well for hyung, you like this? Like riding my cock?"

"Fuck," Jimin swears loudly, and Taehyung and Seokjin both look over to see his body curl forward closer to Yoongi's mouth, face scrunched up in pleasure, Hoseok's arms the only thing keeping him upright. "Fuck, oh fuck," he moans, body trembling like he is almost definitely spilling into Yoongi's mouth.

Oh. Taehyung really wasn't expecting Jimin to be the first to come.

"That's it, what a good boy," Hoseok says in a low voice, petting over Jimin's belly. Yoongi pulls off of Jimin's cock, chin wet, and Jimin surges forward to kiss him as soon as Hoseok is pulling out, mindful of not fucking Jimin into oversensitivity even if Hoseok hasn't come yet.

Seokjin's hips buck underneath him, and Taehyung's sudden gasp is drowned out by Jungkook's hitching breath, the sounds he tries to bury against Namjoon's neck when his cock starts to spurt wet between Namjoon's thighs, when his thrusts slow to grind himself through it, shaking behind Namjoon.

Namjoon's own cock is flushed dark, hard still from Jimin's mouth, and Taehyung says out loud, "I want that in me."

Jimin laughs where he's slowly stroking a loose fist around Yoongi's cock. It looks more like a tease than anything, but Yoongi seems to like it. "I would say you have to be more specific, except I know you're looking at Namjoon-hyung." Namjoon gives Taehyung a look, then, so dark and hungry that it has Taehyung tightening up around Seokjin's cock, and Taehyung doesn't even care if Seokjin teases him for it. "Fuck, who hasn't— who still needs to come?"

"Everyone but you," Yoongi tells him, trying to sound indifferent but the hoarseness of his voice, rougher than usual from Jimin fucking his throat, makes it come off more affected. "And Jungkook?"

"I want—" Jungkook starts to say, pulling away from Namjoon to get them some tissues because that's the kind of lover Jungkook is, apparently. "I want Jin-hyung to fuck me."

"Should we be jealous the maknae are fighting over Jin-hyung's dick?" Hoseok asks Yoongi, and Jimin bursts into giggles.

Underneath Taehyung, Seokjin is suspiciously still. He's staring across the floor at Jungkook, not a goofy competitive look like Taehyung was expecting, but instead serious and a little wide-eyed. He looks surprised, and maybe touched?

"You just came, are you sure?" Namjoon asks, rubbing over the small of Jungkook's back. The way Jungkook clings to Namjoon is just about what Taehyung would expect from an orgasm-happy Jungkook, eyes heavy and cock still half-hard, a light sheen of sweat on his skin. Namjoon doesn't seem to mind the clinginess at all, though, from the surprisingly tender way he kisses the top of Jungkook's head as Jungkook is nuzzling his nose across Namjoon's shoulder.

"Yeah, I can get hard again, it won't take long," Jungkook mumbles. "Not that I think this is, like, my only chance to do this in my life, but I've been thinking about it for so long. I want it."

"That's okay," Seokjin tells him, and Taehyung swallows a groan when he makes himself lift off of Seokjin's lap, his cock slipping out of Taehyung to strain hard and wet over his abs.

Seokjin is so hot. They are all actually really, distressingly hot, and Taehyung sighs happily at the thought.

Taehyung and Jungkook both shuffle across the floor to trade places, stopping in the middle to share a kiss because Jungkook already looks so fucked-out and pretty, even if he hasn't actually had a dick inside him yet.

"How did fucking his thighs feel?" Taehyung asks in a low voice, teeth tugging lightly at Jungkook's lower lip. He can feel the shudder that runs through Jungkook's body.

"So good, ah."

"Better than you've been imagining since you were a teenager?"

Jungkook's face scrunches and Hoseok laughs off to the side of them. "Don't be weird. But... but yes. Way better."

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin says, "what's taking you so long? Hyung is waiting."

Jungkook licks his lips, expression darkening slightly. Now this is more like what Taehyung expected from them, given how often they play and fight. "Be patient, hyung-nim." There's a glint in his eyes when he adds, "Or I'll just sit on Hobi-hyung's dick instead."

Hoseok laughs again. "Don't bring me into this, I already have plans and they don't involve topping."

Oh, that's a little unexpected too. Taehyung's stomach twists when he realizes Yoongi is working fingers into Hoseok, kissing his shoulder.

"C'mere, TaeTae," Jimin says, and Taehyung finally pulls away from Jungkook with an encouraging pat on the ass, because spanking Jungkook is fun, but it's even more fun when he's naked. Taehyung takes Jimin's outstretched hand, finds himself pulled forward into a thorough kiss, and at the touch of Namjoon's warm hand on his hip, Taehyung moans loudly.

Maybe he's a little more worked up from riding Seokjin's dick than he wants to admit.

Jimin leans back into some pillows up against the couch and Taehyung follows him, melts into the familiarity of their kisses as Namjoon presses behind him.

"Are you still okay with Namjoon-hyung fucking you?" Jimin asks, and Taehyung nods frantically.

"Yeah, yes, very okay. Super okay." Someone laughs — probably Hoseok — and Taehyung briefly glances over just to see Jungkook on his back, his legs over Yoongi's shoulders as Yoongi eats him out.

Holy fuck. Taehyung didn't even realize that was a possibility.

"Sit on my face," Taehyung tells Jimin in a rush, and Jimin squeaks out a laugh, covering his mouth with one hand. Taehyung is vaguely aware that Namjoon is dripping more lube over his hole, all the sensations and the burning arousal ganging up on him at once, making him feel more shameless and desperate than ever.

"If I sit on your face, you won't be able to watch Yoongi-hyung make Jungkook cry."

"I'm not going to cry," Jungkook chokes out, chest rising and falling quickly with his straining breaths. Namjoon drags the head of his cock over Taehyung's hole and briefly, a little wildly, Taehyung imagines it's a tongue instead, imagines how good Jungkook must be feeling if just Yoongi's mouth on his asshole has his cock fattening up again over his abs.

"Taehyung-ah," Namjoon says with something like amusement in his voice, "you have to let me in, baby, stop clenching up so hard."

"Sorry," Taehyung mutters, tilting his forehead down against Jimin's shoulder, sighing when Jimin pets through his long hair. "Next time, though? You're sitting on my face."

Jimin laughs. "Okay, if that's what you want."

Namjoon presses inside slowly, and even after taking Seokjin's cock it's still a lot. He's just thicker, stretches Taehyung wider than fingers can prepare him for, and Taehyung groans into Jimin's sweet-smelling bare skin, vaguely hears Jungkook gasp, "Oh, Taehyungie-hyung, that's so hot."

Taehyung wishes Jungkook was close enough to reach out and touch, missing that simple physical affection that's so easy to share with Jungkook. He wishes he could reach out for Hoseok and Yoongi too, who decide to move up to the couch, Hoseok throwing a leg over Yoongi's lap and sinking down onto his cock. The couch squeaks a little when Hoseok moves, and he slides his arms around Yoongi's shoulders and laughs.

It's surreal, still, that they're doing this. Taehyung's chest fills with warmth at how easily they can all come together, and he doesn't realize he's started to tear up until Jimin is cupping Taehyung's face between his hands, making a soft, concerned noise.

"Baby. Are you okay? Is it too much, do you need Joon-hyung to pull out?" Jimin's voice is quiet, but Namjoon still must hear him, because he freezes where he was slowly grinding forward and rubs a hand over Taehyung's hip.

"No, no, hyung's cock is perfect, it is." Taehyung ducks his head as Jimin's thumbs brush his tears away. "I was just... ah, hyung, don't make me say it."

Jimin's eyes widen a little, and Taehyung feels his face heat, realizes hyung is usually a word they save for when they fool around together, just the two of them alone.

"Tell me."

Taehyung lets out a shaky breath, rocking back into Namjoon when he starts to thrust again. Taehyung lets his fingers curl into the blanket at the heavy pleasure that fills his belly. "I was just thinking about how happy I am that we're doing this, and how much I love all of you. How—How grateful I am."

"Hyung," Jungkook whines, and Taehyung huffs out a watery laugh at how distraught Jungkook sounds. Currently, Seokjin is kneeling between his legs, dragging Jungkook's ass higher so he can start to press his dick inside. "That's so sweet, what the fuck! You really are going to make me cry!"

"Ahh, my crybabies," Jimin says with his own laugh, nuzzling the tip of his nose across Taehyung's. "I'm happy too, TaeTae. I think we all are." He reaches underneath Taehyung, small fingers circling around Taehyung's leaking cock, and the heat that jolts through him has him gasping out, squeezing around Namjoon's cock.

"Oh, oh," Taehyung says, can hear the roughness in his own deep voice like he's been shouting. Namjoon is so big that the angle doesn't really matter, not when Taehyung is being fucked so deeply, every sensitive spot being rubbed at once. Jimin jerks him off in tight strokes, kisses Taehyung and muffles his moans, and Taehyung can't bring himself to warn either of them before he's coming, body tensing, clamping tightly around Namjoon's cock.

"Fuck, baby, fuck, there you go," Namjoon groans, petting over Taehyung's back, hands smoothing down to his hips and thighs. Taehyung knows he's already shaking, and as soon as Jimin lets go of his spent cock he feels like collapsing. "So tight for me, your ass is perfect, and you took it so well, huh?"

Taehyung whines. The words rush through him in a wave of pleasant heat. 

"Hey, I'm going to pull out now, okay?"

Taehyung selfishly wants to protest, would love to beg Namjoon to keep going and come inside him, but he instead turns his head, grins sleepily at Jungkook where Seokjin is fucking hard into him. "Wait, Namjoon-hyung. I mean, you can pull out, but I think Jungkook's mouth looks empty, don't you?"

Jimin sucks in a sharp breath. Namjoon swears, and Jungkook turns his head and asks, "Wait, what about Jungkook?"

"Do you want him to fuck your mouth, Kook?" Seokjin asks, snapping his hips forward. Jungkook's round eyes widen, lips parting, and Taehyung thinks a little wildly, If Namjoon-hyung doesn't go over there then I will.

"Oh," Jungkook says, cock visibly jerking over his stomach. "Yeah. Yes. Want that."

Jimin's fingers tighten in Taehyung's hair and Taehyung can't even blame him. The idea of Namjoon and Seokjin both using Jungkook from both ends... Holy shit.

"Okay, just relax, baby," Namjoon tells him when he starts to pull out, and the feeling is weird and wide and empty but Taehyung just hums, buries his face against Jimin's neck and huffs out a short laugh when Namjoon wipes off his dick.

"You can never be too careful," Namjoon mutters, and it's hilarious to see him act shy when he looks like an actual, literal sex god under the blanket fort's soft lighting after he stands up. He is all thick muscle and straining cock and body glistening with sweat, eyes dark with want.

"No, you're fine, it's just considerate of you. Thank you for fucking me."

Namjoon's face scrunches with an equally shy smile. "You're welcome. Or, ah, the pleasure was mine?"

"Namjoon-ah," Seokjin interrupts, "get your butt over here, please."

"Yes hyung."

Namjoon walks the few steps over to the maknae and the eldest and kneels on the floor by Jungkook's head, smiling down at him with such tenderness that Taehyung can imagine it again, imagine how intense that is for Jungkook to be stared at and fucked deeply by hyungs he both admires and loves to rile up. 

"This isn't too much?" Namjoon asks, and Jungkook reaches out for Namjoon's cock only to have Seokjin landing a loud smack on his thigh.

"Jungkook-ah. No hands. I want you to hold your legs open for me instead, okay?"

"Holy shit," Jimin groans, and Taehyung finds himself nodding. He can absolutely see himself developing some kind of Pavlovian horny response to being scolded by Seokjin in the future.

Jungkook sighs and grabs at his thighs, keeping his legs folded and spread for Seokjin's thrusts, and he finally answers, "No, not too much. Or... it's exactly the kind of too much I want, ah."

Namjoon leans close enough to rub the head of his cock over Jungkook's pink lips, just barely dipping inside as Jungkook stares up at him with wide eyes, and Seokjin says in a gentle voice, "Hey, Kook-ah. If you need either of us to stop, tap my hand or my arm, okay? Can you do that for us?"

Jungkook blinks and then nods.

"Good, thank you, sweetheart. Now open that pretty mouth for Namjoon's cock."

Seeing Jungkook obey without protest has a fuzzy kind of heat filling Taehyung's body, not just arousal but something deeper, like he's the one being praised. He nuzzles at Jimin's chest and watches the sinfully hot sight of Namjoon feeding his cock past Jungkook's lips, filling his mouth until Jungkook whines and starts to swallow as well as he can with his mouth stretched so wide, with his body jolting whenever Seokjin fucks hard into him.

"Come up here, you two," Hoseok says. He's riding Yoongi so slowly that if it weren't for his straining cock between their bellies, Taehyung might think that he's already come. "I think hyung still wants to kiss Taehyung, yeah?" Hoseok grins, slightly mischievous.

"Taehyung-ah," Yoongi grits out, "come cuddle me and watch Jungkook get destroyed."

Jimin and Hoseok both start laughing, and Taehyung thinks he hears a muffled protest where Jungkook's mouth is still stuffed full of Namjoon's dick.

They climb up onto the couch and Taehyung leans in to kiss Yoongi, gasping when Yoongi's teeth almost immediately sink into his lip.

"Sorry," Yoongi mutters, "Hoseok just squeezed so hard around me, fuck."

Taehyung glances over to find Jimin has moved to the other side of Hoseok and Yoongi, and is bent over with his lips skimming Hoseok's cock. "Oh."

"Okay, well, fuck," Yoongi says. His hands are resting on Hoseok's spread thighs, holding him but not really holding him, and Taehyung grins as he gets the idea to slide his fingers over Yoongi's, making him turn one of his hands over so Taehyung can lace their fingers together.

"Like this," Taehyung tells him, and then all of them — even Jimin, who pulls off Hoseok's cock with a little gasp — look over to the other three when Jungkook cries out suddenly.

Seokjin has Jungkook's legs folded up higher now, is holding himself up above Jungkook's body while he thrusts into him hard, and Namjoon's cock has slipped from Jungkook's mouth, skimming wetly across his cheek.

"Ah, ah," Jungkook cries, the words choked out, overwhelmed.

"Look how wet you are, baby," Namjoon tells him, reaching down to drag his fingers over the shiny head of Jungkook's cock, pushing the length of it closer to his belly to smear the pre-come that's already dripped over his skin.

Taehyung doesn't think he's ready to get hard again, but heat tugs sharp in his gut at the way it looks, the sound of Namjoon's voice, of Jungkook's breathy whimpers.

"So sensitive, can you come untouched, Jungkook-ah? Get nice and tight and then maybe Jin-hyung will come inside you?"

"Please." Jungkook is sweating more than any of them, hair sticking to his forehead and temples with it, his lips parted and swollen either from kissing or from having Namjoon fuck his mouth. "Please, I need—"

"Greedy boy," Seokjin says, grinding his hips deep. Taehyung swallows as Jungkook's cock jerks above his stomach, as Hoseok fucks himself on Yoongi's cock a little more frantically now. "We know what you need. Our messy maknae just needs to be filled, doesn't he?"

Jungkook chokes out a laugh. "Yes, yes, but also— fuck, Jin-hyung, you really talk like this?"

"Yah!" Seokjin shouts, hips stilling, and Jimin bursts into giggles. Hoseok laughs too, which must mean he's tightening up around Yoongi's dick again, because Yoongi just has a strained look on his face. Taehyung squeezes his fingers in sympathy.

"You two—" Namjoon starts to say, warm and fond, but Seokjin is already back to slamming his hips forward, fucking Jungkook so hard he scoots up the blankets, a startled gasp leaving his throat and his fingers digging hard into his own thighs.

"Don't pretend you don't like it, brat."

Jungkook laughs again, more strained, and finally says, "Hyung, hyungs, I think— I'm going to come, fuck."

Seokjin's thrusts never slow and neither do Hoseok's hips, and Taehyung doesn't want to say it's a soulmate thing, but he's pretty sure all four of them come at the same time.

Hoseok and Yoongi aren't very loud, just soft groans and the way they both tense up, Hoseok coming wet between their stomachs while Jimin kisses his shoulder and Taehyung squeezes Yoongi's hand.

Jungkook, however, is loud, not that Taehyung can blame him with how hard he's getting fucked, with Namjoon's fingers teasing his nipples and his neglected cock spurting out over his stomach, up his chest. Seokjin fucks him through his orgasm with short, deep thrusts, gasping as he spills inside, face scrunched up and mouth open.

They are both frustratingly gorgeous when they come, not that Taehyung expected any different.

"Hey, Jungkook-ah, sweetheart, you can let go now," Seokjin tells him in a wrecked voice, helping Jungkook lower his legs back to the floor after Jungkook lets go of his grip on his thighs, hand moving to idly rub at the length of his cock. Taehyung feels a twist of arousal at the sight, but isn't prepared for the way it turns to molten heat when Seokjin pulls out and Namjoon says, "Baby, are you okay if I come inside you too?"

"Oh," Jungkook says, eyes widening. "Like, in my—"

"Oh," Seokjin echoes. Taehyung leans heavily into Yoongi's side, watches as Namjoon moves down Jungkook's body to kneel next to Seokjin. The hand that slides around the back of Seokjin's neck is gentle when it pulls him in, but the kiss after their lips meet is anything but. Namjoon kisses hard. Taehyung can see how their mouths open for each other, can hear Seokjin's soft whine just before Namjoon is pulling back, panting.

"Yes," Jungkook says. "By the way. Yeah, want you to, just—just don't expect me to get hard again." Even as he says it, Jungkook still rubs absently over his dick, sighs and drops his legs open when Namjoon gets between them.

"Trust me, this will be over very quickly," Namjoon says with an embarrassed laugh. "Fuck. Hob-ah, did you two really come too?"

Hoseok nods, now curled into Yoongi's side, Jimin snuggled up next to him. Taehyung is glad they thought to put sheets up on the couch as well. "Thanks for the show."

"Yah," Seokjin says half-heartedly. He's switched places with Namjoon, petting his fingers through Jungkook's hair, and Jungkook closes his eyes and leans into the touch.

"That feels nice."

"Namjoon is literally about to spear you open on his dick, don't focus on the petting."

"Ah, hyung," Jimin complains, laughter in his voice. "Don't put it like that."

"No, he." Jungkook's eyes are wide when he blinks them open, still a little glazed like he hasn't come down from his orgasm all the way. "He can put it like that. I don't mind."

Seokjin gives Jimin a shrug and Jimin sticks out his tongue. Taehyung decides to ignore them both when Namjoon starts to press inside, because Jungkook's fingers spasm and his toes curl, his mostly-soft cock jerking over his lower stomach as Namjoon fills him.

"Baby," Namjoon breathes out once he starts to thrust, strong arms holding himself up above Jungkook's body. "You're so wet inside, holy shit."

Jungkook shudders, head dropping back and eyes fluttering closed again. "Namjoon-hyung."

"Are you this wet for me? Wet and filthy because you let Seokjin use your tight little hole, huh?"

"Don't—" Jungkook gasps, back arching off the floor. Seokjin pets over his shoulders, down his chest, teasing at a nipple.

"Don't what?"

"Don't stop talking," Jungkook finishes in a whiny tone. He sounds overwhelmed, needy, teeth sinking into his lip when Seokjin focuses his touch on Jungkook's nipples. "Can you— a little harder, just like that, oh, fuck me like that—"

"Love how wet you are," Namjoon says in a low voice. He's fucking forward hard enough that his hips smack against Jungkook's ass, and Taehyung notices that Jimin is absolutely hard again just from watching them. Taehyung thinks he probably isn't far off either. Heat tightens deep in his belly at their words, their desperation, just from watching them move together and bring each other pleasure.

"Do you like being filled with our come?" Seokjin asks, pinching at one of Jungkook's nipples. They're stiff and flushed a dark pink, almost sore-looking from how much they've been played with tonight. "Like having your hyungs use your tight hole to dump their come into?"

"Oh," Jungkook gasps, and Taehyung notices the shine of something wet at the corner of Jungkook's eyes. "Oh, that's, I'm gonna—"

Namjoon's hips still when he groans and starts to spill inside, and Jungkook's whole body convulses, the blanket bunched up in his tight fists on either side of him and his legs shaking hard, breath coming out in shallow huffs.

The next sound he makes is a sob, and Taehyung realizes that Jungkook just came again, fucked into a dry orgasm while Namjoon and Seokjin spoke dirty things to him.

"I need a cold shower," Yoongi says, clearing his throat when his voice comes out scratchy. Hoseok laughs and smacks his leg, but both he and Jimin look concerned, would no doubt be rushing to comfort Jungkook if Seokjin wasn't already there.

"There you go, that's good, you did so well. Jungkook-ah, are you okay? Do you need anything?" Seokjin brushes away the tears on Jungkook's flushed cheeks, pets his stomach as he finishes trembling through his orgasm. Namjoon pulls out and is right there too, kissing Jungkook's cheek, stroking over his shaky thighs.

"I just want..." Jungkook sucks in a shuddering breath, turning his body into Namjoon's when Namjoon lies down next to him. Taehyung thinks the tears have already stopped, and is relieved. "I kind of just want to cuddle everyone."

Taehyung and Jimin scramble down to the floor at the same time, laughing when they collapse into each other next to Jungkook. Hoseok and Yoongi join them a second later, and Jungkook beams at all of them with eyes bright from unshed tears. "Oh, wow."

"Talk about spoiled," Seokjin teases, joining their extended cuddle pile after grabbing a tissue for Jungkook.

It is... honestly a little uncomfortable, all the bony limbs without the cushion of clothes and the mess of come most of them haven't cleaned up. But Taehyung loves the intimacy of it, all their naked warm skin touching and kisses being traded here and there, soft teasing comments, the smiles on their faces. He doesn't tear up this time, thank god, but the warmth and sense of belonging that fills his chest is all-consuming, profound in how quietly simple it comes to all of them.

"You thinking?" Jimin asks, poking the mole on Taehyung's nose.


"About how gross we all are?"

Taehyung grins. "Just about how much I love all of you again."

Jimin's groan is loud enough to get the others' attention. "Ahh, Taehyung-ah, when did you get this sappy? Are you going to write a song about us too, huh?" Jimin says it to tease, but really, Jimin has been one of Taehyung's biggest supporters for the music and lyrics he's been writing on his own.

Taehyung's grin softens into a smile that doesn't feel as loud on his face, and after glancing at the rest of the sleepy members — Jungkook nearly passed out, Namjoon and Yoongi looking interested since song-writing was mentioned, Hoseok wiggling his feet against Seokjin's and Seokjin wiggling his feet back — Taehyung tells Jimin, "Maybe I will."