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Royal Scandal

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“I will accept the divorce”

Daichi Sawamura was born to a long-line of royal consorts; a high-born noble within the karasuno, and a duke of his own right before descending to the title of Empress. Similar to the prince consorts before him, he was always expected to marry current heir to the throne-. It was always meant to be a political marriage; afterall, Marriages within the royal community were always going to be a ploy regarding royal pedigree,studies, and political alliances. 

He believed that he was close to his fiance, afterall, growing up together was supposed to have that effect. Even all the nobles had thought they were a good match with our combined wit and great chemistry. Unfortunately, this marriage led to a waste after all it takes two people to actually make it work . Daichi always maintained the image of a perfect empress- until today.

His husband, the emperor- looked to have a mixed expression of relief and regret. Until now, Daichi has always been a perfect companion and a royal figure, However, ever since she came into the picture and took his gaze away from him, Daichi was made to play the part of a fool- of someone who would make his husband be taken away by someone else. He knew the complication of a public royal divorce- being raised in the royal court did have its’ perks afterall. It would only cause more of a scandal to go through a slow divorce trial against the sawamura family and the high priest.  

“You’re majesty ! This can’t be “

Marquis Akaashi cried out, a bit out of character for the usually stoic man, as he tried to run towards Daichi, but he was caught by the emperor's guards and prohibited from stepping further. Marquis Akaashi, Earl Sugawara, Viscount Asahi- my defenders and friends, I’m thankful for your support however-

“Our Empress, Daichi. Do you really agree to this divorce agreement ,Will you not fight for your marriage and position as emperor consort” . 

The authoritative voice of the high priest was tainted with an undertone of anger- after all, it was no secret that he wanted to keep the marriage to be intact. The odds of fighting and winning the divorce case were slim, it would simply cause a strain for the relationship of the royal family. Since divorcing an emperess for a lowborn concubine was scandalous.

“ I agree to this divorce” 

Daichi calmly stated once again, his voice seemed to carry the same confident tone that was always present whenever he was speaking. The high priest simply closed his eyes, as if he was pained by what he was about to say next.

“And also ask for permission to remarry.”

Daichi suddenly continued. Which caused the whole environment to suddenly shift from a gloomy atmosphere to a shocked one.

“Our Empress Daichi…remarry?”

The high priest looked on shocked over the sudden turn of events, he looked toward the emperor- unsure of the words that came out of the empress’s mouth.  Daichi solemnly nodded as he stretched out his hand, pointing to the edge of the room which was covered by curtains. Suddenly a bellowing laugh was heard, A figure wearing an embroidered veil over their head appeared as if the whole affair was planned. 

“Can I come out now” 

The room was suddenly silent, as if the crowd were trying to decipher the hidden figure. The man walked closer to the center of the court; the way that his figure walked was light and stealthy. When the figure took off his veil, the emperor suddenly raised to his feet. 

“Daichi! He’s-”

“The one that I intend to marry”

Daichi says firmly; clearly implying that it was his final decision on the matter. The High Priest looked like he had an aneurysm- as if this very situation seemed to have exhausted him. He looked toward Daichi, with an expression that relied “You wanted this situation to happen, didn’t you ?” .

Somehow, despite the tense situation, Daichi answered with a smirk. 

‘Even though I have no desire for revenge, I like this feeling’