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Warnings: Minor degrading, Sir kink, Wonwoo gets called Kitten.

It was February 18th and the entirety of Seventeen found themselves sitting in their practice room, celebrating their second youngest, Hansol’s, birthday. After a few hours of joking around and eating some cake, Seungcheol pulled Hansol aside, whispering into his ear that they had a special gift for him while Mingyu and Wonwoo giggled like schoolgirls at the knowing blush that littered Hansol’s cheeks. He gave a nod in understanding and with that, they left it alone for the time being.
Hansol had no one to blame but himself, not that he wanted to blame anything or anyone for this amazing opportunity. He knew he wasn’t very discreet with his open lust for Wonwoo and he felt the embarrassment of being caught staring many time’s during practice. How could he stop himself? With the way Wonwoo would bite his lip or roll his hips, or the occasional glimpse of his toned stomach when he lifted his arms too high for a move. It usually led to Vernon having to lock himself in the studio’s bathrooms, attempting to relieve his cock of its aching pressure.

Hansol found himself growing more excited as the night drug on, though he knew it was inevitable seeing as Wonwoo made his lap his own personal seat and was determine to make Hansol noticeably hard with the way he would “accidently” move his hips against Hansol’s hardening cock. He was pretty sure the other members knew of the plan, or he was certain they would be teasing Wonwoo for the way he clung to Hansol or for the small kisses he pressed against his neck. Finally, after having to endure another awful attempt at singing him happy birthday, his party was over, and once the cleanup was finished, the other members left their hip-hop unit by themselves inside the practice room. Seungcheol left a small kiss on Hansol’s cheek, instructing him to stay with Wonwoo while Mingyu and him went to get what they needed, being condoms and lube that Jihoon left in his studio.
“Hyung?” Hansol started to ask Wonwoo, taking note of the small whines and whimpers he let get louder as the night party dragged on, “Are you okay?”
Wonwoo nodded, moving himself so that he was straddling Hansol, wrapping his arms around the younger’s neck. “Can I show you your gift now?” Wonwoo asked him in a needy voice that had Hansol clenching his fists. When Hansol nodded, Wonwoo moved off of his lap, standing infront of him, not making eye contact. Times like this is when Hansol forgets about the confident rapper that he knows Wonwoo is, only seeing the adorable, glasses-wearing man, who adores oversized sweaters, who was currently unbuttoning his jeans. With a shaky sigh, Hansol relaxed back into the practice room sofa, his eyes dark as they raked over Wonwoo’s body. His eyes widened a bit as he watched Wonwoo tug his jeans and boxers down, revealing his own hard cock. He locked eyes with Hansol for a split second, blushing deeply as he got down onto his knees, turning around so that his back was facing Hansol. With a final brace of confidence, Wonwoo slowly slid down on his hands into an arch, effectively showing off the purple plug that was nestled snug into his ass. He let out a soft giggle as he heard Hansol groan, not knowing that Hansol was pressing his hand against his own hardening member underneath his jeans.
Hansol jumped slightly as Mingy and Seungcheol returned to the room, Seungcheol chuckling softly at the position Wonwoo was comfortably in as he locked the door, “Are you showing Hansol his gift, Kitten?” Seungcheol asked him, smirking at the small moan Wonwoo let out at the sound of his favorite pet name. Wonwoo nodded his head as Mingyu placed a gentle hand on his cheek, “Are you going to show Hansol how much of a slut you can be?” Mingyu asked as Seungcheol tugged Hansol over to stand with them around the blessing that was Wonwoo’s form. “You keep saying my ‘gift’…Do you mean Wonwoo Hyung?” Hansol asked as Seungcheol wrapped his arms around his stomach, his larger hand slipping into Hansol’s jeans and boxers to wrap his fingers around his cock, chuckling deeply as Hansol moaned out from the friction.

“We know you’ve heard us before, Hansol. Then again, we aren’t exactly quiet when we fuck, but we know you’ve been wanting to lose your virginity so we decided to be good hyungs and help you out. Let you take a turn with our kitten.” Seungcheol said, pressing his lips to the back of Hansol’s neck as the younger bucked his hips up into his hands. “Would you like that?” He asked, hearing Mingyu chuckle at the eager way Hansol nodded. Seungcheol brought Hansol back over to the couch, sitting him down, “Kitten, come here and prep Hansol for your hole.” He ordered. Hansol noticed that they had a dynamic of sorts. Seungcheol was obviously always in charge, easily controlling both Wonwoo and Mingyu. Mingyu was the middle grounds of the three, not controlling enough to dom, but no where near sub level, and then there’s Wonwoo. The man had no dominance bones in his body and he seemed perfectly content with the way Mingyu and Seungcheol manhandled him around. Just the mental image of Wonwoo on his back, tears streaming down his cheeks as his doms thrusted viciously into him was enough to stir Hansol into a fit. He needed to be a part of their dynamic and he needed to feel what it was like to be inside of Wonwoo.
With a nudge from Mingyu, Wonwoo crawled over to where Hansol sat, sliding himself perfectly between his legs. He reached up and tugged Hansol’s zipper down, pulling both his jeans and boxers down. Wonwoo could feel his hole clench around the plug as he saw Hansol’s cock. It wasn’t as large as Seungcheol’s, but Mingyu and Hansol had similar thickness. Hansol’s cock was perfect to Wonwoo, not to large yet it was pleasantly thick enough to induce pleasure. With no hesitation, Wonwoo leaned forward as he stuck out his tongue, dragging it from the base of Hansol’s cock to his tip before he sucked it into his mouth and down his throat. Hansol was in heaven. He laid his head back and groaned deeply as Wonwoo went to work on his cock. His hand found a home in Wonwoo’s un-styled curly locks, tugging him a bit further down on his cock, letting out moan after moan at the warmth of his wet mouth. As Hansol was using Wonwoo’s mouth, Mingyu slid to his knees behind Wonwoo, running his hands over his sides to rest at his hips. With a from Seungcheol, who had his own hand in his pants, shamelessly jerking his cock, Mingyu slowly pulled the plug from Wonwoo’s hole. Mingyu let out a groan as he slid two fingers into Wonwoo’s hole, his own cock twitching at the need to be engulfed into the tight space. Wonwoo let out a moan against Hansol’s cock, bobbing his head a bit faster as he pushed his hips back against Mingyu’s hand. Because of the plug, Wonwoo knew he didn’t need any prep, Mingyu just had an infatuation with watching his fingers slide in and out of Wonwoo’s hole.
Seungcheol watched silently for a bit before he pulled his hand out of his jeans, “Kitten, off.” He instructed, cooing at the whine Hansol let slip out of his mouth at the lack of contact on his cock. “Don’t worry, you’ll be inside something better.” He smirked, helping Hansol stand up. Wonwoo instantly moved to lie on his back, biting his lip as he spread his legs. “Please sir… please fuck me.” Wonwoo whined, hole clenching at the primal glint that passed through Hansol’s eyes. “Go on,” Mingyu said, moving to sit next to Seungcheol, “Your kitten asked so nicely, seems only fair to give him what he wants.” With a nod, Hansol got situated on his knees between Wonwoo’s legs. He grabbed his cock, rubbing the tip over his hole as he reached for the lube. He poured a generous amount onto his cock, not wanting to hurt Wonwoo in any way, and after he coated his cock, he slowly slid into Wonwoo. Hansol had to restrain himself majorly. With how warm and tight Wonwoo was, Hansol knew it was probable that he wasn’t going to last long at all, so with that in mind, he held his orgasm back for a while, sliding all the way into his hole. Wonwoo moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard, as Hansol braced his hands on either side of his head, instantly starting to snap his hips into Wonwoo’s. He knew he could take it, he takes Seungcheol and Mingyu every night, so he was sure his body could handle Hansol’s rough pace. Seungcheol and Mingyu were sat on the couch, their hands toying with each other’s cocks as they kept their eyes locked on the way Hansol fucked Wonwoo. They knew neither of the boys would last more than one round, seeing as Wonwoo had a plug in him all day, and Hansol was ready to burst just from the new sensation.
“Does he feel good?” Mingyu asked Hansol, smirking as the younger nodded his head, moaning as he sped up. “He’s so fucking tight, I’m sure one cock isn’t enough for the slut.” Hansol chuckled, taking note of the way Wonwoo clenched at the degrading sentence. “Oh, do you like that? You like being our needy slut, don’t you Kitten?” Hansol groaned into Wonwoo’s neck, biting harshly on the skin wanting to leave his mark for everyone to see. Wonwoo nodded his head quickly, “Ah...yes sir, I love it. I’m your slut...” He moaned, eyes closing as he arched into Hansol, “Harder, sir, please!” he whined. Hansol gave him what he wanted, sitting up and placing Wonwoo’s legs on his shoulders, thrusting his hips deeper and harder into him, “Fuck, Hyung… I’m close...” he moaned out to Seungcheol and Mingyu. Seungcheol had his eyes locked on them, his hand currently pumping three fingers into Mingyu’s hole, “Yeah? Go on, baby, cum inside him.” He encouraged, smirking as both Hansol and Wonwoo came. Hansol let out a deep moan, his hips stilling as he came inside Wonwoo’s hole. Wonwoo arched once more, his hand wrapped around his own cock as he let go, cum spilling on his hand and chest. They sat there for a bit, listening to the moans Mingyu gave as he came from Seungcheol’s fingers, until Hansol felt himself soften and pulled out of Wonwoo’s hole. He stood up, reaching for his bag to grab the baby wipes he always kept in there and he gently cleaned Wonwoo and himself off, occasionally kissing whispering praises into Wonwoo’s skin. He couldn’t help but smile at the relaxed, fucked out expression on his face, feeling proud that he was the one to make Wonwoo feel that good.
They finished cleaning up and helped each other redress themselves before they left the practice room, Wonwoo having to be carried on Mingyu’s back. “Well, Sol, did you have a good birthday?” Wonwoo asked him, smiling as Hansol nodded, “I did, thank you guys for allowing me to do that.” He thanked them, whining as Seungcheol pinched his cheeks, cooing about how cute Hansol was when he was shy and after their teasing, they got into their van with a silent promise to do this again, gladly accepting Hansol into their dynamic.

Word Count: 1972