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Mirror To Mirror

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The small boy hid under his soft and warm covers, not feeling ready enough to face the already shitty day ahead. He’d stuck a toe out five minutes ago as a test, and it came back positive, yep his landlord had turned off his heating again. Of course, he had to do that in one of the only months Yoongi used it. It’s not like he blamed the landlord for being a massive dick, it’s just who he was, and Yoongi respected that.


His headache worsened at the shiver running down his spine which ended up causing him to jolt up. He held onto his head tightly, wishing the pain away. Ultimately knowing it wouldn’t work, he gave up merely seconds later. He sighed heavily, the sigh almost turning into a yawn as his sleep-deprived mind kicked in.


He sat up quickly before practically running to get out of bed and secure a hoodie over his small body. A sigh of relief left his chapped lips as his upper half was wrapped in warmth, momentarily forgetting about his short clad legs. He walked to his dresser. struggling to open it with only one intact handle before rummaging through it for his warmest pair of sweatpants. Once finding a relatively hole-less pair, he slipped them on, not even bothering to remove the shorts from underneath.


He turned to look at his little-better-than-rundown apartment. Somewhat pleased at how clean he managed to keep it for the last few weeks. Just as he was about to turn towards the bathroom, something caught his eye. A little shimmer blinded him for a good second before his hand moved to protect his eyes. He looked up from the corner of his eyes, heart sinking as deep as the depths as the ocean once he saw exactly what the object was.


He grabbed his ‘lucky’ golf club before rushing over, almost clumsily falling over his own feet. He avoided looking directly at the object as he shakily raised the club, before swinging down as hard as he could. He heard a loud crash before glass flew all around the room. He’d successfully smashed the poor mirror to pieces. He ignored the light giggle in the background and the comment of “that’s seven years of bad luck”. He didn’t care, he didn’t respond, he didn’t look too deeply into the shards. He’d learned from past mistakes, he wasn’t going to be a fool, never again.


He looked to his feet; glad he had his fluffy socks as a small bit of defence from the sharp shards littering the ground. He made careful steps, skilfully avoiding tiny shards like he’d done many times before. He grabbed his brush and began sweeping after his safe passage, he couldn’t leave the glass there anymore, just in case his landlord came in or he came back from work sleepy and not looking where he was going. Long story short, he’d be faceplant against the ground, small glass shard digging into his face as he bled, badly.


He left it in a small pile in the corner he never used, fewer chances of it ending up cutting into his pale skin. He walked to the bathroom, keeping his head down as he stood in front of the mirror to brush his teeth. The mirror took up a whole wall of the room, the counter and sink taking up just short of the door then at the other side was the largest shower which was in the top right corner and the toilet was at the bottom right, hidden behind the door if it was open. 


The bathroom had been the male’s favourite part of the apartment when he bought it, granted that was when he was able to look in mirrors. It was so beautiful, unlike the rest of the apartment, and it was in his price range, so he decided “fuck it” and bought it immediately. 


He picked up his toothbrush and toothpaste, applying just enough before brushing his teeth. “Hey Yoongi,” he didn’t jump at the sound of the voice, he’d gotten used to it. “Hi Jimin, how’s life in the mirror?” he asks, making small talk. “The usual, I miss the real world, and being able to hold you,” he voiced out, sounding distressed. “I miss you too, Chim, I’m sure you’ll get out of there soon, hyung believes in you.”


Jimin nods, becoming silent. Yoongi’s brows furrow at the lack of answer, he can’t look up to see the younger, so he also remains silent. Although that only lasts for a second before temptation gets him, “Chim, you okay? I’m worr-” Yoongi cuts himself off as he feels another presence in the mirror, “what are you two talking about?” they ask, Yoongi can recognise the voice instantly, Seokjin. He’s learned their voices off by heart, it was the only way to identify them apart from their names, it wasn’t like he could see their faces, if he did, he’d too be trapped in the mirror world.


Yoongi doesn’t answer, although he does hear faint whispers from Jimin to the other. Yoongi options for spitting out the toothpaste and washing his brush before walking out, ignoring the way Seokjin calls after him. 


He walks into his bedroom, looking around for an outfit for work. He ignores the way he shivers as he gets changed. Ignores the faint catcalls from Taehyung. Ignores the scolding Taehyung receives from Namjoon and Seokjin. And he ignores the way Hoseok is calling for him throughout the entire thing.


He walks to the door, grabbing his keys on the way out. He opens the door and to his surprise, his not-so-good boyfriend is there. The boyfriend that constantly taunts him, calls him ugly and makes him seem crazy for ignoring mirrors. The one that ends up challenging Jungkook in the mirror, who makes direct eye contact with all of them, warning them to back off not so silently. The only reason he wasn’t pulled into the mirror world was that nobody wanted him there, no one pulled him in.


“Oh hi, Baekhyun,” Yoongi says timidly, stepping backwards as Baekhyun steps forward. Yoongi ignores the angry pleas for him to run and hide, coming from the mirrors, and ignores the banging as if they wish to jump out from their glass confinements and protect him. “Hey, Yoongi, why haven’t you picked up the phone yet, it’s already 8:30,” it’s more of a statement than a question. “I didn’t check my phone today, only used it to turn off my alarm.”


Baekhyun nods swiftly before looking around, then his stare returns straight back to Yoongi. Yoongi feels a tight hand wrap around his wrist and he holds himself from crying as his body is pulled forward and Baekhyun whispers in his ear, “you better not be lying, you slut! I’ll find out if you are and I’ll ruin you,” after he threatens Yoongi, he lets go and casually tells him he needs money by Friday.


Yoongi sighs as the male walks away. He quickly grabs his bag and goes out the door, ignoring the calls of the concerned reflections he no longer wishes to deal with.




Chapter End




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Yoongi flashed his irresistible yet adorable gummy smile at the staff as he walked into the dressing room. “Good morning, Yoongi-ssi!” his make-up artist greeted him, an equally bright smile on her face. “Hello, noona,” he greeted back, sliding into the make-up chair in front of her. “God, did you get even cuter during your break Yoongi?!” she exclaimed excitedly, setting up her make-up, although stopping for a second when she glanced back at his face, gaze focused on his eye.


Yoongi looked towards the ground, a feeling of sadness bloomed in his chest. “I wouldn’t know,” he said in a playful tone, although knowing he wasn’t anywhere near joking at all. He could barely even remember what he looked like at this point, it’d been over 2 years since he stopped looking in the mirror, he couldn’t look at his reflections of shop windows as he walked past. He kept his head down, never looking anywhere he could possibly see his face. He didn’t even chance to buy any of the magazines he’d been in countless times, too afraid. Plus, he probably couldn’t even pick his own face from a line-up.


“Oh sweetheart, I have no idea how you’re not obsessed with that handsome face of yours; if I was you, I’d be staring at the mirror all day.” Yoongi tried not to look saddened by that comment, he probably succeeded since his noona didn’t look at all worried and or flustered, rushing around the room to make him feel better. Just as he was about to respond, his name was called for wardrobe. Yoongi smiled up as his noona finished with the light make-up, “well, I’m done. Honestly, you don’t need it at all, but I can’t go around saying that too loud, I wouldn't want to lose my job,” she said, whispering the last sentence for only him to hear. 


Yoongi giggled at her playfulness, promptly ignoring the coo he received in response as he got up and walked towards the wardrobe. “So, what’s the pay, hyung?” Yoongi asked, waiting patiently as the tailor grabbed the right suit for him, “Jesus Yoongi, read a little info on the job before you take it!” his manager laughed lightly. 


“Sorry, Sejin-hyung,” he apologized quickly, “must have gotten distracted when I read through it all,” he mumbled out the last bit nervously. He’d never liked lying but it was necessary for his current situation. He’d never tell his manager the reason why he’d no idea of the pay was that his furious ‘boyfriend’ had burst into his small apartment, demanding money. He’d been so scared he accepted the first job that came rolling in, barely paying attention to any of the details. Of course, he accepted the job when his bruises were almost healed, and his black eye was practically non-existence by then, well he guessed they were gone, he truly had no idea, he just googled how long they usually last.


“It’s fine,” Sejin said quickly, “It’s 10k, you’ve gotten popular recently, you’re in high demand,” he informed happily. Yoongi frowned at that, last time he checked, he was only getting 1k a month, he was wondering why the dressing room looked so high-end. “How’d I get so popular all of a sudden?” he asked curiously, stepping into the changing room. 


“Apparently, some of your old songs were found and went viral. You earned yourself a small fanbase from that. And then, someone posted this page about how adorable and cat-like you were. That gained a lot of fans. After that, a petition was started to have your official nickname Lil’ Meow Meow, it needed 15k signatures, page crashed almost instantly, too many people. I don’t know how it happened, but you have approximately 2 million fans now, that’s a major up from just a thousand,” Sejin explained, waiting patiently for Yoongi to step out. 


“Do you know who posted the songs, page and or petition?” Yoongi asked, stepping out of the changing room, looking hot as all hell. “Nope, all done anonymously. Now come on, you have an interview at 5.”

“I never get interviews,” Yoongi says, following Sejin with a shocked expression. “Well, correct, you never used to get interviews, but now you’re one of the most popular Korean models, so the world is your oyster.”


“I don’t think the world is seafood,” Yoongi said seriously. “Yoongi… It’s an expression.” Yoongi's mouth parted slightly, a small ‘oh’ falling from his lips. The two walked to the photoshoot, both hiding their immediate shock of how upscale it is. They walk up to the photographer, make polite conversation, thanking him for this opportunity and discussing the lighting.


That is until the doors to the set open, and the most gorgeous man Yoongi has ever seen walks through the doors. He had plump lips, his face looked as if it was sculpted by God herself, and judging by the way he carried himself, he knew. The photographer beams at the male’s presence, “Seokjin, meet Yoongi. Yoongi, meet Seokjin,” Yoongi smiled at the male, ignoring the shiver that passed through him at the name. He didn’t like the name, hadn’t liked it for 2 years. The two shook hands. “Pleasure to meet you,” Seokjin said, smiling so beautifully at Yoongi. Huh, that voice sounded familiar “Likewise,” Yoongi said, making sure the male wasn’t too close.


Surely this wasn’t the mirror Seokjin, other people have the name Seokjin. And surely they can’t leave the mirror, right? Cause, if they could, they’d just come to get him immediately. He was safe, right? Right...?








The two worked well together on set, striking poses that went perfectly with the other. And they looked as if they got along well with each other, like they’d known each other for their entire lives. Although, when it got to the final photo, Seokjin suddenly changed their positions.


He grabbed Yoongi by the wrist and pulled him against his chest, his other arm wrapping around his waist. The two stared at each other, Yoongi blushing furiously, barely registering the photographer’s compliments. “Perfect, you two, fans will love this!” he said, multiply clicks going off as he changed angles. “Can we get one with Seokjin hovering over Yoongi, who's trapped between the wall and him?”


Yoongi wasn’t exactly sure how it ended up like this, the models posing as if they were on the cover of some manhwa or acting out a dramatic scene from one. Most of the photos, it was as if the two were in a relationship, Jin obviously appearing as the top but not always the dom. Yoongi switched it up a few times, once his final wave of confusion and embarrassment washed away.


“And that’s a wrap!” the photographer announced, thanking the models for their work. Sejin rushed over to help Yoongi from his current sitting position, which just so happened to be Seokjin’s lap. “You’re definitely going to get so much fanfiction written about you two,” he joked as he held out his hand for Yoongi, who took it instantly.


“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Jin started, “we do look quite good together,” his tone was playful. Sejin laughed at that, “I’ll go start the car, Yoongi, go get your bag.” Yoongi nodded and waited a few seconds until Sejin was out of sight to go get his bag. He walked into the now empty dressing room, all make-up artists now on their way home or to another shoot.


He spotted his bag instantly, walking towards it. He bent down to reach for it, because for some god damn reason, someone put it under a desk. He barely registered the door opening and closing behind him. He only realised it had when he jumped ten feet in the air from fright when he saw the male standing there. “Oh hi, Seokjin,” he greeted shyly.


The male just nodded and went to the other side of the room, picking up his own bag. Yoongi decided not to fixate on the male and started walking towards the door. As he reached for the handle, his wrist was grabbed once again, successfully scaring him into the air once again. “Sorry,” Seokjin replied, “just wanted to ask you something,” he explained, smiling embarrassingly. “Sure, go ahead,” Yoongi said, lightly tugging at his wrist.


As soon as he said that, all shyness or embarrassment left his face, he pulled Yoongi’s wrist so it was eye-level before lightly tugging down the sleeve to reveal a fresh bruise in the shape of a hand. “What’s, uh, what’s this from?” he asked seriously.


Yoongi quickly pulled his hand from the older male’s grasp, “none of your business,” he stated quickly. Yoongi hid his wrist behind his back, “oh, please! You’re clearly in some sort of trouble, just let me help you.” Yoongi stumbled back against the door, fumbling around for the door handle before finally opening it and slipping out, “Just leave me alone, I don’t even know you,” he says, right before the door closes completely.


“Oh, but only if you’d let me.”




Chapter End



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Yoongi sighed as he opened the door to the van, stepping in and sitting down beside Sejin, “let’s go,” he uttered, ready to fall asleep in his seat right there. Sejin nodded silently, knowing the male must be tired; he was always tired after a shoot, although this time the shoot was more high-end and a lot more time and energy consuming. Sejin was honestly surprised Yoongi hadn’t fallen asleep in the elevator or something, it wouldn’t be the first time.


“You’ll be receiving your payment at the end of tomorrow, I will too,” Sejin paused as he looked over at Yoongi, feeling a little sorry as he now just realised his cheeks seemed more sunken than normal, well he wasn’t even sure if there was a normal, his cheeks shrunk every time he saw him. It was as if he was slowly shrinking in on himself. One time he got so small, Sejin had to drag the poor male to his house for a week just to fatten him up again. He might just do that again if he doesn’t gain a small bit of weight anytime soon.


“How did you find that Seokjin guy? Was he alright?” Sejin asked after a small moment of silence. “He was fine, at the beginning. Got too nosy when I was grabbing my bag,” Yoongi uttered the last few words, simultaneously pulling down his sleeve to cover the bruise just in case. Sejin glanced over at his nervous fidgeting, deciding not to bring it up, not when the male is so tired, he’ll have to bring up his personal life soon, try and help him with whatever trouble he’s clearly having.


“That’s a shame, I’m sure you two will have to do more shoots together, I’ll do everything in my power to not leave you two alone together much, promise,” Yoongi nodded, sudden fatigue rendering his voice useless. Sejin understands this and tells the male to go ahead and nap, “you deserve it,” he muttered, focusing his attention on the road as the male beside him drifted soundly to sleep.






If there’s one thing Yoongi hates, like absolutely hates, it’s being suddenly woken up, a quiet voice whispering to him is by far the best way, the sudden coldness sucks donkey dick and the shaking, oh the constant shaking is by far, far the worst possible thing, aside from shouting, although they probably go hand in hand. 


Right now, Yoongi was being shaken, what felt like, to death. “Yoongi, get up, we’re here,” Sejin said softly, well as soft as he could manage, which wasn’t really that soft at all, in Yoongi’s opinion. Yoongi quickly slapped the male’s hands off of him, “just let me sleep,” he muttered, closing his tired eyes once more. “No, we aren’t doing this again, just go up to your apartment and go to sleep, it’s only a few steps away.”


“But, noooo,” Yoongi whined, flopping backwards once the older male tried pushing him out of the magically opened passenger door. “Yoongi, just go home,” Sejin sighed out, feeling bad for the male. “Don’t wanna,” Yoongi whispered, falling into a light sleep. Sejin mentally cursed the male’s ability to fall asleep anywhere and anytime, in only a matter of seconds. 


Sejin unbuckled his seatbelt, climbing out of the van right afterwards. He walked to Yoongi’s opened door and started to grab his things. Once the bag was securely on his shoulder, he grabbed hold of the male’s under leg as well as back. “God, kid, we really do have to fatten you up.”


Sejin headed inside the building, after using Yoongi’s card to be buzzed in, began the ‘tortuous’ climb up the stairs, as Yoongi liked to call it, although it was only two flights of stairs. As he reached the male’s door, he had trouble locating the keys. He set Yoongi down beside the door frame as he searched the bag for the keys.


“You know, Yoongi usually keeps his spare key under the second smallest kitten in the set next to the door.” Sejin jumps slightly at the new voice, he looks over his shoulder and almost has to do a double-take, the male standing at his door with his arms crossed as he inspects him is ethereal, if you met him on the street you’d automatically assume he was an idol or a model. “Although, I’m not entirely sure I should tell you that. Who are you? Another person to abuse him?” the gorgeous male asks, quirking an eyebrow.


“Uh, thanks, and no, I’m his manager, he fell asleep in the car, and was bringing him home. Who are you?” Sejin asked, turning his head towards the mentioned kitten set sitting peacefully by the door. “I’m his neighbour, the one that cleans up after that jerk and makes sure he at least eats once a day. Speaking of which, he’s due a meal, I’ll take him with me,” he says reaching his arms out and picking Yoongi up like he’s a baby. “Which are you? Good or mirror?” Yoongi utters. “Good, kitten, it’s just your neighbour. How about you come and eat with me?” he asks. Yoongi just nods and lays his head on the male’s shoulder.


The mysterious male smiled fondly at Yoongi before turning his gaze back to Sejin, a blank expression on his face. “If you see a guy with a resting pissed face trying to enter the building, don’t let him.” The male said, turning towards his apartment, ready to leave. “Wait, what’s your name?”


“Taehyung, my name’s Kim Taehyung.”






Yoongi’s mind was somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, he was feeling content for the first time in a while. He always loved when he stayed over at Taehyung’s, his apartment was slightly bigger than his, and Taehyung knew how to make it look like a home. Another plus was the male always seemed to have extra food and wouldn’t hesitate to slide some Yoongi’s way.


Yoongi’s stomach was full, happy it wasn’t growling for food anymore. He was also put in more comfy clothes to help him relax easier and now he was laying down, his head on Tae’s lap as they watched a movie, Yoongi’s body covered by a fluffy blanket and Taehyung’s fingers tangled in his hair, soothing him further.


“You can take some food home with you, I won’t be needing it. I swear, one day I will learn how to properly measure things,” he said, shaking his head in shame. Yoongi giggled at that, a sound that tugged at Taehyung’s heartstrings. Yoongi knew he made extra food on purpose, he figured it out when Taehyung had asked what his favourite food was, and less than a week later, Taehyung had knocked on his door holding a plate of lamb skewers saying he made too much. Yoongi found it cute, plus free food, yet he always felt guilty so he’d always help Taehyung in any way he could, turns out, there weren’t a lot of ways but that didn’t stop Yoongi. The male helped with even the smallest things, it ranged from getting the mail to doing his shopping, which usually ended with the both of them shopping together.


There was one problem that emerged from all their time spent together, Yoongi’s boyfriend, Baekhyun, thought he was cheating on him, with Taehyung. Although that wasn’t true, Yoongi would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it, Taehyung was kind, caring and always called him hyung, he’d considered it many times. Though Yoongi knew he’d never do it, he didn’t want to ruin Taehyung’s image in his mind. Taehyung was everything Baekhyun used to be, everything Baekhyun was when he was trying to win over Yoongi, and almost instantly after he said yes, things took a turn for the worst. And the only reason Yoongi stayed was that he was alone, afraid, vulnerable, after all, it was all after Jimin had disappeared.


Yoongi startled awake, woken by the loud banging on the door and the fact that Tae’s hand had stopped stroking his hair, he bit back a whine at the loss of contact but it quickly left his mind on once he finally registered who was banging on the door. “Yoongi! You slut! I knew you were cheating on me! Open the fucking door!” he shouted, most likely alerting the neighbours. Yoongi jumped up, shivering violently at the lack of warm as the fluffy blankets fell to the floor.


Taehyung instantly grabbed his wrist, making sure not to hold onto his wrist too tightly, not wishing to hurt the male. “I s-should go talk to h-him,” Yoongi stuttered, not really wanting to, knowing he’d at least get slapped in the face. Taehyung tried to hide his frown in the dimmed lighting, not wanting his hyung to feel as if he was guilt-tripping him into staying. Taehyung slowly moved his hand from the male’s wrist to his hand, “hyung, you don’t have to do this. You can ask for help. It is clear that he doesn’t care for you in the way you want him too. Just please, please, let me help.”


Yoongi tried, he tried so hard not to get upset by those words, just like he tried so hard in the past to get out of the relationship and tried so goddamn hard to convince himself it was the best for him, to believe the obvious lies falling flawlessly from his boyfriend’s mouth like a never-ending waterfall. He tried so hard, he tried so hard like he’d always done, and failed like he’d always done. He failed, once again, he failed and failed, again and again, he’s a failure, a failure trapped in his miserable life because of his mistakes, his mistakes. 


A sob ripped through the silence of the tension-filled room, the banging on the door lessening dramatically for a second, followed by a loud crash, there goes the kittens by his door that he’s so, so fond of, another thing to cry about. Taehyung immediately let go of his hand, losing the final contact with the man, making another sob fall effortlessly from Yoongi’s mouth. Taehyung stood up quickly, promptly banging his knee hard against the coffee table that Yoongi would call adorably small if he wasn’t having a huge mental battle in his no longer quiet head, there was no clear signs of who was winning, or who was even battling but Yoongi knew he’d pick the wrong thing, because that’s what he does, he fails and fails, and fall and falls into an endless pit of self-hate he dug himself into.


“You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about!” Yoongi scream-sobs, newly found hiccups appearing suddenly. Taehyung lifted his shaking hands reaching outwards, although stopping just before he could touch the precious male, not wanting to make him feel even more uncomfortable, unknowingly pushing the male away further as Yoongi’s mind chanted “he doesn’t want to touch you. Get your filth on him, Doesn’t want to deal with your endless shit. Ha, I bet he doesn’t even give a shit. Just saw you as a worthless fuck that’s getting to be too much effort.”


“Yoongi, hyung! Please! Listen to me! He doesn’t love you! He never did! He’s using you! He’s been using you the entire time! Please, please for the love of lamb skewers, listen to me!” Taehyung pleads, unable to stop the uneven stream of tears to fall down his heavenly-sculptured face. He looked pitiful, just like Yoongi. The two were so focused on each other, they failed to notice the sirens in the distance and the door thudding loudly, almost as if it was being kicked down. Which it was.


“He is not! He loves me! I love him! You have no idea what the hell you are talking about! Mind your own fucking business!” Yoongi screeched, holding his throat as soon as he finished, just now realising it’s hurting. “Fine! Fucking fine! If I have no idea what you’re talking about, tell me! If you really want to go back to your piece of shit boyfriend who will never love you back, then fine! I’ll leave you alone! All you have to do is look me in the eyes and say you love him and that he loves you. That’s it, that’s all you have to do, and I’ll drop it, and you never have to hear me complain about him and tell you the truth, all you have to do is say it,” Taehyung finishes sadness and hopelessness clear in his puppy eyes.


Yoongi was in a slight state of shock, Taehyung, the little baby that helped him along the way of everything, especially Jimin’s disappearance, the Taehyung that had never sworn in his company or anyone else's (that he knew of), had just sworn freely and without a care, as if it was a common occurrence. Once snapping out of his little shock, he took in the words Taehyung had said, tell the male he loves his boyfriend, it should be simple because he does, he does, he does… he does? He… does… love his boyfriend?


“I, uh, I,” Yoongi starts struggling greatly to find the correct words, “I,” he continues, taking an extra few seconds before deciding to speak against, working it out in his head, “I don-” before he could utter the words that might finally set him free, the door collapses, shaking the whole apartment with a bang. The males’ faces pale with horror, fuck, they ran out of time. “You bitch!” Baekhyun shouts wildly, catching his breath for a second that seems to take an eternity to Yoongi before finally standing tall and walking towards Yoongi, promptly punching him square in the face. The sirens suddenly a lot closer, a distant buzzing long forgotten as Baekhyun forgets about Yoongi and charges for Taehyung.


“You bastard!” a punch, “you sick bastard!” a kick to the ribs as Taehyung now lays on the floor, wheezing in pain. “Why don’t you tell him who you really are?! You sick fucking bastard!” Taehyung lays there taking it, slowly slipping away, he looks up at Yoongi seeing him up and at it again, tugging at Baekhyun’s arm, begging for him to stop, Taehyung thinks, he can’t hear, is that normal? Taehyung isn’t sure, it’s been a while since his last beating, his abusive father coming into mind although that image is quickly lost as the male is hit once again. “I bet you get off on this! You fucking weak bitch! Hiding behind glass and then pretending to be a normal neighbour! You fucking creep!! Bet you tunnelled your way into his house and put in one way glass so you watch him as he bathes and pisses, you animal!! I bet Jimin’s not even missing, he’s just hiding here somewhere, cause he’s afraid, afraid cause I found out the truth, little bitch boy really needs to man up and grows some balls!”


Taehyung coughs up blood before starting to speak, “there’s no actual definition for what a man is, since everyone’s different. And saying man up or be a man actually creates rape culture.” Taehyung groans as he’s kicked in the ribs once more, more blood pooling in his mouth. Suddenly, police officers swarm in, handcuffing Baekhyun and consoling Yoongi as paramedics rush to Taehyung. It happens so fast, too fast, Taehyung is rushed to hospital, Yoongi is patched up, questioned and escorted home, Baekhyun on the other hand, is brought to the station, handcuffed and pissed off.


It’s over. It’s all over, at least for now.



Chapter End


Chapter Text







Seokjin sighs as he watches the smaller male retreating from the room quickly, he drops his hand slowly back to his side, feeling as though he’d failed in winning the male over. He quickly grabbed his bag that was resting on top of a chair, the room now overly silent. His eyes move upwards towards the mirrors and they catch a glimpse of something that he can recognise from a thousand miles away, “Joon, don’t give me that look,” he says, an exasperated sigh falling beautifully from his lips


The mirror slowly cleared, the fog making a path for a tall figure standing there awkwardly, nervous that he’d been caught, “I wasn’t giving you a look, Jinnie-hyung,” he says, avoiding eye contact, rubbing one arm over the other. “Joon, look at me,” Jin says, taking a step forward as he speaks. He repeats himself as the male in the mirror refuses to make eye contact or even look up. Said male finally breaks and looks up timidly, eyes suddenly wet.


“Oh, Joonie, I’m not mad, I don’t want you to think I am, okay?” he asks slowly, making sure to speak softly as he slowly inches towards the mirror. Namjoon nods, wiping his eyes, “sorry, I know, I know, it’s just, that it’s her birthday today and you know how sensitive I am when it rolls around every year.”

Seokjin nods in understanding before finally reaching the mirror, he carefully places his hand on the glass, Namjoon following suit. “It’s okay Joon, she’s dead, has been for hundreds of years, you’re safe, she can’t hurt you,” Namjoon gives a curt nod before resting his forehead against the glass, Jin following his lead this time. “I know, I know,” he utters once again, and then suddenly Seokjin feels a pull and he jumps back from the mirror as fast as lightning. 


Once he gains his composure, he gazes at Namjoon through the mirror, a flash of sadness fills his eyes, “I’m sorry, beautiful, but I can’t return yet, I have to see how Taehyung’s plan turns out,” a small whine escapes Namjoon’s throat before he can stop it, his cheeks flush red immediately after. “Why don’t you come out to me? Meet me at the apartment?” he asks, wanting to hold his baby close.


The younger shakes his head, “I can’t leave Hobi and Jiminie alone, plus it’d be too much energy for you to handle right now, just go back to the apartment, I’ll find a way to worm my way into the others’ arms,” Namjoon says, a sigh of content leaving his mouth at the mental image. “Where’s Jungkook?” he asks, confused as to why the youngest wasn’t mentioned.


“At the apartment, waiting for you and monitoring Tae, you could collect him and bring him back with you if you want. Unfortunately, I gotta go, I hear footsteps,” Namjoon says, blowing a kiss before the mirror fogs up again and reveals Jin’s reflection. “Well,” Jin mutters with a sigh, "time to go home...”


The handsome male readjusts his bag strap before walking out the door of the dressing room, saying a quick goodbye to those remaining on the photoshoot set before going to the parking garage and getting into his expensive car, turning it on and making his long way home to his apartment in the human world.








“Kookie? You here?” Seokjin asks as soon as he comes in the door, patiently taking off his shoes despite the need to run and hug the living shit out of his youngest boyfriend.  A short, “yes!” was heard, followed by some ruffling around and the sound of sweet wrappers crinkling. Seokjin immediately knew what those sounds meant, his beautiful apartment, the one he spent hours looking for and then even more hours decorating and designing to fit all his boyfriends, even the ones who didn’t technically know yet, had been ruined by a snack-starved Jungkook.


Seokjin peeks his head around the corner, his suspicion proving correct the second he sees Jungkook, who is stealthily trying to stuff the many, many sweet wrappers down the sides of the couch. “Oh! Jungkook,” Seokjin starts, ducking back behind the wall, deciding to play with the male a bit, “I lost something a while back, I think it fell down into the side of the sofa. Want to help hyungie look?” he asks, pout deep, peeking out once again and making eye-contact with a sheepish looking Jungkook.


“Oh, uh, sure, hyungie, how about I look, and you, uh, shower? I’m sure you were working hard today, just relax, I’ll find it. What is it you lost?” Jungkook finishes his rambling and just before he can dive his hands back in to throw away the rubbish in an actual bin, Jin stops him. “No, darling. I think I’ll just look now,” he says, walking up to Jungkook, after carefully removing his jacket, arms on full display and he doesn’t fail to miss the way Jungkook stares before panicking as his words finally make it through his head.


“Hyungie, I insist,” Jungkook says, shuffling on the couch a little, sitting on hundreds of sweet wrappers can be uncomfortable after all. “Jungkook,” Jin starts, crossing his arms, “move.” Jungkook instantly jumps off the couch to stand beside Jin. Seokjin looks at his poor sofa, filled to the brim with sweet wrappers, he lets out a loud sigh before turning to Jungkook, “maybe I should invest in another bin after all…”


“You’re not mad?” Jungkook asks, looking shy all of a sudden and trying his best to not get scolded. “Oh darling,” Jin says softly, holding Jungkook’s face in his hands, he places a gentle kiss to the male’s forehead before staring lovingly into his eyes. “Of course I’m mad, why wouldn’t I be?” Jin stops to let Jungkook finish whimpering before continuing, “and your punishment is to clean your room-” 


“But hyungie! I haven’t cleaned it in years and it’s so big and messy! You said you didn’t care that it was messy yesterday!” Jungkook said, whining loudly, not wishing to clean up his room for the first time in hundreds of years, it could possibly take him days, weeks or even years.


Jin just stares at him, unamused. “You didn’t let me finish, Kookie,” Jin says, waiting for the male to stop being so childish even though they were all a little (lot) childish. “You have to clean your room, this room, and Jimin’s.”


“Not Jiminie’s too! His is just as bad as mine, plus I have no idea how to sort out his books! Why does he have so many books? Who reads that much?” Jungkook complained, stomping his foot on the ground, officially making it a temper tantrum. Jin just sighed and walked to the kitchen to get a bin bag and a dustpan and brush.


He handed them to Jungkook before giving him a light kiss, “have fun cleaning up,” he says before plopping down on the sofa and taking Jungkook’s laptop into his lap and looking at Taehyung’s status. “I have no idea what any of this means…” Jin confesses, clicking random buttons.


“I’ll help you if I don’t have to clean,” Jungkook says, seeing a chance to bargain. “How about, I knock off this room and you only have to sort Jimin’s book?” Jin compromises, not wanting to let the punishment go completely.


“Deal!” Jungkook shouts, jumping on the sofa beside Jin, sweet wrappers flying everywhere. “Sorry,” Jungkook says sheepishly once he sees Jin stare unimpressed at him.




Chapter End



Chapter Text







“Namjoon…” a distant voice called, the male unable to recognise it, it’s distorted by still familiar. What’s happening? Where is he? Who’s calling his name? Why do they sound so close yet so far? “Nam-” the mysterious voice gets cut off suddenly and the once white walls surrounding Namjoon’s tired frame slowly become black, a tar-like substance seeping in from small white cracks still left visible on the darkened walls.


“Namjoo-” cut off once again. Where did this liquid come from? Why are all the sounds muffled? Oh, it’s past his ears, damaging his hearing and moving upwards towards his nose. Since when is his mouth covered? Why can’t he see? Why can’t he breathe?? Why can’t he? WHY can’t he? WHY CAN’T he? WHY CAN’T HE?


The chanting gets louder and louder, clouding his already confused mind. He’s losing consciousness, to what exactly? He has no idea. Something- no someone in his mind is calling for him, telling him to sit up, but he can’t he’s stuck, it’s as if imaginary shackles have taken his strength away, like he’s meant to drown as the tar slowly fills his lungs, like he’s meant to lose the last piece of consciousness, it’s as if he’s meant to lose this battle, as if he’s meant to fall into an endless sleep; meant to rest forever.


He’s forcefully pulled out of his thoughts as something hand-like wraps itself around his wrist and hauls his ass up to sit up. He looks around confused, the tar isn’t deep, he’s no longer sinking, he never was. The tar seemed to stop flowing as soon as it had completely covered his body, almost as if it had been a cruel joke that had been miscalculated.


He looked to where the hand-like thing still had a hold on his forearm, he followed the arm upwards to reveal a familiar figure. The voice, the tar, the black and white, it suddenly made sense. Taehyung… the stunning male stood in front of him in all his naked glory, tar dripping down his body to cover the more private parts. Where’s his clothes? Namjoon takes a quick glance down and comes face to face with his own bare chest, guess he’s in the same boat.


“Tae…” he breathes out, relieved to find out he isn’t a big scary monster, a bit disappointed he isn’t a crab, Namjoon hasn’t seen one in months, maybe a quick trip to the seaside will help his mental health, he knows Jin’s been meaning to take him, the male’s not exactly discreet with his date ideas, he practically shouts them off the balcony to the whole kingdom to hear.


“Hey, Nammie. I, uh, need your help…” Namjoon’s relief (and disappointment) is short-lived, concern and worry now replacing those two as he listens to the male’s tone, something’s wrong, very wrong. Jesus, Jin is going to kill him for not noticing straight away. NO! He won't. Jin isn’t like her! Stop it, stop it, stop it… STOP IT! He loves him, he’s not like her, he’s not lying, he’s not. HE’S NOT. HE’S NOT. HE’S NOT. HE’S NOT. HE IS.


Namjoon barely registers the soothing hand on his face, it’s not until he hears his voice that he finally comes to it. “Namjoon, I love you, I will never hurt you, please believe me.” Jin. He’s got that same beautiful smile on as always, it’s so endearing. And then just as he appears he disappears. But, he’s not alone, Tae is there looking sheepish. “Sorry, the projections don’t seem to last long but I can only make them say things they’ve already said. So Namjoon, it’s okay. He’s not mad, never will be. But right now, I need you to help me. Please,” his tone is pleading.


Namjoon nods, sudden determination flooding his eyes. “Great!” Taehyung happily chirps, “right, what I need is for you,” he pauses to crouch down in front of Namjoon, his knees submerged in the tar. “To go tell Jin, I’m in danger,” Namjoon’s eyes bulge out of his head as he takes in the male’s appearance for the first time, his eyes are red, indicating he’s been crying and several places on his beautiful face were turning purple, blue and black.


How hadn’t Namjoon noticed? How hadn’t he noticed the slight tremor to his voice? Or, or the way he’s shaking in his little boots. How hadn’t he questioned this place before? A place where Taehyung could only conjure up when unconscious and in danger? How had he been so foolish? Why is he such a goddamn idiot? It’s no wonder Jin didn’t love him. Why she didn’t love him.


Before he can spiral any deeper, he mentally snaps himself in the face. Focus Namjoon, focus! You’re going to help Tae and you’re gonna help him now! Not of that self-pitying bullshit. “Where’s Jin?” Namjoon asks, determination returning into his eyes after vanishing during his little fall.


“Well,” Taehyung starts, conjuring up a small screen in his hand. One of these days Namjoon really needs to make a list of all Taehyung’s abilities, they’re getting harder to track. “That’s the hard part,” the screen twists it’s way towards Namjoon, leaving the image displayed on it fully viewable. “He’s with Jungkook in the apartment, no mirror in sight. And, unfortunately, the mirrors that are in the apartment are too out of reach, you won’t be heard.”


“Aren’t they checking your vitals?” Namjoon asks; he knows Seokjin is always careful. If there’s any possible way they might run into Baekhyun, he makes them wear a small device that keeps their vitals in check just in case something went wrong and the other’s could easily find their location and status, the device hid itself as a small, barely noticeable bracelet.


“Yeah… about that,” that sheepish look had found a way to paint itself onto Taehyung’s face once again. Namjoon gave him a questioning look, mixed in with a you-better-explain look. “I, uh, kinda ended up snuggling with Yoongi, and, I, uh, kinda took it off and attached it to a fish because I didn’t want them thinking I was dying or anything. Long story short, I forgot to put it back on and now Baekhyun’s bashing my head in.”


Namjoon didn’t even bother to hold back his facepalm, “Taehyung, you are so going to get a scolding when you get back,” he snickered, before realisation finally hit him. Wait, if he can’t talk to them through a mirror and they have no idea Taehyung’s in danger because the goddamn bracelet adjusts to the wrist of whoever’s wearing it, then he’s going to have to…


Taehyung’s grin widens, “yep, you’re right,” he says, as if he can read the male’s mind. Can he? Namjoon can’t remember anymore, he really needs to make that list. Before he could even finish his thought, Taehyung spoke up again,


“Namjoon, you’re going to the human world!!”




Chapter End



Chapter Text







Taehyung woke with a start, scaring those around him, especially the male that had been occupied with brushing their fingers through his hair softly, he’d been flown back several feet back, a look of pure shock on his face. He sat up slowly, feeling someone steady him from the left side as he went up, their touch was so gentle it could be mistaken for a fly landing on something. Namjoon, definitely.


Taehyung turned his head, looking around the room with blurred vision as well as the speed of a snail. A hospital bed. Why isn’t he surprised? It was bound to happen, especially with how everything was going on with Yoongi and the abusive asshole. Yoongi!!! Suddenly, Taehyung jumped up once again, causing the male who had just recovered from the scare of his life to jump back into the corner. Jin or Hoseok, Taehyung’s vision was too blurred to tell completely, but only those two could be that much of a scaredy-cat.


“Easy, Tae, easy,” Jungkook’s soothing voice was the first clear sound that rang through his ears, okay, sound, check. He watched as Jungkook came closer from the corner of his eye before turning towards where the corner was, Jin recovering from his slight panic attack, sight, check. Suddenly, the taste of coins overflowed his senses, taste, and check. What is he forgetting? He felt as his hands came to life from their numb state, Namjoon’s thumb running up and down his shaking hand only registering now. Right, touch… and the last one is... Before he could finish his thought the rush of sanitiser flooded his smell, smell, check. He covered his nose, wafting his hand slightly, yep, definitely in a hospital.


He looked up from where he had been staring down at his blanket, previously overwhelmed by the smell before getting used to it. Damn his human-ish nose. He looked over at his oldest hyung, who was looking at him with a mix of endearment, anger and concern, it was a weird mix, to say the least. He shrugged it off, knowing he can’t be shouted at with Joon in the room. Speaking of that male, he turns his head back to Namjoon and slowly raises their connected, shaking hands before landing a princely kiss onto his hyung’s hand, uttering a quick, “I’m okay.”


He takes one more look around his surroundings, this time catching a nurse and doctor walking by, both going in opposite directions but stopping for a few seconds for a quick flirt, so unprofessionally. Wait. Neither of them had blue or red skin, wings, horns, anything. Fuck! “I’m still in the human realm,” he mutters in surprise. Before he can try to understand his situation anymore, his head is suddenly pushed forward by a light (for a vampire) hit to the back of his head. Taehyung whines slowly, rubbing it with tears in his eyes.


“That’s right you idiot! First, you fought with Yoongi’s boyfriend, what happened to playing it slow? And then you’re dumb enough to stay behind long enough for you to end up in a human hospital, you know if they test your blood we’re all screwed!” Jin scolds, reaching behind to take Namjoon’s hand when he flinches, providing comfort to the tallest yet timid male while also scolding the 2nd youngest freely.


Namjoon nods his head slowly, agreeing to the scolding, along with Jungkook. Feeling ganged up on, Taehyung suddenly blurts out, “I wanted to stay long enough to make sure Yoongi was alright, and before I knew it, I passed out!” he explains desperately. This outburst earns him a few pity looks.


Before Jin could respond, a voice from down the hall caught their attention. “Excuse me, what room is Kim Taehyung in?” everyone knew that voice, that goddamn beautiful voice. Yoongi. Everyone tensed immediately frozen on the spot. It was lucky that the person Yoongi had asked seemed to know them as they started a conversation just down the hall, the nurse asking about his injuries.


Taehyung jumped out the bed so fast it was like he turned into a cheetah. Jin opened his mouth to complain but was stopped by the look on Taehyung’s face, pure panic. Taehyung grabbed his wrist quickly and dragged Jin and the others over to the mirror sitting in the corner of the room. It was floor-length, rectangular and white, utterly boring. No one in their house would dare use such a boring piece of furniture.


Taehyung delicately pushed Namjoon in first, followed by Jungkook and then finally Jin, the eldest parting reluctantly with a gentle kiss on his cheek, promising to keep a watchful eye on what was happening. Taehyung just nodded, because even if he wanted to respond, footsteps were moving towards his room, the same footsteps he’s heard hundreds of times enter the apartment across from him. Yoongi, his conversation must’ve been cut short. Taehyung jumped towards the bed, flipping the blankets haphazardly over his legs as the doors of the room opened slowly, a short knock sounded through the room as the petite figure walked in, “Tae?”








Yoongi bowed to the police officer once again, “thank you,” he said. “Are you sure you don’t want to press charges? If he’s threatening you or anything, we can help you,” the officer asked the dreaded question once again, concern clear on his face. Yoongi just nodded his head. “Alright, then, I guess it’s up to the other male then,” the officer uttered under his breath. Yoongi’s head snapped up from where he’d been staring at the ground, feeling too awkward to make eye contact. And faster than he could comprehend the question tumbled out of his lips, “what do you mean?”


“The other male,” he paused as he opened his pocket-size notepad and flipped through the pages, “a one, Kim Taehyung, he can choose to press charges if he wants, for assault. Once he wakes up, we’ll take his statement, and see if he wants to press charges,” the male spoke calmly before turning to leave Yoongi’s hospital room. Just as the male’s foot slipped out the door, he paused, “Yoongi, tell me if you need help, I’ll come running…” and with that, he left just as silently as he came. “Goodbye Kihyun…” he uttered.


Yoongi sat bored in bed, waiting silently for a few minutes. After a quick visit from his doctor, one he saw often, he was cleared to leave and he signed the papers ignoring the look of pity his doctor wore on his face, not even bothering to hide it. As he walked out of his room in his own clothes he started searching for the young male’s room. First, he checked where all the low-income people were stationed, packed like sardines in rooms meant for only 3 to make room for the rich people. After that, he conducted a thorough search of the middle-class rooms, interrupting quite a lot of moments before forcing himself to awkwardly apologize and rush out of there. Just as he was about to give up, he spotted a nurse.


“Excuse me, what room is Kim Taehyung in?” the nurse turned around so quickly, Yoongi might’ve thought she got whiplash from it. But before Yoongi could react, his face paled at the woman, of course out of all the people working here, it had to be her, his sister-in-law. “Yoongi!” she screeched excitedly and jumped onto him, clinging onto him tightly before she remembered herself. She pushed herself off of him before standing straight and looking around, wondering if anyone caught their little transaction. Apparently she had a thing for disturbing the peace in the hospital and got scolded often for it; Geum-jae, Yoongi’s brother, had told him about it.


“Why are you here?” she asked immediately, scanning his body and frowning in disagreement at his many, many bandages. “Yoongi, darling, you have to look after yourself,” she warned him, suspiciously looking him up and down before going back to look in his eyes. “I know, I’ll try to stop being so clumsy in the future, promise,” he said quickly, ignoring the look of disbelief painted across her face. “Anyway, do you know where Kim Taehyung is staying?” 


His sister-in-law gave him a questioning look before pointing to the right of them, “he’s just down the hall, he was in pretty bad shape, might not be awake yet, 3rd door,” she told him, silently asking why he was asking for someone. But Yoongi was no longer paying attention to her, he was more focused in the direction she pointed at, it was the rich side of the hospital, not only the rich side but it was the rich, rich side. Every patient had premium rooms and were watched carefully, guards often patrolling those halls if someone came in with a bad injury caused by someone else, intentionally. Why was his neighbour in there?


Yoongi carefully walked down the hall, trying not to look too suspicious to catch the guards attention. He ended up doing the opposite and had the guard ‘secretly’ following him until he reached Taehyung’s room. He tried not to shiver at the thought of them easily being able to overpower him and beat the shit out of him. He began opening the door he assumed was Taehyung’s, his movements a bit rushed as the male was desperate to get out of the peering gazes belonging to the guards.


Just as he was about to pop his head in, he remembered to knock lightly, and as soft as he could muster, he uttered a small, “Tae?”








“Tae?” Yoongi looked at the bed straight in front of him, confusion clear on his face as he saw the vacant bed. His eyes quickly surveyed the room before finally seeing the male he was looking for, he almost let out a sigh of relief before he realised something, Taehyung, is standing near a… mirror… where the other Taehyung resides…


Yoongi is quick to turn away, even surprising himself with the speed. Yoongi wills himself not to think too much about it, about how Taehyung and Taehyung’s voices are similar or how they’re never in the same room, well that one makes sense, they go away when he’s with someone, apart from Baekhyun, they always surface to fight with him. He tries to ignore the way Seokjin in the mirror seemed so similar to the one he took pictures with, although the one from earlier looked a lot more manipulative, wait that’s not possible, Seokjin was the one who manipulated Jimin to follow him through the mirror.


Taehyung stands by the mirror frozen, wondering why Yoongi turned away from him at the speed of light. He looks down at his outfit, he’s decent although his collarbone is more visual than usual but that’s not something to get flustered about. Let’s see, let’s see… Mirror! Taehyung turns back to the mirror and sees Jin shuing him away. He turns his back towards Seokjin and walks back over to the bed calmly, a question effortlessly falling from his mouth, “You okay, Yoongi? My beauty blind you for a second?”


Yoongi registers his voice in the direction of the bed and the male immediately looks up, anything to not think of the possibility that Taehyung is lying to him, which is ridiculous really, Taehyung’s horrible at lying and even worse at keeping secrets, no way he could be from whatever hell was hidden behind the beautiful reflection of this already crappy world. When Yoongi was younger, he always thought that the reflection held all the good in the world, since things where always horrible in the real world, he thought it was the opposite since it reflected the image the wrong way, oh how wrong he was, turns out this is the good world and the one on the other side is hell, kidnapping whoever they want whenever.


“Shut up, we both know I’m more beautiful,” Yoongi said, just as effortlessly, ignoring the sharp pain as he tried to remember what he even looked like. Taehyung held back his frown, knowing the male truly had no idea what he looked like, Taehyung had been watching him the day he forgot his own face completely and how he was crying hard while touching his face, trying to get an idea of what he looked like. He failed and just ended up crying harder.


By the time he became famous, which unknowingly Jin helped him with it, he could no longer stomach the idea of seeing his own face, demeaning it as nothing but a sick treat for those who could save their friends who were going through a rough time. Yoongi had lost the sick game, resulting in his reward to be ripped away from his reach just like Jimin was. Yoongi lost, now Jimin was gone.


Taehyung decided on a short smile as Yoongi sat on the seat located next to the bed, “did someone else just visit you? The seats warm,” Yoongi questions, shifting in the seat for a few more seconds to make sure it’s not in his imagination. “Uh, yeah, my m-mother did. I come from a rich family, if you’re wondering why I’m in the richy part of the hospital. But I rejected the money, wanted to provide for myself.”


Yoongi just nodded stiffly, not choosing to bring up the stutter or the fact Taehyung had said his mother died at childbirth. He sighed lightly, wringing his rings slightly as he decided this is a good moment to bring up what he came here for. “Listen Tae,” Yoongi starts and Taehyung immediately tenses at his tone, well done Yoongi. “Could you do me a favour?”


“Sure hyung, anything,” Taehyung said immediately, although he was clearly concerned. “I need you to not press charges against Baekhyun,” his voice goes quiet near the end, waiting for the outburst. “But, hyung he hurt you, he hurt both of us,” well, it certainly isn’t an outburst, just the normal confused / worried tone Taehyung has when they talk about him, although this time, there seems to be a hint of… hurt…


“I know bu-” a knock sounded through the room before Yoongi could finish his statement. The officer previously questioning Yoongi, Kihyun, an old friend of Yoongi, walked in. “Sorry to interrupt, we just need to know somethings,” he spoke smoothly, gaze focused solely on Taehyung. Taehyung nodded at him to continue. “Well, we’d like to know if you want to press charges, or not. And if so, we’ll still need to take your statement before anything can happen.”


Taehyung just nodded. “It’s okay if you need time to thi-” Kihyun was silenced by Taehyung’s hand. “I’ve already made up my mind,” Taehyung spoke, taking a quick glance at Yoongi; his kitten eyes melted into puppy eyes as a form of begging and his mouth was in a heavy pout. Taehyung looked away, not wanting to get distracted, and faced Kihyun head-on,


“I’d like to press charges, please.”


Yoongi’s world shattered right there. Taehyung had lied, just minutes after saying he’d do anything for him. Although Yoongi had no time to process the betrayal as his eyes drifted to the mirror, seeing 4 figures standing there, none resembling Jimin. He easily matched the voices and names to the brief description that Jimin had given him, which for some goddamn reason, only now came to his head. All of the kidnappers except… Taehyung…


Yoongi couldn’t focus on the betrayal Taehyung had just done, as a new, bigger one suddenly revealed itself. He couldn’t focus as he locked eyes with the second tallest for a split second, couldn’t focus on the shocked expression the male wore before looking away. All this time…




Chapter End