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The Red & The Black

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“Titans...He’s here.” Dick was heard over the intercom. Jason looked down at Raven who was looking up with him with a tear trickling down her cheek. He wiped the tear away and cupped her cheek, giving her a kiss.

“Let’s end this.” Jason turned around putting on his helmet and tightening any of the pieces of his armor that needed adjusting. Raven changed into her suit, pulling up her hood. They went to the front of the Tower meeting with the rest of the Titans. Dick was in his Nightwing gear, Cyborg had his pulse cannon ready to go, Starfire’s eyes glowed green awaiting for the doors to open and Beast Boy in his red and white suit getting ready to shift into his first animal. The Titans and Red Hood stepped outside of the Tower to see Slade standing in the middle of their front yard with his arms behind his back.

“Slade. We’re ready for you.” Dick screamed as he took out his staff. Jason pulled out a pistol and his knife backing up his brother.

“Give me the girl!”

“Not gonna happen!” Jason groaned as Dick continued talking with Slade.

“You don’t really have a choice in the matter. I’m taking her.”

“Oh yeah, you and what army!?” Beast Boy exclaimed as Slade lifted his hand. From the ground arose all of Trigon’s demons, they circled around the Titans, all growling and snarling.

“You really just had to ask!?” Cyborg looked at Beast Boy whose mouth was left open at the sight of the demons.

“Yeah Green, what the fuck?” Jason aimed his pistol at the demons, all while hovering over Raven.

“Attack!” The demons began their assault on the Titans. Dick went straight for Slade, hitting him in his helmet with his staff then drop kicking him to the ground. Slade kipped up and with a blast of energy punched Dick back, where the demons surrounded him. Dick fought back breaking his staff up into batons. He kept them at bay before several swarmed him. A green light came down from the sky as Starfire laid down fire on the demons below, saving Dick. Starfire charged a giant ball of energy and threw it, evaporating the demons beginning their swarm. But she was caught by hands coming from the ground that were binding her. Beast Boy jumped down in the form of a silverback gorilla, swiping away anything that moved. At least until the demons swarmed him and threw him towards the Tower.

“No one is getting in here!” Cyborg protected Beast Boy as electrical inputs came out of the Tower and connected Cyborg to the defense system. Turning himself into a giant pulse cannon.
Cyborg locked onto Slade and fired. The blast took out most of the demons but Slade was still standing where he stood.

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” Raven charged a blast from her hands and threw it at Slade but again, nothing.

“Okay, anyone have any bright ideas?” Cyborg said while charging himself up.

“Yeah, I got him.” Jason walked in front of everyone and made his way towards Slade. The demons rose from the ground and their attention was towards the other Titans.

“We got him.” Dick started walking with Jason. Walking right next to his brother.

“Ever wonder how the hell Slade became so OP?”

“He’s never been like this before. I mean he punched me towards the Tower. How did he do that?” The two stopped in front of Slade. Dick looked over at Jason.

“Yeah, okay let’s go ask him.” Jason and Dick proceeded to walk towards Slade crossing each other in an X motion. Eventually being on each side of Slade’s shoulders. The two began to throw kicks that were being blocked easily. Slade threw his own roundhouse as a distraction and caught Dick with a punch to the stomach, and a back kick towards Jason. Dick came back with a front kick that landed, pushing Slade back. Jason jumped forward with his fist connecting with Slade’s helmet but the mercenary came back blocking the Sons of Batman’s attacks. Slade took Jason down with a Judo toss before elbowing Dick in the side of the head. He had lifted his leg up in an attempt to stomp on Jason’s chest but was caught, and Dick kicked him off. Dick went for a different kick but was caught and tripped up by Slade. Jason kipped up and used his aggressiveness to hit Slade with some powerful body shots to his ribs, Jason sweeped Slade’s leg and went to punt him in the stomach. Slade rolled out of the way. Dick ran back only to get his arm caught and taken down yet again. Jason went for a punch, but Slade ducked down, hitting Jason in the thigh and connecting his knee with Jason’s helmet. Dick kicked the back of Slade’s leg causing him to fall to one knee and Dick used a roundhouse. Slade recovered quickly and jumped towards Dick, grabbing his head and bringing it down on his knee three times. Jason came from behind Slade, wrapping his arms around his waist to lift him up and German suplexed him onto his head.

“Had enough Slade!?” Dick and Jason stood next to each other to catch their breath. But their fight was far from over.
“Not while I’m still breathing! I’ll kill you both!”

“I was hoping you’d say that. If you’re prepared to kill someone, you better be prepared to die as well.” Jason took out his knife and pointed it at Slade.

“Familiar words. No doubt from the Great Ra’s Al Ghul!” Slade rushed the two but this time their attacks were together. Occasionally Slade would separate them but they came back together all the same. Slade had gotten Jason away, and had Dick by his arm and stretched him so his ribs were open. Before Slade could bring down his elbow, Jason pulled him away. Jason caught Slade’s arms and kept hitting Slade in the chest. A flurry of punches can so fast that Slade's armor began to break away. Jason grabbed Slade by the throat, turned him around and kneed Slade in the back. He then took his knife and jammed it into his chest, just missing his heart. Dick sweeped the leg but Jason held on to Slade, keeping him open for Dick to kick the knife in a little deeper. A scream was heard in the distance as the demons had swarmed Starfire and Raven. Cyborg and Beast Boy were laid out and the demons had gotten their hands on Raven.

“Nightwing! Hood!” The two got up and raced towards the steps of the Tower but they were too late. The demons had left with Raven. Jason looked back and saw that Slade was gone as well.

“No, no, NO! Goddamn it! We were so close! We fucking had him!” Jason took off his helmet and threw it on the ground. He went for his bike but was stopped by Dick.

“Jason, we need to stick together. We can get her back if we all stick together.”

“Dick is right Jason, it would be what you call a suicide mission if you go by yourself.”

“Suicide missions are kinda what I do, and I’m pretty good at accomplishing them! I’ll get her back myself!”

“Listen, we need a game plan, I started thinking of one. We need to be smart about this. Jason, we’ll get her back, I promise brother.”

“You are not Batman! Stop pretending that you are! I’ll do this myself.” Jason pushed Dick out of the way before he heard Dick speak.

“Victor.” Jason fet an electric current go into his body, and he fell to the ground. Cyborg had used a stun gun feature on his blaster to temporarily knock Jason out.

“Dick, was that really necessary?” Starfire went over to check on Jason. Putting her hands on his back.
“Yes. We need him. If he went by himself, he would’ve gotten himself killed.”

“A real outlaw this one.” Cyborg went over to Jason and helped her take him back into the Tower. Beast Boy walked over to Dick as they did.

“We’re gonna get her back right?”

“We will, this isn’t the end yet.”