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Harem King

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It was another normal day in Academy City especially for a certain unlucky boy who found himself being chased by a pack of dogs.

What rotten luck said Touma as he made a turn to an alley, unfortunately for him the alley led to a dead end.

Touma turned around to see that the dogs were closing in on him, just when he thought it over for him, he suddenly heard the dog whimpering.

Touma sees a figure standing in front of him. The figure was wearing a red cloak with a strange symbol around it. The figure pulled out a whistle and began to blow it again.

The dogs backed up and ran away.

Thank you for saving me said Kamijou.

There is no need to thank me, I did it because it was necessary to keep you alive, after all you’re a king said the strange as the strange begin to walk away.

King? What do you mean said Kamijou, who was confused.

"You know soon enough," said the stranger as the stranger blew some powder toward Touma.

Hey! What are doing, said Touma as he cover his face

See you soon, said the stranger as the stranger disappeared.

Who was that? And what was that strange powder said Touma as he stood there confused.

Touma began to leave the alley, he accidentally bumped into someone.

Sorry I didn’t see you there said Kamijou as he extended his hand to help the person to their feet.

As the person accepted his hand Kamijou realized who the person was.

Biri-biri said Touma as he accidentally let go of Misaka and dropped her on her butt.

Ow! “You offer me your hand just to let go and drop me back to the ground idiot”, said Misaka

Sorry Biri-biri said Touma as he once again offered his hand, but Misaka refused and got up on her own.

"Anyway that aside, what were you doing in the alley," said Misaka as she looked Kamijou directly in the eyes.

Well, I was chased by some dogs and they corn me in this alley, then this mysterious stranger saved me.

"Who might this mysterious stranger be," said Misaka

"I don’t know, but whoever she is, she saved my life.

Misaka got closer to Touma and began sniffing him.

All of a sudden Misaka became red and began breathing heavy.

"Misaka, are you okay," said Touma as he looked worried.

Misaka didn’t respond, instead she grabbed Touma's hand and began dragging somewhere.

They arrived at a certain park where Misaka took Touma to the girl restroom and into one of the stalls.

"Misaka why did you bring in the girls restroom," said Touma as he both confused and nervous

Misaka didn’t respond again, instead she leaned closer to Touma and kissed him on the mouth.

This surprised Touma as he didn’t expect Misaka to kiss him.

After a minute of kissing Misaka ends the kiss.

Misaka, what got into you? said Touma as he still wanted an answer for Misaka's bold actions.

"I don’t know, but for some reason my body is telling me to do this," said Misaka as she crouched down to pull Touma pants down.

Wow! Your penis is so big said Misaka as she put Touma penis inside her mouth.

"Misaka please stop," said Touma as he turned red.

You’re sure you want me to stop. Your penis seems to like it said Misaka as she began stroking it.

"Oh my it got ever harder than before," said Misaka as she once again began giving Touma a blowjob..

After twenty minute of giving Touma a blowjob Touma let out a large load all over Misaka's face.

Your cum is so tasting as Misaka licks all the cum from her face.

"We're not finished yet," said Misaka as she began removing her skirt and shorts.

"It's time for you to pleasure me," said Misaka as she put Touma on the toliet.

This is my first time, so happy you are taking my virginity said Misaka as she slowly put Touma penis into her pussy

Itai said Misaka as blood poured out from her pussy.

Are you okay? Misaka said Touma who was worried for Misaka.

"Of course I'm fine, this is nothing," said Misaka as she began to move.

"I can feel your penis reach the deep part of my pussy," said Misaka as she began to move faster.

"Misaka if you keep going at that pace I am going to".

"Go ahead and release inside me," said Misaka as she kissed Touma on the lips.

I cumming said Touma as he released a large load inside Misaka's pussy.

So much cum said Misaka as she lends her head on Touma's chest.

After that both Touma and Misaka exit the restroom.

Touma had a big bump on his head, while Misaka was blushing bright red.
"I don’t know what got into me, but what you did was wrong," said Misaka as she turned around to point at Touma.

"You’re the one who started it," said Touma, firing back the blame on Misaka.

"I wasn’t in control of my body, that aside you have to take responsibility if I end up pregnant," said Misaka as she became more red than before.

"Such Misfortune," said Touma as he shook his head around in frustration.


From a far distance a girl with long blonde hair wearing the same school uniform as Misaka was watching both Touma and Misaka. She let out a smile as she licked her lips.