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Katsuki follows Shouto into a luxurious apartment complex in the heart of town. They take the elevator all the way up to the top floor, where their new home is waiting for them. Shouto turns the key to their front door to reveal a beautifully furnished, lavish penthouse suite. Immediately, he runs in and plops down on their new, modern, sectional couch, sprawling his arms out dramatically. “It’s all ours, Katsuki. Isn’t it beautiful?” Shouto stands up and heads right, to the wall of ceiling-to-floor windows that overlook the city. Katsuki comes and stands next to Shouto, pouting. He won’t say it, but he’s irritated about their new apartment. Is it nice? Of course. Is he glad that Shouto is happy with it? Definitely. But he’s absolutely irked that Endeavor’s paying for it.

The boys are a little more than a year out of high school. Katsuki is working as a sidekick for Best Jeanist, learning how to be a more…personable hero. Meanwhile, Shouto is a sidekick for Endeavor’s hero agency. Katsuki’s not all that happy about that either, but he knows that it makes sense for Shouto to work for his father, the number one hero. It’s a great opportunity. Really. Still, Katsuki can’t help but think about the past, about all they’ve been through, about all that still isn’t quite resolved. He just wants Shouto happy, and so he can’t bring himself to express all of his concerns. But it makes him bitter and a bit resentful.

His and Shouto’s salaries combined could more than pay for their new lavish home. They do work for some of the world’s top pro heroes, after all. But Endeavor insisted on paying and Shouto was more than happy to let him. “He owes it to me,” he said to Katsuki. The peppermint haired boy had a determined look in his mismatched eyes when he talked about this to Katsuki. Shouto has a shiny credit card that certainly isn’t in his name and often comes home from work with shopping bags from designer brands. Endeavor is a cunning man.

He’s changed, supposedly, but Katsuki isn’t so convinced, so the man sends Shouto home to Katsuki with gifts and showers the boy with love to try and prove the credibility of his new personality to Katsuki. He wants to be accepted by his son’s beloved, of course. Katsuki won’t accept the fiery man so easily, though. Not after all he’s done to Shouto. Not after the things he’s seen Shouto go through because of Endeavor’s selfish behavior. Katsuki harbors a special bundle of hatred in his heart for that blue-eyed, red-haired mountain of a man.

“Katsuki,” Shouto frowns, bringing one of his hands to the blonde’s face, “do you not like our new apartment?”

Katsuki shakes his head, wrapping his arms around Shouto’s frame, “It’s fucking nice. Too nice. We didn’t need a place like this.”

Shouto loops his arms around Katsuki’s neck, leaning upwards a bit. They’re older now, Katsuki’s been nineteen since April of last year, while Shouto’s recently turned nineteen last month, and though it’s only been a few years, Katsuki’s grown so, so tall. Much taller than Shouto. Shouto takes more after his mother than his father, with his lean, almost delicate features, not to say that he isn’t chiseled with muscle after years of training to become a hero. Because he certainly is. Katsuki can feel the muscle from where his hands hold onto Shouto’s waist. He can picture the milky skin underneath Shouto’s black t-shirt.

“You want to fuck me in our new bed?” Shouto asks lasciviously, pressing his pelvis against Katsuki’s.

Katsuki grabs a handful of Shouto’s ass and squeezes, his jeans beginning to feel tight, “We just got here, and you want to go straight to fucking? You little whore,” a satisfied sneer stretches across Katsuki’s face.

Shouto giggles and then Katsuki’s picking him up and hurrying down the hall to their new bedroom. It has a modern design like the rest of the house, with a color palette of cool greys, blues, and whites. Katsuki doesn’t take much time to admire the space, though, as he’s too busy stripping Shouto of everything he’s wearing. “Spread your legs for me, baby,” Katsuki purrs as he sheds his own clothing, “Let me see everything.”

Shouto obeys, spreading his legs wide, his own two fingers coming to rest in front of his hole. He’s about to plunge them inside of himself when Katsuki waves his finger in the air, “No, don’t touch yourself. You’re not allowed.”

Shouto whines but listens, withdrawing his hand and letting it fall by his side on the bed.

Katsuki rests on his knees on the mattress, looming over Shouto who’s already laying down, and pumps his cock a few times in front of Shouto’s hole, “God damn,” he whistles, admiring the curve of Shouto’s hips, the rippled abs down his torso and the thick, muscular thighs spread ready and open, all for him. He spits on his fingers and is about to put them inside of Shouto when the boy stops him, “No…just put it in me.” Shouto’s cock is hard and twitching on his stomach and he’s squirming impatiently.

“You want me to fuck you?” Katsuki’s voice is laced with lust and cruelty, as he already knows Shouto wants it.

Shouto nods, grabbing onto one of Katsuki’s arms, “Yes…yes, I want it, baby.”

“How do you ask?”

“Please…please put your cock in me…make me cum, baby…”

Katsuki chuckles and then shoves his throbbing cock inside of Shouto all at once. Shouto can feel the organ pulsating inside of him and immediately the tip of Katsuki’s cock is rubbing against Shouto’s walls, filling him with mind-numbing pleasure.

“Fuck…fuck, oh my god,” Shouto moans, his hips beginning to gyrate on their own, desperate for friction, for more of those good sensations from within.

Finally, Katsuki begins to move and Shouto can’t help but croon in pleasure with each one of the blonde’s harsh thrusts.

“Katsuki…Katsuki…” Shouto presses his arm to his face as he nears his climax.

Katsuki immediately moves it out of the way, “No,” he grunts, “I want to see your face when you cum…”

Shouto giggles and calls Katsuki cute under his breath. Thankfully the blonde is too lost in his own orgasm to hear, otherwise he’d be irate and tell Shouto not to call him “cute.” Though, Shouto finds that part of him cute as well.

Katsuki’s hips stay glued to Shouto’s as he empties inside of him, and Shouto cums soon after that, all over his own stomach. Katsuki pulls out, letting his cum flow out of Shouto’s ass and onto their brand-new bed sheets, but the two of them are too engrossed in their after-sex highs to care. He lays next to Shouto and strokes the boy’s now slightly damp multi-colored locks.

 When both boys catch their breath, Katsuki gets up and throws their new sheets in the laundry. Meanwhile, Shouto returns a missed call from his father. He talks to Enji while Katsuki’s in the laundry room, since he knows just the mentioning of his father’s name irritates his boyfriend. Enji’s voice is still deep and intimidating, but there are sweeter notes to it hidden behind all that bravado and testosterone, especially when he’s addressing his son, “How do you like the new apartment?”

“It’s a little small. Think you could get me a bigger one, daddy?” Shouto teases, twirling a lock of his hair between his fingers petulantly.

Enji chuckles softly. It’s still strange for Shouto to hear such a noise leave his father’s throat, “Of course. Anything you want.”

“I’m kidding, old man,” Shouto rolls his eyes.

“I know,” Enji says in return.

“Would you really get me anything I want though?”

“Of course,” Enji affirms.

“Anything? Really, anything?”

“Yes, Shouto. Anything you desire.”

Shouto looks around to see if Katsuki’s near, peers outside their bedroom just to be extra sure, and when the blonde is nowhere to be found, he whispers filthily into the phone, “Then I want your cock. Stuffed down my throat. Tomorrow. While you’re working at your desk. Sound good, daddy?”

Enji clears his throat, “Shouto…you should focus on your work and your boyfriend. Don’t you want to live a normal life?”

“You ruined that for me, daddy. Now you have to take responsibility for what you’ve done. Or are you too much of a shitty old man to own up to your mistakes?” Shouto’s voice is like a poisonous dagger cutting right into Enji’s flesh.

“No…whatever you want, Shouto. I’ll give it to you,” despair and guilt can be all that Enji feels when he hears his son speak such venomous words.

Enji can hear the satisfied smile in Shouto’s next words, “I’ll look forward to it then. When you plunge your cock deep inside my willing body, daddy. Like you always used to in the middle of the night when Fuyumi and Natsuo were sleeping.”

Enji’s breathing quickens on the other end of the line, and Shouto knows it’s because he’s feeling disgusted with himself not only for what he’s done in the past, but for how undeniably horny he is after hearing those words spill from his son’s forever sullied lips. Katsuki enters the room so Shouto decides to end the call, “Katsuki’s back, so I’ve got to go now. Bye, daddy,” Shouto purrs one last time before hanging up the phone. The tone in Shouto’s voice sends a shudder up Katsuki’s spine.

Ever since Enji’s had his “change of heart,” Shouto’s consistently said that nothing sexual has been going on between him and his father anymore. But Katsuki knows better. Shouto would lie to protect not only Endeavor, but his own obsessive desires towards his father any day. He knows something is still going on, but the conversation only escalates when they talk about Endeavor, so Katsuki does his best to stay away from that subject. His blood feels like it’s boiling when he remembers seeing Endeavor devour Shouto’s lips right in front of him. He sees nothing but red fiery rage and he’s afraid of what he might do if he thinks about it too much, so Katsuki’s way of dealing with the situation is currently not dealing with it, because he has no better ideas.

Stressed and irritated after hearing Shouto refer to his father as “daddy,” Katsuki heads to the already fully stocked kitchen to grab a six-pack of beers. He plops down in front of the TV and turns on the news, but, of course, Endeavor’s face is all over the news right now. Apparently, he saved some extremely important princess who was visiting Japan from another country, so the media has been doing nothing but praising the man for weeks now. Katsuki downs the entire can of beer in his hand immediately and promptly changes the channel.

Shouto enters the living room a few minutes after Katsuki and decides to snuggle up next to the blonde. Pretty soon, Katsuki finishes his entire six-pack of beer. He reaches for another one only to realize that he’s out. “Get me another beer, would you,” the blonde barks angrily at Shouto. Shouto obeys, heading over to the kitchen and returning with an entire new six-pack for his beloved. Katsuki snatches the package from Shouto and rips into it, chugging another beer instantaneously. Shouto reaches for one but Katsuki swats his hand away, growling like a rabid animal.

“I can’t have one?” Shouto pouts, holding his hand like Katsuki actually really hurt him even though he certainly didn’t.

“Go get your own shit,” Katsuki slurs, pulling the six-pack closer inward toward his body.

Shouto rolls his eyes and heads back into the kitchen to look for something for himself. He decides on a glass of some of the extremely expensive wine that Enji stocked the house with. In reality, the boys aren’t supposed to drink for another year or so, but Shouto guilted his father into filling their new apartment with alcohol. At first, Enji was strongly against it, but it was all too easy to get the man to cave. A few tears here and there, a show of too much skin, and Enji was putty in Shouto’s manipulative hands. Shouto pours himself some wine at the counter, but before he can even pick up his glass for a sip, Katsuki’s suddenly behind him, rutting up against him ferociously. “I wanna fuck you,” he groans, cock already hard and pressing into Shouto’s ass.

Shouto tries to turn around but Katsuki holds him in place with an insanely strong grip. He’s reminded of days back when he was in high school and his father held him down into the bed sheets as he begged to be released. He feels himself shiver from that thought, though his cock continues to grow increasingly hard by the minute. Katsuki keeps rubbing up against Shouto, his hands holding Shouto by the wrists nearly crushing the bones underneath his skin. The blonde angrily bites into the juncture between Shouto’s shoulder and neck, teeth digging into skin hard enough to draw blood, “Gonna…fuck you until you can’t fucking breathe…” Katsuki groans when he pulls his teeth out of Shouto’s neck.

“K-Katsuki…let go,” Shouto moans. His own hips grind backwards into Katsuki’s erection, actions betraying words.

Immediately, Katsuki backs up. Shouto turns around to see Katsuki staring at him in horror, the blonde’s gaze flitting from Shouto down to his own hands, “S-Sorry…I…I’m gonna…go to bed.”

Shouto rubs the spots on his wrists where Katsuki grabbed him. They hurt. A lot. Katsuki’s never been that rough with him before. Ever. Shouto feels…terrified but also invigorated, and he hates himself for that. He hasn’t been fair to Katsuki. He knows this. He knows Katsuki’s been making so many sacrifices for him, for the sake of Shouto’s goddamn selfish happiness. Shouto knows he isn’t a good person anymore, knows he probably doesn’t deserve someone like Katsuki in his life, but he can’t let him go. Because he’s incredibly selfish. He’s been raised to be that way. It’s Enji’s fault. Yeah. It’s all Enji’s fault.

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At work, Enji gives Shouto the best missions and the least mundane desk work when he has to fill out paperwork in the office. He also eats Shouto out just how he likes whenever the boy asks, when they’re alone in the privacy of Endeavor’s spacious hero office. Shouto thinks it’s a pretty good arrangement. Sometimes when other sidekicks come in and talk to Endeavor, esteemed number one hero, Shouto is under his desk, sucking his cock like a professional whore. One day, his own mother came into the office to drop off a homemade lunch for Enji, and Shouto sucked his father off so hard that the man came right then and there, with his wife standing less than two feet away, oblivious to it all.

Enji didn’t say a word to Shouto after Rei left. He just righted his clothing and hurried to the bathroom to have a breakdown for ten solid minutes. When he returned, Shouto was on the phone with his mother, sweetly talking to her. The woman was asking where he’d been, saying she missed the chance to visit him at Endeavor’s office, and Shouto lied through his teeth with ease. Enji had said, “You’re a hateful child,” then, and looked at his prodigy with nothing but fear, terrified of the monster he’s created. Later, Enji apologized for the remark, but Shouto knew he’d meant it.

Today, Enji’s been so busy that he hasn’t been able to indulge Shouto and his mischievous little games. In all fairness, Shouto should really just be here to work, but it’s his daddy’s company, so he can honestly do what he wants without any real repercussions, which has turned him into a spoiled little brat. He even has an assistant who brings him treats and coffee when he’s stuck doing paperwork. It’s bad though, because his assistant is Sero Hanta. Sero ended up becoming a sidekick at Endeavor’s company, though it’s almost like he’s exclusively a sidekick to Shouto himself. He goes with Shouto on his hero missions, hero patrols, and is there with him in the office when he’s doing paperwork. The reason this arrangement is bad for Shouto, is because Shouto is undeniably attracted to Sero and they’ve hooked up before in high school, so there’s temptation hanging over him all day. He and Katsuki are strictly exclusive now, and he doesn’t want to betray Katsuki’s trust—he doesn’t count his weird thing with his father. That’s not a relationship…it’s some kind of twisted thing that Shouto has no name for—so he has to refrain from letting Sero fuck him up against his desk while he’s working.

But that doesn’t mean Shouto can’t flirt. Flirting is harmless. Besides, Shouto enjoys watching a man lust for him, and Sero is definitely interested. Shouto can tell that Sero looks at his ass when he bends over to pick up something that he’s “accidentally” dropped, or how the dark-haired boy looks positively ravenous when Shouto “mistakenly” gets whipped cream on the corner of his mouth from his overly sweet caffeinated drinks. But Sero knows that Shouto and Katsuki are in a committed relationship. The picture of the two of them on Shouto’s desk makes it quite obvious. Katsuki looks shy and irritated in the photo, but he’s holding onto Shouto lovingly, and it’s clear that he’s blushing like crazy.

Shouto puts the photo away when people he doesn’t know very well come into the office and when he leaves at the end of each day, locking it away safely in one of his desk drawers. While they’re just starting in their hero careers, Katsuki and Shouto have agreed to keep their relationship a secret. They wouldn’t want a media scandal so early in their professions. But later, if they become established heroes, if they decide they want to get married…married? Shouto shakes his head. Why would Katsuki ever marry him? Shouto wouldn’t allow it anyway. He’s being selfish for now, but eventually…he has to let Katsuki move onto someone who will cherish him the way he deserves. Shouto knows Midoriya’s always been madly in love with Katsuki, and the freckled boy would treat Katsuki amazingly well. He deserves to have someone like that by his side. Not a damaged freak like Shouto.

“Todoroki, did you hear me?” Sero’s familiar voice shakes Shouto from his depressing thoughts.

Shouto shakes his head, “N-No, sorry, what’d you say?”

“I asked if you wanted a pastry and your usual drink from the coffee shop,” Sero smiles jovially. He’s always so easygoing and kind. Shouto appreciates it greatly.

“Oh, yeah. Sure. Thanks.”

“Got it! Be right back then,” Sero waves goodbye to Shouto before leaving his office.

All of the other sidekicks have cubicles on the main floors throughout the building, but Shouto gets his own office, since he’s Endeavor’s talented, precious son. Sero comes back with Shouto’s order in a matter of minutes, and they take a small lunch break together. Shouto’s office is so large that it has a lounge area and a separate room within it for Sero’s office. Sero and Shouto sit at the couches in the lounge area of the office and eat their pastries while chatting idly.

Midway through their conversation, Sero accidentally spills some coffee on his crotch. Luckily, he always orders iced coffee, but the stain is spreading by the minute, sure to ruin his nice khaki slacks. Shouto immediately grabs a napkin and starts rubbing at the stain, inadvertently stroking Sero’s groin. He looks up at the black-haired boy when he feels Sero’s cock twitch, eyes wide with surprise and maybe a bit of excitement.

“Shit…sorry. Ignore that,” Sero looks off to the side.

“But…” Shouto grabs Sero by the chin, so that they’re eye-to-eye once again, “won’t it become uncomfortable if we don’t do something about it?” the look in Todoroki Shouto’s eyes is pure sin. He’s leaning forward, not enough to be quite on top of Sero, but enough so that if he leaned forward anymore, he’d certainly be in the other boy’s lap.

Sero’s brows knit together, unsure, “But…what about Bakugou?”

Shouto backs up and withdraws his hand from Sero’s cock. He holds onto his wrist, looking down at the hand that just touched Sero’s groin, “Ah…you’re right. We shouldn’t.”

“I mean, you’re hot as hell, but I’m not trying to have Bakugou kick my ass. Plus, if your father found us doing anything in here, I’m sure he’d kick my ass too. And then fire me. Haha,” Sero laughs softly, trying to lighten the mood.

“You’re right,” Shouto presses his index finger against his bottom lip like he’s just been reprimanded, “I’m sorry for being such a tease.”

“N-No…you did nothing wrong. Don’t even worry about it,” Sero rubs the back of his neck, smiling pleasantly at Shouto.

Shortly after their conversation, Sero hops into the bathroom that’s in Shouto’s office and rubs one out to get rid of his erection. Shouto stands outside the bathroom, listening to Sero moan, to the sound of his hand gliding against his cock. Now Shouto’s horny and upset with himself for even thinking about cheating on Katsuki. What kind of garbage is he? Probably the kind that you’d wipe off of the bottom of your shoe and grind into the pavement because it’s so dirty. When Shouto goes home to Katsuki that night, he can’t help but want to get fucked up. He wants to be hit, fucked roughly, smacked, anything. He deserves it all.

To get what he wants, Shouto starts an argument. A cruel, cruel argument.

“I almost cheated on you today,” he says bluntly in the middle of dinner, a lovely pasta that Katsuki cooked after he got home from work.

Katsuki’s brows furrow, “What?”

“I never mentioned it to you, but I work with Sero Hanta, from high school. Remember him? He’s my assistant at my father’s company. I was going to fuck him, but he stopped me. He told me to think of you. Isn’t that awful?” Shouto’s expression is deadpan, waiting for Katsuki’s reaction.

Katsuki drops his fork against his plate and it makes an awful clanging noise, “What the fuck, Shouto? Why the fuck are you telling me this?”

Shouto shrugs, “I just thought you should know.”

Katsuki just sighs, sinking lower into his chair.

“You’re not mad?” Shouto asks, surprised that Katsuki isn’t yelling by now.

He shrugs, “I’m not surprised.”

“So you really think I’m that much of a whore?” Shouto should be grateful that Katsuki isn’t mad right now, but instead he’s trying to be obstinate and bratty.

Katsuki sighs loudly, “Yeah, Shouto. Yeah, I fucking do. It’s not that I fault you for it or anything, though. I know that your past has messed you up so…”

“So I’m just damaged goods?” Shouto knows he’s damaged goods, but he needs to argue, he needs to get messed up, so he’ll keep pushing and pushing until Katsuki gives him what he wants.

“Why the fuck do you want to argue with me? I told you I wasn’t mad, didn’t I? I mean, you didn’t fuck him, so it’s fine then. Stop trying to create a goddamn problem,” Katsuki rubs his forehead in frustration.

“I touched his cock.”

Katsuki’s eyes narrow, “What?”

“I touched his cock through his pants.”

“Just shut the fuck up before you really piss me off, okay? I’m not having this conversation,” Katsuki stands up from the table, gathering his plate and the glass of wine that he has with every meal.

Shouto gets up and tries to take the dirty plate from Katsuki’s hands, “Let me wash it. I owe you that much after being a shitty boyfriend.”

“No, it’s fine, just fucking let go,” Katsuki doesn’t release the plate.

Shouto keeps trying to take it from Katsuki and the dish ends up falling to the ground, shattering against the cool gray hardwood flooring. Both boys look at the broken plate for a good minute before Katsuki lets out an irritated sigh. It’s clear that Katsuki’s desperately trying to keep clam. Shouto moves to pick up the broken pieces of the plate, but Katsuki shoves him to the side somewhat forcefully and cleans the mess up himself. Afterwards, he heads to the front closet and gets a jacket out, putting it on immediately. He picks up his keys from a rack hung up near the front door and is about to leave when Shouto holds onto his arms, “Where are you going, Katsuki? Don’t just leave…”

“I’m going to go calm down, so let go of me,” Katsuki’s breathing is uneven, like a bull before it sees red.

“No…I want to be with you…don’t leave me.”

“I’m not leaving you. I’m just going to cool off for a goddamn minute. Let go. Now.”

Shouto leans upwards to try and kiss Katsuki, and the blonde reflexively shoves Shouto away from him so hard that he falls to the ground. Shouto looks up at Katsuki from the ground, brows knit in worry. “God fucking dammit, Shouto! This is why I told you to just give me some fucking space for a fucking second!”

Katsuki’s about to leave and Shouto can’t think of anything, so he says something that he’s sure to regret later, “You’re just like him.”

Katsuki turns around, eyes wide and jaw set, “What the fuck did you just say…?”

“You remind me so much of him. Maybe that’s why I like you so much,” Shouto giggles, an unhinged look in his eyes.

 Katsuki leans down and picks Shouto up by the front of his shirt, holding him a few inches off the ground, “You take that back…right now!”

“I know you try so hard not to be like him…but I’m sure you’ve noticed how things go with us…I’m sure you know I compare you to him.”

Katsuki sets Shouto down and breathes for a second, runs his hands along his face. Just when Shouto thinks he might be trying to calm down again, Katsuki backhands Shouto so hard that he’s sent to the ground for the second time tonight. Shouto’s lip is bleeding from the force of Katsuki’s blow. He looks up at Katsuki as he sticks his tongue out and licks up some of the blood seeping out of the cut on his reddening bottom lip.

Katsuki glares down at him, “You’re a fucking cunt, you know that?”

Shouto nods, “So punish me.”

“I’m not your fucking daddy. I’m not going to punish you. Fucking hell…you’re just using me as a replacement for him, aren’t you? I’m so goddamn stupid for loving you,” Katsuki sinks down to the floor and sits with Shouto, holding his head in his hands, “Why did it have to become this fucked up between us?”

“It’s my fault,” Shouto sighs, leaning on Katsuki’s shoulder, wrapping both of his arms around one of Katsuki’s.

“Don’t say that,” Katsuki sighs, staring at an empty spot on the ground, but he doesn’t tell Shouto he’s wrong.

“It’s my father’s fault too. He ruined me, Katsuki.”

“You’re not ruined.”

“Stop lying.”

Katsuki turns to face Shouto, bringing a hand to the side of his face, “We can get you help. You’re traumatized, that’s all. Let’s go to therapy.”

Shouto scoots away from Katsuki, “No. I’ve…I’ve told you before…I can’t talk about anything with some stranger. It’s not their business.”

“It would be their business though, Shouto. It’s a therapist’s job to help you.”

Shouto shakes his head back and forth, “No, Katsuki, No! I’m well-known in the media. If anything got out…my hero image…my dad’s hero image—

“Who gives a fuck about his image!?” Katsuki suddenly yells, standing up, looming over Shouto, “Either way,” he says, trying to breathe evenly, “everything would be confidential. We could get you one of the best therapists in the business and could even set up therapy sessions here at the house. We can draft up a special contract and everything. Baby, please. Just try it, for us, okay?”

Shouto shakes his head faster and faster, “No, you can’t make me do it…”

Katsuki moves closer to Shouto, reaches out to embrace him, but Shouto scoots further away until he’s backed up against their sectional. Katsuki takes Shouto by the wrists, and red eyes meet mismatched blue and gray. Shouto thrashes, struggling under Katsuki’s weight, yelling, “No, no, no!” over and over.

“Babe, calm the fuck down!” Katsuki shakes Shouto by the wrists.

Shouto stops thrashing and his expression goes blank.

“Baby…give it a try. Give it a try, okay?”

“K-Katsuki…” Shouto looks down at the ground.

Katsuki releases Shouto and heads over to the kitchen, pours himself a glass of whiskey, lets out a frustrated sigh. He runs one hand through his ash blonde hair and holds his drink with the other. Shouto comes into the kitchen, watches as the blonde refills his drink over and over. “Fine,” the peppermint haired boy says, “I’ll do it, but only if you do too.”

Katsuki looks at Shouto like he’s absolutely lost it, “And why the hell would I need therapy?”

Shouto looks down at the drink in Katsuki’s hand.

“What, this?” Katsuki shakes the glass, rolling his eyes, “I’m not an alcoholic.”

“Maybe not yet, but…you’re close. If you do it, I will too. Make your choice.”

Katsuki laughs, incredulous, “Seriously, you think I need therapy for a drinking problem?”

“You’re an angry drunk, Katsuki.”

Katsuki suddenly thinks of the time he nearly forced himself on Shouto in this very kitchen. He shakes his head, as if to try and knock the memory from his mind, “Alright…I’ll do it.”

Working as pro hero sidekicks offers great medical benefits, so it’s no problem for Katsuki and Shouto to find a world-renowned therapist that works with pro heroes all the time. They end up going to Melissa Shield, a scientist that regularly creates inventions for pro heroes all over the world. She’s a therapist on the side and knows how to be discrete when it comes to heroes’ private issues. She understands that heroes are people too, and people are inevitably flawed.

They’ve set it up so that she comes to their penthouse once a week. Shouto protested, saying that was far too frequent, but Katsuki eventually got him to agree to it. For the first few sessions, Melissa wants to have an hour alone with each of them. The first one to go is Shouto. He sits in their living room, fidgety, uncomfortable, nervous about what this woman might ask him.

“Tell me about yourself, Mr. Todoroki,” Melissa smiles, friendly. Too friendly. It puts Shouto on edge.

Shouto talks about his likes, dislikes, about Katsuki, his friends from UA, his family… He gets especially fidgety when he starts talking about his father. Melissa writes notes here and there about Shouto’s behavior, the things he says. It makes him even more uncomfortable than he already is. She can tell that something’s off when he only mentions the fact that he works for his father’s company and nothing else about the man.

“How did you get that scar over your left eye?” she says, question pointed and cunning.

Shouto looks down at his lap, digs his fingers into the fabric of his too-big, ripped, black jeans. They’re Katsuki’s. “Um…my mother…poured boiling water over my face.”

Melissa nods, calm, “And why did she do that?”

“Because…because I reminded her of my father. Because my left side looks similar to him.”

“Does your mother dislike your father?”

“She did.”

“Why is that?”

“He…did things…that she didn’t like.”

“What kind of things?”

Shouto gulps, “He used to…hit her and me.”

“Is that all he did?” Melissa hasn’t stopped writing since the topic shifted to Enji.

Shouto looks up from his lap, into Melissa’s confident, piercing eyes, “I…I don’t want to talk about this anymore. You’re not going to share any of this information with anyone, right?”

She nods, “No. This is completely confidential. No matter what. You have my word, and it’s written in our legally binding contract as well.”

Shouto holds his left hand in his right.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me what else your father did?” she checks one last time.

Shouto swallows hard, “I…I’m afraid.”


“Because…I love him. I don’t want him to get in trouble.”

“He won’t. I can assure you. It’s in the contract, after all. Even if you’re being hurt or abused, I’m not allowed to contact the authorities or anyone for that matter. These sessions are purely for me to hear you out and advise you about the actions you should take, but you are fully able to ignore my advice and I won’t do anything about it.”

Shouto lets out a shaky breath, “He…he raped me when I was a child. At first, I really didn’t like it and it hurt a lot but…then I...” his brows knit together, and he can feel tears building in the corners of his eyes.

“It’s okay,” Melissa smiles, still warm and friendly, “there’ll never be any judgement coming from me. I’m here to help you.”

“…I started to want it, begged for it even. To this day I still…” he covers his mouth and the tears begin to fall, “I’m disgusting, but I can’t stop. He even owned up to his mistakes and wanted to stop it all, wanted to become a better man, but I…I manipulated him so that he’d keep having sex with me. Katsuki and I don’t talk about it, but I think he knows. It all makes me hate myself so goddamn much…but I can’t stop.”

Melissa looks at Shouto with pity. He can tell she’s pitying him. He hates it. He feels like a freak, “There’s no need to feel ashamed. The way you feel is perfectly normal in these types of situations. It happens all the time. You’ve experienced trauma, and this is how you cope with it. We can work together to get you into some healthier coping mechanisms, okay? It just takes time, but it is very possible. Reaching out to me was the first step!” she smiles.

Shouto nods, wiping tears from his cheeks. An alarm goes off on Melissa’s phone, startling Shouto a bit. She shuts it off and closes her notebook, “That’s it for today. I suggest you go eat a good meal and take a nap to rejuvenate yourself after talking about things that are upsetting to you, okay? Send Mr. Bakugou into the living room for me, will you?” she stands and shakes Shouto’s hand professionally. Even though he’s just told her that he likes to spread his legs for his own father, she hasn’t changed the way she looks at him at all. She doesn’t look horrified or disgusted with him, and it puts him at ease, but he’s still so, so scared.

Katsuki trudges into the living room and Shouto heads into their bedroom with a plateful of fruits and vegetables, ready to go de-stress. Katsuki noticed Shouto’s tear-stained face when the boy came to get him. He can’t help but feel a bit nervous. He sits down on the loveseat adjacent to the sectional that Melissa’s sitting on, and she readies her notebook once again. She greets Katsuki warmly and then has the blonde talk about his childhood, about his time at school, about his relationship with Shouto. Midway through the conversation, Katsuki gets stressed out and heads to the kitchen, sighing out a, “I need a drink.”

Melissa takes note of that.

When Katsuki returns to the living room, she asks, “How often would you say you drink in a day and how much?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “I dunno. Some days it’s one glass of something. Some days it’s more.”

“Is there ever a day where you don’t drink anything at all?”

Katsuki stops to think for a second, then he dejectedly mumbles, “No…I guess not lately.”

“Are you feeling particularly stressed? Something going on at work maybe?”

“No,” Katsuki shakes his head.

“Your private life?”

Katsuki sighs, takes a sip of his drink.

Melissa writes a note.

“Yeah. It’s fucking Shouto. I love him so fucking much and he…he’s so fucked up, if I’m being completely honest,” Katsuki can’t believe he’s saying that out loud, hopes Shouto doesn’t hear, “I know he’s been through a lot, but it eats at me sometimes, y’know? Fuck, this is stupid,” Katsuki scrubs his face with both of his hands.

Melissa doesn’t say anything, giving Katsuki a minute to calm down and collect his thoughts.

He continues, “It’s hard for me to hold everything together when he’s falling apart, and now I’m starting to go crazy too. I get so…angry sometimes. I’ve always had a bad temper, I can admit that, but never to the point where I’d…” Katsuki looks down at his hands, “fuck. I feel like one day I’m going to really snap and hurt him, just like his shithead of a father, and it fucking scares me… I wanted to save him from all of that bullshit, but he pushes me further and further towards it because he likes to be hurt, and he wants me to behave like his dad always did. He needs it in order to feel sane, and I just wish…I just wish he fucking didn’t, because he’s really pushing me over the goddamn edge.”

“You feel out of control?” Melissa asks.

Katsuki nods, “Yeah, pretty much, or like I’m heading there.”

“Does alcohol help you feel more in control?”

“No,” he sighs, “it just numbs it all.”

“Do you blame Mr. Todoroki for the problems in your relationship?”

“Shouto? No. I mean…I don’t think so. Maybe. Fuck…I hate that,” Katsuki dips his head between his thighs for a moment.

“It’s okay. It’s important to be honest with yourself,” Melissa nods, smiling brightly, “I want you to try meditating daily, okay? Anytime you feel stressed or just want to relax, meditate. I’ll email you some videos to check out. Sometimes pairing aromatherapy with mediation can be extremely calming, just lighting a few candles and doing some breathing exercises is all that’s really necessary.”

“You really think that shit will help me?” Katsuki rolls his eyes.

Melissa smiles, “I’d like you to try it so I can determine whether or not it seems like an effective method to quell your anger. Also, whenever Mr. Todoroki is stressing you out, I want you to walk away from him. Can you do that?”

“I fucking try to, but he won’t let me. He cries and begs me not to leave him alone. I’m worried he might hurt himself or something so…so I stay and then he pisses me the fuck off.”

“Has Mr. Todoroki ever hurt himself before?”

“Not really, but he’s put himself in situations where he knows he’ll get hurt.”

Melissa writes that down, “Then I want you to try just walking away, despite what he says. See what happens. If he hurts himself, stay and, when you get stressed out, try doing the breathing exercises you’ll be learning. Sound like a plan?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Okay, well then our time is up. I’ll be back at the same time next week, okay?”

Katsuki nods, “Yeah, sure.”

She gives him one last warm smile before leaving their apartment.

When Shouto hears Melissa leave, he exits his room, dressed like he’s going out. Sure enough, he heads to the front closet, grabs a jacket and some keys. He’s about to leave out the front door without saying a word to Katsuki, who’s still sitting on their living room loveseat.

“Where are you going?” Katsuki says as Shouto’s fingers wrap around the front doorknob.

Shouto barely turns to face Katsuki. His bangs hide his eyes, but Katsuki can imagine his eyes are swollen and red, “I just have some errands to run.”

“Well, why don’t I come with you? It’ll make them go by faster, right?” Katsuki stands up.

“N-No…it’s fine. I’ll go myself,” Shouto slips out the front door, closing it as quickly as he opens it. He’s gone before Katsuki can even respond.

Katsuki plops back down onto the loveseat, “Fuck.”

Shouto drives to a motel in a bad part of town. Each time he schedules these meetups, he makes sure to book a new motel, so no one will recognize him. He sits in room 301, on the bed, waiting. He twiddles his thumbs, bounces his leg, bites his cuticles. Eventually, there’s a knock at the door. He checks the peephole before opening it. “What took you so long? It’s been almost half an hour since we were supposed to meet…” Shouto says, brows knit.

“I’m sorry, Shouto. Your mother and I were spending time together when you called…” his father has that signature guilty look on his face as he speaks. He’s not even looking his son in the eyes.

“Did you fuck her before you came here?” Shouto asks, voice sharp as glass.

“Shouto!” Enji finally looks at Shouto.

Shouto drops down to the bed and starts crying, but he’s still smiling. Enji stares at Shouto for a moment before deciding to sit down next to him. He doesn’t know what to do, what to say. Shouto turns his head, looks up at his father’s face, his lips trembling and his brows wobbling. He’s trying his best not to cry, but he can’t. “I fucking hate you, y’know that?” Shouto pounds a fist into his father’s chest.

Enji gently takes Shouto’s hand and holds it in both of his own, “I know. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, my baby,” Enji pulls Shouto into his chest and lets the boy sob.

“I fucking hate you…so much…so, so much…” Shouto hiccups.

Enji just caresses the back of his hair.

“Because I love you, so goddamn much that it fucking hurts. Do you understand what you’ve done to me, huh daddy?” Shouto leans back, looking into his father’s blue eyes once again.

Enji nods, expression sullen, regretful, “I’m sorry, Shouto.”

“Stop apologizing!” Shouto screams, shrill and hoarse, “Just fuck me. Fuck me all night. I don’t want to be able to walk in the fucking morning.”

Enji nods, “Anything you want, baby. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Fuck me,” Shouto whispers, lips inches away from his father’s, “fuck me now, daddy. I need it. I need it…”

Enji does as Shouto’s asked. They finish around six in the morning, sweaty and bruised and exhausted. Shouto sleeps curled around his father’s body until noon. When he awakes, Shouto leaves immediately, without a goodbye. It’s better that way. Easier. When he comes home, there’s a wine bottle smashed to pieces on the kitchen floor, and a dent paired with a deep red stain in a wall where it must’ve been thrown. Three of their wine bottles are gone, and that doesn’t even include the destroyed one.

Shouto drags himself to the bedroom he shares with Katsuki. Their bed is empty, but Shouto can hear Katsuki vomiting in their en suite. Shouto slips out of his clothes and into bed, buries himself into the covers so that he can pretend he doesn’t exist. Katsuki brushes his teeth three times before returning to bed. It’s a Sunday, and the two end up spending the entire day in bed, Katsuki’s body pressed into Shouto’s. Shouto knows this has to stop, but he also knows that he can’t stop.

Chapter Text

Katsuki throws himself into his work. Best Jeanist puts him on an ongoing unsolved case about a local serial killer. Their agency teams up with the hero agency All Might helped Midoriya start. It pisses Katsuki off, but he figures being around Deku will be a welcome distraction. When they start working together, Katsuki is explosive and volatile as he’s always been around Deku, but it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. It puts Katsuki at ease, in a better mood. One afternoon, Deku asks if Katsuki would like to catch up over drinks together, figures if they’ll be working together for a while then they should be friendly. Deku’s always been friendly, caring of others. Perfect. Too perfect.

Katsuki drinks too much too fast, but he isn’t angry. He’s having a good time. Laughing even. Deku drinks a lot too, gets all red and flustered at everything Katsuki says. Katsuki can tell the guy is still into him, even though they only hooked up a few times in high school. It was nothing more than a fling for Katsuki. He’s always been too in love with Shouto to really see anyone else. But now…now Katsuki just wants a break from the drama, the crazy, the insane. He hates himself for feeling that way, but he needs a fucking break. He just does.

So, when Deku asks him to come over to his place, he agrees. “K-Kacchan,” Deku says in that too sweet voice of his, looking at Katsuki with those doe eyes of his.

Deku’s apartment is well kept, filled with All Might paraphernalia and it seems like he has a few roommates. “No one’s home today…” Deku bites his bottom lip.

Katsuki sits down on Deku’s couch, spreads his legs wide. Deku climbs atop his lap, grinds down a few times, leans in and kisses Katsuki, needy. He wants him so badly. Katsuki can tell. Deku leans back, “Kacchan, I want you inside of me…” he sounds so sweet, feels so soft in Katsuki’s arms. This is so much easier, simpler than it ever has been with Shouto. But Katsuki feels his gut twisting and he pushes Deku off of him. It isn’t fair to anyone to be doing this. “I can’t,” Katsuki finally says, standing. He grinds his nails into his scalp, mutters to himself, “What the fuck am I doing?”

Deku looks confused. Hurt even.

“I can’t do this,” Katsuki looks Deku in the eyes.

“W-Why not? Do you still hate me?” so sweet. Too sweet. Katsuki could drown in Deku’s sweetness.

“No…no, it’s not that. I…I’m in a relationship. I can’t…I’m sorry, Deku. Fuck,” Katsuki scrubs up and down his face.

The dejected look on Deku’s face hits Katsuki hard, “Oh…okay. I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologize for. I’m just a fucking asshole.”

“No, you aren’t, Kacchan. You’re a great person.” Those wide green eyes. Looking at Katsuki like he’s something he’s not. Katsuki could be sick.

“You have no clue what you’re talking about. I’m a real piece of shit, Deku. Anyway, I should probably go now,” Katsuki sighs, heading for the door.

Deku catches his arm before he can leave, “You’re good, Kacchan. I know you are,” and then he places a tentative kiss on Katsuki’s cheek, flashing that dazzlingly bright smile at the blonde.

Katsuki, against his better judgement, pulls Deku into a sensual kiss, grabbing him by the front of his shirt. He lets go after a few seconds, looking at the green-haired boy awkwardly, “Fuck…I really gotta go.” Deku giggles cutely, nodding and waving as Katsuki disappears down the hallway. When Katsuki gets home, Shouto is there, curled up in a blanket in front of the TV. He’s fast asleep. Katsuki looks at his sleeping face, so beautiful, so calm. He sits down on the empty space beside Shouto’s head, brushing his bangs from his face. He traces his fingers along Shouto’s scar, thinking deeply about the state of their relationship.

Shouto wakes up later, to the smell of something delicious. Katsuki’s made dinner, set the table and everything. It’s been a few days since they’ve properly eaten dinner together. Shouto gets up and wraps his arms around Katsuki from behind as the blonde cooks. “This smells delicious,” he hums, voice still thick with sleep.

Katsuki smiles, “Of course it does. I made it, after all.”

Shouto chuckles, heading over to the table to get ready to eat. They eat together, Katsuki with his usual glass of wine next to his meal. Halfway through dinner, Katsuki lets out a long sigh and sets his utensils down. Shouto looks up at his boyfriend, feeling worry stir within his heart, “What is it?” he asks.

“I have to tell you something,” Katsuki doesn’t take his eyes off of his dinner plate.

“Okay…” Shouto waits, ready to listen.

“I cheated on you. Kind of.” Suddenly Katsuki’s gripping his fork with intensity, a little more pressure and the utensil will break in two.

Shouto’s eyes go wide. He has no right to be mad. He expected that this would happen soon anyway. He’s an insufferable partner. It’s only natural that Katsuki would seek comfort from someone else. Shouto lets out a shaky breath before speaking, “O-Oh…I see.”

“You’re not mad?” Katsuki finally looks up at him.

Shouto’s smiling, but not the good kind of smile. It’s the kind of smile where he’s desperately trying to hold it together, but he isn’t, and instead he’s losing his mind, “No, why would I be? You’ve been faithful all this time and I’ve sucked as a boyfriend, so I can’t be mad. I practically drove you to this. Haha,” Shouto laughs sadly, looks down at his meal and desperately tries not to cry.

“Baby,” Katsuki reaches for Shouto’s hand, but Shouto pulls it away, holds it like he’s been burned.

He looks up at Katsuki, eyes heavy with tears and shock, “S-Sorry…I’m acting stupid, aren’t I? I think I need to go lie down.”

Shouto gets up from the table, but Katsuki’s up too and he’s grabbing Shouto by the arm, pulling his body into his own. Shouto doesn’t fight or push Katsuki off of him. He just looks up at the man, silent tears falling down his cheeks, lips trembling. Katsuki sighs at the sight before him. He did this. He made Shouto upset like this. Katsuki rubs a calloused thumb down Shouto’s wet cheek, watches as the water builds up onto Shouto’s long eyelashes and then drops all at once, the same way rain falls from rose petals. “Baby,” Katsuki whispers, “I love you so much.”

Shouto buries his face into Katsuki’s chest, “I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” Katsuki strokes the back of Shouto’s head.

“You know.” Shouto’s voice is small and muffled.

Katsuki sighs, “Yeah, I know.”

Shouto looks up at Katsuki, chin resting on the other’s chest, “I can’t stop, and it’s tearing us apart.”

“It is,” Katsuki strokes Shouto’s hair again, “It really fucking is.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“It’s all his fault,” Katsuki grits his teeth, says his words with such an immense hatred.

“Even right now I want to—

“Don’t say it,” Katsuki shakes his head, “Don’t fucking say that you want to go to him while you’re here with me. Don’t.”

Shouto starts to tremble, “I’m sorry.”

“Shhh, baby…” Katsuki whispers, breath hot and close, “let’s stop talking for now.”

Shouto nods. They do the only thing they know how to do, the only thing they know how to get right. Katsuki grips Shouto’s waist and leads him into their bedroom, pushes him down onto the bed gently, lovingly. Shouto lets Katsuki strip him down until he’s bare, spreads his legs wide and squirms in anticipation. He watches Katsuki strip down too, watches Katsuki take out his cock and stroke it slowly, sensually. Shouto bites his bottom lip. Katsuki smirks, slaps his now fully hard cock against one of Shouto’s spread thighs, “You want this?”

Shouto nods desperately.

“Where do you want it?” the blonde’s voice is husky, dripping with lust.

“Inside…” Shouto whines, eyes half closed, “inside of me…”

“Show me.”

Shouto shows off his hole for Katsuki, spreads himself open with his own fingers, needy, expectant. Katsuki lets out a low growl and plunges his cock into Shouto without any warning, causing him to let out a shaky, long whine. It’s music to Katsuki’s ears. Shouto clutches onto Katsuki’s arms as the blonde fucks into him with vigor, not giving Shouto even a second to breathe. “I love you…” Shouto whines, “love you so much…fuck, baby, I love you,” Shouto’s voice goes all high-pitched at the end of his sentence when Katsuki hits that spot that he knows drives Shouto absolutely wild.

Katsuki takes Shouto by the throat, squeezes tightly, but not tight enough for Shouto to be unable to speak, “Yeah, you do? How much, baby? You love me and only me? I’m you’re whole fucking world, right?”

Shouto does his best to nod, but it isn’t enough for Katsuki.

He shakes Shouto roughly, grip still firm around his neck, “Say it. Fucking say it.”

Shouto croaks out a, “Yours…only yours,” while his eyes roll up into his head. He loves the sensation of being choked.

“No more going to daddy for late night fucks?” Katsuki thrusts deep inside of Shouto, so deep that Shouto’s losing his mind, close to his climax and far from sanity.

Shouto just nods, delirious, “Y-Yes…no more…only you…only you…” It’s a lie. Shouto knows it’s a lie. Katsuki knows it’s a lie. But in the moment, it’s so fucking good to hear out loud, so good that they’re talking about it. Katsuki cums inside of Shouto after that, deep, pulsing, filling the boy until he’s full, just the way Shouto likes. Shouto’s already climaxed by that point, trembling and shaking and whimpering so, so good. Katsuki pulls out and cleans Shouto up before the sheets become a mess, then cleans himself up so he isn’t so sticky and sweaty. They lay in bed after that, Shouto’s head resting on Katsuki’s chest. Shouto’s index finger drawing shapes on Katsuki’s abdomen in the darkness of their room.

“Who’d you cheat on me with?” Shouto asks, voice low and calm.

“Deku,” Katsuki mumbles, not proud.

“Did you fuck him?”


“Kiss him?”


Shouto goes silent. He’s thinking.

“I love you, y’know,” Katsuki sighs, because it’s true. So undeniably fucking true that it hurts, “I stopped it before it could go any further. Because I fucking love you. And I want it to be just you and me. Forever.”

Shouto lets out a shaky breath, “I love you too. So much that it drives me crazy, Katsuki. I really do.”

“Then why—

“Because I’m fucked up,” Shouto doesn’t even need to hear the end of Katsuki’s question to know what he’s asking. He already knows. Because he’s been asking himself the same thing for many years now. He has a good man, a really good man, that’s in love with him—that he’s in love with—and yet he can’t stop spreading his legs for his own father.

Katsuki chuckles and caresses the back of Shouto’s head, “We’re both pretty fucked up.”

Shouto nods against Katsuki’s chest, “Yeah, we are.”

In the morning, Katsuki wakes up and Shouto is gone. The bed’s cold. So fucking cold. Katsuki heads to the kitchen, grabs himself a beer. He sighs at himself for drinking right when he wakes up, but he’s stressed. Shouto’s shoes aren’t by the front closet, and a pair of their keys are gone. Guess old habits die hard. Katsuki sits down on the couch and watches TV for a few minutes, but he can’t focus. Can’t think. Shouto’s probably getting fucked by Endeavor right now…moaning like a whore…begging for more. Fuck.

Katsuki checks his phone. He’s got some messages from Deku, some from his group chat with Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, and Mina, and some from work. But nothing from Shouto. He chucks his phone and it goes straight through the TV, destroying both devices at once. There’s a hole where the phone flew through the TV screen, cracks spreading out to the rest of the screen like a spider web. Katsuki’s phone is surely broken, lying somewhere behind the table the TV sits on. He stands up abruptly, scrubbing his scalp, “Fuck!”

He lets out an agonizing, guttural scream and pounds both of his fists into the nearest wall, two dents forming into the drywall immediately. Katsuki drinks some more and ends up trashing the entire living room. The couch is upside down and several feet away from where it normally is, with scorch marks all over its cushions. Wine and beer bottles are shattered all around the apartment, stains on walls from the bottles being thrown. Documents are ripped up, the TV’s completely knocked over now, and most of the furniture in the room has been burnt in some way from Katsuki’s quirk. He pounds on the floor, sitting in the middle of the chaos he’s created.

Eventually, Shouto arrives home. It’s late. He’s been out all day. The second he walks in the door, Katsuki can smell that goddamn familiar cologne. The cologne that Endeavor fucking wears. The cologne that Endeavor’s worn for fucking years now. Shouto stands in the front doorway, surveying the disaster that is the living room. “Holy shit…” he says, eyes wide.

Katsuki stands up, wobbles a bit. He’s been drinking all day. He’s pissed. Absolutely pissed.

“Katsuki what the fuck happened in here—

Before Shouto can get his sentence out, Katsuki’s already grabbing him, shoving him up against the front door. Hard. It knocks the wind out of him and Shouto’s gasping for air, eyes wide with shock. Katsuki’s voice is terrifyingly loud when he speaks, “You fuck him again!? Did you spread your fucking goddamn whore legs for him!? Huh!?”

Katsuki’s got a hand on Shouto’s jaw, holding his head up against the front door, “K-Katsuki…I’m sorry…” Shouto barely manages to choke the words out.

“I’m fucking DONE pretending that I don’t know where the fuck you’re going when you sneak out! I’ve always known! And I’m sick of it! The only cock that’s going to go inside of you from now on is mine! You fucking hear me, whore!?”

Shouto nods, but Katsuki isn’t convinced. Rightfully so. He smacks Shouto’s cheek, grabs him and yanks him further into the living room. Katsuki chucks Shouto into the flipped over couch. When Shouto lands, he catches himself with his hands, but there’s broken glass all over the ground and he ends up getting cut. “Fuck…” Shouto winces.

“Take off your clothes,” Katsuki instructs, looming over Shouto.

Shouto holds onto his bleeding hand, “Katsuki, you’re drunk. C’mon let me get you some water—

“Shut the fuck up!” Katsuki runs a frustrated hand through his blonde locks, “Do as I fucking say right the fuck now, Shouto!”

Hesitantly, Shouto stands and starts to strip. When he’s naked, Katsuki grabs him by the back of the neck and shoves him until they’re both in their bedroom. “Did he cum inside of you?” Katsuki growls, pushing Shouto onto the bed so that he’s lying on his back.

Shouto turns his head to the side.

Katsuki yanks him by the chin, “Did he!?”

Shouto nods, brows knit.

The blonde shoves his fingers inside of Shouto and roughly cleans him out. Shouto whines and writhes under Katsuki’s hold, but Katsuki doesn’t stop. Shouto tries to pry his hand off of his jaw, but Katsuki just squeezes harder. It feels like Shouto’s bones will crack and splinter at any moment.

“K-Katsuki…” he whimpers, “hurts…it hurts…”

“Shut the fuck up,” Katsuki’s voice is menacingly low, “I know you like it when it fucking hurts.”

Once Katsuki’s cleaned Shouto’s hole, he wipes Endeavor’s cum onto the bedsheets with resentment, stares at the semen like its personally offended him. And perhaps it has. “Fuck!” he shouts. Shouto’s whole body jumps. He’s never seen Katsuki this angry. He’s not used to it. It reminds him of…of his father. Shouto’s body feels electrified with terror but also extreme excitement. He can’t help it.

Suddenly Katsuki slaps him in the face, so hard that his lip splits just slightly, “I wanted to fucking cherish you. You know that, don’t you? But you’ve fucked it all up, Shouto! You’ve ruined us! Ruined me, goddamnit!”

Shouto nods, reaches a hand up to cup Katsuki’s face, “You’re right…”

“You’ve turned me into a fucking monster.”

Shouto nods again, tears falling down the sides of his face, “I’m so sorry, Katsuki…it’s all my fault…so sorry…”

“Shut up!” Katsuki shakes Shouto’s frame, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” he takes a minute to breathe, “I want to fucking hate you. That would be so much goddamn easier. Stop saying things that make me fucking love you. Please…please fucking stop…”

“K-Katsuki…” Shouto licks his bloody lip, grinding his hips up against Katsuki’s, “please…please fuck me…I need your cock…please…”

Katsuki holds Shouto’s hips down, but he keeps gyrating his pelvis, desperate for some kind of friction, “You’re so fucking sick…what the fuck, Shouto,” Katsuki looks down at Shouto like he’s nothing more than a pitiful animal, but he still starts to unbuckle his pants.

Shouto whimpers, “I know, Katsuki…I know…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m like this…”

Katsuki squeezes Shouto’s neck while he frees himself of his pants and boxers, “Shut up. I don’t want to hear your goddamn fucking voice. Just shut the fuck up.”

Shouto’s whole face turns red from being choked, but his cock is twitching wildly against his stomach. He looks like he could cum just from this. Katsuki slides his cock into Shouto’s already slick hole with ease. It pisses him off. How loose Shouto is after Endeavor fucks him. Fucking whore. Fucking whore. Goddamn fucking whore. Shouto cums all over himself the second Katsuki is all the way inside of him, shuddering and shaking while letting out the sweetest sounding whines. Katsuki’s cock instantly gets harder.

He ends up choking Shouto until he just passes out, fucks Shouto’s limp body until he fills the boy with cum. When he’s finished, he goes to the bathroom and wretches over the toilet. He feels like he has alcohol poisoning or something, but he doesn’t fucking care. He doesn’t care about anything anymore. He’s spent so long trying to hold everything together. Himself. Shouto. But it’s all fucked now. So, what does it matter? What does it fucking matter?

 When Katsuki’s finished in the bathroom, he heads to a local hardware store. He buys a lot of things. Cameras. Ropes. A security system. He makes a few more stops and buys himself a new phone and a TV to replace the one in the living room before he returns home with all of his new items. He sets the security system up first, tests out the app that will notify him if any of the windows or doors have been opened even while he’s away from the apartment. Then he sets up the cameras. In every room. Makes sure there’s not an inch of the apartment that he can’t see on yet another app on his new phone. Lastly, he stores the ropes away deep in the front closet. Those are a backup plan.

He climbs back into bed with Shouto at four a.m. He has work in just a few hours, but he doesn’t care that he didn’t get any sleep. What he did was necessary. Now he can keep a closer eye on Shouto, stop him from making anymore stupid decisions.

When Shouto wakes up, Katsuki’s staring at him, sitting up on the bed. Shouto rubs at his neck. It’s badly bruised. Purple and blue and red from Katsuki’s large hands wrapped around his throat. His voice is hoarse, “Morning, Katsuki.”

“Morning,” Katsuki says, looking at Shouto intensely.

Shouto sits up. He notices that his hand’s been bandaged.

“I have some rules for you,” Katsuki folds his arms.

Shouto scratches his head, “Rules?”

“Yeah. You don’t leave the house unless you have my fucking permission, understand?”

Shouto laughs, “Katsuki, what about my work? Or hanging out with friends?”

“You can do both of those things with my permission. I’ve set up cameras and a security system. I’ll know if you try to fucking leave or if you invite someone over,” Katsuki’s expression is dead serious.

“And what if I get fucked at work?” Shouto smirks.

Katsuki grabs his jaw harshly, “Don’t fuck with me, Shouto. I’ll know. I’ll know and I’ll punish you for it.”

Shouto nods, Katsuki’s hand still firmly on his chin, “Fine.”

 “Now lie down and spread your legs for me. I wanna fuck you.”

Shouto does as he’s told.

After that, Katsuki leaves for work. Shouto heads to the bathroom and everything feels all too familiar. He surveys his body: the bruises, the fingermarks, the dried blood, dried cum. He feels like he’s sixteen again. He covers it all up with some makeup and heads to work on his own. Katsuki sends him a text the second he opens the front door.

To work and home.

Shouto responds. Yes Daddy.

Don’t call me that.

You used to get so hard when I’d call you that.

Katsuki grips his own phone tightly, exhales. To work and home. I’ll see you tonight.

 You still do. I bet you’re hard right now

“Kacchan,” Deku’s voice makes Katsuki lock his phone and stuff it back into his back pocket. He’ll have plenty of time later to get Shouto back for his disobedience.

Deku walks over to Katsuki and starts to wrap a bandage around his bicep, “That thief really got you with his quirk, huh,” he runs his fingers over the cuts on Katsuki’s arm. His voice is so caring, so sweet, and his eyes are big when he looks up at Katsuki.

Katsuki yanks his arm out of Deku’s grasp, “I’m fine. Stupid Deku.”

“Kacchan…” Deku wants to ask what’s got Katsuki in such a bad mood, but the blonde’s already halfway across the street, on his way back to Best Jeanist’s hero agency. It’s been awhile since he’s called him “stupid Deku.” Deku wonders what’s up. Nevertheless, Deku leaves and gives Katsuki some space.

Katsuki sits at his desk and pulls out his phone. He has his own private office, away from all of Best Jeanist’s other interns and employees. He demanded some privacy after being pestered by so many of the new interns about his appearances on the news for winning the sports festival back in high school and getting trapped by that slime monster back in middle school. Best Jeanist obliged Katsuki’s request, because he knew if he didn’t, some poor intern would most likely get their face blown off.

An hour passes and Katsuki hasn’t stopped staring blankly at his phone. He should be filing a report on the thief he and Deku just caught, but he can’t think straight anymore. All he can think about is Shouto. Where is Shouto? What is Shouto doing? He’s become absolutely insane. Katsuki doesn’t know who he is anymore, but he hates it, but he also knows it’s necessary if Shouto’s ever going to be completely his. And he wants that very much. For whatever reason.

Katsuki suddenly gets a notification that the front door’s been opened. Shouto’s opening the door for three men in jeans, t-shirts, and work boots. Katsuki feels himself seething with rage. Who are these men and why is Shouto letting them into the house? They set up toolboxes and ladders and get to work repairing the destroyed living room. For a few hours, everything is fine. The men work and Shouto is busy in some other area of the house. Katsuki checks the camera feed periodically throughout his workday.

It’s when Shouto heads to the kitchen, right across from the living room, that Katsuki starts to feel rage welling up inside of himself. Shouto stands in the kitchen and watches the men work, sipping some water from a glass. One of the men keeps looking back at Shouto, definitely with interest, and that’s all Katsuki needs to see.

Go to your room until they leave. He texts immediately.

They wouldn’t even have to be here if you hadn’t trashed the whole place.

Katsuki bangs a fist down on his desk and lets out a yell. Go to your fucking room.

Fine Daddy.

Fucking stop

Stop what Daddy?

Katsuki’s whole body is hot with anger but arousal too. It still gets him off when Shouto calls him that…maybe even when Shouto compares him to his father too. It’s all so fucked up, but Katsuki definitely feels his cock twitching in his hero costume. A knock on his office door brings him back to reality. He puts his phone away and adjusts his pants a bit before uttering a grumpy, “Come in.”

It’s Deku’s face Katsuki sees when the door opens. He’s back. Of course he is.

“Kacchan…a-are you okay? You seem really tense lately, so I wanted to stop by and check on you before I head back to All Might’s hero agency.”

Katsuki folds his arms, “Yeah, Deku. I’m fucking fine. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“But I do worry about you,” Deku closes the door behind him, “you’re very important to me, Kacchan.”

Katsuki sighs, surveying Deku for a good minute before speaking, “We fucked a few times in high school. Get over it, Deku. I don’t fucking love you.”

Deku’s eyes widen and tears threaten to spill down his freckled cheeks, “K-Kacchan…I understand you’re under a lot of stress…but that’s not very nice.”

“Who says I have to be nice? Huh?” Katsuki stands and moves from behind his desk, coming closer into Deku’s personal space, “I have no interest in an extra like you.”

It’s been years since Katsuki’s talked to Deku like that. Deku thought their relationship was improving, even thought that maybe…maybe Katsuki considered him a friend, “Kacchan—

Katsuki shoves Deku backwards until he’s pressed up against the door to his office, “I don’t know if you’re stupid or something, but let me make it fucking clear—

Katsuki’s phone beeps.

He releases Deku and checks it immediately. The front door opened. Twice. Katsuki missed one notification, but this one he heard. Fucking Deku distracting him made him miss the repairmen leaving. But now Katsuki watches the video feed, and it’s of Shouto inviting some sketchy-looking man inside their home. In fact, he’s not just any sketchy-looking man. It’s Dabi, the villain from the League of Villains who helped kidnap Katsuki back in high school. What the fuck is Shouto doing with that guy? But Katsuki’s questions are answered almost immediately when the black-haired man gives Shouto a packet of what could only be cocaine. Shouto pays him, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and the man leaves.

Shouto’s about to do the cocaine when Deku talks, reminding Katsuki where he is, “Kacchan, what are you looking at on your phone?” the green-haired boy tries to crane his neck to look, but Katsuki quickly adjusts the angle of his phone so that he can’t see.

“None of your business, now get out.”

“But Kacchan—

“Are you deaf? Get. The. Fuck. Out. Now, nerd,” Katsuki sits back down at his desk and starts dialing Shouto’s number. On the video feed, Shouto’s already started preparing the cocaine on their brand-new coffee table.

The phone rings and rings until Shouto finally answers it, “So you saw, huh? I thought maybe you’d be preoccupied with work,” his voice is one-note and bored sounding as usual.

“Listen here, you little fuck, you throw that shit away now! When I get home, I’m gonna kick your ass, you hear me? You can’t even behave properly for one fucking second!”

Shouto chuckles, “Oh, I’ll look forward to my punishment, daddy.”

“Don’t call me that! I already fucking told you!”

Deku stands awkwardly in Katsuki’s office, listening to his conversation anxiously.

“Didn’t I tell you to get out,” Katsuki turns his attention to Deku for a second.

“But Kacchan…you haven’t acted like this in years. Are you okay? I’m really worried. And as a hero it’s my duty to—

“Shut the fuck up, Deku!” Katsuki snarls.

“Oh, so Midoriya’s there?” there’s a hint of a smirk in Shouto’s voice over the phone, “You fucking him? While you’re telling me to be abstinent like a good little angel?”

“No, of course not. I’m not like you. I can actually keep my dick in check,” Katsuki feels his blood boiling from this stupid situation.

Shouto stops talking, and all Katsuki hears is sniffing from the other side of the line.

“Hey, stop that right now! Are you fucking stupid? Did you not hear me tell you to throw that shit away?” Katsuki yells.

Shouto doesn’t answer, spare some relaxed laughter. He’s definitely high now.

Katsuki hangs up. There’s no point in dragging out that conversation. He’ll deal with Shouto when he comes home. Oh, he’ll deal with him all right. Deku comes over to Katsuki, stands over him, looking down at him with those innocent, caring eyes of his. Katsuki wants to tell Deku to fuck off. Not because he hates him or wants to bully him like he used to. No. He wants Deku to get away before he gets dragged into Katsuki’s crazy world.

“Who was that?” Deku asks.

“My boyfriend,” Katsuki doesn’t lie.

“It was Todoroki, wasn’t it? Is he doing okay? He doesn’t contact me much anymore…”

“It’s none of your fucking business.”

“You two were dating in high school, after all, weren’t you?” Deku looks dejected, and something inside of Katsuki feels bad for the freckled boy.

Katsuki sighs, “Our situation doesn’t concern you. Everything’s fine.”

“Everything didn’t sound fine.”

“Why can’t you just mind your own business?”

“Because I care about you. About both of you,” and Katsuki knows Deku’s telling the truth. The nerd just cares too damn much about everything and everyone.

But Katsuki’s next words are still cruel regardless, “You just want me to do you like I used to in high school. Well, I only fucked you when Shouto was being an annoying bitch. You were just a fuck to get my mind off of him. That’s all you’ll ever be, Deku.”

Deku starts to cry, expression so pitiful that even Katsuki feels a twinge of remorse in his heart, but he wants the nerd to leave him alone and make something good of his life.

“Well,” Deku sniffles, “if that’s all I’ll ever be then…” he lets his voice trail off, figures Katsuki can put the pieces together.

Katsuki is stunned. Is pure, sweet, innocent Deku really suggesting he be a side piece for Katsuki whenever Shouto’s being too difficult to deal with? Katsuki could never have pictured Deku in an affair in a million years.

“Do you understand what you’re fucking suggesting?”

Deku nods.

“Why? Why Deku? Are you that obsessed with me?”

Deku looks into Katsuki’s eyes with his big, round green ones, tears still streaming down his freckled face, “I’m in love with you, Kacchan. I’ve been in love with you since elementary school, and these feelings won’t go away, no matter how hard I try.”

Katsuki runs his hands down his face and lets out a frustrated yell, “Deku, get out before I do something you and I will both regret.”

But instead of leaving, Deku breaks down into more tears. He falls to his knees and covers his face, wiping at his cheeks every so often with the back of his hand. Katsuki sighs. The boy’s too precious. He wants nothing more than to pick Deku up and hold him in his arms, but Katsuki’s madly in love with Shouto, and they promised to be faithful to one another. Even though Shouto breaks that rule with his own father… Nevertheless, Katsuki shouldn’t stoop to Shouto’s level (again.) Especially with someone that has delicate, pure feelings involved.

“Hey,” Katsuki says softly, but Deku’s crying drowns his voice out.

“Hey,” He tries again a bit louder.

Deku looks up at him, hiccupping, tears at the corners of each of his eyes.

Against his better judgement, Katsuki scoops Deku up into his arms and kisses him. Deku kisses back immediately, arms clinging around Katsuki’s frame desperately. Their kiss deepens and turns into soft making out. When Deku starts humping against Katsuki’s thigh, that’s when the blonde breaks the embrace. He strokes Deku’s cheek and speaks gently, “Go now. I have some work I need to finish up.”

Deku looks like he still wants more, but he listens this time, “I’ll text you later, Kacchan,” he places a sweet kiss on Katsuki’s cheek before finally leaving the office.

Once Deku’s gone, Katsuki plops down into the chair at his desk and lets out a long, frustrated sigh, “Fuck.”

When he gets home later that night, Shouto is high out of his mind, lazing around on the couch with a bottle of wine in his hands. Katsuki yanks the bottle from him and downs it all in one go. He needs to destress. Unfortunately for him, home isn’t the place for him to destress anymore. Not with Shouto acting absolutely insane at all hours of the day. Katsuki yanks on Shouto’s arm, holding him a few inches off of the couch. He shakes the peppermint haired boy as he speaks, “Hey, you said you weren’t going to fucking do that shit anymore. What the fuck is wrong with you? The therapist is coming tomorrow, don’t you fucking know that?”

Shouto smiles his sinfully sexy smile and speaks in a slow, calm tone, “I’ll be sober by tomorrow.”

“The fuck you will!” Katsuki looks down at their glass coffee table covered in white powder.

Shouto wraps his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pulls the blonde down on top of him, “Let’s fuck. I want your cock.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes but decides he could use a little fun. He’ll punish Shouto later.

He fucks Shouto into their headboard all night, until Shouto’s whining and pleading for more, until Shouto’s legs are trembling and his body is covered in glistening sweat. And then they go to sleep, bodies tangled together. Katsuki feels best when they’re like this. But his mind can’t stop replaying his kiss with Deku over and over. He’ll have to tell Shouto about that, right? And he’ll have to actually properly deal with Deku at some point too, right? Katsuki gets up and grabs a bottle of wine before returning to bed with Shouto. He downs the whole thing with ease, but the thoughts swirling around inside of his head won’t stop.

Chapter Text

A knock on the door wakes Katsuki up from his sleep. Shouto’s still curled around his arm, resting like a baby. Katsuki gets up, heads to the living room, and sees how disastrous their apartment looks. Leftover coke is still powdered on the coffee table and wine bottles lay empty and discarded on the floor. “Fuck,” Katsuki mutters to himself when he checks the peephole and sees Melissa Shield at the door.

“Just a second!” he shouts as he quickly cleans up the entire apartment. He does his best to wipe the coffee table free of cocaine and stuffs the wine bottles to the bottom of their trash can where Melissa won’t see them. He tidies up a few other things and then lets Melissa in. She smiles brightly and greets Katsuki before sitting down on one of their living room chairs. Katsuki notices Melissa staring at him and looks down at his appearance. He’s only wearing some black boxer briefs. While most others would be embarrassed, Katsuki just laughs, “You like what you see?”

Melissa just giggles.

“Let me go put some clothes on and wake Shouto up,” Katsuki says, still smirking as he leaves the room.

He gets to the bedroom and stands over Shouto, running his fingers along his pale, sharp jaw, “Baby, it’s time to get up.” His voice is soft when he speaks to Shouto, even though he knows he should be yelling at the boy for his behavior yesterday. He just can’t bring himself to do so right now. Not when Shouto looks so cute and sleepy like this.

Shouto lets out a little groan and reaches his hands up, lets them rest just above Katsuki’s waistband, on his torso. He runs his fingers through the thin line of hair that trails off below Katsuki’s boxers.

“Mmmm,” Shouto moans quietly, eyes still closed. His hands dip lower down and wrap around Katsuki’s cock through the fabric of his boxers, “I want this for breakfast,” Shouto’s voice is gravelly and tired.

Katsuki laughs, “Later. Melissa is here. C’mon, we can’t keep her waiting any longer, baby.”

Shouto sighs and sits up, stretching and groaning until he’s finally fully awake.

Katsuki gets dressed, pulling on some dark jeans and a somewhat tight fitting, black t-shirt. Shouto comes up behind him as he changes, his hands finding their way underneath Katsuki’s black shirt to grope at his pecks. Lightly, Shouto bites into Katsuki’s shoulder and presses his body into his boyfriend’s back.

“Aren’t you going to punish me?” Shouto whispers, “for being so bad yesterday.”

Katsuki lets out a low chuckle and turns around, “Later.”

Shouto smirks, “I can’t wait.”

Katsuki just rolls his eyes, still smiling, and the two of them finish getting ready for their therapy sessions. Katsuki goes first, so Shouto can wake up at little more and eat some actual breakfast. Melissa starts the session with a simple question, though it’s not necessarily so simple when it comes to Katsuki or Shouto, “How have you been?”

Katsuki crosses his arms over his chest like he always does during these meetings. Maybe it’s his defense mechanism. “I’ve been…dealing with crazy shit, as usual.”

Melissa nods, “Where does the crazy stem from?”

Katsuki sighs, “Shouto, as always.”

Melissa writes that down, “What does Mr. Todoroki do?”

“Drugs, fucks around, and he drives me crazy even while I’m at work…”

“How does he do that?”

Katsuki looks around the room, at the new cameras he installed, “Well…maybe that’s my fault. I installed some cameras to watch Shouto so that he can’t do anything crazy while I’m away, but he does it anyway and taunts me…like he wants to drive me insane,” Katsuki doesn’t know what he’s saying. He’s just spitting words out one after another. Is this really how he feels? He doesn’t know.

Melissa looks into Katsuki’s eyes earnestly, “Monitoring the one you love at all times, don’t you think that could get a bit exhausting?”

Katsuki sighs, “It is exhausting. But I’m doing it for us.”

Melissa’s started writing a lot.

“I know it sounds crazy, but he’s left me no goddamn choice!”

Melissa keeps writing, “You feel backed into a corner.”

He nods, “Yes, I fucking do…” Katsuki’s voice begins to break. He feels like he might cry, “I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Afraid that one day I might lose him. I…I can’t live like that anymore. We’ve already gone past the point of no return. You fucking get it, don’t you?” Katsuki’s eyes are those of a desperate man, searching for answers, for resolutions.

In reality, no one can resolve this fucked up mess between him and Shouto.

Melissa smiles, nonetheless, “I understand. That’s what love is, this intense need and desire for another. You deeply love Mr. Todoroki, Mr. Bakugou. That much is clear. But it’s unhealthy to blame all of your problems on your significant other. Can you tell me some way that you might contribute to the problems?”

Katsuki sighs shakily, “Well, there’s this other guy…I went to high school with him, and he’s in love with me. He starts crying and getting his feelings hurt when I tell him to fuck off and maybe…maybe I care about him in some way, I don’t fucking know. But I kissed him—no, made out with him—the other day. It really bothered Shouto when I told him about the first time Deku and I kissed and…I get that it’s fucked up, but I don’t know what to do when he starts crying! Looking at me with those big green eyes like he’s begging me to…” Katsuki shakes his head, “I just…I’m between a rock and a fucking hard place. Between Shouto and…and Deku, I don’t know what the fuck to do. And how is it my fault!? Shouto fucks around on me all the time, and I’m the bad guy for doing it once? Okay, twice, but…I just…it doesn’t feel fucking fair.”

Melissa writes a lot down before she replies. Katsuki did have a lot to say after all.

“At the end of your statement, was that you saying that this was actually Shouto’s fault after all?”

Katsuki ruffles his blonde hair, “No…fuck, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re right. I blame Shouto too much. It probably stresses him out.”

“Good, good, Mr. Bakugou,” she smiles, “it’s important to recognize our mistakes.”

He nods.

“This other man is the Pro Hero Deku?” she asks.

He nods again.

“And you two work together?”

“Sometimes,” Bakugou says.

She writes that down.

“Do you care for him?”

“In a way, yes. But not the way I care about Shouto. With Shouto I feel like…like I’m almost obsessed with him,” Katsuki sighs, knowing that he probably sounds unhinged, but he doesn’t know what the hell else to say, “with Deku, I just…I don’t want to see the guy get hurt. I used to bully him when we were kids, and even then, he practically worshipped the ground I walked on. He’s just…a good person, and I recognize that now. So, I don’t want to treat him like shit like I used to.”

Melissa nods, “That’s very good. That means you’ve grown as a person. You should be very proud.”

“Well, thanks I guess,” Katsuki rubs the back of his neck.

Melissa smiles.

Their session ends after touching on a few more things and then it’s Shouto’s turn. Shouto plops down on the couch adjacent to Melissa’s chair and hugs his knees up to his chest. He’s sure Katsuki’s told her all the crazy things he’s been doing in the past week, and he feels nothing but guilty about it. He knows it isn’t fair to Katsuki, after everything the man does for him, but he can’t help it. He needs to act out or else he can’t breathe.

“Hi, Mr. Todoroki,” Melissa smiles.

“Hi,” Shouto’s mouth is practically hidden behind his knees.

“Want to tell me what you’re thinking right now?”

Shouto shrugs, “I really want my relationship with Katsuki to get better, to go back to how it was before he knew the truth about me. But it’s all ruined now.”

“What is this truth you say he’s learned?”

“That I’m nuts. That I like to get fucked by my father. That I like to do drugs and be crazy and don’t have a very good handle on my emotions,” Shouto can’t look her in the eyes.

Melissa nods, jots a few things down, “There are problems you need to work on, yes, but to think of yourself as crazy will only keep you stuck where you are, Mr. Todoroki. Everyone has afflictions and issues, but it’s how we deal with them that defines our character.”

Shouto nods, “Yeah…I guess you’re right.”

“How have things been with Mr. Bakugou this week?”

Shouto sighs, “Turbulent, to say the least. He cheated on me, and, even though I deserve it for how much I’ve done the same to him, it really hurt. So, then I lost control of myself and started acting up again, and he got mad. He’s even installed cameras and a security system into the apartment to keep an eye on me. It really reminds me of my father.”

“And does that frighten you?” Melissa asks as she writes.

Shouto shakes his head, “No. That’s the fucked-up part. It excites me. Every time he acts more and more like my father used to, I get so excited, so filled with want and desire. Anytime he hits me or punishes me or yells at me…inside, I love it.”

“He hits you?” Melissa looks up from her notes, though her expression and tone stays even.

Shouto realizes he might’ve said something he shouldn’t have, “I…I didn’t mean—

“It’s important to be honest, Mr. Todoroki. Remember, I cannot do anything with this information. The only thing I will try to do, is privately help you and Mr. Bakugou.”

Shouto nods, relaxing his shoulders a little bit, “Yeah, he’s started hitting me when he gets really drunk. The other day he trashed the apartment and pushed me down onto some broken glass, and then he threw me against the couch. It was nothing I didn’t deserve though.”

“What happened afterwards?” Melissa asks, writing quickly now.

“He fucked me,” Shouto says quietly.

“Against your will?” She asks for clarification.

Shouto shakes his head, “No, I begged for it.”

Melissa writes that down.

They talk a bit longer about Shouto’s work, about his father, about Shouto’s feelings, and then the session’s over. Melissa heads home, saying a friendly goodbye to both men, and the familiar air of tension hangs over the house as it always does after a therapy session. Katsuki sits down on the living room couch next to Shouto, rubbing small circles into the boy’s back. “I love you, y’know. More than anything,” Katsuki says, voice low and sentimental.

Shouto nods, turning to face Katsuki, “I do too. I love you so much, Katsuki.”

“Then that’s all that matters,” Katsuki sighs, looking around at all the cameras in the room, “I shouldn’t have tried to watch over you like you’re my pet or something.”

“It’s okay, really. You were trying to do what was best for me,” Shouto caresses the blonde’s cheek.

Katsuki covers Shouto’s hand with his own, “I’m a jealous man. I’m sure you know that all too well at this point. But I still want to cherish you. I shouldn’t hit you or tell you what to do. That’s not a fucking relationship…that’s…that’s what a father would do.”

Shouto leans in, until his lips brush against Katsuki’s as he speaks, “I don’t mind,” he starts to rub at the blonde’s thighs, slowly, sensually, grazing near his cock every so often.

Katsuki lets out a shaky breath, “Baby…”

Before anything can happen, Shouto’s phone rings. He pulls it out of his back pocket and the caller ID reads “Daddy.” Shouto is about to answer it, but Katsuki grabs him by the wrists and looks into his eyes, silently pleading for him not to answer it. Shouto’s brows knit together and his inner turmoil grows as the phone rings for longer and longer. Finally, Katsuki’s patience has run out, and all of the sweet things he was saying seem to fade away beneath his true jealousy and resentment towards Endeavor. He throws Shouto’s phone across the room and pins him down on their couch, holding Shouto’s wrists with one hand while dipping his other hand into Shouto’s pants.

Shouto’s phone is still ringing from across the room. Katsuki can tell Shouto feels anxious about not answering it. “I shouldn’t try to control you,” Katsuki starts, finding that sweet hole between Shouto’s legs, rubbing his fingers against it impatiently, “but…you’re fucking mine, and that man won’t take you from me. I don’t want you to look at him the way you do…or run to his beck and call the way you do…or let him fuck you…I…I can’t fucking allow it, Shouto. I’m sure you understand.”

Shouto nods, “I do, Baby, I do. I’ve been bad to you for so many years…it would be unfair of me not to understand your pain and reasons for doing what you do.”

Katsuki’s heart practically melts at Shouto’s words. He caresses Shouto’s cheek, leans down to kiss the boy on his pretty pink lips. He doesn’t pull back much after their kiss ends, and their lips still touch as he whispers, “I’m so fucking in love with you, Baby…don’t ever leave me, you understand? I won’t let you.”

Shouto nods again, wrapping his arms around the back of Katsuki’s neck, “Of course. I’ll never leave you, and you’ll stay with me forever too, right?”

“Forever,” Katsuki kisses Shouto again.

They make love that night, and it feels real for the first time in a while, like they’re both finally starting to understand one another.

The next day, Katsuki takes down all of the cameras in the apartment. Would he like to continue watching Shouto’s every move? Yes. But it’s probably unhealthy for him and nothing more than a distraction while he’s at work. He leaves the security system operational, though, because a security system is just something that’s good to have, and maybe it will let him know when Shouto’s leaving and entering the house. If he only knows that, at least he can’t physically see Shouto getting high, or fucked by his drug dealer, or doing something that would make Katsuki perform worse during his hero work, until he could finally get home for the day and scold Shouto for doing stupid things yet again.

Katsuki actually ends up having a decent day at work for the first time in weeks. He practiced some of those stupid breathing exercises that he’s been doing for weeks now at Dr. Melissa’s request, him and Deku took down a few bad guys together, and All Might stopped by to eat lunch with the two of them. All in all, it was a productive but calm day for Katsuki. That is, until he receives a call from Shouto as he’s heading out of the office. Katsuki’s in the elevator when he gets the call, on his way down to the front entrance of the building.

“Katsuki…” Shouto’s voice sounds worried.

“What is it, babe?” he answers, unaware of what’s to come.

“Something bad’s happened…”

“Huh?” Katsuki says as the elevator doors open and he sees the large, glass entrance doors with a cluster of paparazzi behind them, pushing and shoving and trying to get into the building.

Police and other pro heroes hold them back, tell them that they’re not authorized to be here, but they’re desperate for a scoop on the most scandalous story in current news. There must be at least one hundred screaming people with microphones and cameras flashing, their news vans parked illegally in front of the building.

“What the fuck is going on?” Katsuki asks Shouto, staying inside the building and away from the front doors, but he notices that the paparazzi yell even louder and stare at him in particular.

“Someone…someone released some recordings of both of us. They must be one of our neighbors or something…because there’s a few different ones, but they sent it to a few news stations and now there’s so many people in front of our apartment building… I don’t even know how they found out that we live here together, but they know…they know…a lot about us both now.” Shouto sounds like he’s about to start sobbing.

“Baby…do they know about…” Katsuki doesn’t finish his sentence because he knows Shouto will get what he’s talking about.

And sure enough, he does, “No. Thankfully, they didn’t release a recording where we explicitly say anything about my father…but they know about the nature of our relationship, they know we have problems, they know that…that you’re violent and that I’m an addict. We’re fucking ruined, Katsuki…” Katsuki can hear the shift in Shouto’s voice when he starts to cry.

“Baby, I’m gonna fix this, okay? You just stay at the apartment and don’t move. I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay, I love you,” Shouto sniffles.

“I love you too.”

They hang up and Katsuki tries to get himself up to speed on exactly what was released in the news. Sure enough, he finds the most popular article, titled: “Pro heroes Ground Zero and Shouto in a relationship!? And an abusive one at that…?” There are three audio files and two pictures. Katsuki plays the first audio file:

“Katsuki what the fuck happened in here—

 “You fuck him again!? Did you spread your fucking goddamn whore legs for him!? Huh!?”

 “K-Katsuki…I’m sorry…”

“I’m fucking DONE pretending that I don’t know where the fuck you’re going when you sneak out! I’ve always known! And I’m sick of it! The only cock that’s going to go inside of you from now on is mine! You fucking hear me, whore!?”

There’s banging and things being thrown all throughout the recording. It makes Katsuki look really bad. Rightfully so, he thinks, since he was being abusive to Shouto then. Maybe he deserves all of his personal information to be divulged to the public, since he’s been a pretty shitty person lately.

The second recording isn’t so much incriminating about the “abusive” part of their relationship, but more about the intimate nature of their relationship:

“Please…please put your cock in me…make me cum, baby…”

 “Fuck…fuck, oh my god,”


 “I want to see your face when you cum…”

It’s mostly Shouto moaning, but the sound of their headboard banging against the wall and skin slapping against skin is somewhat audible as well. It’s after listening to this recording that Katsuki starts to feel like a neighbor didn’t record this. The sounds are too close, too vivid. They don’t sound muffled enough to be through multiple layers of walls. They sound like they were recorded from their balcony. The thought makes Katsuki’s skin crawl.

The last recording is mostly incriminating to Shouto, as it starts with noises that are obviously those of someone snorting cocaine. Then the sound of a door opening can be heard. Shouto must’ve been doing lines of coke right before Katsuki got home that night:

“Hey, you said you weren’t going to fucking do that shit anymore. What the fuck is wrong with you? The therapist is coming tomorrow, don’t you fucking know that?”

“I’ll be sober by tomorrow.”

“The fuck you will!”

“Let’s fuck. I want your cock.”

Katsuki moves on to the pictures in the article. The first picture is of Katsuki and Shouto on their balcony, kissing. It’s fairly innocent compared to the other content released in this article, but the two pro heroes weren’t going to make their relationship public knowledge until they decided to tie the knot—if they decided to tie the knot. There certainly are other gay pro hero couples in this day and age, but they can still be heavily scrutinized even as society becomes more accepting of people’s differences, and Katsuki had wanted to protect Shouto from that. The blonde couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions, but Shouto can be fragile when it comes to others’ scrutiny, even if he’s good at hiding how it hurts him.

The second picture is of Shouto with his drug dealer, Dabi, on the balcony. They’re making out, practically fucking right there against the balcony railing. Katsuki’s so worried about Shouto that he can’t even get pissed about the picture. Not only does this affiliate Shouto with a drug dealer, but it affiliates him with a villain from the League of Villains. It’s all just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Katsuki ruffles his hair, stressed, unsure of what he really can do to fix this situation for him and Shouto. Will they lose their jobs? Will Shouto go to jail for the use of illegal drugs and his affiliation with a villain? Will Katsuki face domestic abuse charges? Fuck.

Chapter Text

When Katsuki gets home, Shouto’s nowhere to be found. He starts breathing heavily and punches a hole in one of their freshly repaired walls, “Fuck!” quickly, he dials Shouto’s number, but it goes straight to voicemail. His phone is off? But Katsuki told him not to move, not to leave the apartment…so where the fuck is he?

On the way out of Best Jeanist’s hero agency headquarters, tons of uncomfortable questions were shouted at Katsuki, and he was forced to hear the same uncomfortable questions while trying to get into his apartment building. And now Shouto’s nowhere to be found. What the fuck. Katsuki calls him over and over, but Shouto’s phone is definitely off.

Katsuki gets a call from the front desk. Someone wants to be buzzed into his apartment. When the blonde asks who it is, he’s told it’s Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki sighs, but tells the receptionist to let him in. He doesn’t want to be alone right now, if he’s being perfectly honest with himself. Deku knocks on the front door and Katsuki lets him in. At first, there’s nothing but silence. Deku’s the one who speaks first.

“Where’s Todoroki?” he looks around the quiet, spacious apartment.

“I wish I fucking knew,” Katsuki shrugs, plopping down onto his couch in defeat.

“Did you try calling him?” Deku sits down next to Katsuki, their thighs touching, Deku leaning on Katsuki.

“Yeah. Yeah, I fucking did. His phone’s off. I told him not to leave the apartment! So, where the fuck is he, huh!?” Katsuki shouts, digging his fingers into his scalp.

 Deku sighs, brows knit, “Let’s just…take a minute to relax, Kacchan. I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.”

Katsuki looks into Deku’s eyes, “What did the reporters say to you when you came to the apartment complex?”

Deku’s smile wobbles, “They asked me invasive questions, the usual things reporters and paparazzi do, but let’s not think about that right now, Kacchan,” his voice is soft, and his hands are wandering, rubbing along the length of Katsuki’s biceps. Suggestive. Sexual.

“You think me fucking you is going to help this situation, Deku?” Katsuki stands up and scrubs his hands down his face in frustration.

Deku bites his bottom lip. All he wants to do is help, but he doesn’t know what to do. Shouto is the only thing that makes Katsuki feel better, and Deku feels like he just can’t compete. He knows he shouldn’t compete, but he’s in love. Love will make you do crazy things, even things that go against your principles. Deku gets up and wraps his arms around Katsuki from behind.

“Maybe not,” Deku says, head resting on Katsuki’s broad back, “but maybe it will help to relax you. Take all your frustrations out on me. Do whatever you want to me, Kacchan.”

Katsuki turns around and runs a thumb down Deku’s cheek, “Don’t say things like that.”

“Kacchan, I love you,” Deku reaches up, stands on the tips of his toes, and hooks his arms around Katsuki’s neck.

He pulls their bodies as close together as he can with their height difference. Katsuki’s grown taller, and Deku’s stayed short, and so the gap in their height has grown over the years. Katsuki leans down, reluctantly, hesitantly, presses his nose to Deku’s. They have a quiet moment, tension hanging in the air as they stand like this, almost kissing but not quite. “Deku…” Katsuki tries to say, but Deku shushes him and leans up further. Their lips brush against one another now, but Katsuki still makes no move to complete the motion.

“Fuck me like you used to, Kacchan. When you’d get in fights with Todoroki and you’d come to my dorm room and—

Katsuki kisses Deku, lifts him up and holds him in his arms. Deku hooks his legs around Katsuki’s middle and keeps his arms tightly wrapped around Katsuki’s neck. He puts all of his passion into the kiss, all of his love, and Katsuki can tell. He’s about to start ripping Deku’s clothes off when he hears the front door being unlocked. Immediately, Katsuki drops Deku onto the couch. He can see the disappointment and hurt in Deku’s eyes. That’s why Katsuki never wanted to do this shit in the first place. He doesn’t want to see the guy get hurt. He really doesn’t.

Shouto walks in the door. With Endeavor. There’s another man too, dressed in a fancy suit. He must be a lawyer. Katsuki balls his fists and approaches Shouto, “I told you not to leave the fucking apartment, and now you show up with him!?” he points angrily in Endeavor’s direction.

Endeavor keeps quiet, his arms folded, his face stern and severe as always.

Shouto comes and gives Katsuki a hug, “He’s going to help us, baby. He brought his best lawyer and he’s going to help sort everything out.”

“I don’t want his help,” Katsuki folds his arms and turns around.

Deku stands up and comes over next to Katsuki.

Shouto looks down at the green-haired boy, looks at his slightly bruised lips, “Have you two just been fucking in here while I’ve been gone?”

Deku looks nervous and looks to Katsuki for an answer.

“We haven’t been fucking, Shouto,” Katsuki folds his arms and furrows his brows. He looks just like Endeavor.

“No,” Shouto rolls his eyes, “you just almost got there.”

Katsuki sighs, “You have no right to be fucking judging me about this kind of shit,” he looks at Endeavor for a brief moment, implication clear as day.

Deku looks around confused, but there’s a heavy tension hanging over the room. Everything’s come full circle.

Shouto moves into Deku’s space and glares down at him, “Katsuki’s mine. Okay?”

Deku nods, “I-I’m sorry, Todoroki. I didn’t mean—

Katsuki steps in front of Deku, “Just leave him the fuck alone, Shouto,” he turns to face Deku, “Deku, why don’t you go home, okay?”

Deku nods, “O-Okay, Kacchan,” and rushes out of the apartment.

When the door closes, Katsuki sighs, “He’s in love with me, Shouto. He’s a good person. He’s just thinking with his ridiculously big fucking heart rather than his head. Don’t take it personally.”

“I do take it personally when I see hickies on your neck and the way he fucking stares at you, Katsuki.”

“Yeah, well I understand that feeling all too fucking well,” Katsuki folds his arms again.

“Can you give us a moment?” Endeavor turns to the lawyer.

The man nods and heads out onto the balcony.

The three men sit down in the living room. Shouto and Endeavor on one couch and Katsuki on the couch across from them. He doesn’t like the way Shouto sits so close to his father, or the firm, possessive hand on Shouto’s thigh.

“My son is lucky to have you,” Endeavor starts.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Oh shut the fuck up.”

Shouto’s brows knit with worry, “Baby, please. He’s trying to help.”

“Help? Help by fucking your ass and treating you like fucking garbage? Is that how he’s trying to help!?”

“He’s changed. He really has,” Shouto says like he’s begging Katsuki to believe him.

“He’s a sad old man now and that’s about the only way he’s fucking changed, Shouto. The way he looks at you, touches you…fuck! We wouldn’t be in this fucking mess if it wasn’t for him!”

Endeavor sighs, “He’s right.”

“Daddy…” Shouto looks into his father’s cerulean eyes.

“I’ve been…a horrible father and a terrible person,” Endeavor nods solemnly as he speaks, “but I truly am trying to change. I know I’ve…damaged Shouto. I know I’ve ruined your relationship, but now I want to help. I want to show you that I’ve changed, Bakugou.”

Katsuki stands and leans over their coffee table between the two couches, “You think I give a fuck about what you want? All you want is for Shouto to wrap his pretty lips around your fucking cock after you make this problem go away with your power and your fucking money. And to say you want anything else is a goddamn lie.”

“What can I do to show you that I’ve atoned?” Endeavor sounds like a broken man.

“Drop dead,” Katsuki leaves the room and heads to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

Shouto follows him into the kitchen and shoves him against the counter, tears in his eyes, “He is trying to help us, Katsuki! Set your fucking differences aside and let him help! Please!”

Katsuki takes a sip of his drink, disregarding Shouto.

“Please, baby…” Shouto holds onto Katsuki’s arms.

“I love you more than anything on this planet,” Katsuki starts, tears forming in his eyes too, “and I fucking can’t give you up to that man. If I let him help us, it’s like he’s fucking won. Is that what you want, Shouto?”

Shouto shakes his head, “No…no…that’s not what this is, you have to understand. You have to believe me, baby, please, fucking please.”

Katsuki sets his drink on the kitchen counter and looks down for a long time.

“Fine,” he says, “fine, the old fuck can help us.”

The lawyer begins putting together a case for them and Endeavor leads the oversight of it, having plenty of experience dealing with legal matters as a pro hero. Right in the middle of it all, there’s a heavy knock at the door.

“Police, open up!”

“Fuck,” Katsuki buries his face in his hands.

Endeavor opens the door and leaves it cracked so the police can’t see inside.

“Good afternoon Endeavor,” The police nod respectfully at the tall, redheaded man, “unfortunately, we’re here to take your son and his boyfriend into custody.”

“On what grounds?” Endeavor asks.

“The illegal use of drugs and domestic violence charges. As well as a few other possible charges too depending on the evidence and statements from the perpetrators.”

Endeavor sighs.

“We’ll just be holding them for now until we get everything sorted out.”

Endeavor turns back to look at the boys before letting the policemen in, “I’ll get your case ready and get you two out of there. Don’t worry.”

Shouto and Katsuki are taken away in separate cars and stored in separate holding cells while their paperwork is being processed. In Katsuki’s cell, there are five other men. Criminals who look rough, some with menacing tattoos, some with gnarly scars and cuts. They all stare at Katsuki angrily. Why wouldn’t they? It’s his job to put them away in this very cell, and now here he is stuck with them.

In Shouto’s cell, there are seven other men and they all leer at him the way men usually do. Everyone’s heard the audio recordings and seen the pictures by now. Shouto knows this. His thoughts are affirmed when a group of men approaches him, smirks on their faces, “Pretty little hero Shouto…you moan so sweet when you’re getting fucked. Gets me hard just thinking about it,” one of the men says, grabbing at his crotch.

Another man grabs Shouto by the shoulder, “The way you beg for it…you’re just a little slut, aren’t you? Why don’t you make us feel good, huh pretty hero boy?”

Half of Shouto shudders at the thought of being violated by these men, but the dangerous half that loves to be hurt and abused is intrigued and excited. Shouto smirks and licks his lips, and the men shout and get excited, thinking they’re about to fuck the pretty son of the number one hero. But Endeavor suddenly comes down the hall, stands outside the cell bars, arms folded, flames hot and rumbling around his face, glaring at the men that look at his son like he’s nothing more than a piece of meat to be devoured. Cowardly, the men run into a corner of the cell.

“Shouto,” Enji says, his voice soft and full of love for his beloved son, “You’re being released.”

Cops open the cell doors and let Shouto out.

“How? And what about Katsuki?” Shouto asks, walking down the hall with his father to go retrieve his things.

Enji runs his thumb along Shouto’s cheek, looking down at the boy like he’s the sun, “I pulled some strings for you, and he’s already been released.”

“What? Why?”

“My legal team managed to get all charges against both you and your boyfriend dropped. I had one of our drivers take him back to the apartment.”

“Daddy…” Shouto purrs, wrapping his arms around the man’s middle.

Two cops walk by and give them strange looks.

“Behave, boy,” Enji tries to keep his expression stern, tries to hide the smile that desperately wants to show through on his face, “Let’s get you out of here.”

In the car, Shouto’s a menace. Laying all over his father’s lap, hands roaming, wandering, lips whispering dirty things. It drives Enji mad. The driver pretends not to notice, like he always does. Enji puts up the privacy partition so that the driver at least can’t see how shameless his boy is being right now.

“Shouto,” Enji whispers, “be a good boy. Your boyfriend is waiting for you at the apartment. Don’t you want to see him?”

Shouto sits between his father’s large, strong thighs, “Of course, daddy…but…he’s probably fucking that green-haired whore right now anyway. Why can’t I have some fun? Besides…” Shouto slips one of his hands into his father’s slacks, “I have to repay you for everything you’ve done for me today.”

Enji gulps hard, “Shouto, that isn’t necessary.”

“Fuck me, daddy. Aren’t you mad at me for being such a bad boy? Don’t you want to take your aggression out on me? Punish me?” Shouto dry humps his father’s leg while he pumps the man’s already hard cock.

Enji lets out a breathy growl, “Shouto…you’re driving me crazy.”

“Daddy…” Shouto moans, pulling his jeans down, exposing his ass and wiggling it around, inviting his father in.

“Fuck,” Enji curses before plunging his cock deep inside of his son’s ass.

Shouto lets out a high-pitched moan as he’s pulled backwards until he’s sitting on top of his father’s lap. He bounces up and down enthusiastically, moaning and whining, his own cock just about ready to burst. Shouto cums all over the leather seats of the car as Enji holds Shouto down onto his cock until he’s spilled his usual burning hot cum into his boy. Shouto shrieks at the sensation of his insides burning, but he’s smiling and moaning, still writhing on his father’s cock. Enji feels guilty, dirty, but his son’s lithe body wrapped around his own is just so fucking good. He can barely think twice when Shouto begs for him to fuck him, when Shouto starts stroking his cock or stripping down to nothing. Enji is a weak man. Perhaps he always has been.

They get dressed and soon after, they’ve arrived at their destination. Enji tips the driver triple what he normally would and gives the man a stern look before exiting the car. The driver gets the idea and politely nods at Enji before driving away. Shouto and Enji wade through a sea of paparazzi, news teams, and reporters, eventually making it to the front door of the apartment Shouto shares with Katsuki on Enji’s dime. Shouto’s about to open the door when he hears the faintest little noise. He freezes. He listens.

“You have to leave, Deku!” Katsuki shouts, “I can’t believe you…how could you fucking do that!?”

“Kacchan please!” Deku shrieks, “I did it for us!”

“No!” Katsuki shouts, shoving what sounds like Midoriya’s body to the ground.

That’s when Shouto and Enji hurry into the apartment, wondering just what the fuck is going on. Midoriya’s on the floor, hugging himself, looking up at Katsuki with tears in his eyes. Katsuki’s fists are balled and his eyes seem more crimson than they usually are, filled with rage and anger. Shouto hurries over to Katsuki, grabs onto his arm. Katsuki takes one sniff of Shouto before he looks at the boy, at his slightly mussed hair and disheveled clothes. He looks over at Endeavor who’s in the same state, and he’s had enough. He shoves Shouto to the floor too, and he lands on his ass right next to Deku.

“I can’t fuckin’ believe you!” Katsuki runs his fingers through his hair, exasperated, “you just got out of jail, Shouto! And you go and fuck—

“Stop!” Shouto shouts, looking over at Midoriya. He doesn’t want Midoriya to know about his relationship with his father.

“Right, right…” Katsuki rolls his eyes, “either way, I’m fucking sick of feeling like I’m surrounded by actually insane people all the fucking time! Including my goddamn self at this point! Fucking hell!”

“What did Midoriya do?” Shouto asks.

Deku looks into Katsuki’s eyes, pleading, begging with those big green orbs of his.

“Nothing,” Katsuki sighs, “let’s just…forget about all of this for now.”

“Well, our reputations are ruined,” Shouto shrugs, getting up off of the floor with the help of his father.

“I’ll work on damage control,” Enji speaks up, “for both of you. Things will be back to normal soon. I promise,” he looks down at Shouto when he makes his promise, eyes old and soft blue.

“Whatever,” Katsuki helps Deku up.

Enji calls over one of his butlers and has the man make dinner. Meanwhile, he makes calls and arranges meetings with important people in an attempt to clear his son and his boyfriend of their soiled reputations as quickly as possible. Shouto stands behind the couch, hugging his father’s neck.

“You’re doing all this for me, daddy?”

Enji nods, focused.

“Am I that special to you?”

“Of course, Shouto,” Enji looks around nervously. Midoriya and Katsuki have been arguing on the balcony for over an hour, but should they come in…it’ll be obvious what’s going on between Shouto and Enji. Katsuki knows already, but Midoriya…he doesn’t need to be involved.

“Do I make you nervous, daddy?”

Enji looks to the side. The butler is busy chopping up vegetables, paying Enji and Shouto no mind. He’s in the kitchen and they’re in the living room. Surely, he can’t hear them, and even if he did, Enji could pay the man to remain silent on the matter.

“Shouto, let me focus,” Enji grunts, reading through one of the many articles exposing Shouto’s business on his laptop.

“Daddy, tell me how much you love me.”

“I love you, Shouto.”

“How much?”

“A lot.”

“More than Natsu?”

Enji gulps.

“Be honest, daddy.”


“More than Fuyumi? Than Touya?”

“Yes, Shouto. Yes.”

“More than mom?”

Enji hesitates.

“If I ordered you to kill her, would you do it?”

Enji turns to face his son, blue eyes wide with shock.

“Answer my questions, daddy.”

“I’d do anything for you, Shouto,” Enji murmurs before returning to his laptop.


Outside on the balcony, Katsuki nurses a bottle of beer. He can’t be drunk while all of these people are at his place. He can’t be drunk while he has to figure out how to handle this fucking situation. Deku sits on one of their lavish patio couches. Katsuki sits next to him, sighing, drinking his drink. He’s stressed. Fucking stressed.

“What can I do to make it up to you? I’m so sorry, Kacchan…so, so sorry. I love—

“Don’t,” Katsuki interrupts Deku, “Do you realize what you’ve fucking done?”

Deku looks down at his lap, dejected.

“I never thought you would behave this way! You’re actually just selfish as fuck, huh Deku? Well, fuck you. Fuck off. You should’ve left hours ago,” Katsuki sips his beer and looks at the city below. Everything looks so peaceful and calm from up here. Soft yellow glowing lights from buildings. Cool wind blowing through the air. Traffic so far away, the quiet hum of cars on the highways. And yet everything is anything but calm. Everything is spiraling out of control.

“Kacchan, please…” Deku reaches for Katsuki’s arm.

Katsuki shoves Deku to the other side of the couch, “I said fuck off! I should just throw you off this fucking balcony, shouldn’t I!? Fuck you, Deku! Fuck you!”

“Kacchan, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking! Please forgive me! Please! I can’t live without you…I’ve always looked up to you. I’ve always…loved you. Kacchan…” Deku’s words trail off. He starts sobbing quietly, tears dripping down his chin.

“You’re just as crazy as Shouto,” Katsuki sighs.

Deku throws himself into Katsuki’s arms and starts rubbing his hands up and down Katsuki’s torso, “Please, Kacchan. Let me make it up to you.” His small hand slips underneath Katsuki’s waistband and wraps around his cock gently, delicately, different than the eager, rough grab of his cock that he usually receives from Shouto. It almost makes Katsuki want to relax and enjoy being pleasured, but he can’t. Shouto’s right inside, Endeavor’s right inside, everything is too fucked right now to add more bullshit to the list.

Katsuki holds Deku’s wrist in place, stopping him from moving it, but doesn’t make Deku remove his hand from his cock. Deku leans down and mouths at Katsuki’s clothed cock, licks and sucks desperately. He moans and mewls between licks, “Kacchan…Kacchan…”

“Deku…” Katsuki breathes, “stop…fucking…stop. We can’t do this…”

“Please, Kacchan,” Deku looks up at Katsuki with those goddamn big, green eyes and those pink, flushed, freckled cheeks.

Katsuki releases Deku’s wrist, succumbing to the pleasure of a warm mouth on his cock. Deku pulls the waistband of Katsuki’s joggers down and swallows his cock down to the hilt, nose buried in blonde pubes. They’re facing away from the house and the curtains aren’t drawn, so Shouto and Endeavor couldn’t possibly see, but, still, is this really a good idea? Katsuki looks back every so often, worried that Shouto might try to come outside.

“You think you can—fuck—fix this with sex?” Katsuki grunts.

Deku sucks harder, bobbing his head up and down rapidly until Katsuki cums in his mouth with a low moan.

“Fuck…” Katsuki sighs, running his hands through his soft, blonde hair.

Deku sits up, licking his lips clean. Eagerly, he awaits Katsuki’s next words. A full minute passes before he says anything to the green-haired boy.

“You really are just as crazy as Shouto,” is all Katsuki says, leaning back against the couch.

Deku wraps both of his arms around one of Katsuki’s, looking up at the man like he’s a treasure, “I—

Katsuki continues, “You think you can play these crazy games with my fucking life and then fix it all with fucking sex, looking at me with those…those fucking big green eyes like you’ve done nothing wrong…”

“I’m sorry, Kacchan. I truly am,” Deku draws circles on Katsuki’s chest, “I don’t know what I was thinking…”

“You stalk me, then you record my private moments with Shouto and then, then, you fucking give the recordings and pictures to the fucking media? And then you have the audacity to tell me it was you and beg for my forgiveness? What kind of backwards logic are you fuckin’ operating on, Deku? Huh?”

“I don’t know…” Deku mumbles, “Lately, I’ve…I’ve felt so alone, and I’ve been in love with you since elementary school, y’know. And I just…I felt like I was losing you, Kacchan, so I did something drastic and crazy and—

“You fucked up my life, Deku.”

Deku hangs his head. He can’t bring himself to look Katsuki in the eyes.

“How funny would it be for the world to know that their favorite Pro Hero Deku isn’t as fucking sweet as they think he is!? This is a fucking joke. Fuckin’ hilarious,” Katsuki laughs sardonically.

“Get out,” Katsuki finally stands, ready to go back inside and eat dinner.

Deku stands too, nervously holds his left hand in his right, “W-What?”

“Get out of my apartment, Deku. Go home and leave me the fuck alone, got it?”

“But Kacchan—

“No! You don’t get to ask me for anything! You just do as I say and fucking leave! You’re lucky I haven’t punched you in the goddamn face yet!” Katsuki opens the sliding glass door and reenters the apartment, only to find Shouto sitting on his father’s lap, feeding the man gourmet Italian pasta. The butler must’ve gone home, because there’s just the two of them in the living room.

“Fuck!” Katsuki slams the glass door shut, nearly breaking it.

“The food’s getting cold,” Shouto says with a mouthful of pasta.

Katsuki just wants to explode right here and now. Shouto’s ass is rubbing against Endeavor’s crotch, and Endeavor has his fucking hand on the side of Shouto’s thigh like he owns the boy or something. Endeavor stands, making sure not to disturb Shouto’s plate of pasta as he sets his son gently down on the living room sofa.

He clears his throat before speaking, “I should be going, but give it two weeks and everything should die down,” he’s specifically addressing Katsuki, respectfully, cordially, “I contacted your workplace, Bakugou, and Best Jeanist is not going to fire you, but the agency does want you to take anger management classes. You only have to go to five sessions. I talked them down from twenty.”

“I don’t need your fucking help,” Katsuki folds his arms.

Endeavor nods solemnly, “I know, but I want to help. If Shouto loves you, then…you are also important to me. You’ve done a lot for my son, Bakugou, and I want you to know that I appreciate that.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Whatever.”

Endeavor leaves shortly after that. Shouto sits on the couch and watches TV while he eats a second helping of pasta, avoiding the news channels because he really can’t handle that right now. Deku still won’t leave and him and Katsuki are arguing in the kitchen. Finally, they end up near the front door. Katsuki grabs Deku by his upper arms, “Fucking leave!” he shouts at the top of his lungs. Deku’s sobbing and Katsuki’s whole face is turning red with rage. Shouto has no idea what the hell they’ve been arguing about all day, but now it’s getting on his nerves without his father around to distract him.

Katsuki shoves Deku to the floor right near the front door, “Get out now!”

Deku gets up slowly, feeling pangs of pain in his abdomen. He might have a few bruised ribs from how hard Katsuki threw him onto the ground. He heads to the front door, but his hand stops on the knob. He shouldn’t be here, right in front of Shouto’s face, begging and pleading to Katsuki. Shouto is his friend. He always has been, but Deku’s jealousy and pitiful unrequited love turned his once pure, cotton candy heart into a blackened mess, and so he betrayed his friend and the object of his affections too. It’s all a mess at this point.

Finally, finally, Deku leaves. He runs out of the apartment sobbing, his face a mess of tears and snot. Katsuki sits down in the kitchen and just holds his head in his hands for five minutes. He has an immense migraine, and he doesn’t know where to go from here. Deku’s in love with him and actively trying to sabotage his relationship with Shouto at this point, Shouto’s still in love with his father and Endeavor can’t say no to Shouto so they keep fucking, therefore furthering Shouto’s unhealthy attachment to the man. Katsuki can’t fucking keep up anymore. Is he innocent in all of this? No, definitely not. But is he the main reason behind all of these fucked up events that keep happening? Hell fucking no. He’s like an unwilling participant in all of this, due to his stupid fucking muddled, confused emotions.

Shouto comes over to Katsuki and leans on him, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s shoulders, “Baby, it’s all going to be okay.”

“Sure it is,” Katsuki sighs.

“You wanna fuck me? Relieve some stress?” Shouto sits down in Katsuki’s lap.

Katsuki gently pushes him off and stands up, “No thanks. I don’t want sloppy fucking seconds after your dad’s dicked you down.”

Shouto pushes Katsuki, causing the blonde to step forward a bit, “Fuck you. I was just trying to be nice. You’ve been so stressed since the articles got released.”

“I…I think I need some time to myself.”

“What?” Shouto’s eyes widen and his chest tightens with fear and worry.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Katsuki sighs.

Chapter Text

Three months have passed since Shouto and Katsuki’s dirty laundry was aired to the public. There are still whispers about it, some gossip floating around here and there, maybe a glance in this direction or that direction. But, overall, the hype has died down and Shouto and Katsuki are both settled back in at their jobs. Though, Katsuki actually ended up leaving Best Jeanist’s hero agency. Not because of the scandal, but because Deku offered him a position as a full-fledged pro hero at the agency he runs with All Might. Katsuki was hesitant at first, after everything that happened, but the pay increase and moving up from being a sidekick was too enticing for him to justifiably say no.

Still, Katsuki knows Deku only offered him the position because he’s in love with him. Maybe it’s not the best idea to work with Deku, but Katsuki told himself he’d focus on his career, and this definitely advances his career. He’s starting to climb up in rank as a pro hero, so he can’t stop now. He’s made so many sacrifices and changes to get to this point. After everything that’s happened, it’s time for Katsuki to focus on himself.

Except he can’t.

Months ago, he moved out of the apartment he shared with Shouto. Mostly. Some of his stuff is still there, mainly because Shouto wouldn’t stop sobbing and hugging Katsuki when he’d come to pick up his things, telling him not to go. Sometimes they’d even end up fucking. There’s a part of Katsuki that feels better if he’s not fully moved out, like maybe he hasn’t completely let go. It isn’t healthy or good for him to keep hanging onto his deep love for Shouto, but Katsuki can’t simply destroy years of good memories, love, and feelings in just a few months.

Katsuki reads news articles every day, to see if anything about Shouto is mentioned, because he really is obsessed, like he told his old therapist, Melissa Shield, when he was still seeing her. Since Shouto and him broke up, neither of them has seen Melissa, despite her emails asking if they’d like to meet for sessions. Well, Katsuki doesn’t really know if Shouto’s been seeing her, but, knowing Shouto, he definitely hasn’t. He probably goes to work, hooks up with his father occasionally, and then goes home to get high or something. The thought makes Katsuki’s heart ache, but he promised himself that he’d put himself first from now on. Honestly though, how long will his resolve last? He thinks about Shouto at least ten times a day. It’s like part of him is missing and it physically hurts.

Deku comes over after work sometimes. Mostly because he pesters Katsuki until he agrees to let him into his apartment, begging with his pretty green eyes and his long, curly lashes. Katsuki’s weak to a pretty boy, after all. Still, he’s pissed at Deku for trying to sabotage his relationship with Shouto. Shouto could’ve done that fine on his own anyway, and Deku should’ve just minded his own goddamn business.

Regardless, Deku comes over and spreads his legs for Katsuki and Katsuki’s cock betrays his head and he fucks Deku senseless, practically hate fucks the guy. He takes all of the resentment and anger and pain out on Deku’s small, willing body. Deku cries sometimes, but he never tells Katsuki to stop. He never runs away. He just takes it, because he’ll do anything if it means being close to his precious Kacchan. Katsuki always tells Deku to “get the hell out” after he’s finished fucking him, and Deku usually does, after lingering around for an extra hour or two, snuggling into Katsuki’s arm or laying pressed against his chest.

Life continues on like this for a while. Katsuki gets more and more credibility as a pro hero while he works with Deku. He works with Deku during the day and fucks him at night. And he checks the news for information on Shouto. He could always just call the guy. He’d definitely pick up. But Katsuki has too much pride for that shit, and it would hurt too much to hear that sweet, monotone voice. It’d make him want to go back to him immediately. Drop everything and get married to the peppermint-haired disaster or something.

One day, while Katsuki’s scrolling through news articles on pro heroes, he comes across one with the headline: Pro hero Shouto Finally Dating Again After Split with Ground Zero? Katsuki sighs. It was all over the news when he moved out of the apartment. The paparazzi ate it up and reported on their break-up for at least a week before everything died down. And all of the articles speculated that the private information leak scandal is what led to the break-up, and of course, they were right, but there was more to it than that. Not that they need to or should know that information anyway.

Katsuki reads the article and he’s immediately filled with fuming jealously. There are pictures of Shouto enjoying some ice cream with that dickhead he used to fuck in high school. Fucking Inasa. They’re all over each other in the pictures too. Inasa’s hands firmly grabbing at Shouto’s ass, Shouto gazing upward at Inasa while he licks at his ice cream. It makes Katsuki want to be fucking sick. Now that the world knows they’re gay, Katsuki and Shouto can do whatever they want when it comes to relationships. Because their sexualities got outed in the midst of a huge scandal, no one really paid any mind to the fact that they’re gay, or even commented on it for that matter. So, maybe that’s a plus from Deku stupidly outing their personal information.

Katsuki gets why Deku did it, but it was the wrong thing to do. Jealously turned Deku into a pathetic wretch that would do anything to get his hands on Katsuki. And, hey, maybe it worked. Katsuki fucks Deku into his mattress most nights now. But there’s no real love. There’s no happiness or relationship. There’s only pain and melancholy. Is this what Deku fucking wanted?

He was never able to tell Shouto that Deku’s the one who told the world that he’s a fucking junkie that’s obsessed with getting his ass fucked. The two of them were always good friends in high school, so Katsuki didn’t want Shouto to see Deku as some sort of jealous whore that’s trying to take his boyfriend away from him. Despite not telling Shouto the truth, it seems that Deku and Shouto definitely are not friends anymore, and Shouto definitely does see Deku as a whore that took his boyfriend away from him. But at least he doesn’t know just how drastically Deku betrayed him.

Jealously will make a man do crazy things. Katsuki knows this too well, so he can’t fully bring himself to just outright hate Deku. Hell, Katsuki used to be so loving and smitten with Shouto, but he got so jealous of Endeavor that he ended up abusing Shouto just as that horrible old man did years ago. Jealousy will make you go fucking nuts. Katsuki knows. He fucking knows. Like right now, he wants nothing more than to go find Inasa at wherever the fuck he works, punch the guy in his face and tell him to stay away from his Shouto.

“Fuck!” Katsuki stands up from his desk.

The anger management classes didn’t help even a little bit.

He dials Deku’s number.

Deku picks up on the first ring, “Hi, Kacchan!” his voice is so sweet and filled with love.

“Get over here. I wanna fuck,” Katsuki grumbles and hangs up immediately.

Deku’s at Katsuki’s apartment in less than twenty minutes.

As soon as Deku gets through the front door, Katsuki’s grabbing him, shoving him up against a nearby wall, and biting into his neck like a rabid animal. Deku squeaks, hands coming to grab at the fabric of Katsuki’s black, cotton t-shirt, legs wrapping around the back of Katsuki’s thighs. The blonde picks Deku up with ease. He’s so much smaller than Shouto. Katsuki had no trouble at all throwing Shouto around like he weighed nothing, but Deku takes it to a whole new level. Katsuki can easily pick Deku up with just one of his arms, throw the boy down onto his bed and mount him with great force.

“You gonna spread your legs for me like the whore you are?” Katsuki growls spitefully as he rips Deku’s clothes off, not even caring about tearing and destroying the fabric.

Deku mewls, voice high-pitched and whiny, “Yes…yes, Kacchan!”

“Tell me you’re my whore,” Katsuki strips out of his own clothes and slaps his cock against Deku’s hole.

“I’m y-your whore…” Deku moans, arching his back at the feeling of the tip of Katsuki’s cock starting to enter him.

Unlike Shouto, Deku sleeps with Katsuki and only Katsuki. He’s tight, like a virgin. Shouto’s hole was always perfectly stretched and ready to receive Katsuki’s cock, but Deku is so, so fucking tight. He cries in pain when Katsuki enters him without any preparation, but Katsuki can’t be bothered to care. He stuffs his cock into Deku’s hole until he’s all the way in. Deku wiggles and writhes on Katsuki’s dick, moaning incomprehensible nonsense as tears slide down his cheeks. Katsuki pistons into Deku, thrusting in and out roughly. Even rougher than when he would fuck Shouto.

Deku’s screaming, voice cracking and whining, “K-Kacchan! A-ah! Kacchan, Kacchan…Oh, Kacchan!” he screams the childish nickname he’s always called Katsuki, hanging onto the blonde for dear life.

He’s so loud, crying and moaning and whining, coming undone right underneath Katsuki. It pisses him off even more for some reason. So, he fucks him harder and harder. Deku’s losing his fucking mind. He cums all over his stomach, nails digging into the skin of Katsuki’s back. Katsuki takes Deku’s wrists and pins them to the bed. He grunts as he thrusts harder and harder. Deku’s nearly losing consciousness, his jaw going slightly slack. Finally, finally, Katsuki cums deep inside of Deku, holding the green-haired boy’s hips in place until he’s emptied everything inside of him. When he pulls out, Deku’s already out like a light, body spent and limp.

“Fuck,” Katsuki groans, laying down next to Deku, chest heaving. His cock hasn’t even gone soft. When he was with Shouto, they’d fuck like rabbits. Shouto has the goddamn stamina of a Greek god. Katsuki slaps Deku’s ass a few times. Deku wakes up, dazed.

He talks slow, like he’s confused, “K-Kacchan…?”

“Let’s go again,” Katsuki grunts, stroking his cock.

Deku rubs his eyes, trying to wake himself up. Katsuki doesn’t wait for Deku’s response, he just grabs him by the hips and dives back in. That wakes Deku up. With a shriek, Deku’s eyes go wide, but he takes what Katsuki gives him. They go two more times, Deku’s consciousness not really there for the last round. Once Katsuki’s had his fill, he gets up, about to go to the living room. Deku’s arm weakly reaches for the blonde, grasps his wrist.

“Wait Kacchan,” he mumbles, tired and still not fully there.

“Let go,” Katsuki grunts.

“Cuddle with me…please…” Deku begs.

Katsuki shakes Deku off of him and heads to the living room.

A few minutes later, Deku limps into the room. He plops down next to Katsuki, who’s watching the news and drinking a beer. Katsuki’s knuckles are white and the beer bottle looks like it could break into pieces at any moment. Deku looks at the TV screen. Katsuki’s watching one of those celebrity gossip channels. Right now, they’re talking about Shouto’s new relationship with Inasa. Deku grabs the remote from next to Katsuki and changes the channel.

“Let’s watch a movie, Kacchan,” he settles in next to Katsuki, nuzzled into his chest.

But Katsuki stands up immediately and glares down at Deku, “Don’t fucking do that, stupid Deku!”

Deku stands up, bringing his hands to Katsuki’s arms, “I-I’m sorry, Kacchan. I just…don’t like to see you so upset.”

Katsuki grabs Deku roughly by the chin, “Oh, you don’t want to see me upset?”

Deku does his best to nod.

“Then get me another fucking beer!” Katsuki shouts as he chucks his beer bottle across the room, “and clean that the fuck up.”

Deku hurries over to the kitchen and pulls out another beer, sets it on the counter. Quickly, he sweeps up the broken glass from the floor, and dumps it in its own trash bag before putting it in with the regular trash. He delivers the beer to Katsuki and sits back down next to him. The blonde’s already changed the TV back to the celebrity gossip channel. After the journalist moves on from talking about Shouto, Deku quietly squeaks, “K-Kacchan…c-can I spend the night?”

Katsuki looks down at Deku, his red eyes so full of anger and hatred, “No. In fact, you should head home now.”

Deku pouts, “B-But Kacchan, I really—

Katsuki grabs Deku’s chin again, “You really are stupid, aren’t you? I said get the fuck out, Deku.”

Deku doesn’t budge. Instead, he just starts crying. Katsuki’s had it with everything. Lately, he’s been getting more and more angry. He used to talk normally with Deku, like friends would, almost like whenever he hangs out with Kirishima or Mina or even Kaminari. And now here he is berating the guy, who just wants to be loved. And yet, Katsuki can’t stop. He’s so fucking angry. He’s been drinking more than he was a while ago, and he gets fucking pissed when he drinks. Plus, the pictures of Shouto and Inasa were just the icing on the cake. Katsuki’s going to fucking lose it whether he wants to or not. He never wanted to become this kind of monster, but it seems like he was destined to be this way from the start.

He grabs Deku by the throat and stands up, “Stop fucking crying.”

Deku cries even more and his hands clutch at Katsuki’s desperately as he’s lifted up off of the couch.

“I said stop crying!” Katsuki shakes Deku.

Deku’s eyes start to roll into the back of his head.

Katsuki releases Deku, dropping him back down onto the couch like he’s a ragdoll. Deku coughs weakly a few times, eyes slightly lidded. He looks like he’s going to pass out again. Nasty blue and purple finger marks are already starting to form around Deku’s throat where Katsuki grabbed him. Katsuki looks down at his hands, the hands that just did that to Deku’s neck. The hands that just fucking abused Deku, the guy who looks at Katsuki like he’s a million fucking dollars. Fuck.

Katsuki plops down next to Deku, caresses his cheek softly. Deku smiles at him. His whole body’s trembling and he really looks like he’s about to fucking pass out. And yet he’s smiling. Katsuki doesn’t get it. Deku covers Katsuki’s hand with his own. Immediately, Katsuki can feel how much Deku’s shaking, how cold and clammy his skin is, how much smaller his hand is than his own. Katsuki leans in and gently kisses Deku’s lips.

“I’m fuckin’ sorry,” he finally says, words running together a bit, “I’m so fucking sorry, Deku.”

Deku shakes his head just slightly, “Shhh. It’s okay, Kacchan.”

Katsuki rests his head on Deku’s chest and sobs, fucking sobs for the first time in a while.

He lets Deku stay the night. In the morning, he cooks breakfast. It’s not much, but he desperately wants to make up for treating Deku like absolute dogshit the night before. He’s been treating Deku like shit for months now, but never before did he…goddamn. It’s all so fucked up. Everything’s just absolutely fucked.

Somehow, though, Deku smiles brightly when he wakes up. His face fucking lights up when he sees the breakfast Katsuki cooked for him, eats it so appreciatively, praises Katsuki’s cooking like he’s a world-renowned chef. They fuck in his bed after breakfast. Katsuki fucks Deku how he knows Deku’s always wanted him to fuck him. Gently. Lovingly. He does his best to make love to Deku. He’s trying his best to…to atone. Damn. He really is no better than shitty Endeavor. At least it doesn’t take him years to realize what he’s done wrong.

Katsuki and Deku start hanging out in public together more often. Sometimes with their friends, sometimes without. One night, they’re all at a bar in a big group. Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari and Mina were planning on going out, so they invited Katsuki, Deku, and his group of friends too. Deku asked his roommate Iida to come along, as well as their friends Tsuyu and Uraraka who live right across the hall from them in their apartment complex.

Everyone sits at a large booth together, being delivered drink after drink from the bartenders. Fans come up to the table every so often, noticing this big group of famous heroes. Katsuki tells most of them to fuck off. They’re killing his buzz with their questions and requests. Mina drags Kirishima off to go dance. Uraraka and Tsuyu do the same to Iida, leaving just Katsuki, Deku, Kaminari and Sero at the table. Kaminari is sloppy drunk, and he’s very obviously horny with the way he grinds up against Sero to the beat of the loud music. Sero welcomes it, pulling Kaminari onto his lap.

Katsuki glares at them. He needs more to drink. Sero makes Katsuki think of Shouto, of the time Shouto came home and told him he almost cheated on him with Sero. While Kaminari’s making out with Sero’s neck, the black-haired boy catches Katsuki’s eye, notices the blonde glaring daggers into him. “What’s wrong, Bakugou?” Sero asks nonchalantly as he continues to fondle Kaminari’s ass.

“You just fuck anything that moves, don’t you?” Katsuki downs the rest of his drink and flags down the waiter to bring him more.

Sero looks confused, “Huh? I mean, I like to have a good time, sure. Don’t—ah, Kaminari that tickles—we all?”

Katsuki folds his arms, “Sure, even if it means fucking someone who’s not yours to fuck, right Sero?”

Sero pushes Kaminari off of him for a second, tells him to wait, “What’s this about, Bakugou?”

This is the first time Katsuki’s hung out with Sero since Shouto told him about the cheating stuff, and all of his pent-up anger is just pouring out. Deku looks at Katsuki nervously, but he’s too drunk to intervene like he usually would. Instead, Deku just leans against Katsuki’s side, head spinning and pounding along with the music. Katsuki shoots up like a rocket and leans across the table, “You ever come close to something that’s mine again, and I’ll fucking break your skull.”

Sero still looks confused. After a minute, it seems like a light bulb’s gone off in his head. Fucking idiot. “Oh,” he says, waving his index finger, “this is about Todoroki, isn’t it?”

Just the mention of his name…Katsuki’s pissed. He’s fucking pissed. He gets up and yanks Sero out of the booth. Immediately, he starts throwing drunken punches at the guy. Sero takes a few blows to the face before he fights back. Eventually, a circle forms around the boys. Sero’s shouting for Bakugou to stop and Bakugou’s growling like a rabid dog. Kirishima and Mina are able to wrench the two apart after a good ten minutes of struggling back and forth. Mina holds onto Sero in the bar and Kirishima takes Katsuki outside. They talk and Katsuki ends up drunkenly sobbing in Kirishima’s arms for a few minutes.

“C’mon dude, let’s go back inside and have a good time, okay?” Kirishima smiles, patting Katsuki on the back.

Katsuki laughs, eyes puffy and red, “You think they’ll let me back in after that?”

“Sure thing. You’re a high-profile pro hero. If you’re at their bar, other people will want to come too. They won’t kick you out, watch dude!”

And sure enough, Kirishima is right. They head back in and no one dares to say a word to Katsuki, though they look absolutely terrified of him. Sero’s lip is bloody and he’s got bruising all along his cheekbones. Maybe Katsuki really did break his nose. He sits back down at the booth and mumbles a weak apology to Sero. Sero smiles and calls it water under the bridge, just like that. Katsuki doesn’t understand how Sero can just get over it like that. He wishes he could be more like that. Calm and level-headed and pleasant to be around. Instead Katsuki’s volatile and angry and fucking rude.

Despite having a bruised face, Sero still ends up making out with Kaminari at the table. Everyone else goes back to dancing, and Katsuki sits with Deku at the bar. Deku places a hand on Katsuki’s thigh, rubbing up and down comfortingly, sweetly. Katsuki covers Deku’s hand with his own. They lock eyes and then suddenly they’re kissing. Deku feels something wet against his face. When they pull back, he sees a few tears dripping down Katsuki’s cheeks. He takes his thumb and wipes the tears away, leans forward and kisses the spots where the tears fell down Katsuki’s cheeks.

“I love you,” Deku says sweetly, right in Katsuki’s ear.

Katsuki leans back and presses his thumb to Deku’s bottom lip before going in for another kiss. They spend the rest of the night in a pristinely clean bathroom stall. This is an upscale club, after all. Katsuki holds onto Deku’s hips as they kiss, lips melding together, tongues dancing sensually. This feels nice. If Katsuki had started here…maybe he’d be fine right now, maybe he’d even be happy. But, right now, he just feels numb. Numb is as good as it gets for Katsuki nowadays. Because if he doesn’t feel numb, then he’s thinking about Shouto and then he’s angry. Always angry. So, so angry. Fuck, he misses Shouto so much.

Chapter Text

Without Katsuki around, Shouto can feel himself becoming less and less grounded. His dealer, Dabi, comes over to the apartment more often, gives him drugs more often, fucks Shouto more often. “Dabi” is actually Touya Todoroki, and Shouto found this out during one of his hero missions. He never told another soul and ended up reconnecting with his oldest brother. Turns out, both of them got the Todoroki affinity for danger and self-deprecation.

Naturally, Shouto seduced his older brother. One night while they were doing molly together, Shouto slipped into his brother’s lap and started doing as he pleased. Dabi didn’t protest or care much like Natsuo always did. No. Dabi fucked Shouto without any hesitation and left the boy passed out on the floor when he was done. Shouto started waking up in random places much more often when Katsuki left. Without the blonde, Shouto is so, so incredibly lonely no matter who he sleeps with. The emptiness that he’d forgotten about has come back with a vengeance. Perhaps, it was never truly gone, but Shouto feels it immensely now.

Late on a Saturday, Shouto hits Dabi up, asking him to take him somewhere dangerous, somewhere fun. So Dabi does. The two men go to a sketchy bar on the wrong side of town, where all the villains hang out. They do so many drugs that night and Shouto drinks until he can’t even properly stand. Dabi leaves him there. He has other things to do and feels no obligation to play babysitter to his baby brother who doesn’t know or care when to stop drinking.

Shouto doesn’t wake up in the bar or his bed or even Dabi’s apartment the next morning. He wakes up in what could only be described as a crack house, on a dirty mattress on the floor, next to some villain he doesn’t even know. Shouto isn’t even wearing any clothes, there are bruises all over his body, and two holes in his arm where he must’ve injected heroin into his veins. This is when Shouto knows he’s hit rock bottom. Still, he doesn’t have much room left in his heart to care, and so he’s ready to just accept his pathetic excuse of a new life.

But the crack house gets busted by a local group of pro heroes, all working for the same agency. And who comes across Shouto, lying naked and dazed on a dirty old mattress? Inasa. Inasa Yoarashi. All of the villains are rounded up, but Inasa takes Shouto in secret, covers him with that enormous jacket of his, and brings him to his own apartment, like Shouto’s some irresistible stray cat or something.

Shouto lays on Inasa’s couch, still hazy from the heroin and the alcohol and the molly too. It’s a miracle he isn’t dead.

Inasa checks Shouto’s phone, “Your father’s worried about you. He’s called you like twenty times over the past two days. How long were you staying at that crack house full of villains?”

Shouto shrugs.

Gently, Inasa holds Shouto’s arm, looks at it, “Heroin, huh?”

Shouto shrugs again.

“You can stay here for a few days. I’ll take care of you until you’re better.”

Shouto loses consciousness.

When he wakes, he smells delicious food. Inasa’s making some kind of homemade ramen. Still, Shouto feels nothing but sick. Maybe he got some bad drugs or caught something from some of the random villains he let fuck him, but he’s sweating and clammy and has absolutely no strength. Inasa comes over to the living room and sets two bowls of ramen down on the coffee table, moves Shouto’s legs for a second so that he can sit down. Carefully, he feeds some ramen to Shouto, who barely has enough of an appetite to eat it.

Inasa sighs, “In the morning, I’m going to take you to the doctor to get you checked out, okay?”

Shouto weakly shakes his head, “I’m fine.”

“You really aren’t, Shouto. I’m taking you to the doctor and that’s final!” Inasa smiles, speaking in his obnoxiously loud voice as always.

So, they go to the doctor. Inasa takes off of work, Shouto calls his father and tells the man he’s okay but needs some time off of work, and then they go. Turns out, Shouto’s just having a bad reaction to some of the drugs he took the night before. The doctor prescribes some standard antibiotics, nothing too strong since Shouto’s pretty much a drug addict. She also informs him that he has an STD, which is definitely not something he wanted to hear. She gives him a shot and some more drugs and tells him that the STD is curable, so long as he takes these drugs every day for a month and stops his reckless sexual habits.

“Fuck,” Shouto scrubs his hands down his face the second he gets into Inasa’s car.

“Let’s get you home. You want me to pick up anything on the way?” Inasa smiles brightly like he always does, rubs circles into Shouto’s back comfortingly.

“Some condoms. Something to eat, I guess.” Shouto mutters, looking down at the papers the doctor gave him.

“Why do you need condoms?” Inasa questions. Shouto’s never cared about protection before.

Shouto rolls his eyes, leans in close to Inasa, and grabs a hold of his shirt, “For when you fuck me. I don’t want you catching whatever I’ve got.”

Inasa laughs loudly, “So we’re fucking again?”

“If you want to. If I’m not too dirty for you,” Shouto’s mismatched eyes are pure sin staring deeply into Inasa’s deep brown ones.

Inasa caresses Shouto’s chin gently, speaks softly for probably the first time in his life, “Of course not,” his thumb rubs along Shouto’s plush, pink bottom lip, “I’ll fuck you as much as you want. You know I’ve always been crazy about you.”

Shouto leans in and kisses Inasa, dips his tongue between the larger man’s lips, brings his hand down to Inasa’s cock. It’s so big and getting so hard already. Everything about Inasa is big. Shouto smirks and retracts from the kiss, from the physical contact, sitting back in his seat. “Let’s get those condoms,” he smirks.

After running some errands, Inasa and Shouto hurry into the apartment, half-making out while Inasa turns the key in the lock. He lays Shouto down on his bed and pulls his pants off immediately. Inasa strips his shirt off and unbuttons his jeans, taking his cock out, stroking it. Shouto bites his bottom lip and rubs his foot against Inasa’s torso, “You’re still hot as fuck.”

Inasa looks down at the frilly pink panties Shouto’s wearing, “And you’re still cute as fuck. I’m gonna wreck your little pussy,” he growls, excited.

He’s about to just stick his cock into Shouto when Shouto stops him, pushing at his chest, “Inasa, condom,” he reminds the man.

Quickly, Inasa rips open the small, square package and slips the already lubed-up condom onto his throbbing cock. He can’t wait until Shouto’s cured so he can go in raw and feel every inch of Shouto’s insides around him. Just like Shouto likes, Inasa plunges his cock into his hole, without prep, without warning. He starts thrusting like an animal, rocking the whole bed, and Shouto mewls underneath him, writhing and moaning sweetly.

Shouto’s about to cum when Inasa grips the base of his cock and squeezes. He whines, begging for Inasa to release his cock, to let him cum, but Inasa doesn’t. The large man just keeps thrusting and thrusting, for an entire hour before he allows Shouto to cum. The second he takes his hand off of Shouto’s cock, he cums all over himself and even gets some of the viscous liquid on Inasa’s cheek. Inasa cums immediately after that, too turned on by seeing Shouto come undone right underneath him.

“Oh shit, baby,” Inasa coos after chucking the used condom in the trash, bringing his cock near Shouto’s mouth, “clean this off for me like a good boy.”

Shouto does as he’s told, licking Inasa’s cock until it’s completely clean.

Inasa towels the rest of Shouto and himself off and lays down next to him on the bed, “I wish you were a woman so I could knock you up, make you have my babies.”

Shouto laughs softly, “What makes you think I’d want to have your bratty kids?”

Inasa kisses Shouto’s shoulder, “I know you wouldn’t, but,” he brings his arms around Shouto and rests his hands on his stomach, “maybe if you somehow did, then you’d be mine and no one else’s. We could get married…buy a real house…and I could fuck your cute little pussy whenever I want.”

Shouto giggles from Inasa’s breath tickling his shoulder, “You’re such a possessive man, aren’t you?”

“Definitely only when it comes to Todoroki Shouto.”

Shouto smiles and looks up at Inasa, “Fuck me again.”

Weeks go by and Shouto feels like he’s in a real relationship again, despite the lack of a discussion about whether or not they’re exclusive. But Inasa doesn’t need to know that Shouto sneaks home on weekends to get fucked by his father. And either way, Shouto desperately misses Katsuki. He has wet dreams about the blonde some nights. Their relationship was beyond fucked up—though it wasn’t always that way—but Shouto really does deeply love Katsuki, and he might never get over him.

Still, for the time being, Inasa works. He’s there, he cares, and he knows how Shouto likes to get fucked. Eventually, there are two toothbrushes in Shouto’s bathroom again and some larger clothes piled up on Shouto’s bedroom floor. One day, Inasa tries to fold some of his shirts and put them in Katsuki’s old dresser. Shouto happens to come into the bedroom right as Inasa’s setting his clothes into the drawer where Katsuki used to store his shirts, and grabs Inasa’s wrist immediately, pulls his shirts out of the drawer, and chucks them onto the floor.

“Don’t touch that drawer,” Shouto says as he picks up Inasa’s shirts and starts frantically refolding them to stack them on the floor.

Inasa pulls Shouto’s arm, embraces the boy and looks into his eyes, “Still not over him, huh?”

Shouto scoffs and looks to the side.

Inasa pulls his chin so he’ll look at him again, rubbing his thumb along Shouto’s jaw, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should be over him. You were with that guy for, what, three, maybe four years? Take your time, Shouto.”

Shouto looks into Inasa’s eyes and maintains his composure for about one second before his whole faces contorts and he’s crying, nearly weeping. Inasa holds Shouto and lets him cry into his arms, and Shouto knows he’s treating yet another man that loves him unconditionally like absolute shit. God. He’s just like his father.

Later in the night, when Inasa’s asleep in the bed Shouto used to share with Katsuki, Shouto sneaks out and heads to the upscale hotel his father and him have been sneaking off to when they want to meet up. They’ve gone to so many different sleezy motels and Enji wouldn’t stop complaining about how he worries for Shouto’s safety when he travels to them—despite Shouto being an actual pro hero—so Shouto caved and found a luxury hotel that’s all about discretion for pro heroes when they just want to spend some time out of the public eye.

Enji bought the penthouse suite so him and Shouto can have all the privacy they need during their little trysts. The hotel owner was reluctant to literally sell one of their best suites, but it was to Todoroki Enji after all, and he paid a handsome sum for it. Originally, Enji tried to talk Shouto out of it all, told him that he should just be a normal boy and they should stop these late-night meetups for debauchery and adultery. Of course, Shouto cried and told his father that he wished he could be normal, but that he had that privilege robbed from him at a young age. That shut Enji right up.

So, every so often, Shouto slips on some shades and sneaks out, miles away from town, to this beautiful hotel that’s all glitz and glam, and meets up with his father in a gorgeous penthouse suite not unlike his own apartment. When Shouto arrives tonight, Enji’s already there, standing out on the balcony with a glass of whiskey in hand. Shouto steps out onto the gorgeous balcony and takes the alcoholic drink from his father’s hands, “Is something troubling you? You don’t usually drink unless you’re stressed.” Shouto finishes the rest of the drink and runs his fingers along his father’s left bicep.

Enji just sighs.

“What is it, daddy?” Shouto says as he pulls out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and sticks one in his mouth.

Enji looks down at his son, at the white stick in his mouth, frowning.

“Light it for me, will you daddy?” Shouto purrs.

Enji produces a small flame from his index finger and presses it to the tip of the cigarette.

Shouto sucks in and then blows out smoke, smiling up at his father.

“For a week…” Enji starts, eyes gazing off into the distance, “I’ve been so worried about you, Shouto. All of these drugs you’re putting into your body…these villains you’ve been hanging around with. Just what are you thinking?”

Shouto shrugs, “How do you know anything about that?”

“I happened upon a police report about a crack house, Shouto.”

Shouto looks confused. Didn’t Inasa leave out anything involving Shouto from the report?

“Your name wasn’t in it,” Enji clarifies, “but…the location of the house is where your phone was that night I couldn’t reach you. Shouto, what the hell is going on?”

Shouto rolls his eyes, flicks his cigarette off of the balcony and heads inside, “So you’re still stalking me, huh?”

Enji follows, grabs Shouto by the arm, and looks at the faded holes from the heroin he did weeks ago, “I’m your father. I’m worried about you, Shouto.”

“Just fuck me, old man. I didn’t come here to get lectured by you,” he shakes his father off of him.

“Shouto, if you keep behaving this way, then you could die or be caught up in another public scandal. Think about your career.”

Shouto sits down on the white sectional in the middle of the living room and puts his feet up on a footstool, “Look at you,” he glares at his father, eyes narrowed, “the worried, doting father. Are you proud of yourself? Look at how fucking far you’ve come, huh?”

Enji sighs, sitting down next to his son, “Shouto, I’m not trying to—

“Shut up!” Shouto stands, looming over his father, “Just fucking shut up and fuck me. You have no right to tell me what the fuck to do. You lost that privilege when you decided to fuck me after you shipped Mom off to the looney bin!” Shouto chucks the empty whiskey glass across the room. It shatters against the hardwood flooring.

Enji looks up at his son and just stares.

Shouto breathes raggedly, chest heaving, hands trembling.

“I’m so sorry, Shouto. I truly am.”

“You’re a pathetic old man,” Shouto spits at his father, walks away and heads to the kitchen to pour himself some of that whiskey.

After a few drinks, Shouto plops down into his father’s lap and starts gyrating his hips against the man’s crotch. Enji groans at the sensation, leans up to kiss his son’s plump lips. Shouto bites his father’s bottom lip, splitting it with his teeth. Their kiss starts to taste like blood and that makes Shouto smile. He hopes his mother notices when Enji goes home in the morning.

Enji picks Shouto up and carries him to the master bedroom on the second level of the suite, lays him down on the bed gently, like he loves Shouto. It leaves a bad taste in Shouto’s mouth. Shouto watches as his father strokes his enormous cock, bites his bottom lip in anticipation. He considers just letting his father fuck him raw, like they usually do, and contract the stupid STD he has, but then Shouto decides against it. It’ll be more amusing to tell his father he has an STD. Enji will no doubt blame himself, and why shouldn’t he? He’s the one who made Shouto this fucked up in the first place.

Enji’s about to put it in when Shouto stops him, “No, use a condom.”

He looks at his son questioningly.

“I’m dirty, old man. I got an STD from the grimy old house I was at a few weeks ago. Isn’t that hilarious?” Shouto smirks.

Enji looks like his heart just sank.

He rolls on a condom from a drawer in their en suite and gets back to business. At first, he fucks Shouto slow, holds onto him like he’s something precious, kisses him gently. Shouto pushes against his father’s chest and glares up at the man, “No, not like that. Fuck me like you used to. Like I mean nothing to you.”

Enji obeys. He grabs his son’s wrists and pistons into him, hard enough to bruise. They go almost all night like that, Enji panting like an animal over his beautiful, youngest son. Shouto moans sweetly for the man, curls his toes and wraps his legs around his father’s torso so that he has no choice but to fuck him good. They switch positions three times, from Shouto underneath Enji, to Shouto riding him, to both of them on their sides. Enji pushes his fingers into Shouto’s mouth to keep him quiet. The boy’s moans are so loud, so wanton, like he wants the whole world to hear the number one pro hero fucking his own son, and perhaps he does.

 Enji lays down next to Shouto on the bed when all of his energy’s been expended. Before Shouto can protest, Enji starts caressing his two-toned hair and begins to speak.

“Natsuo and Fuyumi are home for the weekend. Your mother wanted to have a family dinner. With all of us.”

Shouto rolls his eyes.

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Shouto smirks, “but what about Touya, huh? If it’s a family dinner, then surely Touya’s invited too, right?”

Enji sighs.

“I could invite him for you. If you want.”

Enji’s eyes widen, “You tracked him down?”

Shouto’s smirk grows, “Oh yeah, I sure did. He couldn’t resist fucking me after we reconnected, too. Just like you couldn’t. Just like Natsuo couldn’t. Isn’t that funny?”

Enji sighs, rubs his forehead.

“Oh, and did I mention, Touya’s a villain now. Can you guess which one?”

Enji sits up, looks at Shouto like he’s the devil reincarnated.

“So, should I bring him to dinner?”

Enji shakes his head, “I think we should save all that for another family dinner. I…I do want to meet with him one of these days though, Shouto. I really do. All of my children are important to me.”


Enji waits for Shouto to continue.

Shouto sits up, “I’m your most special, favorite child, aren’t I, daddy? It’s always been like that,” Shouto runs his thin fingers along his father’s chest, “You’ve always given me special attention, special affection.”

Enji gulps. He has nothing to offer as a rebuttal, because Shouto’s right. Shouto’s absolutely, one hundred percent right.

“Our family is such a fucking joke,” Shouto gets up to order room service.

They eat dinner in their suite. Shouto answers the door in a robe that’s slipping off of his shoulder. He’s been losing weight lately. Must be all the drugs. He goes back to work on Monday, so he’ll bulk up soon. He isn’t too worried about it. The room service guy pushes a cart into the room and sets the dining room table in the suite for Enji and Shouto. Enji’s dressed in a black turtleneck and gray dress pants, held up with an expensive black belt. Shouto looks at the hotel worker and bites his bottom lip, practically eye-fucks the guy. He’s fairly cute, but Shouto’s just doing this to mess with his father.

The man leaves, awkwardly waving at Shouto as he goes. Enji digs into his meal, hungry from a day of hard work and vigorous sex. Shouto eats his food slowly, savoring the taste of the expensive dishes. Dinner is mostly silent spare the clanking of silverware against plates and bowls. Eventually, Enji looks up at his son and speaks.

“Are you coming to dinner tomorrow?”

Shouto shrugs, digging into a strawberry shortcake for dessert.

“Your mother would like to see you.”

Shouto laughs, stabbing his cake with his fork before looking up into his father’s blue eyes, “Would she? Would she still like to see me if she knew I bounced on your cock the night before? What do you think, daddy?”

Enji starts cleaning his dishes up, piling them back onto the cart by the dining room table. He cleans up Shouto’s empty dishes too and pushes the cart outside of their suite for the hotel staff to clean up later. “I’ll drive you home tonight, Shouto. You’re too drunk to drive.”

Shouto stands up and leans on his father, balance unsteady, “Well aren’t you just the sweetest?”

Enji helps Shouto out of the hotel and into his car, buckles him into the passenger’s seat. Shouto tries to jerk Enji off while he drives, almost causing an accident, so Enji pulls over and lets his son do as he pleases. Eventually, Shouto falls asleep and Enji can drive him home in peace, without fear of crashing into other cars. They get to Shouto’s apartment building and Enji helps the boy inside. He’s carrying Shouto like he’s a princess when he gets to the master bedroom. Enji is shocked to see another person already sleeping in the bed.

The person stirs, and Enji then sees that it’s Inasa Yoarashi, otherwise known as pro hero Gale Force. Enji remembers the time Shouto brought the boy over to their home back when Shouto was still in high school, remembers hearing them vigorously having sex. And here he is in Shouto’s bed today. Enji figures it’ll be good for his son to have someone to lean on after his devastating break up with Katsuki. He knows Shouto loved that boy. Shouto made Enji meet up with him only a few days after the breakup. Shouto cried during sex that day, and it wasn’t from any physical pain like in the past…no, Shouto was hurting emotionally from the loss of the person he came closest to having a real relationship with.

“Shouto…?” Inasa groans, rubbing his eyes.

Enji plops Shouto down onto the bed gently.

Inasa sits up, “E-Endeavor!?” his voice is loud and booming.

Enji presses his index finger to his lips, “Sorry, I had dinner with Shouto, and he drank a little too much. I’ll have a driver bring his car over tomorrow morning.”

Inasa scratches his head, “Oh…okay.”

“Well, I’ll be heading out then. Good nigh—

Shouto, half-conscious, grabs onto his father’s arm, “Daddy…” he whines.

Enji leans down and gives Shouto a chaste kiss on the forehead, “Go to bed now. Goodnight, Shouto.” He nods one last time at Inasa before hurrying out of the bedroom. He doesn’t want Shouto to say something that Inasa definitely shouldn’t be hearing.

In the morning, Shouto wakes up to the smell of breakfast cooking. He shifts around in bed for a few minutes before finally getting up. It’s Sunday, his last day of freedom before returning to his hero work at his father’s agency. Though, he remembers Enji asking him to come to a family dinner tonight, but, really, won’t his family be much happier if he doesn’t go? Shouto always ruins everything and everyone he gets involved with.

Inasa and Shouto eat breakfast, and then they watch the news, which Shouto immediately regrets. Nowadays, the news is all about the League of Villains or pro hero drama. The other day, the news talked about a speculated relationship between Kirishima and Mina, and Shouto couldn’t do anything but roll his eyes. That’s all the media cares about: who’s dating who.

Shouto hears the newscaster from the TV speak in that staple voice that all reporters use, “Our top story today: Have pro heroes Ground Zero and Deku started a new relationship after Ground Zero’s split with pro hero Shouto? More at eleven.”

Shouto sits up and looks at the preview picture. It’s a picture of Katsuki and Midoriya kissing in front of a car, like Katsuki’s seeing Midoriya off or something. Inasa looks over at Shouto with worry. Immediately, he changes the channel.

“Let’s watch something else!”

Shouto starts laughing and stands up, heading to the kitchen with his and Inasa’s plates to put them in the sink, “Of course he found someone else. And of course, it’s fucking Midoriya. Why am I fucking surprised?!”

The plates shatter in the kitchen sink from Shouto throwing them in too roughly. Inasa hurries into the room and moves Shouto out of the way gently. He starts cleaning up the ceramic shards and places them in a spare plastic bag. Shouto runs his hands through his hair, still laughing, tears dripping down his cheeks.

Inasa stops cleaning up the mess and turns to Shouto, “Hey,” he starts, “relax. Why don’t we go do something fun today, okay? Get your mind off of all that.”

Shouto nods, “Yeah. Yeah, I have an idea. Fuck me until I can’t think, how about that?”

Inasa smiles solemnly, “I mean, I meant like go to a park or a nice restaurant or something. Maybe getting out of the apartment will help—

“No,” Shouto shakes his head, “I want you to wrap your hands around my throat until I pass out. That’s what I want.”

Inasa sighs but does as Shouto says. They fuck violently, nearly destroying the bed in the process, and Shouto definitely does pass out when they’re finished. When he wakes, he’s a bit calmer. Inasa heads back to his own apartment after kissing Shouto for a few minutes, whispering sweet things into his ear. With nothing else to do for the day, Shouto decides he’ll go to his stupid family dinner. Maybe dealing with family drama will get his mind off of his failure to let go of Katsuki.

 He arrives around six in the afternoon, when his mother and Fuyumi are setting up dinner excitedly, chatting amongst one another. Natsuo and Enji still don’t get along all that well, mostly because Natsuo still despises his father for everything he’s done. But both Enji and Natsuo make an effort for Rei and Fuyumi. They’ll do anything so long as it makes the girls smile.

“Shouto!” Fuyumi shrieks with joy when she sees her youngest brother walk through the front door.

It’s been…a long time since Shouto’s seen any of his family members other than his father. And how laughable is that? Enji was the one he hated most. His siblings did nothing but love him, nothing but look out for him and he doesn’t even bother to answer their texts or come visit them. And his mother…Shouto’s always loved her dearly, even after she poured boiling water over his face, but he sleeps with her husband and so Shouto feels nothing but guilt when he looks at the woman. Guilt and resentment, because she can have Enji where Shouto can’t, because she’s married to the man that he’s in love with.

Rei comes and gives Shouto a hug. He does his best not to stiffen up, “It’s so good to see you, Shouto. You’ll have to start visiting more.”

No one mentions all the shit that’s been being said about him in the news. They just hug him and smile, tell him they’ve missed him, and, for once, he’s thankful for how fake his family is when they’re all together like this. Natsuo smiles and gives Shouto a hug, a normal brotherly hug, like everything that happened in the past never happened. Shouto lets his hands wander a bit during their hug, whispers a sweet, “Hey, Natsu,” into his brother’s ear. Natsuo backs up and rubs his neck, nervously laughing.

Finally, Enji hugs Shouto, gives him a kiss on the cheek, “You came.”

Shouto nods, looks at his father like he wants to devour the man, “Of course, daddy.”

Enji takes over helping Rei cook dinner while Natsuo and Fuyumi head to the living room, sitting on the couch together to catch up. Shouto watches his parents cook together, how quiet and calm they seem in one another’s presence. So different from how it used to be. Shouto wants to be sick. He decides to join his siblings in the living room, sits next to Natsuo. Fuyumi’s watching the TV now. The news, it’s always the fucking news. Shouto doesn’t want to see whatever the hell is on the news tonight. He goes outside to the courtyard to have a cigarette. Natsuo follows him and sits down next to him on their wooden porch.

“Couldn’t stay away, huh?” Shouto teases, bumping shoulders with his older brother.

Natsuo rubs the back of his neck, laughs, “You never answered any of my texts.”

“I know,” Shouto takes a long drag of his cigarette.


“Because I love you, Natsuo,” Shouto stands, wiping off the back of his pants, “and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from me.”

Natsuo grabs Shouto’s arm, stops him from going inside just yet, “But, I want to see you. We should get lunch together sometimes or just meetup and—

“And what, Natsu?” Shouto looks up at his older brother, eyes slightly lidded, “and fuck, like we used to? Late at night…just you and me?”

“N-No, Shouto, I wasn’t suggesting anything like that.”

“But you want to,” Shouto smirks, chucking his cigarette to the ground, stomping on it with his foot.

“Shouto, I have a girlfriend now.”

Shouto barks out a laugh, “Oh, do you? Do you ever think of me when you cum? When you used to squeeze your huge cock inside of me and—

Natsuo covers Shouto’s mouth, “Fucking hell, Shouto, is it always about sex with you?”

Shouto nods, “Pretty much. Sex, drugs, alcohol. And that’s about it.”

“No, it isn’t,” Natsuo rolls his eyes, “What about Bakugou? You loved him, didn’t you?”

Shouto glares at his brother, “Don’t fucking talk about him.”

Natsuo nods, “So you did.”

“Shut up, Natsu,” Shouto pushes at Natsuo’s chest.

“Things probably would’ve turned out different for you if…” Natsuo doesn’t complete his sentence.

Shouto does it for him, “If dad hadn’t fucked me when mom was sent away? If he never abused me, worked me until I was physically sick? Is that what you were going to say, Natsu?”

“I’m sorry, Shouto. Forget I mentioned it.”

“This is why I don’t answer your texts, Natsu. Because I’m fucked up. Because there’s no hope left for me. But you, you’ve got a good life ahead of you, so don’t let me fuck that up for you. I want you to be happy,” Shouto looks down at the ground, his bangs hanging in front of his face.

“I want you to be happy too, Shouto. I hope someday you can find happiness.” Natsuo pulls his little brother into a hug and kisses the top of his head.

Shouto looks up and pulls his brother into an abrupt kiss. His brother’s lips are soft, like they always were, and, like the fool he is, Natsuo kisses back immediately. Shouto separates them before anything can escalate. Imagine their mother coming to fetch them for dinner, only to walk in on her two boys making out like horny teenagers. What a conversation that would be. Shouto pats Natsuo’s shoulder, smiling sorrowfully.

Natsuo gives Shouto the same look, “I don’t know what it is about you, Shouto. Really. You have the power to make someone absolutely obsessed with you. It happened to Dad, it happened to me, it’s probably happened to everyone you’ve ever dated. You’re just that amazing, I guess.”

“Oh, shut up,” Shouto rolls his eyes, lighting up another cigarette.

“I’m serious,” Natsuo laughs, then his expression turns serious again, “After all this time…I have a girlfriend, who I’m thinking of proposing to…and I still…I still feel like I’m hopelessly in love with you, Shouto. If you told me to drop everything and run away with you tomorrow, I feel like I honestly would do it. And that’s scary as hell.”

Shouto laughs, “Marry your girlfriend. Make me an uncle. Live a normal, happy life. Don’t…don’t fuck everything up like I did.”

“It’s not your fault.”

Shouto shrugs, finishes smoking his cigarette, “Let’s go inside. Dinner’s probably ready by now.”

“Wait,” Natsuo calls after Shouto, “Let me…let me kiss you one last time.”

They kiss passionately, tongues intertwining and everything, for a good three minutes. Natsuo cops a feel on Shouto’s ass and Shouto’s so, so tempted to grab his brother’s dick but he refrains. They separate, catch their breath for a minute, and then head in to eat dinner with the rest of their family. Dinner goes fine. It feels almost normal. Hell, it would be normal if there weren’t hundreds of dirty secrets packaged away within the Todoroki family.

Enji walks Shouto out to his car when dinner’s finished. Fuyumi and Natsuo have already left, Rei’s on her way to bed. Enji pats his son on the back, “Thank you for coming to dinner today. You made your mother very happy.”

Shouto leans up against his car, smokes a cigarette. He just stares at his father while he smokes, studying the man’s features. After all these years, Shouto still finds his father so undeniably handsome. His blue eyes, his chiseled chin, even that huge scar that covers nearly half of his face now. Enji suddenly snatches the cigarette from Shouto’s mouth and melts it with his fire, the ashes falling to the ground below. Shouto just folds his arms.

“Smoking’s bad for your health,” Enji murmurs, looking down at his son too deeply for Shouto’s liking. The way lovers would look at one another.

 Shouto rolls his eyes, “Maybe I don’t care about my health.”

Enji takes a lock of Shouto’s hair between his fingers, “I do.”

Shouto pushes his father’s hand away, “Stop.”

“I love you, Shouto.”

Enji leans down and kisses Shouto’s lips. Right there. Right on their front lawn. Their property is pretty private, but Rei’s right inside. She’s probably asleep, yes, but what if she isn’t? What if she’s watching from the window? Shouto’s eyes go wide and fill with tears immediately. No. No, he doesn’t get to make Shouto fall in love with him all over again with some grand gesture, some way to prove to Shouto that he loves him so profoundly. And yet Shouto’s chest is tightening, and his knees are shaking.

“Drive safe,” Enji says, his thumb ghosting along Shouto’s cheek before he pulls back altogether.

Shouto gets into his car and speeds off, tires screeching against pavement.

Chapter Text

Six months post-breakup, Deku’s nearly moved himself into Katsuki’s apartment. His things are all over the place, he stays over most nights and he even has a key to the place. Katsuki isn’t sure how he was able to let the little nerd into his life after what he’s done, but, nevertheless, it just happened. Deku has a way of making a spot for himself within your heart, and Katsuki, undeniably, does feel something for the guy. When he looks at him with those big green eyes, Katsuki becomes weak.

It’s early in the morning, and Deku’s still asleep in Katsuki’s bed, but that’s never stopped Katsuki from getting what he wants before. He scoots closer into Deku’s back and rubs up against him, pressing his morning wood into the crook of Deku’s ass. He curses under his breath at how good his cock feels between Deku’s ass cheeks. His ass is so thick and fat. There’s so much for Katsuki to grab and so much extra friction when he fucks him.

Deku stirs just slightly, shifting his legs a bit, letting out a tiny moan. Katsuki pulls Deku’s boxers off, leaving him bare. He pops his own cock out of the slit in his boxers and rubs it against Deku’s pink hole.

“Fuuuck,” Katsuki groans. It feels so good. Too good.

Deku whimpers in his sleep at the feeling of Katsuki’s cockhead breeching his hole. Suddenly, Katsuki thrusts in hard, filling Deku all at once. Deku’s eyes open wide and he gasps, reaching behind him to find purchase on Katsuki’s thigh. Katsuki starts fucking him, thrusting harshly, impatiently.

Deku croons, “K-Kacchan…Kacchan…Kacchan!” loud so early in the morning.

“Fuck, you love my cock, don’t you?” Katsuki moans, humping into Deku like his life depends on it.

Deku just moans out incomprehensible gibberish, letting Katsuki hold him by the base of his throat to be able to thrust in even deeper. The freckled boy’s cock grows hard as Katsuki drives him insane, hitting his favorite spot inside. He can’t stop moaning for his Kacchan to keep fucking him, and it drives Katsuki absolutely wild. Morning sex is always amazing.

“Kacchan, Kacchan, please…please…” Deku moans, muffled as Katsuki stuffs his fingers in the boy’s mouth.

“What do you need, baby?” Katsuki groans, rotating his hips to feel more of Deku around him.

“Inside…cum inside…please, Kacchan,” Deku whines, trying to get more of Katsuki inside of him.

Katsuki growls and holds onto Deku tighter as he cums, filling the green-haired boy up just as he’s requested. Deku cums at the sensation of being filled, like he usually does. He loves the way it feels, to be full of Katsuki’s seed, to be so connected to the man he unconditionally loves. Deku keeps Katsuki inside of him for a while after their morning quickie, and the two of them fall back asleep for an hour or two. This is how Katsuki’s spent most of his Saturday mornings for the past two months. Him and Deku have settled into a bit of a routine, which gives the blonde comfort and also scares him.

When they both get up, Deku makes him breakfast like he usually does. Katsuki watches TV and waits for Deku to serve him his plate. Deku starts making some coffee to go with breakfast, and when he’s finished, his brings it all over to the living room where they eat together and watch random TV shows. Once breakfast is finished, the two men get dressed and ready to go run errands. On Saturdays, Deku accompanies Katsuki during all of the errands he needs to get out of the way before the next week begins. They go to the dry cleaners to get their hero costumes back from being cleaned, they go to the grocery store to pick up any groceries they may need for meals throughout the week, and they go to the bank for Katsuki to deposit his paychecks into his account.

After running all of the errands, they return home and put the groceries away in the fridge and the pantry. Deku can’t reach one of the higher shelves in the pantry so Katsuki comes up behind him and helps him, presses into Deku’s back and leans down to kiss and nip at Deku’s neck. Deku giggles cutely and tenses up. For a second, Katsuki feels like he’s in a real, normal relationship. And for some reason, that makes him feel extremely uneasy.

They’ve finished putting everything away and Katsuki’s about to start making lunch when Deku stops him, “No,” he smiles, hand on Katsuki’s wrist, “let’s go out today and eat at a nice restaurant.”

Katsuki ponders the idea. They’ve made their own lunches together for two months. It can’t hurt to switch it up for once.

Except it can.

Deku and Katsuki go eat at a lovely upscale restaurant that many pro heroes frequent. It has an industrial feel to it, with a dark, black interior. The restaurant has dim lighting but large windows at the front that let in plenty of natural light during the day. Large, glass chandeliers hang from the high ceilings and there’s a backlit bar to the side of the space. Deku found it online and it serves really spicy food, so Katsuki was all for trying out the place.

They sit at a booth and order some fancy wine. All sorts of bread and cheeses are delivered to them before their meals come out. Deku rubs his foot against Katsuki’s under the table, giving him that honey sweet look he does when he’s extra happy. The waitress brings out their food and it’s delectable. The smell wafting off of the food is absolutely amazing. Katsuki and Deku devour the meals within minutes. They share a dessert, per Deku’s request. Katsuki’s not all that into sweets, but Deku looked so excited about some ridiculous chocolate cake on the dessert menu and Katsuki couldn’t say no to him.

It’s a wonderful little date. It was wonderful, until two familiar faces walk through the front door of the restaurant. Inasa and Shouto. Of course. Of course, the one day Katsuki decides to switch up his routine is the day he’d run into Shouto. Katsuki’s side of the booth faces the front door, so he sees the couple while Deku does not, too preoccupied with the delicious dessert in front of him. Katsuki’s fork stops moving on the plate and he just stares, wide-eyed, in awe at how beautiful Shouto looks, but also in despair at the fact that Shouto’s on a date with his new boyfriend, the man that replaced Katsuki.

Deku notices Katsuki staring off into the distance and turns to see what he’s looking at. His heart sinks. His heart drops even lower when Shouto and Inasa are being led over towards them, to be seated in the booth right next to theirs. Shouto stops walking when he notices Katsuki, stares down at the blonde in the same panicked, frozen way that Katsuki’s staring up at him from his booth. Inasa is a few paces away when he notices Shouto isn’t following him and the server anymore, and that’s when he, too, notices what’s going on.

No one speaks for a good minute. The server stays quiet, not sure what to do, what to say. The whole world knows about these pro heroes, and the people at this restaurant are especially in-the-know about what goes on in pro heroes’ public and private lives, since most of their clientele consists of high-profile pro heroes. Finally, Shouto breaks the silence with maniacal laughter. He laughs and laughs and laughs until he’s crying hysterically. Katsuki stands up but doesn’t move forward. His jaw is slack, mouth open and shocked.

Suddenly, Shouto’s throwing himself at Katsuki, holding onto him as he sobs, and Katsuki wraps his arms around Shouto just as quickly. Shouto looks up at Katsuki, eyes red, teary, “I can’t believe you never called me.”

Katsuki notices everyone in the restaurant staring at them, “Let’s go talk about this outside, okay?”

Inasa sits down alone at the booth he was supposed to be sharing with Shouto, and Deku is left alone at the booth he was sharing with Katsuki. As Katsuki leaves, Deku calls after him, “K-Kacchan…?” but Katsuki doesn’t even glance in his direction. He just leaves with Shouto and they sit down at a bench in front of the restaurant. Shouto holds onto Katsuki for dear life and Katsuki does the same, looking down at what he now knows is the fucking love of his life.

“It’s been half a year…half a year without you…” Shouto says, expression pained.

Katsuki nods. He doesn’t know what the fuck to say.

“Do you have anything to say to me? Anything at all?” Shouto slaps Katsuki’s chest, sitting up to properly look into those crimson eyes.

Katsuki runs a hand through his blonde locks, “Fuck, I don’t know, Shouto…I wasn’t exactly expecting to run into you today, y’know.”

Finally, Katsuki settles on, “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Shouto says, voice soft and vulnerable.

“Fuck,” Katsuki scrubs his hands down his face.

“Katsuki…” Shouto moves one of his legs onto Katsuki’s lap, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Katsuki admits, distracted by Shouto’s leg rubbing against his crotch every so often, “always.”

“Then let’s try again,” Shouto’s face is inches away from Katsuki’s.

Katsuki shakes his head, “Just because we love each other, doesn’t mean we’re good for each other.”

Shouto stands up and folds his arms, “Screw good! I want you, Bakugou Katsuki, and that’s all that matters. I fucking love you so much and you love me too, and you’re telling me we can’t be together because, what, we’re bad for each other!?”

Shouto starts pacing back and forth, biting his cuticles as he waits for Katsuki to speak.

“Calm down,” Katsuki sighs, standing, “I just…I never wanted to hurt you, Shouto. And that’s all our relationship became. You hurting me. Me hurting you. It fucking sucked.”

“Well you’re hurting me now!” Shouto screams, grabbing onto the front of Katsuki’s shirt.

“No, I’m just not giving you what you want. Stop being a fucking brat like you always fucking are, Shouto, goddammit,” Katsuki grabs Shouto’s wrists, trying to pry his hands off of his shirt.

Shouto refuses to let go, “Then at least fuck me. I’ve missed your cock so much, Katsuki.”

Katsuki laughs, “What, Inasa’s hasn’t been enough for you?”

Shouto rolls his eyes, “No one’ll ever compare to you. You know that.”

“Even…” Katsuki doesn’t have to ask his question for Shouto to understand what he means.

Shouto’s arms fall to his sides and he looks away, stays silent.

Katsuki nods, offended, “That’s what I thought. You know what Shouto? That’s why our relationship never fucking worked.”

“I know,” Shouto looks into Katsuki’s crimson’s eyes, reaches for his hand but the blonde moves away before Shouto’s skin can touch his, “I’m sorry.”

“Well, Deku’s probably waiting for me…” Katsuki sighs.

“Don’t go,” Shouto grabs his arm.

“This,” Katsuki points to himself and then Shouto, “isn’t going to work for me anymore. I can’t always be somebody’s number two. And anyone who gets with you is always going to be number two.”

The words cut into Shouto like shards of glass. He’s still holding onto Katsuki’s arm, and Katsuki’s not moving. There’s a deep love between the two, and neither of them want to leave this moment, as much as it hurts, because they’re together, because the one they love is standing right in front of them. In this moment, both men would like to think that’s enough, but it simply isn’t. The fighting, the jealousy, and the agonizing pain won’t go away. Everything will just be more of the same, and it won’t work out all over again.

Shouto moves into Katsuki’s space, touches their noses together, looks deep into his eyes. They stay like that for a moment, Katsuki’s hands coming to hold onto Shouto’s elbows, Shouto’s arms wrapping around Katsuki’s torso. When Shouto speaks, Katsuki can feel his hot and cold breath on his lips, “I love you.”

Katsuki lets out a small, sardonic laugh, “Love isn’t always enough.”

“Fuck,” tears stream down Shouto’s face.

He walks away from Katsuki and covers his face, bends over and holds onto his sides. He feels like he could be sick. Everything hurts so much right now, physically, mentally and emotionally.

They’ve been talking for twenty minutes and Katsuki knows if he doesn’t leave now, then he never will. He’ll get sucked back into the whirlwind that is Todoroki Shouto and the storm will devour him, leaving him completely destroyed. Katsuki can’t go back to being hurt and angry all the time. He was no longer a man but a monster, and he hurt Shouto. He can’t forgive himself for that.

“I really have to go, Shouto…” Katsuki sighs.

Shouto comes back over to Katsuki, looping his arms around the man’s neck. Their bodies press up against one another, Shouto’s legs slotted between Katsuki’s, their chests touching. Shouto’s lips barely touch Katsuki’s. They’re staring into each other’s eyes again, like lovesick fools, like madmen. Shouto’s fingers rest at the base of Katsuki’s neck, settling into the bottom of his blonde, spiky hair. He’s gotten it cut since they’ve last seen one another. Katsuki’s face looks a little older, a little more mature. He’s even grown a bit taller in six months.

“Stay,” Shouto whispers, still crying softly.

Katsuki doesn’t say anything.

“Don’t leave me.”

Katsuki’s brows knit together and his breathing becomes uneven.

“Please,” Shouto’s voice sounds pitiful, unlike anything Katsuki’s ever heard from him.

Katsuki closes his eyes. He doesn’t want to be here anymore.

“I love you,” Shouto says for the third time.

Suddenly they’re kissing. Tongues enter mouths and teeth bite down on lips, greedily, desperately. Shouto backs Katsuki up until he’s pressed up against the outer wall of the restaurant. Katsuki feels a wetness against his cheeks. Shouto’s crying. He’s still fucking crying. Katsuki wants to hold Shouto and tell him he loves him, tell him everything’s going to be okay and that they’re going to get married and adopt some brats together. But that’s a lie, so Katsuki can’t bring himself to do anything other than kiss back with everything he’s got.

“I love you,” Shouto whimpers as they kiss. He says the three words over and over, with such a desperate tone to his voice, so unlike Todoroki Shouto. It makes Katsuki nervous. Still, he can’t stop kissing him. The feeling of Shouto’s lips against his is magic. He feels like he’s been dead for six months and only now is he remembering what it means to be alive. He grabs at Shouto’s ass, at his hips, his thighs. Katsuki wants more, so much more. Realistically, he knows he shouldn’t. He should push Shouto off of him right now and fucking run in the other direction with Deku, but nothing—nothing in this world—feels as right as kissing Shouto does.

“Baby…” Katsuki moans into the kiss, losing himself.

“You’re mine,” Shouto whines, still desperately kissing at Katsuki’s lips, “You always will be.”

He’s definitely right.

“K-Kacchan…?” Katsuki hears a sad squeak that can only be Deku’s voice.

He separates from Shouto and looks to the side to see Deku and Inasa standing in front of the restaurant entrance. Deku looks heartbroken and on the verge of tears. Inasa looks enraged, like he’s going to throw punches at Katsuki. And he does. With a loud roar, Inasa charges between Shouto and Katsuki, grabbing the blonde roughly by his hair. He cocks his fist backwards and is about to give Katsuki a nasty black eye, but Shouto stops him, grabbing a hold of his arm.

“Stop! Don’t hit him!” he yells.

Inasa obeys, releasing Katsuki with a shove.

Deku runs over to Katsuki and wraps his arms around one of Katsuki’s, leaning his head on the blonde’s shoulder. Inasa holds one of Shouto’s hands, still glaring angrily at Katsuki. Shouto looks like he wants to say something, like he has unfinished business with Katsuki, and he does. He definitely does. Katsuki wants to know what Shouto’s been doing for the past for six months. He just wants to keep hearing Shouto’s voice, but their time’s up. They went back to their crazy little world for a few minutes, but it’s over. Reality calls.

“Let’s go, Shouto,” Inasa grunts, pulling Shouto away with him.

Shouto looks back at Katsuki the whole time, until he gets into Inasa’s car and they drive away. Deku looks up at Katsuki once they’re gone, tears in his eyes, his entire body trembling.

“Fuck, Deku, I’m sorry,” Katsuki sighs, bringing both of Deku’s hands into his own.

Deku sniffles, but puts on a big smile, “N-No, it’s okay. I’m sure seeing him brought back a lot of unresolved emotions.”

Katsuki leans down and pecks Deku’s lips, “Let’s go home.”

Deku nods, trying his best to keep smiling.

By the time they return to Katsuki’s apartment, it’s pretty late. Deku starts to make dinner a few hours after they get home. Katsuki looks over some paperwork in his office. The house is quiet. The ride home was quiet too. There’s nothing that can be said. Deku doesn’t know if he should pretend like nothing happened or ask Katsuki if he’s alright or tell Katsuki that seeing him kiss Shouto really fucking hurt.

Katsuki’s just as lost. His mind is replaying his kiss with Shouto over and over. It’s all he can think about. He knows he should be consoling Deku and apologizing to him profusely for just leaving him at the table like that to go make-out with Shouto. But he can’t bring himself to say the words. He can’t bring himself to say anything. He just keeps checking his phone, scrolling to his texts with Shouto, to the pictures he and Shouto took together so many months ago when things were good. He desperately wants to text Shouto and tell him he’s changed his mind, that he’ll move back in with him, that they’ll be together again. But he can’t fucking do that.

Katsuki turns his phone off altogether to remove the temptation. Eventually, Deku comes into the office and tells Katsuki that dinner’s ready. He can tell that Deku’s upset, but the freckled boy is too considerate to ever say anything about it to Katsuki. Katsuki wishes he could just love Deku and forget about Shouto. Deku’s the sweetest, kindest person he’s ever known, and he’s been an avid supporter of Katsuki since elementary school. Even when Katsuki used to dunk his head in the school toilets and give him wedgies.

They eat dinner mostly in silence. A few attempts at small talk are made, but all of the conversations eventually die out and the deafening quiet returns. Deku cleans up the dishes, rinses them and loads them into the dishwasher. Katsuki comes up behind the shorter man once he’s closed the dishwasher and wraps his arms around him, leaning down with a relaxed sigh. Deku places his hands on one of Katsuki’s, looking down at the floor. He’s glad Katsuki can’t see his face because he feels like crying again, and all of his features wobble and shake as he tries to hold in his tears.

“I haven’t been very good to you, have I?” Katsuki hums, resting his chin on the top of Deku’s head.

“You’ve been more than good to me, Kacchan,” Deku means it. To be able to forgive him for destroying his relationship with Shouto…and to even give Deku the affection he’s always craved from him…for that, Deku thinks Katsuki is amazing.

Katsuki kisses Deku’s hair, “I bullied you in middle school because I thought you were cute, y’know.”

Deku cranes his neck to look up at Katsuki, “Really?”

“Yeah,” he smirks, “I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings back then.”

Deku giggles, “You still don’t know how to deal with your feelings, Kacchan.”

Katsuki laughs back, “You’re right about that.”

“Are you happy, Kacchan?”

“When I’m with you?” he asks for clarification.

Deku nods.

“Of course,” Katsuki leans down to kiss Deku’s lips.

When they separate, Deku bites his bottom lip and makes a troubled expression.

“What is it? What’s bothering you, hmm?” Katsuki runs his fingers along Deku’s throat, counts the number of freckles his fingertips pass over.

Deku shakes his head and smiles, but the tears falling down his cheeks give him away. He keeps shaking his head and smiling, trying so, so hard to hold in his sobs. He doesn’t want to make everything about him. He doesn’t want to make Katsuki worry about him while Katsuki himself is hurting. It isn’t fair. After what he did, he doesn’t feel like he deserves to be upset.

“Hey,” Katsuki turns Deku around so that they’re facing each other, “I’m sorry for leaving you like that at the restaurant. It wasn’t fair to you.”

Deku leaps into Katsuki’s arms and kisses him. Easily, Katsuki carries Deku to their bedroom and they have sex. Deku wants to believe Katsuki loves him, and maybe he even does, but he knows Katsuki will always love Shouto more. And that kills Deku inside. It’s the same way Katsuki feels about Shouto and Endeavor. Being someone’s number two hurts so much, but the question is: does it hurt more to be number two, or to cut all ties with the one you love? Katsuki’s still trying to figure out the answer to that question.

Chapter Text

There’s banging at the front door, but it sounds muffled, no louder than a heartbeat. Shouto’s body feels like jelly, like it’s floating in space, far, far away from earth. He’s hanging off of his bed, his oldest brother lying next to him smoking a cigarette. The black-haired man looks down at his practically catatonic little brother and flicks his forehead.

“Hey, you gonna get that?” he says calmly.

Shouto doesn’t respond, just offers a lazy smile. His eyes are barely open, and the portions of his eyes that can be seen are fully white, Shouto’s irises rolled up into his head. He’s completely out of it. The banging on the front door only gets louder and louder, but to Shouto it’s nothing more than the sound of a slightly elevated pulse. Finally, Dabi’s had it with the incessant knocking and gets up to answer the door.

As soon as he turns the knob, Inasa storms into the apartment, pushing past Dabi angrily.

“Sure, come on in,” Dabi takes another puff of his cigarette.

“Fuck. Fucking shit,” Inasa raises his arms and lowers them in frustration when he sees the state Shouto’s in.

Dabi stands in the doorway to the bedroom, leaning on the doorframe.

Inasa had the displeasure of meeting Dabi a few weeks ago. He came over to surprise Shouto with dinner one night, but to his surprise, the front door was left unlocked and Shouto and Dabi were busy getting high in Shouto’s bedroom. Inasa wasn’t surprised to find Shouto doing drugs again. Not one bit. But he was surprised to find Shouto doing drugs with a villain in his home. Though, he’s not sure why, considering where Shouto was when he first found him months ago.

Either way, to get Inasa not to turn Dabi over to the police right then and there, Shouto confessed to him that “Dabi” is really Todoroki Touya, Shouto’s eldest brother. That sure threw Inasa for a loop. Shouto looked at Inasa with these big, pleading eyes and begged him to keep his secret. So, begrudgingly, he did, because he’s weak when it comes to Shouto.

“What the fuck did you give him!?” Inasa shouts, voice loud enough to cause avalanches.

Dabi just shrugs, “Whatever he asked for.”

Inasa grabs Dabi by the front of his shirt and shakes him, “You tell me what you gave him right fucking now!”

Dabi smirks and lets out a calm laugh, “Heroin. He’s been really into it lately.”

“You’re really giving this shit to your little brother, huh?” Inasa shouts, looking back over at Shouto. He hasn’t stirred even though Inasa’s yelling at the top of his lungs.

Dabi rolls his eyes, “Relax, he’s fine.”

“He’s not fucking fine. He hasn’t been showing up to work, and look at him,” Inasa releases Dabi and gestures to Shouto practically falling off of his bed, “he’s so fucking out of it, and he’s lost so much weight, not to mention the fucking holes in his arms! You’re destroying him!”

“I’m not doing shit. He does whatever the fuck he wants. It’s not my fault just because I supply him the drugs,” Dabi shrugs.

“You’re unbelievable, you know that? I don’t turn you in to the police because you’re his brother, because he begged me not to, but you deserve to rot in prison, you really do. Just get the fuck out of here. I’ll take care of him from here,” Inasa shifts Shouto so that he’s actually laying on his bed.

Dabi waves lazily and leaves the apartment, bringing his stash of highly illegal drugs with him.

Enji’s been texting and calling Shouto a lot, asking him why he hasn’t shown up to his hero patrol shifts or to the office. Luckily, Inasa caught the first texts asking where Shouto had been and questioned Shouto about it. The peppermint haired boy shrugged off Inasa’s questions and told him not to go through his phone, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. Ever since Shouto ran into Katsuki at that restaurant weeks ago, he’s started using again. Inasa knew, and so he covered for Shouto to Endeavor, but he can only cover for him for so long. It’s been a full week since Shouto’s properly shown up to his shifts at Endeavor’s hero agency.

Inasa looks down at Shouto, at the man who couldn’t possibly be the Todoroki Shouto he’s known for all these years, sprawled out on his bed, eyes rolled up into his head, drool at his chin. He’s lost so much weight, so much muscle. He’s so skinny now. And there are several holes in his arm from stabbing needles into his veins. Heroin. Dabi’s been giving him heroin, and by the look of things, lots of it.

“Hey,” Inasa lightly smacks Shouto’s face.

He doesn’t move even an inch.

“Shouto…” Inasa shakes him, worried.

Still, Shouto shows no signs of consciousness other than his slow, steady breathing.

“Hey, wake the fuck up!” Inasa slaps Shouto hard across the face.

Finally, he opens his eyes. He looks at Inasa in a way that’s really unfocused, like he’s not actually looking at Inasa. He sees him, but his brain isn’t processing anything. Inasa holds Shouto in his arms and curses to himself. He knows it’s time for a change, and if that means having to force Shouto to change…. then he’s willing to do it. Shouto might end up hating him for it, but Inasa just wants Shouto better. He picks Shouto up and carries him in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Shouto,” he sighs before leaving the apartment.

He brings him to the only man he knows will be able to get Shouto the help he needs. Endeavor. Enji is horrified when Inasa carries his son into his home, Shouto’s body limp and nearly lifeless. Inasa has to explain what’s been going on for the past few weeks and ends up enduring an angry lecture from Endeavor about covering for Shouto for so long. All Inasa can do is apologize. He had no idea the situation was this bad. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. He wonders if this is what Katsuki dealt with all the time.

That night, Enji gets Shouto signed up for a rehab program at one of the nicest, most luxurious rehab facilities in the country. Inasa offers to help with the process before heading home for the night, though Enji tells the younger man that he will handle it, that he’ll take care of his son. It’s two in the morning and Enji’s just sitting in Shouto’s old room, holding him in his arms, fighting the urge to weep for the first time in so many years. His precious boy…he did this to him. He made him this way, this self-destructive, this miserable.

“My son…” Enji sobs into the silent night air, “My beloved son…”

Shouto stretches a bit and croaks out a very hoarse, “D-Daddy…?”

“Rest,” Enji murmurs, stroking Shouto’s silky hair.

Shouto doesn’t wake up until the middle of the day, and Enji lets him sleep. It’ll be a good while before Shouto’s fully functional and sober again. Rei never notices that Shouto’s home and Enji never tells her. She leaves to run errands early in the morning and says she’ll be gone all day, which proves to be convenient for Enji. It’d be too complicated to have to try and explain this whole fucked up situation to Rei right now. Once Shouto’s settled into his rehab program, then Enji will tell her that her beloved youngest son is addicted to hardcore drugs. But not now. Enji’s barely holding it together right now.

Shouto wakes up very confused. He’s not sure why he’s at his parents’ house or in his old room or why his head hurts so fucking much. He looks down at his arms. Oh. That’s right. He’s been doing drugs nonstop for weeks now thanks to Dabi. When he tries to sit up, it’s difficult. His body’s fighting him, begging for him to stay in bed a while longer. But, nonetheless, he gets up and looks around the house. It’s just his father who’s at home. When Shouto walks into his father’s study, Enji looks like he’s seen a terrifying specter, with the way his eyes widen and his jaw drops.

“What happened?” Shouto groans. His voice is barely there. Has he been screaming? Shouto has no clue. Maybe he went clubbing too much or something.

Enji stands up from his desk and pulls Shouto into a frantic hug. He holds onto him for way too long and is acting way too sentimental. Shouto doesn’t get it, but it puts him on edge. Why’s his father being so emotional?

“Let’s go sit in the living room, Shouto,” Enji says very gently, leaving an arm around Shouto’s waist as he leads the boy into the family living room.

They sit down and Enji explains what happened.

“Oh, shit. Sorry you had to deal with that,” Shouto says like it isn’t a big deal and starts to stand up, “Well, we have work today, right? We should head out.”

Enji shakes his head, places a hand on Shouto’s thigh, “Sit down, Shouto.”

“Why are you being weird?” Shouto tiredly rubs his eyes.

“I called off for us both today.”

“Okay, then take me home. I have shit to get done.” That’s a lie. All Shouto wants is to call Dabi and do more drugs with him, maybe go out somewhere he shouldn’t be and do things he shouldn’t be doing.

Enji shakes his head, hand squeezing slightly at Shouto’s thigh, “I’ve…I’m not taking you home.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you right now? What are you talking about?” Shouto folds his arms.

He’s putting his guard up, like he’s about to run, and Enji can’t have him doing that. Enji decides that he’ll have to lie to him. He’ll tell Shouto he’s driving him home, but he’ll actually take him to the rehab center. There’s no other way. They’ll put him in a beautiful room that only locks from the outside and make sure Shouto stays in rehab until he’s better, even if it’s against his will. It has to be done, or else Enji’s going to have to watch his son slowly kill himself. And Enji can’t do that, even if that’s something Shouto truly wants. Enji’s always been a selfish man, even after he decided to try to become an actually decent person. He still could never face the world if he didn’t have Shouto. Shouto’s the most important thing to him.

“Fine, Shouto,” Enji sighs, “I’ll take you home.”

“Good,” Shouto follows Enji to his car.

About an hour in, Shouto starts to realize that he’s not going home. He looks around and his surroundings don’t even look like Mustafu. They’re in the mountains. Shouto looks over at his father. He wants answers. He wants to know what the fuck is going on.

“Where the fuck are we going?” Shouto asks.

Enji doesn’t answer. He doesn’t know what to say.

Shouto folds his arms and leans back in his seat, “What, have I caused you so much trouble that you’re going to take me out into the mountains where no one can hear me scream when you kill me?”

“Shouto, I’d never do that. You know that,” Enji’s hurt that Shouto would even think something so horrible. But he also can’t fault him. There was a time where Enji would threaten to do things like that, after all.

“Then where. The. Fuck. Are. We. Going!?” Shouto grips his seat anxiously.

Enji shakes his head, “You just need to be patient. We’re almost there.”

Shouto brings his hands up and then lets them drop, “Fine, whatever.”

They arrive at the rehab facility. It looks beautiful from the outside, like an enormous ski lodge used for vacationing. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know it’s a rehab facility. Enji gets out of the car and comes around to Shouto’s side. He holds Shouto’s hand as they walk up to the front doors. Four staff members are waiting for them, as Enji called earlier today while Shouto was still asleep to let them know that he’d be coming today. He also told them that Shouto definitely would not go willingly with them and to be prepared for dealing with that.

“What the fuck is this?” Shouto asks, trying to yank his hand free.

Enji holds on tighter, “Shouto, you’re going to be staying here for a while.”

Shouto looks so betrayed, his eyes wide and wild like a rabid animal’s.

The doctors and counselors greet Shouto with a smile, but he just glares at them all. They start to explain to both Enji and Shouto what’s going to happen over the next few days, but Shouto isn’t listening. He’s just looking around at his surroundings, wondering how he can get away. The whole time, Shouto’s trying to pry his father’s hand off of him. Enji’s shifted to firmly holding Shouto’s forearm. No matter what, Shouto can’t get free of his father’s grasp, and he’s reminded of his pathetic childhood, when Enji would grab him and yank him around like he was nothing more than a pliant doll.

With the way Shouto’s struggling, Enji tells the staff that he’ll bring Shouto inside and help put him into his room. They all nod and agree that that’s a good idea. Shouto starts trying to pull his father back towards the car. He jumps and stomps and kicks at Enji’s legs. He’s screaming and crying and shouting for Enji to take him home. But Enji doesn’t let go and he doesn’t take Shouto back to the car. It hurts him to see his son acting like this, but he has to persevere. He can’t coddle Shouto right now. Right now, Shouto needs someone to force him in the right direction or else he’s going to throw his life into the trash.

“Shouto, stop,” Enji says calmly as they struggle to walk down the hallway.

Shouto tries to freeze Enji’s hand, but Enji melts the ice easily with his hellflame quirk, raising the temperature of his skin. Shouto keeps trying until he’s exhausted from using his quirk so much. Still, he tries to use his fire. His entire left side ignites, and the flames come dangerously close to the ceiling of the rehab facility. The facility is meant to be able to withstand patients trying to use their quirks to escape or lash out, but it gets a bit trickier when the patient’s quirk is as powerful as Shouto’s.

“I’ll burn this whole place down!” Shouto screams, his face a mess of tears and snot.

“Stop, Shouto!” Enji shouts, grabbing onto both of his son’s arms and shaking him.

“No! Take me home! Take me home now!” he shrieks, kicking at Enji’s thighs.

The doctors bring a quirk-resistant straight jacket into the hallway to make it easier to get Shouto to cooperate. It takes four people and Enji to get the jacket onto Shouto. Three of the staff members walk away from the exchange with fairly severe burns on their hands and arms. But thanks to the jacket, Enji gets Shouto into his room and is able to set him down on the king-sized bed. The room looks just like a luxury hotel suite for one, except for the fact that it has no windows and has no doorknob on the inside. Shouto still kicks at Enji as he sits on the bed, but he’s calmed down a little bit, mostly because he’s tired after fighting against his father for so long. He never was any match for the man.

All of the staff leave to give Enji and Shouto some privacy before Enji heads back home and leaves Shouto here for a few months.

“Fuck you!” Shouto spits at him, “After all you’ve done, you’re doing this to me too!? Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! I don’t want to see your fucking face ever again! I hope you die!” Shouto screams between sobs.

“I’m sorry, Shouto,” Enji leans down and wipes a few tears from Shouto’s face, “I just want you to get better. You have a problem with drugs, and I can’t watch you kill yourself.”

Shouto lays back onto the bed, his legs hanging off. Enji sits down next to him and caresses his thigh, trying his best to be comforting.

“I love you so much, Shouto,” Enji’s voice shakes as he speaks, “I love you more than anything else in this world. Please, please…know that I love you.”

Shouto sits up and buries his face into his father’s chest. He cries. Enji cries. They stay like that for three minutes before Shouto’s leaning back and looking at his father with want.

He whispers to the man, “Fuck me before you go.”

Enji swallows nervously and whispers even quieter, “Shouto, don’t say that here. They could be listening.”

Shouto laughs loudly, “Don’t want to get caught for being a pervert?”

Enji kisses Shouto’s forehead, “I’ll come visit you whenever I can, okay? I love you.”

Shouto wishes he could reach out and grab his father’s shirt, tell him not to go, but his stupid arms are locked in this restricting straight jacket. He cries as Enji leaves the room, muttering, “No…no…” mostly to himself, but also to his father. He doesn’t want to be left alone in this facility. He doesn’t want his father to leave him here. He wants Enji to hold him and fuck him and tell him everything’s going to be okay even if it isn’t.

Enji can hear Shouto screaming as he walks down the facility hallways. Shouto’s screaming and crying, “Daddy!” over and over, the syllables of the world long and drawn out. It’s painful for Shouto and Enji, but this had to be done. After speaking with the rehab counselors and doctors that are going to do their best to help Shouto, Enji gets in his car. He turns the engine on. He takes the car out of park. And he sits there with his foot on the brake. He sits there for ten minutes and that turns into twenty minutes, and he weeps.

Even from his car, he can still hear Shouto screaming for him, so loud that Shouto’s throat is becoming raw. His voice cracks and goes away altogether sometimes. He sits there for a good half an hour, just listening to Shouto desperately calling for him. Every part of him wants to go back in there, pick up his son, and take him home. But he can’t. He can’t do it. Enji tightens his grip on the steering wheel, finds his resolve, and drives away.


Rehab proves to be extremely difficult for Shouto for a number of reasons. First, the obvious ones: no drugs, no alcohol, no contact with the outside world, spare his once a week call to Enji and sometimes Inasa. But Shouto needs sex. He desperately wants to get fucked, and, really, he wants it to be from someone who knows how to give it to him just how he likes it. But he’ll have to make do with the situation he’s got, so some nights, Shouto gets fucked by one of the handsome security guards that patrols the facility halls at night. It wasn’t hard to seduce the man at all. All Shouto had to do was wink at him and lick his lips and the man was putty in his hands.

Every Friday morning, Shouto calls his father. Sometimes, he’ll call Inasa too, but he mainly just calls Enji, just to hear his voice, imagine his touch, imagine running his fingers through that soft red hair and staring into those deep, deep blue eyes.

“Daddy…” Shouto purrs in a way that doesn’t sound much like a son speaking to his father, “I miss you so, so, much.”

Enji and Shouto both know that the staff at the rehab facility monitor the calls, so it always makes Enji nervous when Shouto toes the line of what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

“I miss you too, Shouto,” Enji says, clearing his throat.

“Then let me come home.”

“You know I can’t do that. Not until you finish your program.”

“I feel like I’m gonna go nuts in here. Every day is so fucking boring,” Shouto sighs, twisting a lock of his hair between his index finger and thumb.

 “When you finish your program, I’ll take you out for a nice dinner and buy you anything you want.”

“Anything?” Shouto smirks.


“Come visit me sometime.”

“I’ll be coming next weekend. Inasa wants to come with me.”

Shouto shakes his head even though his father can’t see him, “No, only you. I only want to see you.”

“Shouto, he’s your boyfriend. He misses you. He’s worried about you. Did you forget what state you were in last time he got to see you?”

“Just tell him I’m not ready to see him yet, okay?” Shouto sighs.

“Fine. Whatever you want, Shouto.”

“Well, I have to go to a group therapy session now, so I’ll see you next weekend. Love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, Shouto.”

The week drags on. Shouto goes to meetings, therapy sessions, check-ups and everything else that he’s regularly scheduled to participate in during his rehab. It’s boring. He’s been in rehab for two weeks now and he gets the point. Drugs are bad. They’ll ruin your life, your loved one’s lives, and eventually kill you. He gets it.

Enji shows up when he said he would. Shouto hugs him for much too long, drinking in the comforting smell of his father’s cologne. They talk. Enji tells him how Rei took the news about Shouto being checked-in to rehab. She was supportive, but obviously sad and worried for her son. Shouto wouldn’t have expected anything less from his kindhearted mother.

Enji also tells Shouto that media outlets are reporting on Shouto’s long break from hero work, but all news reporting on Shouto’s break from work list it as being for “unknown reasons.” At least the whole world doesn’t know just how big of a drug addict Shouto is—or maybe was, he’s not sure if he’s cured just yet.

Shouto isn’t even sure that he wants to be cured. Drugs send him to a place unlike anything in this world. The only other time he’s ever felt the same way he does when he’s doing drugs is…when he’s with Katsuki. Getting fucked by him or kissing him or just talking to him. For a while, after high school, things were really good. Shouto and Katsuki went on dates and they didn’t argue all the time. Shouto would spend the night at Katsuki’s place and eat dinner with him and his family, and then Katsuki would fuck him just right, sending Shouto high above the city, cars, people, above everything with just his embrace. But Shouto had to go and wreck all of that because he can’t just function normally like most people do.

One Monday morning, during Shouto’s fourth week in rehab, he’s told he has a visitor. No one mentioned anything about visiting during his Friday calls. Not Enji. Not Inasa. So Shouto wonders who the hell could be here to see him. Guests and patients get to meet in this beautiful little courtyard filled with tables. It’s currently autumn, so the trees planted in the courtyard are filled with yellow, red, and orange leaves. It’s a beautiful sight to see, really.

But nothing’s more beautiful than what Shouto sees when he steps out into the courtyard to meet his guest.

Maybe it’s because he’s been confined in this stuffy, boring place for so long, or because he’s been getting minimal human physical contact, or maybe it’s just because he’s a lovesick fool. But when Shouto lays eyes on that tall, blonde man sitting at one of the round courtyard tables, Shouto feels like he’s never seen a more beautiful creature. As soon as they notice one another, Katsuki stands up and Shouto starts running to him. He leaps into Katsuki’s arms, wrapping his legs around his torso amorously. Immediately, Shouto begins to sob into Katsuki’s shoulder. That’s when he realizes that nothing in the world compares to this feeling.

“I missed you so much,” Shouto hiccups.

“I missed you too.”

Chapter Text

When Katsuki first heard about Shouto taking a break from hero work, he knew something was wrong. The tabloids knew nothing about why Shouto was taking a vacation, and that’s what let Katsuki know that something was definitely wrong. Begrudgingly, he called Endeavor. He had no other choice. Because he was worried. Because he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he knew Shouto was going to be okay and that there was nothing for him to worry about. But when he spoke to Endeavor on the phone, it didn’t sound like Shouto was very “okay.”

Katsuki thought about the situation for weeks after speaking with Endeavor. He wanted to go visit Shouto in rehab and see how he was doing, but he also was at a good place with Deku and didn’t want to wreck that. Or maybe he did. He didn’t fucking know. Deku was some kind of special to him but not quite the type of special that Shouto was and always will be. The kind of special that drives you crazy in the best way and changes your whole mind, penetrates your very core.

So Katsuki decided to go. And now here he is, looking at the most beautiful person in the world. Shouto’s wrists are bruised and so are his lips—Of course a knockout like Shouto would find someone to make-out with even in rehab—and his hair is a bit tousled, unkempt, but Katsuki’s always thought it looks good like that. Shouto’s eyes are red and puffy from crying, but he’s still so enchanting like a being from an entirely different solar system.

He wipes a stray tear from under Shouto’s eye with his thumb.

Shouto tenses up a bit at the contact, like a frightened puppy.

No one talks for a few minutes. Katsuki just holds onto Shouto’s hand, fingers interlacing, tracing the lines of other fingers. Katsuki wonders where his hand ends and Shouto’s begins. Finally, Katsuki breaks the silence with some sentimental bullshit. He feels like a fucking sap, but it’s fine. Because he doesn’t mind if being with Shouto makes him soft and sappy and maybe a little stupid.

“I remember the day you showed up to class high out of your mind. You were a mess, barely holding yourself together. No one else could tell, but I could. From the fucking moment you stepped into the room. And after class you leaned all over me in front of everyone and asked me to buy you ice cream. And I did. And when we got back to my room you spilled your stupid fucking ice cream all over my carpet. And I yelled at you. And we argued. About the ice cream, but mostly about drugs,” Katsuki runs his thumb over each one of Shouto’s knuckles.

Katsuki feels a lump forming in his throat, and he doesn’t understand why he’s getting so fucking emotional, “That day…” he continues, “we didn’t fuck. We just kissed and then trained in the gym and joked around like fucking idiots. For a few weeks after that, things were good, Shouto,” his voice breaks, “really fucking good. And…” he lets out a shaky breath, “I fuckin’ miss that shit.”

Shouto’s crying again, silently, tears spilling down his cheeks as he looks right into Katsuki’s eyes.

Katsuki lets go of Shouto’s hand to run his hands through his spiky blonde hair, down his face, “Fuck.”

Shouto looks down at his lap and then back up at Katsuki, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t fuckin’ apologize.”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

“Fuckin’ say something,” Katsuki’s voice sounds strained, like he’s trying to keep it together, to remember how to breathe.

Shouto doesn’t know what the hell to say.

“I—like the fucking idiot I am—actually, somewhere deep inside of me, thought we were going to get married someday,” Katsuki sighs.

“So did I,” Shouto and Katsuki lock eyes.

“We’re really bad for each other, aren’t we? Like really fucking bad.”

Shouto shrugs, “I don’t know.”

“You fucking know.”

“I don’t.”

Katsuki laughs wryly, “Y’know, whether we’re bad for each other or not, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really give you up.”

Shouto nods in agreement, “Yeah. Me too.”

“So, fuck it then,” Katsuki brings his arms up in a dramatic motion, “let’s just get fuckin’ married.”

Shouto’s eyes widen, “What…?”

Katsuki pulls a small box out of his pocket, opens it and reveals a simple silver ring, “I’ve had this fuckin’ thing for over a year now. That’s how much of a goddamn idiot I fucking am, Shouto.”

Shouto’s left speechless for a solid minute.

Katsuki sets the box with the ring on the table and Shouto picks it up, examines it. It’s a high-quality ring, and it even has the words “I fucking love you” engraved inside the ring’s silver band. The ring is the correct size for Shouto’s finger and everything. Shouto admires the shiny piece of jewelry and the way it looks around his ring finger. He wants to see one around Katsuki’s too and hold hands with him while they’re both wearing them.

“What about Deku? What about Inasa? What about my father?” Shouto finally comes back to reality, “What about our jobs and the media and my addictions and your anger issues and—

Katsuki leans across the table and kisses Shouto to shut him the fuck up.

Shouto just stares at the blonde.

“Fuck it,” Katsuki shrugs, “Fuck it all.”

Shouto blinks once, twice.

“Honestly, I just don’t give a shit anymore. I want you, and that’s about all I know. The rest I don’t give a fuck about.”

Shouto starts laughing and then so does Katsuki.

“So,” Katsuki smirks just slightly, “are you gonna fuckin’ marry me or what?”

Shouto nods rapidly, “Yes. Yes I am.”

They stand up and embrace. Katsuki picks Shouto up and spins him around a few times, and they laugh and smile, and things feel like they might be okay for just a second. They catch up for an hour after that, talking about what to do next. Shouto says he’ll call Inasa and break things off with him. Katsuki says he plans on breaking up with Deku too. They’re ready to fully commit to one another. Well, Katsuki is. He has been for a long time. Shouto’s nearly there, but of course, that man is still holding him back. They’ll deal with that when they need to. It will all probably turn out fine. Probably.

Eventually, Katsuki gets a call from work and he has to go, which makes Shouto a little sad. Katsuki promises to pick Shouto up when he’s finished his rehab program, says he’ll move back into their apartment and then they’ll be fucking engaged. He gives Shouto a sensual kiss before he goes, groping on Shouto’s ass and thighs, tongue thoroughly exploring the cavern that is Shouto’s mouth. Then they say goodbye. And Katsuki’s without Shouto once again.

The drive home is long, leaving Katsuki plenty of time to think about what exactly he’s going to tell Deku. He left without telling Deku where he was going. It’s not fair to him, really. Even though Deku’s done some…regrettable things, he’s a good person, and he’s been good to Katsuki. But Katsuki’s in love with Shouto and not Deku. And that’s just how it is.

One two-hour drive later, Katsuki arrives home to his apartment, where Deku is currently making dinner on this calm Sunday afternoon. It hurts Katsuki to see Deku so excitedly cooking for him, so domestic and comfortable like his life with Katsuki ever could’ve lasted. Like he believes that what he and Katsuki have is real love. Somewhere inside, Katsuki really wishes it was real love. But it isn’t. Deku is a refreshing smoothie, a little bit sweet and definitely full of nutrients. But Shouto…Shouto is a euphoric high from some kind of drug that hasn’t even been invented yet. And maybe drugs are bad for you, but nothing ever quite compares to the pure bliss you feel when you’re doing them, even if you try to get sober.

“You were gone for most of the day,” Deku says over dinner. Not accusatory, just an observation.

But the look Katsuki gives him is telling enough.

Deku swallows, “Was it a-anything important? Anything interesting to tell?”

Katsuki sighs, puts his silverware down, and looks Deku in the eyes, “I’m sure you’ve read the articles. Seen the news. Right?”

Deku’s brows knit together, like he doesn’t want to believe it, “So…you went to see him.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki responds, even though Deku wasn’t asking.

“How was he?”

“Like you care,” Katsuki rolls his eyes, getting up from the table, “you don’t have to pretend like you care about him, Deku.”

Deku follows Katsuki and grabs him by the arm, “I do care, Kacchan. Because he’s someone you care about, so I care.”

It hurts for Katsuki to hear Deku say something like that. It makes all of this so much more difficult, “He’s doing fine. He’s in rehab. He’ll be finishing up his program soon.”

“O-Oh,” Deku smiles, “that’s good! We’ll have to throw him a party!”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No, Deku…I…fuck…” Katsuki doesn’t know how to say it.

Deku blinks a few times, holds onto both of Katsuki’s arms now, “Kacchan, what is it? Tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m going to marry Shouto when he gets out of rehab.”

Deku releases Katsuki and steps back a few paces, one of his hands coming up to cover his mouth, but stopping just short, suspended in the air below his chin. No matter how hard he tries, Deku can’t hold back his tears. They fall and they fall, like a never-ending waterfall, and his body is wracked with sobs. Katsuki doesn’t know what to do, so he just stands there, watching Deku break apart before him.

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“No,” Deku shakes his head, collecting himself, “you can’t help who you love, right?”

Katsuki supposes Deku knows that most of all.

Deku moves closer to Katsuki again. He doesn’t look up at him, instead he stares at Katsuki’s chest, eyelashes still wet with tear droplets. Katsuki brings a hand to the back of Deku’s neck and pushes his head into his chest, because it’s all he can do right now. He has no words to give Deku that will make him feel any better. Katsuki’s words have hurt Deku the most over the years, even more than his hands.

“You deserve someone better than me,” Katsuki eventually whispers, hands carding through Deku’s bushy, green hair.

Deku looks up at him, eyes puffy and red, “I love you and only you.”

“I know,” Katsuki winces.

“Kacchan?” Deku murmurs.


“Will you fuck me?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki leans down and kisses Deku passionately, kissing him with his whole body, grabbing at his waist greedily. Maybe this can be his parting gift to Deku.

He picks Deku up easily and they end up with Deku’s back against a wall, Katsuki rutting up against him, the two of them still kissing like air isn’t something they’ll ever need again. Deku holds onto to Katsuki’s neck, to his blonde spikes, to the space between Katsuki’s collarbones. Eventually, they make their way to the bedroom, and Katsuki drops Deku down onto the bed so hard that he bounces just a little bit. Deku’s breathing raggedly, looking up at Katsuki as he strips out of his clothes. Once he’s naked, Katsuki rips Deku free of his clothes too, literally reducing the fabric to shreds. He’s losing control just a little bit, and his explosion quirk goes off just slightly in the palms of his hands, singeing the remains of Deku’s destroyed clothes. Deku doesn’t mind. He likes watching how eager Katsuki is to fuck him.

Katsuki doesn’t even give Deku a minute before he’s stuffing his cock inside of him, violently, impatiently. Deku croons at the sensation. He’s come to like it, the feeling of Katsuki forcing his way inside, claiming Deku’s body as if he owns it. There’s no feeling in the world for Deku quite like when his body is being manhandled by Katsuki. It drives him crazy,

Katsuki pants over Deku, thrusting hard and fast, like a beast. Deku holds onto Katsuki’s shoulders tightly, digging his nails into his flesh, leaving marks. He wants to mark Katsuki so deep that it stays forever, as a reminder that Deku’s been here, that Katsuki was his for a period of time. Even if it was only a fleeting moment.

Deku digs his nails in deeper and deeper until he can feel blood against his fingers, until blood drips down from Katsuki’s shoulders and onto the bedsheets. He continues, deeper and deeper still, until Katsuki groans and winces, grabbing Deku’s arms and pinning them to the bed. Deku shrieks as Katsuki pounds into him even harder, insatiable and probably a little pissed about Deku clawing into him. Either way, it feels like heaven for Deku and he cums with a scream, his whole body tensing up around Katsuki.

Katsuki groans out a, “Fuuck…” and then cums inside of Deku, filling him until he feels so, so full. Full of his Kacchan. There’s no better feeling.

They finish and Katsuki lays down next to Deku on the bed, chest heaving and body sweaty. Deku looks over at Katsuki and stares at him with his big green eyes. Katsuki turns to look at Deku, eyes flitting from Deku’s eyes to his forehead. He can’t look Deku in the eyes for too long. Something about it hurts him. It’s probably because Deku looks at him like he’s a god or something. It makes him nervous, makes him feel bad.

“Is this goodbye?” Deku asks, voice sounding so small and melancholy.

Katsuki sighs. He doesn’t have anything to say right now.

Deku decides to just enjoy the moment and burn this memory into his mind. He wants to remember it always, remember his Kacchan like this, so intimate and vulnerable.

Eventually, it ends. Katsuki gets up and looks down at the bloodied spot on the sheets where he was lying on his back. There are droplets of his blood on other spots of the sheets too. He heads to the bathroom and examines his back. Four deep lines of cuts are between his collarbones, some blood still seeping out of them. It’ll probably lightly scar. Katsuki isn’t too worried about it. He figures Deku was overwhelmed with emotion while they were fucking, because it’ll probably be the last time they’ll be together like this.

Katsuki and Deku sit down to talk for a while, about what to do next. When Katsuki last spoke to Endeavor, he said that Shouto should be out of rehab in about a month, and that was a few weeks ago, so it’ll be any day now. Katsuki figures he should put this apartment on the market and pack everything up. He tells Deku to get all of his stuff together, tells him that he’ll help him. They go get some cardboard boxes from their local hardware store and pack all of Deku’s shit into them. Deku weeps when everything’s all packed up, because he’s a crybaby like that.

“I’ll still see you, no need to be a fuckin’ baby about it,” Katsuki rolls his eyes, because he doesn’t know how else to handle this situation.

Deku sniffles, “So, you’ll keep working at the agency with me?”

“Of course, you dumb nerd. What’d you think, I’d just fucking leave? We’re still hero partners, idiot.”

Deku smiles wide and Katsuki has to look away from that blinding happiness, “Okay, Kacchan! Partners it is!”

He helps Deku load the four cardboard boxes full of his stuff into his car. Deku leans against the driver’s side door and looks up at Katsuki. Katsuki’s eyes are slightly lidded as he stares down at the small, freckled boy below him. He leans in and stops just short of Deku’s lips. They’ve grown used to their usual routine: Katsuki walks Deku to his car and kisses him against the vehicle before he watches him drive off. Impulsively, Deku reaches his hands up and grabs Katsuki’s face, pulls him down the rest of the way and they kiss.

“Kissing you feels so good,” Deku whispers when they separate, biting his bottom lip, “I’m gonna miss it.”

Katsuki huffs, “Don’t say shit like that.”

“Are you…gonna miss kissing me too, Kacchan?”

Katsuki yanks Deku’s chin and kisses him again, roughly, hard enough to bruise his lips. He whispers huskily, voice laced with want, “I’m gonna miss fucking your cute ass.”

Deku giggles, high off of the smell of Katsuki’s cologne, “You can still fuck me, Kacchan. Whenever you want. I’m yours, you know that.”

“What’d I say?” Katsuki grabs Deku roughly by the arm, “don’t say shit like that. You’ll drive me crazy.”

Deku smirks, and somehow even his cunning grin manages to look innocent, “Maybe I want to drive you crazy, Kacchan.”

“I know you do. You’re a little shit like that,” he chuckles, “now be a good boy and get home,” Katsuki slaps Deku’s ass encouragingly.

Deku gasps, smiling, “Bye, Kacchan. See you at work tomorrow.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Katsuki waves as Deku gets in his car and drives off.

This half-assed relationship between Deku and Katsuki never could’ve lasted. Katsuki thinks they both probably knew that from the beginning.


After a week goes by, Katsuki gets a call from Endeavor, much to his displeasure. He hates the sound of the man’s voice, how deep it is, how condescending everything he says sounds. Endeavor informs Katsuki that Shouto will be released from rehab tomorrow. That doesn’t leave Katsuki much time to prepare himself, but he’ll manage. He tells Endeavor he’ll be the one to pick Shouto up, but Endeavor argues, says he wants to see his son, says he was planning on picking him up. Katsuki grumbles and is about to hang up when Endeavor suggests they just go together.

“Like I’d go anywhere with you,” Katsuki barks.

“Bakugou, I really want to see my son after his program, otherwise I’d have no problem with just you going,” Endeavor sounds like an old and tired man, which is precisely what he is.

Katsuki scoffs loudly, “Yeah, I’m sure you want to see him. You miss having him spread his legs for you whenever you want, huh? You sick, perverted old man. Why don’t you just let go already?”

Endeavor goes silent for a second.

“Oh, what? Did I strike a nerve? Pathetic,” Katsuki shakes his head.

“You know he’ll want to see me,” the old man finally says, confident.

Katsuki hates that about him, “Fine, we’ll fucking go together.”

They both’ll do anything for Shouto.

“I’ll come pick you up in the morning,” is all Endeavor says before hanging up.

Sure enough, Endeavor arrives early the next morning, before Katsuki was even expecting him. He’s not even dressed yet when Endeavor knocks at his front door. He answers the door in his boxers, rubbing at his messy hair and his tired eyes. Endeavor looks at Katsuki’s disheveled, clearly unready, state and frowns. Katsuki rolls his eyes and walks away from the massive man. Endeavor lets himself inside, shuts the front door and sits down on Katsuki’s living room sofa.

Katsuki gets dressed and ready in five minutes. He brushes his teeth and puts on his favorite cologne—one that Shouto bought for him—for when Shouto inevitably runs to hug and kiss him. Endeavor stares at Katsuki when he exits his bedroom. The blonde groans in disgust and folds his arms, “Can you stop undressing me with your eyes? I know you like to fuck young guys, but it’s frankly fucking disgusting.”

Endeavor stands up and glares at Katsuki, “I don’t look at you that way.”

“Oh, right, because I’m not your youngest son. My mistake,” Katsuki rolls his eyes, walks past Endeavor and out the front door.

Endeavor follows, closing Katsuki’s door behind him. When he gets to the parking lot of Katsuki’s apartment complex, he sees Katsuki sitting in his car, feet up on the dashboard, arms folded, face contorted into an angry scowl. This is going to be a long day.

The ride to the rehab facility is mostly quiet. Katsuki stares out the window, keeping his arms firmly folded over his chest. Endeavor focuses on driving, two hands on the steering wheel. They’re both incredibly excited to see Shouto. That’s what today’s about: Shouto. Still, there will always be this inevitable rivalry between Katsuki and Endeavor when it comes to Shouto. Endeavor knows that Katsuki is nearly the perfect partner for his Shouto, though there’s a twisted part inside of him that is undeniably jealous of the blonde. Meanwhile, Katsuki hates Endeavor with a burning passion. He hates the person that made Shouto so fucked up, that abused him for years. The person that has and probably always will stand between him and Shouto.

He remembers when they were in high school, and Shouto would show up to class with ridiculous bruises, cuts, and everything else imaginable wrong with his body. He never ratted his shithead of a father out, and Endeavor got away with fucking everything. Katsuki wants nothing more than to report Endeavor to the police for being a child molester and an abusive father, but he knows Shouto wouldn’t want that, so he refrains. Still, it’s a pleasing thought.

“So, you want to marry my son,” Endeavor says an hour and a half into the car ride.

“What?” Katsuki says, sharp and volatile.

“Shouto told me you proposed,” Endeavor clarifies.

Katsuki snaps at Endeavor, “What of it? It’s none of your damn business.”

Endeavor sighs, hands tightening on the steering wheel. He’s acting weird, “You’d better treat him well.”

Katsuki just shrugs, turning to face the window, “I will.”

Chapter Text

Shouto is overwhelmed when he sees not only Katsuki there to pick him up from his hellish stay at rehab, but also his father. He runs and pulls both of them into a hug. He hears Katsuki groan at being forced into a hug with Enji, but Shouto doesn’t care. He’s too happy right now. His two favorite people in the world are exactly what he needs right now, after being a prisoner for several months.

The doctors and counselors speak with both Enji and Katsuki for a few minutes, explaining some things about how to make sure Shouto doesn’t immediately relapse after the program, about how to keep Shouto safe and healthy. Shouto waits in the car, sits in the back so he can sit with Katsuki. Katsuki starts heading back to the car first, holding a few pamphlets. Shouto sees his father exchange a fat wad of cash with some of the doctors before returning to the car. He rolls his eyes. Enji is always paranoid about everything when it comes to Shouto.

Katsuki settles into the back with Shouto, letting the peppermint haired boy lay his head on his shoulder. There’s so much Shouto wants to say to Katsuki and so much Katsuki wants to say as well, but all of that can wait. Shouto stares at the beautiful silver ring around his finger, at the promise the small piece of jewelry holds. Possessively, Katsuki’s hand firmly grips Shouto’s thigh. Every once in a while, Shouto notices Katsuki glare menacingly at the rearview mirror, no doubt shooting his angry look at Enji. Shouto knows his father and Katsuki don’t get along well—mostly because Katsuki hates Enji—but he appreciates the fact that they both rode together to come pick him up. It must’ve taken a lot for Katsuki to get into the car with Enji.

A few minutes into the ride home, Enji speaks, “Your mother would like to have a family dinner tonight, Shouto. To welcome you back.”

Shouto groans, “I told you I didn’t want anything like that.”

“Your mother and your siblings missed you,” Enji’s voice falters just slightly, only enough for Shouto to notice it, “I missed you.”

With a sigh, Shouto agrees to dinner, “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Of course, Bakugou is invited too,” Enji says, tone strained yet even.

Shouto looks over at Katsuki, eyes begging him to say that he’ll go. Katsuki groans and rolls his eyes, looks like he’s thinking it over in his head. Shouto knows Katsuki probably wants nothing more than to be alone with him at their apartment, keeping Shouto all to himself. But Katsuki knew what he was getting himself into when he asked Shouto to marry him. The Todorokis are officially his in-laws now, so he’ll have no choice but to suffer through many, many family dinners with them. He might as well start now, right?

“Fine, whatever,” Katsuki grumbles, giving Shouto’s thigh a squeeze.

“Drop us off at my apartment first, though. I want to be able to shower and change before dinner,” Shouto commands.

“Whatever you want, Shouto,” his father obeys.

They arrive at Shouto’s apartment nearly two hours later. Enji says he’ll wait for them in the car, but Shouto tells him to go, says that Katsuki will drive him over to the Todoroki house. Enji agrees, but there’s this anxious, apprehensive look in his eyes, like he thinks something bad is going to happen if he’s away from Shouto for more than two seconds. He lingers for a few minutes, even after Shouto’s already disappeared into the luxurious apartment building, his car running but going nowhere. After ten minutes, he finally drives away, begrudgingly leaving his precious son in Bakugou Katsuki’s care.

Shouto drags Katsuki into the shower with him, because he can’t get enough of the blonde right now. It’s been months since they’ve been alone together like this, since he’s had Katsuki’s skin on his, since Katsuki’s been this close and intimate with him. They make-out in the shower, nearly fuck, but Katsuki reminds Shouto that they have a dinner to get to and have limited time. With a pout, Shouto leaves the shower without sex from Katsuki, clean but still aching for Katsuki to touch him.

Katsuki’s dressed and ready before Shouto, because that’s how it’s always been whenever they’d go out together in the past. Katsuki slaps on an outfit haphazardly and makes it look good, but Shouto wasn’t raised that way. Enji taught him to carefully maintain his body, behavior, and appearance. He taught Shouto to strive for perfection, and while Shouto doesn’t actually care about perfection all that much, he does enjoy putting together a simple yet fashionable outfit.

Once Shouto’s ready to go, hair brushed and outfit picked, he heads out the door with Katsuki. That’s when he realizes it’ll be Katsuki’s first time meeting most of his family members. Not only that, but it’ll be the first time Katsuki’s ever come to his house or eaten dinner with his family. He’s met Enji and briefly Natsuo way back in high school—not that the two got along very well—but that’s about it. He wonders if the blonde feels nervous.

Katsuki follows Shouto’s directions to his house and gapes at the building for a good few minutes when they arrive. The Todoroki estate is huge, ostentatious even, despite its traditional Japanese feel. The home Katsuki’s parents live in is pretty large on its own, but this is on a whole other level. It’s to be expected of the number one pro hero, though. Katsuki can’t say he’s surprised.

Before Katsuki leaves the car, Shouto pulls him by the front of his shirt and into a sweet kiss, “I love you,” he says, sounding supportive and reassuring.

Katsuki smirks, “I love you too.”

When they knock on the front door, Enji answers. Katsuki doesn’t hold back the nasty glare he aims at the man as he enters the house. Enji pulls Shouto into a hug and holds onto him desperately, hands wandering far too much for Katsuki’s liking. Shouto practically drowns in the comforting smell of his father’s cologne and the feel of his large hands wrapped around his much smaller body. He finds it pathetically funny that after all this man has done to him, he finds great comfort in his presence. Katsuki folds his arms and doesn’t leave Shouto’s side until Enji lets go of him.

Rei stops making dinner for a moment to come greet her son. She hugs Shouto, notably differently than Enji did. She hugs him the way a mother holds her son. She doesn’t look at him the way Enji looks at Shouto. It’s not the same. Shouto can tell that Katsuki takes notice of this. Meanwhile, his siblings pretend not to notice, and Rei genuinely doesn’t notice, because she knows nothing. Shouto hopes things will stay that way.

Rei respectfully greets Katsuki and he does his best to greet her back, but Katsuki’s never been good at putting up a front. The media often characterizes him as “rude, rough, and real” in their many articles on his hero work and private life. Rei seems to take no offense to his bristly exterior, however, and kindly ushers him inside. She’s always been too kind for her own good. After putting up with a man like Enji for years, Katsuki’s nothing for her.

Fuyumi greets her beloved brother first, with a big, emotional hug, congratulating him on his return from rehab. Shouto gives her a small smile, because he knows it’ll make her happy. She comes to greet Katsuki with the same kindness, opening her arms for a hug. Stiffly, Katsuki hugs her. He really hates hugs. Unless they’re with Shouto. Shouto’s hugs are sinfully good, like melting into a soft, beautiful cloud.

Natsuo gives Katsuki a small wave and a very obviously fake smile. Katsuki, with his hands stuffed in his pockets, nods in Natsuo’s direction, and that’s all the pleasantries those two can seem to muster for each other. Finally, Enji condescendingly pats Katsuki on the shoulder, much to Katsuki’s irritation, but he lets it slide, because he’s really, really trying to make nice with the Todorokis. He’ll do anything for Shouto. Anything. Even this bullshit.

Dinner is delicious. Most of it is spent eating, but there’s always that lull when people start to realize that the room’s quiet and try to fill it with idle talk. Rei’s the first one to speak, smiling at her son and then Katsuki, “So,” she starts, eyes glancing at Enji for just a second, “your father’s told me that you and Katsuki plan on getting married. What a beautiful ring you have on your finger, Shouto! We’re happy to contribute anything you need for the wedding. Anything you want.”

Shouto grins and thanks his mother. Katsuki continues eating because, well, he doesn’t know what to say. He forgot about the “wedding” part of getting married. The part where you plan a whole big event and invite people and show off your love in front of a huge crowd. Katsuki’s never been big on that sort of thing, so he’ll just leave it to Shouto. Though, Shouto’s never been big on that sort of thing either. Maybe they’ll just have a small ceremony.

Everyone else congratulates Shouto on his engagement too. It feels surreal. They’re really doing this. They’re really going to be married and Katsuki will be Shouto’s and Shouto will be Katsuki’s. Well…Katsuki knows that with Shouto comes Enji, because Shouto just can’t let the man go no matter what. It’s been years and Shouto’s been able to stop doing every drug but one: Todoroki Enji. Despite everything, he’s hooked on the man. One day, Katsuki hopes he might be able to come to accept that fact, but today is not that day. Just thinking about it is pissing him off.

Shouto notices Katsuki frowning more than usual and slips his hand under the table, lets his fingers dance along Katsuki’s thigh, near his crotch. Immediately, Katsuki takes a sharp inhale of air and looks over at Shouto like he’s out of his mind. And he probably is. Most things Shouto does are crazy. Katsuki knows this already, but still, right in front of his parents, his siblings? Really? Subtly, Katsuki grabs Shouto’s wrist and tries to gently move it away from his undeniably half-hard cock, but Shouto won’t budge.

Enji notices, because he knows Shouto. He knows Shouto can’t go without doing something inappropriate for too long. Otherwise, the boy would go positively mad. If it isn’t drugs, then it’s sex. He gives his son a stern look, mostly because he hates seeing his son touching another man right in front of him. But it only spurs Shouto on more, because Shouto lives to disobey his father. He loves nothing more than pissing Enji off. In his mind, an angry Enji leads to punishment, and Shouto loves to be punished by his father. Enji knows it’s his fault—all his fault—that his son has ended up this way, that Katsuki will have to deal with this kind of Shouto for the rest of his life.

However, there’s a small part of him, a tiny part deep inside of Enji that just won’t die no matter how hard he wants it to, that loves this Shouto. This Shouto that does all of these bad things because Enji’s made him to be this way, because he so desperately wants, craves, his daddy’s attention. That tiny part of Enji, that perhaps isn’t so tiny at all, is absolutely obsessed with Shouto and wants Shouto to be obsessed with him. And Shouto is obsessed with his father, undoubtedly. And perhaps that is how Enji will forever keep Shouto as his.

Enji knows he’s a selfish man. He always has been. Even when he decided to be a better man, he had one selfish desire that he simply could not completely let go of. That desire is Shouto. It’s always been Shouto. Since the day he was born, Shouto entranced Enji and wrapped the man around his finger like a damned crimson ribbon.

So now, when he watches his son grope at some other man under the table, there’s a part of him that truly hates it. There’s a part of him that wants to lock Shouto away and keep him all to himself, the rest of the world be damned. But he’s come so far, as a man, as a father, and he wants the best for Shouto, really, he does. So, he bites his tongue and does nothing more than give Shouto a look. He tells himself it’s for Bakugou’s sake, because the boy looks uncomfortable. Not because he wishes it was his thigh Shouto was touching.

Eventually, Rei starts cleaning up everyone’s dishes and the moment’s over. Shouto release’s Katsuki’s leg the second Rei walks over to them, politely asking for their empty plates. Natsuo and Fuyumi help their mother clear the table and they all stand at the sink happily cleaning dishes. Like a real family. Like a healthy family. Enji heads to his office to be alone for a moment, to collect himself and his thoughts.

With everyone else otherwise occupied, Katsuki grabs Shouto by the wrist and drags him away, out to the courtyard. They stand on the wooden porch outside, under the stars as it starts to get dark out. Katsuki folds his arms and glares at Shouto, like he’s waiting for him to speak, but Shouto doesn’t. He just gives Katsuki his usual, stoic smile, like there isn’t a thought in his head. Katsuki huffs and decides he isn’t patient enough to wait for Shouto to finally get a clue.

“Why the fuck are you grabbing my cock while we’re at dinner with your fucking family, Shouto?”

“Don’t be mad,” Shouto presses his hands to Katsuki’s chest, leaning against the man, “It’s just been so long since I’ve seen you…and being near you drives me crazy, Katsuki.”

Katsuki groans, “You’re just trying to get your father’s attention.”

Shouto hooks his arms around Katsuki’s neck and leans forward, bringing his lips to Katsuki’s ear, “You wanna fuck me while my daddy watches?” he murmurs, gaze aimed down the dark hallway that leads to the rest of the house. Shouto knows his father. Despite all of his self-righteous “atonement” talk, Todoroki Enji is still desperately infatuated with Shouto, and there’s no way he didn’t end up following Shouto and Katsuki when he realized they wandered off. Unlike with Natsuo, when Enji could just rip Shouto away from the boy and punish Natsuo for touching his property, he can’t do that with Katsuki. He’ll have to stand there and watch. He’ll have to watch someone else claim his property as theirs.

The thought sends a thrilling chill up Shouto’s spine.

Katsuki grabs Shouto’s waist and pulls him closer, because he’s a weak man, “You mean he’s watching us? Right now?”

Shouto bites down on Katsuki’s ear, stares deep down the hallway and sees two blue eyes that seem to glow in the darkness, “Yes. He most definitely is.”

“Fine,” Katsuki murmurs, “he can watch me take what’s mine.”

Shouto giggles excitedly as Katsuki starts to feel him up. With his sharp teeth, he bites down on Shouto’s neck, shoving his shirt to the side so that his teeth connect with bare flesh. Shouto moans and gyrates his hips against Katsuki’s, reaching one of his hands down to tug at Katsuki’s erection though his pants. Meanwhile, Katsuki stuffs his hands down the back of Shouto’s pants and kneads at the muscle of his ass, thoroughly exploring his body. They stay like this for some time, enjoying the feeling of each other’s clothed bodies moving together, but eventually Katsuki’s had enough.

He strips Shouto of his pants and briefs, letting both garments pool around his ankles, and pushes him up against a wooden post. Swiftly, he pulls his cock out of his pants and slaps it against Shouto’s entrance impatiently.

“Who do you belong to?” he asks, tone dark and serious.

Shouto giggles.

Katsuki grabs him by the neck and yanks him backwards, so that his lips are right by Shouto’s ear, “Who the fuck do you belong to? Answer my fucking question,” he says through gritted teeth.

Shouto cranes his neck so that he can look into Katsuki’s red eyes, reaches a hand back to card through that soft blonde hair, and whispers, “You.”

Feeling triumphant, Katsuki enters Shouto and pounds into him, eliciting loud moans from his throat. He doesn’t even care that Shouto’s other family members might hear, doesn’t even bother to cover Shouto’s mouth. He’s too busy pounding into him, too busy making a point to Enji that Shouto is his. It feels good, better than it ever has before, and Katsuki cums hard, eyes rolling up into his head for a moment from the overwhelming pleasure. Shouto cums all over the wooden post, making a goddamn mess. And Katsuki finds it fitting, because this whole thing is a mess.

It’s all already driving him crazy again.

Katsuki kisses Shouto passionately, like he loves him. Because he does. He loves him so, so much, and Shouto is his and no one else’s. Enji will learn that over time. And so will Shouto.

They clean themselves up and fix their clothes, their hair, so that they don’t look like they just fucked against a pillar when they say goodbye to Shouto’s family. Shouto wanted to leave the cum on the post, but Katsuki went to a nearby bathroom, gathered some toilet paper and cleaned the cum up. He didn’t see Enji anywhere. But, somehow, he knows Enji was watching them. He could feel it.

He also knows that Shouto did this to torture his father, because he’s twisted like that. He knows Shouto just liked it that his father was watching, that it wasn’t really about showing Enji that he now belongs to Katsuki. But he’s okay with that. Because, for Katsuki, it was about showing Enji who Shouto truly belongs to, and he’s sure it tormented Enji to have to just stand there and watch. Knowing that brings Katsuki some sick kind of comfort.

When they rejoin the Todoroki family, they’re all in the living room. Enji’s there too, sitting on the couch like that’s where he was for the past few minutes. But both Shouto and Katsuki know better. Rei smiles at her son and his fiancé, asking them where they wandered off to. Her tone is unsuspecting, lacking any sort of accusation whatsoever. When Shouto tells her that he showed Katsuki around the house, she believes him. So does Fuyumi. But Natsuo doesn’t. Though Shouto and Katsuki fixed up their appearances before reconvening with the Todorokis, Natsuo can tell. He can see the telltale signs that Shouto’s just been fucked. His perfect hair is just slightly less perfect than before, and there’s a small hickey on his neck that isn’t obvious unless one knows they’re looking for it.

Enji also knows Shouto’s lying. But Shouto and Katsuki already knew that.

Katsuki wraps his arm low around Shouto’s hip, hand conspicuously resting on his ass, possessive. He glares right at Endeavor when he speaks, “Well, thank you all for dinner. I’ve got to get Shouto home now. He’s tired.”

Rei nods and thanks them for coming.

Fuyumi does the same.

Natsuo doesn’t say anything. He can tell something’s off but isn’t sure what it is.

Enji stands and offers to walk them to Katsuki’s car. He follows the couple out, fists clenched tight, knuckles white and shaking. Katsuki doesn’t let go of Shouto the whole time they walk, and he even opens the car door and ushers Shouto inside so Endeavor can’t touch him, can’t look at his beautiful son for longer than Katsuki would like him to. Katsuki doesn’t get into the car immediately. He leans on the hood and glares up at Endeavor, eyes red and intense.

It’s time to tell this motherfucker what’s what. Katsuki’s sick of Enji preying on Shouto. He’s sick of it. Things aren’t going to just return to how they were before. Katsuki’s going to make sure of it. This is his chance.

“Did you like the way I fucked your son?” Katsuki smirks wildly, eyes nearly crazed.

Katsuki can tell that Endeavor is genuinely hurt by his words, behind the man’s furrowed brows, downturned lips, and that obnoxiously deep, booming voice of his, “As long as Shouto’s happy, then I’m happy.”

A lie. A dirty, dirty lie.

“You don’t look very happy,” Katsuki smirks.

Shouto can’t really hear them from inside the car. Their voices are muffled and Shouto wonders what they’re talking about. But he doesn’t leave the car, hoping that maybe the two men are coming to some kind of understanding.

Endeavor folds his arms, desperately trying to maintain composure.

Katsuki stands up, stepping up to Endeavor, getting dangerously close to the man, “He’s mine now, you sick fuck! If you try to lay your hands on him anymore, I’ll blow your fucking face off. I’ve put up with your bullshit for too long, because Shouto wanted me to make nice, but I’ll fucking deal with you if I have to, if it gets my fucking point drilled into your thick, meaty skull!”

Endeavor huffs, hot air coming out of his nose like an angry bull.

“You’re a selfish piece of shit. It’s about time you stopped raping Shouto, don’t you think?” Katsuki yells, bold and showy.

And something inside of Endeavor snaps.

Suddenly, he’s grabbing Katsuki by the arm. Flames spread out from his face and shoulders and then his hands, the hands that he’s got on Katsuki’s flesh, the hands that he swore would never wrongfully hurt anyone again. Roughly, he holds onto Katsuki’s wrists and starts to squeeze while simultaneously using his fire to burn the boy. Katsuki struggles, pissed and amused at the same time. He’s laughing like a lunatic and then suddenly a huge explosion goes off. Endeavor is sent flying backwards so hard that he hits the front side of his house. Shouto gets out of the car and runs, because Katsuki’s walking to where Endeavor landed, ready to fight some more.

Katsuki makes it to Endeavor first.

The two men battle one another, forgoing their quirks at first to just punch and kick at the other violently. Endeavor’s bruised and bleeding and so is Katsuki. Their argument has broken out into a full-blown brawl. The rest of the Todoroki family heard the explosion and loud bang against the house, so naturally they come running out the front door, concern and confusion on their faces. Endeavor and Katsuki are on the ground now, Enji on top of Katsuki, mercilessly punching him in the face over and over.

Natsuo shakes his head as if he knew this was going to happen. Fuyumi looks at her white-haired brother and then at the scuffle, putting the pieces together. But Rei is surprised. She doesn’t know what the hell is going on, but Katsuki’s loud shouting more or less clears up any confusion.

He laughs as Endeavor bludgeons his face, continues provoking the man, “Yes, hit me like you’ve been hitting Shouto his whole life! Break my ribs! My nose! Leave me bruised and burnt like Shouto always was in high school!”

Shouto’s been shrieking the whole time, yelling for them to stop.

He addresses his father directly, “Stop hitting him! Stop it!”

Enji doesn’t listen. Not this time. Shouto’s screaming is enough to distract him though, and Katsuki uses that to his advantage. He flips around so that he’s on top of Endeavor and sets off small explosions right in the older man’s face. The red-haired man grabs a hold of both of Katsuki’s arms and makes his flames dangerously hot, but Katsuki doesn’t even move away, doesn’t even stop. They start rolling around on the ground, beating at one another and roaring like animals. Shouto comes over to them and stands right in front of them, yelling, “Stop! Stop, both of you! Stop it right now!”

He’s sobbing, hiccupping, his entire body trembling. Ice forms on his skin then sizzles and melts, his two quirks out of control from his currently manic emotional state.

Everything is falling apart.

Finally, the two men separate from one another, both in very poor condition after their fight. Endeavor limps over to where Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi are standing. Katsuki stays next to Shouto, nursing what seems to be a dislocated shoulder.

Despite everything, Katsuki doesn’t stop running his mouth, “Why don’t you take me into your house and rape me, huh!? That’s what comes next, isn’t it? Or, wait, you wouldn’t want to, right? Because I’m not Shouto!”

Rei’s eyes widen and she looks over at her husband, checking to see his expression after such an accusation.

A loud slap echoes in the open air. Katsuki holds his cheek and looks down at Shouto, who looks so betrayed, so upset.

Everything is quiet for a minute. There’s a lot to process. For everyone. Endeavor sits down in the grass and sighs, hanging his head just slightly. Rei looks down at him and speaks, “Enji, what is he talking about? Tell me what he’s talking about!”

Enji doesn’t look at her.

She looks around at all of her children, sees the looks on their faces, “Why don’t you look surprised? Why aren’t you saying anything!?”

Expression regretful, Natsuo speaks, “Mom…”

She shakes her head back and forth, covers her mouth like she’s going to be sick.

Shouto never wanted his mother to know. He never wanted it to be like this. Suddenly he’s shouting through his tears, “Tell her you’re lying Katsuki! You’re lying, right Katsuki!? Tell her!” when Katsuki continues to just stand there, Shouto’s crying intensifies, “Tell her!” he repeats, voice becoming more and more pitiful each time he begs Katsuki to lie to Rei.

Katsuki sighs calmly and shakes his head, “No, Shouto. You’re the one who’s lying. To protect that monster of a man over there,” he points to Enji, “you’ve been lying to everyone, to yourself, for too fucking long.”

“How could you do this!?” Shouto shouts, “How could you…we were going to get married! We were going to be happy! But you’ve fucking ruined it!”

Katsuki grabs Shouto by the arms and shakes him, “No, you were going to be happy! You’d get to have me and him too, right!? You’d get everything you fucking wanted without thinking about anyone but your goddamn self! So, Shouto, I had to do this! For us! For our relationship to work, he has to go!”

Fuyumi runs into the house crying. Natsuo stays with Rei, moves to hold her in his arms, but she shoves him away, folds inward on herself. It’s obvious that her entire family knew and kept it a secret from her. For what? Some fake kind of happiness? Rei even forgave Enji after all of the abuse, just to be betrayed yet again. Tears fall down her cheeks and she kicks at her husband who is pathetically sitting on the ground, “What the hell, Enji! Explain this to me! Stand up and face me!”

Enji does eventually stand up, but he doesn’t face Rei. His eyes are focused on the only thing that he treasures in this world. His dear, precious Shouto. He watches him cry and still finds him undeniably beautiful, watches as his son argues with his fiancé, as he gestures and moves while he speaks. It’s as if everything is in slow motion, as if there’s no sound. Right now, for Enji, there is only Shouto.

Shouto shoves at Katsuki’s chest, “You’re selfish just like he always was! You’re no fucking better than me or him or anyone else! You’re the fucking same!”

“You’re right,” Katsuki nods, “in the end, I’m fuckin’ blinded by my love for you, Shouto. You drive me fucking insane. All of this,” Katsuki waves his one good arm in the air, “is fucking insane. You, your family, your father, your whole life. It’s all nuts, and yet I still love you. I’ve loved you through all of it, so hopefully you can love me through this. Hopefully you can forgive this one selfish act of mine. So, I’m fuckin’ begging you, Shouto, please never sleep with him again. Please don’t look at him in that way you do. Please forget about him and become mine, truly, really mine. Honestly, I don’t even care if you cheat on me! Just so long as it isn’t with him! That’s all I fucking ask, Shouto.”

The air goes still, quiet. Rei’s brows wobble and shake as she cries. Katsuki waits and waits for Shouto’s response. It feels like a decade passes before Shouto speaks.

“You’re asking me to choose you over him?” Shouto finally says, voice eerily calm.

Katsuki nods, “Yes.”

“I can’t.”

Katsuki’s heart sinks.

Rei’s eyes widen, “S-Shouto…?”

There’s a long silence for nearly two minutes. Katsuki stands there, feeling defeated. Shouto hugs himself and looks at the ground, that old feeling of shame all the way from high school creeps underneath his skin as his mother stares at him. Rei can’t stop trembling. She doesn’t know how to process this fucked up situation. Everyone is absolutely shell-shocked.

The silence ends with Enji’s booming laughter. He laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs. Everyone stares at him, wondering what the hell is so goddamn funny.

He walks over to Shouto and wraps his arms around the boy from behind, eyes wide and crazed as he looks down at Katsuki, “Shouto is mine. He’ll always be mine. No one will ever take him away from me. No matter what. Hopefully now you understand that.”

“Your rotten personality never fuckin’ changed did it?” Katsuki glares up at Enji, nose crinkled in disgust.

Enji shakes his head, “I’ve changed. I’ve changed a lot about myself. I spend time with my other children now. I make an effort to be a good father, a good husband. I don’t lay my hands on my kids anymore. I’ve stopped being an abusive, oppressive man. I was able to change everything but one thing,” he looks down at Shouto, wipes away a stray tear from his son’s beautiful, beautiful face.

“No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to stop loving Shouto, wanting Shouto. And Shouto wasn’t able to stop wanting me either, as if we’re connected by the strings of fate. I tried to let go, I did, believe me, Bakugou Katsuki. I tried my damnedest. But I failed. The one last selfish part of myself that desires Shouto, that wants to love him as mine, will never die.”

After hearing all that, Rei finally decides to go back inside. She rushes off, her eyes tearful and her heart broken yet again.

“You’re fucking sick,” Katsuki grimaces.

Enji sighs, “Perhaps I am.”

The blonde turns his attention to Shouto. He holds his hand out for Shouto to take, “C’mon, Shouto. Let’s go home. Let’s get out of here.”

Shouto doesn’t take Katsuki’s hand.

“Shouto, c’mon!” he shouts.

Shouto holds onto his father tighter.

Katsuki angrily spits out some blood into the yard, “Fine, you’ve left me no choice.”

And then he’s gone. Shouto doesn’t know what the hell Katsuki means by that, but all he can think about is how much the smell of his father’s body comforts him. He follows Enji back inside the Todoroki house, like he always used to years ago.

Chapter Text

Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi are in the living room expectantly waiting for Enji and Shouto when they reenter the house. Enji’s still amorously holding onto Shouto even as he shuts the front door behind them. Upon noticing her husband and her son entering the house, Rei stands from her place on the couch and folds her arms, glowering at Enji specifically. She continues to stand there, as if she’s waiting for Enji to do something.

He walks over to her, releasing his hold on Shouto. His youngest son follows close behind and joins the family in the living room. Fuyumi and Natsuo sit on the couch, regretful expressions clear across their faces. As soon as Enji is within Rei’s reach, she slaps him across the face as hard as she can muster, if the sound her hand makes as it strikes Enji’s cheek is anything to go by. Enji doesn’t flinch, doesn’t react much at all really. He just takes the slap that Rei gives. His cheek turns red in the shape of Rei’s small, delicate hand.

“Sit down, Shouto,” Rei orders, pointing to the empty spot on the couch next to Shouto’s siblings.

He does as she says, taking a seat next to Natsuo, who sits in the middle of the couch.

“Explain it to me,” Rei folds her arms once again, glaring at her husband like he’s the most disgusting being in existence.

Enji doesn’t speak.

“Explain it to me!” Rei shrieks, eyes wide and brimming with tears, her entire body trembling.

Enji breathes in, his body going tense.

No one speaks for a solid minute. Rei waits, shaking with fear and rage, willing herself to stay strong and refrain from sobbing right here and now. Enji hangs his head, looks down at the ground, looks at Shouto, his beautiful Shouto. He doesn’t know what to say or do. He doesn’t know how any of this will be resolved. Perhaps it can’t be. Will words really fix anything? What exactly does Rei want him to say?

“I love Shouto,” Enji finally says, jaw tight, expression serious.

Rei purses her lips and looks down for just a moment before turning to face Enji once again. She waits for him to continue, because that can’t possibly be it. That can’t possibly be all he has to say after everything Rei’s heard tonight.

“Rei…” he says her name like a desperate, depraved man, and it sickens her.

“Don’t say my name,” she shakes her head, “just explain this situation to me. Tell me why my son’s fiancé said all of those horrible things.”

Enji shakes his head.

“Enji!” she shouts.

“I’m sorry, Rei,” he murmurs.

“You’re sorry?” she gazes at him, bewildered, “For what, Enji? What are you sorry for?”

Enji goes silent.

Natsuo scoffs and looks to the side, rolling his eyes. Enji’s head snaps in his direction, glaring at the white-haired boy. He turns his whole body toward Natsuo as he looks at him, aura menacing and angry, like the Endeavor from many years ago. Natsuo turns to face his father and folds his arms, gray eyes full of rage and irritation. Rei looks at her husband, then her son, and then back again.

“You never changed, did you? It was all bullshit,” Natsuo looks to the side in disgust.

“And what about you? Let’s just put it all out in the open, shall we? Why don’t you tell your mother the truth, huh Natsuo?” Enji’s hands form into fists as he yells at his son.

Natsuo swallows hard.

Rei turns to look at her son, “What is he talking about, Natsuo?”

Natsuo looks over at Shouto and then back at his mother with a guilty expression. She gets the idea. Rei shakes her head back and forth, not able to fathom what her son is insinuating with his body language. There’s no way. There’s no way that Natsuo is anything like Enji.

“Natsuo, what is he talking about?” she continues to ask, refusing to accept Natsuo’s silent answer.

Shouto speaks up, “Mom, can we just drop this? Nothing good’s going to—

“Don’t speak, Shouto,” she frowns at her youngest son. There’s disappointment, pity, but most of all betrayal in her eyes when she looks at Shouto.

“Answer me, Natsuo,” Rei’s gray eyes meet Natsuo’s.

Natsuo tenses up and looks uncomfortable. He runs his fingers over his knuckles nervously and is beginning to sweat. Rei taps her foot impatiently, growing more and more frustrated with the lack of answers to her questions. Natsuo continues to sweat, continues to look into Rei’s eyes, paralyzed with fear and shame. He never wanted his mother to look at him like this. Shouto can’t take it anymore.

He places a hand on Natsuo’s thigh, slides it up high, near his groin, and looks into his mother’s eyes. Immediately, she looks over at Shouto, wondering what the hell he’s doing. She waits for him to speak, to explain his impossibly strange behavior. And he does. He does speak. And Rei wishes he hadn’t.

“It’s my fault, Mom. It’s all my fault. From the beginning, it’s been my fault,” Shouto slides his hand up further, dangerously close to Natsuo’s cock, “You see, I’m a whore. I seduced Natsuo and I seduced daddy too. I even seduced Touya, did you know that? I’m the Todoroki family whore and I—

Rei slaps Shouto across the face. Not as hard as she slapped Enji, but pretty close. Shouto holds his stinging cheek and looks up at his mother through his lashes.

Enji grabs his wife’s wrist and glares down at her, “You will not hit my son.”

Rei laughs bitterly, despite the painful pressure Enji’s putting on her wrist, “Are you seriously saying that to me? After I begged and begged you to stop abusing Shouto, you have the nerve to tell me not to hit him? After you slapped me around for defending him? You’re out of your mind, Enji.”

He releases his hold on her, “I was a different man then.”

She rubs her already bruising wrist, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sorry,” he sighs, “I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that.”

“You shouldn’t have done a lot of things, Enji,” her eyes are confident and seething.

Another silence falls upon the Todoroki family. The sound of a catchy ringtone plays after a few minutes. It’s Fuyumi’s phone. She checks the caller ID and answers it, leaving the room. Anything to get out of this hellish situation. When she returns, she’s got her purse slung around her shoulder and her jacket on. Everyone stares at her, waiting for her to explain herself, to explain where she’s going.

“That was my boyfriend,” Fuyumi says sheepishly, “we were supposed to spend time together tonight, once dinner was over. Obviously, it…ran long. Anyway, I have to go, so I’ll check in with all of you later.”

Rei nods at her daughter, as if to give her permission to leave, “Goodbye, Sweetheart.”

Fuyumi smiles at her mother and then rushes out of the house.

Natsuo stands after Fuyumi’s gone, “I should probably get going too. My girlfriend must be wondering where I am. I told her I’d be home by ten.”

The living room wall clock reads eleven pm.

Rei nods at Natsuo too, “Go on then. Goodnight.” She speaks curtly to him, disappointed in him after learning that he, too, touched Shouto. Whether Shouto wanted it or not, it all still disgusts Rei down to her very core. Though, none of it would’ve happened if Enji could’ve just kept his hands to himself. Shouto wouldn’t be the way he is now and would’ve never even attempted to seduce Natsuo. In the end, it all comes back to Enji. As always.

 Once the front door closes behind Natsuo, it feels like the real argument is going to begin. Shouto’s parents stand in front of him, and he just gazes up at them, wondering what exactly is going to be said. With an exasperated sigh, Enji plops down on the couch next to Shouto, sitting close to the boy like he usually does. Rei crinkles her nose at her husband’s shamelessness. Shouto wraps his arms around Enji’s large bicep and hooks his leg over his father’s massive thigh. It’s inappropriate. Shouto glares up at his mother, holding onto his father possessively, as if to say: he’s mine. Rei blinks a few times at the ridiculous display before she finally speaks.

“He’s your father, Shouto. He’s my husband. Do you not understand that?”

Shouto brings one of his hands to his father’s cheek, running his fingers along the stubble at the man’s jaw. He doesn’t know how to respond to his mother. Her words make him feel sick to his stomach.

“He raped you,” her voice quakes, “and yet you feel this way about him? Shouto, your father is a monster. Why can’t you see that? Even your fiancé tried to tell you.”

“Maybe so,” Shouto watches his fingers slide across his father’s cheek, “but then he’s my monster.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she exhales as she speaks, “What the hell is wrong with both of you? This…this isn’t normal.”

“I don’t care about being normal!” Shouto suddenly shouts.

“Look at what you’ve done to our son…” Rei cries, speaking directly to Enji.

The man sighs but offers no words.

“You’re a sick man,” she shakes her head, “You really are. I knew you were a bad person, but I…I just…I never thought you would go this far.”

“So, how do we resolve this, Rei?” Enji finally speaks.

“Resolve this? Is there even a way to resolve something like this, Enji?”

He shrugs.

“You have to go to prison. That’s how we resolve this.”

“No!” Shouto shrieks, standing up from the couch. He gets in his mother’s space, glaring down at her.

She looks up at her son and reaches out to caress his cheek, “Oh, Shouto. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I ever left you. If I would’ve been here…”

Shouto covers her hand with his own, his expression softening, “Mom, this isn’t your fault. This isn’t Dad’s fault either. It’s mine. Really it is, so please…don’t tell anyone about this.”

She shakes her head. Rei will not be satisfied with blaming the whole situation on Shouto, who was nothing more than a child when his innocence was violently ripped away from him. She’s to blame and so is Enji, for failing as parents. But what Enji did to their youngest son is unforgivable, in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Shouto. It seems years of your father’s abuse has made you think you love him, but regardless, he must be punished for his crimes. And I can’t just let this keep going on. I can’t keep letting him hurt you.”

Rei walks over to a small side table where their landline phone is and picks it up.

Shouto screams, scrubbing his hands down his face, “You aren’t listening! I’m telling you he doesn’t hurt me!”

She ignores her son and begins dialing the non-emergency number for the police. Shouto looks at her and then his father back and forth. Enji’s just sitting on the couch, hands together, head hung low in shame. He must be thinking that this will be his final way of “atoning” for being such a deplorable man. Maybe he’s right in thinking that way, but Shouto’s chest feels tight at the thought of losing his father.

Enji has made Shouto into a selfish, spoiled brat. Shouto knows this. Still, Enji is the one thing in this world that he wants. He wants his father’s fire, his ferocity, his big, oppressive hands, and, of course, his massive cock that never fails to drive Shouto mad. Shouto’s grown dependent on all of those things, all of those things that he never should’ve been dependent on in the first place. It’s all Enji’s fault. It’s all Enji’s fault. Then Enji should fix it.

Shouto turns to face his father, “Stop her.”

He looks up at his son, confused for a moment.

“Stop her now!”

Enji does as his beloved son asks.

He stomps over to Rei, breathing raggedly, heart beating insanely fast in his chest. She glares up at him as she nearly finishes dialing the number, holds her free hand up as if to tell Enji to go away. But he reaches past that hand and snatches the phone out of her other hand, burning it to nothing more than plastic mush in the palm of his hand. Rei pushes past Enji to go find one of their other phones, but he turns around and grabs her by her wrists, holding her firmly in place.

“What the hell are you doing?” she snarls at him.

His brows are knit as he speaks, “Stop this, Rei.”

Rei struggles against Enji’s grip, “Let me go.”

Shouto comes over to them, standing slightly behind his father, “Mom, please stop. Just let it go and everything can go back to normal. Everything can be alright.”

“You’re crazy! You’re all crazy!” she screams, starting to hyperventilate, “Let me go right now!”

Shouto thinks for a long time while Enji holds onto Rei. She kicks at him and tries to bite his hands, but it’s no use. He’s exceedingly stronger than her, and he’s determined to do anything to keep his Shouto happy. Shouto finally decides how they can fix this situation without having to resort to unfavorable methods. It’s a shame, Shouto thinks, because he wanted his family to be together in the end. But it looks like that just isn’t possible.

“The mental hospital,” Shouto finally says to his father, “we’ll tell them she’s having an episode, making things up and acting crazy like she did when I was a child. We’ll tell them we’re worried for my safety again, for everyone’s safety, and that it’d be better if she resumed treatment.”

“No!” Rei screams, “No! You can’t do this! You’re just like your father! You’re rotten just like him! You’re an evil child!”

Enji sighs, “Are you sure, Shouto?”

“Yes. No one will take you away from me. No one.”

Together, Shouto and Enji arrange for Rei’s regular doctors to come pick her up and take her back to the mental hospital. They’ve been under Enji’s thumb for years, so it doesn’t take much convincing for them to resume Rei’s treatment. She yells all about how Enji rapes Shouto as the doctors escort her out of the Todoroki house, but no one believes her, writing it off as the delusions of a crazy person. Shouto watches her from the doorway of their house, hugging himself. He didn’t ever want to do this to his mother, but he’s been betraying her for years anyway, going behind her back with her husband, spreading his legs for the man. This is just another thing to add to the list.

Enji speaks with the doctors and they shake hands. It’s obvious that these doctors respect and trust Endeavor’s judgement. Maybe they’re even fans. They’d do whatever he asks of them, even if he suddenly asked them to kill Rei in the hospital and make it look like an accident. Shouto hopes it never comes to that, though, because he truly does love his mother. He loves her dearly. She stood between him and his father when Enji was blinded by his rage and childish aspirations for Shouto’s future. But…Shouto can’t let go of his father. He’s undeniably addicted to the man, to everything about him. From his large hands to his fiery red hair, Shouto wants all of Todoroki Enji.

When Enji reenters the house after exchanging some final words with the doctors, he looks regretful. He spent so many years trying to become a good husband and father, only to send his wife away once again and care more about Shouto than his other children like he always did in the past. He can’t help it. He’s a man with an obsession. Even after he tried to stop it, Shouto came back to him, as if by some sort of miracle. Shouto truly became his, and how could he turn the boy away? Turn his boy away? He’s weak for Shouto—he always has been—and Shouto, in the end, is truly all he cares about. Even if he wishes that wasn’t the case.

“Daddy,” Shouto reaches his arms up and around his father’s neck, pressing his body against the much larger man’s. After tonight's chaotic events, Shouto just needs to relax.

“Shouto,” Enji rubs his thumb across Shouto’s cheekbones.

“I want you…” Shouto murmurs as he buries his face into his father’s chest.

Enji drowns in his boy’s touch. Feeling Shouto’s thin hands clinging to his neck, Shouto’s soft, silky hair brushing against his chest. It’s pure ecstasy. They’re alone now, in this big wooden house, just like they were years ago. When Rei wasn’t around to gawk at them with judging eyes, and Natsuo was away, too busy with college to try to keep Enji and Shouto apart. Sweet Fuyumi is the only one who’s never gotten in the way, keeping to herself, staying in her lane. Undoubtedly, Natsuo will be infuriated when he learns Rei’s been dumped back into the mental hospital. Enji isn’t sure how to deal with that.

“You’re worried about Natsuo aren’t you?” Shouto moans breathlessly into his father’s skin as one of Enji’s thighs comes between both of Shouto’s legs.

Enji makes a small noise, bringing his hands down to cup each one of Shouto’s buttocks, enjoying the plump, perky feel of his son’s ass.

Shouto chuckles softly, “Don’t worry about him. I’ll calm him down when he finds out.”

Enji leans down and licks at the shell of Shouto’s ear, “Are you going to let him fuck you?”

“Oh, is that jealousy I hear in your voice, Father?” Shouto giggles, lazily rolling his hips against his father’s leg.

Enji hums, grinding his leg into Shouto’s erection.

Shouto whines at the friction against his clothed cock, “You—ah—try to pretend like you only care about what makes me happy…ahh…but you’re actually just a selfish, possessive man, aren’t you, daddy?”

Enji chuckles darkly, “You know your father too well, don’t you, Shouto?”

“Of course,” Shouto whispers as he hops into his father’s arms, hooking his legs around the man’s waist, “I know you better than anyone else in the world.”

They make their way to Enji’s bedroom, the room he shared with Rei until tonight. Enji lays Shouto down onto the bed, watching as his son opens his legs wide for him, mischievous grin spreading across his face. He yanks his son’s ankle, pulling the boy toward him so that his legs are hanging off the edge of the bed. Impatiently, Enji strips Shouto of his clothes, leaving them discarded and forgotten on the floor. He runs his hands along the expanse of Shouto’s torso, enjoying the feel of soft, porcelain skin beneath his fingertips.

Shouto pouts, kicking his foot out at his father’s thigh, “Take off your clothes too. It’s not fair if I’m the only one who’s naked.”

Enji does as his son requests, stripping down to only his boxers. His body is bruised and burned from his fight with Katsuki, but it’s nothing that won’t heal in a week or two. He’s used to being all banged up from his hero work. Shouto enjoys seeing his father all bruised and battered, marveling at the vicious marks all along the man’s body. It makes him look even more rugged than he usually does, and Shouto can’t help but grin at his father’s current state.

Shouto rubs his foot against the huge bulge in his father’s boxers, biting his bottom lip, “Look at how hard you are…and right after you’ve just sent your wife away too. You’re such a bad man, aren’t you daddy?”

Enji growls, hungry and aroused, as he leans down to loom over Shouto. He roughly grabs Shouto by the face, “Watch your mouth, boy.”

Shouto’s grin grows so wide that it could split his face in two if it spread any wider, “There’s the man I know.”

Enji slides his thumb into Shouto’s mouth, rolling the digit over his son’s tongue, over the roof of his mouth, the inside of his lips. Shouto allows it, keeping his mouth wide and pliant for his father as they both lock eyes. Suddenly, all at once, Enji thrusts his large thumb to the back of Shouto’s throat, causing the boy to gag just slightly. Enji smiles, pulling his thumb from Shouto’s mouth completely to immediately thrust the moistened digit into Shouto’s hole. Shouto gasps, smiling at the sensation of his father’s rough, calloused thumb slamming into him without warning or care. He missed getting treated like this by the fiery man.

“Fuck me…” Shouto whines, voice high-pitched and sweet like sugar.

Enji growls and pistons his thumb into Shouto at a faster pace.

Shouto continues to whine, rocking back onto his father’s finger. It’s big but not big enough. Not nearly enough to fill Shouto. He desperately wants to feel that massive, burning hot cock inside of him. It’s all he wants; all he’ll ever want. His mind is filled with nothing but Enji. That red hair. Those large hands. The heat that radiates off of the man’s body in dominating waves. It’s enough to drive Shouto insane, and perhaps it already has.

 Enji slips out of his boxers and grinds his cock down against Shouto’s thigh, precum already leaking from the tip, dripping onto Shouto’s skin. It’s hot and sizzles on Shouto’s flesh, smoke rising into the air. His cock is so heavy and huge against Shouto’s leg, so close to his hole yet so far away at the same time.

Shouto croons, rubbing his leg against Enji’s cock, “Fuuuck…you’re so hard. So big… Put it in me…put it in me now. Please, daddy…”

All at once, Enji thrusts all the way into his son. Shouto screams in pleasure, his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head. Enji starts fucking into him roughly, grinding his cock against Shouto’s sweet spot. The boy whimpers, hands desperately holding onto Enji’s arms, fingernails digging into his flesh. Enji grunts over Shouto, sweating, muscles glistening in the low moonlight seeping into the room.

Shouto reaches up to feel his father’s bruised chest, slowly raking his nails down his body, “Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy…fuck, daddy…” his voice going all high-pitched when Enji grinds down inside of him.

Enji crashes his lips into Shouto’s, their tongues mingling together. He starts to fuck Shouto faster, harder, and then cums deep inside of him. Shouto climaxes after being filled, the feeling driving him absolutely wild. Enji moves to pull out and clean up, but Shouto stops him.

“No,” he whimpers, lethargic from such vigorous sex, “stay like this for a while.”

 Enji groans as he settles in behind Shouto, both of them lying on their sides on the bed.

They end up fucking two more times after that.

Morning comes and their beautiful dream ends over breakfast. Enji turns on the news while they eat, watches it from the dining room. Shouto won’t stop rubbing his foot up and down the length of his father’s thigh. It’s distracting. It’s driving Enji nuts. Suddenly, though, Enji’s not so distracted anymore. Enji’s picture is shown on the news and a reporter’s expression is grave. As she talks, images and videos of Endeavor from the media play. They’re normal enough. Him walking in his hero costume, flames spread out against his shoulders, expression stern and intimidating as usual. But what the reporter is saying…that’s far from what the media is normally saying about the number one hero Endeavor.

“An anonymous source has stepped forward with serious allegations towards pro hero Endeavor. They claim to have witnessed him abusing his youngest son,” the reporter pauses for only a second, but it’s long enough to notice, “physically and sexually.”

She goes on to explain more details, and then says that the news station she works for will be reaching out to Endeavor to get his comment on the situation. Naturally, they’ll want to reach out to Shouto as well. It’s all a mess. A terrible, terrible mess. Shouto and Enji make eye contact. The day they both feared seems to have finally come.

Chapter Text

It’s a zoo in front of the Todoroki home. There’s a mixture of media vans and police cars with their lights flashing obnoxiously in front of the large, wooden house. Reporters and their cameramen stand in the yard while policemen move forward to Endeavor’s front door, knocking commandingly, demanding the man come out. Just like that, his hero image—that wasn’t all that sparkling to begin with—is severely damaged.

When Enji opens the door, cameras flash blindingly and a roar of voices asking questions all at once floods his ears. Three police officers that work closely with Enji’s hero agency stand on his front doorstep. They look apologetic, sighing solemnly before addressing the redheaded man.

“Endeavor,” one man starts, voice respectful and calm, “we’re sorry about all this mess, but due to the nature of these allegations, we need to take you and your son in for questioning, just to get statements from the both of you on the matter. You’re not under arrest or anything.”

Enji nods, “Of course. That’s only natural. I’ll go get Shouto.”

“He’s here?” The officer raises a brow.

“Yes. He’s been…in rehab for the past few months. He only just got back one day ago and, the worrying father that I am, I wanted to watch over Shouto to make sure he stays on track after completing his rehab program. He’s come so far, after all.”

The officers smile, as if the obvious doubt they had about Enji being a rapist and a pedophile has been quelled by the man’s sweet, fatherly words. Enji heads back into the house to get Shouto, who’s already dressed and ready, as both Enji and Shouto expected this sort of uproar to happen. They both will lie. That’s the plan. Shouto will do anything to protect his father, and Enji can’t bear the thought of being in prison, so far away from his Shouto.

Willingly, they get into police cars and head down to the station, reporters going mad when seeing the father and son walking calmly out of the Todoroki home. Their questions are endless and intrusive:

“Where’s your wife, Endeavor? What does she think about all of this?”

“What does the rest of the Todoroki family have to say about these accusations!?”

“Todoroki Shouto, how young were you when the abuse started!?”

Shouto whips his head around at a reporter after hearing that question, offended that someone would even ask such a thing. Enji puts a comforting hand on his son’s shoulder, and Shouto regains his composure, wearing his usual bored-looking expression as he gets into a police car with his father.

When they arrive at the station, they’re taken to separate interrogation rooms. Shouto’s brought a small cup of water and a detective with a gentle face will be the one asking him questions. They start with greetings, the detective asking Shouto if he needs anything else before they begin. Shouto says no, and the interrogation begins.

“Has your father ever laid his hands on you?” the middle-aged man asks, pen and notepad ready in his hand.

“We trained together when I was young and sometimes he’d go too hard, but nothing other than that,” Shouto lies.

The detective nods, writes that down.

“So, your father has never touched you sexually before then?”

“Never,” Shouto says, resolute.

“Are you trying to protect him? Victims of abuse oftentimes protect their abusers out of fear, but you can tell me anything, Todoroki. He won’t be able to hurt you again.”

“He doesn’t hurt me,” Shouto says. He’s trying his best not to sound defensive.

“Has he ever…done things that, maybe, make you feel good?”

Shouto can feel his body tensing up, “No. Not in the way you’re implying.”

“Todoroki, we have a source that has come forward with vivid details,” the detective watches Shouto’s every move, and writes things down even when Shouto isn’t even talking.

“They must be lying. A lot of people hate my father. He’s a callous man and has made a lot of enemies. Plus, I’m sure there are people that are jealous of the number one hero too. He’s never hurt me. He takes care of me,” Shouto folds his arms.

The detective makes a note.

The interrogation drags on. The questions are invasive, uncomfortable, but Shouto manages to make it through to the end. He’s released and finds his father waiting in the hallway outside, sitting on a bench. They’ve successfully lied their way out of this situation. For now, at least.

“How did it go?” Enji asks when Shouto walks over to him.

Shouto shrugs, staring at the ground, “Fine. Let’s just go home.”

Enji calls their usual driver and the two of them get picked up from the front of the police station. When they arrive back at the Todoroki estate, a familiar blonde is sitting by the front door, looking deep in thought. Immediately, Shouto sees red.

It must’ve been Katsuki who outed them to the police, right? No one else even knows about the illicit nature of Shouto’s relationship with his father. When they approach the door, Shouto instantly begins shouting at Katsuki.

“You did this didn’t you!? You always hated him! You always wanted me all to yourself!” Shouto screams, pushing at Katsuki’s chest as they stand in front of the Todoroki home. Enji looks around. There are two cop cars posted in front of the house, probably just to keep any unwanted news personnel away since the police in this area are loyal to Enji, but it’d be bad if they overheard anything. Enji opens the front door and ushers the two younger men inside.

Katsuki and Shouto are really going at it, both yelling at the top of their lungs, Shouto pushing at Katsuki every so often. Enji can only pour himself a glass of whiskey and sit down on the living room couch. He rubs his temples with his index finger and thumb. He’s had a headache all day, and this yelling isn’t making it any better.

“I want you to get out! I don’t want to see your fucking face anymore!” Shouto shouts as he sobs.

“Fucking listen to me, Shouto! You never listen, y’know that!? Just let me explain—

“No!” Shouto pounds against Katsuki’s chest, “You’ve ruined everything! You didn’t even stop to think about how this would affect me, did you!? Fuck you, Katsuki! I fucking hate you! Get out! Get out! Get out!”

Shouto’s throwing a full-on tantrum. A lot of it is because of his unresolved problems with Katsuki, but it’s also because of how traumatic his day was. He’s taking all of his frustrations out on the blonde, like he’s done in the past, and he can’t stop. It feels good to scream and yell and cry and just throw a fit like a goddamn child. Katsuki grabs Shouto by the wrists to gain some control over the situation and to stop Shouto from hitting him in the chest because it’s honestly starting to hurt.

He shakes Shouto as he speaks, “Fucking listen to me! How many times do I have to fucking say it!?”

Shouto calms down, breathing heavily, face a mess of tears and stress.

“It wasn’t me.”

Shouto’s eyes widen, “You’re lying. I know you’re lying!”

Katsuki shakes his head, “I’ll be honest, I thought about it. When I left after that huge fight, I was pissed and trying to think of ways to get you back. For a while, I thought maybe it was the only way I could have you to myself. I thought about it, Shouto, but I never actually did it. And then, just a little while later, everything’s blowing up on the news, without me having to do a thing. I don’t know who did this, Shouto, but I wanted to come here and tell you that it wasn’t fuckin’ me.”

Shouto turns his head to glance at his father for a moment, giving him a questioning look, as if to say: who the hell did this then?

Enji just shrugs, taking another sip of his whiskey. Something about the man seems off. He’s seemed a little off all day.

“Shouto, come home,” Katsuki’s voice has gone quiet and sweet like vanilla.

Shouto looks to the side, “I am home.”

“Baby…” Katsuki rubs the sides of Shouto’s arms, “What about us? What about our marriage?”

Shouto faces Katsuki. He pulls the silver ring off of his finger and throws it at Katsuki. It clatters to the floor, discarded. Shouto steps further away from Katsuki and hugs himself, looking to the side. He didn’t want things to turn out this way. He…he’s in love with Katsuki, he is, but everything is just so fucked up. Everything’s been fucked up for a long time now. Shouto doesn’t know how to fix it and he’s just overwhelmed at this point. He doesn’t know what to do other than lash out and make things worse.

Katsuki bends down and picks up the silver ring, looks at it between his fingers. His eyes are so sad, “So this is your answer then?”

Shouto shrugs.

“If I walk out that door, know that I’m never coming back,” Katsuki warns.

Shouto looks up at him, brows knit, lips tight.

Katsuki sighs, chucking the ring back to the floor, “I should’ve known from the start that you’d pick him over me. I’m a fucking idiot.”

He turns to leave. Shouto stands still, watches. Katsuki’s hand is on the front doorknob and that’s when something inside of Shouto starts to scream at him.

Frantically, Shouto runs forward and embraces Katsuki from behind, sobbing into the fabric of his t-shirt. Katsuki turns around and hugs Shouto back, lifting him off of the ground.

“I’m sorry,” Shouto whines into Katsuki’s chest.

“Sorry for what?” Katsuki kisses the top of Shouto’s head.


Katsuki rolls his eyes endearingly and sets Shouto down, “Put your ring back on.”

Shouto does as Katsuki says, slipping the delicate band of silver back onto his finger. He stands close to the blonde, looking down at the floor rather than his face, the palms of his hands flat against Katsuki’s chest. Katsuki takes one of Shouto’s hands in his and tilts his chin upwards.

“Hey,” he starts, voice soft, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too…I always miss you when we’re not together,” Shouto pouts.

“You didn’t have too much fun playing house with him?” Katsuki jerks his chin in Enji’s direction.

Shouto sighs, “Katsuki, you know how I feel about him…but…you know how I feel about you too. You’re both very important to me.”

“I don’t know where we go from here, Shouto…” Katsuki sounds so unsure of himself, so nervous and apprehensive. Rarely does Bakugou Katsuki ever sound like this. Shouto hates himself for being the cause of Katsuki’s trepidation.

“I don’t either…” Shouto sighs.

“You have to pick.”

“What…?” Shouto’s eyes widen.

“You know you have to pick, Shouto. Deku is more than willing to settle down with me and be mine and only mine. If you say the word, I’ll go. I can’t keep playing this fucking godforsaken game with you and you know it.”

Shouto steps back from Katsuki and hugs himself, “It’s not fair…”

“It’s not fair for me either, Shouto.”

“But Katsuki…”

“No, god fucking dammit, Shouto,” Katsuki folds his arms, “Make a decision. It’s up to you.”

Enji gets up from his seat on the couch, comes up behind Shouto and places a hand on his shoulder, “Shouto, let’s go to bed.”

Katsuki’s brows twitch.

Shouto swallows, gaze shifting from his father to his fiancé, “I don’t…I don’t know what to do…”

“I don’t care anymore,” Enji speaks quietly, grip on Shouto’s shoulder tightening, “I was desperately holding onto something that I never wanted in the first place: your mother, your siblings, a family, some sense of normalcy. It clouded my mind, made me weak, but now I’m seeing clearer than I ever have. To think I willingly let others touch what’s mine… No more of that nonsense. Shouto, you’ll come home to me. Where you belong.”

Katsuki narrows his eyes, “I knew your sudden personality shift was all bullshit.”

Enji shrugs, “Think whatever you want. It’s time for you to get out of my house.”

“You’re a fuckin’ disgusting old pervert,” Katsuki spits.

Suddenly, flames erupt from Enji’s shoulders and his voice sounds ferocious, like it did years ago, when he’d send Shouto to school with broken bones and fresh bruises, “Get out! Get out of my house before you get burned!”

Shouto’s eyes widen in shock, terror, and wild excitement. This…this is his father. This is the man he knows, the man he’s always known. It’s strange…to see him after all these years, to feel the same heat radiating off of his body, as if Shouto is somehow sixteen again. Enji roughly grabs Shouto by the shoulder and yanks him behind his body, shielding him from Katsuki. The blonde looks enraged at Enji’s sudden shift in behavior. If things continue like this, the situation will only escalate from here.

“He’s coming home with me!” Katsuki shouts, sparks popping in his palms.

“He is home,” Enji snarls, “Shouto, go to your room.”

Shouto stands there, dumbfounded. He doesn’t know what to do, what to say.

“No, Shouto! Come here. Come to me,” Katsuki holds his arms out, and as he speaks to Shouto his expression softens, brows tilting upward just slightly.

Suddenly Shouto sees Natsuo, shrieking in pain, flesh bubbling and burning from Enji’s fire. He remembers the day Enji permanently changed Natsuo’s arm with his violence. To this day, they’ll eat dinner and sometimes Natsuo’s fingers will falter. He’ll drop his chopsticks to the ground, and his hand will shake with tremors.

Shouto curls his fingers around his father’s bicep, “Leave, Katsuki.”

Katsuki looks betrayed, “What?”

“I want you to leave.”

Enji laughs, smug and haughty. The way he used to laugh.

“There you have it,” the fiery man smirks, “That’s your answer. Now go.”

Katsuki lingers for a single moment more before rushing out the front door, away from the Todoroki estate. Shouto caught a brief glimpse of an expression that he’s never seen on the blonde’s face ever before.

The second the front door closes, Enji’s dragging Shouto by the arm, through the halls of their otherwise empty, hollow home. Shouto’s reminded of his childhood. They stop at Enji’s bedroom. Shouto is shoved onto the large bed, his father looming over him, frowning in a way that’s almost become unfamiliar to Shouto. Almost.

He’s seen that frown too frequently in his dreams to forget it.

“Your acceptance of my relationship with Katsuki…was it…was it all a lie!?” Shouto shouts. He’s upset. He isn’t sure why.

“Yes,” Enji says, calm, tone even, “A lie so powerful that even I believed it for a while.”

“How long…how long have you known?”

“Since he proposed to you.”

“Fuck…” Shouto turns his head to the side.

Enji grabs Shouto by the chin, gazes down into his son’s eyes, “From now on, only look at me.”

Shouto chuckles.

“What is it that you find so funny right now?”

He looks deep into blue irises, “You always used to say things like that to me.”

Enji sits down next to his son, pulls the boy into his lap, “I never could trust you. You were always too busy spreading your legs for men who didn’t deserve to share the same space as you, let alone touch you.”

“And you deserve to touch me?”

“I created you. I deserve everything you have to offer.”

Shouto bites his bottom lip, bringing his left hand to shakily caress his father’s cheek.

“My plans for you were too shortsighted. You never needed to succeed me as the number one pro hero. None of that ever mattered,” Enji pauses to run his large fingers through Shouto’s hair, “You were meant to give your entire being to me, to become completely mine in body and soul. You are mine and no one else’s. You always have been.”

Enji leans down and claims Shouto’s lips in a heady kiss, one full of passion and desperation. When they separate, Shouto looks dazed, as if he’s spent too long in a sauna. And maybe he has. Enji is an overwhelming sauna of a man, one that swathes you in its undeniable power.

“I think now…you see that you are mine. You finally, finally, understand.”

“So…what happens now?” Shouto asks, as if he’s still just a teenager, powerless to Enji’s will.

“You will never leave this house again.”

“What?” Shouto gasps, mismatched eyes widening.

Enji lays Shouto down on the bed, slowly lifting his shirt above his navel. The man’s calloused hands explore smooth skin. His son is thinner than he was before, losing significant muscle mass to prolonged substance abuse, something that never would’ve happened had Enji maintained his tight reign over his son’s life. He’s been weak for years, but his momentary lapse in judgement has reached its end.

He spreads Shouto’s thighs with one of his own, and parts the boy’s lips with two fingers. Pliant and willing, Shouto allows Enji’s fingers entry into his mouth. Like the good boy he is, like the good boy he was always supposed to be. Shouto cries sweetly for Enji when he frees him of his clothes and takes what his body has to offer. After all these years, Shouto is still the most beautiful thing in the world to Enji. His greatest desire. His unending obsession. His most prized possession.

“Beautiful…so beautiful…” Enji moans as he thrusts deep inside of Shouto.

With slender arms wrapped around Enji’s neck, Shouto bounces obediently on his father’s cock, staring into the eyes of the man that raised him, of the man he knows best. This is the Enji he knows. His beloved Enji.

“Moan for me, Shouto,” Enji grunts as he’s nearing his climax, thrusts becoming harsher, more erratic.

Shouto’s voice carries all throughout the bedroom, as if he’s singing a beautiful song for an important audience. And what audience is more important than his father? Right as he’s about to lose himself in his orgasm, Enji grabs the base of Shouto’s cock with one hand and the base of his throat with the other, squeezing forcefully. Shouto gasps for air, clawing at his father’s hand around his throat, but that only makes Enji clamp his fingers around his son’s neck even tighter.

“This is your punishment, Shouto. For denying me what I’ve so rightfully deserved all along. Remember it well. Remember that you owe everything to me!” Enji then releases Shouto’s cock and cums deep inside of his son’s body, semen plentiful and burning, purposefully hotter than ever before.

Shouto can’t even scream as his insides are scorched. He orgasms right then and there, body so sensitive to everything Enji does, so thankful for anything Enji has to offer.

When Enji finally releases his son’s throat, the boy has already lost consciousness, lying limp on the bed. Now, too, Enji finds him undeniably beautiful. Perfect in every way.


When Shouto awakes, he’s still in his father’s bedroom. His head feels light and fuzzy. Slowly, he gets up and steps into the master bathroom attached to his father’s bedroom. The large mirror in the bathroom reflects a familiar picture, one that Shouto knows all too well. Bruises dance across Shouto’s neck in the shape of his father’s fingers while hickeys curve around Shouto’s nape and hips. His body might as well have Enji’s named etched into it, underneath layers of Shouto’s skin.

Suddenly, the tall, red-haired man is coming up behind Shouto, ghosting his fingertips across the front of Shouto’s neck, “Beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful.”

Shouto brings his own hand to rest atop his father’s.

“Tell me you’re mine,” Enji murmurs as he glides his fingers up Shouto’s jaw.

“I’m yours,” Shouto stares into the mirror.


“Yours. I’m yours.”

“You finally see, Shouto, that no other man can have you the way I can, that no other man can give you what you so desperately need.”

Shouto opens his mouth when his father lightly presses his thumb against his plump, bruised lips.

“You’re mine,” Enji repeatedly mutters against Shouto’s skin, trailing kisses along the side of his youngest son’s neck.

Suddenly, Shouto feels his father’s fingers slipping his engagement ring off of his finger. He turns around to look at the man questioningly. His heart is beating fast. Something in the back of his mind is telling him to get the ring back, put it back on his finger immediately, but something else is horribly confused, unsure of what to do or what to say. So, he stands there and watches as his father melts that delicate ring into nothing more than a disfigured pile of metal in the middle of his palm.

“I’ll say it again,” Enji burns the remaining metal in his palm, until it no longer exists, disappearing into the air as smoke, “You are mine.”

Chapter Text

A week’s gone by without a single ounce of communication from Shouto. Katsuki’s starting to get worried. By now he would’ve called, pleading for Katsuki to fuck him. Or, at least, he would’ve stopped by their apartment. Something feels wrong. Shouto had this look in his eyes that night, when Katsuki left the Todoroki home, this look that was begging the blonde to leave. That’s the only reason why Katsuki left.

He’s convinced that Endeavor’s completely lost it this time, and that’s why Shouto wanted Katsuki to leave, because if he hadn’t…well, Katsuki thinks that Endeavor might’ve actually murdered him that night. The shade of blue within the man’s irises then…it wasn’t right. He’s lost it. Officially lost it. Naturally, Katsuki needs to go back to that cursed house and save his beloved, his fiancé, if Shouto can really still be called either of those things.

What was he thinking when he showed up at the rehab facility, proposing to Shouto like some lovesick fool? “Fuck it,” he’d said in regard to all of their problems, all of the things that prevented their relationship from working before. Fuck it? No. No, you can’t just say “fuck it” and make everything work out like magic. Katsuki was being naïve. He was being stupid.

Seeing Shouto after so long fucked with Katsuki’s mind. He’d looked so beautiful that day, and when he’d ran into Katsuki’s arms…it felt as if they really were about to pick up where they left off. But that’s not how anything works. That’s not reality. And Katsuki understands that now. So, all of this “marriage” and “true love” bullshit that he’s had in his head since he visited Shouto in rehab has to go. He has to come up with a real solution to all of these problems that have piled up over the years. A real solution to the biggest problem of them all: Todoroki Enji.

He tries to give Shouto a call and is horrified to discover that his phone number has been disconnected. Endeavor’s trying to take full control of Shouto’s life once again. But what about Shouto’s hero work? And the paparazzi will surely wonder where in the world Shouto has gone.

Next, he decides to give Natsuo a call. As much as the guy irritates him, he knows how deeply he cares for Shouto. Maybe he’s managed to talk to him.

He looks through Shouto’s address book and finds his older brother’s cell number on one of the first pages. Shouto doesn’t have many numbers in the book.

“It’s Bakugou,” Katsuki mumbles when Natsuo answers the phone, aware of the fact that the white-haired man doesn’t have Katsuki’s number saved in his phone.

“What’s up?” he sounds less friendly than usual.

“Have you seen Shouto lately or been to your family home?”

Natsuo swallows, “No. Why?”

“I just…I think something’s fuckin’ wrong.”

“Like what?”

“After someone outed your father for being a creep, I went to the house to make sure Shouto knew it wasn’t me. At the end of the conversation we had, he told me to leave and your dad…your dad was saying all this shit about how Shouto is ‘his’ and sounded like he used to years ago. When Shouto told me to leave…he looked like he feared for my life. So, I left. But…now it’s been a week and—

“Fuck!” Natsuo suddenly sounds panicked on the other end of the line, “I knew that psychopath could never change…”

“I don’t think I can just waltz back over there and take Shouto away from him… I’m afraid he might try to hurt Shouto to get me to go away again. So, I thought maybe you’d know what the fuck to do since you lived with the crazy bastard.”

“I’ll go over there and check out the situation. I’ve been meaning to go make sure my mother’s okay anyway.”

Now that Natsuo mentions it, Katsuki didn’t see Shouto’s mother anywhere during their entire argument. It’s possible that she was just out at the time, but with the way Endeavor’s been acting…Katsuki isn’t so sure about that, “I didn’t see her last time I was there…”


“She wasn’t there.”

“Fuck. I’ll call you after I visit and let you know what’s going on.” Natsuo abruptly hangs up.

Meanwhile, Katsuki has a lot of things to work out. He has actual work to do as a pro hero with Deku, and then there are things within himself that he needs to get sorted. If he manages to ever see Shouto again, what will he do? He’s starting to think that a relationship with Shouto is just impossible, at least while Endeavor’s alive.

He sits in their bedroom, on the bed they used to share so often. He remembers lazy Sunday mornings, his body pressed up against Shouto’s underneath the covers. Katsuki pulls out a drawer from the nightstand on his side of the bed. Inside it are a few different things. A small box, a photo album, and an empty box of condoms. Inside of the box is a silver ring, one that Shouto got for Katsuki after the blonde proposed. He had something etched into the interior of the ring’s band too. It reads: Love you. Plain and simple. Very Shouto.

Katsuki slips the ring onto his finger and stares at it. He never even got a chance to properly wear it. Everything went to shit so quickly. But that’s how things usually go with him and Shouto. He takes the ring off and chucks it across the room, causing it to bounce off of one of their dressers. “Fuck!” he grits his teeth.

The photo album fits perfectly in Katsuki’s hands. He turns the pages and sighs. Most of the pictures are from dates him and Shouto went on shortly after they graduated from high school. They spent most of the summer after high school together. That was when Katsuki pretended that everything was okay, when he went along with Shouto’s bullshit lies. He felt like he was happy then, but he wasn’t. He was just afraid.

But still, he had fun when he was with Shouto, even if they both were hiding behind a sea of lies. He stops on a picture that Shouto took when they went hiking that summer, with his expensive camera’s self-timer function. The two of them are stood in front of an impressive waterfall, atop rocks and grass. Shouto’s leaning into Katsuki’s body, hands pressed against the blonde’s chest. Katsuki’s got his arms around Shouto’s waist. They’re kissing.

Katsuki closes the book with a sigh. It’s too painful to look at.

He slams the nightstand drawer closed.

His phone buzzes. It’s from his group-chat with Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Mina. They’ve invited him out for a few drinks to celebrate Kaminari finally becoming a full-fledged pro hero. He’s the last in their group to become one. Katsuki sighs. His drinking’s been under control since he hurt Deku that one time. Being drunk and angry just makes Katsuki lose control. It makes him act like an abusive lunatic, and he never wanted to be like that.

He doesn’t really go out to drink very often anymore, but he figures it won’t hurt if he only has one drink. He needs to get away from this stress for just a little while, so he decides he’ll go. He’ll hangout with his friends tonight.

Kirishima picks him up in his insanely bright red car.

Katsuki plops into the passenger’s seat and sighs.

“Rough week, huh bro?” Kirishima smiles at his friend.

“You could say that,” Katsuki sighs, buckling himself in the seat.

“Where’s Shouto? Didn’t wanna bring him?” Kirishima asks, eyes on the road as he merges into traffic.

“Can we not talk about Shouto tonight?” Katsuki rubs his temples.

“Something happen, dude?”

“Didn’t I just fucking say—

“Look, don’t get mad at me,” Kirishima holds one hand out disarmingly at Katsuki, “I’m just worried about you, y’know. You used to tell me everything. Now I feel like I barely know what’s going on in your life.”

“You don’t need to fuckin’ worry about it. Stop pressing me.”

“I do worry about it, bro. I worry about it a lot.”

Bakugou folds his arms and sets his jaw, “Well stop worryin’ dumbass.”

Kirishima sighs but drops the subject. The rest of the ride to the bar is silent.

When they arrive, their friends are waiting outside. This bar is small, more like a restaurant. It’s not like some of the clubs they like to go to when they’re looking to party. Kaminari is standing between Sero and Mina. Sero’s got his hand on the small of Kaminari’s back. Recently, those two have started actually dating. They’ve been fucking for years, but neither of them has ever been all that good with commitment or real communication. Everything’s always a big fucking joke with those two idiots, so of course it took this long for their relationship to actually develop.

 Not that Katsuki’s any better than either of them.

“Hey idiot,” Katsuki shoves a small envelope into Kaminari’s hands, “Good job, I guess.”

Kaminari pretends like he’s getting choked up, “Bakugou…you’re too kind! You’re gonna make me cry.”

“Shut the fuck up before I blow you up.”

Kirishima pecks Mina on the cheek, snaking his arm around her waist. Suddenly, Katsuki’s become the fifth wheel with a pair of couples. He’s starting to wish he would’ve just stayed home. All of this couple shit is making him think of Shouto. Is Shouto doing okay right now? Is he happier with Endeavor? What’s he doing at this very moment?

“Hey, we’re being seated,” Kirishima tugs on Bakugou’s sleeve.

He follows his friend to a booth, and they all order their first round of drinks. Well, Katsuki orders his first and hopefully only drink.

When their food comes, Kaminari can’t stop constantly giggling. He’s already had a few drinks and is well past buzzed. His entire face is red as a cherry by the time he finishes half of his food. It doesn’t help that Sero’s practically fingering him under the table too. They’re so fucking obvious with it. After putting up with it for nearly half an hour, Katsuki kicks the table, rattling all of their glasses and food dishes.

“Can you two not fuck right here while I’m trying to eat my damn food?” Katsuki snarls, fists balled.

Mina giggles, “Chill out, Katsuki. It’s Kaminari’s day! He deserves to act out a little bit!”

Katsuki stands up and looks at Kirishima who blocks his way out of the booth, “Move.”

Kirishima scoots out of his seat and watches his friend stomp over to the bar counter across the room. He follows after him, taking the seat next to him at the bar.

“What’s up, dude?” he asks.

Katsuki sighs, holding the second drink he said he wasn’t going to have between his fingers, “I don’t think…”

He pauses.

“What? What is it?” Kirishima tilts his head to get a better look at Katsuki’s face.

“I don’t think Shouto and I can be together.”

Kirishima knits his brows in worry.

Katsuki hasn’t told his friends that he and Shouto planned on marrying. He didn’t really have the time to anyway, but he never planned to from the start. Their relationship is so unstable that he considered having a private wedding with Shouto and only then, once they were already married, would he inform his friends that he married that peppermint haired mess of a person. But Katsuki’s starting to think that all of that doesn’t matter much anymore.

“I’m sorry,” the redhead looks down at the backlit bar counter, “seeing Mina and me, and Sero and Kaminari, must really hurt right now, huh?”

“I guess so,” Katsuki slowly sips his beer.

“Want me to take you home?”


They say their goodbyes to their friends and hop into Kirishima’s car. During the ride home, Katsuki stares out the window, watching the way the trees quickly come and go. Kirishima parks the car and turns it off, just sitting there.

“Want me to come up?” he asks his friend.

“For what?” Katsuki cocks an eyebrow.

He shrugs, “In case you don’t want to be alone right now. I’m always here for you, bro.”

Katsuki offers his friend a small smile, “Sure. We can play video games and eat junk food like we used to when we were just brats.”

Kirishima smiles.

The two men head up to the penthouse suite. It’s actually the first time Kirishima’s been over to the apartment. When Katsuki hangs out with Kirishima, they usually got to the redhead’s place or out to a bar or restaurant, and the rest of their friends usually end up showing up too. Kirishima looks around the place, admiring how lavish the apartment is.

“Wow!” he’s excited and giddy, like a little kid riding in a firetruck, “This place is amazing!”

Katsuki hangs his keys near the front door, “Shouto’s…dad pays for it.”

“How nice! That’s so manly of him,” Kirishima smiles, unaware of the fucked-up layers the situation with Endeavor is wrapped in.

Katsuki heads to the kitchen to find some snacks, “Yeah, I guess.”

There’s a silence for a long, long, moment. Because they’re both thinking the same thing. About the recent allegations that have come out about Todoroki Enji. No one has dared to speak a word about it to Katsuki since his relationship with Shouto is pretty much common knowledge at this point. But he knows they want to ask him if he knows anything, if he knows the truth.

“Hey…” Kirishima starts, “He didn’t…he didn’t really do those things, did he?”

Katsuki does his best to hide the way he clenches his jaw at the question.

Immediately, his friend is waving his hands in apology, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have—

“No,” Katsuki says, voice quiet, “No, he didn’t do any of that stuff.”

And now he’s lying to protect Endeavor too. Just like Shouto. What the fuck is wrong with him? He feels like vomiting.

Kirishima breathes out a sigh of relief.

 Shouto, you’ll come home to me. Where you belong.

Katsuki winces.

They play video games late into the night. Kirishima crashes in the guest bedroom when they both finally can’t keep their eyes open any longer. Katsuki can’t sleep, despite being exhausted. His thoughts are keeping him up. Suddenly, he’s thinking of Shouto. His lips. His legs, thighs. His cock. The way he arches his back when Katsuki fucks into him. Katsuki pulls his cock out of his shorts and starts jacking off. He can hear Shouto moaning in his head, remember things Shouto says when they fuck.

“Choke me.”

“Please, inside…I want it inside…”

“Yours, I’m yours.”

“I’m yours.”

“I’m yours.”

“I’m yours.”

Katsuki’s so, so close after hearing those words on repeat in his head. But then, behind his closed eyelids, he sees flames. Shouto’s surrounded by flames and there’s a large hand wrapped around his throat. Katsuki’s just watching, like he’s tied down by ropes. He can’t move. He can’t do anything. Shouto’s still moaning, “I’m yours,” on repeat, but those words aren’t for Katsuki. They never have been. Endeavor’s there, holding Shouto from behind, fucking into him, smiling. Smirking.

“Mine.” He hears Endeavor’s voice.

And suddenly Katsuki opens his eyes.

There’s cum splattered all across his stomach.

He gets up and rushes to the bathroom, retching over the toilet for a few minutes before finally throwing up. With shaky hands, Katsuki clutches the bowl and just sits there, breathing heavily, chest heaving. This shit needs to stop.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s felt pretty hazy for the entire week. He thinks his father might be slipping drugs into his tea. His body’s weak and his mind is fogged. He and Enji had a talk about the whole “Shouto never leaving the house again” thing. Apparently, Enji was serious about that. Shouto’s too out of it to really protest to that, but just for safety, Enji chains Shouto’s left ankle to his large bed anytime he has to leave the house. And then Shouto just waits for his father to return. Like a dog.

His phone is gone, as far as he knows, and the landline isn’t where it normally is in the kitchen, so Shouto has no clue where that could be. He isn’t really sure how he feels about being his father’s prisoner. When he was in high school, he most definitely would’ve lashed out at his father defiantly, doing anything he could to get free. But now…Shouto doesn’t really even know what he wants. Plus, he doesn’t have the energy to be as combative as he used to. So, he’s using this time to think.

Whenever Enji isn’t home, Shouto thinks. About his current situation. About his life. About Katsuki. About what it is that he really wants.

When Enji is home, it’s hard for Shouto to think. Because he’s usually getting railed so hard that he physically can’t think. Either that, or Enji’s saying things that really mess with Shouto’s head, and then all he can do is focus on that.

For a week, it’s just been Shouto and Enji. He wonders if Katsuki’s attempted to call him. He really hopes Katsuki doesn’t try to come back to the house. For his own safety, he needs to stay away, because this Enji, this Enji that Shouto knows so well, he’ll do anything to keep Shouto to himself. Anything. Shouto wouldn’t know what to do if his father murdered Katsuki. Alternatively, he also wouldn’t know what to do if Katsuki murdered his father. It really just seems like a hopeless situation. That’s why, right now, all Shouto can seem to do is think.

In the afternoon, Enji comes home from work. He seems more frustrated than usual when he enters the bedroom to free Shouto of his shackle. Angrily, he yanks at Shouto’s ankle and unlocks the metal shackle with a loud clank.

“Someone asked about you at work today,” Enji says quietly, even tone betraying his rough actions.

Shouto looks up at his father, seated on the bed.

Enji starts to undress, rummaging through his drawer for more comfortable clothes, “I told him you were dead.”

Shouto gasps, “Why’d you do that?”

Enji turns around, wearing only a pair of athletic shorts now, “Because the world doesn’t deserve you.”

Shouto grips the sheets tightly.

Enji slips on a wifebeater and comes over to Shouto, cupping his cheek with one of his massive hands, “Who do you belong to?”

“You,” Shouto says without hesitation.

“You’re not just saying what you think I want to hear, are you Shouto?” his grip on Shouto’s face tightens.

“No. I told Katsuki to leave, didn’t I? Don’t you trust me?”

“No,” Enji releases Shouto with a shove, “my lovely boy, you’re a lying whore. You always have been.”

Shouto lays back against the mattress.

“What do you want for dinner?” Enji asks as he sits down on the bed, brushing Shouto’s hair out of his face.

Shouto gazes at his father with want and grabs the man’s cock through his shorts, “This.”

Enji smirks, letting out an amused chuckle. He’s about to take his dick out when there’s a knock on the front door. With a disgruntled sigh, Enji gets up to answer the door. Immediately, Shouto hears his brother’s voice.

“Hey, I know we all separated on bad terms before…but I just wanted to come over and check on Mom. How’s she doing?” Shouto can just barely make out Natsuo’s voice.

“You should’ve called first,” Enji grumbles.

“What’s with you? Where’s Mom?”

“Your mother isn’t here at the moment.”

“Okay…well, can I come in?”

Shouto stands up and gets dressed. He’s been walking around the house wearing nothing but thongs for the past week, since he wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. Plus, it drives his father crazy. Once he’s fully clothed, Shouto heads toward the front door. He stands behind his father and gazes at his older brother. Natsuo’s eyes widen just slightly when he sees Shouto.

“Sure, Natsuo. Come on in. We were just about to have dinner. You can join us.” Enji says in a dangerously calm tone.

Enji has Shouto help him cook dinner, giving him not a second to speak with Natsuo alone. When the meal is ready, the men sit down at their dining room table and eat quietly.

“So, where is mom?” Natsuo asks.

Shouto discreetly looks at his father, eyes shifting to the side.

“Your mother is sick, Natsuo,” Enji looks into his son’s gray eyes.

“What are you talking about…?” the white-haired boy sets his chopsticks down on the table and stops eating.

“After you left…she attacked Shouto,” Enji sighs, “she was going to kill him. Your mother was jealous of her own son, Natsuo. I had no choice but to send her back to the mental hospital. It pained me to do it, but I had to.” Lies. All lies. He’s lying through his teeth.

And why is he lying?

Shouto doesn’t know what kind of angle his father is trying to take. Is he going to pretend that everything’s okay? To trick Natsuo?

Natsuo swallows hard, “But…but Mom wouldn’t…Mom wouldn’t—

“It’s true, Natsu,” Shouto speaks up.

Why? Why? Why? Why is he lying like this? Why is he betraying his brother? Why did he betray his mother? Why is he doing this? Always doing this for his father? He’s been doing it for years. It’s like second nature to him. He can’t stop it. It’s like a curse.

“Have you…have you been here since the fight?” Natsuo turns to face his little brother.

“Yeah,” Shouto nods, “after going through all that stress, I really contemplated turning to drugs again, but daddy’s been supporting me, helping me stay sober.”

Daddy. Natsuo’s brows twitch when Shouto says that word, at the way Shouto says that word.

Natsuo stands, “Are you two fucking again?”

Enji stands too, but he doesn’t make any sudden movements.

“Are you?” Natsuo asks again, though gritted teeth.

Shouto stands up, beside Enji, and grabs onto his father’s arm, “We never stopped.”

“W-What?” Natsuo breathes, incredulous.

 “The relationship Shouto and I have…is complicated, Natsuo. You know that,” Enji says, like he’s trying to defend himself, trying to defend the decision to continue putting it in his youngest son.

Natsuo grimaces at his father, “Mom took issue with you fucking Shouto behind her back and you had her sent away, didn’t you?”

“WE HAD TO! SHE WAS GOING TO TELL THE POLICE!” Shouto suddenly shrieks, his calm demeanor melting away.

Natsuo shakes his head back and forth, raking his nails through his white hair, “What. The fuck. Shouto. You helped Dad send Mom back to the mental hospital because she wanted Dad to suffer consequences for raping you?”

Shouto’s brows knit together.

Before he can say anything in response, Enji speaks, “Oh no, Natsuo. It was your little brother’s idea. He told me to do it. Ordered me to.”






Shouto hates hearing those words come from his father’s lips. Why would he fucking say that? What the fuck? What the fuck.

He squeezes his father’s bicep, doing his best not to tremble.

“You’re lying,” Natsuo laughs nervously.

“Am I lying, Shouto?”

Shouto shakes his head, eyes going hollow, doll-like, “No…he isn’t…”

Natsuo paces back and forth for a moment, scrubbing his hands down his face, “Fuck! You two are so fucked up! What the fuck is wrong with you both!?”

He regains his composure and takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Shouto. That isn’t fair to you. After all you’ve been through…I can’t fault you. It’s him who needs to take responsibility.”

Shouto shakes his head, eyes staring off into space, “No…it’s alright…I’m a monster. I’m a fucking monster. I came up with the plan…I told him to do it. It was all me…”

Natsuo shakes his head back and forth, face contorting in agony, “You’re so fucking sick you know that?” he says, looking directly at his father, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you? He’s just a precious toy to you, isn’t he? We’re all just things for you to do whatever you want with, aren’t we?”

Enji caresses the back of Shouto’s head, “Since I found out that you fucked my Shouto, I’ve been having you followed, Natsuo.”

Natsuo freezes in place.

“Why don’t you tell Shouto what you did?”

 Natsuo shakes his head. He knows exactly what his father’s talking about.

Shouto looks obviously confused.

“Tell him.”

Natsuo shakes his head faster.

Enji’s hand twists in Shouto’s hair, latching onto silky strands and yanking. Immediately, Shouto grabs onto his father’s wrist, yelping at the sudden painful sensation.

“Tell him!” Enji shouts.

“No!” Natsuo yells back, watching with apprehension as his father forces Shouto onto his knees.

Enji releases his grip on Shouto’s hair. He lowers the waistband of his shorts, letting his soft cock out into the open air. Even soft, it’s massive. Natsuo grimaces at the sight of his father’s cock. He’s reminded of the past, when he used to do this shit all the time as punishments. Enji grabs both sides of Shouto’s head, forcing his cock into his son’s mouth. Shouto willingly accepts the organ into his throat, eyes slightly lidded.

“Tell him, or I’ll face-fuck your little brother until he passes out.”

Natsuo’s body shakes as he nearly starts to sob, “Dad…Dad what the fuck…? Why are you doing this? Please, stop…”

“I’ll make sure it hurts.”

Natsuo shakes his head.

Enji begins thrusting in and out of Shouto’s mouth violently. For about a minute, Shouto manages to keep up, preventing himself from gagging too much. But then one of Enji’s hands comes to pinch his nose shut, and he can’t breathe at all. His father’s cock becomes increasingly hotter, too. It’s burning his throat. It burns. It burns. Shouto tries to change the temperature of the inside of his mouth, but that gets him a sudden slap to his right cheek.

“No, don’t try to make your mouth cold to escape the heat, Shouto,” Enji grunts hatefully.

Natsuo watches in horror.

Once Shouto’s nose has been held shut for a good minute, he starts to see black around the edges of his vision, and his head feels even lighter than it did when the day began. He feels like he…could just…pass out…


When Shouto awakes, he’s on the dining room floor and he can hear distant yelling. It takes a few minutes for his body to fully come back online. Then he realizes that the yelling isn’t so distant. Natsuo and his father are going at it, pointing fingers in each other’s faces while gesturing angrily. Shouto shakily sits up, holding himself up with his wobbly arms. His throat tastes…salty.

“Do you think I wanted to do it!? I’ve always wanted you to love me! I wanted a father, a family! I wanted to forgive you! But you’re too much of a fucking bastard!” Natsuo shouts.

Enji shouts back, matching his son’s ferocity, “You were always jealous of the attention I gave your brother! You’re pathetic! You’ll do anything to get my attention, no matter who it hurts! You’re an eyesore!”

Natsuo lets out an immensely loud, guttural scream.

Shouto rubs at his eyes.

After letting out such a wild scream, Natsuo’s calmed down a bit, “What the fuck is wrong with you, really? How can you so easily go back to acting like this? After you carried yourself like a genuinely decent human being for years…”

Enji folds his arms, “I was a fool, trying to live a lie and convince myself that it was the truth. I can’t do it anymore.”

“You’re pathetic,” Natsuo snarls.

Shouto finally stands, coming over to his bickering father and brother.

“Tell him,” Enji says, frowning.

Natsuo sighs, “It was me who tipped off the police about Dad abusing you.”

Shouto blinks a few times.

A minute of silence goes by.

Then Shouto utters a quiet, “What?”

“I’m sorry, Shouto. It’s just after that fight…I didn’t know what to do anymore. It became clear to me that he was never going to let you go, so I—

“What the fuck,” Shouto furrows his brows, “It was you.”

Shouto says the word “you” with the most hatred Natsuo’s ever heard in his little brother’s voice before.

“Get out,” he finally says, turning away from his brother.

Natsuo steps forward slightly, “What…? Shouto, why are you getting mad at the people who are trying to help you!? Mom and I want to help you!”

Shouto faces Natsuo, “You both just think you know what’s best for me! No one knows what I want! No one cares about what I want! Especially not you!”

Natsuo wears a hurt expression on his face, “Shouto…”

Enji pulls Shouto into his body, “You should leave now, Natsuo. If this was a few years ago, I probably would’ve killed you by now and burned your body into unrecognizable ash. But, I’m a different man now. A merciful man. So go, before I change my mind.”

Tears silently fall down Natsuo’s cheeks.

Shouto watches as his brother sulks away, to the front door. His chest hurts.

The door closes quietly behind Natsuo, and then the house is still.

Enji pulls Shouto into a hug, kissing the top of his head, “I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Shouto looks at his father, puzzled. He never used to apologize for doing things like that. Maybe, some parts of him really have changed. But it’s clear that he still enjoys hurting Shouto, whether he’s going to apologize for it or not. Not that that bothers Shouto anyway.

“I love you. More than this world,” Enji holds his son’s face in both of his hands, gently this time.

A single tear drips down Shouto’s cheek.

Chapter Text

Katsuki receives a call from Natsuo only a few days after their initial correspondence. And the white-haired man has no good news to share. Katsuki sits in his living room, bouncing his leg as he listens to Natsuo recount his experience visiting the Todoroki estate. It all sounds so fucking backwards, so messed up beyond belief. Katsuki wants nothing more than to permanently end Endeavor, but that’s not what a hero would do, so he practices the breathing exercises he learned from Melissa Shield months ago, when he very briefly tried out therapy with Shouto. Look how well that turned out.

“So, what the fuck do we do now?” Katsuki huffs, focusing on keeping his palms from sparking and accidentally blowing up his cellphone.

Natsuo sounds distraught on the other end of the line, “I-I-I don’t know! I don’t know! Shouto just…went along with it. He was…different. He used to argue with my dad, or at least show some sign of resistance, but when I was over there…he just submitted. It was seriously fucked.”

“Okay, calm the fuck down,” Katsuki barks into the phone, “First of all, is Shouto okay?”

“I guess,” Natsuo sighs, “He seemed kind of out of it. I think my father’s been drugging him or something. It’s probably why he was less combative than usual.”

Katsuki lets out a sardonic laugh, “What a fucking prick, drugging a recovering addict.”

“We have to get him out of there.”

The blonde laughs, “You tellin’ me I’m gonna have to team up with your dumb ass?”

“Pretty much.”

“Fine, let’s come up with a plan then.”

The two men talk back and forth for the better part of an hour, until finally reaching a mutual decision on what exactly they should do to free Shouto from his childhood home. Natsuo confessed to Katsuki that it was him who leaked the information about his father, a detail that quite thoroughly surprised Katsuki. Everyone in the Todoroki household has always been too afraid, too stuck under Endeavor’s thumb to ever actually take steps against him, and yet Natsuo did it. Natsuo actually did it, the bold motherfucker.

Thanks to Natsuo, there are serious allegations about Enji hanging in the air, waiting to be proven right or wrong. Shouto and Enji may have skillfully lied their way through their interrogation sessions with the police, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Enji’s in the clear. Katsuki and Natsuo intend to exploit that. It’s the only way to get Shouto back.

Perhaps this plan is selfish. It isn’t what Shouto would want, definitely not. But maybe everyone has spent too much time doing what Shouto wants, even though they’ve all known how destructive it all has been. And for what? To see Shouto smile? To stop him from committing self-deprecating acts for mere weeks at time? It’s all been a temporary fix, and now a more final, permanent one is absolutely required to make everything right, once and for all.

They’re going to send him to prison. Katsuki and Natsuo are going to make sure Enji gets put into jail. By producing solid evidence to the police. It won’t be hard. Not at all. Enji probably fucks Shouto senseless around the clock since the two of them are alone in that enormous house, and when they’re alone, it’s only a matter of time before they’ve both got their hands on one another. So, Katsuki and Natsuo have planned to break into the Todoroki home, and record Endeavor fucking Shouto. Just thinking about it makes Katsuki want to vomit, because it’s a vile thing to do. He knows this. He knows it’s fucked up. It’s going to be traumatizing for Shouto. But what else is there to do?

Katsuki’s doing this out of love. Out of love for the person he adores most in this world.

Maybe it’s selfish. Katsuki keeps wondering, is it selfish? Is what he’s doing for himself or for Shouto? He’d like to believe that it’s solely for Shouto’s sake. But is it? Truly? He…he can’t say for sure. In order to go through with the plan, he has to bury questions like that deep into the recesses of his mind.

Late at night, Natsuo and Katsuki meet up a few houses down from Endeavor’s, parking their cars in an empty driveway to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Natsuo has his phone at the ready, set to record a video with one press of the touchscreen. They creep through backyards until they reach Endeavor’s. Natsuo has the keys to the back fence, so he unlocks it with ease, quietly turning the key in the metal lock. Katsuki isn’t sure how Natsuo got that key, considering he hasn’t lived at this house for years, but he assumes the guy must’ve had to prepare a lot of backup plans for potential disaster situations caused by his father. How awful.

They’re in. Now they have to wait for Shouto and Endeavor to fuck. Such a thought sends waves of nausea rolling throughout Katsuki’s body. The boys head inside one of the sliding doors from the porch, to the west wing of the house where Natsuo’s bedroom is. They hide out in there until they hear sound. Enji never comes to that side of the house. He’s never cared to. Never needed to.

Their plan works perfectly. Though they’re quite far away from where Shouto and Enji would sleep, that doesn’t end up being a problem for them at all, thanks to how loud Shouto moans when he’s getting fucked. For such a quiet boy, he sure is a screamer during sex. Especially when it’s with Enji. Natsuo knows that all too well.

“Let’s go,” Katsuki whispers once they hear whiny moaning echoing throughout the house.

Natsuo nods, carefully sliding the door to his room open.

They walk at a snail’s pace—no, less than a snail’s pace—once they reach the door to Enji’s bedroom. One inch at a time, Natsuo slides the door open, just enough for him to be able to stick his cellphone’s camera into the crack and press record. Doing this feels so…gross. Katsuki feels like a pervert. Natsuo feels like a pervert. But it’s for Shouto. It’s for Shouto. They’ve got to break this cycle; this hold that Endeavor has over the boy.

Once they have enough footage, Natsuo and Katsuki slowly back away from the door, making sure it’s once again closed before they leave. Once they get outside the back gate, they run for their lives, back to their cars. They stand in front of their vehicles, reviewing the footage they got. Katsuki notices Natsuo pulling at the front of his slacks and rolls his eyes, “Oh, give me a break, are you fuckin’ hard?”

Natsuo’s sweating, “Shut up. Don’t talk about it.”

“You’re sick just like your daddy, huh?”

Natsuo pauses the video and locks his phone, putting it away in his pocket, “You don’t know what I’ve been through! What he’s…what he’s done to all of us.”

Katsuki holds his hands up, “You’re right. I’m…I’m sorry.”

“It’s finally over,” Natsuo looks up at the sky.

It starts to pour.

As if the sky is crying.

The boys get into their cars and race over to the nearest police station. Katsuki’s the one to deliver the evidence, since he’s a pro hero. They’ll be more inclined to hear him out. He asks to speak with a detective privately, says he has sensitive information to discuss. Thankfully, a detective that Katsuki’s worked with before is free, letting the blonde into his office with a genial smile.

Katsuki sits down in the chair on the opposite side of the detective’s desk, holding the phone between his fingers. The device feels unnaturally heavy right now.

“So, I’m guessing this is serious,” the detective surmises.

Katsuki nods, swallowing. This is it. This is it. He has to do this.

“Well, what do you have for me then?” the man asks, sipping from a freshly made cup of coffee in his dimly lit office. It’s two in the morning.

“Here,” Katsuki thrusts the phone at the man, unlocking it before handing it over, “Hit play.”

Sinful moans echo throughout the man’s office as he watches the video. His coffee mug slips out of his hand, splashing the black liquid all over carpeted flooring, the mug bouncing a few times before settling. Katsuki gulps. What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?

“Holy shit,” the detective says, mouth hung open in shock.

“Yeah,” Katsuki rubs at his forehead, grimacing.

“How…How long—

“Years,” Katsuki looks up into the man’s brown irises, “Since he was just a child.”

“Do you know anyone who can attest to that?”

 Katsuki nods solemnly.

“Jesus…” the man leans back in his chair, running one of his hands through his black hair.

“So, what are our next steps?”

“There’s no ‘our’ in this,” the detective sits up straight again, speaking curtly, “Everyone knows you’re involved with Todoroki Shouto. You’re too close to this case. I’ll take it from here.”

Katsuki stands, anxious, “Okay, but what are you gonna do? You’re going to make sure the fucker gets put away for the rest of his life, right?”

The detective nods, standing as well, “I’m going to do all that I can, Bakugou.”


It feels like an eternity before Katsuki’s updated on the situation. The following afternoon, he gets a call from a number that he hasn’t saved into his phone before. It’s Shouto. He’s a sobbing mess, speech barely discernible, speaking so fast that his sentences are running together.

“Hold on. Slow down, Shouto,” Katsuki can’t decide whether he’s going to tell him the truth or not, “Breathe and tell me what happened.”

“This morning, there was a knock on the front door. The cops immediately cuffed my father and hauled him away! They wouldn’t even tell me what the fuck was going on! I thought…I thought we passed our interrogations, so…so what the fuck…” he starts to hyperventilate.

“Where are you? I’ll come get you,” Katsuki starts grabbing his keys and jacket, ready to head out the door.

Shouto takes a deep breath, “I’m still at home. They wouldn’t let me go to the station. There’s even an officer watching over the house. I don’t know what to do…”

“I’ll be right there. Just wait for me, okay baby?”


Katsuki’s over to Shouto’s childhood home in just thirty minutes. He talks to the officer parked in front of the house, asks him if he can bring Shouto to the apartment they share, or…that they were supposed to share. It’s been awhile since it’s really been their apartment. The officer agrees and Katsuki rushes to the front door, banging on it frantically.

Shouto opens after a few knocks, looking like a disheveled mess.

“C’mon, I’m bringing you home,” Katsuki grabs onto Shouto’s wrist.

Shouto hesitates, unmoving.

“What is it? Where’s the phone you called me from?” Katsuki looks around, confused.

“The cop out there let me use his phone,” Shouto mumbles, grabbing at the hem of his short athletic shorts.

“Oh, okay, well let’s get the fuck out of here. You’re free now, Shouto.”

He pulls away.

“What? What is it?” Katsuki’s brows knit together.

“You had something to do with this, didn’t you?”

Katsuki sighs. What the fuck does he do? What does he say?

Tears fall down Shouto’s cheeks.

“Please don’t cry.”

“You’ve always wanted to take him away from me…and now he’s gone,” Shouto laughs, but he isn’t smiling, “What did you do? How’d you do it?”

Katsuki shakes his head, “Shouto…let’s just…talk about this back at the apartment, okay?”

“The apartment my father pays for?”

Katsuki’s shoulders droop, “That isn’t fair.”

Shouto leans his head against Katsuki’s chest, his voice has been surprisingly calm throughout the entire conversation, “What did you do, Katsuki…?”

“Let’s talk at home. Come home with me, okay?”

Shouto just nods against Katsuki’s chest, following him to his car.

The drive home is long. Katsuki drives slowly, because he needs to think about what he’s going to tell Shouto. He could be honest, but he could also…lie…. What’s going to hurt Shouto less? That’s what really matters.

They get home and Katsuki still hasn’t managed to work out what the fuck he’s going to say to Shouto, but either way, it’s time. They get into the front door to their apartment and Shouto just crumples onto their sofa, pulling a blanket over himself as he presses his knees to his chest. He rests his chin on his knees and looks down at the floor, eyes still teary.

Katsuki comes and sits next to him, “I know…I know you love him, but…but you realize he seriously intended to keep you locked up in that house until he died, right?”

Shouto shrugs.

“Do you realize how fucked up that is? How fucked up all of this has always been? Do you care?”

Shouto shrugs again.

Katsuki reaches out to touch Shouto’s shoulder, but the boy leans away.

“I’m sorry, Shouto.”

He looks up at the blonde, suddenly resolute, “Sorry for what? What are you sorry for, Katsuki?”

“For everything,” he sighs.

Shouto laughs wryly, “This is such a fucking joke. What the fuck.”

With a frustrated sigh, Katsuki stands, “You can hate me all you want. If you never want to speak to me again, I understand, but I did what I did…for you.”

Shouto quickly stands, throwing a pillow at Katsuki, “I never asked you to!”

Katsuki watches the pillow flop to the ground, “I know.”

The blonde decides it’s best to leave the conversation there for the night. Shouto’s already overwhelmed and he doesn’t want to make him feel worse when he’s already in such a fragile state. He heads to their bedroom and lays in bed. He can’t exactly sleep, but it beats having an argument with Shouto all night. Later in the night, Shouto crawls into bed with Katsuki, even hugs the blonde from behind after tossing and turning in bed for an hour. Katsuki thinks that might be a good sign. A sliver of hope for them.


Within a month, Enji is put on trial. Both Natsuo and even Fuyumi agree to testify against him. Shouto refuses to participate in the trial. Everything is very public. All the tabloids can talk about for weeks is this trial. It’s all that’s on the news, even bleeds into usually more lighthearted celebrity gossip channels too. It’s humiliating. It’s horrifying.

Shouto does nothing but lay in bed for that entire month. He only eats because Katsuki brings him meals. He only goes to the bathroom because Katsuki forces him to go at least twice a day. He’s like a husk, nothing more than an empty container with nothing inside. He just feels numb. His mind isn’t sure how to process any of this, doesn’t want to process any of it. It all just hurts too much.

Eventually, the day comes when that dreaded article is released. The one that finds Todoroki Enji guilty of several different crimes, statutory rape being one of the most egregious offences. Published for everyone to see. Everyone knows that Enji fucked Shouto when he was a kid. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. Fuck.

The day that article is released, Shouto vomits three times.

His own siblings testified, their stories matching up perfectly, proving everything to be true. The truth was too loud to ignore, and now Enji is on his way to prison, albeit a fairly cushy, white-collar prison, where most of society’s richest elites and ex-heroes get to go. It’s pretty much a resort. Of course the bastard wouldn’t actually be made to suffer in a dingy, grimy prison. But that doesn’t really matter anyway. What’s the old fuck going to do without his Shouto? Surely, he’ll go mad. A sickening part of Shouto hopes he does go mad without him, because that will truly prove just how much his father needs him, how much he loves him.

Another month passes and Shouto still hasn’t left his bed. His father’s hero agency is rotting, not closed down yet but not thriving like it once was. Many of the sidekicks and heroes that work at the agency are waiting for Shouto to take over, as if Shouto deserves to inherit the agency, as if taking it over would be a show of strength or something. It’s fucking ridiculous. The whole world is taken aback after learning that their top pro hero is a rapist and a child molester. God, Shouto hates this. He hates this so damn much. Why did this have to happen? Why?

Katsuki makes several attempts to talk to Shouto, show him affection, do anything that might bring the boy back to his original self. But every time the blonde touches Shouto, he begins to sob and eventually ends up vomiting. It isn’t because he’s repulsed by Katsuki or anything. It’s just because he’s so broken right now…. His body is fighting him.

Finally, two full months after the trial, Shouto’s tired of the moping. Mainly because his body is craving sex. He wonders how he went so long without it in the first place. When Katsuki climbs into bed with him one night, Shouto straddles him, running his hands up and down Katsuki’s chest, feeling the chiseled muscles underneath his tank top. Katsuki’s eyes widen in the dark room. He brings his hands up to hold Shouto’s.

There’s a cautiously questioning tone to his voice when he speaks, “Shouto…?”

“I…I need you to fuck me, okay?” Shouto says quietly.

Katsuki nods, sitting up, “Yeah. Yeah, of course, baby.”

Gently, Katsuki strips Shouto out of his clothes. He’s gotten skinnier than he was when he entered rehab, and his frame feels so delicate. Katsuki’s worried that he might break the boy, but Shouto doesn’t give a damn, he just needs to feel the blonde’s hands on his body. He needs to be touched all over. Katsuki delivers.

He kisses the entire length of Shouto’s torso, cherishing every inch of his body. He wants to savor this moment. It’s been two months since they’ve fucked, since Shouto’s let Katsuki be even somewhat close to him. Katsuki’s missed it just as much as Shouto, if not more. Only when Shouto starts to wriggle in Katsuki’s grasp and make whiny, impatient sounds, does Katsuki slide his cock inside of him. He’s so much tighter than he used to be. His skin is pure porcelain, blemish free. It’s as if he’s a virgin all over again. It drives Katsuki nuts.

Shouto holds onto Katsuki’s nape, letting his hands trail up to his blonde hair as he rides the muscular man. It feels like it’s been years since he’s felt this ecstasy. For a while, they fuck slow. They take their time. Neither of them know if this is going to last.

Katsuki kisses Shouto’s shoulder as he glides in and out of him, “Stay with me, baby.”

In the middle of a broken whine, Shouto murmurs, “I’m here. I’m here…Katsuki…”

They both aren’t talking about the current moment. No. They’re both worried about what’s to come, about the endlessly unknown. It’s not fair. Enji’s gone but he’s still coming between them. A wall of flames threatening to burn through everything in sight.

When they climax, it’s together. That sweet release feels so cathartic, something that they both needed to do together. This is progress. This is good. But…Shouto still feels like a broken mess. His mind is damaged, seriously damaged. He wants to know where his father is, wants to know how he is, what he’s doing, who he’s with. Do you miss me daddy? Do you miss me? These thoughts replay within Shouto’s head all day and night. The only time they stopped was just now, when Katsuki was inside of him. Burning. It smells like something is burning.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s folding laundry in the living room while he waits for dinner to finish cooking in the oven. Katsuki said he’d be home before dark tonight, so Shouto started dinner a bit earlier than usual. They’ve settled into a routine, like a married couple, even though that went out the door the second Enji melted the engagement ring Katsuki gave to Shouto, among other things. They’ve been steadfastly functioning like this for five months.

It’s still not the same as before. Shouto doesn’t really leave the apartment, unless you count getting the mail as leaving the apartment. Shouto doesn’t. He still hasn’t resumed his hero work, not that he’s in any physical condition to do so anyway. He’s still thin, but he’s started working out again at the gym within their apartment complex, so he isn’t as thin as he used to be. That’s a start, right?

Since he doesn’t work, he cooks, cleans, and does the laundry. He manages the home. Because that’s all he can really stomach right now. He doesn’t watch TV, and he hasn’t bought a new phone to replace his old phone that Enji most definitely destroyed when he was holding Shouto hostage. He’s trying. Shouto’s at least making an effort. Baby steps.

Through it all, Katsuki’s been very supportive, and Shouto’s thankful for that. Though, why wouldn’t Katsuki be supportive? He’s the reason why Shouto’s father is gone. He’s the reason why Shouto’s like this. Well, maybe that isn’t fair? Maybe it’s Enji’s fault. Maybe it’s Shouto’s. He’s not sure who’s to blame, so he tries not to think about it. Maybe searching for blame is a waste of time anyway. What’s it going to fix?

A while back, Natsuo stopped by and confessed to Shouto that he, too, had something to do with Enji being put away in prison. Not surprising. At that point, it all wasn’t as fresh, so Shouto handled the news fairly well. He was a bit bristly toward his brother for a week or so, but he eventually got over it, because Natsuo helped to arrange a phone call with his mother.

After the trial, Rei was released from the mental hospital because it was exposed that Enji was very obviously having her kept there illegally. No one said a word about the fact that, this time, it’d been Shouto’s idea to force her back there. They protected him. The same way they’ve all been protecting Enji for years. It makes Shouto feel incredibly gross.

Still, when she was released, she resumed living at their original family home. Fuyumi moved back in to be with her mother and Natsuo visited often, but Shouto never did, because he felt that he had no right to. He expected his mother to hate his guts, and he certainly wouldn’t blame her for it. Hell, he hates himself.

But she was kind. Forgiving. The way a mother shows unfathomable understanding for her son. Natsuo dropped by the apartment one day and let Shouto give his mother a call on his cellphone. They talked for about an hour. It was emotional and a bit unpleasant at times, but they overcame everything. Somehow. Somehow, she was able to forgive him. Then, Shouto talked to Fuyumi too, just to check-in, and suddenly he now has his family back. Well, minus his father.

He feels a mixture of things. He feels lucky. But he also feels utterly cursed. His mind is like a cage sometimes, thoughts uncontrollable and chaotic. It wasn’t always this bad. Ever since his dad’s been gone it’s just been…hard. He thinks of the man often. Many nights, Todoroki Enji invades Shouto’s dreams, doing all sorts of things. Sometimes they’re fucking, which usually leaves Shouto with wet underwear in the morning, but sometimes his father is trying to choke the life out of him, trying to kill him in various ways. And he’s always yelling something about how Shouto betrayed him. About how Shouto abandoned him. “After all I’ve done for you,” he’ll say. Did Shouto betray him? Is Shouto currently betraying his father by trying to move on with his life? Shouto feels like he is. But everyone around him says he isn’t. It’s confusing.

The front door opens and in walks a very dirty Katsuki, cuts all across his biceps, dirt and grime from a hard day of hero work caked onto his skin. He stops to sniff the air, grinning at Shouto and making a quick comment of, “Dinner smells great, babe,” before hurrying off to go shower. Once he’s fresh and clean, Katsuki comes to the dining room where the table’s already been set by Shouto. They sit down and eat. Katsuki talks about his day at work. Shouto listens. Things have been going on like this for a while now. It’s comfortable. Familiar.

“So…” Katsuki suddenly pauses, looking up from his plate, “I ran into Kirishima at work today.”

Shouto hums, nodding.

“Him and Mina have actually been engaged for a while now, and today Kirishima handed me a wedding invitation. So, they’ll be getting married in the next few weeks. And…you and I…we’ve both been invited, as a couple,” Katsuki pauses, reaching across the table to hold Shouto’s hand, “I just…wanted to let you know that we’ve been invited. There’s no pressure for you to go or anything.”

Shouto intertwines his fingers with Katsuki’s, “I’ll think about it. Okay, baby?”

Katsuki comes over to Shouto’s side of the table, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek, “Remember, babe. No pressure.”

Shouto nods, “Yeah, I know.”

  Shouto can tell Katsuki wants to go to the wedding. Their conversation continues and the blonde mentions that Kirishima’s asked him to be his best man. It’s his best friend’s wedding after all, why wouldn’t he be the best man? Shouto knows if he doesn’t go then Katsuki’s going to miss the wedding to stay home with him, and he doesn’t want that to happen. He doesn’t want to be the thing that holds Katsuki back. A chain around the man’s ankle.

But can he really go? Can he show his face in public after everything that’s happened? Everyone knows. They all know. And…and do they know that Shouto liked it? Do they know how much Shouto craved his father’s touch, how desperately in love Shouto is—was in love with the man? Does everyone know? They must, right?

Or will they look at him with pity, seeing him as nothing more than a helpless victim?

Maybe he’s making too big a deal out of this.

He’s overthinking it. Yeah. He’s definitely overthinking it. He…wants to go. He does. But he’s afraid. Afraid of what people will do, what they’ll say, what might happen. Afraid of leaving his newly established comfort zone, the safety bubble that is his and Katsuki’s apartment. Though, Shouto’s spent far too much of his life being held down by fear. Fear of his father. Fear of others. Fear of making friends, of having no friends. Fear of his desires. Fear of losing his father, of how he feels about his father, of how much he wants his father.

Fear of himself.

It’s time to stop letting fear control him. Or at least, time to try. So, he decides he’ll go to the wedding. He gives himself the night to keep thinking about it, even though he’s made up his mind, just in case he has a change of heart before morning. But morning comes and Shouto still feels the same, like he has to get out of the house and start living again. Though, Shouto isn’t sure he was really living before. Can it be called living to spend your days as someone else’s doll, your only purpose in life being to please your master?

It’s Sunday. Katsuki’s made some coffee for the both of them and is cooking breakfast now. He stands calmly over the stove, sipping his coffee from his favorite black mug. The entire house is pretty quiet, serene. It’s a relaxing day. They can hear the birds chirping outside the windows of their apartment, flying around within the dazzling blue sky.

Shouto comes up behind Katsuki as he cooks, wrapping his arms around his waist.

Katsuki grins, “Hey, baby.”

“Hey,” Shouto says quietly. He needs to work up to it. He’ll say it soon. Soon.

There’s a tranquil silence between the two of them for a moment, Katsuki focused on cooking, Shouto resting his head against Katsuki’s shoulder blades. When Shouto finally decides to speak up, breakfast sizzles in the pan as Katsuki moves it around with his spatula.

“Katsuki…” Shouto starts.

“Yeah? What is it, baby?”

“Let’s go to the wedding.”

Katsuki suddenly whips around quickly, looking directly at Shouto with a shocked yet excited expression, “You mean it, baby? You want to go?”

Shouto nods, smiling at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm.

“Remember, you seriously don’t fuckin’ have to, babe. Are you sure about this?”

Shouto nods once more, “It’s time I got out of the house, and I think this is a good opportunity. So, I’d like to go. With you.”

After setting down his mug on the counter, Katsuki leans down to kiss Shouto, holding the back of his head delicately. He’s been so gentle lately. So kind. He’s spoken in a softer voice and been incredibly flexible about things he wouldn’t have had the patience for just a few months ago. Shouto knows it’s because Katsuki’s worried about him, but he also wonders if it’s also easier for Katsuki to feel calm without Enji around. It probably is.

Something about that makes Shouto feel guilty.

“You sure you wanna go to the wedding?” Katsuki asks later that night, when they’re both getting ready for bed.

Shouto nods, brushing his teeth in their bathroom.

“Absolutely sure?”

Shouto finishes brushing his teeth and turns to give Katsuki a look, “I can do this. You don’t have to worry about me so much.”

Katsuki pulls Shouto’s body close to his, holding the smaller man’s waist, “I know, baby. But I do. I worry about you a lot. I just want to be sure that you’re not doing this for me or something.”

They both get settled into bed, leaving only the dim yellow light of one lamp on while they chat, “I’m not. So, don’t worry.”

Katsuki takes Shouto by the chin, “You better communicate with me. It’s you and me now, Shouto. You have to tell me what the fuck’s going on in your head.”

“I am.”

“Are you?”

Shouto huffs, “Are you trying to find some kind of problem? Do you want there to be something wrong?”

“No. Of course not.”

Shouto lays down, resting his head on Katsuki’s broad chest, “Then let’s go to the wedding and enjoy it. Okay?”

Katsuki’s quiet for a moment.

Shouto stays silent too, lightly scraping his nails up and down Katsuki’s arm.

A few minutes go by.

“Are you afraid that…” Shouto lets his voice trail off.

“What? Afraid that what?”

“Are you afraid that you’ll lose me again if I start leaving the house again?”

Katsuki sits up, looking at Shouto like he’s offended, “What? What the fuck are you saying?”

With a stoic expression and a lifeless tone in his voice, Shouto says, “You want to keep me all to yourself, don’t you?”


He’s doing it again.

He’s sabotaging something that could be good because he’s afraid.

He’s just doing this to upset Katsuki, to make him not want to bring Shouto to the wedding. If the blonde tells Shouto to stay home, then Shouto will listen. He needs someone in his life that’s telling him what to do. He needs to have someone to obey. Someone that will impose their will unto him.

Shouto can’t allow himself to be happy. Not after everything that he’s done to so many different people.

Not while his father is rotting—


No. Is that what this is about?


“Maybe it’s still too much for you,” Katsuki’s tone has quieted now, sounding calm once again, but there’s a hint of resentment in the back of his throat, a hint of disappointment.

“Maybe,” is all Shouto says in response.

They’re both sitting up in bed now, neither of them sure of what to say next. Shouto feels sick to his stomach. His mind begins to fill with things that he doesn’t want to think about, dredging up emotions and behaviors that Shouto can’t, won’t confront. So, he leans against Katsuki, looking up at him with sultry, hollow eyes as he begins to speak to the blonde.

“Fuck me.”

Katsuki sighs, “I’m not in the mood tonight.”

“Is it because you’re mad at me? If you’re mad at me, then you can be rough with me. You can do whatever you—

Katsuki grabs Shouto’s wrists and shakes him, “No! I’m not mad at you! Jesus fuck!”

“Am I…repulsive to you? Because I’ve gotten so thin, I must look ugly now. Why would you want to fuck me…” Shouto laughs emotionlessly.

The blonde presses his thumb to Shouto’s chin, tilting his head upwards, “No, baby, that’s not it. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous, holy shit, don’t talk about yourself like that.”

Shouto’s lips begin to wobble and tears threaten to fall from his eyes, “Then…then why won’t you fuck me?”

“Shhh,” Katsuki slips his thumb inside Shouto’s mouth, “I’ll fuck you. Spread your legs for me, baby.”

God, Shouto hates himself.

Katsuki fucks Shouto like it’s a chore.

“Harder…” Shouto pleas.

Katsuki keeps going at the same unenthusiastic pace.

“Harder…please…” he begs.

Katsuki scowls.

“Katsuki! Fuck me harder!” Shouto writhes against Katsuki’s cock.

“Fuck! Shut up!” Katsuki grabs Shouto by the hips and starts pounding into him mercilessly, pushing his cock as deep inside as Shouto’s body will allow.

As he thrusts wildly in and out of Shouto, Katsuki stuffs his fingers into Shouto’s mouth, tired of how loud he’s moaning, tired of the begging, the unpleasant things that always spew from Shouto’s mouth. While things escalate, Shouto’s body grows cold. He’s doing it on purpose. Anytime he used to do this with his father, Enji would burn him.

“Stop it, Shouto,” Katsuki frustratedly grunts and releases Shouto’s right hip.

“Use your quirk on me,” Shouto moans, “Warm me up again.”

But Katsuki doesn’t. He backhands Shouto, hard across the face, “I’m not him. Stop treating me like I’m supposed to be,” he groans as he continues furiously fucking into Shouto, “I’m not your daddy. I’m your boyfriend. Our relationship isn’t…isn’t supposed to be like this.”

“I know…” Shouto sobs, desperately holding onto one of Katsuki’s arms. His cheek stings.

“Fuuck…” Katsuki’s nearing his orgasm.

When the blonde empties his load inside of Shouto, it pushes Shouto over the edge too, his stomach becoming a mess of white. They both go boneless right after they’ve come down from the high of their climaxes, Katsuki laying down on the bed next to Shouto. He runs his knuckles along Shouto’s cheekbone.

“I’m sorry for hitting you.”

Shouto shakes his head, nuzzling his face into Katsuki’s hand, “I liked it. Don’t be sorry.”

Katsuki sighs, “Look, I am afraid of losing you. The thought fuckin’ terrifies me, Shouto. I’m fucking afraid that when we get you a phone again, that you’ll call him. I’m afraid that when you start leaving the house again, you’ll go see him. I’m afraid that…that this might not work out. We’ve spent so long fuckin’ shit up, and I just wanted us to do it right this time.”

Shouto grabs Katsuki’s hand, interlacing their fingers, “I’m sorry to have made you feel this way…but, I’m trying. Know that…I’m really trying to make this work. Because I love you.”

Katsuki leans in and gives Shouto a chaste kiss, “God, you’ve turned me into such a sappy fuckin’ idiot.”

Shouto giggles, “Well, I like this sappy fucking idiot.”

“I love you, baby.”

“I want to go to the wedding with you. I think…it’ll be good for us.”

“Alright. Then we’ll go,” Katsuki kisses Shouto once more.

They fall asleep after their conversation, Shouto’s back pressed close against Katsuki’s chest. In the morning, Shouto awakes to an empty bed, as he usually does. Katsuki’s already left for work, but the blonde makes Shouto breakfast before he leaves every day, puts it on a tray, and places it all on Shouto’s nightstand, so he wakes up to the smell of delicious food and coffee.

As he eats his breakfast, Shouto notices something over in the corner of the room, glinting in the sunlight. He gets up to take a look at it. It’s the ring he got for Katsuki. The ring he wanted Katsuki to wear for the rest of his life. What’s it doing over here? Shouto picks it up and slips it on a plain, silver necklace chain before putting the chain around his neck and tucking it under his shirt. That way, the ring will always be close to his heart. Maybe someday, they’ll actually get married and everything will work out. Maybe someday.

With the wedding only weeks away, Katsuki is busy being Kirishima’s best man. He’s headed to Kirishima’s bachelor party tonight and will probably be gone until the next morning. Shouto was invited but he didn’t want to go. Partying is going to be too much for him right now. How funny. He used to love partying with strange men in strange places, downing drinks while stuffing coke up his nose. Look at him now. A scared little recluse. What would his father think of the pathetic boy his son has grown up to be? Yeah, what would daddy think?

Shouto lays alone in bed. The room is dark. Quiet. He slinks over to his dresser, pulling out an oversized shirt, one of many that he keeps buried under most of his clothes, in the drawer that Katsuki never puts any of his own clothes in. Returning to bed, he slips out of his other clothes, wearing only the shirt. He smells it, pulling the fabric over his nose. Ah, that familiar aroma is still soaked into the fabric. Strong cologne and the smell of fire.

“Daddy…” Shouto whimpers softly into the empty room.

He’s done this a few times before in the past couple months. It helps him…send the bad thoughts away. If he just takes care of it like this, he can focus on other things for a bit. Shouto knows it’s just going to end up becoming another shitty cycle he’s stuck in, but it’s better than actually going to see the man. This isn’t cheating. This is safe. Right?

He fingers himself roughly, the way his father used to. His cock springs to life, the tip rubbing against the fabric of his father’s old shirt, which sends even more pleasure vibrating up Shouto’s spine. He closes his eyes and imagines his father above him, touching him all over, saying all of the things Shouto likes to hear, and maybe even some that he doesn’t.

“Daddy…daddy…it feels good…” Shouto whimpers right before he loses himself, cumming all over himself and his father’s shirt.

He lets himself breathe for a few minutes before getting up to quickly wash the cum out of the shirt, placing it back in the bottom of his dresser drawer afterwards. Next, he showers, washing away the mock sex with his father. God, he misses him.

When Katsuki arrives home Sunday morning, Shouto greets him with breakfast and a smile. They catch up, Katsuki tells Shouto what happened at the bachelor party, and then the blonde heads to bed, exhausted from the night of partying and fun. Shouto eventually joins him in bed, enjoying the feeling of a warm body pressed up against his, of Katsuki’s smell and closeness.

In the following weeks, they get Shouto a new phone, because Katsuki thinks he should have one. He has people he needs to contact, like his family, and besides, Katsuki would also prefer having a way to reach Shouto whenever he’s away at work. They set up his new phone and Shouto feels…uneasy. If he wants to, he could just…no. No. He has to be good. He has to try harder this time.

The Saturday before the wedding, Katsuki asks Shouto if he’d like to go to the store with him. He still hasn’t been out of the house, not even to run an errand. This is a good test. He agrees to go with Katsuki.

They get into Katsuki’s car, the blonde driving slow, gentle for Shouto. Shouto looks out the window, at the world he’s been avoiding. It’s not so bad. What was Shouto so afraid of? He’s been overreacting this whole time.

How pathetic.

He hears his father’s voice.

Shouto shakes his head. Not now. Not now, old man.

Shopping with Katsuki is…normal. They hold hands, though Shouto knows it’s because Katsuki wants to keep him close. Katsuki’s nervous about this too. For the most part, no one bothers them while they get their groceries. It’s only when they’re checking out, loading their food onto the little conveyer belt, that someone speaks to them. The cashier recognizes them.

“Oh, you’re Ground Zero and Shouto right?” she says excitedly, a big grin across her face.

Katsuki sighs, “Yeah, yeah. That’s us.”

She’s quiet for a second before giving Shouto a look of pity, “It’s good to see you out and about again. Everyone’s been so worried about you after everything that happened—

“Can you just finish bagging up our shit?” Katsuki’s pissed. He glares down at the girl like he wants to blow her up.

“O-Oh, yeah. Yeah, sorry,” she doesn’t make any more idle chatter after that.

Shouto’s head hurts.

Look at the way they look at you. Like you’re weak. Because you are. You’ve always been weak. I made you strong. With me, you were strong. Now that I’m gone, you’re nothing.

No. no. no.

Shouto rubs at his temples as they walk to the car with their groceries. Suddenly, his headache evolves into a migraine, one that’s intense and overwhelming. Shouto falls to his knees in the middle of the road, clutching at the sides of his head. Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.

Katsuki crouches down, dropping their grocery bags to hold onto Shouto’s sides, “Hey, what’s wrong, baby? You feelin’ okay?”

Shouto winces, but manages to stand back up, “Y-Yeah. Sorry about that.”

Once they pick up the grocery bags, Katsuki and Shouto continue walking until they reach the car, “You don’t need to be sorry about anything. It’s not your fault.”

It is your fault. It’s your fault that I’m rotting away. It’s your fault that we’re not together.

“Shut up!” Shouto yells, manic.

Katsuki’s eyes widen, “Shouto? What’s wrong? What did I do?”

“S-Sorry,” Shouto groans, “I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

Katsuki loads the last bag into the back of his car, shutting the trunk, “C’mon, let’s get you home.”

Back at home, Katsuki makes Shouto some hot tea. Their outing was fine. It was mostly fine. It’s just…when his father is mentioned, it makes Shouto’s head go all wonky. He doesn’t like not being in control. But he does like…hearing his daddy’s voice. He misses hearing it. He misses him. Misses him so much. It hurts.

“Here you go,” Katsuki sets the tea on their coffee table in the living room, taking a seat next to Shouto on the couch.

He drinks his tea silently, because he doesn’t know what to say. They both know that something’s wrong with Shouto, but there’s always been something wrong with Shouto. From the minute his father decided he had any right to Shouto’s body. It’s not fair. It’s never been fair. If all of that had never happened, would things be normal right now? Would Shouto’s head not be pounding incessantly?

Katsuki rubs small circles into Shouto’s thigh as he watches TV. It’s soothing.

“You don’t have to go tomorrow,” the blonde’s voice is soft when he speaks, “If you don’t want to.”

“You don’t think I can handle it,” Shouto sets his tea down.

“Don’t go gettin’ all fuckin’ offended on me,” Katsuki groans, “I just want what’s best for you.”

“What’s best for me? Why does everyone think they know what the hell is best for me?”

Katsuki grabs Shouto’s face, pulling him in close, “I know what the hell is best for you. I fucking know I do. I’m fucking looking out for you. Don’t you ever doubt that.”

Shouto looks down.

Katsuki releases him, “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, I do.”

“Then listen to me.”


Katsuki pulls Shouto into his lap, cupping his cheek softly, “If you think you can handle the wedding tomorrow, then we’ll go. But if there’s any doubt in your mind, I want you to tell me now. I’m not fuckin’ around anymore, Shouto. I want you to be okay. You don’t have to put yourself into situations where you’re going to be hurt anymore. Not with me.”

Shouto leans forward and kisses Katsuki, “I want to go.”

“You’re sure?”

Shouto nods.

“Then we’ll go.”

In Katsuki’s lap, Shouto wiggles around a bit. Being so close to the man does things to Shouto. He smells so good, his hands are big and warm, and Shouto loves the way that Katsuki touches him. He loves him. Loves him so, so much.

Katsuki smirks, “You tryin’ to send me a message, baby?”

Shouto bites his bottom lip, grinning slightly as he grinds down against Katsuki’s dick.

The blonde grabs Shouto’s ass, spreading it apart before rubbing his thumb against Shouto’s clothed hole, “You want me to fuck this little hole? Hm, baby?”

Shouto nods, kissing at Katsuki’s neck.

“Tell me properly,” Katsuki withdraws his hands from Shouto’s body.

“Please, Katsuki…please, fuck my hole. Take what’s yours.”

Instantly, Katsuki’s flipping their position so that Shouto’s back is against the couch, underneath Katsuki’s larger body, “Mmmm, that’s what I like to fuckin’ hear.”

He jams his cock into Shouto’s hole, earning a startled gasp from the younger man. In this moment, their bodies fit together so perfectly. It isn’t like last time, when Katsuki seemed anything but into it. And it isn’t like before, when Katsuki would hatefuck Shouto because he couldn’t stop spreading his legs for his father. This is real. It reminds Shouto of the first time they really, really made love.

He loves every second of it.

The two of them fuck into the night, going round after round, as if making up for lost time. Katsuki knows how to handle Shouto’s body, grabbing onto his hips just so, angling his cock in a way that drives the peppermint haired boy mad. And Shouto knows how to squirm for Katsuki, knows just what to say to ignite a fire within Katsuki’s gut. Shouto’s missed this kind of sex. They both have to get up early in the morning for the wedding, so they’re definitely going to be tired. But, damn, this is worth it.

Chapter Text

Katsuki looks phenomenal in his tuxedo. His is black, Shouto’s is white. They almost look like a bride and groom, as if it’s their own wedding they’re getting ready for. But they’re not. They’re not there yet. Not ready. Things are still too unsure. Too fragile.

Fragile boy.

Shouto’s in the bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror. He looks…handsome. Yeah. He looks really nice. His hair is pushed back a bit more than usual, allowing for more of his face to be visible. His bright suit makes the blue of his left eye seemingly shine. Sometimes it’s nice to dress up.

Though, he must admit, he’s incredibly nervous. It’s early in the morning, and Shouto’s already considered calling Touya to bring him some cocaine, just a little bit to help him get through the day. But he can’t. He needs to try. Everyone he cares about worked so hard to help get him clean. He doesn’t want to immediately turn back to drugs, especially during his first real trip outside again. He can’t fuck this up.

He notices some painkillers on the counter in the bathroom, prescribed to Katsuki for a mild injury he sustained while on hero duty a while back. Katsuki likes to think he’s unbreakable, like some unstoppable god, so the bottle’s almost completely filled with pills. It’s probably only missing one or two. They look really enticing right now. The bright orange of the bottle is like a flashing light, calling Shouto’s name.

He reaches for the bottle when Katsuki suddenly bursts into the bathroom unannounced, a common occurrence in their household. Instantly, Shouto retracts his hand, holding it against his chest guiltily. Katsuki’s about to grab some cologne from the counter when he notices Shouto staring at the pills, notices how strangely Shouto’s acting. The blonde quickly snatches the bottle, stuffing it into his pocket.

“Why’re you eyein’ my pills?” he looks disappointed in Shouto.

Shouto bites his lips for a second, “I wasn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me.”


Katsuki drops it, but he’s clearly agitated.

Shouto considering doing drugs again is something that Katsuki does not take lightly. Not in the slightest. Shouto and Katsuki were having dinner together a few months ago and Shouto made a small joke about it in passing, and that sent Katsuki into an untamable rage. He angrily lectured Shouto for a good hour, badgering him with questions, making sure Shouto was still sober. It’s a touchy subject for both of them, and Shouto just wants to avoid it for today.

They finish getting ready and hop into Katsuki’s car. Kirishima and Mina decided to keep the wedding pretty local, so it’s only an hour drive away, at a gorgeous vineyard on the outskirts of Mustafu. The perfect location for a lovely, relaxed summer wedding. The whole way there, one of Katsuki’s hands stays firmly wrapped around Shouto’s thigh. He’s afraid. Shouto can tell that Katsuki’s afraid. Of what? Shouto isn’t sure. But Shouto’s scared too.

They arrive at the vineyard early. Katsuki checks his texts. Kirishima’s already there talking over a few things with the wedding planner. Mina’s getting dressed with the help of her bridesmaids. It’s happening. This is really happening. Katsuki’s still holding onto Shouto’s thigh.

“I’m in the wedding so I’m gonna have to leave you for a bit. I’ll show you to your seat. Are you okay with that?”

Shouto nods, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. You don’t have to worry so much, Katsuki.”

Katsuki huffs, “I do fucking worry. I worry about you a lot. And now we’re here and I just want everything to be okay. I’ve always wanted everything to be okay…wanted you to be okay.”

“Well, I’m fine. Everything’s going to be fine.”

“Don’t fuckin’ lie to me.”

It’s the second time today that Katsuki’s told Shouto not to lie to him.

My lovely boy, you’re a lying whore. You always have been.

Shouto leans forward and kisses Katsuki, parting his lips when the blonde wants to stick his tongue inside. Things get raunchy for just a second before the two of them separate, remembering where they are.

“It’s going to be okay,” Shouto reassures his boyfriend, “Today’s a happy day.”

Katsuki sighs, seeming relieved, “Okay, babe.”

Shouto isn’t really sure if everything’s going to be okay. Does that count as lying? What does it matter? Shouto’s always been a liar. It’s fine. This time, if he ends up being a liar, it was with the right intentions. That makes a lie justified, doesn’t it?

Katsuki holds Shouto’s hand tightly as he shows him to where the wedding ceremony will take place. There’s a beautiful floral arch at the end of several rows of seats that are parted by the aisle Mina and Kirishima will walk down. A lacy white carpet lays out over the grass where the aisle is, and the seats are a similar shade of white with tiny flowers wrapped around their legs. All of this is set up adjacent to the vineyard’s rows of grapes, making for a stunning, serene view. Kirishima and Mina picked a lovely venue.

All of the seats have a name card on them. Katsuki takes Shouto to the one that has his name on it and waits for him to sit down.

“Be good,” he says before heading off to find Kirishima, hands deep in his pockets.

Shouto’s seat is close to the front, only two rows back, right behind the seats reserved for Kirishima’s family. Next to him are some of the couple’s other close friends, like Sero and Kaminari. Kaminari’s seat is next to Shouto’s, while Sero’s is on the other side of Kaminari’s. Shouto’s almost sure Katsuki had a hand in that seating arrangement.

Eventually, all of the seats are filled in. Kaminari and Sero are friendly when they see Shouto, greeting him politely. They don’t have much time to chat though, since the ceremony starts shortly after all of the seats are filled. Katsuki and the other groomsmen walk down the aisle, leading Kirishima. Then comes some of Kirishima’s family members that are in the wedding and then the bridesmaids lead Mina and her father to the arch where Kirishima and everyone else are waiting.

The rings are brought out and the couple begins to read their vows to one another. It’s all incredibly mushy and romantic, something Shouto isn’t the best at understanding. That’s never how it’s been with Katsuki. Never how it’s been with…

Both of them say their “I do’s” and the priest pronounces them married. They kiss and everyone cheers. It’s the picture of a perfect wedding. Both of them are glowing. Everyone’s glowing. It’s all too blindingly beautiful.

It seems to be over in a flash. Everyone moves to another section of the vineyard, where tables are set up and music is playing, to celebrate at the wedding reception. Katsuki’s quick to return to Shouto’s side.

“How are you doing?” he asks, placing a hand on the small of Shouto’s back.

“I’m fine.”

“Want a glass of wine?” Katsuki offers, flagging down a waiter carrying a tray full of red wine before Shouto can even answer.

He already knows that the answer’s yes.

They both take a glass from the waiter’s tray, thanking the man before he leaves to tend to other guests. Katsuki drinks his slow, but Shouto downs his in nearly one gulp. He needs to loosen up a bit.

“Hey,” Katsuki glowers, “slow down. Don’t drink so much.”


“We can leave whenever you want. My part in the wedding is over.”

Shouto touches Katsuki’s arm, “Enjoy your best friend’s wedding, Katsuki. Don’t spend the whole day worrying about me.”

“I’ll worry about you if I fuckin’ want to,” the blonde leans in, kisses behind Shouto’s ear.

Despite Shouto’s words, Katsuki sticks by him for the majority of the wedding reception, glaring at anyone who looks like they’re even considering coming over to talk to them. It’s only when Kirishima drags Katsuki off to participate in some dance all of the other groomsmen are performing that Katsuki and Shouto separate, the blonde looking pissed as his friend pulls him away. Kaminari and Sero see Shouto standing all alone, kind of spacing out. They approach him with big friendly smiles, the kind that are overly large and stiff, the way people look at fragile victims. It makes Shouto’s stomach churn.

“Hey, Todoroki!” Kaminari waves genially, clinking his glass of wine against Shouto’s.

Shouto’s had a few drinks, though he slowed down since Katsuki would throw a fit if he didn’t, so he’s a little buzzed but definitely not drunk. He feels just slightly floaty. He gives Sero and Kaminari a friendly nod and a small smile.

“How have you been? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you at…around! Since I’ve seen you around!” Sero smiles, laughing nervously. At the agency. At Endeavor’s hero agency.

Breathe, Shouto, breathe.

Sero’s no longer a sidekick at Enji’s hero agency. He’s a full-fledged pro hero now. He was a pro hero with the agency, one of the many pro heroes working under Endeavor, but Shouto’s not sure if he’s still there now. Not after…everything that’s happened. Though, from the way he’s talking, it sounds as if he still works there for now. Why would he stay? Why would anyone stay? Were the heroes at the agency really waiting for Shouto? Waiting for him to take over? Well, they’ll be waiting forever. Because Shouto’s not going back there. Not ever. Becoming a hero was what his father wanted for him. It was never Shouto’s true destiny. He knows that now.

“I’ve been fine,” Shouto says, looking down just slightly. He wants coke. He wants coke. He wants coke.

Weak. Like your mother.

Sero rubs the back of his neck, laughing a bit more, “So…uh, we’re glad you came today. Bakugou seems really happy about it. He told all of us to be nice to you before you two got there. He really cares about you.”

“He did?”

“Yeah!” Kaminari chimes in, “He’s crazy about you, Todoroki. We all keep wondering when you two are going to finally tie the knot.”

Shouto clutches at his chest. He’s still wearing his necklace with Katsuki’s ring looped through the chain. This conversation right now is so mechanical. He can’t blame either Sero or Kaminari, because how is anyone supposed to know how to talk to someone who’s private business has been made public for all to see? Shouto appreciates how hard they’re trying to be kind. But Shouto mainly appreciates how hard Katsuki tried to make this day a good one for him. It puts everything into perspective. It makes Shouto think that maybe he and Katsuki really could have a future together. Maybe everything won’t crash and burn like it always does.

Shouto slips away from his conversation with Kaminari and Sero, finding a quiet bench near some twinkly string lights on the outer edge of the area where the wedding reception is taking place. It’s later now. The sky isn’t black yet, but it’s a shade of navy blue, making the string lights look like dazzling stars. Shouto takes a small sip of his wine.

He looks up at the sky, wondering what it is he should do.

“Dad…” he says quietly, “You’ve always told me what to do, but now you’re not here to do that, and…I’m just so confused.”

He doesn’t hear his father’s voice in his head like he has been for the past few months.

Shouto laughs sardonically, “Now you’ve gone quiet, huh?”

But maybe that’s a sign. Maybe it’s time for Shouto to make his own decisions. Or at least, time for him to stop letting his father dictate what he does. Maybe…maybe Katsuki can help with that. He’s such a…good man. He’s been an amazing friend to Kirishima all day and has somehow managed to also have been attentive to Shouto during the wedding too. Being near him makes Shouto feel safe, comfortable. Katsuki’s been there for Shouto in ways no one else ever has. And that includes his father.

He’s still conflicted and confused. About a lot of things. But he feels like maybe, this time, things will end up working out despite Shouto’s lack of clarity on everything. He thinks—

“Hey, babe,” Katsuki’s voice is quiet as he takes a seat next to Shouto on the bench, “How’re you doing?”

Shouto smiles, “I’m doing alright. Have you been having a good time?”

“Yeah, I have,” Katsuki takes Shouto’s free hand, holding it with both of his.

“Seeing Mina and Kirishima look so happy together reminds me of when you proposed to me,” Shouto looks up at the sky, wistful.

Katsuki kisses Shouto’s knuckles, “You don’t have to worry about that anymore. It was stupid of me to want to rush into marriage when we still have a lot of things to confront.”

“Oh,” Shouto’s a bit surprised by Katsuki’s answer, “I was just thinking that…maybe I’d like to give it another try.”

Suddenly, Katsuki perks up, eyes going wide, “You serious?”

“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.”

Katsuki pulls a small black box out of his pocket, revealing a silver ring. This one has a small diamond in it, “After your father was…put away, and you told me he destroyed your engagement ring, I immediately went out and had this fuckin’ thing made. I’ve been keeping it in my pocket ever since,” Katsuki stops to sigh, “I’m a fucking idiot, aren’t I?”

Shouto grins, pulling his necklace from under his tuxedo, holding the ring between his fingers, “I guess I am too.”

“You wanna give this another try?” Katsuki looks deep into Shouto’s eyes.

Shouto pulls him in for a kiss, “Yeah.”

They decide not to put on their rings until they get home later that night. They wouldn’t want anyone to notice and make a big fuss over it. Besides, they both know to be guarded about being engaged now. After what happened last time. But, still, Shouto can’t help but feel a bit giddy about it. He’s moving on. He’s really moving on.

Are you?

Fuck. Shouto wishes he could get his father out of his head. But he was never able to do that when the man was around, so why the hell would he expect it to be any different with him gone? He’ll just have to get used to it and overcome it. He can do that. Probably.

The rest of the wedding is pleasant. Shouto and Katsuki share a dance, Shouto gets a bit tipsier than Katsuki probably would’ve liked, and everyone leaves in a positively cheery mood. No irreversible disaster occurred, and everything went mostly smooth. All in all, it was a good day.

Shouto falls asleep on the way home. When he wakes up, they’re back at the apartment and it’s late into the night. Katsuki takes him up to their penthouse suite, his arm firmly around Shouto’s waist even though most of the alcohol has worn off by now. He’s so overprotective, like Shouto’s a piece of glass on the verge of cracking. It makes Shouto feel nauseous when other people treat him that way, but when Katsuki does it…it’s not so bad.

Tired, Shouto flops into bed still in his tuxedo. It’s been a long day. Going from staying in bed all day to a full day of socializing is exhausting. A good kind of exhausting, but exhausting, nonetheless. Katsuki strips out of his clothes, hanging them up neatly before helping Shouto out of his, hanging Shouto’s tuxedo next to his.

The blonde heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, “C’mon, babe, you need to brush the alcohol off of your teeth.”

Shouto groans, “Too tired.”

“Lazy bitch,” Katsuki laughs.

He comes back from brushing his teeth to tuck Shouto into bed, then climbs under the sheets with him. Shouto rests his head on Katsuki’s shoulder, so ready to drift off into a land of dreams, even if those dreams may contain a large, redheaded man. But then his phone rings. There aren’t many people that have his new number, so it must be someone he knows. And no one would call him unless it was something important.

With a groan, he sits up, reaching over for his phone on his nightstand. He doesn’t bother checking the number, just answers it.

A robotic voice speaks when Shouto presses the device up to his ear, “This is a collect call from the Mustafu City Prison. Do you accept the charges?”

“Yes,” Shouto says a little too quickly, a little too desperately.

He looks to his side. Katsuki’s already drifting off to sleep. Quickly, quietly, Shouto creeps out of bed and heads to the living room, sits down on the sofa.

His heart nearly stops when he hears the voice on the other end of the line, “Shouto…”

He doesn’t understand…how did his father get this number?

“My sweet boy…speak to me.”

Like a dog, he obeys, “How’d you get my new number?”

“I have a lot of people that are loyal to me, Shouto. You’d be surprised,” Enji stops to chuckle, “I’ve been keeping an eye on you for a while now.”

“Fuck…” Shouto’s voice breaks just slightly.

“I miss you.”

“I…I miss you too,” he says. Because it’s the truth.

“It’s been too long since I’ve last seen you. Won’t you come visit your father?”

Shouto swallows, “I can’t, Dad. You know I can’t.”

“You don’t want to see me?”

“Of course, I do…but me and Katsuki…we’re trying to—

Enji scoffs into the phone, “He could never give you what I’ve given you. It’ll never be the same with him. I’ve realized that now, and I’m sure you have too.”

Shouto shakes his head even though his father can’t see him, “Dad, I’m trying to…move on.”

“I love you, Shouto.”

“Dad, stop. Please,” Shouto begs.

“You’re everything to me. You’re all I have left.”

Shouto covers his mouth with his hand, desperately trying not to cry.

“Well, my time is running out. It was good getting to hear your voice, my son. I’ll call again.”


The call ends abruptly.

Shouto crumples against the sofa, his entire body trembling.

Chapter Text

It’s been a little over a year since that night at Kirishima and Mina’s wedding, when Shouto and Katsuki decided to give being engaged a second go. Things have been…really good since then. Shouto’s been steadily becoming more and more stable, Katsuki thinks. It was only a few weeks after the wedding that Shouto really seemed to drastically improve. His headaches started to happen less frequently, and he slowly begun to do things on his own more often. It gave Katsuki hope for the future. For their future.

So, today is a special day. A day that both Katsuki and Shouto have hoped to experience for many years. Kirishima ties Katsuki’s red tie for him. The blonde’s always hated wearing stuffy, fancy clothes, but today he feels strangely excited to be in an expensive suit. Kirishima beams at his friend for a moment. Katsuki rolls his eyes at his overly zealous friend. It feels like he’s even more excited for this than Katsuki.

“Why’re you grinning at me like an idiot?” Katsuki folds his arms, pouting.

“Smile,” Kirishima’s grin is like the sun, “it’s your wedding day! I’m just so happy for you, dude.”

Katsuki lets out a calm sigh, smiling just slightly, “Whatever. Thanks.”

Once he’s finished getting dressed, Katsuki heads out of his hotel room to make sure everything is going as planned. Shouto and Katsuki decided to have their wedding in a very remote, luxury resort out in the woods of Mustafu. They rented out the entire place for the sake of their privacy. The wedding ceremony is set to take place outside of the resort, down by a beautiful lake, while the reception will be in the resort’s large ballroom.

It’s a nice venue. Shouto joked that it kind of looks like the place where he went to rehab, which pissed Katsuki off a bit because that shit’s not a joke. But Shouto’s piece of shit father did get him checked into probably one of the nicest rehab facilities out there, so Katsuki can kind of understand the comparison. Still, he wants Shouto to take this seriously. They’ve spent too long hiding behind jokes and lies to do that shit anymore. Katsuki’s had enough of it.

Down by the lake, everything seems to be ready and set up. Shouto’s usually apathetic about most things, but when it came to planning the wedding, he seemed to get pretty into it. His sister, Fuyumi, helped him with everything, from picking out his suit to corresponding with the wedding planner that they hired. And boy was she excited. Katsuki left all of that shit to them, because he couldn’t care less about it. All he wants is to marry Shouto. That’s all he cares about, and maybe the honeymoon. Because he’s sure as hell going to fuck Shouto like he’s trying to get him goddamn pregnant.

Immediately after the wedding, they’re off to some fancy hotel that Shouto found far outside of Mustafu that has a lot of great facilities, and surely, they’ll use some of them, like the pools, and the casino, and the restaurants too. But Katsuki’s mainly planning on keeping Shouto confined to the bed in their hotel room, bouncing on his cock. Thinking of that is what will get Katsuki through the day. Especially when he sees Shouto, still not dressed in his suit yet, standing in a cluster with his family close to the lake. There’s one person in particular who catches Katsuki’s eye.

As he gets closer, he can hear that the Todorokis are having a serious, maybe even a bit heated, conversation.

“Where have you been all this time!?” he hears Fuyumi say, voice a bit panicked.

Natsuo chimes in, “Yeah, you pick today to show up and try to reconnect with all of us? What the fuck, Touya?”

Touya. Yeah, that guy. Dabi. Touya. Whatever the fuck his name is. Shouto formally introduced Katsuki to that prick just a few months ago, telling him that this “Dabi” guy is actually Shouto’s older brother named Touya. And if that wasn’t a lot to digest…. When Shouto and Katsuki were wrapped up in a scandal thanks to Deku, Katsuki saw the pictures of Shouto and Touya, bodies wrapped around one another. Not only did this guy fuck his vulnerable, younger brother, but he’s also been Shouto’s drug dealer in the past.

Katsuki doesn’t like him one bit.

They haven’t gotten along well since Shouto introduced the two of them. But Touya is Shouto’s brother, and the Todorokis have never really functioned like a normal family anyway, so Katsuki has made his best effort to accept the jerk. Even if he is nothing more than a piece of shit like his father.

Touya’s dressed in a black suit, hands nonchalantly stuffed in his pockets like he didn’t just waltz into a wedding that he wasn’t invited to. The prick looks at his family with a bored expression. Of course, he’d come to try and crash the wedding. It’s always something with the Todorokis.

With a heavy sigh, Katsuki comes up to the group, putting an arm around Shouto’s waist as he glares at Touya, “What the fuck are you doing here? I oughta call the cops and let them handle your dumb ass.”

Touya smirks, letting out a small chuckle, “Shouto invited me. I’m just coming to support my baby brother.”

Katsuki looks at Shouto for a minute, a silent question apparent on his face.

Shouto nods, “I…did invite him. I wanted everyone to be here.”

Katsuki groans, “Fine, you can stay. Just don’t pull any of that villain shit or I’ll break your ribs.”

Touya nods, expression smug, “Sure thing.”

Katsuki pulls Shouto off to the side, “Why’d you invite him without fucking telling me?” he’s already stressed enough as it is. He doesn’t need any damn surprises throughout the day to pile on even more stress.

Shouto looks up at Katsuki through his lashes, “I’m sorry. It was a last-minute thing. I just thought…he’s my brother, after all, so…”

Katsuki sighs, caressing the side of Shouto’s head, “I’m not mad. I just…I want to make sure everything goes smoothly today, y’know? If you think it’s important for him to be here, then I’m fine with it.”

Shouto grins, “Thank you, Katsuki.”

He slaps his fiancé’s ass, “Now go get ready. The ceremony’s starting soon, and I want to see your cute little ass walkin’ down the aisle in that expensive tux you had to have.”

Playfully, Shouto leans in and kisses Katsuki, biting his lip and pulling on it a bit before letting go, off to get ready for the wedding ceremony. Katsuki watches Shouto walk away for just a moment, blissfully enjoying the way his fiancé looks from behind. Once Shouto eventually disappears into the resort, Katsuki finds the wedding planner a few feet away from the Todorokis and approaches her. He checks-in to make sure that everything is as it should be, to which she tells him that there’s nothing to worry about. But, with Shouto, there’s always something to worry about, so Katsuki does worry. He worries a lot.

Even when everyone’s seated and the ceremony begins, Katsuki’s heart feels like it’s going to burst right out of his chest. What if…Shouto doesn’t walk down the aisle? What if Shouto runs away at the last minute? What if something goes wrong? What if, what if, what if? Fuck. Dwelling on what could go wrong is fucking stupid. Katsuki’s just going to enjoy the day and if shit goes haywire, he’ll deal with it. Simple.

When the time comes for Shouto to walk down the aisle, all of Katsuki’s anxiety seems to fade away. Natsuo escorts the peppermint haired boy down the aisle in Enji’s place. They stand across from one another, minutes away from saying “I do.” It feels unreal. They’ve been through so much and now they’re here, in this moment. They’re finally here. Katsuki’s the first to say, “I do.” Then it’s Shouto’s turn. He stares into Katsuki’s eyes and there’s a second, just a second, of hesitation. And in that second, Katsuki wonders if Shouto’s going to run away right now, like he always used to. Run back to him. To that bastard.

But then Shouto takes a deep breath and says, “I do.”

And everything seems to fall into place.

They kiss, Katsuki groping at Shouto’s ass because he wants to show off. Because he wants to whole damn world to know that Todoroki Shouto is his. Even though Katsuki’s sure his mother’s going to yell at him for it during the wedding reception. Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t give a shit about anything but Shouto right now. That’s all that matters. Them. Together.

Shouto shakily whispers against Katsuki’s lips when they stop kissing, “I seriously love you.”

Katsuki pecks Shouto on the lips once more, “Of course you do. I love you too, baby.”

They walk down the aisle together, past the smiling faces of their loved ones, and he isn’t here. He’s gone. He’s finally fucking gone. Katsuki’s sure of it. From now on, it’s just him and Shouto. Any other fuckers that try to come between them, Katsuki can handle. Just not him. He’s no match for Endeavor. Never has been. It sucks having to admit that to himself, but it’s true. It’s unfortunately fucking true.

But that’s all in the past now. Now, it’s time to celebrate.

The wedding reception is lively despite Shouto and Katsuki having only invited a small number of guests. Since they’ve been pronounced officially married, Katsuki hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of Shouto. He has an arm firmly slung around Shouto’s hips, possessive. The couple has their own special dance in front of everyone to some sappy as hell music. It’s fucking embarrassing, but the way Shouto lays his head on Katsuki’s shoulder warms the blonde’s heart.

“Why don’t we just leave after this dance?” Katsuki whispers in Shouto’s ear, “I can’t fuckin’ wait for our honeymoon.”

Shouto chuckles softly against Katsuki’s shoulder, “The reception isn’t supposed to end for a few more hours. You can’t wait until then?”

Katsuki nibbles Shouto’s earlobe, “I gotta have you now.”

“Mmmm, I’d like that.”

They dance for a few more minutes, until the song fades out into nothing. Though, to Katsuki’s dismay, they end up staying until dark. Shouto introduces Rei to Mitsuki and Masaru, and they hit it off, chatting the rest of the night away. While their parents get acquainted with one another, Shouto and Katsuki sit together at their table, situated at the front of the ballroom. One of Shouto’s legs is slung over Katsuki’s lap.

Shouto looks around the room, a soft smile on his face, “This is nice.”

“Yeah?” Katsuki pecks Shouto on the cheek, “I’m glad you’re happy. This is all I’ve ever fuckin’ wanted for us.”

The couple spends just a few more minutes enjoying the atmosphere of their wedding reception before announcing that they’re leaving for their honeymoon. Everyone cheers, holding up drinks to the pair as they exit the resort. They get into a limo and are driven to the hotel they’ll be staying in. On the way, Katsuki starts stripping Shouto out of his tuxedo, sliding his hands up the smaller man’s shirt to feel the smooth skin underneath. He grinds against the peppermint haired boy, sucking at his neck with fervor. They don’t even bother putting up the privacy partition.

“Wanna fuck you…” Katsuki groans, feeling his cock spring to life in his pants.

Shouto squeezes the organ encouragingly, “We’ve got another thirty minutes before we arrive at the hotel. That’s plenty of time for you to fuck me, baby.”

With a wild grin, Katsuki pulls Shouto’s pants down, until the fabric is bunched around Shouto’s ankles. His fiancé is wearing a cute little, lacy white thong that Katsuki pushes to the side to start rimming his pink hole. Immediately, Shouto’s letting out the sweetest of noises, keening, digging his fingers into Katsuki’s hair. He loves it. He absolutely loves it.

Shouto’s cock is hard, throbbing against his stomach, so Katsuki grabs it and pumps it slowly. But Shouto grabs his husband’s wrist almost immediately, “No…no…I’ll cum, Katsuki…”

Playfully, Katsuki bites Shouto’s thigh, “Then cum for me.”

Shouto shakes his head, already sounding delirious from the pleasure, “Not until…you’re inside…want it inside…”

Katsuki takes his cock out of his pants and slaps it against Shouto’s hole, “You want this? Is this what you want inside?”

Shouto nods rapidly.

“Use your words, baby. Otherwise I won’t understand,” Katsuki teases.

Defiantly, Shouto reaches for Katsuki’s cock and tries to shove it inside of himself, but Katsuki quickly catches his wrist.

“Tell me what you want or I’ll fuckin’ punish you.”

“You,” Shouto bites his bottom lip, looking into Katsuki’s eyes, “I want you inside of me. Now.”

Katsuki still doesn’t move.

Exasperated, Shouto whines, “Please, Katsuki, please.”

Only then, does Katsuki slide into Shouto’s hole, pushing all the way inside, “That’s right, bitch,” he grabs Shouto by the neck, squeezing just slightly, “You say please when you speak to me.”

Shouto nods, obedient, swiveling his hips on Katsuki’s dick.

After a few minutes of vigorous thrusting, making Shouto whine and arch his back desperately, Katsuki’s close to reaching his climax. He kisses along Shouto’s neck, holding him tightly as he moans, “You’re mine. You’re fuckin’ mine, baby. Tell me. I wanna hear you say it.”

“Yours…I’m yours,” Shouto moans right before he cums.

Katsuki fills Shouto up, staying in place for a good few minutes afterwards. He redresses himself and Shouto, though Shouto tries to stop him when he moves to help him pull up his pants.

“Wait,” Shouto looks spent, “I’ve got to clean my ass up first.”

“No, I want you to wait until we get to the hotel room. Enjoy the mess in your pants,” Katsuki takes a bite out of Shouto’s neck as he pulls the boy’s pants up, grinning cockily.

Shouto gives his husband a small smirk, “You’re so nasty.”

“Fuck yeah, I am. Don’t forget it,” the blonde leans in close, kissing behind Shouto’s ear, “And so are you.”

Shouto pulls Katsuki in for a kiss, “You’re right.”

Shortly after getting dressed again, the driver informs the pair that they’ve arrived at the hotel. Katsuki unloads their luggage and gazes up at the impressive hotel Shouto picked. It’s a gorgeous, expertly designed building that is known for boasting a quiet getaway for famous celebrities and pro heroes. Shouto dealt with booking the hotel room, so Katsuki follows him into the hotel’s enormous lobby. The ceiling is incredibly high, lined with delicate glass chandeliers.

When Shouto speaks to the receptionist, the man seems to be familiar with Shouto. He never mentioned coming here before, so Katsuki’s not quite sure why. But then the receptionist speaks and says something that Katsuki finds pretty peculiar.

“Your penthouse suite has been prepared for you, Mr. Todoroki.”

Katsuki’s face scrunches up at that.

Once they’re in an elevator, on their way up to their room, Katsuki asks, “Have you been to this hotel before?”

“Yeah,” Shouto nods.

“With who?”

Shouto looks confused, “What?”

“Who’d you come here with? The receptionist said, ‘your penthouse suite’ like you fuckin’ own a room here.”

Shouto bites his bottom lip, staying silent.

Katsuki scoffs, smacking his hand against his forehead, “Jesus fucking Christ, Shouto. Your father fucking pays for the penthouse suite, doesn’t he? You used to meet him at this hotel when you’d sneak out to cheat on me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, he does, and we used to, but not anymore…obviously. Why does that matter though? My dad’s in prison now and this hotel is still a great place for pro heroes to spend their vacations, so I just thought…it would be nice for us.”

Shouto really doesn’t get it.

“Yeah, real fuckin’ nice. I’ll just fuck your brains out where your daddy used to dick you down,” Katsuki folds his arms, looking off to the side.

Shouto sighs, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it’d be an issue.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki huffs as the elevator opens, “let’s just get our stuff put away.”

They enter the penthouse suite and Katsuki must admit, it’s gorgeous. The interior design of the room is modern, super sleek and minimal, yet ornately detailed as well. There’s a large balcony with a beautiful view of a nearby beach. Maybe if Katsuki was in a better mood he’d be able to properly relax and enjoy it here. But he’s not. He’s pissed.

Angrily, he unpacks his shit into the room he and Shouto will be sharing for the next two weeks. Two weeks here. At the place Shouto used to come when he’d cheat on Katsuki with his father. How the fuck could Shouto not understand how fucked up that is? Then again, he’s been getting abused by his father since he was a kid. Maybe Katsuki’s being too hard on him.

The blonde finishes unpacking and heads out to the living room where Shouto is, to apologize. It’s their honeymoon and Shouto genuinely thought this hotel would be good for them, so Katsuki should make more of an effort to be understanding. He doesn’t want to fight. Not today. Not right now. Not ever, really.

But when he makes it to the kitchen, right across from the living room, he can hear that Shouto is on the phone. He’s going to alert Shouto of his presence when he suddenly overhears Shouto’s conversation.

“Now’s not a good time,” he says, “But you knew that before you called. I told you today was my wedding day. Surely, they have calendars in prison. You’re just doing this to hurt me.”

In an instant, Katsuki’s moving. He finds himself yanking Shouto’s phone from his hands and throwing the thing aside, letting it bounce on the sectional right beside where they’re standing. He grabs Shouto’s wrists so that he can’t reach for his phone and proceeds to yell at the boy. How long has he been in contact with his father? Has he…has he been to see him? If Katsuki was pissed before, now he’s fuming.

“What the fuck, Shouto? What the actual fuck!? Why are you talking to him, huh? I don’t want you fucking talking to him, you understand me?”

Shouto tries to look down at his phone.

Katsuki grabs him by the chin and turns his head, “No, fucking look at me. Listen to what the hell I’m saying.”

“He’s my father, Katsuki. You never want me to talk to him again?”

“You have no fuckin’ reason to talk to him.”

“He’s my father.”

Katsuki scoffs and folds his arms, “He raped you.”

Shouto furrows his brows, “He didn’t.”

“Are you kidding me!? He did. He used you as a replacement for your mother. You’ve told me yourself. He fucked you before you even understood what that was.”

Shouto covers his ears, shaking his head, “Stop! Stop talking like that! I don’t want to hear it.”

Irritated that even on their honeymoon he’s dealing with bullshit caused by Endeavor, Katsuki heads toward the suite’s front door. He’ll go cool off somewhere. He needs to get away from Shouto, because he doesn’t want things to turn out like before. He doesn’t want to hit him, doesn’t want to get violent. But he knows himself, and sometimes…it’s hard for him to control his anger. And he refuses to be like him.

But of course, Shouto hugs Katsuki from behind before he can even open the door, “Don’t leave me, please. Please. I love you. Please, forgive me. Do whatever you want to me, but just don’t leave me. If you leave too…I…” he sounds like he’s going to cry.

It makes Katsuki’s chest ache.

He turns around and takes both of Shouto’s hands into his, “Fuck, Shouto…. I know it’s hard for you, letting go of him, but it’s what’s best for you. We’re trying to start a life together, and he’s just going to fuck that up like he’s fucked everything else up for you. Do you want that?”

“Of course not. I…I love you.”

“Then don’t accept calls from him anymore.”

Shouto nods, “I…I’ll try.”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No, there’s no ‘try.’ Don’t accept his calls. You understand me?”

Shouto nods once more, “Yes, yes I do. I’m sorry…I—

“Shhh, baby,” Katsuki kisses Shouto’s forehead, “Everything’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay.”

Shouto holds onto Katsuki tightly.

They order room service shortly after their conversation, enjoying dinner in front of the flatscreen TV in the suite’s living room. Everything is more or less calm once again, but Katsuki still feels uneasy. They just got married and Endeavor is still coming between them, like the goddamn worm he is. All of it just drives Katsuki up the wall.

After it’s bumpy start, their honeymoon settles into a comfortable paradise for the couple. The first week is filled with steamy sex, relaxing trips to the hotel’s pool and spa, and delicious meals at some of the restaurants connected to the hotel. It’s good. Yeah, it’s good. But Katsuki watches Shouto closely, practically sticks to his husband like glue. He’s not going to be able to monitor every one of Shouto’s actions or keep an eye on him at all times, but when he can, he will. That’s all he can do.

He loves Shouto. Dearly. To the point where it makes him feel a little crazy, a little obsessed. And maybe he is. But what him and Shouto have is special, and Katsuki’s willing to work with Shouto in order to maintain their relationship. The hold Endeavor has on Shouto’s mind, soul, body, and heart may never disappear, and that pisses Katsuki off endlessly. But what the fuck can he do about it? What the fuck can he do?

Chapter Text

Marriage is nice. Shouto goes to sleep every night in Katsuki’s arms—though he’s been doing that for years at this point. It just feels more solidified now. More official. Either way, Shouto likes it. It’s been three whole months since the wedding and honeymoon. The afterglow of the ceremony has worn off by now, and the couple has comfortably shifted back to their normal daily lives. Though, their routine has shifted a bit.

Shouto decided to take over his father’s agency. He couldn’t bear to let it keep rotting, and for some reason he felt he owed it to his father to at least continue his legacy. He’ll never be the number one hero now, not with his weaker body and mind, but he can certainly run an already established company. So, Shouto manages anything and everything that has to do with his father’s agency, well with his agency now. People currently call it the “Todoroki Hero Agency,” since the name “Endeavor” is forever sullied.

Endeavor the rapist.

Endeavor the kid toucher.

Endeavor the abusive father.

Shouto hates that people look at his father that way. They don’t understand anything. They don’t get it.

Every day Shouto goes to work, he knows how people look at him. Like he’s pathetic. Like he’s a victim. With pity in their eyes and unnatural smiles upon their faces. Everyone talks about how brave Shouto is. He could get out of bed and somehow that makes him brave. It’s a joke. Shouto’s just doing his best. He gave up on being a hero, because it was never something meant for him in the first place. Even his father realized that much.

But he’s essentially the CEO of his father’s agency, overseeing all of the pro heroes, sidekicks, interns, and all of the other employees that allow the company to function. And that’s something. Another thing that also seems to cause others to consider him as “brave.” Shouto doesn’t feel brave, though. He feels…confused. He’s happy with his husband. He’s happy with where his life is going. But he’s still a little bit…confused about his own feelings.

Honestly, he hates himself.

It’s a Saturday morning, both of them eating breakfast in the dining room, when Katsuki brings it up, “You ever think about having a few brats?” he says casually as he stuffs his face.

Shouto’s eyes widen. Him as a father? It seems like a recipe for disaster, “You never seemed like the type to want kids.”

Katsuki shrugs, “I don’t know, I was talking to Deku at work today—he’s currently dating Shinsou, that prick from the general studies class in high school—and Deku’s always wanted kids. He’s the sappy kind of fuck that would love being a father. Anyway,” Katsuki continues his thought, “Shinsou has a friend with a quirk that would allow two men to conceive a biological child of their own, and it just got me thinking about it, that’s all.”

Shouto considers Katsuki’s words, “So, you’d want to have kids with me?”

“Yeah, maybe. In the future, of course, but yeah. It might be nice.”

Shouto suddenly feels like he needs to go take a shower.

Later in the night, when Katsuki’s asleep, Shouto gets a call. Right on time. 2 AM on the dot. Shouto’s in the living room, with the TV playing quietly as nothing more than background noise. He’s been up since one, sitting on the couch bouncing his leg in anticipation for the call.

When he answers it, he hears the familiar, “This is a collect call from the Mustafu City Prison. Do you accept the charges?”

“Yes,” he says softly.

“Shouto,” comes his father’s soft, endearing voice.

Shouto doesn’t say anything.

Enji doesn’t need him to, “You’re still coming on Monday, right Shouto? At the normal time? All of the preparations have been made, as usual.”

Shouto huffs, “Yes. Yes, I am. You don’t have to call me before every time.”

“Of course, I don’t. But I love hearing your voice, so I see no reason not to.”

Shouto hates himself for blushing at those words, “Well, I’ll see you soon, okay? I’ve got to get to bed now.”

“I’m excited to see you again, my sweet boy.”

“Y-Yeah. Goodnight, Dad.”

“Goodnight, Shouto. Sleep well.”

He hangs up. Shouto knows he’s horrible. He knows, okay? The guilt he feels for visiting his father behind Katsuki’s back is unmanageable, but he doesn’t know what else to do anymore. The insufferable thoughts in Shouto’s head went away as soon as he started visiting his father. A few weeks after Kirishima and Mina’s wedding. He knows it’s bad. But it’s the only way he can keep himself under control. The only way he can maintain his sanity.

No one knows about it. He’s made sure that no one will ever know.

It helps that Enji’s still a powerful man, even from prison. The first time Shouto agreed to come meet him, Enji was able to send a car to discreetly come pick Shouto up and made it so that they could meet in a private room rather than in the same meeting room as all of the other inmates. He seems to have at least a few guards that listen to him. With how easily it is for the man to get what he wants, Shouto’s surprised he isn’t out of prison yet.

On Monday, Shouto heads to work like usual. Katsuki always leaves before him, his pro hero work starting earlier than Shouto’s work at the agency, solely because Shouto can set his own hours. He runs his own agency, after all. Today, he heads into work a little earlier than usual, gets some necessary things done, and then takes an early lunch that he won’t be back from for several hours. No one asks him where he’s going. No one questions him. He can just do whatever he wants, and everyone will follow, everyone will trust him. Is this how his father felt?

The car arrives around the back of the building. Shouto slips on a black wig and puts on some sunglasses before he gets into the car. He just has to be careful. Not only does he never want Katsuki to find out, but if the media caught him going to visit his father, he’d never hear the end of it. He has to be careful. Extra careful.

On the way there, Shouto falls asleep. He always does. He feels immensely exhausted whenever he’s heading to see his father thanks to the endless nervous thoughts that float around within his brain every time. Is someone at the prison going to recognize me? Will people find out? What if Katsuki finds out about my long lunch breaks? Will everything be okay?

Shouto arrives at the prison. The driver escorts him to a trailer that’s adjacent to the large prison yard. A few men are out in the yard. They stare. A few of them whistle at Shouto as he walks by, yelling all of the vulgar things they’d want to do to him if he was on the other side of the gate. The driver is a big, burly man, and he puts his hand on Shouto’s shoulder to hurry him along, away from the crass inmates. Shouto’s sure his father personally selected the man for this job.

They’ve never met in a trailer before. It’s always been inside of the prison, in a space that resembles a police interrogation room. When Shouto enters the trailer, it’s nice, designed to look almost like a small, luxury hotel suite. And his father is sitting inside, on a red sofa, completely uncuffed. There’s only one guard standing outside the trailer’s front door, and he didn’t even pat Shouto down before letting him inside. What’s going on?

Enji stands, smiling down at his son.

The driver takes this as his cue to leave and hurries out of the trailer.

“What’s going on?” Shouto looks around in confusion.

Enji comes closer to Shouto, caressing his cheek, “This is how we’ll meet from now on,” he takes the black wig and sunglasses off of his son’s face, discarding them on a nearby table, “There’s my beautiful boy.”

This is…wrong. The meetings before consisted of Shouto simply sitting and talking to his father, who was cuffed to the table, who was being watched by a guard. This is different. They’re unsupervised. They can do whatever they want, and from the glint in his father’s blue eyes, Shouto can tell what the man wants.

Enji slips his thumb into Shouto’s mouth.

Shouto lets him.

“It’s been so long since I’ve tasted you,” His father rumbles, leaning in to suck on Shouto’s neck.

He gasps, hands grasping at his father’s arms, pushing lightly. He’s not strong enough to push his father off, but he’s not sure he’d be able to do so anyway. When the large man reaches around to roughly cup his son’s ass, Shouto’s losing it. He didn’t think he’d ever get the chance to feel this way again. He thought he’d maybe get to chat with his father every so often, maybe flirt a little bit, maybe play footsie under the table. That’d be it. There’d be no more cheating.

But here they are, Enji’s erection very clearly pressing into Shouto’s thigh, his lips on Shouto’s neck. And he doesn’t think he has the will to refuse his father, to say no. He never really has, so why would he now? Because he’s married? Because he finally has the chance to live a normal fulfilling life? Those are all perfectly good reasons why Shouto should shove his father away right now, leave this prison, and never look back. But Shouto isn’t capable of doing that. He knows himself too well. He’s weak.

“Tell me what you want, Shouto,” his father murmurs, slowly unbuttoning Shouto’s shirt.

Shouto shakes his head.

Enji withdraws, choosing to instead sit down on the couch, “If you don’t want it, I won’t force myself on you. I care about what you want, Shouto.”

I care about what you want.

Shouto sits down next to his father, holding his shirt closed, as if that will somehow preserve his modesty, preserve his marriage, his sanity, his resolve.

Enji takes his son’s left hand into his, runs his thumb over the silver band around Shouto’s finger, “It’s a beautiful ring. I wish I could’ve been at the wedding.”

Shouto looks over at his father with narrowed eyes, “No, you don’t.”

Enji chuckles, “Perhaps not. I never thought he was a good match for you.”

“So, you were lying. All those times you said you wanted me to move on and be happy with Katsuki.”

Enji nods, nonchalant, “Yes, I was lying. Because you’re important to me. I’ve only ever wanted what’s best for you.”

Shouto sighs, covering his face, “God, this is so fucked up.”

Enji removes his son’s hands from his face, holding his wrists, “Is it all really so different now that you’re married? It’s clear you still desire me just as much as you used to. Why are you fighting what’s in your nature?”

“Because it’s wrong!” Shouto shouts, eyes wide.

Enji stays silent, shocked by his normally quiet son’s sudden outburst.

“I love Katsuki. I love him, Dad. I don’t want to keep doing this to him. I thought…I thought that if I just came here and talked to you, and physically saw you, then I’d be okay. But now you’ve made it so that we can do whatever the hell we want, and I feel fucking sick. I feel sick with guilt and want and…it all just makes me hate myself even more!”

Enji caresses his son’s face, “It’s up to you. We’ll do whatever you want, Shouto.”

Shouto shakes his head, “You’re so fucked up. You know what you’re doing. You’re making it so that this is my choice. You want to see if I’ll choose you,” Shouto sighs, “I wish you’d just rape me like you used to. Then I wouldn’t have to feel so bad about it, about how much I want—

Shouto stops himself from completing his sentence.

“How much you want what, Shouto?”

He looks away.

Enji tilts his chin so that they’re facing one another again, “And did I ever really rape you, Shouto? With how much you liked what I was doing? With how often you begged me to do it again? Is that really what you’d call it?”

Shouto swallows hard. He’s right, isn’t he? Shouto always enjoyed it all, didn’t he? Even when he didn’t quite understand it, he still liked feeling so close to his father, feeling so connected. Even now, the anticipation is killing him. The prospect of spreading his legs and taking his father’s cock deep inside of him. When was he ever raped? People say he was, but he wasn’t, was he?

Because he likes it.

 “No,” Shouto mumbles.

Enji nods, satisfied, “That’s right. You need your father, Shouto.”

Shouto gazes at his father’s face. He has a light beard now, though it’s fairly neatly kept. Not like many of the other inmates Shouto passed on the way to get here. His hair is still short, as usual, and his body still radiates heat. His presence is suffocating.

Why can’t Shouto just leave? Why could he never just leave? He’s mended things with his family, with Katsuki. He’s working again, functioning again, but does he have his father to thank for all of that? It was only after he started visiting the man again that Shouto was able to truly live again. If Shouto walks out that door right now, will he regret it? Will he spiral out of control again and come running back to his daddy, who’s somehow simultaneously both caused and fixed all of Shouto’s problems in life?

Enji strokes Shouto’s hair, “You think too much. You’re too pretty to be thinking this much, Shouto.”

His father leans in closer, so that their noses are nearly touching, and Shouto inhales sharply.

“Tell me what you want to do, and we’ll do it,” says his father, tone ominous, dangerously low.

“I want…” Shouto starts.

“Hm?” Enji grins.

“I-I want…”

“Yes, go on, Shouto.”

“I want this to be the last time.”

Enji’s eyes widen in shock.

There’s a moment of silence between them, where both men just think. Think about what Shouto’s just said. Think about what that means. For them. For everyone. For the future. Shouto’s chest hurts as he sits there, looking at his old man’s still chiseled, still handsome face, even after all this time. He still finds him incredibly attractive, still feels undeniably tethered to him in mind, body, and soul. But, it’s time. It’s time to finally let go.

Enji holds Shouto by the chin, “What do you mean by that?”

“I want you to fuck me,” Shouto says bluntly, “And then I’m going to leave and never come back. I’m moving on. I have to.”

Enji hears a hint of doubt in his son’s voice, “You can’t live without me.”

Shouto shakes his head, “I have to live without you. It’s time.”

Enji scoffs, “And the only way you can do it is by never seeing me again? You’re a weak boy.”

Hearing his father talk to him so degradingly, like he used to, goes straight to Shouto’s groin, “Maybe I am. But I’m taking the steps necessary for me to become strong.”

Enji roughly grabs Shouto’s shoulder, “You won’t leave me. You’ll be back.”

“I won’t.”

Flames erupt from Enji’s shoulders. He looks furious, as angry as he used to get when Shouto would get in trouble at school, when Shouto would look at him wrong or say things he didn’t like to hear. Orange flames dance up and along Enji’s arm, until they meet Shouto’s skin and burn. Shouto tries to pull away, but his father is stronger. He’s always been stronger.

“No. No. You don’t get to walk away from me and return to your quaint little life. I’m going to make it hurt.”

Shouto tries to yank his burning arm free of his father’s grip, “Stop! Stop, you’re burning me!”

Enji laughs wickedly, “All these years and you still squirm for me like you did when you were a little boy. Look at you. Pathetic.”

His father burns Shouto’s clothes to ash, leaving him bare. Shouto wonders what the hell he’s going to wear when he leaves, though maybe he won’t leave. Maybe his father will finally end it all here and kill him.

Enji admires his son’s body, kissing collarbones and touching hips, “This body was made for my use. You were made for my use. To think anything else makes you naïve.”

Finally, his father ceases with burning Shouto’s arm, but there’s a leftover burn that looks pretty nasty. It’s damning evidence of Shouto’s correspondence with his father. Katsuki will know. Shouto just has to cover up for a few days. He just has to cover up and—

Enji sucks and sucks and sucks on Shouto’s neck until it’s bruised purple, so deep that it looks like he’s been hit. Shouto tries to wriggle out of his father’s grip, tries to get away, because how can he leave this all behind when Katsuki’s going to literally divorce him the second he sees him? Everyone at work will wonder why Shouto looks like he’s been beat up.

Enji’s a twisted man.

As Enji slips out of his prison slacks, he hums, “I’m going to ruin you so that no one else can properly enjoy you again. You’ll never escape me, Shouto. You’re mine.”

His father spears Shouto on his cock without warning. Shouto shrieks, desperately grabbing onto both of the large man’s shoulders to ground himself in some way. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t miss this. The rough treatment. The harsh words. The feeling of his father’s cock deep inside of him. It all feels like a special kind of fucked up home that Shouto’s returned to.

He mewls as Enji starts to drive deep into him.

It makes his father smile, “Tell me who you belong to.”

Shouto shakes his head. Not this time. He won’t say it this time.

Enji grabs Shouto by the neck and shakes him, “Tell me!”

It hurts. His father isn’t squeezing hard, but he is squeezing. And Enji doesn’t have to do much to hurt Shouto, not with the inhuman amount of strength within his hulking body. His hands go from choking Shouto, to roughly gripping his thighs, leaving bruises and marks everywhere they touch. Not to mention the fact that his father’s cock has been climbing in temperature the entire time they’ve been fucking. It’s practically boiling Shouto’s insides at this point.

“Daddy, it hurts!” Shouto screams, reduced to the sniveling boy he used to be in high school.

Enji laughs, gripping Shouto’s left arm to resume the burning from earlier, “Yes, scream for me, my beautiful boy. You sound so pretty when you’re crying out for me.”

Shouto’s being burned inside and out, his father’s hand searing through his left arm. Still, Shouto is hard. All it takes is for his father to gently wrap his free hand around his son’s cock, and Shouto is cumming hard, all over his own stomach. He squeals and squeaks through his orgasm, body wrecked from the overwhelming pleasure and pain.

When Enji’s finished burning Shouto’s arm, the damage is irreversible. The skin there is permanently marred, matching the skin around his left eye. There’s no hiding that from Katsuki. What a bastard. In the end, he couldn’t just let Shouto go. No, he was never going to be capable of that. Even when he pretended to be a decent human being, he still had an unyielding hold on Shouto. It was just more covert then, unspoken.

His father continues to fuck into him, making Shouto dry orgasm one, then two times before the man is ready to release his load inside of his youngest son.

“Beg me for my load. Beg me to cum inside of you,” he says, ramming his cock in and out of his son’s hole.

Shouto just whines, mouth hung open, eyes nearly closed. He’s going to pass out if this continues on any longer.

“Tell me how much you want me to fill you up!” Enji slaps Shouto across the face, hard enough to bruise.

That brings Shouto’s consciousness back to a fully alert state, “Please…” he moans, “I want it inside. I want it all inside…” and he does. Despite the fact that his father’s cock is hotter than hell, and his semen will no doubt be even hotter, Shouto wants it. He wants it all.

Enji combusts inside of him, holding Shouto down on his cock as he dumps wave after wave of cum into his boy. Even once he’s finished, he keeps Shouto there, holding all of that boiling hot cum inside. Shouto begins to sob at how much it hurts, how hot it is. Every window on the trailer has fogged up from steam rising off of their sizzling bodies.

Enji leans back, holding his son by the shoulders, and admires the damage he’s done to his body. From Shouto’s thighs all the way up to his face, he’s covered in bruises, burns, welts, finger marks, bite marks and everything else a human being could possibly make visible on another human. Shouto’s right eye has a blooming bruise under it from when Enji struck Shouto in the face. His neck is bruised in the shape of Enji’s hand. His left arm has that new, very permanent, burn on it, also shaped like Enji’s hand. And everywhere else is just covered in bruises of all colors from the rainbow. It’s a mess.

“You are mine,” Enji says as he sweeps Shouto’s bangs out of the way, kissing his son’s forehead.

Shouto’s too tired to say anything in response.

They rest on the couch like that for thirty minutes before Shouto decides to get up. He slightly opens the door to the trailer, where the guard is still standing. The man looks like he’s seen a ghost, probably from hearing the violent sex Enji just had with his son. The guard was probably instructed by Enji not to intervene, no matter what.

“I need some new clothes,” comes Shouto’s deadpan request.

The man nods, calling the driver on his walkie-talkie, instructing the other man to fetch Shouto something to wear. In just a few minutes, Shouto is dressed again, wearing some ripped blue jeans and a white short sleeve V-neck. He looks at his father, who is still sitting on the couch, looking grumpier than ever before. This is goodbye.

“I love you, Shouto,” comes his father’s sugary sweet words.

Shouto grimaces.

“I’ll always love you. You’re the most precious thing in the world to me.”

Shouto sighs, “Goodbye, old man.”


It took everything in Shouto’s power not to run into his father’s arms and tell the man how much he loves him too. But he had to be strong. Shouto’s riding in the back of the car that picked him up from the agency, being driven back home instead of work. He can’t show up to work looking like this. For the next few days, he plans to work from home. No one will say anything to him about it. And, besides, if anyone does happen to ask, Shouto will just say he’s feeling a little under the weather.

On the other hand, Katsuki will see all of the bruising and marks on Shouto’s body. That’s inevitable. Unless Shouto makes up some lie that manages to keep him and his husband apart for two weeks or more. But he’s not going to do that. It’s important for their marriage, moving forward, for them to have this conversation. Shouto thinks it will bring them closure.

He arrives at their apartment complex, tipping the driver handsomely as he exits the vehicle. The ride up the elevator feels like the longest few minutes of his life. When he opens the front door to their place, Katsuki’s actually home, making what smells like a delicious dinner. It’s well into the afternoon at this point in the day.

“Shouto, you’re home early,” Katsuki says, cheery from the kitchen, unable to fully see just how disheveled Shouto looks just yet.

Shouto stands between the kitchen and the living room, just waiting for his husband to catch sight of him. He has to deal with this head on. He can’t run away anymore. Shouto’s already faced his father. Now, he has to face this. It’s important to him.

Katsuki drops his spatula when he sees Shouto, letting it clatter to the floor. He quickly turns off the stove and rushes over to his lover, cupping his face and shoulder gently, “What the fuck happened to you? Holy shit, Shouto who did thi—”

He stops speaking. Crimson eyes flick down to the obvious burn on Shouto’s left arm. There’s a moment of pure serenity before all hell breaks loose, Katsuki screaming at the top of his lungs in anger at Shouto. He’s fuming. Absolutely enraged. Rightfully so.

“What the fuck!? Are you serious right now, Shouto!? Explain yourself to me before I fucking lose it! Explain yourself!”

Shouto takes a deep breath before speaking, “I’ve been going to see my father since Kirishima and Mina’s wedding.”

Katsuki’s eyes widen. He paces back and forth, runs his hand along his mouth, looks like he has something to say then looks like he has absolutely nothing to say.

Shouto continues, “We just talked every other time. I asked him how he was doing, he asked me how I was doing. Occasionally, he’d talk about how much he wants me or say other not-so-fatherly things…but it was all mostly just talking. I just needed to see him. It helped me feel sane.”

“Hold on,” Katsuki holds up his hand, “That’s right around the time when you started to get better. Jesus Christ, Shouto! You somehow convinced yourself that the only way you could get back to functioning normally was by going to visit that prick!? What about all I did for you!? What about—

“I know it’s bad,” Shouto interrupts, “Believe me, I know it’s so fucked up. But I’m fucked up. I’ve been fucked up since I was a little kid. You knew that when you decided to get with me.”

Katsuki scoffs, folding his arms.

Shouto continues his previous thought, “Anyway, this time, when I went to meet him, he had this trailer prepared and everything. No guards were there to get in our way. We could do whatever we wanted,” he stops to let out a shaky breath, “And my mind kept going back to you.” Tears prickle at the corners of Shouto’s eyes.

Katsuki’s lips wobble. He looks like he’s going to cry too.

“Katsuki, I did let him fuck me. I did. But I told him that this was the end. I told him that I wouldn’t be back. So, he did this to me,” Shouto gestures to his current appearance, “He wanted me not to be able to hide what he and I did. And I can’t. And I think I prefer it this way, because I’m finally being honest with you.”

Katsuki exhales, releasing a melancholic sigh.

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through. I really am the worst, aren’t I?”

“You’re a fucking idiot,” Katsuki pulls Shouto into an amorous hug.

“Yeah, I am.”

 The blonde kisses Shouto’s bruised lips, “Don’t you ever fuckin’ cheat on me with him again, or I’ll kick your ass.”

Shouto smirks, “I might like that though.”

Katsuki laughs, lightly slapping Shouto’s ass before returning to the kitchen to finish dinner. Shouto loves the sound of Katsuki’s laugh, loves the way it feels when Katsuki touches him, loves the smell of Katsuki’s cooking. He loves everything about the blonde. He’s so lucky to have found someone that’s willing to put up with his craziness.

They eat dinner after Katsuki treats some of Shouto’s wounds. For the next few weeks, Shouto works from home, as he planned on doing. Katsuki takes off of work some days, just to be with Shouto, to enjoy some extra time together. It’s good. It’s really good. Shouto thinks that, maybe they will have some brats together in the future. Maybe they’ll move into a beautiful house, rather than an apartment, and they’ll raise their kids together. Shouto will stay home with the kids while they watch their other daddy on TV, fighting bad guys and saving civilians. Shouto knows that Katsuki certainly saved him.


A full year goes by and things are so good. Unimaginably good. Shouto hasn’t felt like doing drugs once, hasn’t had any bad, intrusive thoughts once, hasn’t felt like calling his father once. Really. It’s true.

He feels cleansed, like a new man. His marriage with Katsuki is fantastic. The blonde treats Shouto like gold. He treats Shouto with love and care and kindness, and he doesn’t fuck with Shouto’s emotions. He doesn’t make Shouto feel confused or uneasy. Katsuki just feels right.

Their marriage is still new, but they’ve tried this before and it failed at the engagement stage. But look at them now. They’re actually a solidified, married couple. They’re actually doing it. Shouto thinks that he may end up alright. He thinks that he’s finally, finally free from the iron grip his father had on him and his life.

He thinks he is, at least. But a true test of his resolve presents itself to him late on a Saturday night.

Shouto wakes up to the sound of his phone ringing. He untangles his body from Katsuki’s and sleepily reaches for the device. Christ, what time is it? Shouto glances at the clock on his nightstand. 2 AM. No. He was sure to make it so that he couldn’t receive calls from the prison anymore. Reluctantly, Shouto looks at his phone’s screen.

He nearly drops the phone on the ground.

It’s his father’s old cellphone number.