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Everything Black

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11:34 pm Seoul, South Korea

a man around his 30s is seen leaving a building, with a briefcase. he’s wearing a dress shoes, a navy blue blazer and pants. he appears nervous and looks around to see if no one is following him. he approaches his car from the parking lot, until he feels a presence watching him. he turns around quickly.

“hello? who’s there?”, he shakily says. when he gets no response, he takes a few breathes to calm himself. i’m just panicking, he tries to reassure himself.

he goes to unlock his car with his keys when suddenly, he feels a cloth covering his mouth and nose, inhaling a strong scent that made his head dizzy.

“w-what the!? who are you?”, the man tries to fight back but his arms are restricted on his back by a pair of strong hands.

“shhhh, go to sleep now, you’ll find out later on”, a voice whispers into his ear. it sounds familiar. so familiar. the man didn’t have enough time to think who that voice belong to because he felt his eyelids getting heavy and before he knew it, sleep takes over him, the scent from the cloth knocking him out completely.


“wakey wakey~”, the man quickly opens his eyes. all he sees is darkness. he guesses a bag is covering his head. “what the hell!? where am i?”, he calls out.

“jae, take off the bag”, a voice orders, different than the one at the parking lot, but still highly familiar. the man feels the bag being taken off. he adjust his eyes to the light that’s flickering. he looks around and sees that he’s in a room, most likely abandoned. he’s strapped to a chair, from head to toe, and feels something, most likely metal, strapped on his head. weird.

in front of him, is a group of people, precisely 4 men. 3 of them are wearing an all-black suit, leather gloves, and face masks. they’re standing around a particular man, who’s sitting down on a chair with his legs crossed. the man looks like he’s on his mid-20s, jet black hair swept to the side, a long black coat, black turtle neck, black jeans, and black combat boots. a moon crescent tattoo is seen on the side of his neck, peeking out from his collar. around his waist is a belt and its pockets are filled with a rifle gun. the man’s eyes widen at seeing him and feels his heartbeat speed up. no fucking way. it’s johnny suh. THE johnny suh.

“happy to see me?”, johnny says with such an innocent smile. that smiles send chills down the man.

“why am i here?”, the man asked, with fear and uncertainty.

“mr. kim, i think you know why you’re here. don’t play dumb with me”, he snaps his fingers, one of the guys standing up handing him the briefcase. he lays it on his lap.

“h-hey, that’s my stuff-“

“shut it”, doesn’t even bother to finish. you just have to follow along, who knows what he’ll do to you.

“why were you in my office?”, johnny speaks up, his voice low and filled with venom.

“i-i don’t know what you’re talking about, i swear-“, mr. kim screams as he feels the electricity run through him. an electric chair. holy shit.

“not a good answer~”, he sing-songs. it seems that he’s the one controlling the chair since a small controller is in his hand. “don’t play innocent. i’m not dumb”.

“please stop! j-just stop!”, he screams. this is not going to end good, just give up, you don’t stand a chance against him. “f-fine! i’ll tell you everything! anything! just stop please!”, coughs out blood, the pain all too much for him.

“how lovely! i knew you would tell us”, johnny claps his hands. he turns off the chair, giving time to catch his breath. he then unlocks and opens the briefcase and takes out the papers inside.

“i see that you have a copy of our stocks, supplies, drugs, and money. oh wow! you even have info of all of my members, even pictures. very nice! mind telling me why?”, he rips the papers, taking his time so that there’s no trace left behind.

mr. kim feels his whole world crashing down. he starts to panic at all of the possibilities of hows he’s going to die, right here. no, the evidence, he thinks to himself, how can i be so stupid? i should’ve been more attentive.

“i see that you have unmasked me”, looks down defeated. “you are sick. you’re out of your god damn mind. you won’t get away with all of this. one day, your whole empire you’ve created will come crashing down. mark my words. you’re and all of your men are just a bunch of criminals”, he spits on johnny’s face. anger and determination is seen on’s eyes.

johnny wipes the spit with a hand towel he pulled out from his pocket. then, out of nowhere, he starts laughing. it’s not even an evil laugh, which makes it more scary.

mr. kim looks at him in disbelief. “w-what’s so funny?”, he asks. johnny stops laughing and just stares at him. the look on his face is blank, no emotion showing.

“and who’s going to stop me? no one. you’re pathetic, just like all of them. i rule here. i’m the king. you’re just a peasant living in my world”, he spats. “big talk for someone who couldn’t even get away with a simple task. how fucking pathetic! it makes me laugh”, he mocks.

“but, there’s no reason to argue anymore, is there?”, he stands up from his chair and heads towards the door.

“yuta and jaehyun, i’ll leave him up to you. jeno and me will be waiting outside”, he opens the door but just before he leaves, he says,

“goodbye, mr. kim. it was fun ‘till it lasted. enjoy yourselves, gentlemen”, he smiles and leaves, the boy, presumably Jeno, soon following.

“w-what! what does that mean?”, mr. kim starts to panic. this is not good, not good at all.

“well this is going to be fun”, one of the guys, most likely yuta, speaks when the door closes. he then takes out a box from the corner, and opens it. it’s filled with so many tools. mr. kim have seen those tools, it’s never a good sign.

“lets enjoy ourselves to the max, moonlight”, jaehyun says with an evil smile.

“oh for sure prince”, yuta agrees oh so innocently.

dread and fear rushes through mr. kim. “n-no stop! don’t do this! no!”

the room is soon filled with blood-curling screams and sinister laughter.


“hey, did you hear about what happened with the detective mr. kim?” a young woman asks to her groups of friends.

“yea! it’s all over the news”, another girl comments. “it’s absolutely horrible what happened”, she shudders.

“does the police know who did it?”, one of them asks. it’s obvious who did it, if it isn’t the way mr. kim died gives it right away. his body was found attached to a tree, his face almost unrecognizable, his limbs all cut off. only one person murders people that way. it’s a very unique method.

“yea I mean, it’s pretty obvious. but you whats the scary part? when the police found his body, there was a note attached to his chest”, the young women says and takes a sip of her drink.

“what did it say?”, all of the girls ask her, eager to hear. “it said,



1 down, many more to go. all of you will die:) -The Devil

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Johnny Suh(known as The Devil): Leader/Boss of “Crescent”, Code name: Black Tiger, 25 years old, Namjoon’s cousin.

Mark Lee: Ex “Serpent” member, Assasin, Code name: Maple, 22 years old.

Lee Taeyong: Underboss, Code name: TY, 24 years old, Ten’s partner.

Ten Lee: Assasin, Code name: Widow, 23 years old.

Moon Taeil: Businessman, 26 years old, Donghyuck’s partner.

Lee Donghyuck: Hacker, Code name: Fullsun, 21 years old, Taeil’s partner, Chaeryeong’s brother.

Quian Kun: Bomb Specialist, Code name: Koala, 24 years old.

Nakamoto Yuta: Kidnapper/Torturer, Code name: Moonlight, 24 years old, Sicheng’s partner.

Dong Sicheng: Doctor, 23 years old, Yuta’s partner.

Kim Doyoung: Hitman, Code name: Bunny, 24 years old, Jaehyun’s partner.

Jung Jaehyun: Kidnapper/Torturer, Code name: Prince, 23 years old, Doyoung’s partner.

Kim Jungwoo: Bomb Specialist, Code name: Snoopy, 23 years old, Yuhkei’s partner.

Wong Yuhkei: Weapon Supplier, Code name: Lucas, 22 years old, Jungwoo’s partner.

Xiao De Jun: Robber, Code name: Lion, 21 years old, Kunheng’s partner.

Wong Kunheng: Dealer & Cop, Code name: Hendery, 19 years old, Dejun’s partner.

Huang Renjun: Spy, Code name: Fox, 20 years old.

Lee Jeno: Driver, Code name: Rose, 20 years old, Jaemin’s partner

Na Jaemin: Doctor, 20 years old, Jeno’s partner.

Liu Yang Yang: Robber, Code name: Sheep, 19 years old.

Zhong Chenle: Socialite, 19 years old.

Park Jisung: Hitman, Code name: Chick, 18 years old, Seongwha’s brother.


Kim Hongjoong (known as The Pirate King): Leader/Boss of “Pirates”, Code name: HJ, 22 years old, Seongwha’s partner.

Park Seongwha: Underboss, Code name: Wolf, 22 years old, Hongjoong’s partner, Jisung’s brother.

Jeong Yunho: Doctor, 21 years old, Mingi’s partner.

Song Mingi: Hitman, Code name: Song, 21 years old, Yunho’s partner.

Kang Yeosang: Assassin, Code name: Panther, 21 years old, Jongho’s partner.

Choi Jongho: Driver, Code name: Hawks, 20 years old, Yeosang’s partner, Lia’s brother.

Choi San: Bomb Specialist, Code name: Angel, 21 years old, Wooyoung’s partner.

Jung Wooyoung: Businessman, 21 years old, San’s partner.


Hwang Yeji (Known as Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing): Leader/Boss of “Nightshade”, Code name: Venom, 19 years old, Ryunjin’s partner.

Shin Ryunjin: Driver, Code name: Monarch, 19 years old, Yeji’s partner.

Choi Ji Su: Assassin, Code name: Lia, 20 years old, Jonho’s sister.

Lee Chaeryeong: Hitmxn, Code name: Aurora, 18 years old, Donghyuck’s sister.

Shin Yuna: Doctor, 17 years old

Kim Namjoon (known as “President of the Evil”): Leader/Boss of “NeverLand” (based in the US), 25 years old, Code name: RM, Seokjin’s partner, Johnny’s cousin

Kim Seokjin: Socialite, 27 years old, Namjoon’s partner

Min Yoongi: Hitman, Code name: Agust D, 26 years old

Jung Hoseok: Doctor, 25 years old

Park Jimin: Driver, Code name: Autumn, 24 years old

Kim Taehyung: Assasin, Code name: V, 24 years old, Jungkook’s partner

Jeon Jungkook: Underboss, Code name: JK, 23 years old, Taehyung’s partner

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7:16 pm. Crescent’s Headquarters

“johnny! johnny!”, the said man hears while he was walking down one of the halls. he turn around and sees his dear friend, taeyong, running up to him.

“damn, why do you walk so fast? fucking tower”, he says when he finally caught up to him. while he tries to catch his breath, johnny chuckles at his remark.

“well i’m sorry I was blessed with this amazing height. what do you need me for?” johnny asks when he sees taeyong holding stacks of papers on his arms.

“it’s nothing important. these are some papers chenle had given us that you need to sign so we can continue with our projects. renjun came back from his mission and is being attended by jaemin so no worries in that. also, you have visitors. they’re already waiting for you in the meeting room, so hurry up”, taeyong hands him the paperwork.

“okay, thank you tae. check on everyone and make sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary. also, tell yuhkei to give me a report of all the weapons and ask kunheng to interrogate renjun”, taeyong nods. he bows and walks away, leaving johnny alone in the hallway.

johnny heads to his office to put the paperwork’s on his desk. i’ll do them later, he thinks to himself, and leaves to head to the meeting room. i wonder who’s waiting for me.



7:22 pm. Meeting Room (Crescent)


knock knock knock

“ah! Black Tiger is here”, johnny hears two voices say when he opens the door.

when he enters the room, he’s surprised to see who it is. there’s a young woman and a man there. the man has a light brown mullet, a black hat on top of his head. he’s wearing a long black leather coat covered with silver jewelry, black dress pants, and black platforms. a mask with silver chains is hanging from his ear that’s covered with piercings. the woman has her hair up in a high ponytail, the tips of her hair dyed grey. she’s wearing a black long sleeved crop top, black & white joggers, and black heeled boots. johnny closes the door and bows at them, them doing the same.

“what a surprise to see you, hongjoong and yeji”, johnny says. the last time he saw them was a few months ago. all of them have been busy so they never really had time to talk together, much less face to face.

“the pleasure is ours, Black Tiger”, yeji speaks up.

“please, just call me johnny, no need to be formal. after all we’re friends”, johnny smiles at her.

“i’m sorry, it’s been so long so it slipped”, yeji apologies. they all sit down on the table, johnny sitting at the top while the others side beside him.

“no worries. now, what brings you two here? did something happened? is everything okay?”, johnny asks worriedly.

“oh no no, everything’s fine. me and yeji just thought it wouldn’t hurt to drop in. also, last night seongwha was on the phone with jisung and he commented that you’ve been stressed, much more after all that mess that went down with mr. kim”, hongjoong says with sincerity.

“ugh, don’t even mention that son of a bitch. he caused a whole mess and it wasn’t easy to fix”, johnny scoffs. “it’s very thoughtful of you but if the main reason is that you’re worried about me, please go home and take care of your duties. i’m fine really.”

“come on! don’t be like that. you gotta de-stress once in a while, if not you’ll get wrinkles at your age and i’ll start to call you grandpa”, yeji remarks playfully.

johnny laughs at her words. “okay okay fine. so, how are you guys?”, he changes the subject.

“good good. since i have new recruits, me and seongwha have been teaching them some things. i gotta say, they’re some fast learners. how about you?”, hongjoong says.

“well, me and ryunjin celebrated our anniversary yesterday and it was so much fun! god, i’m so in love with her it’s probably disgusting”, yeji sits her chin on the palm of her hand, remembering the memories.

“that’s how I feel with seongwha”, hongjoong smiles at mentioning the older.

“must me nice”, johnny says without thinking. shit, i said it out loud. “oh sorry johnny, we didn’t mean for you to feel left out”, yeji quickly apologies when she notice the change of mood.

“no it’s fine. it wasn’t my intention anyway”, johnny sighs. he really has to stop ruining moments like this.

“i mean, we can help you find someone-“

“don’t start joong. we’ve already had this conversation”, johnny interrupts him.
“wait wait hear me out. i know you are a very secretive person and you’re fine with being single but, I think it’ll help you. just think about it! everyday you wake up, there’s someone waiting for you and will shower you with their love. also, you’ll finally take care of yourself”, hongjoong tries to explains, hoping johnny doesn’t get the wrong idea.

“I appreciate your concern, but my love life is something I want to resolve by my own.”, johnny says. sure, being in a relationship sounds good, amazing, but he really doesn’t have the time and the commitment for it. “besides, I have duties to do that if i’m in a relationship, it’ll distract me. just leave it up to me, okay?”, johnny remarks.

hongjoong sighs, “okay, fine.”

yeji looks back and forth at johnny and hongjoong and sighs for the nth time. it’s always been like this, hongjoong tries to offer his help to johnny but gets turned down. hongjoong is very stubborn, so he’ll always find a way. he just cares for the older’s well-being. yeji is no different, but she just leaves it up to johnny himself. she isn’t one to mess with personal topics like this.

“let’s change the subject. how about we go to the training room? we haven’t had a match with each other in like forever. i think it’ll be fun and we can relax”, yeji offers. she almost laughs when hongjoong and johnny’s eyes lit up

“ah yea! get ready joong cause you’re gonna lose”, johnny remarks.

“oh yea? well, if i recall correctly, last time i was the winner,” hongjoong challenges.

“last one to get over there is a rotten egg!”, yeji yells as she bolts out of the meeting room, hongjoong and johnny following after.

the people outside just watch them, joy filling up house’s atmosphere.



7:29 pm. Training Room


“yea! I won, you guys suck”, johnny mocks at the others, who are catching their breath from all that running.

“dude, you only won cause you have long ass legs”, yeji fights back, hongjoong agreeing with her.

“pfft, just admit that i’m the best”, johnny poses to just to mess with them

“whatever. just so you know, I let you win”, yeji sticks out her tongue.

“okay okay, break it up. we haven’t even started yet and you both are going at it”, hongjoong finally speaks up. “let’s get started, shall we?”

“i’ll go change then. do any of you need clothes?” johnny asks as he heads to the changing room. “nah we’re good”, hongjoong and yeji both say.

“okay i’ll be back in a few minutes”, johnny says.

when he enters the room, he sees a pair of grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. johnny changes into them and heads to the bathroom. when he looks into the mirror, he sees his moon crescent tattoo on full display and how long his hair has grown. that made him remember what hongjoong had said; just think about it! everyday you wake up, there’s someone waiting for you and will shower you with their love. also, you’ll finally take care of yourself. “i should probably get a haircut one of these days”, johnny says and ties his hair into a ponytail before heading out.

when he gets out, he sees that yeji has taken off her boots and hongjoong took off his coat, platforms, and hat. he puts them on a table that’s pushed all the way to the wall.

“since johnny got here first, he gets to choose who’s he going against”, yeji says as she fixes her hair.

“i’ll go against joong and whoever loses goes against you”, johnny gets some tape from the table and wraps it around both his hands, giving some to hongjoong as well.

“prepare to lose johnny”, hongjoong teases with an evil smile. johnny scoffs at him, “in your fucking dreams.”

they both get into position, their arms up and hands into fists. yeji is between them with her hands up and waiting for them to be ready.

“ready, set, go!-“

“JOHNNY!”, sicheng slams the door open and runs up to johnny. he’s out of breath and his white coat is covered in some blood.

“sicheng, what wrong? why do you have blood stains? what the fuck happened!?”, johnny starts to panic but sicheng puts a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“it has nothing to do with our members but, do you remember the “Serpents”?, johnny nods. he helped them out once or twice, he can’t really remember.

“something or someone attacked them. one of them was found on an alley with really bad injuries. jeno and jaemin had brought him here.”

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6:49 pm Crescent Headquarters


“babe please hurry up! you don’t have to dress all elegant and shit”, jeno tries to reassure jaemin who’s busy taking and putting back clothes from their shared closet, the king-sized bed covered with jeans, shirts, jackets, and hats.

“but it’s our 3rd anniversary, of course I want to go all out”, jaemin pouts but sees that if he continues like this, they’re going to be late so he finally picked out his outfit; light-colored ripped overalls, rainbow-stripes long sleeved, and white converse. he then puts on some earrings and styles his newly blonde hair in a beanie.

jeno is wearing a black button-up shirt, the first 3 buttons undone and sleeves rolled up that shows his chest tattoo (which is a moon crescent), black skinny ripped jeans, and black boots. his neck is decorated in all kinds of chains, his fingers filled with rings, and has matching blonde hair.

jaemin then tucks his shirt into his jeans, his waist looking so small. jeno can’t help but stare at it, thinking of how it’ll look with his big hands around it. jeno, you dirty son of a bitch, he says to himself.

“jeno, can you prepare the car? i’m almost done”, jaemin breaks him from his not-so-innocent thoughts. he sees that jaemin had gone to the bathroom and is putting on eyeliner and mascara. jeno loves it when he does, especially mascara, because it makes his eyes stand out more and he absolutely adores how it leaves a mess on jaemin’s eyes when he’s crying from the way jeno roughly fucks into him-

“jeno? are you even listening?”, jaemin waves his hand in front of his face, making jeno snap out of his thoughts. this is a bad moment to think about these thoughts.

“sorry babe, let’s go now”, jeno smiles at him and takes his hand. jaemin just follows him as they go outside and into the car.



7:04 pm. Seoul, South Korea


“jisu! jongho! fancy seeing you guys here”, jeno says. him and jaemin just finished eating in a fancy restaurant and are on their way to the mansion.

“fancy seeing you too!”, jisu responds enthusiastically. jongho waves at them, behind jisu. jongho has always been known to be very shy, so jaemin tries his hardest not to pull him into a bear-hug (hey! he’s a very affectionate person).

“what are you guys doing here?”, jeno asks. in this time of the year, most of them are busy so it’s a surprise to see them.

“ah! hongjoong and yeji went to see johnny so they gave us a free day. since we haven’t hangout, we decided to come here”, jongho speaks up.

“that’s nice! are you guys going somewhere else?”, jaemin asks. “not really, we were planning on going back home until we ran into you”, jisu points to a black car, hidden from the public. it’s merely a few blocks away.

“then let’s go together, if you don’t mind”, all four head towards the vehicle. as they’re walking, they talk about their days, how is everyone, and their relationships. as the group kept on walking, they pass a dark alley and jaemin hears a voice, making him freeze on his tracks.

“h-help please”, the voice said, most likely belongs to a male. he turns towards the voice and tries to make out the face but seeing that it’s too dark and he’s far away. he takes a quick look at the others who kept on walking, oblivious of the stranger and jaemin.

“hey guys! look”, jaemin yells in hopes to get their attention and runs to help the man. he takes out his phone and turns on the flashlight. he scans the alley and there he sees the man. he’s lying down with his eyes closed, a mask covering his face, and jaemin is able to see some blood on his clothes, mostly on his sweater. the man is wearing a light brown sweatshirt, a pair of joggers, and running shoes. before jaemin can step closer, jeno grabs him and pull him back, making jaemin yelp in surprise. jisu steps in front of jaemin and has a hand on her sword, ready to take it out if needed to.

“jen, let me check-“, jaemin begin but is cut off by jisu. “we gotta check who he is, don’t be reckless jaem”, jisu says. “jong, check and see if he has weapons or any of the sort”, jeno says. jongho obeys and crouches in front of the male. he lifts the sweater and sees a belt that has all kinds of knives, plus some small containers that have some type of liquid.

on one of the joggers pockets, there’s a phone but it’s dead and the screen is badly damaged with bullet shots. jongho takes it out and pats down towards the male’s shoes to check for any other objects. he stands up when he’s done.

“that’s all there is”, jongho picks up the phone and hands it to jisu. jeno lets go of jaemin and he’s quick on checking the man’s pulse, relieved to see that he’s alive, just unconscious.

while jaemin checks if there’s severe injuries, jisu checks the knives in hopes it gives a clue on who the man is. an assassin, i see, she thinks upon inspecting more closer the weapons. then, she sees that almost all of them have a symbol and a name; a serpent and MAPLE.

“hey jong, do you know any gangs that use a serpent symbol?”, jisu asks her brother. jongho thinks for a few minutes and shakes his head. “I think I do”, jeno speaks up. “one time I saw johnny talking to a man and he had a serpent tattoo on his wrist. why do you ask?”, jeno says.

“jaem, check his wrist”, jisu orders. jaemin gently holds the man’s arm and pulls down his sleeves. sure enough, there was a serpent, small and with the initials M.L on the top.

“let’s take him to sicheng. it seems he has some bad burns and cuts. he also got a shot wound. I can’t really say how long he’s been like this but we gotta act fast. he probably lost too much blood which caused him to pass out”, jaemin says while caressing the man’s hand.

“what!? we can’t do that. we don’t know who he is. we’re not taking chances”, jeno says to him with an ‘are-you-crazy’ look.

“it doesn’t matter. maybe he’ll wake up and tell us who he is. besides, if he tries to hurt us, we’ll have the advantage”, jongho tries to reason jeno.

“still, we don’t even know how he got all those injuries. maybe he’s a runway, or something worse. let’s just leave him”-

“i’m not asking permission jeno. we can’t leave him like this. jongho, help me carry him”, jaemin snaps at jeno as jongho pulls the unconscious man over his shoulder, securing him so that he wouldn’t fall.

“jisu, lead the way”, jaemin says. he walks past jeno without glancing at him, following jisu towards the direction of the car. jongho puts a hand on jeno’s shoulder and says, “I know you’re a skeptical person, but trust jaemin. if he didn’t feel a good aura from this man, he wouldn’t have offered to take him to Crescent. he’s not as careless as he makes himself seem.” jongho smiles at him and speed walks to catch up.

jeno sighs. don’t doubt him, he’s your boyfriend for god sakes! he shakes those thoughts away and follows jongho.



7:31 pm. Medical Room (Crescent)


“what the fuck renjun! you know you have to be more careful. don’t be so fucking reckless!”, jaemin first hears when he enters the medical room. there, he sees a brown-haired male attending a younger male with light-brown hair. he recognizes the voice as sicheng. “hyung that hurts! don’t do it too hard”, renjun whines when sicheng presses on the wounds a bit too harsh. jaemin giggles at the sight.

“well if you actually tried to care for yourself maybe I wouldn’t have to take care of your ass- oh hi jaemin!”, sicheng quickly changes his tone upon seeing the younger. jaemin almost laughs at the sudden change and renjun’s in-disbelief face

“hey sicheng! I see that renjun came back”, jaemin says. he feels someone’s arms wrap around his waist but ignores it, knowing full well who it is. he’s still upset at jeno for being a little bitch. jisu walks in the room and stands beside jaemin, hoping to ease the tension between the couple.

“I swear to god that if he keeps coming back like this every time, I will personally kill him”, sicheng threatens, but not really meaning it. “hey! take it easy on me”, renjun pouts but nether less lets sicheng continue patching him up.

“now, what brings you here? I thought you had the day off with jeno. if I were you, i’ll enjoy it to the fullest, it’s not even late”, sicheng says. since he’s the head doctor, he doesn’t really get a lot of free time, and when he does, yuta is mostly busy. “well, we were but we ran into a problem”, jeno nervously says.

“what kind of problem?”, renjun asks when sicheng is done with him. him and sicheng stare at the three, waiting for their response.

“jong, you can come in”, jisu calls out. sicheng’s confusion grows more as he sees jongho with a body draped over his shoulder. he signals jongho to put the body on one of the beds.

“dude, who is that!? he’s not one of us, is he?”, renjun worries. “no, he’s not. but that doesn’t matter right now. what matters is to help him, he’s in bad shape”, jaemin says.

“we’ll talk later then”, sicheng says and starts to turn on the machines to connect him. “jaem, help me clean his wounds”, sicheng orders. jaemin gets a bowl filled with water and fresh-cleaned towels. he dips a towel on the bowl and when jaemin takes off his mask, he’s in awe at the beauty of the male. his jawline so perfect, skin glowing despite the dried blood. he has a mole on his left cheek, making him look so fragile. there’s a cut on his lip and some burns though, reminding him of his task.

“man, this man is handsome”, jaemin speaks without a thought. “let me see”, jisu pushes jaemin out of the way. “damn, he is handsome”, jisu agrees when she sees him.

“instead of drooling over him, why don’t you start helping me clean him up? jisu, please step out if you’re not gonna help”, sicheng snaps. today he’s not in the mood and jaemin is really testing him.

“sorry sorry, i’ll go now”, jisu smiles embarrassingly and steps out of the room, dragging jongho with her. before she does, she takes out the phone and gives it to renjun, telling him that’s what they found that belongs to the man.

jeno tries to help jaemin, only to be stopped by him. “don’t think I forgot what you said”, jaemin says and starts to clean the wounds carefully. “babe, I didn’t mean it okay? you know how I am”, jeno groans.

“but you doubted me. just please, let me do my job. we’ll have a serious discussion later”, jaemin shows him out. jeno pouts but complies, saying bye to renjun and sicheng.

when jaemin is done cleaning the man’s face, he pulls up the sweater and winces at the sight. there’s larger burns on his sides, bruises everywhere and a bullet on his side. he’s relieved to see that the male had taken upon himself to patch it up, but not doing a good job at it. “what the hell even happened to him?”, jaemin questions, thinking of the worst situations. he shakes those thoughts away and focuses on cleaning him up.

once he’s done, he signals sicheng so that he can connect him into the machines. his heartbeat is normal, signaling that he’s stable. “jaem, go get the tools for me”, sicheng says. he gets the anesthesia mask running and puts it over the man’s nose and mouth. when jaemin comes back, he puts on a medical mask and some new pair of gloves and gets to work on taking out the bullet and stitching up the wounds.

while sicheng is busy, jaemin looks towards renjun and sees the phone on his small hands. “did jisu gave it to you?”, renjun nods. “i’ll go give it to hyuck and see if he can do something about it”, renjun gets down from the bed and walks out of the room and towards the computer lab. jaemin then focuses on sicheng, making sure to give him the materials he needs.

after a few minutes, sicheng is done and now jaemin has to prepare the medicine for when the man wakes up. jaemin lowers down the anesthesia and checks to see if there isn’t a change on his heartbeat or any of the sort. he continues to monitor the male while sicheng cleans up. “man, I got my coat all covered in blood”, sicheng whines.

renjun comes back, donghyuck following soon after. “so, what did you get?”, jaemin asks. he sees that donghyuck has the phone connected to his laptop. “I found his information”, donghyuck sits down places his laptop on his lap, showing the others what he found.

“wow, his name, birth, and everything! man, you’re so good at this hyuck”, sicheng praise him.

the man’s name is mark lee, 22 years old. “look, it’s says that he’s part of the ‘Serpents’. no wonder he has a serpent tattoo”, jaemin points out. while all of them are engrossed on the laptop, they fail to notice or hear mark waking up. it isn’t until the heart monitor disconnects that it catches their attention.

“who are you?! where am I?” mark asks when he takes off the sleeping mask. he still a little drowsy from the anesthesia. “you’re awake”, sicheng says and is quick to help mark, seeing how distressed and scared he looks and sounds.

“you were found in a alley by jaemin. you had some pretty bad wounds but luckily he and jeno brought you here,” sicheng tries to soothe mark, only to be pushed away.

“don’t touch me!”, make screams and scoots away from sicheng. mark feels his breath quicken, his whole body shaking, and his head becomes dizzier. “hey hey, it’s okay calm down. we’re not going to hurt you”, jaemin says. he walks towards mark and takes his hands into his, caressing them.

“well, now that he’s awake, i’ll go and tell johnny”, sicheng says and runs out of the room. jaemin gives him some painkillers and a glass of water.

“here, take this. it’ll help with the pain”, jaemin smiles at mark. mark hesitantly takes the pill, having no other choice since he’s starting to feel the pain of his injuries.

“t-thank you”, mark says and fiddles with his fingers. all four of them just stay in silence until sicheng comes back, johnny soon following.

renjun, donghyuck, and jaemin stand up and bow to him, waiting for him to say something.

“so, who’s the ‘Serpent’ member?”, johnny firmly asks and sicheng points towards mark.


johnny turns towards him, their eyes connecting.

Chapter Text

8:19 pm Medical Room (Crescent)

johnny feels his breath being taken away at the sight of mark, his heartbeat starting to increase each second that passes. his cute lips, looking so kissable. butterflies start to erupt in his stomach, making him hold his stomach in hopes of getting rid of the feeling. his sharp features making him look so intimidating yet so soft. wow, he’s so fucking cute even though he has burns and cuts on his cheeks.

“what’s your name?”, johnny asks him, then realizing he’s been staring too long. “mark lee”, mark responds, still fiddling with his fingers and looking at johnny with big doe eyes. those eyes, johnny thinks, those beautiful eyes, seeming to hold stars and the whole galaxy with just a simple gaze. oh, how he’ll love to just walk towards him and kiss the living daylights out of him, wanting to hold him close and breathe in his scent.

“hey, I saw joong and yeji leave in such a hurry. did something happened-“, taeyong starts to speak when entering the room but stops upon seeing johnny. he looks up at him and follows his gaze, landing on mark who’s looking really nervous. what the hell? why does johnny have that look on his face? taeyong thinks. then, his eyes widen at what came into his mind. only once have he’s seen johnny with the same look. no way, no fucking way-

“here’s some information about him. do you want to look into it?” donghyuck asks johnny after a minute or so of silence. “let’s call for a meeting. call everyone and make sure they’re here in an hour. understood?” johnny firmly orders, getting a nod from everyone. he leaves the room, looking back at mark and still being so mesmerized by him. taeyong soon follows him, so many questions filling his head.

after both men leave, mark let’s out a sigh, now realizing he’s been holding his breath the whole time. damn, that man is scary, mark thinks. he looks around the room, examining every corner and detail. huh, it’s so different from our medical room. he’s startled by jaemin putting an ointment on his wounds.

“sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”, jaemin says and continues to put the substance on mark’s face. “I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves properly. my name’s na jaemin and i’m one of the doctors here. the tall guy over there is dong sicheng, he’s the head doctor”, jaemin says. sicheng waves and him and goes to the sink to clean the tools used.

“the short dude sitting on top of the table is huang renjun, and finally, lee donghyuck”, donghyuck looks up from his laptop at the mention of his name and gets up from where he was sitting. he walks over to mark and extends his hand. mark hesitantly takes his hand and shakes it. “name’s mark”, mark introduces himself. he seems harmless.

“hey, stop calling me short! respect people who are older than you, dumbass”, renjun shrieks, making everyone laugh. mark let out a giggle, only to bite his lip to stop himself. sicheng changes his coat and goes over to mark. “how do you feel?”, he asks him. “I feel alright, just that my whole body hurts”, mark says.

“you got a good beating so i’m not surprised. just try not to do anything that requires a lot of strength. can I ask you something?”, mark nods his head. “do you remember what happened to you?”, sicheng carefully asks, doing his best to not pressure him or make him uncomfortable in any way. mark thinks hard in his mind, trying to remember any detail, until everything comes to him all at once.



blood. so much blood. everywhere you looked, there was splatters of blood and lifeless bodies. gunshots could be heard in every direction, ultimately shooting mark in his stomach. he tried to help people but only to fail. then, a group of people with all-black clothing and bulletproof vest bathed into the house and shoot everyone they see. mark covers his ears in hopes to drown the noises. tears start to fall down his face, his whole body is shaking in fear.

he had just came from a mission and was going to check in with his boss when an explosion was heard outside in the patio, bodies flying and blood splattering everywhere. everyone started to scream and run away, only to be shot dead, including his boss. mark managed to hide in a closet, his gear still on him.

then, everything went silent. no screams, no gunshots, no nothing, only footsteps could be heard. until, mark could some type of gasoline out of the closet.

“the ‘Serpents’ are no more”, a low voice said and laughter could be heard. then, the smell of fire started to come. mark waits a couple of minutes for the footsteps to fade. when the coast is clear, mark swings the door open and does his best to cover his mouth from the smoke, failing to do so since he starts to cough.

there’s fire everywhere, the fire alarms going crazy. the smell of burned flesh makes mark’s stomach turn. fire, blood, gunshots, screaming are still replaying on mark’s mind. make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP PLEASE-

“mark!”, jaemin shakes him in hopes to bring him back. mark is shaking, his breath coming rapid and tears running down his cheeks. he has his eyes closed, trying his best to get rid of his memory. his hands are over his ears, wanting nothing more than to stop the screams running around his mind.

“you’re safe mark. no ones going to hurt you”, sicheng assures mark and rubs his arms, helping him calm down. it ultimately works, seeing that slowly, make takes in deep breathes and opens his eyes.

“they’re dead, everyone dead. I don’t know you did it, but I luckily was able to hide, even though they were able to wound me”, mark shakily says, still trying his best to calm himself.

renjun and donghyuck just stand there, looking at mark with sadness and pity. “damn, I guess what he saw was really bad,” donghyuck whispers to renjun, him nodding in agreement. then, donghyuck gets a text from taeil saying that he’s here.

“taeil just arrived. remember to go not be late for the meeting. i’ll see you guys there”, donghyuck dismisses himself, taking his laptop with him. “I should also go now. see you there”, renjun says and also leaves, the three of them saying goodbye.

“now that your wounds are okay, let’s get you cleaned up”, jaemin says and gets up from where he was. “sicheng, text or call your boyfriend to see if here’s here and ask him if we can borrow some of his clothes. they’ll most likely fit mark”, jaemin says while getting a make-up remover from one of the counters. his eyeliner is smudged, making jaemin pout. “damn, this shit didn’t even last long. I wasted $15 on this crap?! I need my refund”, jaemin angrily rambles, sicheng shaking his head at the sight. he takes out his phone and texts yuta.

yuta 8:34 pm

hey babe, are you here?

not even a minute pass and sicheng gets a response. he’s so fucking whipped for me.

yuta 8:34 pm

winko!! my sweet beautiful doll! yea i’m in the weapon room with jungwoo, why? you need something?

yuta 8:35 pm

I just wanted to ask you if I can borrow some of your clothes.

yuta 8:35 pm

aw, does my doll miss me that much?~

sicheng snorts. this guy really just-

yuta 8:36 pm

they’re not for me, it’s for someone else. i’ll explain it to you when you get here. so, yes or no?

yuta 8:37 pm

sure, i’ll be right there. see you my baby doll?

yuta 8:37 pm


“wow, sicheng, you’re so fucking cold to him. how does he even keep up with you?”, jaemin coldly states, looking over sicheng’s shoulder to see the messages. sicheng quickly covers his phone with his shoulder, “na fucking jaemin! why are you looking!? mind your own fucking business”, he snaps. jaemin just stands there, a hand over his chest and with an offended look. mark can’t help but let out a giggle. I can get used to this.


8:25 pm Main corridors (Crescent)

“john, what the hell was that back there?”, taeyong asks him when they’re far away from the medical room, only to not get a response. “johnny, answer me!”, taeyong tries to get his attention but yet failing again. he’s been trying to get johnny to respond to him for the past minute. johnny goes up the stairs and when he gets to the top floor, he continues to walk down hallway, taeyong trying to keep up with his pace.

“I swear to god if you don’t answer me I will literally beat you-“ johnny abruptly stops in front of a pair of giant double-doors, taeyong almost running into him. then, johnny opens the doors, revealing what’s inside. the room’s walls are painted a navy blue, one side being a window. the curtains and pulled back, sunlight shining everywhere. a gold chandelier hanging from the top, the sunlight reflecting it everywhere. all the furniture are a deep black and the floor is a dark brown.

johnny then grabs taeyong’s arm and pulling him inside, making taeyong yelp in surprise. “what the fuck-“, “yong, that guy over there, mark, he’s so cute like his perfect lips and how shy he looked and his little hands and the softness in his look my GOD-”, johnny rambles, his face flushed a deep crimson red and a look in his eyes that taeyong rarely sees. taeyong just stands there, processing what he just heard and then smiles at the older, letting him continue. johnny keeps on speaking for a good while.

“—and did you see how his eyes? dude, he’s basically holding the whole galaxy with just a simple look and it makes him more cute. I literally had to fight the urge to keep on staring. wait, what if I made him uncomfortable? oh no, that’s the last thing I want to make him feel towards me. do you think he’s weirded out by me?”, johnny stops his tracks and asks taeyong, looking like a sad puppy.

“calm down, I don’t think so. I think he’s on the edge since we’re basically strangers. just give him time to relax and get to know everyone”, taeyong suggests. johnny lets himself fall on the bed face first, kicking off his shoes in the process. his hair is still in a ponytail and he’s wearing his training clothes, basically running in a hurry upon hearing what sicheng said.

he told yeji and hongjoong to go back to their place and make sure everyone is okay and check on their members, explaining why taeyong saw them leave in such a hurry. taeyong sits beside johnny on the bed and runs his hand down johnny’s arm and tracing his tattoos, stopping at his fingers and fiddling with his rings. johnny turns his head, now facing taeyong and says, “yongie, I don’t understand why I cant stop thinking about him. like, I just meet him, and we haven’t even had a proper conversation. why? why do I find him cute? why do I think all these thoughts about someone I just met? is this a bad thing?”. taeyong stops his movement and looks to meet johnny’s eyes.

“well, I never believe in this, but I think I know why—“

you’ve fallen at first sight.

Chapter Text

8:40 pm Medical Room (Crescent)

knock knock knock

“coming!” sicheng calls out and goes to open the door. in the doorway, there’s a young man with a black cap covering his face, a black hoodie and joggers and he has a backpack around his shoulder. the man has a dark aura surrounding him, a chill running down mark’s spine.

“winko!! oh, how much i’ve miss you!”, with a smile, the man’s dark aura disappears and goes to pull sicheng into a kiss, making him let out a noise of surprise. sicheng tries to push the man but only for him to grab his wrists with one hand and keep them still on sicheng’s chest. the man’s other arm snakes around sicheng’s waist as he makes him walk backwards so that he can get in the room.

“y-yuta stop, there’s people here-“, sicheng stutters out as the man, yuta, starts to trail kisses down his cheek and neck, leaving bite marks and red bruises. yuta nuzzles his face on the crook of sicheng’s neck and mumbles, “i don’t care. you’re mine and only mine. my doll, my sweet sweet doll, oh how i’ll ruin you ACK-“

“yuta hyung, for once stop being so fucking horny every time you see sicheng hyung. my poor eyes are scarred enough”, jaemin huffs out, a rolled piece of paper in his hand. yuta rubs his head in hopes to relieve the pain from the spot jaemin had hit. sicheng covers his red face in embarrassment and takes the bag from yuta’s shoulder. he walks towards the bed where mark is and hands it to him. “here, there’s some clothes for you since yours are pretty dirty. if you want, you can take a shower in the bathroom over there. there’s soap, shampoo, everything you need and you can use one of the towels from the closet. just don’t take too long”, sicheng says and point to the direction of the bathroom.

“okay, thank you”, mark shyly says and gets up only to bump into a rack filled with tools and one of the machines, making it beep really loud. mark jumps at the sound and feels heat creep up to his face and neck and sees everyone staring at him, making the situation awkward. “i-i’m sorry”, mark quickly apologies and runs towards the bathroom, locking the door once he’s in.

“damn, on the worst times i have to be fucking clumsy. god, i’m so embarrassed”, mark whines and fans himself to get rid of the heat on his cheeks. once he’s calmed down, he zips open the bag to see the clothes. inside is a pair of ripped jeans, a grey hoodie, a pack of black underwear, a white shirt, and some socks. there’s also a deodorant and cologne which mark is grateful. his running shoes aren’t too damaged, just dirty which is a relieve since it’s mark’s favorite pair. all they need is some cleaning and they’re good to go.

he sets the clothes on the lid of the toilet and goes to look himself in the mirror. he winces at his appearance and sees how well of a job sicheng and jaemin had done. i wonder what would’ve happened to me if jaemin didn’t show up, mark thinks. he starts to take off his sweater, wincing at seeing the big wound on his side caused by the bullet but is covered with bandages. that’s when he realized his weapon belt is gone. “they must taken it off when i was unconscious”, mark says and throws the clothing on the floor. his eyes goes wide at remembering something and starts to feel around his neck panicky. his shoulders visibly relax at the feeling of a necklace around his neck, taking it off before he forgets.

this necklace was gifted to him by his boss, someone who mark adores and looks up to. he practically raised the boy. mark’s necklace is half of the yin-yang symbol, the other half on his weapon belt. his boss had told him this when he gave mark the necklaces; “wear one half of it, the other one will wait until you have your partner. if you believe that the person is the one for you, you’ll give it to them.”

mark smiles at the memory and gets a towels from the closet, hanging it on the hoop that’s close to the shower. he continues to take off his clothes and when he’s done, he pulls the shower curtain and steps in. he turns the faucet on and is meet with warm water hitting his aching body, making his let out a pleasant sigh and his muscles relaxing.

he takes his time to wash his hair and is careful around his wounds. while he’s washing his arms, he glances at his wrist and stares at the serpent tattoo. a wave of emotions hits mark and feels his throat constricting, lips trembling and eyes watering. he guides his arm towards his lips and gives it a kiss. “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry”, mark whispers to himself and carefully continues to wash his arms. when he’s done, he turns off the faucet and grabs the towel to dry himself. he pats his face gently and hangs the towel around his neck.

mark gets out of the shower and grabs the pack of underwear. he tears it open and takes out one. “wow, these feel so nice what the hell?” mark exclaims when he puts them on. he sets down the towel on the sink and puts on the jeans and shirt, surprise to see that they fit perfectly. when he’s done putting the socks and his necklace, he looks around the cabinets for some wipes or something of the sort to clean his shoes. i should ask sicheng for some wipes, mark thinks upon seeing that there isn’t any. nether less, he slips on his shoes and puts on the hoodie, liking that is really comfortable. he folds his dirty clothes and holds it on his arms while putting the bag on his shoulder.

when he opens the door, he sees sicheng busy looking at some files while yuta is back hugging him., jaemin nowhere to be found. “hey, uh i’m done washing”, mark awkwardly says and sicheng looks up from his papers. “oh, just leave your clothes on top of the washing machine over there and hand me the bag”, sicheng says. mark sets his clothes on the machine and hands him the bag. “sicheng, by any chance, do you have some wipes? i need to clean my shoes”, mark asks. “yea, i’ll bring it to you”, sicheng unlinks yuta’s arms from his waist and goes to one of the cabinets, leaving mark with yuta.

“my name’s nakamoto yuta”, yuta introduces himself, “and i’m sicheng’s boyfriend”, he walks towards mark and pats his head, a weird smile dancing on his lips. “yuta, stop being so possessive. don’t mind him, he’s kind of weird you know?”, sicheng says when he comes back with a bag of wipes on his hand, rolling his eyes. he hand mark the wipes and asks him, “are you hungry mark?” as on cue, mark’s stomach grumbles, sicheng and yuta laughing. “yea, i guess”, mark says and scratches his neck awkwardly.

“then let’s go, i’m pretty sure ten and kun prepared something for the meeting so we should start heading to the room”, yuta says and all three of them walk out of the room.


8:34 pm Master Room (Crescent)

“si me muero, si yo me muero, de amor que muera, y que cuando muera, que sea de amor por ti”, johnny sings in the mirror of his room while he’s fixing his hair to put on a black beret over it. he had taken a shower and is wearing black joggers, a black tight shirt, leather jacket, and white & orange jordans. steam is still coming out of the bathroom, the whole room feeling hot. johnny’s speaker is blasting music from his favorite playlist, him just enjoying himself while waiting to start the meeting.

taeyong had left him alone with his thoughts knowing well johnny needed some thinking to do. his mind is still a mess but johnny is organizing them so that he’ll be much calmer.

“oh shit. i gotta call hongjoong and yeji to see if both got home safely”, johnny stops his music and is quick to call them on their group chat. he’s greeted by hongjoong in a beanie and yeji taking her makeup off. “hey hyung! sorry that we couldn’t say goodbye”, hongjoong says while seemingly typing in his computer. “nah, it’s okay”, johnny assures.

“jisu came home and explained what happened since she was with jaemin. who’s that guy?”, yeji asks and goes to her bathroom to wash her face. “his name is mark lee. he’s 22 years old but he looks pretty young. i’m going to hold a meeting with everyone so that he gets familiar with how things are”, johnny explained without noticing a smile growing on his face, his mind now filled with mark’s face.

“hyung, are you okay?” hongjoong asks him, “yea, why?” johnny checks his reflections see if something’s on his face. “you’re smiling really weird”, yeji immediately laughs but is muffled by a towel while johnny looks down to hide his blush. “wait, is mr. johnny have the hots for the new boy?”, yeji mockingly smiles and takes her hair down from the ponytail to brush it.

“what!? no i don’t. also, please don’t use phrases used in the 90’s, that’s fucking weird”, johnny defends. “first off, i don’t think it’s 90’s you dumbass. secondly, i don’t see nothing wrong with it. actually, i think it’s cute and very you”, yeji fires back. johnny huffs, “fine i’ll admit, i do find him attractive and cute-“

yeji squeals so loudly and hongjoong claps, making johnny stop talking. “johnny and mark sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g”, both of them sing together while johnny hide his face in between his hands. “no way! johnny, this is such a huge step and we fully support you”, yeji exclaims. “in all seriousness, we’re happy that you found someone”, hongjoong unwraps a lollipop and gives johnny a reassuring smile.

“i really thank you guys but let’s be real, it’s too early to assume anything. i mean, he just came and probably is feeling uncomfortable and out of place. let’s just wait and see. also, he probably in a relationship and won’t want to be with me”, johnny’s shoulder dropped but he has to be realistic with himself.

“hey hey hey, don’t be losing hope, like you said, let’s wait and if i were him i wouldn’t miss the chance to be with a guy like you”, yeji tries to cheer up johnny. “what, a guy who’s a criminal? a guy who’s a murder? a guy who’s feared by the whole nation? come on, there’s nothing good about me. he looks so fragile and vulnerable and i’m not the person for that, you both know that. don’t forget about when ten and i were together ”, johnny’s voice is harsh and filled with uncertainty.

“hyung, don’t put yourself down. sure, it wasn’t the best but that’s because both of you weren’t meant for each other. now look how happy he is with taeyong-hyung, they’re so in love it’s disgusting”, hongjoong says, yeji agreeing along. no one really likes to talk about johnny and ten’s shared past since it was mostly a forced relationship and there was no chemistry between them. it’s not like neither of them hated each other (johnny was head over heels for ten but let’s not talk about that), it’s just that everyone knew that it’s so much better as them as friends.

“i know i know, literally everyday i have to listen to taeyong talking about how much he loves ten and his plans on spending his life with him”, johnny chuckles at the memories but what can he say? taeyong is a hopeless romantic. then, his watch stared beeping, indicating that it’s almost time for the meeting.

“i would to talk more but i gotta go now”, johnny says and starts to grab his stuff, hongjoong and yeji saying their goodbyes before the call ends. johnny takes a few moments to calm his racing heart, already so nervous to face mark. “you got this, there’s no need to worry”, he speaks to himself and walks out of his room, heading towards the central hallways where the meeting room is.


8:48 pm Living Room (Crescent)


“babe, i’m sorry okay? i didn’t mean what i said. please stop ignoring me and listen”, jeno groans as he continues to follow jaemin wherever he goes, trying to get his attention. the two have been at it for a while now and jeno is doing his best to make jaemin forgive him, clearly not working. they’re both in the living room since jaemin is doing some work on his laptop, jeno tagging along even though he knew jaemin is a petty person and won’t let him off the hook anytime soon.

“nana, jaemin, baby, princess~”, jaemin tries his best to not laugh at how jeno is acting. in all the time he’s been with jeno, it always amaze him at the ways jeno tries to make him forgive him. “jeno, you’re so hopeless”, the said male stops whats he’s doing and looks at jaemin, a fond smile dancing on his lips. “i’m not mad at you no more so you can stop embarrassing yourself”, jaemin giggles and goes to hold jeno’s hand, caressing the matching ring on his thumb. jeno sighs, “jaemin, you son of a bitch”, he leans in and kisses jaemin passionately. the moment ends as it started when jisung enters the living room wearing a white hoodie and grey joggers, hair messy and dried drool on the corners of his lips, haven woken up from a nap since he’s been on missions back to back. thankfully, johnny cut him some slack and gave him a well-deserved break.

“jisung! my sweet child!”, jaemin beaks from the kiss and cooes, not caring about jisung’s state since he’s always cute no matter what, and runs up to him while pushing jeno aside, jeno silently groaning of the moment ruined. he pushes his feelings aside and smiles at the sight of jaemin engulfing jisung into a suffocating hug, him whining at how he can’t breathe. jaemin might be small inside but man is he strong. finally, jaemin lets jisung go but still stays by his side and jeno goes over to them. “hey jisung”, jeno greets, “hey hyungs. how’s it going?”.

“oh nothing much, just waiting for the meeting to start. speaking of, we should start to head towards the room. better to be early since you know how taeyong is persistent about being on time”, jeno says. “oh! has chenle come yet?”, jisung eyes sparkle at mentioning the name. “i don’t think so, we’ll have to wait since he’s probably still in his office”, the holidays are coming up so chenle has some work to do. “well, i’ll wait for him here. you guys can go ahead”, jisung sits down on one of the coaches and plays on his phone.

both jeno and jaemin share a knowing look and leave the room. when they’re both far away, jeno speaks up, “i think our little jisung has a crush OW WHAT THE FUCK JAEMIN-“, jeno screams at jaemin hitting his arm. “no! he’s still a baby”, jaemin pouts and walks ahead of jeno, arms crossed. jeno laughs at his overprotective childish behavior, “nana, he’s not a baby anymore. it’s time for him to grow up and it’s a good thing WAIT STOP JAEMIN”, jeno does his best to shied himself from jaemin’s punches.