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love, nana

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Jaehyun is Taeyong’s boyfriend, but Jaemin’s whole family is a bit in love with him. Honestly, it was hard to say who loved him most. Before he was Taeyong’s boyfriend, he was just Jaehyun, the boy who lived next door to them. It feels like he was always there, but Jaemin guesses he shouldn’t use that word because Jaehyn wasn’t always there. He’d only moved next door to them 5 years ago. Jaemin’s father loves him because he’s an alpha and his father was always surrounded by omega’s. His father is an ob-gyn, basically a doctor for the omgean reproductive systems, so he was constantly surrounded by omega’s. Jaemin thinks Jaehyun is a bit of fresh air. He also likes Jaehyun because he likes comics and movies and fishing. Once, Jaemin’s dad tried to take them fishing, and he cried because he got mud on his shoes, Taeyong cried because his book got wet from the gross lake water, and Chenle cried because Chenle was still practically a baby. Chenle loves Jaehyun because he will play games with him and not get bored, or pretend to not be bored. They make deals with each other, and it’s usually Chenle saying that if he wins this round, Jaehyun needs to make him a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and Jaehyun usually scrunches his nose and asks for something else. Inevitably, there won’t be bananas and Jaehyun will tell him to pick something else, but Chenle pulls his puppy eyes, and Jaehyun runs to the store for bananas. If he had to say why Taeyong loves him, it’s because they all do. They’re sitting in the living room and Chenle is taping pictures of different dogs to a giant piece of cardboard while Taeyong and Jaehyun cuddle on the couch above Jaeimn’s head, watching tv.


“When dad asks what I want for Christmas,” Chenle hums, a glint in his eyes, “I’ll just tell him to pick which one.” Jaehyun had popped a giant bag of popcorn and Jaemin had snatched it from his lap as soon as he lowered himself to the ground, shovelling handfuls into his mouth. A commercial set in South Korea comes on for perfume. A girl, probably an omega with a really fruity smell is running around Seoul, in a really thin dark purple dress. Jaemin sits up quickly, choking on a popcorn kernel.


“Yongie!” He gasps in between coughs, “Let’s meet in Seoul for my spring break!” He’s already picturing himself with macaroons. Taeyong’s eyes widen, lighting up.


“Do you think dad will let you?”


“It’s culture,” Jaemin says, flipping his bangs, “He’ll have to let me.” It’s true that he hasn’t flown anywhere on his own before, but that can’t stop him from asking. Then, he wonders if Taeyong would meet him at the airport or if he’d have to find his way to the hostel alone. Jaehyun must have seen the sudden worry that crossed Jaemin’s face.


“Don’t worry,” He says, “Your dad will definitely let you if I go.” Jaemin brightens considerably, bouncing on the floor.


“Yeah!” He squeals, “We can just eat barbecue for every meal!” Jaehyun laughs at his enthusiasm


“We can go see the cherry blossoms.” Jaehyun throws in.


“We can go to a parfumerie and get our own scents!” Jaemin cheers. Jaehyun snorts.


“I’m pretty sure getting our scents done will cost more than a hostell Nana,” He says, nudging his boyfriend, “Your brother suffers from delusions of grandeur.” Taeyong laughs.


“He is the fanciest.”


“What about me?” Chenle asks, pouting.


“You?” Jaemin scoffs, “You’re the least fancy out of all of us. I have to beg you to take a shower at night.” Chenle waves him away.


“I have more important things to do than shower,” He says, then his face gets red, “Plus I wasn’t talking about that, I was talking about Seoul.” Jaemin waves him away.


“You’re too young to stay in a hostel.” Chenle pouts, crawling over to Taeyong and curling up in his lap. Chenle 16, much too young to be in laps.


“Taeyong, you’ll let me go, right?” He asks, head pillowed back on Jaehyun’s shoulder. Taeyong kisses Chenle’s cheek.


“We can make it a family vacation. You, dad and Jaemin can all come.” Jaemin frowns, not liking how the Seoul trip was sounding right now. This isn’t what he imagined. Over Chenle’s head, Jaehyun mouths that they would talk later, and Jaemin nods at him, appeased. Dinner goes by without a hitch, save for Jaehyun surprising Taeyong with tickets to Seoul, already pre bought and ready to go, for fall break. He says it’s because he thought he would visit Taeyong when he’s off in college. Taeyong doesn’t take it that well, and Jaemin only finds out the reason for this when Jaehyun is long gone and their dad and Chenle are sleeping. Jaemin sits at the kitchen table next to Taeyong, rolling cookie dough into balls and dropping it into cinnamon sugar in an attempt to appease Chenle. Earlier, when he went in to say good night, Chenle rolled over and wouldn’t talk to him, convinced Jaemin still didn’t want him on the Seoul trip. His plan was to put a plate of cookies next to his bed in the morning so Chenle can wake up to freshly baked cookies. Taeyong’s being extra silent, but then starts talking.


“I broke up with Jae tonight,” He says, looking up from his laptop, “After dinner.” Jaemin’s ball of dough drops out of his hand and onto his pajama pants.


“I mean,” Taeyong says, eyes not red. He hasn’t been crying, “It was time.”


“I don’t see why you had to break up,” Jaemin says, picking up his dough ball, “Just because you’re going to college doesn’t mean you had to break up.”


“Nana, I’m going to Seoul, not a University in the State,” He rolls his eyes, “Seoul University is almost 7 thousand miles away. What would be the point?” Jaemin can’t believe what he’s hearing.


“The point is, it’s Jaehyun. Jae loves you more than any alpha has ever loved an omega!” Taeyong rolls his eyes. Jaemin knows he thinks he’s being dramatic, but he’s not. It’s true, how much Jaehyun loves Taeyong. He’d never even look at another omega.


“Do you know what mom told me once?” Taeyong says, suddenly.


“What?” Jaemin asks, intrigued at the sudden mention of their mother. For a moment, he forgets all about Jaehyun. No matter what happens, if he and Taeyong are in a fight, if he’s about to get run over, he would always stop and listen to a story about their mother. Any detail, anything of their mom that Taeyong can remember and hasn’t shared with him yet, Jaemin wants it. He’s better off than Chenle, though, who doesn’t have a single memory of their mother that wasn’t given to him, but he still wants all the memories.


“She told me not to go to college with a boyfriend,” Taeyong says, sniffing, “She said she didn’t want me to be the omega crying over the phone with his boyfriend and saying no to things I could be saying yes to.” Jaemin guesses that Seoul is Taeyong’s yes. He scoops up some dough and pops it in his mouth.


“You shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough.” Taeyong chastises instantly. Jaemin shrugs.


“Jaehyun would never hold you back from anything. He’s not like that,” He says, “Remember that one time you wanted to run for student body and he was your campaign manager? He’s your biggest fan!” Taeyong’s lips turn down at the memory, bottom lip wobbling slightly. Jaemin stands and throws his arms around him.


“I’m okay.” Taeyong says, looking up at him. Jaemin knows that he isn’t.


“It’s not too late,” Jaemin declares, “You can go over there right now and say you’ve changed your mind.” Taeyong shakes his head.


“It’s done, Nana,” He closes his laptop, “When will the first batch be done? I’m hungry.” Jaemin checks the timer shaped like a cupcake on the fridge.


“FIve minutes,” He says, sitting back down, “I don’t care what you say Yong. You guys aren’t done. You love him too much.” Taeyong shakes his head.


“Jaemin.” He begins in his mother tone. Jaemin waves a ball of sugary dough under Taeyong’s nose, interrupting him. Taeyong hesitates, opening his mouth after a moment. Jaemin feeds him like a baby.


“Wait and see, you and Jaehyun will be back together in a day, maybe two.” Jaemin knows that it’s not true as soon as he says it. Once Taeyong decides something, there was no stopping him. If he decides that he’s done with his relationship with Jaehyun, then he was done, and he wasn’t going to come back to it. Jaemin wishes, (even though he’s done this thousands of times and it never works), that he was more like Taeyong. Sometimes it seems like he’ll never be done. He goes up to his room after washing up and plating the cookies and placing them on Chenle’s bedside table, but doesn’t go to his bed. He walks to his window to look out at the night sky and finds his eyes drifting towards Jaehyun’s room. His light is still on.