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Crossdress Collab

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A/n - this is how hobi got picked or announce to represent them 😂 and also hobi didn't know that his members are in love with him
Third PoV

*Bighit (Jinhit) Ent* (Ayo hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition rap da--- ok I'll stop now hahahaah)

The guys were practicing stay gold,when there manager came in and ask Namjoon to talk with him in private. Namjoon nodded and followed there manager outside

"Namjoon, Bang PD agree that you guys will join a crossdress competition show" the Manager stated

While Namjoon just nod his head, he was about to speak when the manager continued

"But the competition is a Collab, meaning one of you guys will be partnered to another group" the manager finished

"Okay but who will pick our partner? Us or them? And also how do we pick?" Namjoon asked

"They will pick your partner in random since they don't know who will represent the group. And about the one who will represent, I don't know. I'll ask pd-nim but tell the members about it ok. You can go back to the practice room"  the manager answered

Namjoon just nod and went back to the practice room. When Namjoon arrived the members stopped and look at him.

"Gather up guys, I have an announcement" Namjoon ordered

Then all of them were sitted I front of namjoon, waiting for the announcement

"Manager told me that bang pd-nim agree on a show, a crossdress competition---" namjoon didn't finish his sentence when the members shouted


"Yeah, I was surprised too. But anyways, manager also told me that it is a Collab meaning who ever represents the group has a partner, we don't know who the group will be and one more thing, one of us will be crossdressing" namjoon said

The members were still suprised and shock because of the announcement. Since they stopped going to other shows. But then Jungkook suggested

"What about yoongi hyung will represent for us since he already wore a girl uniform and a wig also his face and skin can compete with the others"

The members except yoongi nod at the suggestion but yoongi said

"I don't want to, yoonji already went to college. Why don't you guys try it? How about Hobi since he has a smooth thigh and legs? And also it's to much work"

All the members except hobi thought hoseok in a dress, heels, thigh high and make up. Before the members could speak there manager came and asked "namjoon did you tell them"

"Yes" namjoon answered while the members nodded

"Good, anyways I already talked to bang pd and he said the one who will lose at the next run bts show will be the representative of the group" there manager stated

The members nod and ready themselves for the next run bts, since the loser will be the presentative

• Time Skip •

* The next day *

All the members were readying themselves for the shooting of run bts

"Who ever loses can't complain" Jin said

"Also no one will get mad, if you lose the game" Jin added

Everyone nodded, then they heated a shouting saying that they will start the shooting and the game

• Time Skip • ( I'm sorry for time skipping again, I was to lazy to write hahahaha)

The members are holding hands since they're just waiting for the announcement.

"RM" a staff said namjoon was nervous since his one of the members who has a lowest score

( I was about to write that his one of the bottom but I changed it since something happened on my mind 😂 I'm sorry I thought something dirty forgave mehh 🙊🥺 anyways set this aside)

"Your safe" the staff announcement

"Jimin and Taehyung, you guys passed"

"YES!/THANK GOSH!" both Taehyung and Jimin said, then they high five each other

"Jungkook.....your the winner of today's game"

Jungkook kneeled and put both of his hands high, then he stand up and run. Celebrating his win and also being excepted in the representative for their group

Jin,Yoongi and Hoseok hold hand and prayed that they will not be the one. Also all of them except hobi prayed that hoseok will be the one who will lose.

"Jin....." The staff slowly said
The three were shaking there hands, and praying on their head

".....and yoongi you guys are safe" the staff finished

The three let go of their hand, Jin and yoongi were happy while hobi was shocked. All of them except hoseok was happy because they got to see him on different outfits, some of the members were thinking of hobi wearing lingerie


Then all of them went to hobi and comfort him. Hoseok was still shock but then went to reality, realizing his members were comforting him.

Hoseok's PoV

I'm still shock about me being the representative of the group. Half of me is starting think about 'What if's' but other half of me is excited. My thoughts were stopped because of the members congratulating me.

"Alright everyone line up" Joonie said

I went beside yoongi, then all of us bowed and said "Thank you for all the hard work"

After that we went to our dressing room to change, while we're changing
Jungkook asked me

"Are you ready hyung"

The others look at me waiting for my answer, I wore my shirt then said "yeah"

When we finished changing we went to the van and went to a restaurant to eat. After ordering the others were talking, while I grab my phone and start to play games and also thinking about the competition.

After a few minutes our food arrived, I took a pic of my plate and start eating

• Time Skip •

We finished our diner and our manager paid for the food. We went inside the van, I sat on the middle in the back, on my right side was yoongi hyung while on my left was jiminie.

I was playing on my phone when a head was rested on my shoulder, I took a peek to see yoongi hyung. I fixed yoongi hyung so he can sleep properly. I took a look on my left to see jiminie leaning on his arms, sleep.

I gently leaned his head on my other shoulder, so his neck wouldn't hurt so much. After a few minutes I started to get sleepy.


Third PoV

When all of the members arrived at the their dorm. One by one they went out except the three on the back.

Jin was about to wake jimin up, but jimin woke up on his own

"Jimin ah were here now please wake hobi and yoongi up" Jin said

Jimin just nod then jin left, leaving the three again. Jimin then look at his left to see hoseok and yoongi cuddling with each other

He was jealous a little since hobi isn't cuddling with him but then something came up, when he fall asleep he leaning on his arm, then he thought maybe hobi let him sleep on his shoulder before he fall asleep.

After thinking jimin starts to shake yoongi up

"Yoongi hyung psstt hyung wake up were already here" jimin whispered shout at yoongi

Yoongi slowly open his eyes and felt something or someone leaning on him. He took a look to see hoseok cuddling him. Then yoongi took a look at jimin and said

"Chim slowly move hoseok so that I can get out"

Jimin nod and slowly moved hoseok cause he know hoseok is a light sleeper. But he taught that maybe hoseok is really tired.

Yoongi moved, he was about to carry hoseok in a bridal style but jimin carried hoseok first

"Jimin let me carry hoseok" Yoongi suggested but jimin replied him "it's fine hyung, hobi hyung is light and also you just woke up"

Yoongi just nod and both of them walk towards the door. Yoongi opened the door and let jimin in first since his carrying hoseok.

When both of them were inside, they bid each other good night and went to their own room

Jimin slowly carried hoseok towards there room. When he arrived, he gently layed hoseok on his bed. He kissed hoseok's forehead and said good night.

After he kissed hoseok's forehead and said his goodnight, he went to his closet to change clothes. After changing he went to his bed, and went to sleep. Dreaming about him and Hoseok together.