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say you'll stay with me: you've been selected epilogue

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Jaemin convinces Jeno to invite all of the parents and Elite back to the Palace for the party, and even corners him into inviting Donghyuck's family, wanting Donghyuck to make up with them, and for them to meet his and Mark's kids. He also knows of the little bundle of joy growing inside his best friend for the fourth time, and wants him to tell Mark when his parents come. The day of the party comes and cars start pulling up filled with the old Elite and their families. Jaemin's family had arrived the day before and were entertaining their kids while Jeno and Jaemin wait by the side of the door, Donghyuck and Mark next them so Mark can guard, ready to greet their guests.


"I can't believe you talked me into this." Jeno hisses once he's done embracing Dejun. Dejun had screamed upon seeing them in the doorway, rushing forward to hug Jaemin, all traces of their former feud over Jeno gone. Jaemin giggles and hugs him back.


"I can't believe you didn't want them to come back." Jaemin says, hugging Chaeyoung and Sana together.


"What?" Sana asks, looking at Jeno.


"I convinced him to invite you all back." Dejun snorts.


"I would have invited them back," Jeno whines, looking at Jaemin with his friends, "But their families? Really Nana?" Jaemin just giggles. Then, a girl who looks exactly like Donghyuck comes storming into the foyer when she sees her brother, emitting a loud gasp from Donghyuck and they go down onto the floor, clutching at each other. Donghyuck lets out a loud sob as soon as he comes into contact with his twin sister, clutching her to his chest and not paying attention to anything else. Eventually, she hauls herself up, pulling a still sobbing Donghyuck to his feet.


"I missed you so much Hyuckie bear," She says, grabbing onto his hands. She flips them over, tracing the slightly puffy scars, "I'm so so sorry." Donghyuck hiccups.


"I missed you more, Daehyunnie." He says, letting a giggle erupt from his throat. Daehyun smiles, gesturing to the door, where the rest of Donghyuck's family waits. His parents faces are stormy, his father's more than his mother's, but his younger siblings come running at him, and he ends up on the floor again, pulling Daehyun into the mess of limbs.


"Jae was a mess for weeks after it happened." She says, referring to Donghyuck's younger brother. Donghyuck clutches him harder until a tap on his shoulder made him turn. Minhyung stands there, holding Changmin's hand, who was holding onto Mina.


"Papa," Minhyung says, hand clutched into Donghyuck's linen shirt, "Who they?"


"Why crying?" Changmin asks, as Mark steps out of the shadows and squats down to grab onto Mina, who was slowly falling over. Daehyun looks up at Mark, offering him her hand.


"I'm Daehyun."


"I know," Mark says, coaxing his sons into his arms, "Hyuck talks about you all the time." She blushes.


"Honey," Donghyuck says, directing his statement at Minhyung. He opens one arm and his son runs into it, head falling on Donghyuck's shoulder, "These are my sisters and my brother." Minhyung rubs his eye with a chubby fist.


"Auntie?" He mumbles, head lulled on his Papa's shoulder."


"Mark?" Donghyuck chirps, lifting Minhyung up, "Has he napped yet?" Mark shakes his head.


"He was to excited about the party."


"Minhyungie," Donghyuck coos, "Did you give daddy a hard time about your nap?" Minhyung shoves his face further into Donghyuck's shoulder, who untangles himself from his siblings and lifts him up, rocking slightly.


"Daddy?" His mother asks. She had come closer when she saw the small boy going to Donghyuck. Donghyuck shoots Jaemin a look. Jaemin gestures at him to continue talking go his mother, "Donghyuck do you have a kid?" Donghyuck's hand unconsciously flies to his stomach, holding up a sleeping Minhyung. Mark pecks his mate on the head, taking Minhyung from him.


"Is there something you want to tell me?" He asks, voice low. Donghyuck shakes his head.


"We have three actually," He says, then glances at Jaemin. Dejun coos, "And one more on the way actually." Mark's hold on Minhyung slips for a second, spinning Donghyuck around.


"Really?" Minhyung is handed off to Jeno, who runs a hand through his dyed blonde hair. Jaemin wonders why he dyed it, but Jeno told him it was a surprise for his costume so he holds off until the party. Donghyuck nods as his father comes closer, eyes stormy. He grabs Donghyuck's wrist, spinning him around again, and slapping him straight across the stomach as hard as he can. Mark's hand instantly flies to his gun holster as Donghyuck lets out another sob, doubling over and holding onto his stomach.


"You being alive doesn't make this any better," His father says, "We're the laughing stock of our city because you had to get your pussy wet." Mark's eyes turn hard, and Jaemin herds the kids closer to him, occupying them with toys. Mark pulls Donghyuck against his chest, leaving a long kiss on his cheek.


"I love you." Jaemin hears Mark's whisper, and Donghyuck nods, pushing himself off of Mark's chest.


"I wasn't going to make any contact with you," He says, tears streaming down his face, "I thought it was better if you never saw me again."


"It was going to be like that," His father states, "And then the King invited us to the Palace. We didn't know you would be here. I wouldn't have come if I knew you were going to be here." Donghyuck whimpers. Mark sees the slap coming before Donghyuck does, and pulls his omega behind him, getting hit straight across the face. Jeno hands Minhyung off to Jaemin and heads over to them, intervening.


"Not only have you hit one of my husband's omega's in waiting, but you have also hit the highest ranked officer at the Palace. Hitting Mark is basically like hitting me. His position puts him right after Jaemin in importance here," Jeno says, voice hard, "I don't care if you are a guest here and I invited you personally, I can't have you here if you are going to hit people that are important to how the Palace is run. You may not see it, but Donghyuck and Mark have a bigger say in Palace rules and laws than you might think." Donghyuck's father stares at him, almost testing if Jeno was going to do something else, then backs down. Jaemin runs to Donghyuck's side.


"Are you okay?" Donghyuck nods.


"I think so," He whimpers, "I just don't know if he hurt the baby."


"I'm sure the baby's okay," Chaeyoung says, coming to Donghyuck's side, "Omega's room." She says, louder. The omega's, girls and children all follow Jaemin and Chaeyoung as they help Donghyuck to the Omega's room. Taeyong comes to check on him, saying that the baby was fine.


"Hyuckie Lele and me are all cross dressing for the party." Jaemin gushes, bouncing Eunji on one knee. Donghyuck is curled up into Daehyun next to him.


"Mark's going to be shocked," Donghyuck says, finally smiling a bit, "I'm wearing white again."


"Just no more scandals." Jaemin sighs. Donghyuck mock salutes him.


"But what if I find a guard?" Dejun pouts. Sana laughs, shoving him.


"Jen can deal with it." Jaemin waves it away. Chaeyoung giggles from the floor.


"That's cute."


"What?" Daehyun asks, pulling Changmin onto her lap when he raises his arms at her.


"That you call him Jen, it's a cute nickname." Jaemin blushes, standing.


"We all need to get ready." Chenle stands up, calling Mei, who goes easily to his side. Jaemin pokes his head out the door.


"Jen!" He yells, "Take your children!"


"Why?" Jeno yells back.


"I need to get ready!" Jaemin yells, pecking his cheek and heading up to his room.


"Royal guests and gentlemen of the guard, please welcome King Jeno, King Jaemin, Prince Kangjin and Princess Eunji!" Jaemin watches the doors fly open and they walk through, the lace covering of his light pink dress kissing the floor as he walks forward, arm tucked into Jeno's. Jeno's wearing a black shirt, tucked into black pants, which were in black boots, and a long black leather jacket. His hair is off his forehead, and Jaemin doesn't know if he's ever looked as good as he looks right now. Kangjin enters the room, chubby hand holding Eunji's and they start running as soon as they're through the door, hitting into Mark's legs. Eunji's little piggy tail bounces behind her as she runs. Kangjin puts his hands up to his cheeks and makes a sound like a puppy. Jeno and Jaemin look on lovingly, before Jeno takes Jaemin's hand and spins him around, starting the first dance.


"I haven't danced since our wedding," Jaemin whispers, "And I wasn't wearing a dress." Jeno snickers, turning them. Extra fabric from Jaemin's skirt goes flying into Jeno's leg. Jaemin shivers as Jeno presses his hand on the cut of bare skin on his back, wishing his husband wasn't so good looking. The audience cheers after their dance and Jaemin blushes, cheeks turning darker than his dress, and Jeno laughs at him, leading Jaemin to the side.


"Please dance," Jeno announces, "There's wine and candy over in that corner, but don't go overboard. We don't want a repeat of last year." He eyes Mark. Mark shrugs at him. Donghyuck, Dejun, Chaeyoung and Sana head over to him after a couple songs, when Jeno's dancing with Jaemin's mom.


"Jaemie," Donghyuck gushes, "You look so pretty!" Dejun slides an arm around Jaemin's shoulder.


"Are you even wearing heels?" Jaemin snorts.


"Of course!"


"Hyuckie!" Jaemin gushes, finally noticing the light pink hints of color in Donghyuck's silver dress, "You look beautiful!" Donghyuck sighs, gathering Mina, who dressed as a cow into his arms.


"The sex tonight is going to be incredible." Dejun snorts.


"Why's that, Hyuckie?" Donghyuck seems elated at someone else using his nickname.


"Mark hasn't stopped staring at me since I came out of our room." They all look over to Mark, who is staring holes into the side of Donghyuck's head, who just motions him to come over.


"Hyuck you got so lucky," Chaeyoung says dreamily, putting her chin in her hand. Donghyuck glances at her as Mark makes his way over, "You came here for Jeno and even though you didn't get him, you got someone." Donghyuck smiles at her as Mark pecks his head.


"Angel, you look so pretty," Mark says, hand wrapping around Donghyuck's waist. He stands to make it easier for his alpha, "Dance with me?" Donghyuck sets down Mina, following Mark to the dance floor. Sana watches Jeno for a moment.


"Jaemin, you got so lucky," She sighs, watching Jeno spin Eunji around, "He's so handsome." Jaemin watches his husband for a while before Jeno heads over to him.


"May I have this dance, Princess?" Jaemin blushes darkly.


"Of course, my Prince." Jeno whisks him away, hand secured at the small of his back, right where his bare skin showed.


"I love you," Jeno whispers into his ear after a few songs had passed, "I want to give you and our kids the world."


"You already have," Jaemin says, "I want to have more kids though."


"When Kangjin is older," Jeno agrees instantly, "He'll be able to take care of them more and we can get alone time." Jaemin smiles, leaning up to kiss Jeno.


"I'd like that very much." Jeno spins him around.


"Then that's what we'll do." Jeno declares, stealing another kiss.