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say you'll stay with me: you've been selected epilogue

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"You may kiss your groom." The statement is directed at Jeno, but Jaemin gulps. He's nervous now that it's becoming real, but when Jeno turns his head slightly to look back at Jaemin, nothing but love and a bit on concern in his eyes, Jaemin feels like he can do this.


"Are you okay?" Jeno whispers, squeezing Jaemin's slightly sweaty hands. Jaemin nods, slightly. Jeno nods back at him, and lets go of his hands. Jaemin flails. His anchor is gone, but he feels Jeno's arms sliding around his waist and calms down instantly, scent going back to it's sweet strawberry smell.


"I love you." Jeno declares slightly louder than his whispering. Jaemin hopes the camera stationed closest to them could catch it. Jaemin wraps his arms around Jeno's neck, fingers dipping into the neck of his suit jacket. Jeno smiles at him, leaning forward. They kiss to the thunderous applause of all of their guests, and Jaemin blushes darkly, shoving his face in Jeno's shoulder. Jeno presses a soft kiss to the top of his head.


"It's all you now," He whispers, "I can't help you though this part." Jaemin nods, lifting his head. Jeno steps away, standing right next to Mark and picking at his hands. Mark, ever the attentive best friend, notices and forces Jeno to stop picking. The coronation as a whole was boring, but seeing Jeno's beautiful smile at the end of it was rewarding, and Jaemin laughs and clings to his husband as Jeno carries him back down the isle and into the Great room for the reception.


"Jaemin!" He hears his mother before he sees her. He sighs. Jeno laughs, hugging one of their guests as they make their way into the reception. Mark dutifully stands by the door, as his job pertains. Donghyuck flits in and out of the reception and Mark's embrace, ever the social butterfly, and pinches Jaemin's cheeks a few times.


"Hi mom." He says, tiredly leaning back into Jeno. Jeno snickers, squatting down to hug Hyunbin. Jaemin almost falls over.


"Honey, it was perfect. So beautiful," She sniffles, gathering Jaemin into her arms, "I know your father would have loved to be here." Jaemin's eyes water and he sniffles, hugging his mother back.


"At least we'll see each other more often." She glances at him, confusion written on her face. They hadn't told Jaemin's family about the house yet.


"Jeno," Jaemin hisses. Jeno stands immediately, "I accidentally let it slip." Jeno scrunches his face in confusion.


"Let what slip?" He whispers back. Jaemin shrugs.


"The house." Jeno's eyebrows raise.


"I thought we were telling them after the wedding."


"Tell us what?" His mother interjects, "Jaemin," Her eyes slide down to his stomach, "Are you pregnant?" Jeno's jaw drops, shoulders sagging as Jaemin tries to make himself smaller.


"No!" Jaemin yells. Mark pushes himself off the wall, eyebrows raised. Jaemin turns beat red, shoving himself against Jeno even further.


"He's not pregnant," Jeno says slowly, after realizing Jaemin wasn't going to speak, "I got you a house closer to the Palace where you can live."


"Oh honey," His mother grasps Jeno in a tight hug, "You two are amazing." Jeno smiles at her.


"Enjoy the reception." She flits into the Great Hall. The reception goes by without a hitch, and Jaemin danced perfectly.


"Don't get the icing all over my face if you can help it," Jaemin says when they're cutting the cake. The camera zooms in on the look Jeno gives him, "It's not good for my pores." Jeno lets out a barking laugh.


"It's also bad for my pores darling." Jaemin sends him a look back, shoving cake into Jeno's face. Jeno only looks mildly shocked, shoving cake into Jaemin's face as well. He laughs, inhaling to get more air and inhales cake icing, coughing. Jeno doubles over from where he was wiping icing off his face, wiping tears from his eyes as Jaemin coughs and grabs tissues to get the icing off. Jeno ends up wiping all the icing off of Jaemin's face while Chenle redoes his eye makeup. They walk around the reception hand in hand talking to their guests, and catch Mark's eyes on them at all times.


"Tell Mark to enjoy the party." Officer Jung, who Jaemin now knows at Jaehyun, says, patting Jeno's shoulder.


"Mark!" Jeno yells, waving him over frantically. The whole party stops and stares at Mark as he rolls his eyes and makes his way over. Donghyuck ducks under his arm as he settles next to Jeno.




"Jaehyun says you need to enjoy the party." Mark rolls his eyes again.


"What about my job?" Mark asks, crossing his arms.


"Jaehyun will do it." Jaehyun turns around when he hears his name.


"I'll do what?"


"You'll do Mark's job so he can actually dance with Hyuck." Jeno says, shoving Jaehyun towards the corner Mark stationed himself in. Donghyuck pulls Mark onto the dance floor.


"Please?' Mark sighs, realizing he lost the fight.


"Fine." Jaemin giggles as Jeno carries him up the stairs and into his bedroom, where they'd been sleeping for the past couple months. The royal omega's suite was furnished the way Jaemin wanted, but he liked going to sleep and waking up in his alpha's arms. Jeno practically throws him on his bed once they reach his room and crawls up to join him. Jaemin grabs onto Jeno's shoulders, trying to communicate that he wants Jeno's shirt off with his eyes. Jeno pulls his jacket off as Jaemin begins unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off when he was done. Jeno was left in his black dress pants. Their shoes both go on the floor and as Jeno hovers over him, Jaemin is reminded of the first night they spent together in Jaemin's old selected room. Jaemin holds onto him tighter as Jeno tries to figure out how to take his outfit off.


"You can't rip it," Jaemin whispers, surging up to press a long kiss on Jeno's lips, "Chenle will kill both of us for ruining my wedding outfit." Jeno eases him back on the bed, pressing feather light kisses on his lips as he finds the buttons. He shimmies Jaemin's pants off his legs first, then the shirt, but keeps on the shorter skirt that Jaemin wore for the reception.


"That skirt looks so good on you." Jeno whispers, hot kisses traveling to Jaemin's neck.


"Please," Jaemin begs, "I want you so bad."


"Not here," Jeno whispers again, "Not when were in the room I grew up in." A few minutes go by as Jeno continues pressing kisses everywhere on Jaemin's body. Jaemin's hands run through Jeno's hair, pulling when he gets to a sensitive part of Jaemin's ear.


"On our honeymoon, I promise." Jeno whispers, unclipping the belt of Jaemin's skirt and taking it off him. He flops on his side next to Jaemin who curls up against him.


"You better." Jeno laughs at him.


"Of course I will darling," He kisses Jaemin's lips again, "I'll give you everything you want and more."