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Rose-Colored Boy

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Peter glanced over at his laptop, taking in the flashing symbol at the bottom of the screen. Mr. Stark had given it to him a month ago, and even though Peter had protested, he had completely been ignored. When he wasn't swamped with studying or at the Tower or out being Spiderman, Peter had been exploring everything on the laptop. So far, his favorite part was that Karen was synced to the laptop too.


He hadn't told anyone, but on slow days of crime, he would pull up homework and have Karen quiz him or help him write out essays. He wasn't quite sure if it was cheating to have an almost all-knowing AI help him with his work but no one had ever told him not to. He was pretty sure Ned knew, though, and if Ned knew, MJ almost certainly did too.


He stretched, leaning back in his chair, his back cracking with an audible pop. "Karen," he said, closing his eyes for a moment. "What time is it?"


"It is 8:37 PM," Karen responded. "You have been studying for an hour and a half, with only minor interruptions."


Peter opened his eyes, blinking at the laptop. "An hour and a half?" He repeated. "Longer than I expected." He rolled over to the laptop, kicking various shoes and clothes out of his way to get to it. He wished, not for the first time, that his webs weren't quite as strong. The first time he had tried to web himself to the wall and pull, he had yanked off a chunk of plaster from the wall and had remained exactly where he was. Ned had been over and he had laughed until he had given himself hiccups.


Peter sighed, reaching the laptop, his brow furrowing at the flashing beacon. He rolled the mouse over it, the concern dropping from his eyes when he realized it was just the Stark Chat app.


"Karen," Peter began. "When did the chat app get onto my laptop? I thought it was just a phone thing?"


"No," Karen answered. "The last updates Boss added, Version 2.01.67, created the link between phones and laptops, enabling the seamless integration of both."


"Ah," Peter said, clicking on the app, and biting back a smile at the texts he was receiving. "Got it, thank you, Karen."


"Of course, Peter," Karen answered.


On the screen, an invitation had opened. Join the chat named Beyoncé?! ! The pop up read. Currently online: 8




Peter Parker: What is this?


Sally Avril: Peter!!! U came!!!


Charles Murphy: alright laddies


Eugene Thompson: how do i change my fuckin name


Cindy Moon: just hit the button at the top, flash, jesus


MJ: yeah, flash it's easy


Ned: sorry peter!! they wanted answers and came to us but we didnt know them all


Peter Parker: lmao, it's fine Ned - i said i would answer their questions.


Peter Parker has changed his name to Peter


Peter: do you still need help flash?


Abe: no, peterrrrr, ignore him, I have more questions


Eugene Thompson: it's fine peter, np


Cindy Moon: wait I have more q's too!!!


Abe: Do you know the AVENGERS?????


Cindy Moon: what stuff is your suit made out of?


Betty: also, hi peter, how's your day going?


Peter: i have met the avengers, they're cool but a little lame


Eugene Thompson: LAME???


Charles Murphy: our boi peter is out here TAKING SHOTS


Peter: idk the actual material make-up of the suit, i can ask mr stark and dr banner, they made it like a spinoff of the hulks stuff and nanotech? Idk really


MJ: your name is giving me hives, eugene


MJ has changed Eugene Thompson's name to Flash


Sally Avril: everyone say: THANK YOU MJ!!!


Flash: thanks, mj




Peter: my day was good @Betty, how was yours? How's the stuff for midtown news?


Cindy Moon: thank you MJ!!!


MJ: you're welcome, peasants


Ned: thanks, mj!!


Ned: oh, nvm then




"Karen," Peter said suddenly, leaning back from the screen, a grin on his face. "This stuff is all encrypted, right? Like no one can get it?"


"Correct," Karen said. "I also took the liberty of alerting Friday, who will add protections as well."


"Thanks!" Peter said, glee clear in his voice. "Tell Fri I say thank you to her too!"




Betty: my day was great - this is easily the most chaos in it even tho jason tried to tell me that he was allergic to static so he couldn't do the show anymore


Cindy Moon: he WHAT


Abe: lmaoooo sounds like him


Ned: is that even possible?


Sally Avril: oh jason, such a misguided creature


MJ: it's possible to get irritated from static - but allergies? No


Charles Murphy: Say thank u to mj again!!


Abe: Thanks youuuuuuuu


Peter: if we keep this up, this is just gonna a nonstop thanking mj chat


Betty: thanks for the info, mj!


Sally Avril: as it should be


Peter: you got me there


Flash: did mr harrington say anything about the new competition?


MJ: no, he muttered something about spiderman when I asked


Cindy Moon: …………


Charles Murphy: does he KNOW?


Peter: pls tell me ur joking, rn


MJ: sorry peter, I think he suspects someone, idk who


Peter: I need to get better at this secret identity thing


Betty: if it helps, we only suspected it cause of dc


Abe: yeah, before then, no clue


Ned: i think u should be clear - maybe take it up with mr stark?


Peter: UGH


Peter: i dont want toooooooo


Flash: what why not?


Peter: cause he gets - nvm


MJ: overprotective


Ned: ^^^


Abe: wait, I know we kinda went over this already but,,, how close are you and mr stark?


Sally Avril: yeah, I'm curious too


Peter: idk? Close?? Ned and MJ have met him


Flash: WHAT


Cindy Moon: calm down flash


Charles Murphy: yeah I can hear you panicking from my house


Peter: ??? I mean he did literally bug my classrooms to keep an eye on me so


MJ: bold of you to assume it was just him


Betty: lmao, pls tell me you did too


MJ: ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies


Peter: !! Betrayal


Sally Avril: awwww that’s so cute


MJ: ned was in on it too


Ned: MJ!!!!!!


Peter: !! BETRAYAL


Abe: wow, relationship goals right there


Betty: yeah, actually, I have another question


Peter: sure


Betty: how long have yall been dating


Flash: !!??!!!!


Flash: w  h  a  t


Sally Avril: seriously?


Charles Murphy: wait I didn't know that either


Cindy Moon: god, me neither??


Abe: they literally all hold hands together?


Flash: wait……… all???


Betty: ned, mj, and peter??


Flash: im so dead


Peter: ???  This is a MESS


Ned: I mean if it makes you feel better you kinda had to be watching for it


Betty: there are bets going on around school rn about it


Peter: WHAT


MJ: i put $15 down on us via betty like 6 months ago




Peter: we weren't even dating then


MJ: ;)


Betty: note to self, never bet against mj


Ned: it's been like 4 months?


MJ: yeah, I think so


Peter: god knows I thought we were dating before we actually were


Sally Avril: wow, good to know


Charles Murphy: huh, the more you know


Cindy Moon: awwwww that's so sweet


Sally Avril: I guess we should take peter and ned out of the rotation


Ned: rotation??


Peter: ???


Sally Avril: potential bf rotation




Cindy Moon: yah, all the girls in the school get together and collectively rate datable boys the first Sunday of every month


Charles Murphy: excuse me???


Betty: it’s a joke


Peter: ohthankgod


Sally Avril: no but seriously that’s cute that yall are together!!


MJ: thanks I did it myself


Peter: ^^ basically


Abe changed MJ's name to self-loving, go-getting queen

self-loving, go-getting queen changed Abe's name to no

self-loving, go-getting queen changed their name to MJ


Peter: that was bold of you


no: worth it though


MJ: was it really??


Flash: that was wicked bold


Sally Avril: w i c k e d  b o l d


Flash: shut up


no: wow, who are you a mainer? You support the red sox now??


Flash: ohmygod


Betty: ignoring… all that… @Charles Murphy do you think you could help me do the show, jason is seriously trying to drop out of it and I don't have time for it


Charles Murphy: yahhhhhh, sure


Peter: I think I gtg, aunt may just got home


Sally Avril: awwwww, okay!! See you tomorrow?


Peter: you know it!! I'll chat here later too!


Betty: bye peter!!


Charles Murphy: if you see me while ur out swinging pls give me a high five


no: laterrrr


Flash: bye


Cindy Moon: literally this is a shit show, just go, its not like this isnt gonna be here later


MJ: ttyl


Ned: bye peter!!!!!




Peter shut the laptop, clattering through the doorway to May.


"Oh, hi honey," May said, glancing over at him and offering a smile. "I got us take out from Delmar's."


"Thanks!" Peter said, snagging the sandwich from her and setting the table. They ate in silence for a moment, May's eyes on him, her gaze contemplative.


"Tony reached out to me," she said suddenly. "Told me about your classmates?"


Peter groaned, the noise muffled by the food in his mouth. May smiled at him, fondness evident as she handed him a stack of napkins. He swallowed, wiping his mouth and taking a sip of water before speaking.

"They'd known since DC," he said, his eyes lowered. "I should've been more careful, sorry May."


May reached out, patting the back of his hand. "I know you would've never forgiven yourself if something bad had happened to them, sweetheart," she said, her eyes kind. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay with everyone knowing now."


"It's - it isn't everyone," Peter said, flipping his hand up so their fingers interlaced. "It's just Cindy, Sally, Betty, Abe, Charles, and Flash."


"Flash?" May said, her eyebrow raised. "Your bully, Flash?"


Peter groaned, scrubbing a hand over his face. "He hasn't been bullying me at all," he said, peeking at her over the top of his fingers. "Do we have to do this now?"


"It's now or with Tony later," May said, a glint in her eyes.


Peter groaned again, scrunching up his nose at her laugh. "But May," he said, dragging out the 'May', "I don't want tooo."


"Too bad, so sad," May said, shaking her head at him. She squeezed his hand once before letting it go and gesturing at him to eat. "Eat, Spiderman, while I talk." Peter rolled his eyes but complied, taking another huge bite from the sandwich. "I trust you," May began, watching him carefully. "I know that we went through a rough patch earlier when I found out and went after you and Tony," she admitted, looking down for a moment before glancing up when Peter nudged her leg, his eyes full of understanding. May breathed in once before continuing. "If you think that they are trustworthy, then, yes, sweet-pea, I won't tell you to hide it from them."


She looked at Peter suddenly, staring straight at him. "However," she said, a note of warning in her voice. "If one of them so much as thinks about leaking it to the press, you are going to be down a competitor for the Decathlon." Peter blinked at her, shock in his eyes. May sighed, the tension leaking out of her as she slumped further down in the kitchen chair. "You're all I've got, Petey-pie," she said, Ben's old nickname bringing an element of sobriety Peter hadn't expected to the conversation. "I'll be damned if anyone fucks with you."


Peter swallowed hard, blinking back tears. "Aunt May," he said, dropping his sandwich and throwing himself around to table to scoop her into a hug. "Aunt May-"


"Shhhh," May said, squeezing him back just as tightly. "I love you, sweetheart."


Peter tucked his face into her shoulder, clinging to her tighter than he ever had. "I love you too."