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We Are SuperM

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The life of Baekhyun

Baekhyun has never had any luxury in his life, ever since he was born. His parents never wanted him but decided to keep him because they were very influential people; being the king and queen, all eyes were on you and if you tried to throw away a baby, you will surely be hated. For this reason, they kept him but even though he was a prince, he was surely not treated as one. His parents never liked him because he was too feminine, he was built like a woman and his features also resembled that of a woman. They never had faith that he could be a ruler with these looks so, they trained his little brother instead. This made Baekhyun hate his little brother because he wanted to be King like it was supposed to be, it was his birthright. He grew up with this hatred in him. Not only did he hate his brother, but he also hated his parents and everyone in the castle.

Growing up, Baekhyun never experienced love or affection. He never knew what warm hugs from his parents felt like for they never hugged him or so as glanced at him for that matter. It was like he was non-existent, invisible, he was a ghost in his own house and family. At first it had hurt two-year-old Baekhyun, created insecurities in his five-year-old mind, and haunted his innocent dreams when he was ten. However, aged 13, Baekhyun couldn't give a damn about whatever feelings that existed. He saw his parents hug his brother, give him kisses and praises, Baekhyun could only scoff and roll his eyes at the affection. Then, Baekhyun realized that feelings were useless, they were a waste of time and only made you weak. He grew up with this hatred in him. Not only did he hate his brother, but he also hated his parents and everyone in the castle. And he hated sentiments.

When Baekhyun ran away from the castle at 18 years old, he had never felt so good. He had just walked right through the huge doors separating the outside world and the castle. Nobody stopped him because he was irrelevant, he was useless and they didn't care about him. It was exciting, breathing the fresh air, leaving the suffocating palace. For the first time in years, Baekhyun smiled and he was so goddamn happy. He explored the city, taking in the scenery, the beauty of the lights, the kindness of people, and the bright feeling the city gave off. He felt happy for the first time in forever. It didn't last long however because days later, posters were on every wall, guards scavenging the streets to find the lost prince. Baekhyun knew all of it was fake, so he didn't bother. He hid his face and never got out of the little house he was in. If his parents never cared about him, they will never care and he was gonna make them pay for everything they did to him. They were all gonna pay. Baekhyun grew up with this hatred. Not only did he hate his parents, but he also hated his brother. For once, Baekhyun knew what to do with this immense hatred. He was gonna become a king because that was his birthright, no matter what it took. He was also gonna show his parents that he could be a leader and a good one at that. But on top of all,

He was gonna become their worst nightmare.