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Jealous of me?

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His soft lips pressed against his own.....Processing
moving away with a smile on his face.....CLICK!

Shuichi back up against the door, covering his lips with his hand and pointing at Ouma; His face it...Its red "HUH WH.-Wh-WHAT WAS THAT?!" he sorta shout at him, Ouma tilted his head to the side "What do you mean?"

"Dont play dumb...You....Kiss me" he say, Ouma move his head to the other side "I dont under stand, You had something on your lips, i just smush my lips to get it off" Ouma say, Saihara is still blushing .

"Yawwwwn! Shuichi was expecting something spicy something that spell S E X"
"Thats not what i want" he cross his arms making Ouma pouting "He hates me" he cries, God Saihara cant stand him crying "Hey i never said i hate you, You are my friend" he pat his back; Ouma emotion change quickly "yay! You finally trust me HEY! I can teach you about sex"
"I dont think that will be ness-"
"Your right, it would be oh-so boring, well im getting sleepy, thanks for listening to my plan on Miu but dont tell her okay"
"Kokichi I-"
"Bye bye!" and that he left the bathroom, Ouma's back pressed against the door; hands on his hips looking at the ground "Shit, that was close" he mumble to himself; looking around the room-hmph no one is here if Kaito was here then he would have been pissed if he had sex with Shuichi but who cares Ouma feels sleepy time to hit the hay and call it a night!
Meanwhile in the bathroom

Saihara is on the ground wondering was Ouma was about to do the sex?! face turns red to even think such naughty thoughts! standing up heading the nearest sink, turn the knob and splash his face with water to forgot those thoughts.

Imagine Ouma doing Shuichi- legs over his waist, his finger playing with his nipple and- NO! NO! splash more water on his face to eraser that thought too! Done with that, grabbing some paper towel, wiping his face then looking at himself in the mirror......

This cant be happening....Can it? Maybe some shut eye will help, yeah that can help right!
He open the door, close it behind him; looking up and "AH! Kaito!? oh my god, you scared me" hand on his chest
"What are you doing in there?" he ask, Shuichi just say "Washing my face before bed, i just had a hard day today, im gonna- Im gonna- yeah Night!" he quickly make his way to his dorm.

'what the hell did Kokichi do to him?' Kaito thought.....He wants to check on him-

Shuichi take off his hat and head straight to the bed, lay fave flat on the bed and groan into his pillow.
A knock on the door "Sidekick you okay?"
Faving the door "Yeah im fine, im jusy keeping some sleep i-I'll talk to you in the morning okay"
Weird but "Sure, Night bro"
"Night!" he say....Great