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Jealous of me?

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There he is there he is Rantaro Amami, in his lab and just chillin "Amami" Saihara called making him turn his around "Yes?" setting his book down.
"Can you repaint my nails again"
"again...Im running out of black because Ouma keeps using it" he heads over to his draw, open it and grab some blue and black nail polish, setting them down on a table, he pull up a chair and pet it "Alright sit sit" he say as he grab his own chair, Saihara sit across from him, pytting his hand on the table Rantaro grab hold of his hand and start painting his hand, slient between them just Amami painting his nails.

Finish! "Alright give it a few hours to dry" he say, putting the nail polish away in his draw, Saihara blow on them "Hey can i ask you something?"
"Sure whats up" he sit back down, resting his head on top of his head "Well you see....It may sound stupid but have you noticed how Ouma been acting weird"
"He has been doing pranks on me, this moring he drew on my face while i was sleeping, thats pretty much normal...Why do you say that?"

"Well Kokichi has been acting so weird around me, he almost kissed me"

Rantaro thinks "You know how he is, his likes to tease people he likes"

"Ouma...Likes me?" he say, Rantaro shrug his shoulders "who knows hey are you coming with me to work out with Kaito"

"Of course i need to finish up on this novel that you say it was good" both of then is talking about the novel
Later the day

Maybe a quick nap will help before he heads out to work out with the gang

He heads back to his room to do whatever he needed to do, someone is running up to him pin him against the wall and its just Kaito "Kaito?! You scared the living daylight out of me!" no words coming out of his mouth but he leans close to him "Wh..Ah...Wait Kaito what are you doing?" he leans close to his lips and

"Shuichi? Shuichi wakey wakey!" jumping up and see its just Ouma there with a smile on his face, Saihara rubs his face "Ouma...What is it now? and why are you sitting on the table?"
"Just to get close to you nishnish! but Actually i want to bother you again"
"YES! You are so fun and i though maybe you want to...Come meet me in the bathroom later on because i got something to show you"
"Can it wait for tomorrow i got plans tonight"
"Working out with Kaito is so boring come on Shuichi, just tonight for me"
"Tomorrow night then show me what you want to show me" making Ouma lay on the table "Shuichi, You're so boring but fine tomorrow meet at the bathroom at night and do come alone because its a really cool prank im planning to do!"
"Fine fine"

With that Ouma walk off, Saihara lay his head back down and start fondling his finger mostly picking at his nails..."I need them cut"