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Jealous of me?

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Another day at Hope peak academy, seems like yesterday everyone was doing their thing but things has change for the past couple of weeks..Saihara likes be to around Kaito and Ouma is not having it, Kaito doesnt seem to mind having Saihara by his side...

Why does he mind? Because he likes Saihara and not in 'friend' or 'Best friend' no! he wants to be in a gay relationship with him but theres a surpise....Ouma likes Saihara in gay way too, Saihara like Kaito but he is so unsure about Ouma i mean He cant trust Ouma because of the lies he makes and other things he done; So unsure about Ouma. Kaito knows about Ouma feelings towards Saihara ans Ouma does knows about Kaito feelings towards Saihara... Seems like a little competition going on to win Saihara's heart...Little did they know that Saihara is Bi and polygamous well they know he is bisexual because he gives that bi enegry off, but doesn't know he's polygamous.......

everyone seems to be doing their thing, eating or whatever they are doing and Saihara is just reading another novel, just doing his thing when so sudden hands slams on his table, he looks up and see Ouma "Hi Ouma...Is something wrong" he say, Ouma grabs his hand, taking him somewhere "H-Hey Ouma where are you taking me?" he say, Ouma takes him outside and look around "Shumai do you like me" Ouma say, Saihara puts his hand underneat his chin and think "I think your a okay friend, dont scare me like that whike im reading, Its gotten into you anyway?"
"OOOOOH nothing, I just want to know if you like me!" he smiles..Even a lie Saihara knows he's lying, caught him red handed "Kokichi, i know your lying"
"Well damn, my lies couldnt pass the great Shumai himself, forget all of this happen okay" he walks away, Saihara runs up to him and grab his arm, Ouma looks up at him "Gosh Shuichi, if your want me to spill the beans then its going to be a whike to do so nishnish and besides Kaede needs you" with that he walks away with arms behind his head and see if he can bother Kiibo again "Kokichi-"....

Laying his head on the table "Sidekick!" lifting his head up and see Kaito there, he takes a seat across from him "Oh hi Kaito"
"Sidekick, Me and Maki-roll are going to work out later tonight, want to join us?" he say
He remembers.....He did one push up and gave up "....Thanks but no thanks"
"Sidekick...Come on i know you did one push up and i'm going to help you with that if you just do more"
"Hmmmm whos going?"
He thinks, leans back on his chair and "I guess Tsumugi, Kaede, Rantaro and Himiko"
Saihara is thinking about it....Should he go? hmmm he will go which made Kaito happy "Awsome okay meet me i mean us by the court yard at 7!" he got up and head over to Maki but before he do "Kaito wait....Where's Rantaro...I need him to...Paint my nails again"
Kaito turns around "He should be in his lab or check the library he mighy be there"
Standing up, he thanks him and go find Amami....