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Taeyong´s Dirt-Diary

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"Relax", the rough tone of Taeyong's voice sends a shiver down Mark's spine. His hips twitch – Taeyong doesn't miss it – but, good as he always is, Mark controls himself, thighs clenching with the effort, "You wanna make this easy for Mommy, don't you?"

Nodding frantically, Mark lets out a gasp, "Y-yes! of course."

"After all, I'm going to be the one, who has to do all the work." Taeyong's fingertip trails over Mark's stomach, up, up, up, until it catches on a collar bone, "And I know you can be good for me, so you won't need a ring tonight, right baby?"

If they hadn't talked about it before, Taeyong would think Mark lies, when he squeezes out a tiny, "No."

"My perfect baby", Taeyong moans into Mark's ear, "Everyone knows you're the ace of SM. The fans know it, the managment knows it, the idols know it, but you wanna hear what they don't know?" His tongue lashes out, a wet touch against an earlobe, "How good you are for me. My sweet, little baby. So perfect at making Mommy feel good. Always allowing me to use you up until I'm satisfied and never asking for anything in return."

"A-always for you." Mark gasps, the blindfold on his face doing little, to cover up the flush of his cheeks.

"I know. Always for me", he repeats, pressing his hips against Mark's waist. It's obvious that the younger feels the heat of his arousal against his skin, but the handcuffs, which bind his hands to the bed, only rattle as he pulls at them. "No one has a baby as loyal and good as I do. They can only dream of it. They wake up at night, with cum all over themselves, because they have to fantasize about you in their dreams."

Mark's head falls back, a tiny tear crawling from beneath the blindfold. Taeyong's eyes travel down to his hips, where his black briefs are straining with a tent. A smirk plays on his lips. There is nothing that gets to Mark, like praise does. Sometimes Taeyong wonders, whether he could come just from validation – admiration. And it's nice. Because, it's just so easy to praise Mark and the way he is so responsive to all of it, has Taeyong enjoy it even more. The best thing about it has to be that Taeyong knows he means every word.

"Did you know that Hyuckie still gets off to your 'Boss' fancams? Bet that makes you proud, hm?" It's not a complete lie. Taeyong HAS spotted Donghyuck with a mean boner, after watching Boss on his laptop, but he doesn't actually know who was the cause. He just knows Mark would get off to it and that's more than enough, "You like hearing that? Being a fantasy? Does that turn you on?"

Mark gulps and nods his head. Without hesitation, Taeyong reaches out and slaps his thigh. It elicits a soft yelp from the other, but he rubs the spot to sooth the sting right after.

"Say it."

"Yes, yes it does." Mark whines.

Taeyong coos, as the embarrassment colours Mark's cheek in a deeper shade, "Why?"

"I-" Mark sucks in a deep breath, when he feels Taeyong's palm travel from his thigh to the inside and close to his bulge, "I feel like I'm good. L-like I've done well enough t-to... to-..."

"To please them." Taeyong finishes and latches on to Mark's neck.

His hand explores the boy's hips again and soon, his patience runs out. From where he lies, next to Mark's spread out body, he swings a leg over his waist and sits – just out of reach. The hips beneath him wiggle, trying to adjust him into a more pleasurable position. A slap echoes in the room again and Mark moans loudly, at the sting against his cheek.

Taeyong releases a sigh, loud enough for Mark to hear his disappointment, "I thought you were going to be good? What would Hyuckie say, if he knew he fantasized about some needy little boy, who can't control his own dick?"

"I-I'll be good, Mommy." Mark hurries, "P-please, I promise! U-Use me, do whatever you want with me. I'm y-your fucktoy, Mommy."

"Yes", Taeyong's palm strokes over Mark's cheek, the velvet of the blindfold soft against his touch. The gentleness of his actions are a stark contrast to before and it sends Mark's system into overdrive, "My sweet baby. Mommy's going to fuck herself silly on you."


The handcuffs rattle again and Taeyong eyes them quickly. They have gone with the blindfold several times before, but it's the first time they make use of bondage. On top of things, it had been Taeyong's idea, so he is a little hesitant. He knows how much Mark likes to touch him. It makes him feel like he can do even more, to make sure he is good for Taeyong. But something about how Mark always gives into anything Taeyong asks of him, something about how he always bows, when Taeyong pushes, has him think. Think that, maybe, there is a different kind of being good for Mark. One, where he looses control. One, where all he can do is give and give and give, until there is nothing left of him but a needy mess.

This had been the first step to exploring that direction of being good. But Taeyong doesn't take risks when it comes to Mark.

"What's your colour, baby?" he whispers, broad palm sliding over Mark's chest.

The younger leans into it, taking a moment to feel into himself, "Green, Mommy. So, so fucking green."

A sly grin spreads over Taeyong's lips and when he retracts his hand, he makes sure to do so with his nails leaving a row of red trails. He climbs up then, shuffling, so his knees are on either side of Mark's chest. His arms are held far out of the way, stretching to the headboard above Mark's wild mob of hair. He seems to know what's coming, because his fists clench and his lips drop open. Taeyong can't help but let out a soft chuckle at the response. His thumb finds the corner of Mark's lips and pulls.

"God, what a sight you are." his thumb rubs over Mark's bottom lip and presses down on his tongue, spit collecting at the spot and dripping over the edge, "Salivating for my cock. It's like you practice being good, when I'm not there. Maybe, you're just a natural. Born to milk me dry as much as I want."

Mark's lips break open in a moan and then close tightly around Taeyong's thumb. He sucks it in deeper and Taeyong can't hold back a silent curse of his own. Deeper and deeper, he drives his thumb, until he feels it bump against the far back of Mark's tongue. The younger lets out a choked sound, but Taeyong only presses down harder and drives another wave of saliva to the surface. He uses it like lube; spreading all of it across Mark's lips and letting the excess drip down and pool in Mark's collarbone.

Taeyong's free hand moves to steady himself on the headboard, before he guides himself into Mark's awaiting mouth. A low moan escapes him at the tight heat that awaits him and draws out, when Mark is eager to suck him in further. With his spit-slick hand, Taeyong fastens his fingers in the other's hair, gentle at first. As he gives it a firm tug, Mark moans around him, the vibrations more than delicious.

"You're so greedy, baby." Taeyong tsks, "Give Mommy some time. I want to cherish this."

Using Mark's hair as leverage, Taeyong pulls him further onto his cock. He takes it with practiced ease, fingers clenching around the chains of his handcuffs in anticipation. It's like Taeyong's scolding has made him even more eager, because his tongue runs along every centimetre it can reach. For a moment, it has the elder’s head spin and he thrusts forward without control.

Mark's whine breaks off into a choke and the full-body shudder that goes across his frame doesn't go unnoticed. With a smirk painted on his lips, Taeyong begins to set a steady pace of shallow thrusts. On every move, he tugs Mark's head around as he pleases. It shouldn't send so much arousal up his spine; The way Mark can't even stop him, with his hands bound. They agreed that Mark could snap his fingers, if he needed to safe-word, but wasn't able to speak. But, the fact that he decides not to – the fact that he enjoys being used like this, with all his defenses down – and hands all of his trust over to Taeyong, has the older suddenly pull back, before he can come undone right there.

Mark cries at the loss, missing the heavy weight on his tongue. Taeyong decides to indulge him and pushes two fingers into his mouth instead.

"Look at you. Maybe I should take a picture, hm?" his fingers rub against Mark's tongue, "Mommy could always get off to it, when you're not around. I could share it, too." he leans down, until his lips graze the shell of Mark's ear. With his cock trapped between their bodies, he starts rutting against Mark. His breath hitches as Taeyong's hips circle into his stomach, suddenly reduced to nothing, but a surface to get off on, "Imagine if I showed it to Johnny. He would be so jealous. Wanna bet he would beg me to borrow you? Hm, but I don't think I'd want to share."

"M-mommy, p-please." Mark whimpers around his fingers.

He pulls them out, never stopping his grinding, "Please what, baby?"

"Please c-cum for me Mommy. P-please- O-on my face."

Taeyong's mouth drops open in a silent moan and his eyes roll to the back of his head. Immediately, his speed increases and he thumbs on the blindfold. When Mark realizes his intentions, he tries to wiggle away.

Gently slapping Mark's cheek once more, Taeyong stops the boy from moving and pulls at the blindfold, "You really are a sucker for my voice, aren't you?"

"Yes Mommy, wanna hear nothing else." Mark whispers, eyes still closed and glistening with tears.

"I want you to watch me come, baby." Taeyong mumbles into Mark's ear, "Want you to remember and dream of it. So, you're all ready for Mommy in the morning. Can you do that, baby?"

The handcuffs rattle, with Mark's instinct to reach out and hold onto Taeyong's neck, "Y-yes M-mommy, of course."

Upping the pace of his grinding one last bit, Taeyong lets his mind fall apart. All he can focus on is the hot fire in the pit of his stomach, blazing and pushing to get out. His lips fall open with all sorts of noises and his palms spread out across Mark's chest to brace himself. The delicious drag of his cock against Mark's skin brings him closer and closer.

When he looks up at Mark, a shiver grasps his neck. Those intense eyes, filled with a gaze Taeyong knows from all of their live-performances, is only directed at him. Overflowing with lust and greed and want and Taeyong is suddenly glad the handcuffs are padded, because Mark keeps tugging at them, as if forgetting they're there every other moment. One of Taeyong's hands slides up Mark's chest and suddenly, his fingers are closed around the younger's throat, squeezing ever so slightly. The other hand goes to circle his cock in quick motions.

It's enough to tip both of them over the edge, as it always is.

"Fuck- Fuck, Mommy please." Mark's head falls back against the pillow, arms flexing with the effort of not ripping the headboard in half, "Please come for me, please. You're so fucking perfect, please."

A wave of pleasure courses through Taeyong, making his thighs shake on either side of Mark's waist. His lips open in a long, drawn-out moan that pitches high, as soon as he tips into oversensitivity. White strings of cum spread out across Mark's chest and face, catching in his hair and lips. He looks as fucked out as Taeyong feels, tongue lashing out to lick at what he can reach. Both of them are panting, as if they just ran a marathon.

Taeyong swallows his own breaths down and gasps: "What's your colour, baby?"

"Hmm, so good..." Mark mumbles.

Leaning in, Taeyong cups the boy's face in his hands, a slow giggle greeting him. There's a glazed expression to Mark's eyes and even as Taeyong is right in his vision, he doesn't seem to really see him.

"My god, you're really in deep, aren't you sweetheart?" Taeyong mumbles good-natured, then he makes Mark look him in the eye, "Hey, come on, I need a colour here, baby. Can you tell me your colour?"

"Green, Mommy." Mark slurs.

"I don't know if we should continue like this, Markie." Taeyong laughs.

"N-no please", the boy eagerly rubs his hips against Taeyong's ass, "Wanna be good some more. Wanna make you come again Mommy."

A disbelieving sound leaves Taeyong's mouth and in the next moment, he collects himself again, "Aren't you chewing off more than you can swallow, baby? If you come without permission, you won't like the results."

"Can do it." Mark gasps, hips still absentmindedly grinding against Taeyong. He could call him out for it, but Taeyong is only strict when he has to be. He looks down at Mark, musters his dazed expression with pursed lips. Then, he leans over to their bedside-table.

"Fine." he agrees, "But only because you're so irresistible."

He clicks their lube bottle open, pulls the offending boxers out of the way and squeezes a good amount on Mark's cock. It's standing red and proud, twitching when Taeyong rubs the lube around it. He uses the excess on his fingers, to circle his own entrance. Firm glass meets his fingertips and he pulls his plug out with a deep sigh. Following sole muscle-memory at this point, Taeyong guides Mark's cock into his hole, sinking down slowly.

It's not even a stretch anymore, the plug had been big enough to prepare him well. Courtesy of always wanting to be filled, Taeyong can admit that much. Mark's lip is caught between his teeth, trying to control himself. Afraid he could draw blood, Taeyong leans down and tugs his lip free with a thumb.

"I love you." Taeyong whispers, "So much baby. Mommy is so proud of you."

Mark's cock twitches against his walls at the words, "I love you, too. T-thank you, thank you, thank y-"

Taeyong breaks him off with a deep kiss, tongue diving deep into Mark's mouth. One of his hands trails up Mark's arm and finds his hand, intertwining their fingers for a brief moment. When Mark's hips start bumping upwards, just shy of Taeyong's sweet spot, he has to break the kiss. His own body starts moving, ass bouncing up and down on Mark, with all the fluidity of a dancer. They have to resort to half-kisses, half-breathing into each other's mouth, as Mark immediately begins to grow louder.

Many of his friends say they don't like when their partners are loud, but Taeyong loves it. It's endearing, really, how Mark can't help himself but to whine, moan and whimper his name, even though he is obviously trying so hard, not to. Being a quiet top wouldn't suit Mark anyways. Taeyong would cry, if he had to miss out on this amazing voice producing such sinful sounds, only for him.

"That's it, baby." Taeyong pants, still driving Mark's cock into his prostate, "You sound so fucking hot. I hope everyone can hear what a perfect baby I have, let them know they can never compare."

Mark's moans increase with Taeyong's praise and trying not to come almost seems to be painful for him, "Ah- fuck Mommy. Y-you're so warm, I-I'm gonna c-cum."

"Oh, no you don't." Taeyong orders. One of his hands goes back to Mark's throat. His other hand jerks his cock, which has come back to life again, in time with his thrusts, "Come on baby, you promised you could be good. You wouldn't want your second spanking in two days, would you?"

"N-no!" Mark's hips start slamming up into Taeyong's own and draw a loud moan from the older, "M-mommy, I want to touch you. Please, please can I touch you?"

It almost hurts physically, to stop driving Mark´s dick into his prostate, but Taeyong controls himself in favour of the younger. He thinks his baby has been more than good enough, to get a bit of a reward. His hand disappears beneath the pillow under Mark´s head and comes back with the key for the handcuffs. A good place, just in case. They open with a click and Mark´s hands are on him in the blink of an eye, as if drawn in by a magnet. Taeyong moans softly, feeling them run up his chest and down his back, until they settle on his hips.

Admittedly, it´s easier to move this way, with Mark´s extra support to drive him upwards. His own pleasure is fogging up his mind and he knows there is just one thing missing. Once more, Taeyong´s hand travels back to Mark´s throat, resting, not squeezing quite yet. And the control, god the power he feels is something else. The intoxicating idea of having a man under him, having complete control over him, even though everyone would expect it to be the opposite. With Mark this just becomes an otherworldly experience. They complete each other – match like puzzle-pieces in the ways they like to make each other feel good.

And fuck does Taeyong feel good, "So big, baby, Mommy can feel you all the way inside."

A broken sound breaks past Mark´s lips and one of his hands joins Taeyong´s against his neck. Surprisingly, he is the one that applies the first bit of pressure. From there on, Taeyong has the green light.

"So dirty." Taeyong rasps between pants, "You love it when I pin you down like this, don´t you? Love it when I get myself off on you."

"S-so much, Mommy." Mark whispers. His sounds are decreasing and the ones that still break out are breathy.

Taeyong eases up the pressure just a moment, "Fuck… I´m close baby. You can go a little harder, can´t you?"

Mark cries out, his eyes releasing a single pair of tears, travelling the expanses of his cheeks. It´s obvious that he has a hard time holding himself together. Without a ring, Mark´s orgasm must feel like a crashing wave and Taeyong almost feels pity for him. Almost.

"Come on Markie. Make Mommy proud. Show me how good you can fuck me." He mutters into Mark´s ear.

Luckily, Taeyong always knows exactly what to say to get what he wants. In every instance really; daily life, career, friends and of course: Mark. As if a switch in his mind had been pushed, Mark´s feet drive into the mattress and his hips snap up with enough force to have Taeyong topple on top of him with a gasp. He laughs at first in surprise, until it breaks off into a moan, when Mark sets a harsh pace of relentless, hard thrusts that have Taeyong shake to the bone. At some point, he doesn´t even have the strength to move anymore, only stays in place and lets Mark hit home over and over again.

"So good." he gasps, his palms splayed on Mark´s chest and nails clawing into his pecs, "I´m- I´m gonna come baby. Just a little more."

"M-mommy can you hold me down?" Mark suddenly gasps.

"W-what?" It´s hard to keep a clear headspace with all the pleasure pounding through Taeyong´s veins right now, but he manages to makes sense of the question finally. The moment he gets it, he moans out, because Mark knows. He knows how much this would get to Taeyong. His hands wrap around Mark´s wrists, pulling them off his hips and roughly pinning them to the mattress with all his weight. The younger keens, the rhythm of his hips becoming less and less calculated.

"Th-thank you Mommy! Fuck, thank you!" he cries, "P-please let me come."

"You´ll only come with Mommy, do you hear me?" If they weren´t both so fucked out already, Taeyong might consider how little authority his voice holds. But in Mark´s headspace, so deep that he seems to be floating, it doesn´t take a lot to have him shiver, much less to obey, "My pretty baby. My perfect little fucktoy, I fucking adore you, you know that? So much, Mommy is so proud of you."

"S-stop, I- I don´t want to be bad Mommy."

Taeyong grins knowingly, "Why would you be?"

"B-because you sound so good." Mark gasps, the sound of their skin slapping becoming louder than even Taeyong´s moans, "Could come untouched just from your voice."

"Then come with me baby." With his hands returning to their old positions on Mark´s throat and his own cock, Taeyong delivers his last bit of energy into rolling his hips hard against Mark´s, "Come, Markie. Now."

Perhaps it´s a kink Taeyong hasn´t fully explored yet, but feeling Mark´s come fill him up is what tips him over the edge in the exact moment he says this. He gasps, shooting his second load of the night across Mark´s chest and watching a drop land in the corner of Mark´s lips. It´s enough to make him drive down and kiss Mark through it all. The boy´s hands, now released wander around Taeyong´s neck, pulling him down in a tight hold. He rides out his orgasm, until Taeyong gasps with the oversensitivity, but he keeps going just a little. It drives Taeyong crazy and he is well aware of that. Finally boneless, Taeyong falls against Mark´s chest, pushing his nose deep into his neck.

They pant into their silence, sweaty, hot bodies cooling together. Admittedly, Taeyong´s arms shake a little, when he pushes himself up again and places kisses over more kisses all over Mark´s face. The younger doesn´t react much, only hums and holds onto Taeyong´s shoulders like a baby bear. He is in deep, but Taeyong has figured him out enough to know how to deal with it. Whenever Mark is this deep, nothing helps easing him back into reality like chocolate. Being the good dom he is, Taeyong has prepared a bar on the night stand, so all he has to do is lean over, grab it and feed it to his favourite baby.

Mark munches happily, his hands easing up, in favour of travelling across Taeyong´s shoulder blades and down his spine. Despite the discomfort, Taeyong stays wrapped around Mark´s dick, just because he knows he likes the security it gives him. Only when Mark´s eyes clear up and his hand gently cups Taeyong´s face, does he allow himself to pull off with a wince. He cleans them with a few tissues and then lays on top of Mark, their chests pressed together like one.

"How do you feel?" he whispers.

Mark smiles dopily, "Like the luckiest bastard in the world."

"That´s good to hear", Taeyong winces, as he adjusts his position, "I think you blew my back out."

"I´m sorry."

"Are you, though?" The shy giggle Mark lets out at that is answer enough.

"Thank you", the younger says after a moment, "I really needed this."

Taeyong smiles gently and places a kiss on Mark´s lips, "Always, for my best baby."

He barely manages to pull Mark into the shower then, but it´s easier if he bribes him with kisses. They wash each other and Taeyong doesn´t even care that they´re wasting all the water, by just standing under the stream and hugging. After a while though, the exhaustion kicks in and he allows himself to let Mark dry him off and carry him back to bed. The adrenaline that comes with being a dom sometimes makes Taeyong forget how tired he really is, but now it´s all settling in. With the most beautiful boy in the world, wrapped around him, Taeyong falls asleep.

And damn, does he sleep like a baby.