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“Woah wait. So you do a duo dance with Kun?! Seriously?!”

Haechan starred with big eyes at Ten who was drinking his wine peacefully. The three of them were sitting in Haechan’s bedroom, enjoying some wine and snacks while listening to music. Haechan got onto the ground, hugging Ten’s arm in a tight grip.

“Haechan, you’re squeezing my arm!”, Ten whined, tried to get it back. “Yes, Kun asked me after practice if I would perform with him at the faculty event next month. It’s a great opportunity you know? Just because he’s an alpha doesn’t mean anything.”

“What did Johnny say to this?”

“Didn’t ask him yet. When I came home he was gone. And come on. It’s a performance, nothing else. It’s not like we get naked on stage and fuck.”, eye-rolling Ten poured more wine into his glass.

“I’m sure Johnny wouldn’t like it that much but it is a great opportunity. I’m happy for you. Why don't we get started with the outfits? It’s midnight soon and we don’t want to show up at the club at 3 am.”

Taeyong sat up to refill his glass and looked at them. Haechan shooted up, ready to do his tasks to find the perfect outfits. Taeyong and Ten had carried some of their things into Haechan’s bedroom through which the youngest was rumoring now to find some nice outfits. The other two stayed on the bed, sipping their wine slowly. Babbling nonsense Haechan gave Taeyong and Ten some clothes to put on. Without complaining they did, laughed when Haechan shook his head furiously and gave them new things.

After thirty minutes he grinned satisfied. Taeyong was wearing blue ripped jeans that showed off more of his legs than he would like to show, mixed with a white shirt that showed off his collar bones lightly while Ten went with black leather looking pants and a deep red shirt which was ripped at the left that he had tugged in front into his pants. Humming happily Ten looked over to Haechan who wasn‘t changed at all.

“Now you let us get an outfit for you.”, Ten said grinning, rubbed his hands together.

“But nothing ugly! Please.”

“You never look ugly in anything. Oh my god, I know something! What with that grey tight pants you have, mixed with your lightly ripped shirt?! It would look so amazing!” Ten rambled and dashed towards the wardrobe to get the things out. “Especially with the make-up I have planned for you!”

After Ten pushed Haechan onto the edge of his bed and reached out for his make-up. Focused while putting the eyeliner on his friend's face. After a few minutes, he put it away and grinned.

“If you do not look stunning! No alpha would be able to resist you.”

Styling his soft brown hair Ten nodded with a smile on his face. If there would not be at least one alpha that wants to swallow Heachan in one go they would be complete assholes and idiots. Dumb idiots. Looking over to Taeyong he waved him over, putting some make-up on his gorgeous face as well. With that done he quickly did it himself, thanking Haechan when he handed him his filled wine glass.

They emptied the bottle of wine in peace, gossiped about the newest trash on campus before they gathered their things and headed out. Haechan was telling them on their way about the next competition his team had and that he was excited about it. Asking immediately if they both had time to come and watch him with his crew. A loud whine leaving his mouth when Ten was busy with his phone. Snatching Ten’s hand out of his hand he looked at him pouting.

“TEN! Don’t chat with Johnny! This is our evening. No allowing of calling or writing Johnny until he has to pick us up! Omegas only! No alpha boyfriend for you until he picks us up. Put it away! Immediately!”

“Fine! Fine, relax.“, Ten said laughing when Haechan tried to snatch it out of his hand. „He just wanted to know which club we are heading to so he knows where to get when he has to pick us up.”

“Then tell him and shut your phone off.”

Getting the demand Ten wrote his boyfriend quickly, phone buried shut off in his pants. When they reached the club they had to wait outside a bit before they were allowed to go inside. The music was damn loud but they got used to it quickly. Before they decided to hit the dancefloor they headed over to the bar to drink a bit more. Also to check out the people that were already having their fun.

Haechan was scanning the dancing floor to see if there was a guy that would be worth his attention and with who he could have some fun. Ten, who stood right beside him, just watched him in amusement, drinking his mixed drink slowly. Not having the goal to get drunk that much cause he needed to survive the weekend.

“Found someone that got your attention?”, he asked curiously, looking around.

“Not yet. But perhaps if we are on the dancefloor. You guys ready or not?”

“Let us enjoy our drinks Haechannie. Why don’t you go and have some fun and we join you soon? Go and check the alphas out in here.”

Agreeing Haechan drank his shot and headed excited out to the dancefloor. Taeyong and Ten watched him carefully, enjoying the music and their drinks. They were the oldest and very protective over their cute little sunshine. Taeyong leaned against the bar lightly, glancing to Ten when he spoke.

“Haechannie is enjoying this evening already. He’s much happier than during the week. Especially after that incident with Mark.”

“There is enough distraction for him. Especially from Mark.”

“Now that we both are alone there is something I need to tell you.”, Ten stated and leaned over so Taeyong could understand him better. “Mark may have said a few dumb things but I talked with him before I dashed into the locker room to help Haechan. Mark mentioned that he is interested in our Haechannie and would like to see if they could be more than friends. Like boyfriends.”


“Let me speak out. I told him that Haechan is hurt by all these things he said and that if he means it, that he needs to show it. Through gifts and small gestures”

“Are you really giving Mark hope? To try it with him? Seriously? I thought we both try to help Haechan and not to encourage Mark! Why are you on his side now!” Taeyong said lightly annoyed, placed his empty glass down.

“I know. But look. You agree with me that they both are really cute together. And Haechan still loves him. Mark said he wouldn’t love Haechan now but that he really wants to try it. I told him to stay awake for at least two weeks minimum and do the courting stuff. Knowing that Haechan is weak for these kinds of romantic gestures.”

“Are you expecting me to know to agree to your plan? I mean they do look cute together but as Heachan’s friends we are supposed to stand on his side!”

“But Mark is willing to try! He really is! Why don’t give him a second chance?! Haechan would be so happy if he and Mark would be together. You noticed his dreamy, foolish expression when he told us about Mark? Sometimes you need to give your friend a push to make him see the truth. Just like with you and Jaehyun!”, the other said defending, placing the empty glass away and order another one.

“Jaehyun and I is another topic and second, nothing that concerns you both! If you want to try and help Mark, do it. But I won’t help Mark. Not until Haechan is willing to accept his attempts. Got it? But good that you told me. Now I need more than just one drink.”

Ordering another shot Taeyong drank it and headed onto the dancefloor to his best friend. If he would sit the whole night at the bar he would never be able to find someone to fool around with.

Squeezing through the crowd he found his friend quickly and joined him. Sure, Taeyong wasn’t as good as Haechan but not a complete fool when it came to dancing. Letting their bodies move to the music they pushed the annoying thoughts far away into their brain and just enjoyed the time they had. When slim fingers were sneaking on Taeyong’s hips he turned his head around, grinned when he spotted Ten behind him. Giving in he let his friend sway his hips against his and just went with it and moved with his movements.

“Looks like Haechan found someone.”, Ten whispered chuckling into his ear. Grinning Taeyong switched their positions, put his hands demanding onto Ten’s stomach, pressed his chest against his back. Chin rested on his shoulder, holding him close. Observing his best friend. Haechan was dancing with a good-looking alpha guy that seemed damn interested in him. Chuckling Ten rested his head back on Taeyong’s shoulder, intertwined their hands, and grinned.

“Let’s have him some fun. Small distractions never hurt. What are you planning now? It’s not like we start to rub against each other here on the dancefloor or hit it off right away. I thought you wanted some distraction as well? Which won’t happen if you cling to me like to show off that we are a thing? I can easily stand for myself and get alphas off if they think I’m here for some sexual entertainment.”

“Maybe I want to get some attention like this? Some alphas would love to see two omegas fooling around. Maybe like this, I find one. Other option. What if I want to have some fun with Johnny’s gorgeous boyfriend? Now that he isn’t here? What he doesn't know makes him furious. You in for some dirty fun?”, he whispered smirking into his ear, bit playful into it which made Ten laugh out loud, looking at Taeyong who licked his lips grinning.

“You are such an idiot sometimes. If you are interested in omegas you should look around and try to find some. Not to try something with a friend you idiot. Not judging off what type you prefer.”

“As much as I adore and love your body and character, alphas are better.”, Taeyong said shoulder shrugging, looking back towards Haechan. “Nothing against omegas, but I’d like to have kids someday. And to have someone that can knot you during the heat is perfect. No omegas, just alphas.”

“Then let’s look for one! Clinging to me the whole night won’t solve
that problem! We are here to have fun and to find a distraction for you two. Maybe someone who can satisfy your pushed away needs!”

“Can we dance a bit longer?”, the other complained, burying his nose in Ten’s hair. Shoulder shrugging he nodded, let Taeyong dance with him a bit longer.

Starting to get thirsty they made their way through the crowd towards the bar to get them some drinks to cool down. Sitting on a few stools they looked around, still having Haechan in their view. Ten was scanning the area for what an alpha Taeyong may like but his friend was really picky. Damn picky. When he pointed with his head to some guys Taeyong turned around, shaking his head every single time. Rubbing his neck he got big eyes when he recognized a guy and grinned. Tapping Taeyongs arm he pointed towards the direction.

“What about that hot alpha over there?“

“God no! Why does it have to be him?”

Groaning Taeyong turned his back towards the direction, growling lightly. Of course, it needed to be fucking damn Jung Jaehyun. Out of all damn people. This wasn’t a coincidence anymore. Not how often they were seeing each other out of campus and the field. Fate just hated him. Taeyong guessed that maybe the younger Jung brother planned something. Sighing he drummed with his fingers against the bar, breathing slowly. Turning his gaze back to it.

“Maybe his little brother wanted to check out a club? Probably he wanted to go out or whatever. Do you want to go somewhere else instead? There are multiple clubs around. In case you don’t want to deal with Jeno or Jaehyun tonight?”

“Pff. As if Jeno just wanted to ‘check out a club’. Bullshit. Nah. We need to look out for Haechan. I don’t need to interact with him or his brother. A small ‘hi’ is enough and I’m going to ignore them the whole evening. I want to enjoy this night and not act serious with my coach hanging around. This is slowly getting out of hand and it’s annoying. So many coincidences at once? Gosh. Maybe I should drink so much I won’t be able to form any more words or-”


Closing his eyes sighing Taeyong gulped down his whole drink to survive this somehow. Ignoring the consequences of drinking alcohol fast. Straightening his posture he put on a smile while turning around.

“Jeno! Fancy seeing you here. What are you doing here on your own?”

“I’m not alone silly! I’m here with Jaehyun who insisted to accompany me! Knowing that I can get into trouble quickly. You know, big brother always takes care of the younger. Sibling thing. Didn’t think that the old man is willing to accompany me, to be honest. Guess it’s his protective alpha side.”

“Wondering why.”, Taeyong mumbled unamused, hiding a growl under his breath. Smiling Ten looked towards Jaehyun when he came closer and greeted them as well.

“Fancy seeing you guys here.” Jaehyun was just as surprised as Taeyong was. Sharing a small eye-contact with him he looked scolding at Jeno. Guess his little brother came up with a dumb plan again. “Jeno. Don’t tell me you wanted to go clubbing because you knew Taeyong and his friends would be here tonight as well. If this should be the case then-”

“No. My friend, San, told me that this was the best club in the city! Don’t always assume I would try anything against your wishes! I may be someone that likes to couple people up but I’m not that dumb. Puh-lease.”Clicking his tongue Jeno observed the club before he ordered something for himself.

“Never thought you would be the guy to do the clubbing thing Mr. Coach.”, Ten said out of nowhere to get the brotherly fight to an end.

Taeyong in the meantime was observing Jaehyun who was clothing casual. Light-blue jeans mixed with a black shirt. Jaehyun shrugged with his shoulders lightly defeated, turning to the bar to order something to drink. Jeno was already in his element and talked about anything that came into his mind with Ten. The alpha chuckled head shaking, leaning against the bar. Ten excused himself shortly to use the restroom, leaving Taeyong alone with the Jung brothers.

Good for Ten that he didn’t see the daggers Taeyong was throwing after him with his eyes.

“It’s a shame that Ten is already taken,” Jeno said seriously, starred at Taeyong who had a surprised expression on his face. “What? He’s hot. No one would deny that. I like his butt and body. But you have a nice butt as well Tae!”

“He’s in a happy relationship for five years with an alpha who is my friend. Sorry. No way to get some fun with him tonight. So, you are into omegas Jeno?”

“I know. Haechan slipped that information in the grocery store. Um, kind of? I don’t care if I make out with an omega, beta, or alpha. But alphas are the best concerning sex. But do never underestimate omegas as well. They might not have the biggest dick but they know how to use other techniques to make someone of their kind happy. Got some experiences. Haechan got my number. So if you need any advice, let me know.” Smirking Jeno licked his lips, holding eye contact with Taeyong the whole time. Twinkling with his eyes.

“God, Jeno. Are you really talking about this now?”, the older said groaning, rested the bottle embarrassed against his forehead. “Don’t you have an older brother to talk with about sex?”

“Duh, idiot. He’s an alpha? Why should I talk with an alpha about sexual things concerning omegas? That’s dumb. Yeah, he knows how to handle omegas in bed due to his old relationships. They annoyed me a lot when I had to meet them or they tagged along to family meetings. They wild about how perfect Jaehyun was, that he’s the idol of an alpha, how good he is in bed, and yada yada yada. Details I didn’t want to know but I can’t cut them off in annoyance. You know how it goes I guess. Anyway. His old relationships didn’t last long. Jaehyun mostly ended them due to his passion for baseball, he was always busy and the annoying and childish behaviors of his ex’s wrecked his nerves. Like, they were jealous that he didn’t have enough time for them and so on. Guess who they tried to get into their boat to catch that alpha again. Right. His little brother Jeno. Anyway! I talk too much, I know. Back to the topic, just because I’m not a prude like you as it seems doesn’t mean I’m talking with Jaehyun about these intimate things. Irks.”

Jeno shook his shoulders lightly, looked over to Jaehyun who was checking out the club. Taeyong looked blank at him. Totally speechless. Jeno was being a complete mystery for him. In one second he was being a young energy-filled omega who was talking like a waterfall. But serious and understanding at the same time. Taeyong guessed that no one on this planet could be able to hate him.

“Noticed already through the small fights between you two. Surprised me a bit, to be honest. Knowing that your brother is a strong coach on the field and weak off for his brother. It just amazed me to see the other side of him. Which is nice as well. Enjoy it as long as you can. You can never know for how long it will last.”, smiling Taeyong looked younger, gasped surprised when he hugged him spontaneously.

“Even if we bicker around a lot, we love each other and always will. But back to the sexual things! If I don’t find anyone, I take you instead. Hella would I be dumb to turn you down. Talked with Jaehyun about that as well and even asked for his opinion but you know how alphas can be an-”

Taeyong spilled his drink when Jeno said the last thing as if it would be something natural. The younger took immediately a few steps back before any of the drink could be spilled on his clothes. He didn’t get ready for an hour to let it be ruined by anything. Talked as if this would be something that he would talk about with anyone during breakfast.

Hitting his chest to regain his breathing he starred shocked at Jeno. The fuck? They did what? Talk about him and his body? It was making him feel weird when Taeyong just thought about how they would talk about him or specific body parts. Feeling his cheek burn up in embarrassment he glanced over to Jaehyun who didn’t hear a single thing about this conversation. Way too busy chatting with the person behind the bar who made big eyes at him. Looks like the guy wanted to get that alpha for tonight. Looking back at Jaehyun’s little brother he snorted with blushed cheeks. Jeno snapped in front of his body, lips pressed into a thin line. Knowing he had slipped something out that Taeyong probably shouldn’t have known

“Well. This was a detail you shouldn’t know of but hey, it’s already out. You know, just forget that I said that and don’t mention it to my brother who is way too busy to hear this. Or my days on this wonderful planet are counted. I would love to live a bit longer and not killed because I slipped that important detail. That we, you know, talked and stuff. Please keep it to yourself! I still need to reach the position as a doctor!”

“You two did what? Don’t you think I have a say in this who I want to have fun with?”, the omega said laughing sarcastically to light up the mood a bit. Looked with a raised eyebrow at Jaehyhun’s little brother that shrugged with his shoulders.

“I can be very convincing. What can I say? And pretty please, just forget about the things that had slipped out of my mouth. Pretty please.”, he whispered, taking his arm. Winced when his shoulder was taken and pulled back by his older brother who pulled him close.

“Jeno, just go to the dancefloor and have some fun. I thought you wanted to dance, have fun, and enjoy the night? Don’t think you will leave satisfied if you’re just standing here. I don’t want to deal with you being an annoying brat tonight.”

“Fine. But just if Taeyong dances with me at some point! Want to see if he can move his body just as perfectly as on the field! Why not right now? Come Tae!”

“Jeno, wait, wh- Jeno!”

The young omega had grabbed Taeyong’s arm and pulled him without mercy towards the dancefloor. Jeno was something unique. How did Jaehyun survive with him over the whole time? Without being exposed? Okay. Jeno exposed the alpha a lot. In a funny but adoring way. Sighing defeated Taeyong gave him an unamused look before he started to just go with it. After all, he wanted some fun tonight as well. Rather forget Jaehyun but with the alpha here at the bar where he had an amazing view over the club, it was a really hard task to do.

“Now tell me the truth. Why are you and Jaehyun in this club? Did Haechan slip some information to you?”, he asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

“Stop saying this. You and Jaehyun are really the same. Another thing why you would fit so well together. Grumpy oldies.”, whining Jeno pouted. “I wanted to see how life in Seoul is at night! I wanted to go at least to one club during my stay and Jaehyun said he would accompany me to have an eye on me. Big protective brother I got there. But that is how he is, I’m sure you noticed already. And San said this was the best club to start with! It’s only a funny coincidence.”

“What do you mean? With ‘I noticed already’?”

“Jaehyun told me that he helped you out of some tricky situations. So I guess you kinda noticed that Jaehyun is so overprotective brother.”, Jeno said chuckling and moved further to the rhythm. Taeyong just looked at him but nodded. It was no secret that he did. Looking around Taeyong spotted Jaehyun still at the bar, talking now with another stranger. Damn, he was a fucking magnet for strangers. Jaehyun was an 11 out of 10. No wonder everyone tried something with him. Jeno followed his gaze, a giggle left his mouth.

“It’s funny to see how men or women try to hook up with my brother. Ridiculous even. They are not his type.”, Jeno said huffing, chuckled when his older brother shook his head at the female omega and focused back on his drink. Taeyong snapped his head away immediately when his and Jaehyun’s eyes met, trying not to think about this further. Or the things the other had said earlier.

“Is this guy next to Ten his boyfriend? They seem familiar.”

“Who?”, Taeyong asked confused, followed Jeno’s view. “Oh, no. That’s not his boyfriend. It’s one of his fellow students from the university. They both have the same major.”

Humming Jeno shrugged with his shoulders, continued to flow his body with the rhythm. After a while, Taeyong was able to free himself off Jeno who had found someone else to dance with. Getting over to Ten who was chattering with Kun he shook his arm lightly, scanning the room after Haechan.

“Did you notice where Haechan went? He’s not on the dancefloor any longer.”

“He’s sitting over there with the alpha he danced with. I have an eye on him, don’t worry. Found already someone as well?”

Shaking his head lightly Taeyong joined them and listened to their conversation. Just when someone hugged him from the side he raised his arms and noticed that it was Haechan who was blushing. Ruffling his hair Taeyong gave him his bottle of water to get some liquid into his body. Kissing his temple softly. Ten and Kun headed over to the dancefloor instead to get out some energy and to give them some privacy.

“How was it with that guy? What’s his name?”

“Name is Seonghwa and he’s nice. We exchanged numbers and may have done some kissing.”, Haechan said giggling, holding the bottle tight in his hand. Cheeks blushed lightly. “I wouldn’t say no if he wants to have some fun. What about you?”

“Well. The person I want to forget is unfortunately here as well. With his little brother.”

“What? Jaehyun is here? Seriously?!”

“Can you say it even loud so he hears it!?” Taeyong hissed lightly, taking his bottle back. Grumbling he took a sip. “Either way I need to get way much more drunk or onto the dance floor. But drinking sounds so much better.”

Grinning Taeyong ordered for them more shots, pushing Haechan to drink more. Haechan was a damn player when it came to shots. After a few rounds, Haechan held his hands winning up, while Taeyong shook his head in defeat.

“I WON!” Haechan screamed excited, jumped a few times. “You owe me something Tae. But! I need to empty my bladder. I join you soon alright? Oh, we need to make the shot competition later! With Jeno, Ten, Kun, and Jaehyun! Totally forgot that.”

“We’ll see. Now go before you piss yourself.”

Taeyong watched his friend go before he got up and rushed over to the dancefloor. Looking out for Ten and Kun he squeezed through the dancing crowd, apologized when he bumped into an alpha who just looked at him smiling. Not minding Taeyong gave up and started to flow with the music again. Letting go of bad thoughts, just living the moment. When someone pressed his body against his back, grabbing his waist tight to hold him there. First Taeyong decided just simply to go with it, danced with the random guy for a while until it was getting too much. The alpha rubbed himself against his butt, holding him in place even when Taeyong tried to push the hands of his body. Signalizing him more than one time that he wasn’t liking it and wanted to get off. Snorting he turned around quickly and pushed the alpha off him.

“What’s your fucking problem!”, he spat angry, held the distance. “I showed you enough that I don’t want this! So get lost.”

“Why are you against it now? Didn’t annoy you earlier. Why don’t we go over to my place and finish there what we started? I mean your body is screaming for it literally. Let’s have some fun huh?”

“You wish. I’m not interested in this kind of amusement tonight. Go and find someone else. I won’t spread my legs for anyone that is pressing his dick against my ass. Besides, I’m here with my boyfriend. So fuck off would you?”, he said out of nowhere, hoping to get the alpha off him like that. Maybe he could use Kun as his fake boyfriend to get that guy away. The big alpha just smirked shoulder shrugging, stepped closer. Their chest colliding lightly.

"If you are with your boyfriend, I guess he wouldn’t be that amused to see yourself pushing your butt at another guy that needy. Looks like he doesn’t give you a good fuck so I can understand that you’re looking for a real alpha who can give it to you. Don’t be so shy now cutie, come.”

When the alpha grabbed his arm demanding Taeyong ripped it off immediately. Walking through the crowd he tried to find Ten and Kun for help but they were nowhere to be seen. Every single time he needed his friends the most, they were gone. Fantastic. Desperate he looked around, flinched when his wrist was taken again. Snapping his head around he faced the alpha that pulled him back, hand grabbing his neck tight. Making him gasp in shock and pain. A low growl left Taeyong’s mouth when the stranger holds him close when their chests collided. Taeyong pushed his hands grunting against his body, trying to push that asshole off him. Winced inside when his neck was gripped tighter.

“Don’t act this innocent. I’m not living that far away. Let’s give you the fun your body is craving for.”, the alpha whispered against his lips, starring demanding into his eyes.

“I told you to get off me! I have a fucking boyfriend and would like you to keep space! I told you already I am not going with you! Or, that I have these intentions so go and fuck off!”

“I don’t see a damn fucking boyfriend of yours! Which makes it seem like a lie. I know some omegas like this kind of thing, to act as if they are not interested. Let’s go. I can also take you right here if you want but where is the fun if everyone can watch?”

The alpha looked smirking at Taeyong, let go of his neck, groped his butt instead. That was too much and absolutely harassment. Why were alphas sometimes that stubborn and dumb!? Pushing him off once more Taeyong glared at him, growled lightly. There were only two options he could do in this situation. The first would be to run away and hide somewhere. Maybe in the restroom or he would find his friends. The second would be to make a big scene on this dance floor which could end in a fight. Unfortunately, Taeyong didn’t want to take any fists today or other things but maybe there was no other chance. When the alpha grabbed his waist demanding and was trying to force him into a kiss it was enough. Without the blink of an eye, Taeyong curled his hand into a tight fist, and punched that asshole into his face, kicked his balls as hard as he could after. The alpha cursed with gritted teeth glared at him threateningly.

“You little bitch!”

Taeyong huffed but got the sign that it was his time to leave. As fast as possible. The alpha was growling and letting out angry pheromones which the omega wanted to get away from. Heart beating fast he stormed through the crowd, trying to find a way out of this mess.

A strong big arm was wrapping around Taeyong’s waist out of nowhere, pulling his body demanding away from that chasing alpha. Ripping him completely out of his mind. His pelvis collided with another body, staying silent when he got a hint who that other guy was. No wonder his senses were on alert and tense anymore. His inner omega relaxed completely by the familiar alpha and scent surrounding him. Feeling protected. Taeyong blushed lightly, staying silent while he nuzzled a bit closer to the other's side. Again. Out of nowhere, it had to be him. Looks like fate wanted them to interact a lot together. Arms wrapping silent around the alpha's waist, trying to hide in his strong body. The stranger built himself up in front of them, snorting furiously.

“Leave that bitch to me. I’m owing him a punch and kick into his fucking balls!”

“Dude, calm down.”, Jaehyun said calmly, holding Taeyong close. “You deserved that punch. Trying to force an omega in public and harassing him? Are you serious? In which century are you living to do that?”

“Fuck off bro! This is none of your damn business! Give that bitch over so can settle this in private!”

“First of all, I’m not your ‘Bro’.”, Jaehyun laughed sarcastically, rubbed Taeyong’s waist softly to show him he was on his side. “Second, you are in no place to demand such things. Third, you are not going to lay a hand on him ever again. I guess he told you multiple times now not to harass him any longer. It’s your fault for ignoring them so you have to deal with the consequences. He is not interested in your intentions. Go find someone else to have fun with. Would you mind get the fuck away from him?”

Jaehyun’s voice was deep, dangerous. Threatening. Slowly Taeyong tilted his head up, looking into the angry protective face of the alpha. Swallowed when Jaehyun was tightening the grip around his waist, holding him close. Taeyong noticed how tensed his sharp jawline had gotten, nostrils moving furiously. Out of reflex, Taeyong put his head under his chin, staring onto his shoulder. Deciding it was best to stay silent now. The stranger snorted, growling threateningly.

“Ohhh, now I get it!” The stranger spat smirking, looked down at Jaehyun. “So you’re his boyfriend who seems not to care about that his omega is acting like a dumb whore that needs to get a good fuck. I offered him to give it to him rough and hard as dumb omega bitches need it because you can’t. The way he pushed his butt against me convinced me to have some fun with him. Looks like you are not capable of taming such a nice piece of ass. It’s a shame letting this go waste. Which he would prove of but guess he didn’t lie about that boyfriend. But from alpha to alpha, it’s not uncommon to share omegas with such a nice ass. It’s a shame that you’re not able to satisfy his needs. You’re still a little pup huh?”

“I am his boyfriend, surprised? Or got a problem with that? He can do whatever he wants, I’m not put a leash onto him or set up any rules. He knows what he does and I trust him. And if he wants to do something like this, no problem. But if he tells another guy to fuck off and this guy won’t, I’m getting furious. Because you overstep the boundaries he set up. It is his body, he can do whatever he wants to do with it. But if someone tries to force him to tag along, that’s a no-go. You’re one of these pathetic sick dumb fuck alphas that think they can get everything they want through the power and only listen to their dicks. Oh, you think I am not able to satisfy him? Grow up dumb ass. I’m alpha enough to make him forget his name for a fucking week, give it to him so good he wouldn’t want any other alpha ever again. Maybe you have to compensate your small, unuseful dick with a dumb fat ego which is childish and hilarious. Now get the fuck off my boyfriend and look for another hole to have fun with. He’s not on your fucking list for tonight. Are we clear?!”

Ending this conversation with a deep growl Jaehyun pulled the omega away from the dancefloor towards the bar. Getting water for Taeyong he walked with him to one of the benches in the corner, giving him the bottle. Sitting on the soft cushion he pulled the still confused omega down next to him, left arm protective around his body to signalize other people that he was off game. Rubbing his temple slowly Jaehyun took a deep breath, looked at the omega who had stayed silent over the whole time.

“Hey, Taeyong. You okay?”, he asked carefully, watching him worried.

Taeyong simply nodded, drinking the icy water to cool his cheeks a bit. Everything happened so fast and in a blur. The alcohol was also kicking in now which didn’t help at all. Good that he did that punch before that. Pressing the cold bottle against his left cheek he glared onto the ground, way too shy to look up at the coach. It was so typical for him to be caught by Jaehyun in an embarrassing situation. He must have looked so pathetic the way he danced with that stranger. Not to imagine what Jaehyun was thinking of him now. Taeyong wished to disappear immediately but there was no way out of this situation. That Jaehyun was caressing his back didn’t make it any better. Not in the slightest. Taking a deep breath he rubbed his forehead, suppressing a whine.

“Hey, you’re okay. That asshole took his leave when I told him to. I get he got the message. Let’s get out of this sticky club. You could use some fresh air. Taeyong? Are you listening? You look kind of pale and it would do you good. Especially after this. Must be a lot for you to process.”

“I’m good.” The omega spat overwhelmed by the situation. Rubbing his neck he still felt the hand of that disgusting alpha on his skin. Shivering sighed, looking around. “But fresh air would be nice. Let’s go.”

“Good. Jeno is with Haechan so I don’t need to worry about him. Come..”

Jaehyun walked with Taeyong through towards the exit. The cold night air was hitting his face like a train and Taeyong let out a relieved moan. Resting against the building wall nearby he put his head back, enjoyed the cold breeze. Hands buried in his pockets Jaehyun observed Taeyong close, noticed some deep marks on his neck. When he touched them softly Taeyong hit his hand away out of reflex, stared at him angrily and defensive. Holding his hand up to show he meant no harm Jaehyun took them down slowly.

“It’s just me, It’s fine. Nothing to be scared of. You are out of danger Tae. Did that asshole grab your neck that tight? Let me just observe the small marks. They look painful.”

Exhaling sharp Taeyong tilted his head lightly so the alpha could have a better look at it. Rough but soft fingertips were running over his skin like a feather, not adding more pressure than there already was. Shivering when he felt the alphas breath on his skin. Jaehyun caressed the red skin softly, giving the omega a soft smile before he massaged the skin softly without too much pressure.

“These marks should fade by tomorrow. That guy put a lot of strength into his grip. What exactly happened? I just observed but wasn’t able to listen to the conversation.”

“I was dancing and having fun. Just as everyone in there. Then he decided to rub himself against me and that was when I draw the line. But he didn’t want to fuck off and I got desperate. I came up with the lie that I would have a boyfriend to get him fuck off. Haechan did this multiple times and it worked so I thought it would work as well. Well, I don’t have a boyfriend but it was the best excuse I had. The fasted I could come up with. So, um, yeah. Thank you so much to go with the lie. And, again, with helping me out of this annoying situation. I owe you a least six times something from now on.”

Taeyong rubbed his neck nervously, tilting his head up slowly. Shivered with a racing heartbeat when their eyes met. Smiling lightly before he starred back up into the starry sky. Jaehyun, leaning beside him, one leg propped up against the wall crossed his arms slowly. Following the gaze of Taeyong to the sky.

“I have to say the punch was awesome.”, grinning Jaehyun tilted his gaze back to Taeyong who stared at him in surprise.


“Definitely. You made him get off so you had time to flee immediately. Guess I shouldn’t face you with that punching power and kick. I could feel his pain when you kicked him into his balls.”

“He deserved it!” Laughing Taeyong grinned bright, looked up to Jaehyung. Taking a few deep breaths the alpha hummed smiling, noticing the lightly blushed cheeks of the other. Which was kind of cute. Most of the time he just saw Taeyong as the tough omega but this side of him was new and somehow adorable. Kinda cute. Either way, he had too much to drink or his body was heated up.

"I just went with it. I observed you for a while and noticed you struggling with that stranger that followed you everywhere you were going and the way he looked at you was disgusting. Like a predator following his prey. Which were you. I can’t watch someone I know and care for being harassed by a stranger.”, smiling softy Jaehyun rubbed his arm. Humming Taeyong rubbed his cheeks, leaning lightly into the embrace of Jaehyun.

“Do you want to go home? It’s not easy to process this. But who am I to talk about it, I’m sorry if I brought up bad memories. That was dumb and not thought through.”

“It’s okay. I appreciate your worry and help. But I want to stay. Don’t want to run away again. I’m done running away. Such an idiot shouldn’t control my life or how I want my night to be. I stay. My best friends are still in the club. Jeno is in there as well.”, smiling Taeyong closed his eyes, enjoying the cold breeze, the scent of the alpha filling his nostrils. “Jaehyun…?”


“Umm…it’s kinda dumb. Forget it.”

“Hey, there is nothing you can not talk with me about. So? What’s going on in your mind?” Careful Jaehyun looked at him, caressing his arm. “Spill it out.”

“It sounds dumb but can I get a hug? I mean you once said they soothe mental trouble and stuff and you’re right so, um, yeah. That’s why I’m asking but it was an idiot idea and thought and I should rather get going now, knowing that it’s going to be weird to stay out here with you and my friends are probably looking out for me already an-”

“Taeyong, you need to breathe. You’re babbling. Deep inhale and deep exhale.”

Chuckling softly Jaehyun stepped in front of Taeyong who had spoken too fast. Shaking his head slowly while looking into the brown eyes of the youngers who was busy with regaining his breath. Careful Jaehyun placed his hands onto his shoulder.

“First of all, that question is never dumb. Will never be. Hugs are soothing and calming so why should it be seen as something dumb and idiotic if it is the thing someone needs the most? I’m happier that you asked and feel honored. No need to feel embarrassed or anything like that. Alright? I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“N-no. It’s not. I just can really use it right now.”

“Of course. C’mere.”

Opening his arms wide Jaehyun gasped surprised when Taeyong rushed right into them. Hands clinging to his back, face buried in his shoulder. Holding onto the alpha's body, seeking some comfort and support. Humming Jaehyun wrapped his arms carefully around Taeyong, holding him close. Chin rested on his head he closed his eyes, sensing that the omegas stiff and tense grip and the body were relaxing slowly but steady. Jaehyun decided to help him further by letting out some pheromones to calm the omega down. Taeyong forgot everything during the hug, focusing on his breathing and the scent around his body. Pushing his nose softly deeper into the alpha's chest, inhaling the scent as deep as he could.

A whine had barely left his mouth when Jaehyun took his shoulders, looked into his eyes with care.

“You feel better now?”

“I do. Thank you. Let’s head back inside. I’m sure at least your brother is wondering where we are.”

“If you’re ready to head back inside sure. But to avoid that guy again, we should keep this facade. The boyfriend thing I mean. Just in front of that guy expect you want to look out for someone specific?”

“What? You’re kidding right!? No, I can not take that offer from you.”

Taeyong rubbed his neck further, blinking slowly. This wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe he could hold the other alphas off him as well. But it was so weird to act like this with his coach.

“It’s only for protection Taeyong. Just in case if someone should try something again.”

“Um...yeah okay, fine. If this is alright with you? I just wanted to have some fun. A few drinks, dance, and simply enjoy my life outside of university and practice. Nothing else if you expected something else for yourself?”

“No. Don’t worry.”

Holding out his hand he went with Taeyong careful back inside. They decided to start slow again, got comfy where they had been before. Jeno was having fun with Haechan on the dance floor so he didn’t need to worry too much. Taeyong leaned back, looking over to Haechan who seemed to have a lot of fun. Just as planned. Smiling lightly he stroke through his hair, closing his eyes for a moment. Yawning quietly.

“You want to regain some energy before my brother is, probably, going to ask you for a dance again?”

“Kind of. I want to dance more but need to chill a bit further.”

“You can rest your head on my shoulder if you want? It’s comfier than the wall.”

“You are manipulating as your brother. Guess I found out where he learned that.”

Huffing Jaehyun observed the dancefloor further, caressing Taeyong’s shoulder when he gave in and placed his head on top of his shoulder. Jaehyun just hoped that the asshole of alpha wouldn’t show up again anytime soon. When someone plopped onto the couch Taeyong opened his eyes, looking at Haechan who was sitting in his lap while Jeno sat in the lap of his brother.

“Why are you two sitting here on your own. The night is still young!”, Jeno exclaimed pouting, looked at the two. “Should I get drinks?”

“Shots!” Haechan screamed excited, looking at him bright grinning. “We need to get shots! For the four of us! Ten and Kun are still dancing and I don’t want to disturb them!”

“Jaehyun, can we take your card? To pay? Please! Pretty please! I get something nice for you a well!”

“You think you get the drinks Jeno?”

“Haechan is with me! He’s 20! He gets the alcohol!”

“I’m going to regret this by tomorrow knowing how much you are going to spend on drinks. Fine. I don’t want to ruin your trip and I’m willing to spend some money on you. But I want my card back immediately. Deal?”


Hugging his brother grinning Jeno kissed his cheek and left with his card and Haechan by his side. Taeyong smiled amused at the two omegas, looking back to Jaehyun.

“You think it was a good idea to give him your card?”

“No. It never is.” Sighing smiling Jaehyun crossed his arms. “Last time I gave him my card was big trouble. But I’m willing to let him have some fun. And it’s worth it. Well, not always concerning alcohol but to see his happy face is enough to make it worth.”

“The bond between you two is something special.”

Taeyong smiled lightly, looked over to Haechan and Jeno which returned with their drinks. Handing the alpha a beer they placed the shots onto the small table in front of them. Haechan handing one shot to everyone except the alpha.

“Let’s see who can hold on the longest!” Haechan exclaimed grinning, which made Jaehyun groan lightly. Jeno grinned bright in excitement, nodded.

Jaehyun was the one who let out a low groan, drinking his beer in peace. This was going to be a long night with more shots, drinks and which would end with his brother being totally drunk. Knowing the low tolerance of alcohol he had.

“I bet Taeyong sucks at that game!” Jeno spat threateningly, looked smirking at the other omega who raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“You really want to find that out huh?” Feeling encouraged he leaned a bit forward, looking deep into Jeno’s big eyes. “Then let’s start, shall we Mr. Junior Jung?”


Jaehyun leaned back sighing, observing this from beside.

This was going to be a long night.