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Red's College Days

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Red and Blue were off checking on Pre-Ks, and Stretch had volunteered to watch baby Papyrus once more.

He didn’t mind, Papyrus was a chatterbox as of late, and he could finally start feeding the little tot things like applesauce and not hold him all awkwardly with the bottle when he was trying to schmooze BB for the evening.

Although the baby added to his vibes, didn’t he? BB had such a cute soft look on his face seeing Stretch wrangle the energizer bunny that was Sans and bounce a squealing baby at the same time. adorable his dearheart was~

Today his dad was over (kills the mood, but his dad could get along with anyone so he had no worries), so he plunked Papyrus in the little bouncy blue seat they had, pointing at him. “Stay put, got it?”

Papyrus stared cross-eyed at his hand, and then squealed at him angrily, kicking his feet as if to say ‘and how would I even get up?!’ This was their usual back and forth, and Stretch couldn’t help chuckling at the adorable huffy face he received. He then booped the baby’s nose, making him squall louder and wave his hands. “Cute.” With that he shuffled away to the kitchen where he heard the two talking.

BB, while being a fair cook, wasn’t really interested too much in it as much as Blue adored it, but he seemed to be paying attention as Ding added a dash of sugar to a bowl of dough that Stretch reasonably assumed would end up as cookies. He grabbed a stool, plunking down and stealing a kiss to BB’s cheek, using his magic to pull an empty bowl over with a box of baby cereal. “Hey babe~”

“HM,” BB’s gaze turned to him, those dark purple eye pips always sending a jolt of intrigue down Stretch’s spine as he poured in the cereal. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Red and bro say little dude can have solids now. Plus every time I have him, he chews up the rubbery part,” Stretch huffed, stirring the goop with a spoon as BB snorted.


“He’s onto solids?!” Ding gasped, twirling around, wooden spoon in hand as he excitedly grinned. “Very soon I can start making them all sweets!! I’m sure he’ll love it!”


“Mmmhmm,” Stretch twirled the spoon inside the goop lazily, watching the rubber part of the spoon bend against the edge of the bowl. “What a weird spoon. They make weird baby things.”

“IT’S USEFUL,” BB argued, grabbing up the box of baby cereal and squinting at it. “IF HE BIT OFF THE METAL, YOU’D BE IN A WORLD OF TROUBLE.”

“I guess. Hey, so-”


They all paused, BB’s hand still holding the box in the air, Stretch holding the bowl and spoon while Ding’s wooden spoon dripped a piece of dough onto the counter. They turned to the open doorway.

There stood all two feet and a little more with ‘BROTHER BEE’ on his darling little onesie, his hands held up, was Papyrus. He had a very serious look on his face, eye sockets pinched and swaying in place. His little foot stomped twice. “ABAU!” And then he toddled forward angrily as they watched him, their heads following his route until he purposely bumped into Stretch’s chair, batting at his leg with a roar.

It was the cutest thing ever. BB took a photo.

“We tell no one.”

BB and Stretch nodded. Red would cry.

The secret would go to their graves.


Rules for Sans’ Pre-K:

1. Must not mention the ‘incident’ at any sort of length (Red and Blue’s rule, approved by Miss Shy)
Pre-Ks that mentioned it upon meeting: Little Sunshine, Grover’s Choice, A+B Elementary
2. Must have someone that is able to do counseling (Miss Shy’s rule)
Pre-Ks with no one for counseling/no counselors on hand: Little Sunshine, Drake’s Happy Place
3. Due to Sans’ PTSD, must be willing to allow Red and Blue within the classroom should something occur or at least allow them to visit during lunch (Miss Shy’s rule)
Pre-Ks who do not allow parents in any classroom: Drake’s Happy Place, A+B Elementary
Pre-Ks who allow parents in only for lunch: Caryn’s Heart, Duckies and Frogs
Pre-Ks who require parents to sign in beforehand and will lead them to the classroom: Glora’s Educated Little Ones, Sisters and Brothers Growing
4. Early nap times (Red and Blue’s rule, approved by Miss Shy)
Nap times:
Glora’s Educated Little Ones: 11 am, secondary nap at 2 pm, does not enforce second nap and will allow playtime in another room
Sisters and Brother’s Growing: Noon, no secondary nap, does not allow them up from the mats until the hour is up.
Caryn’s Heart: Noon, allows for a ‘rest’ at 3 pm but otherwise does not tend to enforce a second nap. Will watch them and not allow them up.
Duckies and Frogs: 11 am, no secondary nap unless medically required, otherwise will go from nap to lunch and recess


“...and if we need his...ah, Poppy, to pick him up?” To the teacher’s confused look, Red explained, quietly, “Grandpa. We don’t use the word for Ding, since…”

“I understand,” she whispered back. She was a human teacher, simple brown hair in a braid, glasses and in a blazer and skirt, looking like how he’d always imagined a teacher would just appear. “We have a few students like that, certain names cannot be used around them.”

“It’s fine to use around him,” Red quickly explained, having taken a seat across the desk from her while Blue and Sans was ‘exploring’ the classroom at the back. There were several beanbag chairs and colorful books and lovely art hanging from clothespins. “But don’t call his grandpa that. Just Poppy. His therapist thinks forcing the issue would cause him to revert and we’ve agreed not to press it if it’s not a big deal. Sometimes he’ll slip and say grandpa but we don’t bring attention to it.”

She nodded again, like a bobblehead, but she was so far the most understanding one of the bunch he’d met. “No worries, but yes, if Poppy wants to come by, he’ll fill out a form, which we’ll have you two fill out who’s allowed to pick him up, and then we’ll take him to the class as well.”

“Uncle okay too?” Red chuckled. “He loves Blue’s brother.”

“Absolutely,” she smiled, and Red chanced a look at her desk. A computer, several toys scattered around, paperwork, and a nameplate. Mrs. Books. What a name indeed. “We understand that families come from all walks of life, and try very hard not to force them to jump through so many hoops.”

“Cool.” That actually relaxed him a little. The others were pretty strict which he didn’t mind so much, but he knew something would happen one of these days and he’d have to call on Stretch or BB to grab Sans and really would like to stop the hassle before it began. “I guess that’s all our questions for now…”

“Mama!” Sans hurried over, holding a stuffed bunny as Red picked him up, plunking him in his lap. He spotted Mrs. Books staring and hid in Red’s shoulder, making them chuckle as Blue headed over, hovering over Red’s shoulder.

“Ah, we gotta pick up his brother but it was really nice coming by.”

“Of course!” She stood to walk them to the door, Sans sweetly handing over the bunny without fussing over it. “Thank you, Sans. I’ll make sure he gets home safe.”

“Yay,” he whispered, making Red kiss his head and rub his back as Mrs. Books opened the door.

“Just sign the paperwork when you get a chance, we have open enrollment all year long and when baby brother gets big enough, he can come too.”

Sans giggled as Red laughed. “We’ll see, who knows what’ll be happening then.” Red rolled his eye pips, adjusting his hold on Sans. “Well, thanks again, we’ll be in touch.”

“Take care!” And like that they were finally done for the day.

Red sighed as he got in the little bug, Sans in his seat with a blanket around him, yawning and nuzzling up to the window. “Well. What do you think?”

“IT’S NICE.” The school was massive, and was attached to an elementary that Sans could one day go to, although if Red was realistic that would only be about two more years…”SNACK TIME ISN’T TOO LATE, AND THEY HAVE ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES.”

“Isn’t that code for math?” Red snickered as Blue stuck his tongue out. He sighed, looking out the window at it.

Glora’s Educated Little Ones was spelled out in blocks on an iron gate that had allowed them in, a concrete wall keeping the children in during recess. It was popular since it had the town’s name on it and all, and had great reviews from Miss Shy herself and even Blue had went here as a child.

“I just...I don’t know,” Red admitted, letting Blue take his hand as they did in the car most of the time, squeezing it. “Guess I’m nervous.”

“I KNOW,” at a stop light Blue kissed his hand, smiling at him. “BUT IT REALLY IS BETTER THAN THE OTHERS. ALL WE CAN HOPE IS FOR HIS HAPPINESS.”

“You’re right,” Red sighed, shifting their hands to kiss Blue’s back playfully. “As always~”

“MMHMM,” Blue laughed, heading off after the light turned green.

“Mama, I wan’ waffles,” Sans muttered sleepily and Red snickered.

“Sure, baby. You put up with a lot today, we’ll make waffles.”

“Yaaaay,” Sans mumbled softly, leading the two adults to start giggling at the cute sight.

At Stretch’s house, he was...acting...very odd, until Ding nudged him away with a bright grin. “He’s merely nervous, you see, Papyrus is pulling up on the couch!”

“Huh?” Red squinted at them both, Stretch sweating nervously while Ding had literal flowers spinning around him in an apparent attempt to appear innocent. He looked down at the baby in his arms, who was grunting and tugging on his shirt. “...what, like, trying to stand?”

“Yes!” Ding nodded, his hands clapped together as he did so. “He’s trying so hard, I would keep an eye on him!”

“Ok...aaaay,” Red adjusted the bag on his shoulder, cooing at a grumpy Papyrus. “Poppy and Uncle are soooo silly, huh? Yes they are!”

“ADADAD!” Papyrus stuck his tongue at them, keeping an eye on said Poppy and Uncle even as Red left, ducking into the car to tuck him in.

“HOW IS HE?” Blue called back, Sans asleep like a rock in his little seat as Red buckled Papyrus in.

“Your dad’s acting weird as hell,” he muttered. “I bet Pap threw something.”


They both chuckled, unaware of the two skeletons in the house letting out sighs of relief of not having been caught.