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The next morning before sunrise, Ravi meets Ryn at the stables. She’s all set to go but whips her hand out to stop him just as he lifts his foot. Her eyes scan the area with a stern scrutiny before nodding to him to get on his horse. Taking the reins, she races from the stable, Ravi not far behind.

For the better part of the day, the rode across the land. It was weird, he thought to himself, seeing this world before all the development of his time. Here and now everyone has to pull their own weight to survive. There aren’t any shortcuts and definitely no quick journeys.


In the early evening, they past through a dense woodland far from the village that she began to slow down.

“Where are we?” Ravi calls as he urges his steed to match her pace.

Of course she didn’t reply as

He followed suit, watching her closely. Dismounting, she guides her horse to the water before taking her saddle off its back. Stepping across the two rocks, she sets it down in a small clearing, one that’s just barely able to hold two tents. Ravi just stands there and watches as she begins to set up a small tent. Just as she’s finishing her’s, he snaps out of it and joins her. Granted his is not the best. He never went camping as a kid, only really ever seeing it done in shows from America, but at least his tent is standing…For now. Glancing over at hers, it was strong and sturdy. Done with practiced hands. One day, he will figure it out, but until then, he’ll just have to deal with how ever it falls.

With camp set up, she bumps Ravi with her bow before taking off. Not having much weapons, he simply trails behind her. After a few minutes, Ryn freezes and kneels down to look at the ground. Upon noticing that her ward isn’t paying attention, she grabs his hand and yanks. Ravi falls to his knees and before he can say anything, Ryn takes his head and forces it to looks ahead at the ground.

Deer prints.

“Oh, you’re showing me how to track,” he murmurs under his breath. Ryn smacks him on the head and gestures to focus on the trail. Her fingers inspect the track, running along the crisp edge. Her eyes snap up before she begins to move in the direction they faced, keeping low to the ground.

Following the trail for while, they finally stumble across a small doe. Ryn grabs Ravi’s shoulder and pushes for him to get low to the ground. Carefully, she pulls an arrow from her quiver and draws her bow. Taking a deep breath, her fingers release; her aim tried and true as the deer falls to the ground. Walking over to it, Ryn kneels before gently petting the deer’s head while lowering her, almost in thanks or reverence to something. Standing, she gestures for Ravi to come out of hiding. With a nod of her head, she begins to walk back to camp.

Ravi looks between her and the corpse on the forest floor before picking it up. ‘This is going to be a long trip.’