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The Fire King

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Cha Hakyeon was loved by everyone for his heart of gold. He was looked up to by the children, loved by the mother's, trusted by the father's. Never in his life had he done something wrong.
Yet here he knelt, with his usually bright golden feathered wings dull in color and broken, waiting for the words that would seal his fate.

"So what will it be your highness?" The guard at his side asked, voice low and void of any emotions. He held his sword near Hakyeon's neck waiting for the command from their king, "What do you wish to do with him?"

Hakyeon's heart began to beat at an inhuman pace, his wings fluttering due to terror and causing pain to shoot through them. He could hear the ruffling of robes; the almost silent footsteps on carpeted floor that were getting closer to him; the fluttering of his brother's own wings as he held his breath, afraid that any sudden movement from him would cause the blade to dig deeper into his skin.

He felt as his hair was pulled and his head tilted back. He sighed for a second as the distance between the cold blade and his neck increased, but grimaced as the hold on his hair got tighter. He opened his eyes, gold iris' being met with pitch black ones. He felt his body temperature increase, feeling like he was burning inside out, as he kept his eyes  locked with those that belonged to the Fire King.

A smirk fell over the Kings lips, eyes flashing a deep red as he spoke, his voice velvety soft yet cold as ice, a drastic difference to his power, "So what will it be my queen?"